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General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/14/18

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Episode #14036 ~ Nelle has a bizarre stroke of luck; Michael and Dante have a night out; Sonny is perplexed; Jordan encourages Anna; Peter looks for reassurance.

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what are you doing? What do you mean? There's no body down there. There is a body. The money clip proves it. He used to flash it around like it was going out of style. You're not gonna dig? Are you gonna dig?! Sonny -- I'm gonna dig. Sonny -- come on. I will -- you know, I'll dig all night. There's no body down there. There's no body.

[ Owl hoots ]

'Cause I love you wow. Huh. Oh, hey. -Hey. So what do you think? Yeah, looks good. When mac and felicia told me they were taking this back to the building's roadhouse roots, I thought, "that's a good idea." I have great appreciation for dives, you know. Really? I wouldn't have guessed that about you. Oh, come on. You don't think I got a few stories up my sleeve... oh. I think curtis is gonna love this place. It -- I don't know, it kind of reminds me of this place we went to in baltimore. It was, like, a cute little dive like, this... anna...? I'm sorry. Oh, my god. It's fine. Are you expecting to hear from someone?

[ Bell notification rings ] "I urge you not to trust valentin cassadine." I'm not disturbing you, am I? On the contrary, I left a message demanding you call me. A face-to-face is even better. Well, we finally agree on something. Listen, we have an important matter we have to discuss. So what's so important? What is it? Why are you so on edge? I'm glad they opened this place up again, man. I've been craving these ribs. Yeah, I know what you mean. Let's hope the kitchen is ready for us two slobs. You know, although, you didn't need to bring me out tonight just because nelle's having the baby shower. Why the hell not? You're having a baby, too, right? Yeah. And you know, maybe throwing a couple drinks back with your brother might not top what the ladies have planned. But why should they have all the fun? Cheers. Cheers.

Sure to come well, it's not a rattle or a pacifier... the fate of nations will not hinge on this choice. Take a guess already. I'm gonna go with a toy...? Okay, what you need to know is that for any baby under the age of six months, basically, everything counts as a toy. What is it?! I'm actually kind of curious now. -A wooden spoon? -It's for teething. -Oh, for teething. -Teething. Right. Nelle, I will not let you get your hands on my son! Michael will know exactly what this is! No, you can't have it! No.

[ Screams ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Thud ] Nelle? Josslyn: Nelle! My god, carly, what did you do?!

 That's just horribly rude. I am so, so sorry. I'm no better than a teenager. Oh, I actually think adults are just as bad. We just never own up to it. Yeah, they say, "wisdom comes with age." I refute that.

[ Both laugh ] So this is about henrik? Are there any updates on locating henrik faison? No, no. No. It was just chasing leads. It's -- you know how that goes. But tonight is not about that. This is about you and curtis and this whole "yes, maybe no, maybe yes" proposal thing. Well, yeah. Look, there's not much more to report after the voicemail that I left for you, I told curtis that I think I might have cancer. He proposed. And then, I found out that I don't have cancer. Yeah, I'm so glad you're healthy. Yeah, me, too. It must've been a really harrowing experience. It was. It was. I could take this opportunity to lecture you on letting your friends know when you're going through a hard time. But then, that would make me out to be a hypocrite. But you do know that I'm always there for you if you need me. Of course. Thank you. So what, do you think that curtis proposed to you because you were sick? I mean, there's no denying. I-I -- I know that curtis loves me. You know, I just -- I highly doubt that marriage was on his mind before he thought that he might lose me. I don't know. I mean, a close call like that could make a person reassess their priorities. Yeah, but it could also make a person make a pretty hasty promise. But there's a lot to be said for living your life like you're in your final days. I mean, there's nothing left unspoken. Sure. But you know, truthfully... truthfully, I don't think that I'm ready for marriage, you know? I mean, that's probably just my own insecurities. You know, I just -- I love curtis. I really do. You know, I just -- I don't want -- what? You know all about that. You said it was "important." Which for you, is synonymous with "bad news." Well, not this time. I have convinced anna devane to stop searching for henrik faison. Are you certain? Certain as I can be. Well, I hope you're right. Because if anna finds out that I'm henrik, the best case scenario is a prison sentence in steinmauer. Worst case is she brings jason morgan to my doorstep. And we both know how he deals with his enemies. Now, from what you told me, you did this job alone. Would you have had time to dig a hole deeper than this by yourself before dawn? No! But I'm not wrong about the location. That whole night is seared in my brain. Why the hell did I bury the gun with the body? That's the problem here, isn't it? You were young. It was the first time scully really tested you. He said to leave the gun. You left the gun. I would've done the same thing. How many times do I gotta tell you that forensics have come a long way in 30 years with no statute of limitations for murder? The gun jams me up. It has to be here. I think the gun and body have already been moved. Dante. Hey, harrison. You remember my brother, michael, right? Yeah. It's good to see you again. Good to see you. Look, I'm glad I ran into you. I'm starting to have second thoughts about this number we're all supposed to do at the nurses' ball. Wait, you're performing at the nurses' -- uh... yeah, why? What's the problem? Didn't like the song that we picked or what? What's going on? Well, shouldn't we be rehearsing together? Uh, you know what, garcia and hopkins are pulling a double 'cause they didn't want to work tomorrow. And I mean, it's no big deal. It's not like we're doing a dance number. Yeah, I don't want to look like an idiot. You know what, even if you do, it's okay. It's for charity. A wise woman once told me, "you don't have to be good. Just do good." Besides, the commissioner's pretty impressed with you. The fact that you're getting involved so early after joining the force. Thanks for telling me that. Yeah, man. No problem. I'm gonna grab my food and get back to the station. Practice up, buddy. What are you doing to that guy?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I never said I was a saint.

[ Sighs ] It all happened so fast. All of a sudden, she was falling. Bobbie, get my bag. Olivia, come here. I want you to hold her neck and her head. And keep it immobile. Okay. Okay. Call an ambulance now. On it! Where's my bag? Here you go. Hurry, bobbie. Oh, my god. Nelle, it's monica. Can you hear me? Nelle, you're gonna be okay. You and the baby are gonna be okay. Would somebody take her out of here please? Yeah, honey, come on. Let's go. Oh, my god. Thank you. Yeah. You're okay, sweetie pie. Mom. Mom, what happened? She had a blanket and I grabbed it and she grabbed it back. Oh, my god. How far are you gonna take things with carly today? By the time the shower is over, carly is going to be exposed for the raving lunatic that she is. Blanket? Carly, what are you talking about? She had a baby blanket. One just like morgan'S. And she was taunting me with it. And then, she just -- she just fell.

You're right. Jason morgan continues to be a threat, especially if you refuse to leave port charles... it's not an option. Well, then, I've done what I can to maintain your cover. Because jason found nothing of consequence in switzerland. And I've convinced anna to stop her pursuit of the matter. Why would she listen to you? Because we have a history. Goes back before you were born. We both trained at the wsb. We've known significant disagreements and misunderstandings in the past. But right now, we are enjoying a bit of a truce, even a limited cooperation. You sure she isn't just telling you what you want to hear? Well, I think you're just gonna have to trust me on that. Valentin, wait. Yes? There's been a new development on my end. Something you need to know.

I've been spending

half the time I'm the worst friend, aren't I, tonight? Horrible. No, you're not. Yeah. Listen, you buy the first round and we'll call it even. I should buy all the rounds. So your relationship with finn started off as a cover when you guys were doing your op. But everybody -- look, we both know that there's more going on now. No! No, there's nothing going on. And anyway, it's irrelevant because... finn and I were not meant to be. Really? Yeah. What about, you know, living your life like it's its final days and all of that? Oh, wow, I walked right into that, didn't I? Yeah. Yeah. Hmm. Hmm. Why don't you just go over there, right, and just walk over, order some drinks... no! ...And just say, "hello." I'm not gonna abandon you here. Abandon me? Are you kidding? I'm a big girl. Look, I -- phone -- I have a phone. And I can check e-mails and do my social media and all of that stuff, too. Okay, I'll take glass of chablis. Okay, fine. Thank you. Hey, sorry, traffic was a nightmare. Not a problem. Glad you're here. Hey, detective chase. Commissioner. Good to see you outside of the pcpd. Yeah, well, I'm starting to find my way around. Good, good. And I'm glad that falconeri was able to include you. Make you feel part of the team, yeah? Oh, that? Yeah, right. Well, I just want to make you proud, commissioner. And don't worry, I'm gonna work on it at home so I don't hit any wrong notes. All right, I'll see you later. Okay...

and you watched me fall you know what, I don't even wanna know. I don't even wanna know. No contractions. No abruption. Nelle's not waking up, mom. What if she's seriously hurt?! What if she loses the baby?! Joss, we don't know what's going to happen to nelle or the baby. -What if she dies?!

[ Siren wails ] Hey, there was an ambulance in the area. They're pulling onto the grounds right now. I'm gonna go and check on avery and leo. I don't want them to be frightened when the paramedics arrive. I want to alert dr. Nero. All right, I'm gonna ride in the ambulance with nelle. Wait, no. I'm going with you. Josslyn! Somebody needs to take care of nelle. Monica: You're gonna be all right. We're gonna get you to the hospital. You just hang tight, sweetie. Hang tight. So are you terrified yet? Absolutely. Yeah? But I keep telling myself this isn't my first time around babies. You know, I had custody of avery for a few months. And I helped raise teddy, so... yeah. Yeah, you did. And you did well with them. No "but" there? Yeah, those are roles you chose to take on. You didn't choose to be a father to nelle's baby. Yeah, I'll admit these aren't the most ideal circumstances. Oh, man, that's an understatement if I ever heard one. But it doesn't make me any less excited about becoming a father. And what about the baby mother? Yeah, I'll admit, at first, I was worried. But you know, nelle and I have managed to come to a common ground. We have. I think we might make a good team when it comes to raising this child.

[ Sirens wail ] Avery and leo are just fine. Sleeping like angels. Would you mind watching avery for me for a little bit? Nelle is very dear to me. I'd like to go to the hospital and see how she's doing. Of course. You go. Thank you. I just pray she and the baby are all right. I got to call michael. Damn it! No, honey, it's okay, okay? Joss said she would call him. So we can just go meet him at the hospital. The baby has to be okay, mom. That baby has to be okay. What the hell happened, carly? Monica, this is not the time for this. No, was this an accident? Monica! Well, you've been trying to get nelle out of michael's life since day one! Are you crazy?! No. I would never do anything to hurt that baby. Or nelle for that matter! You have been out of control all afternoon. Now, you remember you lost a baby of your own on that very flight of stairs 20 years ago? You of all people know how dangerous it is to have any kind of altercation on the top step! Okay, monica, you have said your piece. Now, we have to get to the hospital. Oh, well, you know what, bobbie, I am really sorry, but you're not going anywhere. I'm calling the police. I had spinelli search public records and not-so-public records. There's no mention of a body being found here. So whoever moved it, they didn't report it. Maybe they're using it as leverage. Now, my dad mentioned it, right? He mentioned croton. So maybe he heard somebody talking about it. Planning to use it against me. I don't know. But if we stay here much longer, we're gonna have to answer some questions we don't want to. What is it? What's so important? I just had an interesting talk with sam mccall. Tried to use her impending divorce to manipulate her out of aurora. But it turns out, she wants to stay on. Oh. Nothing you could do to convince her otherwise? Well, she seems pretty determined. Maybe it'll work in our favor, though. I mean, while sam is out there scouring the globe for signs of henrik, I'll be right here in her backyard. Well, don't let your guard down. Because when jason disappeared, sam's world blew up, too. She wants answers. So just watch what you say and don't trust anyone. Except for you, of course. Oh, hi. I'm not interrupting or anything. Hi. Hi. I'm just getting drinks. Yeah? The place looks great. Doesn't it? I-I-I really it. I think it's more relaxed. Well, this may surprise you, but under the right circumstances, I have a great appreciation for dives. I said the exact same thing. No? No, I totally did. Really? Yes, to jordan, yes, yes. Huh? And it's good. Mac and felicia did a good job. Yeah. They'd be happy that you're here. Yeah? Enjoying it. Both of you. Right. Whoa. Excuse me. Whoa. Twice in one day. Okay, you can dial down the paranoia. I'm not following you. How 'bout we relocate? Us? Yeah, come on. Okay.

[ Cellphone rings ] Look, I heard what you said earlier. I was just... that's the station. You should probably get that. Detective chase. You know, when lulu and i saw you and nelle, she seemed... enthusiastic to be parenting with you. Yeah, yeah, nelle and i were still trying to figure out how the whole co-parenting thing is going to work. But sh-- dante. Your mother lives at the quartermaine estate, right? Yeah... a 415 was just called at that address.

[ Cellphone rings ] An assault?

[ Ringing continues ] Joss? Michael, you need to come to general hospital, now. Why, you okay? It's not me -- it's nelle.

[ Monitors beep ] Okay, what've we got? She fell down the stairs. It's been about 20 minutes. She hasn't regained consciousness. Okay, well, go ahead and get stat x-rays to rule out spinal injury and ct scan to rule out cerebral bleed. On it. She's waking up. Nelle? Joss, joss, I need you to give me room to work. Just stay with brad, okay? I'll let you talk to nelle as soon as possible. Okay, nelle, it's dr. Lucas jones. I need you to try not to move, okay?

[ Breathes heavily ] Is the baby okay? Is the baby gonna be okay?

Well, just keep me updated. Okay.

Someone else hey, finn. Oh. I couldn't help but notice all the tension there. Are you all right? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Look, I know you and anna are close, so I... it's -- no, I was actually -- I was actually talking about the tension between you and detective chase. But since we're on the subject of anna... please, go ahead. I'm all ears. Hey, john, can I get a couple of sparkling waters. And anna, what would you like? Anna. Hmm? What would you like? Oh, chablis and a merlot. Please. Yeah, no, it's okay, I got it. Thank you. You got it? Yeah. So what's with finn and detective chase? I don't get it either. But I don't think it's my place to tell him what kind of relationship he should have with his brother. His brother? Yeah, his bro-- well, it's his half brother. Didn't finn tell you about this? Is there something you want to say to me? Well, it pains me to admit it. But you have a point. The walls are closing in on me. But I'm grateful for your help diverting nina and anna. Well, I'll always do whatever I have to to protect you, peter. You know that. You've always been there for me. I'm just wondering what I did to deserve it. Well, I've always seen myself in you. We're both men with powerful fathers with little to no time for us. We both know what it's like to try to make our way without the luxury of an ethical or moral reference point. We both know what it's like to feel the judgment of a world, fingers pointing at us, without understanding our circumstances or what drives us. So what else are you gonna do but lean on somebody who knows exactly what you're going through? Yes. Without you, I'd be quite alone. I've always been thankful for your support, valentin. But I've gotten far more out of this friendship than you ever have. Why is that? This is ridiculous. I should be at the hospital with michael. Carly, if you leave before the police arrive, this is only going to escalate.

[ Doorbell rings ] Dr. Quartermaine, I'm detective chase. Hello, thank you for coming. Right in there. Ladies, I am detective chase. I got a report that there was an assault on the property. It was an accident! Detective, the woman that my grandson was involved with, nelle benson, she fell down the stairs. Um, did anyone else see the fall?

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