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Another World Transcript Tuesday 7/1/03

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Mitch: Would you just calm down and tell me what's wrong?

Felicia: I wish I knew where to begin.

Mitch: What is it?

Felicia: What does this look like to you?

Mitch: It looks like champagne.

Felicia: Right.

Mitch: For Adam and M.J.'s wedding?

Felicia: Yeah, right. Taste it. Go ahead. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Mitch: Tastes like it comes out of a can.

Felicia: Yeah, if only it did, then I could at least tie it on the back of Adam's car.

Mitch: Did you order that?

Felicia: I don't know how this happened, but my order got mixed up. I was supposed to get vintage California, what I got was southern Minnesota.

Mitch: It's all right, ok. I'll make a phone call.

Felicia: Could you?

Mitch: It's no problem. Anything else?

Felicia: Well, no, not unless you count on the orchestra canceling at the last minute.

Mitch: I thought Chad Rollo had that covered.

Felicia: He does, but maybe you could make a few calls, find out where he is right now.

Mitch: You're just having a rough day, aren't you?

Felicia: Yes, I guess I am, but I think it's probably looking like it's going to improve.

Mitch: Why don't we help you with your cares and woes, and we can go take a walk, or take a ride, or take a drive, and come by my apartment?

Felicia: You have the afternoon off?

Mitch: I've had the afternoon off. You're the one who's been on the phone all day.

Felicia: I will never touch the phone again.

Mitch: You think it's possible if we could spend a minute, maybe 2, together, alone?

Felicia: I'm all yours...Ok? Well, I will be in just a second. Lisa just came in. Let me talk to her, ok? Hold that position. Lisa. Hey--whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Hey, I haven't had a minute to talk to you since I got home from San Francisco.

Lisa: Well, you've been real busy with the wedding.

Felicia: Oh, the wedding can wait. Listen, Wallingford told me you were upset the other night. You want to talk about it?

Lisa: No, no, no. I don't even remember what it was.

Felicia: Oh, now wait a minute. Maybe it would be easier if we, uh, we spent some time alone?

Lisa: No, Felicia, it's ok. It's no big deal, all right?

Felicia: Lisa?

Cheryl: We have got so much stuff to do beforehand. We've got flowers to order, we've got dresses to pick up. We've got to find places for all these people to stay.

Chad: Yeah, well, weddings are like that, huh? I guess you'll be glad when it's all over.

Cheryl: I'll be glad when it's finally happening. I hope the weather holds out.

Chad: Well, that would be nice. M.J. always wanted to have a... a beautiful day for her wedding.

Cheryl: I'm sorry, Chad. I shouldn't have carried on like that.

Chad: No. Listen--listen, I... I hope M.J.'s happy. That's all I really want.

Cheryl: I think maybe you should be happy, too. Maybe that'll be easier once they're married.

Chad: Yeah.

Sara: Looks like I'm not the only one who wants you to get on with your own life.

Chad: Oh, Cheryl's a really good kid.

Sara: Yeah... I just wish her big sister would leave you alone.

Adam: You take half, I'll take half.

Jamie: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. Everything I always wanted to know about cousin Adam, I was afraid to ask.

Adam: Well, if it looks personal, you just set it aside.

Jamie: Why, Adam? You got something to hide? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm?

Adam: Now I wonder what this is.

M.J.: [Crying] no. Please. No.

M.J.: No! No! No! No!

Chad: You don't understand. What happened to M.J. is my fault.

Sara: Why? Because she got herself on some video? Chad, you can't take responsibility for M.J.'s mistakes.

Chad: Sara, I still believe that there's a future for M.J. and I.

Sara: Why?

Chad: Why? Isn't it enough that I love her?

Sara: You tell me.

Chad: I don't want to hurt you, Sara.

Sara: Well, then will you please start thinking of yourself?

Chad: It's not that easy.

Sara: I don't get it. Is there something you're not telling me? Maybe it has something to do with M.J. and you in the past. Maybe it has something to do with the tape.

Chad: Hey! Leave the tape out of this, all right? It's nothing.

Sara: Fine. But I am not going to stand around while you are in trouble. I don't operate that way.

Chad: Maybe I don't need a friend like that.

Sara: Maybe you don't know how lucky you are you've got one.

Man: I got to hand it to you, pally. You sure got a way with women.

Chad: And who are you?

Man: Me? I'm Joe. I work for the agent.

Chad: You--

Joe: Hey, hey. Uh, uh, uh, uh. It's not nice to attack the dealer... Especially when he's holding all the cards... Or should I say tape?

Jamie: That's it? Just a tape? There's no note or anything?

Adam: Nothing, not even a return address on it.

Jamie: Huh.

Adam: Wait a minute. I know what this is. This is probably the press coverage from the stalker case.

Jamie: Oh, right, I forgot. You're getting psychic, too, aren't you?

Adam: No, actually, I'm giving an address at Bay State next week. They asked me to talk on the media and how it affects police work. This is probably the research I asked for.

Jamie: Oh, research. Won't that get in the way of all the hero worshipping?

Adam: Cousin, is there something you want to get off your chest?

Jamie: Well, this here says the mayor's giving you a... a medal for your work on the stalker case.

Adam: It's just a bunch of hype.

Jamie: Come on. Let's go to the videotape. Bay City's own Eliot Ness.

Adam: Hey. We'll look at it later, all right? I don't understand why everybody makes such a big deal about this.

Jamie: Maybe it all goes back to when we were playing cops and robbers as kids.

Adam: Yeah, well, we're all grown-up now, aren't we, Jamie?

Jamie: Some things never change. You used to arrest me and lock me in the garage even then.

Adam: Wait a minute. That's what this is about. You're still steamed because I pulled you out of Glaser's cell.

Jamie: I'll bet you just loved throwing me in the slammer, didn't you?

Adam: Let me tell you something, Jamie. The D.A.'s office called me this morning. They wanted to know if that cop that you slugged was going to press charges or not.

Jamie: He got in my way.

Adam: You ought to be glad about that, 'cause otherwise, you'd still be in jail with a murder rap on you.

Jamie: Maybe I would be... But when I think about what he did to Lisa--

Adam: It doesn't make it right, Jamie.

Jamie: The hell it doesn't, Adam. I'm a doctor, and I was just getting rid of a disease--

Adam: You're becoming part of the disease. Jamie, wrong is wrong. I don't care how you look at it.

Jamie: You can't tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing, Adam.

Adam: Look, I was on that island with him...Alone. I had him at gunpoint. All I had to do was move my finger a quarter of an inch, and I could have blown him away for good.

Jamie: And you wanted to, didn't you?

Adam: Yes, I did... But I didn't do that, because it's wrong. Is that where we differ?

Jamie: Maybe... maybe not. But you still shouldn't have locked me up.

Adam: You break the law, Jamie, you pay the consequences.

Jamie: And what about Lisa? What about what she went through? You know what it was like for her to see me locked up in jail?

Adam: Well, maybe next time, you'll think first, huh?

Jamie: [Sighs] how did we ever get to be cousins anyway?

Adam: I don't know. Some cruel twist of fate. You still want to be my best man or not?

Jamie: You going to fix things with the D.A.?

Adam: You going to fix things with Lisa?

Jamie: I'll get your ring.

Mitch: Felicia, let her go.

Felicia: I know. It's just that I know she's in so much pain right now.

Mitch: Well, she might be, but if you force the issue, you're going to just make matters worse, ok?

Felicia: You're right. You're right. She'll talk when she wants to talk.

Mitch: Not a minute before. I think it runs in the family.

Felicia: What are you saying? We're a tight-lipped bunch?

Mitch: It took you long enough to tell me how you felt.

Felicia: You know, there are other ways to communicate other than words. I followed you to San Francisco, remember?

Mitch: Is that where you left your heart?

Felicia: As far as I'm concerned, you can have my heart for as long as you want it.

Mitch: Well, if that's the case, then why haven't we been able to be together more than maybe one or 2 minutes since we got back?

Felicia: Well, that's only because there's so much going on here that wasn't going on in San Francisco.

Mitch: Well, there was a lot going on in San Francisco that's not going on here.

Felicia: It was magic, wasn't it?

Mitch: It was like real magic.

Felicia: I keep thinking about how the fog lifted, and suddenly, there was the Golden Gate, and suddenly, there we were.

Mitch: Like magic. Come here.

Felicia: I don't know that I can get any closer.

Mitch: You know what I mean.

Felicia: I think you mean this.

Matthew: Whoa!

Mitch: Matthew, what are you doing here?

Matthew: I think the question is, what are you doing?

Mitch: Hey, you never answered me. What are you doing here?

Matthew: That's easy. Mom had business downstairs. She just needed to make a call.

Felicia: Ah, Rachel.

Matthew: Oh, don't worry. I don't think she saw.

Mitch: Hey, it's all right. I mean, whatever she saw, it's not like we were doing something wrong.

Rachel: Matthew, I thought I told you to stay in the car.

Matthew: The last time, you were on the phone a half hour.

Rachel: I think it's time to go.

Matthew: I think I better talk with Mitch first.

Felicia: I think maybe it's a good idea if we all talk.

Mitch: I think that's a good idea. If everybody would just hold on. You first.

Felicia: Oh. Excuse me.

Matthew: How come nobody ever told me about Mitch and Felicia?

Felicia: I--I get it. It's ok. Uh, I'll just stay out of it.

Mitch: I knew it. I was afraid that you were going to react like this.

Felicia: Mitch, it's all right. Matthew's your son.

Mitch: Yes, I know, and you happen to be the woman that I love.

Felicia: He's family.

Mitch: Yes, he is, and as his dad, I think I ought to be the one that talks to him.

Felicia: Ok.

Rachel: No, I would not say that Felicia and Mitch are exactly a hot item.

Matthew: Didn't you see them kissing before?

Rachel: Yeah, well, they're... Getting closer, moving together.

Matthew: You mean it? They're moving in together?

Mitch: Who said that?

Matthew: Mom did.

Rachel: No, I didn't say that. I... Um, I just said that...Uh, you guys were getting closer, moving together. You know, you ask too many questions.

Matthew: How else am I supposed to find out anything?

Mitch: Ok. Come on. You're next.

Felicia: He saw us kissing. I--I didn't know he was here.

Rachel: It's not your fault.

Felicia: Well, I just don't think it's the best way to find out.

Rachel: Oh, don't worry about him. He's a lot more mature than he looks.

Felicia: Yeah, well, I think we're all going to have to be pretty mature about this one.

[Both laugh]

Jamie: Mom. Hi. What are you doing here?

Rachel: It's beginning to look like a family reunion.

Jamie: Oh, yeah. I see that Matthew's with Mitch.

Felicia: And I assume you're here to see Lisa. She's downstairs. Why don't I get her?

Jamie: No, Felicia, no. It won't do any good.

Felicia: Why? You're not getting any better, the two of you?

Jamie: Well, hey, I'm not giving up on her. I thought maybe you could help me out.

Julie Ann: I've got an idea. Since you have to waitress, why don't we work on Becky's dress this afternoon?

Cheryl: Sure. What do you say?

Becky: I'll go get the sewing kit.

Cheryl: Ok. Come on.

Julie Ann: It's going to be hard when she has to leave, isn't it?

Cheryl: Nothing's definite yet.

Julie Ann: Zack says it won't be long before Becky's father gets out of jail.

Cheryl: Well, it won't be before M.J.'s wedding, and I can't really think about anything else right now. Let's go help her out.

Joe: I think it's a little too late for threats, don't you, Rollo?

Chad: You just tell him to leave her alone.

Joe: You should have thought of that before you decided to break in and steal the tapes. Come on. You know there's always a spare copy.

Chad: All right. All right. So it was dumb, I know that. But it was me. She had nothing to do with this. If the agent wants more money, you tell him I'll come up with it.

Joe: The agent's got something else in mind for you.

Chad: Yeah? Like what?

Joe: He misses your girls. He wants you to put them back on the street.

[Knock on door]

M.J.: Just a minute.

M.J.: Hi.

Sara: Uh, your dad told me to come on up. I thought it'd be best if we talked in private.

M.J.: Why? What's this about?

Sara: May I come in?

M.J.: I don't know, Sara. I was just on my way to see Adam.

Sara: And I just came from seeing Chad. Believe me, M.J., I want this to work out as much as you do.

M.J.: Is this about something Chad told you?

Sara: If you're worried about the tape, don't be. All I know is that it has something to do with your past.

M.J.: What else did Chad tell you?

Sara: Nothing. He doesn't want to hurt you, M.J.

M.J.: Why are you here, Sara? What do you want from me?

Sara: Will you just relax? I'm not going to tell Adam or anyone else.

M.J.: Then why are you here?

Sara: Because I want to ask you a favor.

M.J.: [Laughs] what?

Sara: Let Chad go. Once and for all, really let him go.

M.J.: Where is all this coming from, Sara?

Sara: I happen to like Chad, M.J. I don't want to see him hurt.

M.J.: [Chuckles] Sara, if you want Chad, take him with my blessing. I don't want him. All I want is to be with Adam.

Sara: Do you? Then why are you afraid of him?

M.J.: I'm not.

Sara: Well, you certainly don't trust him.

M.J.: What's that supposed to mean?

Sara: When you got into trouble, you should have gone to Adam, but you didn't, you went straight to Chad.

M.J.: Sara, I had no choice.

Sara: Why? Because Adam wouldn't understand? What kind of love is that, M.J.?

M.J.: You have no right to do this, Sara. You have no right to question Adam's feelings for me.

Sara: Isn't that what you're doing? By going to Chad? By taking him that tape?

M.J.: You don't know what you're talking about. All I want is for this to be over. I want to be married. I want to put it all behind me.

Sara: How? By running away? By changing your name? What is Adam going to say to that? What about your family?

M.J.: Stop it! Stop it!

Sara: The truth will catch up to you, M.J. It always does.

M.J.: Fine. Then it'll catch up to me and Adam... Not me and Chad.

Sara: If you really believe that, then you know what you have to do.

M.J.: I love Adam.

Sara: Then go to him. Tell him whatever it is. Maybe he'll understand.

M.J.: Adam loves me.

Sara: Then go be with Adam.. Just leave Chad alone.

[Door closes]

Matthew: So how long have you and Felicia been...You know?

Mitch: Not long.

Matthew: Is it serious?

Mitch: Well, yeah, kind of.

Matthew: So are you getting married?

Mitch: What is this? You're rushing me into it?

Matthew: Well, I mean... If you're--if you're getting serious. You are in love, aren't you?

Mitch: Well, yeah.

Matthew: So Felicia's going to be my, uh, stepmother?

Mitch: What is this? What-- what? Are you trying to get me married?

Matthew: I'm not. I... Is there something wrong?

Mitch: No, no. I mean, I guess it's just that you're asking me questions that I haven't even asked myself.

Matthew: Why not?

Mitch: Look, I'll tell you what. As soon as I know some things, you'll be the first that I tell, ok?

Matthew: Wait a second. Is this-- is this because of Mom? Is that the problem?

Jamie: Matthew is really grilling Mitch. What's that all about?

Rachel: Felicia.

Jamie: What?

Rachel: Uh, it seems like, uh, Felicia and Mitch are getting closer.

Jamie: How does that sit with you?

Rachel: Listen, I'm not going to talk about me. We were just talking about you and Lisa.

Jamie: Well, I wish there was more to talk about.

Rachel: You really love her, don't you?

Jamie: Yes, I really do.

Rachel: Then she's got to know that. She's got to feel it, honey.

Jamie: I wish she'd stay around long enough for me to show her how I feel.

Rachel: What are you talking about? The other night when you brought her home?

Jamie: Yeah. I mean, she wouldn't stay, even though you and Mac were there.

Rachel: Honey, she's been through a lot. What would you do if she were your patient?

Jamie: What do you mean?

Rachel: Well, suppose--suppose she were on a prescription and it was too strong for her, too--what's the word?

Jamie: Toxic.

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: I'd change the prescription.

Rachel: Yes, but suppose it was the only thing that really worked.

Jamie: Well, then I'd... Decrease the dosage and help her build up a tolerance.


Rachel: That's my son, the doctor.

Jamie: Thanks, Mom. You're right. Miracles don't happen overnight.

Rachel: Yes, but they do happen. And it's love, that's the part that helps us hang in there.

Jamie: Well, I'm going to hang in there for Lisa... For as long as it takes.

[Door closes]

Felicia: Oh. I am sorry. Did I scare you?

Lisa: No, I just wasn't expecting you.

Felicia: Lisa, you're writing.

Lisa: More like trying to get up the nerve.

Felicia: Oh, I'm proud of you. Now listen, just pretend I'm not here. I don't want to interrupt, ok?

Lisa: It doesn't matter. It's no use anyway.

Felicia: Hey, come on. Don't push yourself. Don't you know there are two special people rooting for you?

Lisa: You and Jamie.

Felicia: Yeah. So you see, you're not alone.

Lisa: Except when I write.

Felicia: I know. Except when you write. You know, you can talk about it. I'm here. You know that.

Lisa: I know. I'd like to, I just can't yet.

Felicia: I know. Well, for you, I have all the time in the world.

Lisa: I love you.

Felicia: Oh, sweet baby. I love you, too. Hey, you know what? Why don't you write that in your little diary? You don't always have to write the bad stuff.

Lisa: I already did. I start out everyday by writing that.

Felicia: Good. You see, that's gonna give you the strength. And you'll see, little by little, word by word, things are gonna get better. Ok? Ok.

Lisa: You don't have to leave on my account.

Felicia: Well, actually I do, if I want to impress Mitch Blake. You see, I've been in this same old dress all morning. I know--heaven forbid. And, I mean, how much is a man in love-- [chuckles] expected to take? You write, I will change, ok?

Lisa: Mm-hmm. Little by little... Word by word.

[Thinking] I'm 14 years old. I'm in my room. It's hot. It's windy...Like it's going to storm.

Adam: M.J., are you all right? Have you been crying?

M.J.: There's just a lot of stuff going on, and now you won't even let me in your house.

Adam: No, sweetheart, you don't understand. See, this was all supposed to be a surprise.

M.J.: What, being locked out?

Adam: I thought bridegrooms were the only ones who were supposed to have premarital jitters. No, this, silly.

M.J.: Adam, what are you doing? You're moving?

Adam: M.J., I'm leaving you.

M.J.: Adam, please, I really have to talk to you.

Adam: It's a joke, it's a joke. I was just kidding. Hey...hey, sweetie, you really are scared. Huh?

M.J.: It's just, you know, I--I come over here, and first you won't let me in, and then I see boxes--

Adam: I'm just trying to make some room for you.

M.J.: You're doing this for me? You're clearing room for me?

Adam: Of course! Look, this is 1/2 your space. Or, at least, it's gonna be.

M.J.: I love you, Adam. I love you so much.

Adam: Well...Gee, I can't wait to get to the bedroom and the kitchen and, uh... All right, come on in. You're gonna sit down on the couch, and you're gonna tell me what's really going on here.

M.J.: What do you mean?

Adam: What do you mean, "what do I mean"? Look at you. You're about ready to explode. Come on. Something happen?

M.J.: I--no. I--

Adam: It's about the wedding, isn't it?

M.J.: Sort of. Yeah.

Adam: All right, now look. Now listen to me. I'm serious. I don't care if this whole thing falls apart. I don't care if the wedding cake flattens out. I don't care if Cheryl's dress ends up being 10 sizes too big. I don't even care if Jamie Frame loses the wedding ring. You and I are gonna be married, and that is all there is to that. Ok?

M.J.: Ok. But first I have to tell you something.

Adam: Something more than the cake, the dress, and the ring?

M.J.: Yeah. It's about my past.

Adam: Is that what this is all about--your past?

M.J.: There's a lot you don't know, Adam.

Adam: You'd be surprised, M.J.

M.J.: What do you mean?

Adam: M.J., I mean I know you. That's all I need to know about.

M.J.: No, it's not all you need to know.

Adam: Listen, right here, right now, sitting in front of me is the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I don't care about your old boyfriends. I don't even want to know--

M.J.: It's not old boyfriends, Adam.

Adam: Shh. Shh. Shh. I love you...And you love me. Baby, that's all that counts.

M.J.: I don't ever want to lie to you.

Adam: Then tell me you love me.

M.J.: I do. I love you with all my heart.

Adam: And I know that you could never lie to me. I do. I'd know it. Believe me. A relationship that's as good as ours is based on faith, on trust, on honesty. And those things don't happen by accident.

M.J.: Sometimes I think you're the only thing in my whole life that wasn't an accident.

Adam: Yeah, well, you go right on believing that, because this time next week you are going to be Mrs. Adam Cory, and we are going to be having the time of our life. Mwa!

M.J.: I want that. I really do.

Adam: It's just gonna be you and me... And whoever else we bring into the world.

M.J.: You are so wonderful. Just do me one favor, ok?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

M.J.: Just look at me again and tell me that it wasn't an accident, and that we were meant to be together.

Adam: M.J., it's not an accident. And of course we're gonna be together. Besides, look at us. We fit.

M.J.: I love you. I love you so much. Whatever happens, I want you to remember that, ok?

Adam: All right. And if I forget, I expect you're gonna be there to remind me.

M.J.: Well, it's getting late. I guess I better go to work, huh?

Adam: All right, you go to work. I'm gonna keep making some space here.

M.J.: Ok.

Adam: M.J. you are all I have ever wanted. Believe me.

M.J.: And you for me.

Lisa, thinking: And then I crossed the bridge. I climbed on the rocks on the other side till I got to the sand at the water's edge. I looked around to make sure that no one was watching me. All I could see was the moon and the water. I took off my shoes and I put my feet in the river, it was so warm, like taking a bath. I stood up... And I started to take off my clothes.

Felicia: Lisa, do you like these earrings with-- honey? Hey. Hey, hey, hey... You ok? Oh, come here, my little girl. Come here. You know what? I know how difficult this is.

Lisa: Felicia, I hate this.

Felicia: I know...But you have to get it out. Now, look, when it-- when it gets to the point it hurts you too much, just put it down. Put it aside. Forget about it. Give it a rest.

Lisa: I don't think I want to be alone right now.

Felicia: Ok. I could stay here with you.

Lisa: What about Mitch?

Felicia: Ah, yeah. I know...You want to go upstairs with me? Jamie's there. I know he'd like to see you.

Lisa: I'd like to see him, too.

Felicia: Good. All right. What are we waiting for? Let's go--come on. Lisa... You have to know how much you're loved. No matter what happens, you have to know that.

Cheryl: So, do you think you could find the same color white thread in the sewing basket?

Becky: What'll I get if I do?

Cheryl: Hmm, how about a big hug?

Becky: I'll go get it.

Cheryl: Ok.

Julie Ann:: It's hard to believe she's not your little sister.

Cheryl: What am I gonna do when she has to leave?

Julie Ann: Not gonna be easy. Have you talked to your mom yet?

Cheryl: Yeah, and she's right. I just have to learn how to deal with it. It's not gonna help her if I get all emotional.

Becky: Aunt Cheryl, after I get my hug, Dana says to give you this.

Cheryl: Ok, here's your hug. What is it? It's from Cass and Kathleen! M.J., look.

M.J.: Great. What does it say?

Cheryl: It says that they're still trying to make it home for the wedding.

M.J.: Great.

Cheryl: "We just landed in Alaska on a private plane we borrowed, but we have to stop in the Aleutian Islands to pick up the owner. Just hope we don't get delayed and we'll be back in time for the wedding."

Julie Ann: M.J., you must be so excited.

Cheryl: All the sisters are gonna be together. It's just what I hoped for.

Becky: Even me?

Cheryl: Oh, yes...Even you. All four sisters. Kathleen, M.J., Cheryl, and Becky.

Julie Ann: It's gonna be quite a day for the McKinnon family.

M.J.: I just pray nothing goes wrong.

Chad: M.J., where've you been? I've been looking all over for you.

M.J.: I didn't know. I've been making plans for my wedding.

Cheryl: Chad, are you ok?

Chad: Yeah, I'm all right.

M.J.: Cheryl, you better watch Becky. I think she's gonna really alter that dress.

Cheryl: Becky, maybe I should help you with that.

M.J., Quietly: What?!

Chad: I've got my car parked outside. It's all packed. We've gotta get out of here, M.J., Now. Just the two of us. It's the only way.

M.J.: I'm not going anywhere with you, Chad.

Chad: Look, you don't understand. He was here--the guy with the video tape.

M.J.: He was here? What does he want? He's not gonna show my family, is he?

Chad: I wouldn't put it past him. I'm telling you, the boys in Chicago are playing for keeps.

M.J.: Well, what do they want Chad? They want more money?

Chad: No, no. I offered him that.

M.J.: Well, what?!

Chad: They want me back on the street...Workin' the girls.

M.J.: No...

Chad: Yeah, and they're gonna use you to get me to do it.

M.J.: Chad, what are we gonna do? I can't protect you anymore.

Chad: I don't want you to protect me anymore. That's the whole reason why we gotta get out of here.

M.J.: Why is this happening?! It's like every nightmare I ever had is coming true.

Chad: I can change all that. I know I can. Do you remember all those dreams we used to have about running away and starting life all over again?

M.J.: It's not that easy, Chad.

Chad: It can be. Look, I'll do whatever it takes. My car is parked outside. It's all packed and ready to go. I've borrowed enough money to get you whatever you need. We don't even have to go back to your place. Just come with me now... While we still have time. Please. Please!

M.J.: That's not gonna stop 'em, Chad.

Chad: Come on. They won't be able to find us. It'll be just like all the dreams we used to have. You and me... Together finally. Come on.

M.J.: I have to see Adam.

Matthew: Mitch says it's serious.

Rachel: What is?

Matthew: Between him and Felicia.

Rachel: Oh, well, yes. Usually when you see grownups kissing in the middle of the day in public, it is serious.

Matthew: It's gonna be hard for you, isn't it?

Rachel: What is?

Matthew: Mitch loving someone else.

Rachel: Well, it'll take some getting used to, but we're all friends. I'm sure we'll manage.

Matthew: Still, it must hurt.

Rachel: Sweetie, I don't feel for Mitch the way I used to. Felicia's welcome to him.

Matthew: Are you sure?

Rachel: As long as I have Mac and my beautiful children, I have everything I want.

Matthew: You mean, you've got your hands full.

Rachel: That, too.

Matthew: So, how's Jamie doing?

Rachel: Fine. Why?

Matthew: Well, I hear him and Lisa are having some trouble recently.

Rachel, laughing: Where do you get all your information?

Matthew: Oh, come on, Mom, a guy's gotta protect his sources.

Rachel: Ha ha ha! You're becoming as big a handful as Jamie was and Amanda is.

Matthew: Me?! I'm not the one who bought out 1/2 of Europe and sent the bill home to Dad.

Rachel: Yeah, well, I'm not so sure your father's going to pay for all of that.

Matthew: Yeah, you know he will. I wonder if she's bringing home some boyfriend. Probably a duke or a prince or something.

Rachel: Where do you get this imagination? She should be ashamed buying all those things for herself.

Matthew: Well, she didn't buy it all for herself. She bought me a chess set. It's even nicer than Mac's.

Rachel: Which he lets you use all the time. You really didn't need it. That was a waste of money.

Matthew: Yeah, well, you know what Amanda always says-- "what's the use of having all the money unless you spend it?"

Rachel: Yes, I know what Amanda says.

Matthew: Well, anyway, I hope she's back soon, 'cause I've been telling all the guys at school what a great chick she is, but I can't keep the build up going forever.

Rachel: Why don't you just go over and say goodbye to your father, ok? I've gotta go.

Matthew: Sure. Well, it looks like we're out of here.

Mitch: I hope our talk was of some help.

Matthew: Well, don't worry about a thing. I'll look after Mom.

Mitch: Ok. Our quick phone call turned into a bit more than a... Quick phone call.

Rachel: Yes, well, that's what happens when certain people don't stay in the car as they were told to. Take care. Come on.

Felicia: Rachel.

Rachel: Hi. I've gotta get back to the office, and I've gotta get this one home.

Felicia: Ok.

Rachel: I really wish all the best for you, Felicia. I really do.

Felicia: Thank you. Matthew.

Matthew: Bye-bye.

Rachel: Bye, Lisa.

Lisa: Bye, Rachel. All right, now, for my first surprise of the evening, there's a young man sitting over here who could use a little cheering up, all right?

Mitch: Felicia.

Felicia: Oh, now, I don't want you to worry ever about anything. You are my second surprise for the evening, and I'm so much better when I'm warmed up, I promise. Ok...Come on. Here we go. Ahem. Oh, no, no, no. Sit down, please. Now, you sit right in here.

Jamie: Hi.

Lisa: Hi.

Rachel: Now, you see, that wasn't so bad.

Jamie: Would you like a glass of wine?

Lisa: I'd love one.

Rachel: Well, that's-- that's a nice touch. I mean, it breaks the ice. Well, I don't think the two of you need me anymore, so if you don't mind, I'll just-- I'll just start my own party over here, ok? Mitch, I-- well, now, where did he go?

Felicia: Yes, this is Felicia Gallant. You're sure that Mitch Blake hasn't left the building? No...no, no. He's not in his room. Well, I guess you should just keep looking for him. I mean, he has to be somewhere. Yeah. Thanks. Great.

Jamie: I don't know what Felicia said to you, but she can be my Cyrano any day.

Lisa: Cyrano?

Jamie: De Bergerac. He found the right words to say to Roxanne so she would fall in love with Christian.

Lisa: I don't think you need Felicia for that.

Jamie: You mean that?

Lisa: The thing is, Jamie, I just--

Jamie: What?

Lisa: I can't make any promises.

Jamie: Who needs promises?

Lisa: Jamie, I'm serious! I know I'm lucky to have you and Felicia, and I'm really trying to follow her advice.

Jamie: Well, don't push yourself.

Lisa: I just think we need to take it slowly.

Jamie: You can have all the time in the world.

Lisa: I'll try, Jamie. I really will.

Jamie: What do you say we try on top of the--on the roof? I hear there are supposed to be a lot of stars out tonight.

Lisa: That sounds nice.

Jamie: After you, Ms. Grady.

Lisa: Hi, Felicia. What's wrong?

Felicia: Nothing. Oh...Mitch Blake is what's wrong.

Lisa: Well, weren't you just gonna meet him? He was here before, when we came here.

Felicia: Thank you. At least I have a witness.

Jamie: He stood you up.

Felicia: You know what? Let's not mince words. He stood me-- that's exactly what he did.

Lisa: Oh, well, we're going up to the roof. Do you want to come with us?

Felicia: No, no, no, no. You guys go up. Have a good time. Really, I'll be fine. Come on. I'm just gonna go to my room and I'm gonna put a hex on Mr. Blake.

[Jamie laughs]

[Woman vocalizing to easy jazz]

Felicia: Yeah, I caught you!

...Always knew, I would feel the magic for you, on my mind constantly...

Felicia: I don't believe you.

Mitch: What don't you believe?

Felicia: Never mind. Why don't you hold me and tell me this is not a dream.

Mitch: It's just that it's a dream come true.

Felicia: Why did you do all of this?

Mitch: Because I saw all of the nice things you were doing for Jamie and Lisa, and I thought that I would do something nice for you before I had to go away.

Felicia: Do you have to go to Fairbanks tomorrow?

Mitch: You can join me if you want.

Felicia: I want, but I can't. Not until after M.J. and Adam's wedding.

Mitch: Well, then, it looks like we'll just have to make the most of the time that we have left.

Felicia: It is just the two of us. We are alone.

Mitch: I think we have everything we need.

Felicia: What? Meatball sandwiches.

Mitch: It's your favorite. Hungry?

Felicia: Not yet.

Mitch: You will be later.

Felicia: You think, huh?

...Caught up in the rapture of love... Nothing else can compare... When I feel the magic of you... The feeling's always new... Caught up in the rapture of you...

Chad: If you're so sure Adam's gonna understand, or he could understand... Why haven't you told him before now?

M.J.: Because...I didn't want to hurt him. I know it's really gonna hurt him. But we can survive. We love each other.

Chad: I want to be there when you tell him.

M.J.: No, Chad, I have to do this alone.

Chad: M.J., I won't let him... Or anybody else hurt you.

M.J.: He's not gonna hurt me. He loves me.

Chad: I love you. And I'll always love you. I know all about your past, and I still love you.

M.J.: I have to tell Adam the truth. I have to make him understand.

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