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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 7/23/10

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Gabriel: "Dear Lucinda, I know you're trying to bankrupt Craig, my father. If you want me to be quiet about it, you'll have to pay me. I am in business, too."

[Knock on door]

[Gabriel sighs]

Craig: Hi. Working on your resume?

Gabriel: I already have a job, okay? I don't need one from you.

Craig: Gabriel, I want you to work with me, not for me. Offer still stands.

Gabriel: If that's all you came for, then you wasted a trip.

Dusty: Hang on, Red. Someone's at the door.

Johnny: Lulu!

Lucy: Johnny, hi! Oh, my God, you've gotten so big! I bet you I can't even pick you up. Oh, my goodness! Hey, you still drawing? You gonna show me one of your drawings? Yeah? You look good, Dusty.

Dusty: You too. It's been a while.

Lucy: Yes, it has.

Dusty: What are you doing here?

Lucy: It was time for a visit.

Dusty: Just playing tourist?

Lucy: Not really. I -- I wanted to see Johnny and -- and to meet my brother Gabriel.

Dusty: How'd that go?

Lucy: I haven't seen him yet. There's somebody else I had to see first.

Dusty: Who's that?

Lucy: You.

Janet: Okay, Amy, that's everything. I got it. So I'll see you later, all right?

Blackthorn: Whoa! I heard you pregnant women get these wild, crazy cravings, but this is a little over the top, don't you think?

Janet: I'm catering a wedding shower, Smarty-pants, and I'm in charge of the food. Oh, by the way, you're gonna have to order your mac and cheese from Amy, because I'm -- I'm sorry, but I got to go.

Blackthorn: Nah, don't apologize. For once, I'm not here for the food.

Janet: You're not?

Blackthorn: No. I'm here to ask you out.

Janet: You mean like on a --

Blackthorn: Yeah, a date. What do you say, huh, you and me?

Liberty: You're awesome at tennis, but this?

Parker: Hey, hey, I'll get it, okay? Just give me time.

Liberty: At this rate, I'm gonna have to start making Christmas stockings for the cabin instead of curtains.

Parker: That's hilarious, okay? That's hilarious. Just give me something to do.

Liberty: What's the matter, Parker? Are you scared to go back to your house, where a bunch of women are screaming over the nightgowns and lingerie Molly's getting for her shower?

Parker: Yes, definitely. Frightened.

Faith: My dad's not here yet? He was supposed to pick me up and take me to the shower.

Liberty: I haven't seen him.

Faith: What?

Parker: You look hot.

Faith: Like that's a surprise.

Holden: Are you sure that you're okay with this?

Lily: I'm here, aren't I? I think that should answer your question.

Holden: Okay. Fair enough. I appreciate the fact that you're making the effort to come to Molly's shower. I'm sure it'll make her very happy.

Lily: Molly's getting married to you. She should be happy about everything.

Holden: I'm a little worried that all this joy might be a bit much for you.

Lily: Oh, come on, Holden. We're all adults here. I mean, we need to focus on the positive changes in our life. And I'm starting this exciting new business with Carly. You're building a new life with Molly. Everything's good.

Holden: All right. That's a great way to look at things. I need to go and pick up Faith and bring her back. Should I walk you in?

Lily: Oh, I can manage. You go on.

Holden: Okay.

Lily: Holden, I'm doing this for you, not for -- hello, Ladies.

Molly: Hi! Wow. I didn't think that --

Lily: Think I'd show up? Think again. [Laughs] Let's get this party started.

Holden: Hello.

Faith: Finally.

Holden: I know. I'm sorry I'm late. You look beautiful.

Faith: Thanks. Uh, we should go. Do they throw those bouquet thingies at showers, too?

Parker: No. Only at weddings.

Liberty: The expert speaks.

Parker: You're in a great mood today.

Liberty: I am not in any kind of mood. Ow!

Holden: Hold on a second.

Faith: What's wrong?

Holden: Are you sure that you're up for this?

Faith: Dad, if I can't get through Molly's shower, I'll have way bigger problems having to deal with her as my stepmom. It's good practice.

Holden: Listen, I know it's not a simple situation.

Faith: Dad, nothing with you or Mom or you and Mom is ever simple. Molly's cool, so it makes it easy. I'll just go to her shower and ooh and aah over all of her gifts, and everything will be fine.

Holden: You make it sound so simple.

Craig: Despite what you think of my parenting skills, I am a good businessman. You could learn from me.

Gabriel: No, thank you.

Craig: Gabriel, all I want in life is to provide for you and Johnny, give you a chance at the life that I didn't have.

Gabriel: Yeah, your sons.

Craig: Yes. Like it or not, that's what you are -- my son.

Gabriel: Aren't you forgetting about someone?

Craig: I don't -- I don't follow.

Gabriel: You have a daughter, too. Do you -- do you even think about her?

Craig: I think about Lucy all the time. Lucy is very important to me.

Gabriel: Okay. Well, then, how come you never talk about her?

Craig: We have a complicated relationship.

Gabriel: That's right, because she kidnapped your kid, right? She stole Johnny from you.

Craig: [Sighs] You're quite the family historian.

Gabriel: Am I right, am I wrong?

Craig: It was a long time ago, Gabriel.

Gabriel: People don't change, okay? You're proof of that.

Dusty: A lot's changed since you were here last.

Lucy: You're seeing someone. I heard. Grandmother told my mother. Mother told me.

Dusty: Sorry.

Lucy: For what? Last time I was here, it was pretty clear nothing was gonna happen between us. But that was a long time ago. Hey. Ooh. [Laughs] It looks like, uh -- it looks like Johnny still trusts me. Do you?

Janet: Blackie, I'm really enjoying getting to know you again, but I -- I don't think I'm really up for a date.

Blackthorn: Because of your maybe, kind of, sort of, but not really boyfriend?

Janet: Well, it's -- it's partly that.

Blackthorn: Mm-hmm.

Janet: But it's also partly because I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm pregnant!

[Blackthorn laughs]

Janet: I'm in my third trimester! My ankles are swollen, my back hurts, and if I'm not within 50 feet of a restroom, we're in trouble.

Blackthorn: What, you think I'm gonna take you someplace without indoor plumbing?

Janet: Blackie, look, I am as busy as I am pregnant. I've got to cater this wedding shower, and then later, Liberty and I have plans.

Blackthorn: It doesn't have to be today. It could be tomorrow, the day after that. I'm wide-open.

Janet: Boy, you never did take no for an answer.

Blackthorn: Not when yes works so much better.

Janet: Oh, you are too much.

Blackthorn: Find out.

Janet: Enough, okay? Enough! I got to go.

Blackthorn: What?

Janet: And by the way, try the cherry pie. It's delicious.

Faith: Um, this is for you.

Molly: Oh, Faith, thank you. You are so sweet.

Carly: Would you put it on the table with the other gifts, Honey?

Faith: Mom, are you all right?

Lily: Look how young your father looks there. Wow. Molly was a knockout even then.

Faith: Maybe you should put the book down.

Lily: I'm fine.

Molly: Let me see that. [Laughs] I don't believe it. I actually still have that shirt.

[Lily laughs]

Molly: So, are you having fun?

Faith: Tons.

Carly: Ah. Hey, Janet. I'll take those.

Janet: Thank you.

Carly: I'm glad you're here, 'cause that food that Jack brought over earlier is nearly gone.

Janet: Uh, the stuffed mushrooms need to be warmed up.

Carly: Here. The oven is on.

Janet: Carly, I'm sorry about what happened at metro the other night.

Carly: Oh. [Laughs] Don't worry about it. So what? So I was the last to know that Jack's fixing up the cabin at the farm for you to live in. Eh, I can handle it, right?

Janet: All right, well, how about this? How about I make sure that you're the first person to know when I move out?

Carly: Okay. Thanks. So, hey, tell me, how does Dusty feel about you living like a stone's throw away from Jack?

Janet: Dusty's gonna have to be patient.

Carly: I think the guy just wants to marry you, right?

Janet: I told him that I am not making any life-altering decisions until after the baby is born. He knows that.

Carly: I thought that the two of you were getting along okay.

Janet: We are. It's just that he is unbelievable overprotective.

Carly: Oh, I know about that.

Janet: Which means he thinks that he can make my decisions for me when I've told him a million times that I can take care of myself.

Carly: Oh, I know about that, too.

Janet: Okay, for instance, an old friend of mine from the neighborhood is in town, and he's -- he -- never mind.

Carly: No, no, no. He what? He likes you?

Janet: Sort of. Anyway, the point is, he's only been in town for two weeks, and Dusty is already suspicious.

Carly: He loves you.

Janet: Watching over me like a hawk, deciding who I can and cannot spend time with? That's not love.

Carly: You know, I know that I'm probably the last person that you want advice from, but I'm gonna give it to you anyway. Whatever Dusty's doing, embrace it. You're so much luckier than you know. I'll come back for those mushrooms.

Lucy: Johnny must be spending a lot of time here. I'm glad it worked out.

Dusty: What did?

Lucy: The arrangement that you and my father have about you having more time to spend with Johnny. Johnny seems really happy.

Dusty: No thanks to us. He's just a happy kid.

Lucy: My father is being fair, right, about sharing Johnny with you? Isn't he?

Dusty: Sometimes.

Lucy: And other times?

Dusty: Other times, he uses Johnny like a bargaining chip.

Lucy: How so?

Dusty: Craig wanted to buy into Worldwide. He didn't like the price, so he cut me off from seeing Johnny.

Lucy: Well, I can't say I'm surprised. That's one thing I don't miss about Oakdale is how ruthless my father can be. Oh, hey. That looks like a giant pizza.

Johnny: I'm hungry.

Dusty: All right. What do you say we have lunch?

Johnny: Can Lulu come with us?

Lucy: Oh, no, I don't think so.

Dusty: Lulu, you hungry?

Lucy: I am, actually.

Dusty: Then let's eat.

Lily: Mm. Janet, let me get you some champagne.

Janet: Oh. Uh, no, thank you.

Lily: Oh, right. Sorry. More for me. [Laughs] So, Molly, uh, have you decided how many people you're inviting to the wedding?

Molly: Well, believe it or not, we are over 75 and still climbing.

Carly: Seriously?

Molly: Yeah. I know. We didn't even know that we had that many friends until we started having to cross people off the list.

Lily: Wow. 75. [Laughs] Doesn't sound like you crossed anyone off. The more the Mollier!

Faith: Mom, cut it out.

Lily: I'm fine.

Molly: You know, I have to say that I feel, um, a little strange about having such a humongous, over-the-top affair at this point in my life. But Holden keeps saying that he wants the very best for this wedding, that nothing's too good for us. He's really amazing.

Liberty: These are the tennis shoes.

Parker: What?

Liberty: The ones you wore when you did that TV commercial at the country club.

Parker: How do you know that?

Liberty: I was there.

Parker: No, you weren't.

Liberty: I was. You just didn't see me.

Parker: Okay, quit messing around.

Liberty: Parker, I was there. Gabriel was being all snarky about your acting career.

Parker: That's a big surprise there.

Liberty: So I wanted to come and, I don't know, support you.

Parker: Well, it's great that you came, but how come you didn't, like, say hi or wave or something?

Liberty: You were busy.

Parker: Yeah, I was busy for like every 15 seconds that they were actually filming. But other than that, I was just standing around waiting. Why didn't you just come over and talk to me?

Liberty: Faith pretty much stopped me.

Parker: Faith told you not to say hello?

Liberty: She didn't tell me to do anything. And even if she had, I wouldn't have listened to her.

Parker: Then what happened?

Liberty: When I showed up at the shoot, you and Faith were out on the tennis courts, running around and flirting like crazy. Who was I to interrupt?

Parker: So you were jealous of me and Faith?

Liberty: Hold your arms up.

Carly: Maybe you should see how she's doing.

Faith: Mom, that's like your third glass of champagne.

Lily: It's a party.

Faith: I know it's hard seeing how into the wedding Dad is, but --

Lily: Honey, if he's happy, I'm happy.

Carly: Okay, Girls. As you know when you came in, I had to write some nouns and verbs and adjectives and even some body parts on these little slips of paper.

Molly: Uh-oh.

Carly: And I randomly chose them to fill in what is written here, and it is called -- [Clears throat] "Groom to his bride on their wedding day."

Molly: Oh, no.

Janet: I think you're gonna need this.

Molly: [Laughs] Yeah. Maybe two.

Carly: "To my dearest Molly, I am the luckiest toenail alive. You are sultry, bloated --"


Carly: "And devious. But I couldn't ask for anything more. I want you to know that I will do all I can to give -- to give you a smelly life."


Carly: "My job as a proctologist may not seem like much, but we will be all right with desire, yes, passion, and toilets." Nice, nice.

Janet: Oh, my God.

Carly: "I love you with all of my armpit"!

Molly: Whoo!


Carly: "Love, Holden." Oh, that's cute!

Molly: Hilarious. And I need another one.

Carly: Okay. Let's get some presents.

Molly: Mm.

Janet: Oh, I love this part.

Molly: All righty. Which one am I gonna open first, huh?

Carly: Uh -- me? Me, me, me, me, me!


Janet: Don't spit it out. They're supposed to go in, not out.

Faith: Mom, where are you going?

Lily: Oh, Sweetie, I'm -- I'm so stupid. I left the present in the car. I'll -- I'll go grab it, and I'll be right back.

Craig: All right, I'm the first one to admit that our family is less than conventional. But as you get a little older, you start to realize that ultimately, at the end of the day, family is all you really have.

Gabriel: Yeah, well, then that's a really scary thought.

Craig: [Sighs] You want to carry around resentment? Fine. Be my guest. But please lose the bitterness or else you lose everything. Take that from someone who's lost a lot. Will you at least think about what I said?

Gabriel: Yeah. I already have.

Craig: And?

Gabriel: Make sure this doesn't hit you on the way out.

Craig: Good luck on the magnum opus, whatever that is.

Lucy: Isn't this where Janet works?

Dusty: Yeah, but she's not here, if that's what you're worried about.

Lucy: It did cross my mind. Where do things stand with you two?

Dusty: Good question.

Lucy: I heard she was pregnant.

Dusty: Yeah, with Jack Snyder's baby, a boy. Once she gives birth, I'm hoping she'll marry me.

Lucy: Wow. That's a lot to take on -- a wife and an infant.

Dusty: Yeah, I can handle it. She's also got to put -- put her daughter through college. She can't do that on her own. Right, Pal?

Lucy: Yeah, but still, the solution doesn't automatically have to be marriage.

Dusty: You sound like Janet.

Lucy: Well, I can relate to feeling pressured.

Dusty: She needs my help.

Lucy: How so?

Dusty: This guy comes in from out of town, old neighborhood buddy, and he's bad news.

Lucy: Oh. Is this your famous gut instinct at work?

Dusty: Yeah, that's right.

Lucy: Uh-huh. So here comes Dusty to the rescue to protect a lady in distress?

Dusty: Right. Sound familiar?

Lucy: Very. And in my experience, when you rescue a pretty woman, you don't do it for a hearty handshake of appreciation. Are you in love with Janet?

Johnny: I want some ice cream.

Molly: Whoo!

Janet: Now we're talking.

Molly: Mm.

Carly: Where's your mom?

Faith: She went to go get Molly's present from the car.

Carly: How far away did she park?

Molly: Hey, Holden, ready for the honeymoon?

Carly: Whoo!


Janet: Hi. Johnny, hi, Sweetheart!

Dusty: Hi. You're back. This is Lucy Montgomery. Janet Ciccone.

Lucy: It's so nice to meet you.

Janet: You too. I -- I've heard a lot about you.

Lucy: Likewise. How far along are you?

Janet: Oh, uh, almost my third trimester.

Lucy: Well, you look very healthy. Congratulations.

Janet: Thank you very much. Wow. This is a surprise. I hadn't heard that you were in town.

Lucy: I just arrived. I think I surprised everyone.

Dusty: We should get Johnny back, clean him up.

Lucy: [Laughs] More like hose him down.

Dusty: Let's go, Champ. Time to go.

Lucy: It was nice to meet you.

Janet: You too.

Dusty: Talk to you later.

Craig: Oh.

Blackthorn: Don't look so excited.

Craig: Well, I wasn't expecting you.

Blackthorn: I would have called first, but there are certain transactions I like to deal with in person.

Craig: You got my message?

Blackthorn: About needing more cash? I got it.

Craig: Well, how soon can you transfer the money?

Blackthorn: Right away -- if I cut it loose.

Craig: There a problem?

Blackthorn: You tell me. Every time I turn around, you're asking for more money.

Craig: Yeah, but I'm good for it.

Blackthorn: You better be. Cash is tight. Even in my line of work, I can't keep floating you new loans. In fact, soon, cash flow better start going back in the opposite direction, back towards me. You got to be ready for that. You understand?

Craig: Absolutely.

Blackthorn: Fine. I'll transfer the money right away. Put it to good use. [Clears throat] It's me. I delivered the message to your friend, Craig Montgomery, yeah. Oh, he got it. Tightened the screws on him pretty good, if I do say so myself. You're welcome. It's a pleasure doing business with you, too, Lucinda. All right.

Liberty: Just so you know, I am not jealous.

Parker: I'm sure you're not.

Liberty: So, are you and Faith, like, together now?

Parker: No. We're friends, just like you and me. Well, actually, not really, because nobody could be friends the way that we are.

Liberty: Really?

Parker: I mean, what other guy would make curtains with you, Liberty? Come on.

Liberty: So true.

[Cell phone rings]

Liberty: Curtain lady.

Gabriel: Who?

Liberty: Oh, hey. What's going on?

Gabriel: Uh, I need your help with something. Think you can meet me at Java?

Liberty: Right now?

Gabriel: Is that cool?

Liberty: Sure. I'll, uh, see you in a little bit.

Parker: Who's that?

Liberty: Gabriel. He, uh, wanted me to help him with something. I don't know.

Parker: You should go then.

Liberty: Don't worry. I -- will.

Carly: Hey. Are you all right, Honey?

Faith: My mom's car is gone. She left Molly's gift on the porch.

Carly: Oh, I -- I wouldn't worry about it. She probably just didn't want to make a big deal out of leaving.

Molly: Yeah. I was actually surprised that she showed up at all. I mean, it wasn't easy for her to be here. I know.

Faith: I would have at least thought she would say goodbye. I'm gonna go call my dad. Great party. Thanks.

Molly: So, uh, do you think when I take the bow off, it's gonna blow up?

[Holden sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Holden: Hey, Honey. How's the party? Are you ankle-deep in wrapping paper?

Faith: Dad, I'm worried about Mom.

Holden: What happened?

Faith: She drank a lot more than she usually does and was trying to be super-happy for Molly, but I could tell that every minute of it was torture for her. And then she disappeared.

Holden: What do you mean she disappeared?

Faith: She went out to the car to get Molly's present and never came back. She left the present on the porch.

Holden: Well, Faith, you know this has been a tough situation for your mom. She probably just needed a little time for herself.

Faith: But where is she? I tried calling her, and she's not answering her phone.

Holden: I'll tell you what. I'll go look for your mom, and when I find her, I'll give you a call. But try not to worry, okay?

Faith: Thanks, Dad.

Holden: Faith just called, and she said that, uh --

Lily: I couldn't do it, Holden.

Holden: The shower.

Lily: I tried. I -- I tried to be chipper and cheery and a good little guest. I just couldn't do it.

Holden: I know. I know.

Lily: Do you have any idea how many times the word "Love" and "Happy" are spoken at a bridal shower? You -- you'd go crazy counting.

Holden: I tell you what. Why don't you come inside and -- and sit down and --

Lily: No, no. Just -- [Voice breaking] Just let me say what I came to say.

Holden: All right.

Lily: I know that I have no right to feel like this, I mean after what I put you through with Damian. I can't bear to hear another person wish you a happy and blissful life with another woman. I can't bear it.

Holden: You don't need to apologize for that.

Lily: I hate this. I wish you the best, and I want everything for you, but I can't be here when you marry Molly.

Holden: I understand.

Lily: In fact, I -- I think I need to be as far away from here as possible. And the fact that you understand that makes it even worse. I do love you.

Holden: Lily -- where are you going?

Lily: I don't know. But please don't follow me, not if you care for me at all.

[Faith sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Faith: Parker?

Parker: Hey, how was the bridal shower?

Faith: Parker, I'm freaking out.

Parker: What happened?

Faith: My mom got really upset at the party, and she just took off.

Parker: Well, where did she go?

Faith: I have no idea. I'm really scared.

Parker: Well, you know what? It's probably better that she left. That way, she didn't go off on Molly or something.

Faith: You don't get it.

Parker: Okay, okay, well, help me understand, Faith. I'm -- I'm here. I'm listening. Just -- just tell me.

Faith: My mom and dad have done this dance about being together for so long.

Parker: My mom and dad are the same way. It's just like the back and forth. It never ends.

Faith: Yeah, but now it's really over for my parents. My dad's marrying Molly, and what's my mom gonna do now?

Parker: Maybe she'll find somebody else.

Faith: Nobody will ever be like my dad, and my mom knows that. I'm afraid she's gonna do something weird. Like what if she hurts herself or something?

Parker: I really can't see it getting so bad that she might.

Faith: I have to find her.

Parker: W -- where are you? I -- I can come there and help you look for her.

Faith: I got to go.

Molly: How fast do you think I can get out of this one, huh? Hey, you okay?

Carly: Mm-hmm. I'm just wondering why Lily hasn't called.

Molly: She'll call when she calls.

Carly: I'm just a little worried about her.

Molly: I'm sure she's fine. Do you think that I should exchange this one?

Carly: You know, Faith called Holden, so he -- he probably knows where she is.

Molly: Excuse me! Why does my bridal shower have to be all about Lily?

Holden: Hey. How was the haul?

Molly: Uh, it was great, sort of.

Holden: Faith called me.

Molly: I know.

Carly: Have you seen Lily?

Holden: Yes.

Molly: What does that mean?

Holden: It means that after she left your party, she came to see me at the farm.

Faith: Mom? Mom, can you hear me? Mom? Mom, can you hear me? Mom? Mom?

[Knock at door]

Craig: [Sighs] Now, listen, Mr. Blackthorn -- Lily? Are you all right?

Lily: No, I'm not.

Craig: What's wrong?

Lily: I can't be here.

Craig: Can't be where?

Lily: Here, in Oakdale. I need to get away. Will you come with me?

Liberty: Hi. What's going on? You sounded so mysterious on the phone.

Gabriel: Well, I, uh, need a favor.

Liberty: Okay.

Gabriel: I have a sister, Lucy.

Liberty: Right. I've heard about her.

Gabriel: Right. I haven't met her yet, uh, but I want to, I think. Maybe.

Liberty: And this involves me how?

Gabriel: I don't know, this might sound stupid, but I was hoping maybe you could be there when I do it.

Liberty: Just tell me the time and the place, and I will be there.

Dusty: This was nice.

Lucy: Well, you made my re-entry into Oakdale very easy, and I even got lunch out of it, so thanks. Oh! Hey.

Dusty: He's still your biggest fan. You're gonna have to come back and see us again.

Johnny: When, when?

Both: Soon.

Janet: Oh!

Blackthorn: What, what? Huh?

Janet: Don't tell me you've been here the whole time.

Blackthorn: Take it easy. No, no, no. I -- I had things to do, and I'm back again. Amy over there told me you were working the late lunch shift, so --

Janet: See? I told you how busy I was.

Blackthorn: Oh, come on. You can't work every shift.

Janet: Watch me.

Blackthorn: You haven't changed.

Janet: I'm just twice as big.

Blackthorn: I tell you what. I'll get you another ticket. That way you have two seats.

Janet: What are you talking about?

Blackthorn: I want to take you to Wrigley for a Cubs game.

Janet: You're kidding me.

Blackthorn: Come on! No, no. I got a day game picked out. And -- and our seats are right near the ladies' room.

Janet: Let me guess. You got the vendors to rub my feet, too.

Blackthorn: Just say the word.

Janet: Blackie --

Blackthorn: Come on. Don't think of it as a date. Uh, I don't know. [As Marlon Brando] Call it, you know, an offer you can't refuse. Hmm?

Carly: Lily showed up, you talked, and then what?

Holden: Then she took off again and didn't say where she was going.

Carly: [Sighs] Well, I'm glad she checked in with you. She obviously doesn't want you to worry.

Holden: I don't know about that. She was as shaky as I've ever seen her.

Carly: I think she just needs time to regroup. It's too bad this had to happen. It was sort of a fun party.

Holden: [Sighs] You're pretty quiet.

Molly: What can I say really?

Holden: Lily's not coming to the wedding. She can't handle it.

Molly: Well, that's probably best for everybody, right? I mean, especially Lily. Why would she want to sit in a church suffering, listening to us say our vows? That really makes no sense. Our wedding's gonna be about joy -- our joy.

Holden: I just wish she could feel good about coming. But I get why she can't. So it's probably for the best, just like you said.

Faith: [Sniffles] How long have you been there?

Parker: How long have you?

Faith: I don't know. [Voice breaking] I can't stop crying.

Parker: I -- I'm sure your mom's gonna be okay.

Faith: Why does everything have to be so sad?

Parker: It -- it does seem like that sometimes.

Faith: Why can't people just work things out? Like, why do they have to hurt each other and just end up --?

Parker: Alone?

Faith: My parents are never getting back together -- never. I don't even know why I'm so upset. I was so mad at my mom for seeing Damian that I became this Molly groupie. I thought she was so funny and smart and cool, and I shoved it in my mom's face. I was totally punishing her.

Parker: But you two got past that, right?

Faith: Yeah, except today, at Molly's shower, my mom had this look on her face that was so sad and so lost. And I thought about all of the horrible things I did to her, and it just made me --

Parker: Maybe your mom would feel better if she knew how much you loved her.

Faith: How did you find me?

Parker: I'm a genius. No. I -- I remember when we were younger and things were royally screwed up, I just remember that this is where we would come. So --

Faith: And here we are now. We used to only trust each other. Remember that?

Parker: Yeah. Some things haven't changed. Our families are still screwed up. I mean, our parents -- they break up, they fight, they apologize, they get back together. Then they break up again and they fight. It's a mess.

Faith: I don't even live in the same house as my brother and sister. My family is such a wreck, and it's never gonna be the same. And now my father's marrying Molly!

Parker: I'm sorry it hurts so bad, okay?

Faith: What is wrong with me?

Parker: Nothing. Faith, crying is perfectly fine. In fact, I'd be worried about you if you weren't.

Carly: Hello, Craig.

Craig: Hello.

Carly: Is Lily with you?

Craig: As a matter of fact, she is. Why?

Carly: Is she all right?

Craig: Is Lily all right? Yeah, she's fine. Nothing for you to worry about. Is it all right that I told Carly that you're here?

Lily: I don't care about anything anymore. I just want to get out of this wretched town.

Craig: You have any particular destination in mind?

Lily: [Sighs] Go anywhere. I'd even go back to that horrible motel -- Sky King, with the mice and the heat and that nightmare bathroom if it would at least get me 500 miles away from here when Holden marries Molly.

Craig: Is it really that bad?

Lily: It's worse.

Craig: Oh, Lily -- everything's gonna be all right. I promise you, I'll do whatever I can to help.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: What am I thinking right now?

Lucy: Same thing as I am.

Henry: Please come back to me.

Barbara: Help me! Somebody --

Henry: Barbara?

Barbara: Can you hear me?

Carly: So you're going on your own?

Lily: Who else would I go with besides you?

Jack: Let's go to the Lakeview.

Holden: Uh, actually, I can't. I'm going someplace else.

Jack: Where?

Holden: France.

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