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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/29/10

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Will: So it looks like we're stuck with Iris for the time being.

Gwen: Yes, it looks that way.

Will: But she's not staying with us, is she?

Gwen: No. No, she's getting her own room at the Wagon Wheel.

Will: Okay, so we only have to deal with her if it's absolutely necessary.

Gwen: Will, I think she's being sincere and really trying to turn her life around.

Will: Well, she's got a lot of proving to do for me to believe that.

Emily: Hi.

Will: Hey.

Gwen: Hey, Em.

Emily: Hi.

Gwen: That's a really beautiful bracelet. Have you had it a long time?

Emily: It's Barbara's.

Will: Uh, an owner of a shop in town actually found it earlier.

Gwen: Does that mean that Barbara is in Oakdale?

Will: It seems that way.

Emily: I think we need more ice.

Gwen: What's wrong with her?

Will: She was supposed to bring that bracelet home and show Paul and me, and instead, she threw it in the garbage.

Gwen: You're kidding?

Will: No. And the only reason she still has it is Paul caught her.

Emily: Anybody want a drink?

Will: Uh, no. Actually, we, um -- we're gonna go get Hallie, 'cause she's getting up from her nap soon.

Gwen: Yeah, she never sleeps for very long.

Paul: Hey. Where are they going?

Emily: They're looking for a private place to talk.

Paul: Talk about what?

Emily: To talk about how they don't trust me and how they think that I kidnapped your mother.

Gwen: Okay, wait a minute. So Paul just bought what Emily was saying, that she wasn't thinking? I mean, come on.

Will: I know. It doesn't make any sense.

Gwen: And she knows that we're all freaking out about Barbara. The only reason that she would have for destroying evidence is if she's hiding something.

Will: I agree.

Gwen: Oh!

Will: Hey.

Gwen: Hey, Sweetie. Oh, you can't -- you can't go in there, 'cause that's -- that's not -- it's not your room.

Will: What? I know that look.

Gwen: Well, maybe we should let her go in. That way, if we're caught in there, we'll have a perfect reason.

Will: Caught doing what?

Gwen: I don't know. Hallie led us to Barbara's passport before. Maybe we'll find something in there that will let us know that Emily is hiding more than she's saying.

Will: It's gonna take more than Hallie to explain what we're doing in there if Paul or Emily catches us.

Gwen: You know what? Honestly, at this point, I don't really care. I'm not afraid of Emily. She's no angel. And besides, we both think she's probably hiding something.

Will: True.

Gwen: I'm -- I'm doing this. Are you in?

Will: Of course.

Henry: I'm telling you, that is Barbara's lipstick shade and her lip print.

Katie: You can tell all this from a tissue?

Henry: I know her lips well. I'm telling you, she was here recently. I -- I'll prove it to you. Wendy, Wendy, could you come in here for a minute? Thanks. Uh, when was the last time that you cleaned Ms. Ryan's room?

Wendy: Earlier this afternoon.

Henry: And you emptied all the trash cans, right?

Wendy: Yes, right before I saw ms. Ryan leave.

Henry: You what? You saw Barbara leave the room? You saw Barbara leave this room?

Wendy: I think it was her.

Henry: Thank you, Wendy. Thank you. Thank you very much. See? I am not losing my sanity or my sense of smell. Barbara is here.

Katie: Then why hasn't she tried to get in touch with you?

Henry: Obviously she's still furious at me. I guess I didn't get through to her with the on-air appeal after all.

Katie: Well, maybe she just didn't see it.

Henry: Right. Maybe she's out and about. She wasn't near a TV set.

Katie: That's a big if. The maid wasn't exactly positive it was Barbara she saw.

Henry: Katie, she saw a woman wearing Barbara's perfume and her favorite lipstick walk out of Barbara's room. Who else could it be?

Katie: I don't know. But I know how we can find out. Come on.

Iris: I know, I know. I'm the last person you expected. Is that the best you could do? You couldn't even beat your way out of here with this.

Barbara: You? You put me in here?

Iris: Yeah. Hard to believe, isn't it?

Barbara: I thought maybe it was Vienna or Emily or Katie, but you?

Iris: Aren't you proud of me?

Barbara: For God's sake, why have you done this?

Iris: Why have I done it? Because you owe me, sister, in a big way, and you are gonna pay up.

Lisa: Oh, this whole thing sounds so crazy to me.

Henry: Yeah, I know. I just want to find out if Barbara was here, if she exited or entered the hotel at any point today, just so I can be sure that nothing bad happened to her.

Lisa: Bad? You mean bad like someone kidnapped her?

Katie: Yeah, like that kind of bad.

Henry: That kind of bad. And for a while, I -- I thought it was Vienna.

Lisa: Vienna? Oh, I know, because Vienna found out you were in love with Barbara.

Henry: [Sighs] Does everybody know that?

Lisa: Of course, Henry. I saw your picture on TV.

Henry: Oh, oh, oh.

Lisa: Yeah. It was -- it really just almost broke my heart.

Henry: Not as badly as I broke Barbara's.

Lisa: Why did you marry Vienna?

Henry: She pretended she was pregnant.

Lisa: Oh, yeah. Well, that's an old story. So you really think, uh, Vienna would hurt Barbara?

Henry: I hope not. I want to hope not. And I hope that Barbara is just okay and that she's just mad at me and she's hiding out.

Katie: Yeah. That's why we want to look at the security video.

Lisa: Uh-huh.

Clerk: Here's the DVD you asked for, Ms. Grimaldi.

Lisa: Thank you very much. Well, let's see. Okay, now, let's see what we got right here. And stop me if you see something that really looks suspicious, all right?

Henry: Stop. Stop right there. Look at that.

Lisa: Yeah.

Henry: That's her. That's Barbara.

Katie: You think so?

Henry: Yeah. I'm sure of it.

Lisa: Well, it does kind of look like her. I mean, the hair's like her.

Henry: The hair and -- and the coat and those shoes. That's definitely her. She was here.

Katie: I don't know, Henry.

Henry: Come on, Katie. Who else could it be?

Barbara: If you think I owe you, you are out of your mind. If anything else, you owe me!

Iris: Oh, how do you figure that?

Barbara: That pathetic scheme to sell your son's baby to Gwen nearly cost me my relationship with my son.

Iris: Oh, boo-hoo. Nobody forced you to do that.

Barbara: You bilked me out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Iris: Yeah, and you were perfectly willing to shell it out.

Barbara: Is that what this is about? You think I'm an easy mark?

Iris: Yeah, you betcha, sister. And we're gonna start by getting those passwords to all of your bank accounts.

Barbara: Are you crazy?

Iris: No. I'm just the lady who has the key to your freedom.

Barbara: Oh, I see. And what guarantee do I have of getting my freedom if I give you the passwords?

Iris: Oh, you're just gonna have to have faith, Babs.

Barbara: Faith? Oh, I have faith. I have faith that somebody's looking for me! I bet my kids are out there right now, searching this town for me!

Iris: Well, I wouldn't bet your soon-to-be my money on that, because nobody is looking for you.

Barbara: Oh, yeah, they are, 'cause my sons love me, and they will find me, too!

Iris: Maybe, but, uh, there's just one little thing.

Barbara: What's that?

Iris: They all think you're dead.

Paul: First of all, Will and Gwen don't hate you. Will's just freaking out because he's really worried about what's happening with Mom.

Emily: I -- I admire you defending him like that. It's nice. You're his brother. You should. But I know what they're thinking.

Paul: They're thinking you have something to do with what's going on with Barbara.

Emily: Yes.

Paul: Well, you might help yourself by not being so openly thrilled that she's missing.

Emily: All right, fine. I will -- I will try to contain myself. But that's not really the point here.

Paul: What is the point?

Emily: Gwen. Gwen has held on to this grudge for years about what happened to her baby.

Paul: Well, really, can you blame her?

Emily: No. I don't blame her. What I did was horrible. I did a horrible thing.

Paul: What we did was -- was horrible. I was just as complicit in that as you, if not more so. But they, I feel, have found a way to forgive me. And I'm sure they'll forgive you, too.

Emily: No, they won't. They -- they forgave you because you're family. I'm not family.

Paul: You're my wife. That makes you family.

Emily: No, that makes me an in-law. I'm an in-law. They don't have to love me. They certainly don't have to trust me.

Paul: Well, maybe they would if you gave them a chance.

Emily: Why should I when they never will?

Paul: Can you dial back the negativity just a little bit? Emily, really, this is a tough time for everybody.

Emily: I know. I know. I'm sorry. I'll try.

Paul: Thank you.

Will: Do you even know what we're looking for?

Gwen: No. Not a clue. But maybe we'll find something.

Will: What? A to-do list? "Pick up the dry cleaning, get your nails done, kidnap Barbara"?

Gwen: Maybe. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised. Emily seems pretty organized.

Will: This seems really silly to me.

Gwen: Oh! Thank you, Sweetie, but see? This is a -- this is a clippy, and unfortunately, Barbara has short hair.

Will: Can we go now, hon. Uh, this -- this is pointless.

Gwen: Just let me look in the cl --

[Door opens]

Emily: What the hell are you two doing in here?

Henry: That's not Barbara.

Katie: Just a minute ago you said you knew it was her. What changed your mind?

Henry: She doesn't have Barbara's swish.

Katie: Beg your pardon?

Henry: Barbara's got this youthful walk. It's this sort of swish.

Lisa: You know what? He's right. Barbara does. That woman didn't.

Katie: Okay, so if that's not Barbara but it's some woman who's trying to look like Barbara, that means --

Henry: That means that someone has got her, and this woman could be the one who's holding her prisoner.

Barbara: Why would they think I'm dead? What have you said to them, Iris?

Iris: I didn't say anything. I just let them draw their own conclusions.

Barbara: You had this all planned out?

Iris: Oh, yeah. I've been here for a while. I just didn't tell anybody. And I have been watching you, missy.

Barbara: Oh, they must be so worried! You've got to let me contact them. You've got to let me contact my family, let them know that I'm okay.

Iris: Oh, I'll do that, as soon as you give me what I want.

Barbara: I'll give you what you want when you give me what I want.

Iris: Well, I guess what we have here is what they call a Mexican standoff.

Barbara: You can call it anything you want. You just have to let me contact them, let them know that I'm okay. Let Henry know that I'm okay. He must be worried sick.

Iris: Oh, hardly.

Barbara: What does that mean?

Iris: Nothing.

Barbara: Damn you, Iris.

Iris: Oh, cool it, Babs. You know what I'm gonna do? Just so that you don't think I'm a monster, I'm gonna let you write a note to your family, let them know that you're not dead. How's that?

Barbara: That's good. Yeah.

Iris: Here you go. But no tricks. So you're gonna write what I tell you to write, all right? "It's me, Barbara. I'm alive. I'm okay. I just need some time alone." Got it?

Barbara: Hold on. "Some time alone." Mm-hmm. Okay. There you go.

Iris: Great. Let's have a little look-see here. Gee, I don't remember telling you to write "It's a lie. I'm being held against my will." I told you no tricks.

Barbara: Please, please, please, Iris. I -- I just want to get back to my life. I want to get back to Henry.

Iris: [Groans] I told you, forget about him.

Barbara: Why do you keep saying that?

Iris: Because he's married.

Barbara: The marriage is a sham!

Iris: Well, it didn't look that way to me. He looked happy as a clam. And that wife -- she is gorgeous. In fact, he's probably forgotten all about you.

Barbara: No, no. Henry wouldn't do that. He wouldn't forget about me.

Iris: Listen, I know men, okay? It's out of sight, out of mind.

Barbara: Yeah, the men you hang with.

Iris: You know what? I'm gonna be like Henry, and I'm gonna forget all about you unless you come to your senses and give me the passwords to your bank accounts. So you just think about it. I'll be back.

Gwen: Hey, Em. Sorry about that. She wandered in here, and we followed her.

Will: Um, why don't you take her back down to her room?

Gwen: Yeah.

Emily: So Hallie came to my room, wandered right to my dresser drawer?

Will: She's a little girl, Em. She likes to play dress up.

Emily: Looked to me like you and your wife were snooping around.

Will: Why would we be snooping? What's there to find?

Emily: Nothing. Nothing. But that doesn't keep you from being suspicious of me, now, does it, Will?

Will: You're acting kind of nervous, Emily.

Emily: That's 'cause I don't like it when people walk into my bedroom without asking.

Will: We -- we didn't come in here. We came to get Hallie. Gwen just told you that.

Emily: You're a really lousy liar. It's no wonder you got away with murder as long as you did.

Will: That's, uh -- you don't have to go there.

Emily: Okay. Exactly what did you think you were gonna find, Will? A bloody glove or -- or ropes that I used to -- to tie up Barbara when I kidnapped her?

Will: Do you still have them?

Emily: For the last time, I had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Will: Then why did you throw the bracelet away, Emily?

Emily: I already explained that, Will!

Will: Yeah, I know. It was a knee-jerk response. You didn't know what you were thinking. Paul bought that 'cause he's your husband, but I don't.

Emily: Okay, well, you -- you know what? May -- maybe this will help. Let's see. Is there anything in here? No. Nothing in here. Well, let's check this drawer. Nothing in here either, is there? Let's check behind the bed! Maybe there's something here, Will. Can you find anything, Will?

Gwen: Emily -- Emily, stop! You've got this all wrong.

Emily: No, you do. You -- you are so determined to pin this disappearance on me. And don't think I don't know why.

Gwen: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Emily: You've never forgiven me for what happened to your baby, have you?

Gwen: No. That's not what this is about.

Will: Why are you freaking out, Emily?

Emily: Because I'm sick and tired of being accused by the two of you! I am sick to death of it!

Paul: Hey. What's going on here?

Emily: I'll tell you what's going on. I'm being treated like I'm a criminal in my own house.

Will: I can explain.

Emily: Yeah, you do that, Will. You do that. You tell your brother the truth. You tell him that you broke into my bedroom and you were looking for evidence against me.

Paul: Is that true?

Will: Yes.

Paul: We just talked about this! I thought we had an understanding.

Will: And then Emily started acting suspicious again.

Emily: That is -- that is ridiculous! If I'm acting out of the ordinary, it's because the two of you are acting like you're gonna go to the police and have me arrested.

Will: Why is that so scary to you, Em, if you've got nothing to hide?

Emily: Because I don't feel like being railroaded for a crime I didn't and wouldn't commit! And that's exactly what you're trying to do!

Paul: Okay, everyone, please, that is enough!

Emily: Yeah, you're damn right that is enough! I am sick and tired of being treated guilty for something I didn't do, and I won't -- I won't stand for it, not in my own house! Move.

Will: That went well.

Paul: Emily, will you hold on one second?

Emily: Oh, I can't stand this. Will and Gwen are so sure that I'm guilty, and no matter what I say to them, they're not backing down.

Paul: Fine. I'll talk to them.

Emily: Why? Don't waste your breath. They're not gonna change their minds. They believe I'm guilty.

Gwen: Emily, listen. We're really sorry we went in your room. We -- we crossed a line, and we shouldn't have done that.

Will: But you've got to admit, Em, everything you've been doing today seemed pretty suspicious, starting with throwing away the bracelet.

Emily: Did it ever occur to you that I'm acting the way I am because I am as rattled as you are as to what's going on in this house?

Will: If you didn't hate my mother so much, I'd believe that, but you do.

[Doorbell rings]

Paul: I'm gonna get that. I would really like it if nobody tore anybody's heads off while I was gone.

Will: Maybe we're all just overreacting a little.

Gwen: Yeah. Look, I'm sorry I was so suspicious.

Emily: No, you're not. It's not about suspicion. You've never forgiven me for lying to you and making you think Johnny was your baby when your baby was really dead.

Gwen: No. I'll never forget that. But you're the one who keeps bringing it up, not me. So maybe you haven't forgiven yourself.

Will: Can -- can we please just focus on what's going on right now? This is not what's important. What's important is my mom's disappearance.

Emily: You mean focus on blaming me for it.

Will: No. I mean focus on figuring out what actually happened to her.

Paul: We may not have to figure anything out. A messenger just dropped this off. It's from Mom.

Katie: Don't do this, Henry. Don't just jump to the worst possible scenario.

Henry: Barbara is missing, and there is some woman who is masquerading as her to make us think that she is okay. What other scenario am I supposed to jump to, Katie?

Katie: It's a coincidence! The woman just happened to have short hair and be wearing a coat that looked like Barbara's.

Henry: And just happened to be coming out of the same general vicinity as Barbara's place and wearing the same perfume? That's not a coincidence, Katie. It's damn suspicious.

Katie: Okay, maybe it was Barbara and she lost her swish.

Henry: Hmm-mm, hmm-mm. You do not lose a swish like that, okay? Not gonna happen. That's like her losing the color of her eyes or the -- the curve of her neck.

Katie: Okay, enough. You love everything about her. I get it.

Henry: My gut is telling me that she's in real trouble, Katie. I've got to do something about it.

[Cell phone rings]

Henry: Henry Coleman.

Paul: Henry, its Paul. You need to head over to my place right away. We've heard from mother.

Barbara: Henry, come back to me, like you did before. Come on. I want to talk to you. Please, tell me you haven't forgotten about me. Please. You know, Vienna tricked you. She lied to you about the baby. She doesn't love you the way I do. She couldn't. Henry -- chuckles! [Voice breaking] Come on. Come on, Henry. It's time, it's time. It's time to find me. Okay, it's time to come find me and rescue me, please! Please, Henry, please.

Henry: What did you hear? Did Barbara call you? What did she say? What happened to her?

Paul: She didn't call, Henry. She sent a note.

Henry: "It's me, Barbara. I'm alive. I'm okay. I just need some time alone." That's it? That's all she says?

Paul: Yeah. We compared that handwriting to this handwriting on -- on a birthday card that she sent. I think it's the same. I think that note is from her.

Henry: It's torn at the bottom. There could have been some stuff here that got ripped off.

Paul: No, Henry, it is what it is. She's been playing us.

Henry: Playing us? Why?

Emily: I bet to make us all worry.

Henry: To what end?

Paul: So that we would appreciate her more when she decides to come back.

Henry: I can't believe this is all she'd write. "I'm okay. I just need time alone." What does that even mean?

Paul: Well, it means, Henry, whether you like it or not that she doesn't want to see you or talk to you right now.

Katie: At least we know she's okay.

Henry: Come on, Paul. Do you think this sounds like your mom? I -- I mean, she's usually much more, uh --

Emily: Verbose?

Henry: Verbose. She's more verbose. If she wanted to make a point, she would have used a lot more words than these.

Paul: Well, who knows what's in her head right now?

Henry: Well, maybe these aren't actually her words.

Paul: No, Henry. I just told you. We compared the handwriting.

Henry: That's not what I mean. I -- maybe she was forced to write this by whoever is holding her hostage.

Emily: Now you think she's being held hostage?

Henry: Maybe.

Katie: Henry, come on. You're grasping. I know it hurts to think that she'd be avoiding you.

Henry: This is fishy. This is fishy. I don't take this at face value. It's like the woman at the hotel.

Paul: What woman at the hotel?

Henry: The maid thought she saw someone leaving Barbara's room.

Paul: Thought?

Henry: Yeah. She was walking down the hallway. She had her back to the maid.

Gwen: When was this?

Henry: This was earlier today.

Will: So was it Mom?

Henry: No. We had Lisa pull the security tapes. We looked at it, and it wasn't Barbara.

Gwen: Are you sure?

Henry: Yeah, I'm sure. I'm sorry. Look, um, thank you for the call, Paul. I really appreciate it. And just, uh -- just keep me in touch if you find anything else, okay?

Paul: Yeah, I will. You do the same.

Henry: All right. Come on. Let's go.

Will: Paul, do -- do you think he's right in that this isn't the whole story?

Paul: Oh, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure this lets Emily off the hook, don't you think?

Gwen: Yeah. Sure. I'm really sorry.

Will: Me too.

Emily: Okay, so, uh, can we just, uh, forget about this and move on, okay? I'm gonna check up on the baby. You want to come with me?

Paul: Yeah, sure.

Gwen: [Sighs] I really -- I really screwed up, didn't I?

Will: No, no. We -- we were going off of the information that we had, and that changed.

Gwen: Still --

Will: No, don't beat yourself up. It's okay. It's over, all right?

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: I do think though that we should get out of here first thing in the morning, 'cause we've overstayed our welcome.

Gwen: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Will: Can't change the past, huh?

Gwen: I know. But you'd hope that we could learn from it. You mind if I go for a walk?

Will: By yourself?

Gwen: Yeah. That okay?

Will: Yeah. Do what you got to do.

Gwen: I love you. Thank you. I'll see you later.

Emily: What a mess.

Paul: Well, at least you didn't break anything over anybody's head.

Emily: Uh, I was tempted, believe me. I'm sorry. I -- I shouldn't have lost my temper like that.

Paul: No big deal. You have the right to be completely unreasonable.

Emily: [Laughs] Oh, thank you.

Paul: You're welcome. I'm pretty sure I would have lost my temper, too, if someone was sneaking through my things.

Emily: Yeah. You know, Will and Gwen, they -- they have every right to be angry with us.

Paul: I know. Look, in fairness, I think they're doing their best to let it all go.

Emily: I'd like to believe that.

Paul: Yeah. Well, they're just really upset about what's going on with Mom. But we can all calm down now. We can all go back to normal.

Emily: Can we?

Paul: We can try.

Emily: What happens when your mom comes back?

Paul: I'll make sure she tries to.

Emily: Good luck with that.

Paul: You know, Mom might surprise us all.

Emily: I'm not holding my breath.

Paul: I won't let her hurt you, Em.

Emily: It's not me I'm worried about. If Barbara comes back and you can't calm her down, her war on me is gonna end up hurting Eliza, and that's gonna hurt you.

Iris: Hey, Gwennie, what do you think? Am I helpful or what? I figure that by the end of the day, everybody would know that Babs was missing and that she needed help, all thanks to me.

Gwen: Okay, Mom, I appreciate it. I really do. But -- but you can stop.

Iris: Stop? I'm just beginning to start.

Gwen: Okay, no, you don't understand what I'm saying. You don't need to do this anymore. It looks like Barbara's okay.

Iris: Really?

Gwen: Yeah.

Iris: Has she come home?

Gwen: No, but she sent Paul a note saying that she was fine and she just needed some time alone.

Iris: Wow.

Gwen: Yeah. It's great news.

Iris: Yeah. Well, you would have thought that she'd, you know, let everybody know that she was okay so that they wouldn't have to worry about her.

Gwen: That's one thing, but the important thing is that she's okay.

Iris: You're right. That is absolutely the important thing. And I knew it was gonna be a happy ending. Because you know what?

Gwen: Hmm?

Iris: Here's "The Power of Positive Thinking." That's why. This book has changed my life. Oh! Oh, great universe, thank you. Thank you so much.

Gwen: Mom, what -- what are you doing?

Iris: I am just so humbled by the powerful message of this book.

Gwen: Okay, but don't you think you're getting a little carried away?

Iris: This book has turned my life around. You don't understand this.

Gwen: Okay, that's great. Wonderful. Can -- can you stand up?

Iris: No, just look at the proof of this, okay? Visualization of Barbara and that she was safe and sound. And then all of a sudden, wham, you get this letter from her saying that she was safe and sound. And that's no coincidence, Gwennie. It's the power of positive thinking!

Gwen: Yes, the power of positive thinking! Please, stand up!

Iris: No, why don't you kneel down with me? Come on. Rejoice with me. Come on, Sweetie.

Gwen: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. That's -- that's really okay. I can rejoice from standing up right here. Actually, you know what? Why don't we go rejoice having a cup of coffee in Al's, huh, okay?

Iris: Okay.

Gwen: Yeah?

Iris: I'd like that.

Gwen: Great. We can give our thanks over a cup of coffee.

Iris: Okay. Let's do that.

Gwen: Okay. Good.

[Iris sighs]

Paul: Look, I will do everything I can to make sure that my mother's on her best behavior when she gets back. What I need to know is that I can count on you to do the same.

Emily: Okay. As long as she doesn't provoke me.

Paul: Yeah, but, Em, what I'm saying is that you don't do anything to provoke her.

Emily: Okay, uh, I don't want to be the bad guy here, but you got to admit, it's a lot easier to -- to focus on what's really important when she's not here, and that's our family.

Paul: You and Eliza are what's most important to me. You know that.

Emily: I know. I just -- I need to know that you will always put us first.

Paul: I will. You can count on me.

Emily: Okay, so, can you prove it?

Paul: How can I prove it?

Emily: Forget about Barbara. We all know that she's gonna be okay. You know, she'll come back when she wants to come back. So stop worrying about her and -- and thinking about her and put your focus back where it belongs, please -- on us.

Barbara: How could Henry forget about me? He wouldn't forget about me. I know he wouldn't forget about me. I got to get out of here. I got to get out of here. I've got to find a way out of here. I just got to find a way out of here. There's got to be something in here, something in here, something in here that I can find. Oh. Ribbon -- I don't need a ribbon. There are no presents for me to unwrap or wrap in here. What is this? Oh, my -- stationary. Staplers and pencils -- just what I need to get out of here. What's this? What's in here? No. Oh. Oh. What are you? [Gasps] [Laughs] Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Can anyone hear me? Hello? Do you work? [Groans] No batteries! Okay. I need batteries. Is there one in here? [Gasps] I must be a good girl today. Look at this. Do you work? [Laughs] Okay, okay. All right, all right. Calm down. Calm down, Barbara. Okay, okay. Let's see now. How do we do this? Let's see. Oh, here we go. One, two, three! [Laughs] Yes, yes, yes. Okay. One -- two -- [Laughs] And three. Oh, please, please. Hello! Can anyone hear me? Hello! Can anyone hear me? It's Barbara Ryan! Hello!

Henry: Come on. It doesn't make any sense. Why would Barbara write such a terse note?

Katie: Maybe she figured the less said, the better.

Henry: Why, why? If she wanted us to leave her alone, wouldn't she go out of her way to explain exactly why?

Katie: I think you just need to accept the truth and be happy that she's not hurt. Be patient. She'll come back when she's ready.

Henry: She didn't even mention me in her note.

Katie: Probably because she's pretty ticked off still.

Henry: No thanks to you.

Katie: I thought you said you'd forgiven me.

Henry: I said we were on the road to forgiveness. It's a long road.

Katie: I know.

Henry: Look, no offense, but right now I'm more concerned with getting Barbara to forgive me.

Katie: That is out of your hands right now until she decides to let you. I think you need to start preparing yourself for the possibility that she may never forgive you.

Henry: No. I refuse to believe that.

Katie: Well, there's nothing you can do about it until she decides to come out of hiding.

Henry: I -- I can track her down. I can swoop down and sweep her off her feet.

Katie: You don't even know where she is.

Henry: I know that she's close, and I -- I can find her!

Katie: What if she tells you to leave her alone? You will be humiliated.

Henry: God, you are just determined to take all the air out of my hope, aren't you?

Katie: No! I'm just trying to get you to be realistic. Barbara may never forgive you, and maybe, just maybe, she's turned her back on you for good.

Iris: Look, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you out there with the ribbons and the book and then, you know, kneeling on the floor and everything like that. I guess I just get carried away sometimes.

Gwen: I -- I prefer this over the old you. I'll tell you that much.

Iris: Good. Then I must be doing something right.

Gwen: What changed?

Iris: I missed you. I missed my Gwennie. You know, I found this book, and I started reading it. It was just sitting on a bus bench. It was just by accident. I started reading it, and I couldn't put it down. I read the damn thing from cover to cover, and I quit drinking that day -- cold turkey.

Gwen: I'm -- I'm impressed. And I'm proud of you, Mom.

Iris: [Sighs] You have no idea how nice it is to hear you say that to me. And this is just the beginning. Just you wait and see. You are gonna be so much prouder than me. And I am gonna be so successful -- more than you ever, ever imagined.

Gwen: Well, I can tell you that I -- I never imagined that we'd be sitting in Al's, drinking coffee and having a relatively normal conversation.

Iris: [Laughs] It's amazing, isn't it? Just like a real mother and daughter. I hope that we can have more times like this. I don't know. What are you doing tomorrow?

Gwen: Actually, Will and I are going to head back to Carbondale tomorrow.

Iris: Oh. I see. Well, I mean, you know, I understand. You came here to find out how Barbara was doing, and you found out how she was, so that was the reason why you were here, right?

Gwen: Yeah.

Iris: Well, you know, it is what it is. But at least we got to spend some time together and you got to see that I changed a little bit.

Gwen: You've changed a lot, Mom.

Iris: I'm trying, Gwennie. I am really trying. Hey, look who it is!

Will: Iris. Gwen told me you came back.

Iris: Yeah! Surprise, surprise! So, I hear you got some good news about your mother.

Will: It seems like, uh, she's okay, yeah.

Iris: Good. But, you know, it is still a little selfish that she didn't send the note earlier and she just kept you all worried like that. You know what I mean?

Will: Hon, we should probably get going if we're gonna pack up and leave in the morning.

Gwen: Yeah.

Iris: Oh, it's too bad that you're leaving.

Gwen: Will -- I think maybe we should stay in town a couple more days.

Will: What? Why?

Gwen: Well, you know, if your mom comes back, don't you want to be here to make sure that she's actually okay?

Will: Paul can call us when that happens.

Gwen: Wouldn't it be better in person?

Will: Uh, I mean, we don't even know when she's gonna show up.

Gwen: Then -- then can we stay for me? I -- I think I'd like to be here a few more days.

Iris: That's a spectacular idea.

Will: Are you sure?

Gwen: Yeah. Positive.

Paul: You know who I blame for this more than my mother?

Emily: You better not say me.

Paul: No, no. I wasn't gonna say you.

Emily: Well, then, who?

Paul: Henry. Henry's the one who broke my mother's heart. Henry's the reason she ran away.

Emily: No, no. Vienna was lying to him all along.

Paul: Yeah, but he didn't know that. Granted, my mother's a handful, but she's a lot more sensitive than people think.

Emily: Sensitive?

Paul: Yeah.

Emily: Your mother is a big girl, okay, and she needs to know that -- that she is the one who's responsible for putting us through this whole ordeal of worrying about her like this.

Paul: That's true.

Emily: Right. And so when she comes back, you need to tell her that. You need to -- to not let her off the hook. Let her know that what she did was wrong.

Paul: Okay. I'll tell her.

Emily: Okay. Can you, uh -- can you do me one more favor?

Paul: Sure.

Emily: Can we please stop talking about Barbara for the rest of the evening?

Paul: Okay.

[Emily sighs]

Paul: I love you. You know I love you.

Emily: I know you love me. But can you tell me again?

Paul: You're my world and my life. Don't ever think you're anything less.

Emily: I won't -- as long as you keep reminding me.

Paul: If only there was a way I could remind you.

Barbara: Hello, hello! Can anyone hear me? Anybody out there? Hello, hello! Okay, you try. No, no, no. Oh, God almighty, I just can't believe it. Oh. Oh. Lookee here. "Walk and talk user manual." Anything interesting? Oh. "Nine channels for optimum, static-free interference wherever you are." Nine channels? Nine channels -- nine, nine? Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Here we are. Hello, hello. Yes, hello. Can anyone hear me, anyone at all? Hello? Next. Hello. Yes, hello! It's Barbara Ryan! Can anyone hear me? Hello! Next. Hello, hello, hello. Anyone out there? Anyone? Can anyone hear me? Please, for the love of God, somebody hear me!

Henry: I know what you're saying. I'm chasing a woman who maybe doesn't want to be found.

Katie: Exactly.

Henry: What if you're wrong? What if she thinks I'm happy with Vienna, that I've turned my back on her? If that's the case and I give up on her, then that just proves that she's right.

Katie: I think maybe you both just need a little more time to think this through.

Henry: [Sighs] Thinking doesn't get us anywhere. I'm tired of thinking. It's time for action.

Katie: Okay, well, can you at least wait to do action until I go get the mail?

Henry: Yeah, yeah. I can handle that.

Katie: Thank you. You know, Henry, I just want you to be happy. That's what I want to get out of all of this.

Henry: That's why we're a little further down the road.

Katie: Good. I'm glad.

Henry: Oh, come on, Barbara. Don't do this. Don't let a stupid mistake ruin what we could have had. Please come back to me.

Barbara: Help me!

Henry: Barbara?

Barbara: Somebody, can you hear me? Please!

Henry: Barbara, I can -- yeah, I -- Barbara, I can hear you! It's me, Henry! Barbara? Barbara?

Katie: What's the matter?

Henry: Barbara -- I just heard Barbara. She's calling for help.

Katie: What? Where?

Henry: In the room! She's in the room! She sounds like -- she sounds like she's in a little box.

Katie: Okay, I think the stress is definitely getting to you.

Henry: No, shh! Listen, listen. You can hear her?

Katie: I don't hear anything.

Henry: I swear it was her voice!

Katie: Okay, I think you need to calm down. You need to get some air. Come on. Let's go outside.

Henry: Katie -- [Sighs]

Barbara: Can anybody hear me? This is Barbara Ryan. I'm being held captive in some warehouse. I don't know where. Please answer me if you can hear me, I'm begging you.

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