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Another World Transcript Thursday 7/3/03

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(I missed the beginning, sorry)

M.J.: Please believe me. I love you so much. Please say something.

Adam: That was you?

M.J.: Yeah, it was.

Adam: You know, first I didn't-- I didn't recognize you in it... But then it-I thought, wait a minute, that looks--that looks just like M.J... and I realized... but I still couldn't believe it. I kept saying to myself, that couldn't possibly be the woman that I'm about to marry... Not the sweet wonderful girl that I fell in love with. I mean, how could it be?

M.J.: Adam, I-I--I wanna talk to you about it.

Adam: Just tell me...That it isn't true. Ok?

M.J.: Tell you what isn't true?

Adam: What it--what the tape made it look like. Tell me...Tell me somebody set you up. Look, tell me something!

M.J.: Nobody set me up.

Adam: Well, then, it was a joke. This has gotta be some kind of cruel joke somebody's playing on us, right? Say it. Say it!

M.J.: No, it's not a joke. It was me. I used to be a prostitute. I was a hooker.

Donna: John, please!

John: Oh, it's weird.

Donna: What? Is your headache getting worse?

John: Yeah! Ow!

Donna: I'm gonna get Jamie out here.

John: No! No, don't do that.

Donna: But you're in such pain!

John: Ohh! I'll take another one of those pills. Where are they?

Donna: Here. Right here. Here, I've got them. Here. Here's some water.

John: Mmm! Oh, yeah, that'll do it.

Donna: No! That's not going to do it. Your headache is getting worse.

John: Oh! That's what I like about you, Donna. You always look on the bright side.

Donna: That's it. I'm calling Jamie.

John: No! I don't want a doctor!

Donna: I don't care what you want! You can do this tough guy act all you want, but this headache's getting worse, and that's got to mean something!

John: [Laughing] oh! What the hell is going on?

Donna: Felicia, it's Donna.

Felicia: Hi, honey, what's up?

Donna: An emergency. I really need to talk to Jamie. Is he there by any chance?

Felicia: [Sighs] yeah.

Jamie: How is it every time I see you, you are more beautiful than the last time? I really want to know how that works.

Lisa: I'm just trying to keep up with my escort.

Felicia: Jamie, excuse me, honey--phone. It's an emergency. Hurry.

Jamie: Excuse me.

Donna: John? John?!

Cheryl: M.J. left a while ago.

Mary: Left? Left to go where?

Cheryl: She said she had an errand to run.

Vince: An errand?

Mary: On her wedding day?

Adam: Mom, maybe she forgot something borrowed or blue.

Mary: No, that's not it. If that had been it, she would have asked one of us. Where could she have gone?

Adam: Mom, don't go getting so worked up about something.

Vince: Now, look, it's just your mother-of-the-bride nerves. That's all.

Mary: No, it's not. I'm sorry. M.J. has been acting a little nervous lately.

Vince: Now, this is a big day for all of us. I couldn't get my fingers to work. If she wasn't nervous, then I'd be worried.

Mary: That's not it. She's--she's--she's--

Vince: What? What? What?

Mary: Nothing! Nothing! Absolutely nothing. You're right, it's just me. I'm just jittery, that's all.

Adam: Cheryl, do you think you could do a job on my tie like you did on your dad's?

Cheryl: How do men get so helpless? Come here.

Mary: Have we heard from Cass and Kathleen yet?

Vince: I figure they're on their way. There's no need for us to tell.

Mary: Well, they're cutting it a little close, you know? It's two hours until the wedding.

Ben:: Yeah, Vince, we better get moving.

Vince: Well, I'm ready.

Mary: You're ready for what? Where are you going?

Vince: Now, didn't I tell you that Mac invited us to Tops, all the men, so that we could toast Adam?

Mary: Oh, yes, you did. I'm sorry. It just went right out of my head, like everything is going right out of my head these days.

[Gasps] where's my list? What'd I do with my list? I wrote everything down that I had to do.

Vince: What was it on?

Mary: On a piece of paper! Where did I put it?

Vince: Piece of paper... Now, there's a piece of paper crumbled up in your sweet hand. Could that be it?

Mary: Oh. Yes. Did I forget anything?

Vince: Don't worry, Mary. If anything needs to be done, Cheryl will do it. She's the only McKinnon that seems to be normal here at all.

Mary: She's the only McKinnon who is not dressed. Honey! You want to be late for your sister's wedding?

Cheryl: Oh, Becky! You look so pretty. Come out here. That dress looks perfect.

Mary: What do you have on your feet?

[Vince laughs]

Cheryl: They look like my shoes.

Becky: Is it ok, Cheryl? I couldn't find my own.

Vince: This is gonna be a wonderful wedding. We're gonna have the best time.

Mary: I hope so.

Vince: And, you know, it's our day, too. The proud parents of the bride.

Ben: Ahem. Vince, I hate to bug you, but I think we better get over to Tops.

Vince: I'll be back in about an hour, all right?

Mary: Don't be late, please. Please don't be late. I don't want anything to go wrong.

Adam: You were a prostitute?

M.J.: Yes.

Adam: How long ago?

M.J.: I don't know. May be five years ago.

Adam: I want to know exactly.

M.J.: Why? What difference does it make? All I know is that it was a long time ago.

Adam: What did you do? Did you walk the streets?

M.J.: No.

Adam: How much did you charge? Did you get a two weeks paid vacation every year?

M.J.: Please don't do this.

Adam: What do you want me to do?

M.J.: Love me.

Adam: Why? Why, M.J.? Why did you do it?

M.J.: I needed something, I guess.

Adam: Don't we all?

M.J.: Maybe I was desperate. Maybe I was desperate to be loved.

Adam: That's what you call love? Having somebody pay you to have sex with them? That's what you call love?

M.J.: Maybe I thought it was. I don't know.

Adam: No, I don't believe that. You couldn't have thought that. Somebody forced you into this, didn't they? That's what it is. You didn't have any choice about it.

M.J.: No. No, I made the choice. I did it...Because I wanted... To feel beautiful... And desirable... And cared for.

Adam: But you are beautiful, and you are desirable, and you are cared for!

M.J.: Well, I wasn't then. Nobody ever told me that. Nobody ever even told me I was pretty.

Adam: And this? This makes you feel pretty? This makes you feel loved?!

M.J.: I didn't have you then. I didn't have you to make me feel loved. I was... very, very alone.

Adam: M.J., there are lots of other ways of dealing with your loneliness.

M.J.: I didn't know that then.

Adam: Well, why didn't you?! What's the matter with you? You're not a child! There's nothing wrong with your mind! Come on, M.J., try and make some sense out of this!

M.J.: I'm trying! Please just give me a chance, ok?

Adam: Why now? Why are you telling me this now, two hours before you're supposed to become my wife?!

M.J.: I... I couldn't let you marry me without knowing the truth. Oh, God. I prayed that you wouldn't see that tape. I wanted to tell you myself.

Adam: You're a little late, aren't you?

Donna: John?

John: What's the problem?

Donna: Well, from the way you were looking at me, for a moment, I thought you could see me.

Jamie: Donna?

Donna: Jamie, yes. Oh, I am so glad you're there.

Jamie: What's wrong?

Donna: Jamie, you said to call you if his headaches got worse. I know this is a lot to ask, but could you please come out here?

Jamie: Now?

Donna: Yes, right now! His headaches are really getting a lot worse. I've already given him another pain pill.

John: Donna, I'll talk to him. I can describe the symptoms.

Donna: Jamie...Jamie, hold on. All right, but you better tell him the truth this time.

John: Could you do me a favor? Get me some ice.

Donna: Yes, of course.

John: But first, give me the phone.

Donna: All right. It's right here.

John: The ice!

Donna: All right.

John: Doc?

Jamie: Is the pain worse, John?

John: Listen, something else is happening, but I don't want to tell Donna yet.

Jamie: Describe it.

John: I don't want to tell anyone except you.

Jamie: What is it, John?

John: I'm not sure how long this is gonna last... But I'm starting to see.

Jamie: I'm on my way.

Vince: Oh, hey, Jamie.

Jamie: Vince, Vince, do me a favor, will you? Tel Mac that I've had an emergency, ok? I'm gonna miss the toasting, but I'll make the ceremony. And tell Adam not to worry, ok?

Vince: I'll explain.

Jamie: All right, thank you. I've got a house call to make. It shouldn't take too long, but if it does, I'll catch you over at the reception, ok?

Lisa: Ok.

Jamie: Save me a dance, will you?

Lisa: I'll be waiting.

Jamie: Thanks. Good-bye.

Mac: Hey.

Jamie: Oh, Mac, Lisa will explain, ok?

Mac: Ok.

Chad: Well, looks like they're going through with the wedding, huh?

Sara: Yeah, looks like.

Chad: What's this for?

Sara: It's none of your business until ceremony time.

Mac: Well, when M.J. first came into Adam's life, I thought if he's got a brain in his head, he'll see what a wonderful woman this is.

Man: Well, Adam's no dummy.

Felicia: Well, he's his uncle's nephew.

Mac: I'm very proud to be related to him, now to his bride. I'm just tickled pink this wedding is finally gonna happen.

M.J.: Adam, I know how much this has hurt you.

Adam: Do you?

M.J.: Please try to understand.

Adam: I think I'm beginning to. And I wished I weren't.

M.J.: Adam, please. Just listen to me. I know I made some terrible, terrible mistakes, but I just didn't think I deserved any better. All I had were-- were these dreams.

Adam: M.J., we all have dreams.

M.J.: I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to prove myself, prove that I was good and that I was worth something.

Adam: Then why didn't you do that? Who was stopping you from singing?

M.J.: Nobody, but it was hard. And after a while, I-- I started to think that maybe I wasn't gonna make it. I couldn't stand it, Adam. I-I became obsessed. I-I was pounding the pavements. I practiced hours every day. I-I hounded every agent who would even return my phone calls. And I couldn't even get an audition. They all told me the same thing: "It's who you know." So, I-I-- I changed my tactics. I started trying to meet people. I started trying to meet men... Who had money and power and could get me the career I wanted. I wanted it so desperately.

Adam: That's why you became a prostitute?

M.J.: I didn't even realize what I was doing at first. I thought it was the only way. I was naive, I guess.

Adam: You were stupid. You were foolish and you were stupid and you had no respect for yourself or for anybody else. How could you have been so stupid?!

M.J.: Adam, I know you hate me right now. But believe me... You could never hate me... as much as I hated myself. When I met you, all that changed. You brought meaning into my life, you-- you told me that I was special, and that you loved me.

Adam: Then why did you wait so long to tell me? Why did you-- why did you wait until something like this happened?

Adam: Answer me. Why did you wait until now?

M.J.: I couldn't make myself tell you.

Adam: That's a hell of an answer, isn't it?

M.J.: It's the truth.

Adam: After all our talks about honesty? You told me that you would never lie to me!

M.J.: I was scared, Adam. Haven't you ever been scared?

Adam: You didn't trust me.

M.J.: Because I knew it would make a difference. And don't tell me that it wouldn't have because you would be lying. I didn't want to lose you.

Adam: So you decided to make a fool out of me instead, is that it?

M.J.: Oh, Adam, you could never be a fool.

Adam: That's exactly what I feel like right now. I'm standing here in front of the woman that I'm supposed to marry, and I don't even know you! You don't even have the guts to tell me--the man that you love-- about your own life!

M.J.: Do you have any idea how hard it is to talk about something like that?

Adam: It wasn't very hard to do it.

M.J.: That is so cruel.

Adam: M.J., from the looks of it, you look like you were having a pretty good time.

M.J.: But it was the worst time of my life. I was miserable. And I worked very hard... To pull myself out of that. And when I did...I just tried to put it out of my mind. As far as I was concerned, until that tape surfaced, it was over. It was dead and gone and buried. I almost managed to convince myself that it never even happened.

Adam: You sure had me convinced.

M.J.: I couldn't tell you. I couldn't take the risk of losing you. Can't you see that? We had so much. We have so much. I love you.

[Shuddering] I love you so much, Adam. Look at me. Please. I was right. It would have made a difference, wouldn't it? It does make a difference. You don't love me anymore, do you, Adam?

Donna: If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get dressed for the wedding.

John: Thanks for coming by, doc.

Jamie: Why don't you want to tell her?

John: Look, I have to be sure. I don't want people to get their hopes up and then not have this thing pan out.

Jamie: Ok, tell me what you see.

John: Well, it's a little bit fuzzy--the outlines are there. Sometimes it's clear, other times it's blurred, but I am seeing.

Jamie: When did this start?

John: This morning.

Jamie: Ok, what kind of distance are we talking about? Just close up or is there depth?

John: I saw you come through the door.

Jamie: Clearly?

John: Well, yeah, sort of, and it fluctuates. The pain--the pain, it's just like a knife going into my head.

Jamie: I told you if this started to happen, it could be excruciating.

John: You're right about that.

Jamie: But what I didn't tell you was that now that it has, you can't have any more medication.

John: Oh, come on, you've gotta be kidding.

Jamie: I don't want a drug interfering or slowing down a natural process, John.

John: A natural process? We're not talking about childbirth here. What is this, after the agony, you get the ecstasy?

Jamie: John, maybe we should back off a little bit. I mean, there's no way of telling exactly how much of your sight's gonna return.

John: All of it. I'm gonna get it all back, doc.

Jamie: Sounds like you're real anxious to see something, John.

John: I am.

Donna: I hope I'm not interrupting, but how is our patient?

Jamie: Real good. He's a fighter.

Donna: Oh.

John: Well, listen, I don't want to take up any more of your time. I appreciate your coming by.

Jamie: I've got a wedding to go to, anyway. John, you hang in there. Everything's going to be fine.

John: Thanks, doc.

Jamie: I'll see you in church.

Donna: Right. I'll walk you to the door.

Jamie: No, don't bother. As for John, no need to worry. He's gonna suffer some discomfort, but it will pass.

Donna: Oh, good, I really appreciate you coming, Jamie.

Jamie: You're welcome. Bye-bye.

Donna: Ok. I need to finish getting dressed for the wedding. Is there anything I can get you?

John: No, you heard the doc. I'm fine.

Donna: All right.

Cheryl: It's ok, Becky, that you spilled. Besides, I'm sure it'll come right out with some water, all right?

Becky: I'm sorry.

Mary: Oh, don't be silly, sweetheart, I have spilled on more dresses.

Cheryl: Yeah, just last week, I had to throw out my favorite shirt because I got mustard all over it.

Mary: This is nothing. This will come out with a little water-see, look.

[Knock on door]

Mary: There it goes--all gone.

Cheryl: Oh, Felicia, you don't have to knock--come on in.

Felicia: No, no, this is a formal day, and today we stand on ceremony.

Mary: On formal days, I'm sorry, we come in the front door.

Felicia: Well, you all look fabulous, and Becky... What a lovely dress that is.

Becky: I spilled.

Felicia: Did you? Well, I'm sure no one's ever gonna notice.

Cheryl: You really look beautiful, Felicia.

Felicia: Thank you.

Mary: I'm so glad you're here. The bride's family is having a terminal attack of nerves.

Felicia: It's all right. You're supposed to be panicky. That's part of the fun. And I am here to calm you down.

Mary: Oh, good. Tell me you've seen M.J..

Felicia: No, actually, I haven't. Why?

Mary: Um, nothing. No, it's all right, I'm not going-I'm not going to get panicky for another, oh, 5, 10 minutes yet. Tell me everything else is ok.

Felicia: I can guarantee that the reception is absolutely perfect. The flowers are so beautiful.

Mary: Oh, good. Becky, whispering: Cheryl. What is it?

[Becky whispering]

Cheryl: Oh, you want earrings just like Felicia's?

Felicia: She has good taste.

Cheryl: Well, you might have to wait a couple of years for that, but what do you say we go upstairs and go to my jewelry box and get a nice necklace instead? Ok, let's go, let's go. All right.

Felicia: Well, she is a darling little girl.

Mary: She has been so nervous about this wedding.

Felicia: I'll bet, and I bet M.J. is on seventh heaven, isn't she? I mean, I knew she was gonna make a beautiful bride. What does the dress look like? I'm dying to know.

Mary: Uh-huh.

Felicia: What?

Mary: There.

Felicia: Well, now, you're certainly a knockout.

Mary: No, no, no. That's M.J.'s wedding dress.

Felicia: You're kidding. She's gonna wear your dress?

Mary: And it hardly had to be altered--can you believe that?

Felicia: Oh, of course I believe that. I mean, look at that figure on that woman.

Mary: I wonder how it felt to be getting married. I wonder if I was nervous on my wedding day.

Felicia: I'm sure the only thing you felt was total love.

Mary: Be nice to have a memory of it. Be nice to have a memory period.

Felicia: Hey, hey.

Mary: No, I'm not gonna do that. This is M.J.'s day, not mine.

Felicia: Now, Cass and Kathleen are flying in, aren't they?

Mary: I certainly hope so. I want the whole family here.

Felicia: Right, right. Mary?

Mary: Yeah.

Felicia: There is something I-- I want to say. Actually, there's something that I want to offer. Now, if you don't think that this is appropriate, I just want you to say it--we're too good of friends, all right?

Mary: What is it?

Felicia: Well, it's something borrowed. M.J. said that she didn't have anything yet--at least that's what she said yesterday.

Mary: I don't know.

Felicia: Well, if she hasn't and she likes this...

Mary: [Gasps] oh, it's lovely.

Felicia: It's--well, it's been in my family for generations. Actually, my grandmother Grady brought it over from Ireland. She wore it on her wedding day. And when I married Zane, I-- anyway... If M.J. would like to wear it, I-I would really be honored.

Mary: Oh, I'm sure she would love to... If we ever find her.

Felicia: Where, uh-- where do you think she is?

Mary: I don't know. I don't know. She had some sort of an errand to run.

Felicia: It is getting a little late.

Mary: I'm getting a little worried.

M.J.: Answer me.

Adam: I don't know how.

M.J.: I asked you if you still love me.

Adam: I know what you asked me.

M.J.: [Sobbing] then answer me. Please. Just tell me how you feel, please.

Adam: You don't just stop loving somebody.

M.J.: Then... Do you feel the way you did an hour ago before you saw the tape?

Adam: No.

M.J.: So you don't believe that people can change.

Adam: I didn't say that.

M.J.: But you think that.

Adam: M.J., all I know right now is I don't even know you.

M.J.: I thought I was the woman that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

Adam: I thought so, too.

M.J.: Look at me. I'm still the same woman. I'm still the same.

Adam: [Weakly] no. No, you're not. And the problem is, see, is I don't know who you are. I don't know if you're the M.J. who's standing there in front of me right now telling me that she loves me... Or if you're the M.J. on this tape.

[M.J. Crying]

[Adam sobbing]

Chad: What's in this?

Sara: It's my surprise, and you're gonna spoil it if you keep poking around. It's not fair.

Chad: Well, nobody ever accused me of being fair.

Sara: [Laughing] you go change into your swimming trunks.

Chad: For what?

Sara: Because we are gonna go swimming, and it's a beautiful day outside, it's gonna be really hot by noon. We're gonna forget about everything else that's going on. What are you waiting for, Chad? Go change. I'll meet you on the roof in 30 minutes. No excuses.

Mac: Well, see you in church.

Felicia: You guys still here?

Vince: We're going, we're going.

Felicia: Please. Excuse me. Mac, well, how was your little get-together, fun?

Mac: Well, it was very little. Adam stood us up.

Felicia: You're kidding. You know something, no one knows where M.J. is, either.

Mac: Maybe that's it. Doesn't Adam know it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?

Felicia: You don't think anything's gonna go wrong, do you?

Mac: Absolutely not. Now, just relax. Everything will be fine.

Felicia: You know, I was at Mary's place - she's so crazy that she got me crazy. I--you don't think I forgot something for this reception?

Mac: No, you have not. It's gonna be the kind of to-do people'll talk about for years.

Felicia: I hope so. I wish Mitch were here to photograph it. Oh, not that I'm complaining. I mean, I'm not angry at you or Rachel for sending him to Alaska, but, well, I'm just wishing, you know?

Mac: Did you call him today?

Felicia: Uh, no, not yet. I mean, it's hours behind us, and I don't want to wake him up.

Mac: No, no, he's up and out. My office called the hotel. They said he'd already left.

Felicia: Where to? I mean, do you know?

Mac: Nobody seems to know. Well, Rachel wanted him to go to a press conference for ballet, but, anyway, we left a message. He'll call later.

Felicia: Well, if I hear from him first, I'll have him call you, all right? Alaska! You know, I just connected that. Cass and Kathleen are coming in from Alaska-I mean, they're supposed to be flying in. I hope they make it. It'll be good to see them, won't it?

Mac: Yeah, terrific.

Felicia: I hope M.J. makes it. Well, excuse me a minute, all right? Hey, they look kind of real, don't they?

Lisa: And very much in love. Adam and M.J. are so lucky.

Felicia: I know another couple who's very much in love. You think maybe they're gonna need a cake like this someday? Sorry, didn't mean it. Just--just checking.

[Knock on door]

Jamie: Adam! Ah, Adam, I can't believe you're still here. Have you been to Tops already? You're not dressed. Adam, why aren't you dressed? Adam, you gotta get going. Come on. Adam? What's the matter with you?

Adam: It's none of your damn business, Jamie.

Jamie: Come on, Adam. Something is really wrong.

Adam: Just--just go away.

Jamie: Is it M.J.? Did you have a fight?

Adam: [Sighs] you could say that, yeah.

Jamie: So, you fought. Come on, that happens all the time, you know that. The weddings, they make people tense, you know, and people have these last-minute arguments all the time.

Adam: Just shut up, will you? Just shut up. You don't know what you're talking about.

Jamie: I know that you and M.J. love each other, Adam.

Adam: It's not enough.

Jamie: Adam, this is your wedding day. In one hour you're gonna be standing in front of the priest with a woman that you love. You'll make this up with her. I know M.J.

Adam: Do you?

[Knock on door]

M.J.: Adam, I have to see you.

[Knocking] Adam, it's M.J.! Please let me in.

[John gasping]

John: Donna? Donna!

Donna: What? What is it?

Donna: John, what is it? Is the pain worse? Well, say something. Why did you call me? John, what's the matter?

Vince: Hi! Ready to go?

Mary: We've been ready for hours. We've been waiting for you.

Cheryl: We've been ready for about two minutes. How was the party?

Ben:: It was great except Adam never showed up.

Mary: Oh, no.

Vince: So, let's get M.J. out here and take off.

Mary: There is no M.J.

Vince: What do you mean there's no M.J.?

Mary: We've been calling everywhere to try and find her. We even called Adam's, and there was no answer there.

Vince: Ah, well, he's probably at the church for hours. That's what I did on our day. I mean, I paced until my feet hurt.

Mary: M.J.'s not at the church. She wouldn't be. Something has to have happened--

Vince: No, no, no, no, don't-- let's not panic.

Cheryl: Yeah, I mean, we probably just got our signals crossed, and she's gonna meet us there.

Mary: Why? Why would she want to get dressed at the church?

Cheryl: Because she probably just didn't want to get her dress all messy in the car, that's all.

Mary: Maybe.

Cheryl: So, what do you say? We'll just bring her dress along with us, and we'll meet her there, ok?

Mary: It's, um, um, where did-- in the living room. It's in the living room.

Vince: I'll get it, I'll get it. It's all right.

Ben: Well, since it looks like your plans have changed, why don't I take Becky and Cheryl?

Mary: That's a good idea, honey.

Ben:: Ok, and, Becky, you can help me tie those cans on Adam's car, how's that?

Becky: Ok.

Ben: Ok? Ok, let's get going. See you later, mom.

Mary: Yeah, drive carefully.

Cheryl: I'll see you there. And don't worry, ok?

Mary: Yeah, sure, right. What time--

Vince: They gone?

Mary: Yes.

Vince: Good, good, our turn.

Mary: Vince, I'm really worried.

Vince: Who did you call besides Adam?

Mary: I called the Cory house, I called the police station. Nobody has seen Adam. Nobody has seen M.J.

Vince: Then they've gotta be together.

Mary: Well, yes, I would hope so, except something must have happened to them.

Vince: Maybe--maybe it was just car trouble.

Mary: Yeah, I thought about that. I also thought about an accident.

Vince: Oh, well, now, let's not get crazy about this.

Mary: I'm sorry. I can't help it. I've also been very concerned that if she's not with him, maybe she's with Chad.

Vince: Chad?

Mary: I talked to him, you know. I talked to him about her. I told him that he had to put her out of his mind. He said he had already done that.

Vince: Chad Rollo? What are you saying?

Mary: He's still in love with her--probably, I think.

Vince: Well, then, look, if that's it, don't worry. Chad is not gonna stand in the way of this wedding.

Mary: I could be wrong about him. I could be wrong about everything.

Vince: You probably are.

Mary: Yes, probably.

Vince: We'll get to the church. M.J. will be outside waiting, frantic that we're not there.

Mary: Oh, well, then, let's go. Come on, let's go.

Vince: Ok.

Mary: Do I have everything?

Vince: You look beautiful.

Mary: Thank you, do I--

Vince: Dear, you look gorgeous. No, we've got everything.

Jamie: I'll see you both... At church.

Adam: What are you doing back here?

M.J.: I didn't know where to go. I've been driving around in circles. I don't know what to do.

Adam: I know the feeling.

M.J.: Adam, there are 200 people waiting for us in St. Mary's Church right now. Your parents are arriving. My mother's waiting to help me put on my wedding dress. I thought about that question you asked me... About who's the real M.J.? It's the one standing right here. It's the one who loves you with all her heart. And I want to marry you. Please, Adam. Please.

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