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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/28/10

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Paul: What are you doing, Emily?

Emily: I was just throwing away some -- some things that Eliza was playing with. I didn't want her to get her hands dirty, right?

Paul: Really?

Emily: [Gasps] In there?

Paul: Very expensive piece of garbage.

Emily: You found that in there? Who -- who -- who would throw something like that --

Paul: Somebody who didn't want me to find it.

Emily: Okay, fine.

Paul: No. Don't even, okay? This is my mother's bracelet. Schatzi found it in her store, asked you to come down and get it. Don't even bother denying it.

Emily: Okay, fine. It's true.

Paul: You were supposed to bring it home, and I was supposed to identify it as being my mother's bracelet.

Emily: Yes.

Paul: And instead, you threw it in the garbage. Why?

Emily: Can we talk about this at home, please?

Paul: Oh, yeah. That's a great idea. No, no. That's perfect. Yeah, we should go home. We should talk about this, and then you can explain to me why you would throw away the last shred of evidence that might explain what happened to my mother!

Katie: You really mean it? You understand why I lied about Vienna and the baby?

Henry: I don't condone it, and I'm not happy about it, but I am starting to accept that your heart was at least in the vicinity of the right place.

Katie: It was. It really was. Oh, thank you, Henry.

Henry: Just -- we're nowhere near getting back to where we were before, okay?

Katie: I know, but itís a step in the right direction.

Henry: It's a very small step.

Katie: I will take whatever I can get at this point, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to get us back to where we used to be.

Henry: Getting Barbara back safely would be a good start.

Katie: I know. I just wish I knew where to begin.

Henry: Vienna never said anything that might give any kind of indication of what may have happened to Barbara?

Katie: No.

Henry: Are you sure, Katie? Not even the slightest hint?

Katie: No. I am really not ready to believe that Vienna had anything to do with Barbara's disappearance.

Henry: Everything points to her.

Katie: I know.

Henry: She had more motivation than anybody.

Katie: Anybody we know about.

Henry: And my money is on Vienna.

Katie: Well, she's not here. So that doesn't really help. I have an idea.

Henry: Okay.

Katie: If Barbara really did use that credit card, that means she's in town and hiding.

Henry: If she used it, yeah.

Katie: Yeah. Well, let's just work with the facts that we have. That means that she's here and she doesn't want anyone to see her.

Henry: Okay.

Katie: So we need to lure her out.

Henry: How?

Katie: With something she can't resist or, more to the point, someone.

Henry: Who?

Katie: You.

Will: It would be nice if we knew what to look for.

Gwen: Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury right now. I think we just have to keep an open mind and go in there and look until we find something that tells us where your mom has gone. I mean, there has to be something in there that will say where she was going.

Will: Right. Or if somebody grabbed her, then they probably left some kind of evidence behind.

Gwen: Okay. Let's just try to stay positive, okay, and hope that we find something, like when Hallie found the passport.

Will: You're right. Just stay positive and focused.

[Cell phone rings]

Will: Hey.

Henry: Will, its Henry.

Will: Yeah. Have you heard anything about Mom?

Henry: No, not yet, but Katie's come up with a pretty good idea. We -- we want to go on air with an on-air appeal.

Will: On TV?

Henry: Yeah, WOAK. So, I was wondering, do you have any pictures maybe that you could bring down that we could put on-air, as well?

Will: Sure, absolutely. They're all in my phone, though, and most are with Hallie.

Henry: Great. That's even better. How soon can you bring them down?

Will: Immediately.

Henry: Great. Thanks.

Will: Henry's going on the air to make an appeal for my mom to come home.

Gwen: Oh, that's an awesome idea.

Will: Yeah. He needs pictures of Mom. So I'm gonna bring my phone to the TV station. Do you want to stay here and search the room or do you want to come with me?

Gwen: I'd like to go with you if that's okay. We can come back here right after.

Will: Okay. Let's go.

Gwen: Yeah.

Bartender: Afternoon, Ms. Ryan.

Barbara: What? Where am I? Oh. You wouldn't know what day it is, would you? Not talking to me anymore? Oh, just like a man. Drive you to the brink of insanity, and then they turn their backs on you. [Sighs] I don't know how much longer I can take it in here. I really donít. I mean, I just can't keep going on, eating candy or in solitude like this. Come on, Chuckles. Come on. I know you're just in my head and I made you up, but I really need to talk to you now. Come on, Chuckles. Come on, Chuckles. I need to hear your voice. Come on!

James: Hello, Barbara. Miss me?

Barbara: [Gasps] Oh, my God! You're not Chuckles!

James: No, no. No, I'm not Chuckles. I'm not Chuckles, but you can call me "Chuckles." If you want to call me "Chuckles," call me Chuckles.

Barbara: No, no. What I want is for you not to be here!

James: I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere.

Barbara: Oh, that's it. That's it. I am gonna lose my mind. I'm gonna lose my mind. I'm gonna lose my mind.

James: No, no, Darling. You've finally come to your -- you've finally come to your senses. I thought maybe you were lonely.

Barbara: No. You are worse than solitude.

James: The unkindest cut.

Barbara: No, I -- I want you to go away. I just want you to go away. Just go away. I know you're in my mind. You're just in my mind, and I'm gonna close my eyes. I'm gonna close my eyes, and when I open them -- I'm gonna open them. You're gonna be gone, okay? Yeah. Aah!

James: I'm as real as you need me to be, Barbara. No denial. Let's talk.

Barbara: I know I've said this before to you, but why don't you just die?

James: Barbara, you don't want me to die. Your life is so much more interesting when I'm around.

Barbara: Interesting for you, maybe, but -- but not for me.

James: Anger, bitterness. You just want to hurt my feelings.

Barbara: No. I can't do that, because you never had any feelings, not when you were alive or real, which you're not.

James: How the hell did you get into this mess?

Barbara: That's none of your business.

James: Since I'm the only thing between you and insanity, I think it is my business.

Barbara: I would rather go insane.

James: Darling.

Barbara: What do you want, James? What do you want? Why are you here, huh? Why are you here, just to torture me? Is that it?

James: No. No, I'm here to woo you.

Barbara: [Laughs] That's very funny.

James: And I know. I know, no matter how much you may deny it, that really, really and truly, you're very happy to see me, aren't you?

Barbara: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

James: Come on, Barbara. Face it. Admit it. We're meant to be together. We are soul mates.

Barbara: No, we are not soul mates. We are not soul mates because you don't have a soul.

James: I've never given up on you.

Barbara: Oh, but you did. You already did. Remember, James? With Audrey, Henry's mother.

James: A mistake.

Barbara: Oh, considering she stabbed and poisoned you to death, yes. I think it was a mistake.

James: Yes. Well, as you know, Audrey -- all the others, they're a vague -- vague memory, Barbara. They mean nothing. You are the only one that's in my heart.

Barbara: You don't have one of those either.

James: Oh, yes, I do, and I'm here to show you that I do, and I'm here to show you that, in the end, I am the only one that you can count on, because I am the only one that really loves you, and I'm gonna prove it to you, Barbara. I'm gonna prove how much I really love you now that I have you all to myself.

Emily: Okay. I threw the damn thing out. There, you got me. It was an impulsive thing to do, and it was stupid, and I'm sorry, but I couldn't really help myself.

Paul: You knew this was my mother's bracelet, correct?

Emily: Yes!

Paul: You knew this was hers, and you threw it out anyway. So it wasn't impulsive. It was something that you did on purpose.

Emily: No, no, Paul. It was a knee-jerk reaction because I -- I couldn't stand watching Eliza play with it.

Paul: Why?

Emily: Because it reminded me of all the times your mother has tried to drive a wedge between us, and I thought --

Paul: You thought what? You thought it would be better for everybody if we didn't figure out where Barbara was?

Emily: No! No. Not consciously. No.

Paul: What, subconsciously?

Emily: I'm sorry, okay? What else do you want me to say? I probably would have regretted it and fished it out of the garbage myself if you hadn't shown up.

Paul: Probably?

Emily: Are you gonna keep grilling me? Because I've really had enough of this.

Paul: I think that you don't care what happens to my mother.

Emily: Of course I care what happens to her! You think I want her to turn up hurt or -- or, God forbid, dead? But if it turns out that she's run away, like we all think, well, then, good for you! You should not be surprised by that sentiment.

Paul: No, I'm not! I knew you felt that way, but I thought you could get past it! Emily, whether you like it or not, my mother is part of our family, and she is not the monster that you're making her out to be!

Emily: Oh, will you stop making excuses for that woman? That woman is a monster, okay? I love you. She doesn't know how to love. I love you. I love your daughter. I love Eliza like she were my own child, and your mother is threatened by that.

Paul: My mother is threatened by you because you hate her.

Emily: She's made me hate her! God! Don't you see? She doesn't want us to be happy. That is the last thing she wants, and if she comes back, I guarantee you, she's gonna try to destroy that. She destroyed you before and the woman you love before, and I -- I know she's gonna do it again.

Henry: Hey, Guys. Did you get the -- did you get the pictures?

Will: Yeah, they're being uploaded right now.

Henry: Great. Thank you.

Katie: I just hope Barbara is somewhere near a TV and can see this broadcast.

Gwen: Do you know what you're gonna say?

Henry: Uh, I'm going to say the truth, that I miss her and that I want her to come home and that things are over with Vienna, because she deserves to know that, and she should hear that I made a big mistake.

Katie: Yeah, just speak from your heart.

Henry: That's the plan.

Director: Okay, Guys. We're good to go.

Katie: Okay. Are you ready?

Henry: Yeah. Okay.

Director: In 5, 4, 3, 2 --

Katie: Hi. This is Katie Snyder interrupting your regularly scheduled programming with important late breaking news. I'm here with Henry Coleman, who many of you may remember as Geneva Swift. Well, he's here today as himself with an important message for a very important member of our community, Barbara Ryan. Henry.

Henry: Yeah. Barbara, if you're watching this, there's something that you need to know, something very important. I know that I hurt you, and I'm sorry, and I need you to know that, and I need you to know something else. I love you, and I miss you, and I want you to come home. If you can leave because of me, you can come back because of me, okay? Please? I'm begging you. I wouldn't be surprised if you're hiding out, if you're punishing me for turning my back on you, but I'm not to blame for that. I was -- I was lied to by the people that I thought I could trust most in the world. To hell with that. You know what? I'm as much to blame for this as anybody, because I didn't follow my heart, because I closed my eyes to this beautiful thing that was right there in front of me. What we had, Barbara, was weird and offbeat and just completely unlikely, and I didn't want to believe that it was real, but it was, and I miss it so much, and I miss you so much, and, God, I just want you to come home if you're able to. You can yell at me and scream at me, and you can punish me all you want. Just do it to my face. Just do it in my presence. And if you're not free to do that because of some unscrupulous, vindictive, jealous, possibly Swedish person is holding you, locked you up or something like that, then I want you to know that I will move heaven and earth to find you, and to the person who is holding you, would you please just dig down into that part of your humanity that I know is still there and recognize that -- that Barbara is suffering, that she is completely underappreciated by the people that claim to love her? Well, sometimes we have a reason to, but she's suffered for that, and she is trying to make amends for that. You can make amends, too, by letting her go.

Katie: If you have any information on the whereabouts of Barbara Ryan, please call us at 1-800-555-WOAK. Your call will be treated anonymously. Thank you.

Director: And cut.

Katie: Wow.

Henry: How was that? Do you think that she saw that? Do you think she heard that?

Will: Let's hope so. If she did, I'm sure you got through to her.

Katie: Yeah, that was amazing. You did such a good job, Henry.

Henry: Only if it works.

Barbara: I want you to get out of my hallucinations right now! It's bad enough that you haunted me my entire life, but now you're haunting my mind, as well!


James: You don't really want me to leave, Barbara. You've never really wanted me to leave. And here we are together again, possibly forever.

Barbara: Oh, my God.

James: You've missed me. You know you've missed me. You've really missed me, haven't you? Hmm?

Barbara: No. I was a fool to ever get involved with you.

James: That was a long time ago, Barbara.

Barbara: Yes, it was, and I was young, and I was naive, and I fell for you before I realized what an evil man you are.

James: Bull.

Barbara: No, I am telling the truth. You nearly succeeded in destroying my life and our son's, and I've spent most of my life regretting the day that I met you.

James: Yeah? Well, there's a very thin line between love and hate, Barbara. Now, you and I, it is our fate to be together forever. Understand that?

Barbara: No. The thought of spending eternity with you makes me physically ill. [Gasps] Oh!

James: I'm the only man that ever really loved you, Barbara, because I'm the only man that understands the kind of woman you are, deep down.

Barbara: No. That's not true. Not at all.

James: Who? Hal Munson? How many times did that marriage fall apart, huh? You, the happy little homemaker. You made a fool of yourself.

Barbara: I'm not talking about Hal.

James: Don't tell me. Henry? My son? The lightweight? He could never keep up with you, especially that delicious, devilish dark side of yours.

Barbara: Henry's good for me. He's made me a better person!

James: He's good -- good for you, and he's married to somebody else.

Barbara: He was duped into that marriage!

James: You know something? Each one of my sons have been a terrible disappointment to me in one way or another.

Barbara: Stop it. You don't know anything. You're dead.

James: Dead or alive, I'm still the best man you've ever known. I live in a special little dark corner of your heart, Barbara.

Barbara: No.

James: I always have and always will, and you know why? You know why I'm there? Because you want me.

Barbara: [Grunts]

James: Ha! That's my girl.

Paul: She's not trying to hurt you, Emily. My mother's not trying to split us up.

Emily: She tried to talk you into the fact that -- convince you that I was drugging Meg. Do you remember that?

Paul: Yeah. She's not gonna pull a stunt like that. She's not. She's not gonna do anything like that again, okay? Don't you trust me? I'm not gonna let her do that. She's not gonna hurt you.

Emily: I don't trust her. I trust you with my life. I do not trust her, and I promise you, this disappearance of hers is pure manipulation.

Paul: I don't even know what that means. What are you trying to tell me?

Emily: It means that your mother, Barbara, is holed up in some swanky hotel room drinking very expensive champagne, jumping for joy that we are all worried about her!

Paul: I don't think -- even my mother wouldn't do something like that.

Emily: Of course she would! She loves the fact that we are doing nothing but talking about her and thinking about her. Everything is Barbara, Barbara, Barbara.

Paul: Okay. You know what?

Emily: I'm sick of talking about her!

Paul: You know what? I get that you're angry. I understand that you're resentful.

Emily: I'm not resentful!

Paul: It doesn't give you the right to keep evidence away from me or from Will!

Will: What evidence? Something connected to Mom?

Katie: You really do love Barbara, don't you?

Henry: Yeah, I do.

Katie: I know. I'm sorry I didn't see it before. I just didn't understand.

Henry: I didn't see it either. If I had, then maybe none of this would have happened.

Katie: If Barbara was listening to what you just said, there's no way she won't come back to you.

Henry: I hope youíre right, Katie. I hope you're right. What if -- what if she doesn't? What if I blew things with her and I just can't fix them?

Katie: Don't think that way.

Henry: How can I not think that way? Everything's gone wrong. I married Vienna because of a lie. Barbara knew about that lie, and she ran off anyway. What if she thinks that I knew about it, too, and I married Vienna anyway and just didn't care?

Katie: Or maybe she just needed a little time?

Henry: And then there's always the possibility that she's in trouble, in serious trouble.

Katie: Let's just take things one step at a time, okay?

Director: Hi, guys. Someone matching Barbara Ryanís description was spotted in Old Town.

Henry: Let's go. Thank you.

Katie: Thanks.

Iris: Hi, Baby. Mama's back.

Gwen: Mom, what are you -- what are you doing here? I thought you left town.

Iris: I did. And I got as far as Chicago, and then I was at the Hinsdale Mall, and I was looking at all these gorgeous television sets, when I saw the WOAK broadcast. I couldn't believe that Babs is still disappeared.

Gwen: Yeah. See, we were hoping that she would see that and she would get in touch with us.

Iris: Oh, you and Will must just be going out of your minds.

Gwen: Yeah. So, that's why you're back.

Iris: Well, I just -- my heart goes out to you. I feel so badly. You poor things. I was compelled to come here to be with you so that I could support you.

Gwen: Oh. This is part of the whole higher-power thing.

Iris: Oh, yeah. That's a powerful force. I know that you don't believe that I'm compelled to do anything but have the urge to drink, but that was in the past. I'm a different woman.

Gwen: Mm-hmm.

Iris: Sweetie, let me buy you a cup of coffee and explain.

Paul: The owner of a store called Schatzi's called and said that she thought this bracelet might belong to Mom. So she gave it to Emily to show to us.

Will: Is it Mom's?

Paul: Yes.

Will: And you tried to get rid of it why?

Emily: I wasn't thinking, okay? I threw it in the trash. It was a momentary lapse in judgment.

Paul: It doesn't matter. The important thing is that that bracelet was at Schatziís. So it might mean that Mom is here in Oakdale.

Will: Or somebody wants us to think she is.

Emily: Well, don't look at me. I had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Will: But you're happy she's gone.

Emily: [Sighs] I've said it before, and I will be happy to say it again. I am thrilled your mother is not here to try to destroy my marriage, but if you're accusing me of having something to do with her disappearance --

Will: Hey, no. I'm not making any accusations. I'm just asking questions.

Paul: You know what? Emily already explained to me why she threw the bracelet away. So letís just move on.

Will: And if Paul hadn't found out about what you did, would you have ever told him about it? Or me?

Emily: Well, it didn't play out that way, so I really can't answer that question, but I can tell you I probably would have felt guilty and fished it out of the garbage and brought it home.

Will: Probably, but not for sure?

Emily: No, Will. Not for sure.

Paul: What exactly are you trying to say, Will?

Will: Oh, I think my suspicions are pretty clear.

Paul: Well, then, you're completely out of line.

Will: You're just defending her because she's your wife.

Paul: No. I'm defending her because I believe her.

Will: She's no stranger to acting out against Mom.

Emily: She's standing right in front of you, but feel free to talk about me like I'm not in the room!

Will: You shot Paul, and you left him for dead! Have you forgotten that?

Paul: No, but I've forgiven her.

Will: What's to say she's forgiven Mom?

Paul: You know what? We've all got our scars here, Will! You should know that more than anybody! And my advice to you on this is to back off!

Barbara: You are wrong, James! I have left that desperate-to-win-at-all-costs attitude behind me, along with all the shame for everything that I've done in my life!

James: Yeah, a lot of shame. A lot of shame to deal with, Barbara.

Barbara: I know, I know, I know. We all know the things that I've done.

James: The death of Rose D'Angelo.

Barbara: I deeply regret what my hatred for her did to my son Will.

James: He's marred for life.

Barbara: No, no, no. He has healed. He has healed. He is better. He's a father. He has a child. He's married. He has a wife.

James: Oh, he's healed. He's found closure. Those nice little warm and fuzzy words. He's scarred for the rest of his life, Barbara!

Barbara: No! No. You will not play me. You will not play me. I will not let you dredge this up anymore.

James: It's necessary.

Barbara: Only to a psychotic man like you. You do not control me anymore. You do not inhabit me. I may be a flawed woman, but you are pure evil.

James: Pure evil? Is that why I turn you on.

Barbara: No. You make me sick, but I have one consolation, and that is that you are damn f forever, but -- I have a chance at salvation, because there are those out there who have forgiven me, who still love me.

James: Name one.

Barbara: I'll name two. My sons, Paul and Will, and my granddaughters.

James: They're young. They'll learn.

Barbara: And Henry. He loves me, despite what you think.

James: Henry loves you. Mm-hmm. He loves you? Then why isn't he here?

Henry: I am, Pop, and I'm warning you. Stay away from Barbara.

James: Or you'll what? What will you do? You won't do a damn thing, because you can't do anything. You've never done anything in your life. You chose another woman, you deserted Barbara, and you broke Barbara's heart. Now get out.

Henry: Barbara! Barbara Ryan!

Katie: Henry. Henry, please calm down. Nine out of ten calls we get on stories like this turn out to be false leads.

Henry: Maybe this is the one time it turns out to be true?

Katie: Maybe it is, but you need to calm down still. You don't want to scare her away.

Henry: I know. You're right. You're right. Oh, my God. There she is. Barbara! Barbara!

Woman: Oh! Get your hands off me, you creep!

Henry: I'm so sorry. I thought you were someone else. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Katie: Henry, Henry. Please, come on. Seriously, get a grip. Even if Barbara was here, she's probably gone by now.

Henry: I can smell her perfume.

Katie: Yeah. That or you're losing your mind.

Iris: I know I've made some terrible mistakes and I wasn't such a good mother.

Gwen: I'm sorry. You're not gonna get any argument from me on that one.

Iris: But I want to make that up to you. I'm off the hooch, Baby. I'm using the power of positive thinking. In this book here, it says that if you believe in something, that that sheer power of that belief will make that thing come true!

Gwen: Okay. I'm happy for you, Mom. Really, I am, but right now, I just --

Iris: I know. I understand. You got other worries. I know that. And that's my point. I want to help. I can help.

Gwen: Help how?

Iris: Give me the chance. I'll find Barbara.

Gwen: Mom, I don't really see how you can help us find Barbara.

Iris: Look at this. I had these made up when I heard that Barbie was still missing. I am gonna put them all over here. Hell, I am gonna put them all over the county!

Gwen: I think the cops are already on top of that.

Iris: Since when can you have too much help, Gwennie? It takes a village. You know that.

Gwen: Mom --

Iris: Look, I'm trying for the first time in my life to believe in a higher power. Please don't cut me off at the knees before I learn how to fly.

Gwen: I'm not trying to cut you off at the knees, but --

Iris: You don't trust me. And, Honey, I don't blame you, but I'm a different person now. You can trust me. That's what I came here to tell you. Look, I'm staying at the wagon wheel now. Just -- just give me the chance to make you proud of me, please. That's all I'm asking you. Please, Gwennie.

Henry: You know, it sounds like you don't want me to find her.

Katie: Of course I want you to find her. I just want you to be logical. Why would Barbara just be wandering around town?

Henry: I don't know. I don't -- maybe she got hit on the head and then she doesn't know where she is or who she is.

Katie: Well, someone would have noticed that and notified the police.

Henry: Maybe she's doing this on purpose to punish me.

Katie: That's more Barbara's speed.

Henry: You know, either way, she was here, which means she is close by, which means we have got to find her. Come on.

Henry: Don't listen to him, Barbara. Daddy dearest is wrong about me. I do love you. I would do anything for you. I was forced to marry Vienna because she's pregnant.

James: You can be a father without being a husband. If you had really loved Barbara, you would have not married another woman.

Henry: I was confused. I was confused. I just wanted to do the right thing.

Barbara: The right thing for everyone except me. James is right. If you loved me, you would have chosen me.

Henry: I know, and I should have done that, and I realize that now, and I was wrong, and I made a terrible mistake.

Barbara: It's too late for regrets. You believed everything that lying witch told you. She wrapped you around her little finger.

James: And you abandoned Barbara.

Barbara: That's right. You abandoned me.

Henry: No, no. Don't listen to James. Barbara, please. I love you.

Barbara: I don't believe that. The only ones who love me unconditionally are my sons.

Henry: Barbara, please.

Barbara: No! Now go away!

James: I wouldn't be so sure that you can count on Will or Paul. Right, Paul?

Paul: Thanks, Dad. Mom, I got to go with Dad on this one. I mean, I'm trying to find you, but I'm not really trying that hard, 'cause if I find you, that would be great, but if I don't find you, well, then Emily will be happy.

Barbara: Emily hates me. I know that.

Paul: And she's my wife. So who do you think I'm gonna choose, my wife or my mother?

Barbara: Me, your mother, the woman who carried you and gave you life.

Paul: And tried really hard to screw it up.

Barbara: No, no, no, no, no. I've changed. You know that, Paul. You know I've changed.

Paul: Too little too late. Mom, the truth is, you're finally right where you belong.

Barbara: Paul, no, no, no, no! Wait, Paul!

James: Barbara. Barbara. Come on. Face facts. Paul's right. You're where you belong, with me, and no one else.

Barbara: [Grunts] No! I still have one son left.

Will: You're right. Given my history, I'm the last person who should throw stones at anyone.

Emily: And I shouldn't have thrown out the bracelet.

Will: No, you shouldn't have.

Paul: Great. Now that we sorted out that, do you think we could focus on finding our mother?

Will: Henry went on the air to make a plea for Mom to contact him. Did you guys see it?

Paul: No, but that's a good idea.

Emily: Well, if she was where she could actually see it.

Will: Yeah. Even if she didn't, then maybe someone who spotted her saw it and they'll contact us.

Emily: [Sighs]

Paul: You know, this whole thing, it just seems --

Emily: What?

Paul: Well, if I didn't know he was dead, I would think that my father was somehow involved.

Barbara: Will is a good son, and at least his wife hasn't tried to turn him against me the way Emily has with Paul.

James: How do you know?

Barbara: Because Gwen accepts me. She likes me. And I know that Will loves me, and maybe it's because he doesn't have Stenbeck blood running through his veins. Maybe he escaped the Stenbeck curse.

James: It's a bit ironic, isn't it? Will actually has killed somebody, been incarcerated, he's more like me than my own sons.

Barbara: Like hell he is.

James: Ironic, isn't it, this? Life is full of ironies. I'm not sure you can count on Will either.

Barbara: Oh, Will!

Will: Yeah, don't count on me too much, Mom. I got a wife and a daughter now who need me and a term paper due. That doesn't leave me a whole lot of time to hold your hand through this latest crisis.

Barbara: I-I'm not asking you to hold my hand. I just want to know that you still --

Will: Love you? Sure, of course. Whatever. I can do that. Just from another town. I learned in therapy that if I'm gonna reach my full emotional maturity, you can't take care of me anymore, but you're always welcome to Carbondale for a short visit.

James: And he means short.

Barbara: Will! Stop it! Stop it! Stop putting these hallucinations in my head! My sons don't really feel this way about me.

James: Nice try, Barbara, but I'm not putting anything in your head that you don't already know. Your sons don't love you, even after all the sacrifices you've made for them.

Barbara: I have made sacrifices.

James: Yeah.

Barbara: I've made many sacrifices. How could they feel this way about me?

James: You've done a lot of damage, Barbara. It's hard to forgive, and time doesn't heal all wounds. But I forgive you. I forgive you everything, 'cause I love you.

Barbara: I don't want or need your forgiveness.

James: You do if you don't want to be alone for the rest of your life. Come. Come. Lie with me.

Barbara: No. No, I will not give in to you. You can haunt me. You can torment me. You can do anything you want with me! I don't care, because you won't win! I don't need you or Paul or Will or even Henry, and I'm not some stupid, young thing that will be dazzled by your aristocratic charms! They don't have any power over me anymore, because I'm smart! I'm smart, and I'm a survivor! I'm Barbara Ryan, and I deserve a man who appreciates me for who I am, and that's not you or Henry! I am done with you both! Do you understand that, James? Do you hear me, James? Do you hear me, James? Answer me! [Grunts] [Gasps] He's gone! I won! [Laughs] [Panting] So what do I do now?

Emily: Well, I think I've had enough finger-pointing for one afternoon. I'm gonna go upstairs and check on Eliza. Would you like me to check on Hallie for you, Will?

Will: Thanks.

Paul: Will, I'm sorry. It wasn't right. I shouldn't have thrown your past in your face like that.

Will: I understand. You know, it's not like you were making any of it up. I admire the way you protect the people you love.

Paul: We've all done things that haunt us, but we're different people now.

Will: Both of us.

Paul: Yeah. I'm gonna go upstairs and check on Emily.

Gwen: Hey.

Will: [Sighs]

Gwen: Any word from your mom?

Will: No, not yet. Did you get what you need?

Gwen: Yeah, and more than I bargained for.

Will: What do you mean?

Gwen: Iris is back.

Will: What? Back? She just left.

Gwen: She's on a mission.

Will: Uh-oh.

Gwen: She wants to help find Barbara.

Will: I really hope you turned that offer down.

Emily: Are you okay?

Paul: I was just gonna ask you the same thing.

Emily: Of course. Oh. Thank you for standing up for me with Will again.

Paul: He's just scared. I'm a little worried, too, you know.

Emily: I know. Can I, uh -- can I honestly tell you what was going through my mind when I saw Eliza looking --

Paul: Really.

Emily: I just -- for me okay? Let me just try to explain to you what was going through my head, okay? I remember when Barbara found out I was pregnant with Jennifer. Our little Jennifer.

Paul: You don't have to do this.

Emily: No. I want to do this, okay? I want you to understand where it was coming from. I was in my hospital room, and your mother came into the room and tried to talk me into having an abortion. Isn't that nice?

Paul: Em, you can't really blame my mom for her behavior back then. You know, so much of who she was and the way she acted was because of the way James had treated her.

Emily: I know that.

Paul: And I've done some pretty horrible things in my life because of my dad, and you're able to see past them.

Emily: Of course, because I love you.

Paul: Thank you. All I'm asking is that you try and see the good in my mom, 'cause it's there. I mean, it may -- it may be really, really super really well hidden, but it's there.

Emily: Okay. I will try very hard for you.

Paul: That's all I'm asking.

Emily: Mm-hmm. I got to admit, your mom's got great taste in jewelry.

Henry: Barbara? Barbara, if you're in there, will you please answer me?

Katie: Henry, I think you should just go back to the station and wait for her to call. If she wants to get in touch with you, she will.

Henry: I can't just sit around and do nothing, Katie. I'm gonna go crazy, all right? I got to keep looking for her. Barbara!

Wendy: Are you looking for Ms. Ryan?

Henry: Yeah. Yes, yes. Is she in there? This is kind of an emergency. Can you let me in, please?

Wendy: I don't think --

Henry: Wendy, Wendy, please. I happen to think that she is in a lot of trouble, and if something happens to her because you wouldn't let me into the room, I -- I would never forgive myself.

Wendy: Well, I guess there's no harm.

Henry: Thank you, Wendy. Thank you. You've done the right thing.

Henry: Barbara? Barbara, are you here? Barbara?

Katie: Henry, I don't think there's anyone here.

Henry: She was here. There it is again. You smell that? That -- that perfume. It's still -- still fresh.

Katie: Well, perfume lingers, Henry. You're starting to sound obsessive.

Henry: Oh, really? Am I, Katie? Is this obsessive? This is her shade of lipstick.

Katie: She could have thrown that away days ago.

Henry: No, no. The maids, they clean the room, and they throw out the trash every single day. This proves that she's in town, she's here, and she is punishing me.

Katie: Henry.

Henry: No! I've got to keep looking. Katie, I've got to find her.

Gwen: She seemed so intent on helping us on doing the right thing.

Will: I don't trust her, Gwen.

Gwen: I just think she's really trying. You know, I guess its part of this whole sobriety thing, and I can't -- I can't pull the rug out from under her. I have to be supportive.

Will: Well, you're a lot stronger than I am, obviously.

Gwen: Not really. You've given your mom another chance. Maybe it's time for me to do the same thing.

Will: Okay. Fine. But the second it looks like she's back to being old Iris, then we're done with her.

Gwen: I'm -- I'm right with you on that.

Will: Good.

Gwen: I mean, she's probably gonna get bored, you know, after handing fliers for a day, and go back home.

Will: Let's hope so, because a little bit of Iris goes a long way.

Barbara: [Cries] [Groans] [Panting] I'm gonna die in here. I'm gonna die in here.


Barbara: Oh! Oh!

[Keys jingle]

Barbara: Are you real?

Iris: You better believe it, sister. How are you, Babs?

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Katie: If that's not Barbara but it's some woman who's trying to look like Barbara, that means --

Henry: That means this woman could be the one that's holding her prisoner.

Paul: You need to head over to my place right away. I've heard from Mother.

Barbara: Why would they think I'm dead? What have you said to them, Iris?

Henry: Please come back to me.

Barbara: Help me! Somebody! Can you hear me?

Henry: Barbara?

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