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General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/15/18

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Episode #14037 ~ Things do not look good for Carly; Kim has good news to share; Ava reclaims a small piece of control; Anna and Griffin catch up; Finn bumps into Alexis.

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[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Would you like some coffee?

[ Door closes ] Thanks. And I, uh -- I found these in your purse. Prescription says "take as needed," so I figured... they're for anxiety, so, yeah. Sonny: Carly's been here all night. Y-you can't give me a straight answer? Bail hearings don't always happen immediately, sonny. The court was closed long before carly was arrested. Hey. How's carly doing? We haven't seen her yet. Well, what are the charges?

[ Sighs ] Dante: Well, that depends whether or not nelle and the baby survive.

[ Monitor beeps ] No! Carly! Carly, no! No! No, no, no. No, no, no. Nelle, nelle, you're fine, you're fine. You're okay. You're okay. You're in the hospital, but everything's okay. Oh, my god, michael. Oh, my god, I was so scared.

[ Exhales sharply ] It's just a dream, it's just a dream. I'm here. Griffin: [ Laughs ] Okay. Tha-- that -- that's okay. Just -- you strike that pose, take your bow, and then exit stage left, left. Well, we, uh -- left. Close. So close.

[ Laughs ] Okay. I posted signs. They said, "this is a technical rehearsal." Closed -- absolutely closed. You cannot leak anything you see. You have to keep it mum, mum. I won'T. I just -- I only saw the last bit.

[ Groans ] So? It blew my mind. Yeah? Yes.

[ Laughing ] His mind. Okay...

[ Chuckles ] Hey! Oh, quick! Good! Ready the boas for inspection. We don't have any boas? Quick! We got to find the boas. Did you stuff them backstage? Where did you put them? I'm so nervous. Why? You're gonna be great.

[ Chuckles ] You think so? Yes, yes. I can't wait to see the rest of it. I-I-I will be the guy standing in the back cheering, telling everybody, "that is my girlfriend up there." Okay. Just no air horns, all right? Okay. How 'bout -- how about these? Maybe you will accept these instead.

[ Ringtone plays ] Peter, what the hell is going on with you?

[ Ringtone plays ] "Situation under control." Better make sure.

[ Beeps ] Top secret? Excuse me? You're a real-life spy. The impulse, of course, is to assume that anything you're doing is some sort of covert operation. On the other hand, maybe it's nothing more than something completely mundane, right? Either way, I don't know what business it is of yours, mr. August.

[ Car horn honks in distance ] You asked to see me? Yeah. You say you want to make amends for what happened to me. I do, if it's possible. I want you to make it possible.

Listen, just -- just practice, and I -- oh, perfect. I'm gonna get back to you in just one teeny, tiny moment. But in the meantime, coordinate with your presenter. Thank you. I'll see you in a minute. Hi. Hi. Look, if you know a way that I can help you, I'm all in. You sure? No question. Good. You're gonna make me "me" again. I wish it was that easy. It can be that easy. Why can't it be that easy?

[ Sighs ] We've discussed this before. Without the data that made you drew cain -- yes, I know. It's lost on that flash drive. Yes. Even if I were to miraculously get my hands on it, there's no precedent that suggests the procedure would work twice. Listen, the human mind wasn't meant to withstand memory writing and rewriting. What do you want with me? Our last meeting was highly unsuccessful. Oh, I see. You haven't forgiven me for refusing to plant a false story. Well, we just had different objectives. You wanted to protect your journalistic integrity, and I wanted to -- save the world, miss devane? It's no easy task, is it? Tell me something. How do you do it? Which ideals are you willing to sacrifice? What rules can you break? Over a storied career such as yours, you must have had to make very many difficult decisions, yes? What are you doing? Are you interviewing me for one of your publications? Like, have you got, like, a hidden recorder or something in there? Or what...? I only ask because it's come to my attention that your colleague robert scorpio may have linked nina reeves' husband to cesar faison. News to me. If valentin cassadine has anything to do with faison or his son henrik, I hope you would tell me. See, nina and maxie are two of my star employees, and their safety is paramount to me. Can I give you a word of advice? Sure. Valentin has a really mean, jealous streak to him, so I would leave all of the protecting of nina to him. And as for maxie, she's my goddaughter, and I would sooner die than let anything happen to her. They're beautiful. Thank you. Maybe a little premature. Oh, well, you're gonna be inundated later tonight. I wanted you to receive mine first. I...[Chuckles] I think you ought to keep your expectations nice and low. Come on, you're gonna be amazing. I believe in you. Still? Yeah. Yeah, that shouldn't surprise you one bit. Well, it must be torture not waking up next to me every morning.

[ Laughs ] Of course, I'm sure you don't mind not tripping over avery's toys. Ah, well, the -- the, uh, hotel will do for now, but it's definitely not home. Well, griffin, I-I-I hope that you find home soon. Yeah, I'm halfway there. Oh, it looks like lucy is terrorizing somebody else. Why don't you, uh -- why don't you join me for breakfast? Oh, I-I can'T. I have an appointment, and I'm already late, but, um, I'll see you tonight? Yeah, you will. I can't wait to see you perform, and, uh -- and put some space between us and what got in our way. Tried to get in our way. See you later.

[ Exhales sharply ] Hey. Hey. How's the baby? Everything's just fine. Listen. Well, where's michael? He's -- he's -- he's still at the hospital. Diane: If you will excuse us, detective. Yeah, of course. I'm so worried about the baby. What happened? Nelle said you pushed her. She's lying. The whole thing was a setup. That nightmare felt so real. D-did I say anything? Uh... you know, I couldn't -- I couldn't really make any sense of it. You were just... you were very upset. It felt like I was falling, like I-I had no control, nothing -- nothing at all to grab on to, and --

[ Inhales sharply ] I keep my hand over my belly because I had to protect the baby.

[ Voice breaking ] That's when I hit the ground.

[ Sniffles ] Kim: Is it okay to come in? Aww, how you feeling, nelle? I'm fine. Is this... is our baby gonna be okay?

How did lucy rope you into this? She dropped your name.

[ Chuckles ] You didn't tell me you're receiving the first annual port charles pioneer award. Alexis: I think it's a consolation prize for losing the mayoral election. No, no. It's to honor your work for social justice, especially on behalf of those in reduced circumstances. I did a few pro bono cases. Oh, you did more than a few. You know what the good thing is? Hmm? The really good thing is, is I-I don't have to come up with an excuse not to perform in this. You're not gonna do a little song and dance? I will not be doing a song and dance, but I-I will stand here and graciously collect my plaque and smile and wave, and -- and hopefully the audience will be clapping, but you have to give them a reason why. That's on you. So don't mess up that presentation. Well, if my introduction underwhelms, I'll, uh, make it up to you on the dance floor. Hmm! I don't think it's that kind of a ball. Just let them try and stop me. I mean, as long as your date won't mind. I don't have one. Oh. Huh. Interesting. Well, in that case, would you like to go with me? Lucy: Oh, hey. I am so, so very sorry for the delay, but, listen, we are ready now to do a little run-through for your number. No, it's not needed. Nice try. No, seriously. I-I-I'm good to go. Uh, no. You know what? While I loved your number last year, and I'm inclined to believe you. But I really think the stage manager could use, like, a little walk-through -- well, tell him to look for the piano and find the good-looking guy playing it. Um, I'll see you tonight. Okay. I know.

[ Sighs ] I've tried to reach robert scorpio through the wsb, but to no avail. Perhaps you could put the two of us in touch. No. Why would I do that? Of course not. If he's unavailable, it's for a reason. But I'll -- I'll -- I'll get him a message once he's back in communication, if that helps. That'd be most appreciated. Thank you. Hmm. It has been too long. Hey. Hi.

[ Laughs ] Wow, I didn't even know you were, uh, back from your trip. Yeah, I've been underwater a little bit, you know? Yeah. Well, I, um, hope you have some time to come up for air. You still looking for henrik faison? Well, the, uh, guest statements are consistent with carly being the aggressor. Carly got into a public argument with ava jerome over the gift she brought. When nelle explained how she chose the gift, a, uh...crib mobile with penguins, carly said she only did it to torment her -- reminding her of her late son. Carly's behavior's been erratic, but she hasn't been violent. Is it possible she hit a breaking point? Sure. What got her there? She claims nelle had a baby blanket -- a replica of one that once belonged to morgan. Carly grabbed the blanket, and when nelle pulled away, she overbalanced and fell. Problem is no blanket has been located, no witness can attest that one even exists.

[ Sighs ] Right. No one knows what happened on top of that staircase except for nelle and carly. Okay, finish interviewing the quartermaine house staff. Where you going? I'm gonna find some answers. The fetus' heartbeat is as strong as ever -- no injuries.

[ Chuckles ] All right, so you're -- so you're saying that -- the baby is just fine. What'd I tell you? What'd I tell you? Everything's gonna be fine. What do you mean by "setup," carly? Are you suggesting that nelle threw herself down the stairs on purpose? No, no, the fall was an accident, but everything that led up was deliberate, and I walked right into it. I blew up when I saw that penguin mobile, and then when I saw the blanket -- what blanket? Nelle crocheted a blanket that looked just like the one my mother made for morgan when he was a baby. Okay? She had it in the nursery. So I went after her because I was gonna take it and show it to michael, and that's when she fell. Detective chase says that you are adamant that you and nelle were struggling over this blanket. But, carly, no blanket has been recovered. Is it at all possible that you've imagined this? Absolutely not.

 is catching henrik really worth all that you're putting yourself through? I don't know. Getting closer, though. There are risks involved. They're acceptable risks, though he's likely unaware that he could have inherited huntington's disease, and if I have the chance to alert him to that, don't you think I should? Wouldn't you do that if you could?

[ Sighs ] I suppose. You want to order some breakfast? Uh, I'm so sorry. Forgive me. One second. Okay. I, uh...

[ Sighs ] I, uh -- a patient -- a patient needs my immediate attention. Are you kidding me? I'm so sorry. Don't they let you people have breakfast? That's crazy. We have to catch up. And we will. I-I-I will see you at the ball tonight. We'll -- we'll catch up then. Hey, I-I love you, anna. I love you, too. You need to get out of port charles while you still can. I'm not gonna live like this any longer. I refuse to. I'm not letting jason's past define my life. Don't make a bad situation worse. The best and safest option is to keep moving forward as you are. And how am i supposed to do that when I keep tripping over jason's memories? Look, I wish that I could help you, but you have to accept that there's no way to restore your memories without that flash drive. But you could get jason out of my head -- to remove every memory that you implanted, and I'll deal with the rest. I never pushed nelle. I never even touched her, okay? I grabbed the blanket she was holding. When she grabbed it back, she lost her balance, and that's when she fell. Where's the blanket? I don't know. Well, it -- it just disappeared like the scarf? No, nelle did that. Diane: Nelle did what? What is this scarf we're talking about? It was back in march. Carly found a scarf on the desk in her office. It was -- it was dirty, it was stained with blood, and it was identical to the one that belonged to morgan. Did you see the scarf? No -- sonny: No one saw the scarf. Because nelle came back and took it. I mean, she was carly's assistant. She knew the layout of the office. She also would know how to avoid the cameras to get in the hotel undetected. That's what I'm trying to tell you. Nelle set me up. What I'm trying to say -- e-even if nelle was responsible for the scarf... what do you mean "if"? Jason just told you how it happened. ...She couldn't have taken the blanket because she was at the bottom of the stairs unconscious. So where did it go? Somebody else took the blanket. We just need to figure out who it was. Michael: Yeah, thank you so much, doctor nero. Kim: Oh, you're very welcome. I'd like to keep mom and baby for another 24 hours for monitoring. I'm ordering you a room. Oh. Wait, I'm -- I'm confused. I thought you said everything was -- was -- was fine. Oh, it's just a precaution. I don't want to send nelle home without being monitored for 24 hours. Whatever you think is best. Okay. I will come back and check on you before they move you to your new room, okay? Thank you for everything, doctor nero. You're welcome.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffs ] You okay? Yeah. Yeah, now that I know that the baby's okay. Do you think you can go and, uh, get me some orange juice? I'm -- I'm just really -- I'm really thirsty. Yeah, of course. Thanks. Anything else? No. Everything I need is right here. Okay. Hey, uh, doctor nero. Oh, hi. How's the patient? Nelle is just fine. She's got some bruises, but she'll be okay. Good. And the baby? Perfectly healthy -- a strong heartbeat and no indication of injuries or any distress.

[ Monitor beeps ] Hi, nelle. Well, you're looking awfully hale and hearty after what you've endured. How's the baby? Doing well, no thanks to carly. That was quite a shower, eh? Yeah. It's all still a blur. Except for the part where carly pushed me down the stairs. That is crystal clear. It was terrifying how she came after me. Hmm. If only you hadn't coerced me into giving you that penguin mobile that set her off. How thoughtless of you. And how calculated of you to reproduce morgan's baby blanket. Although I'm sure you couldn't have anticipated that things would go as far as they did. Certainly sailing down the quartermaine staircase and nearly losing your child could not have been part of your original plan, but, damn, if it did not work in your favor. Carly is facing two counts of attempted murder, michael's been here all night, and all because of one silly, little blanket. Well, now... guess who's got it now?

We need to go over everyone at the quartermaines -- family, guests, staff, even the kids. We got to figure out where that blanket went. May I speak to you privately in the squad room for a moment? Carly: Why? What is it that you can't say to me? Not a thing. I just need to go over some details regarding the arraignment. I can do that with sonny while you and jason try and figure out what happened to this blanket. You don't believe there was a blanket. It doesn't matter what i believe, carly. What matters is what I can sell to a court of law. I'm sorry. What do you think? I think carly's going through a breakdown. It's been coming for months. She's been getting "signs" from morgan that he's -- maybe he's not dead, and I think all the grief is just... jason doesn't see it that way. Well, they have a certain kind of relationship. If -- if she wants to jump off a cliff and she says she can fly, he'll -- he'll let her. Well, it may very well come to that, sonny. What do you --? Because if carly keeps insisting that she and nelle were struggling over this blanket and I can't produce a blanket, then she may very well talk herself into a conviction for attempted murder. They don't believe me.

[ Sighs ] They're worried about you. They don't believe me. No, they don'T. But you do. I mean, it all makes sense. Nelle knew where morgan died. She either went to that pay phone herself and made those calls, or she paid somebody to do it, and I believe that she planted the scarf. And somehow she got a key to your mom's house, she messed with the lights, she broke that picture frame, and she wrote that note for you to go to morgan's grave.

[ Sighs ] Maybe I am crazy. No, you're not. No. I'm crazy because the hardest part is that it was all a setup. My baby's not coming back. He's not coming back.

[ Exhales sharply ] Dante: Hey. Hey, dante. What's -- what's going on? Well, doctor nero just told me the good news. The baby's okay. Yeah, yeah. We got really lucky. That's great. And nelle -- she's conscious, lucid? Mm-hmm. I need to find out what happened with her and carly last night. Uh, you know what? She's still -- she's a little -- she's pretty shaken up still, so I don't -- no, I know, but I got to get a statement while it's still fresh. This really is lovely work, nelle. You should consider opening an etsy shop. It doesn't look familiar to me. Hmm. I wonder if carly's recollection will be clearer. I found it at the quartermaines, on the landing at the top of the stairs, right where carly said it dropped. I was able to sneak it out of there while everybody was still worried about you, and I just don't know what I should do with it. I know that sonny will be very grateful for anything that would back up carly's story. And that diane miller? She is such a great attorney. I just know that she'll have a field day with this. Wait. You know something? On second thought, I think I'm just gonna hold on to it for safekeeping. I wouldn't want you to misplace it, what with all the coming and going. Ava, please give it to me. But, nelle, you have enough to keep track of, like that photo of the test griffin ran.

[ Exhales sharply ] Here you go. Dante: Sorry to interrupt. Glad you and the baby are doing okay. Thank you. [ Sniffs ] Do you think you'd be up for some questions? You were kind of out of it last night when I was trying to talk to you. Sure. Of course. Whatever you need. I need to clarify what exactly happened between you and carly before you fell. So, please join me in welcoming the recipient of the first annual marie charles "port charles pioneer" award, alexis davis. No, stop, stop. Hold everything.

[ Inhales sharply ] Serenity now, serenity now. Okay, is that how you're gonna make your entrance? Y-you don't like walking? It's so boring. Would you like me to do a triple axel? No, what I'd like is you to notice that you have this amazing, handsome, beautiful man introducing you, and you're going out on a magnificent stage. You're not walking down the grocery aisle looking for toilet paper. I need you to saunter and sashay and strut your stuff and shimmy, maybe a little, and then give it one more big twirl and sashay. I think you sashayed too hard. Director jones, it's anna devane here, and I'm trying to get in touch with agent scorpio, and I haven't been able to, so will you make sure that you get him this message? Thank you. Anna devane is still looking for you, and she's working with jason morgan -- there's absolutely no way they can find me, unless you tell them, which you've already agreed not to do. Leave port charles or come clean, or you might find yourself at someone else's mercy before you think. What was that deal with griffin munro? He's just trying to save my soul. No. No, he wasn'T. He's way too close to anna. And here you are texting me yet again if I've handled her. Have you? Are you absolutely sure? What, did dr. Munro tell you something otherwise? He might have implied it. What? Something otherwise? What? Why, peter? What is your connection to dr. Munro? He knows who I really am. You idiot. Do you know what you've done?! You've screwed us both!

Everything was fine at first. Your mom had set up a bunch of fun games to try and lift everyone's spirits, and then, uh -- then things got a little tense. Why was that? Ava had given me a gift that I had on my registry -- a mobile with, uh, penguins on it. Newborns see better in black and white, and, uh, neither of us had any idea that carly would be reminded of morgan. Carly thought that it was deliberate, and she thought I was trying to hurt her. She said awful things to me, and I tried to get away by going up to the nursery. Be honest, nelle. It's not like you went upstairs to freshen your lipstick. Carly chased you off in tatters. What happened when carly found you in the nursery? More of the same -- uh, she said everyone would be better off without me. I-I didn't want to subject the baby to the stress, so I tried to -- to -- to get away, but she caught me at the top of the stairs. And?

[ Sniffles ] And, uh... can we finish this later? Well, I think -- I think we're almost done, right? Carly, um, she grabbed me by my arms, and she started to shake me. She was screaming that I -- that she didn't want me to get my hands on her son, on you. And, um... that's when she pushed me down the stairs. Thank you for your cooperation, nelle. Michael: Do you need anything else? Yeah, I just got one more question -- carly mentioned there was A...a blanket involved in the struggle you two had. A blanket? Yeah -- at the top of the stairs or something? I don't know what she's talking about. There was no blanket.You're certain about that? You heard what she said. If nelle says there was no blanket, there was no blanket.

[ Exhales sharply ] It's gonna be okay. How? Because we know it was her. Now all we got to do is prove it. But sonny's right. There's no way nelle could have taken the blanket. Well, then somebody else did it.

[ Sighs ] Maybe it was an accomplice, maybe somebody who's got something -- they have no idea.

[ Exhales sharply ] Okay. Jason -- look at me. The blanket is real. The scarf is real. So was the break-in at your office. So was the break-in at your mom's house. If nelle left a trail somewhere, there's got to be something to prove that she did it, and I'm gonna find it. Sooner or later, we're gonna find it, okay? Okay.

[ Sighs ] Sonny thinks I'm going crazy. I mean, all -- all he can see is your pain. He's grieving for morgan just like you. Will you talk to him? Y-yeah. I mean, I... I mean, I'll try. He just doesn't trust my judgment when it comes to you. Because you believe in me. And I always will. I promise you... ...it's gonna be okay. Why would you confide in griffin munro? I didn'T. He ran my test for huntington'S. When he found out faison was a carrier, he chose to run a dna test completely without my permission. And how long has he known? Because we could have handled this. Relax. I handled it. I played into griffin's sympathies and won his promise for silence -- for maxie's sake. For maxie?! He knows how important I am to her. And I promised griffin that I would be a model, law-abiding citizen. I've kept up my end of the bargain. There's no reason he won't keep up his. Do you have any idea how close anna and griffin munro are? There is no way that he's not gonna tell her. Well, you better hope not for both our sakes.

[ Exhales sharply ] Nina's gonna be crushed when she realizes I've known who you are all along. The obvious answer would be to make it so that griffin cannot confide in anna by getting rid of her like you did robert. You're asking me to effectively erase everything that you are. No, not everything, just jason's memories. I mean, isn't that what you did in the first place? You took my memories, you took my identity, and then you replaced it with my brother's? Look, there's no guarantee that you would even survive a second procedure intact. I mean, the truth is we don't know if your original memories are gone. T-they might still be accessible -- great. Then all you have to do is remove the imprinted jason memories. In theory, yes, but it's not that easy. Does it look like I care about easy? If there's a remote chance that this is gonna work, you're gonna have to try.

[ Sighs ] How's carly? She's okay. So, uh, she asked me to talk to you about -- no, I know. I know. Look, there's no -- I know there's no convincing you that she's sick, but I love my wife to death, and I'm telling you right now that she's unraveling. She -- I-I think she is sick, so it's best sometimes to take a step back, jason. I don't want things getting worse. Carly won't be arraigned until tomorrow. Why the hell not? Because it's at the judge's discretion, and the judge has decided to give the police more time to investigate. It was so much easier giving the statement with you here. What carly did to me was -- you should -- you should get some rest. We should talk about it. We will talk about it. Later. Right now, you need to get some rest. Okay, fair enough. Try to have fun tonight at the nurses' ball. I'm not going to the nurses' ball, okay? I'm gonna stay right here with you and the baby. No, no. Michael, you've done so much. You should go. Have fun, enjoy yourself. Too bad, too bad. I'm not going anywhere. Oh. Hi. We're all set with the transfer. I think you will be much more comfortable in a regular room.

[ Exhales, chuckles ] Will you be on hand while she's kept overnight? Well, until I go off-shift. Um, I'll be attending the nurses' ball tonight, but the staff knows to contact me if you need anything. Well, thank you, doctor nero, but, um, I have everything I need right here. Hey. Hey. I got statements from the quartermaine household staff. Nothing contradicts nelle's account. Okay. What do you got? Nelle said there was no blanket. Her story hasn't changed one bit. So what's the next move? Your bail hearing is set for tomorrow morning. Okay, it's not my first choice, but I can make it one more night. You sure? Yes.

[ Door opens ] Dante. Is there any word about the baby? The baby's fine. So is nelle. Oh, my god. It's time for you all to leave. Well, it's a shame you're gonna miss my nurses' ball debut. At least you have a good excuse. Well, maybe griffin can record it on his phone for us. Rest up and stay warm. You know, these hospital rooms can get really chilly at night. Be sure to ask for an extra blanket when they move you to your new room.

[ Exhales sharply ] I know you don't want to talk about it right now, but... what do you think's gonna happen to your mom? Dante, is that really necessary? Chase: It's standard procedure. Mrs. Corinthos is facing two counts of attempted murder. Diane, can you do anything about this at all? Mnh-mnh. No. No? Unfortunately, the detective is correct. However, unnecessary, handcuffs are standard procedure. Although, I'm warning you, detective, you infringe one iota on my client's civil rights, and it will not go well with you. Carly: It's okay. No, I'm sorry. This is not okay. No, it's okay. I want you to go home. It's the nurses' ball tonight. Josslyn's going with oscar. I need you to call my mom and coordinate with kim, okay? Yeah, we'll -- we'll take care of that. Okay. Carly: Take care of mike. I need you to go to michael, and you tell him I love him and that I love his baby. Please tell him. I'll tell him. -Okay. -Let's go.

[ Door closes ] Here you go. Thank you. So, uh, what's it gonna be for your entrance? Is it a saunter, a sashay? I think I'll be safe with a stroll. Lame. What are you gonna do? I'm definitely shimmying.

[ Laughs ]

[ Computer chimes ] "I accept your invitation. Let us meet tonight. Time and place to follow. I look forward to meeting you. We have a lot of catching up to do." Hey, how you doing? Peter: Hey. Have you seen sam? No. No, not recently. Okay, well, if you see her, tell her I'm looking for her. Is everything okay? Yeah. Just tell her, uh, I think I found a way to get back everything I lost.

[ Door closes ] Three first-class tickets -- two adults, one child. Passport information will follow. Uh, no. One-way. We're not coming back.

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