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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/21/10

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Molly: So, what do you think -- yes or no?

Holden: Definitely a keeper.

Molly: Are you sure?

Holden: Yeah, yeah. You look fantastic in it. I can't wait to see it on you again.

Molly: That is a very great answer. Oh. But we could buy a small country for what this dress costs.

Holden: Molly, I don't care about that. I want you to have the best of everything for this wedding, and that includes that dress for the rehearsal dinner. We'll take it.

Molly: Eeh! I love this guy. [Laughs]

Holden: But it does bring up another important question.

Molly: Which is?

Holden: The matter of shoes.

Molly: Actually, I've been doing a little shoe scouting, to be honest.

Holden: I figured that much. And?

Molly: And I found the most perfectly gorgeous pair of pumps. And no, I'm not kidding. They're absolutely perfect. And I found them at a little shoe store down the street, if you want to come look at them.

Holden: No. Just go get them. I'll take care of this, and I'll catch up with you later.

Molly: You're too good to me. You know that?

Holden: Impossible.

Molly: Thank you.

Holden: My pleasure.

Molly: Oh, remember, we have our meeting with Reverend James later.

Holden: I won't forget.

[Molly laughs]

Holden: Here you go.

Salesgirl: I can put it on your account if you'd like.

Holden: My account? I didn't know I had one.

[Lily sighs]

Faith: Mom.

Lily: Hey.

Faith: Hi. How was New York?

Lily: [Sighs] I survived.

Faith: Yeah, I -- I heard about the strike at the airport and the power failure. That's crazy.

Lily: Yeah. You have a couple minutes? I'll tell you the whole story.

Faith: I kind of donít.

Lily: Faith, is everything all right?

Faith: Yeah. It's I'm -- I'm running late.

Lily: Oh. Where are you going?

Faith: Well, Molly picked out a bridesmaid's dress for me, so I have to go get it fitted today.

Lily: Oh. Oh. Then you should get going.

Faith: Thanks. Mom -- would you come with me?

Lily: To your fitting?

Faith: It's just I've never been a bridesmaid before, and I want to look good for when Molly and Dad -- you know what? Forget it. I know it's weird.

Lily: No. Miss a chance to help you look more beautiful than you already are? Of course I'm going. That's what mommies are for.

Craig: Uh, uh, why -- why are you so upset?

Carly: As if you didn't know.

Craig: Well, to answer your question, I'm not up to anything.

Carly: Oh, don't you play games with me, Craig.

Craig: Carly, I swear, I'm in the dark here. What?

Carly: [Sighs] Okay. If that's how you want to do this, that's fine. What were you doing in New York with Lily?

Craig: Oh, that?

Carly: Start talking.

Craig: Lily didn't explain it to you?

Carly: No, she didn't explain it to me. If she had, I wouldn't be here, would I?

Craig: I just think that's so odd. You're partners. You'd think you would communicate with each other.

Carly: Craig!

Craig: Okay, I was in New York on business. I ran into Lily. That's it. Nothing more to say.

Carly: Really?

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Except for the part where the two of you spent the night in the same motel.

Craig: Oh, that?

[Carly laughs]

Craig: We were stranded. There was a baggage-handlers strike, power blackout. You must have heard about this.

Carly: Yeah.

Craig: Well, we just kind of stumbled through the night and kept each other company.

Carly: And you wanted to make sure that I found out about it.

Craig: Excuse me?

Carly: Oh, stop acting so innocent. You wanted to make me think that you and Lily -- spent the night together.

Craig: Oh, good Lord. Are you saying that I'm trying to make this, uh -- I'm trying to make you jealous?

Carly: That's exactly what you're trying to do! Isn't it?

Dusty: Hey.

Lucinda: Oh. Hot off the press.

Dusty: Read it.

Lucinda: Don't I pay people to read things for e?

Dusty: Come on, it'll be worth it.

Lucinda: "Anthony Blackthorn."

Dusty: Aka Tony Nero.

Lucinda: Dusty, I thought I told you to drop this.

Dusty: It's a good thing I don't just drop things, you know?

Lucinda: Why? Why is that?

Dusty: 'Cause I found out how Craig got his money to buy into Worldwide.

Lucinda: You think Blackthorn is Craig's backer?

Dusty: Read it.

Lucinda: No. I don't -- I don't care so much about Craig's finances.

Dusty: What?

Lucinda: I am concerned about you.

Dusty: Come on. I'm fine.

Lucinda: This fixation with Blackthorn -- I mean, it's turning into an obsession.

Dusty: Mm-hmm. 'Cause I found out Craig bought into Worldwide with dirty money.

Lucinda: Come on. This isn't about Craig and dirty money. This -- this is about Janet. We both know that.

Jack: Janet, you really got to ease up.

Janet: I canít. Got to work.

Jack: You don't have to work so hard.

Janet: Oh, come on. That's why they call it work.

Jack: Okay, then at least slow down, Honey.

Janet: I can't slow down, here especially. It's too busy.

Jack: Then go on maternity leave.

Janet: What?

Jack: You're almost at your due date. You've got to think about yourself and the baby.

Janet: Oh, come on. I still have time. And besides, coming here gives me something to do. I need the money. It keeps me from getting bored to death. And -- and I meet some very interesting people. Hey, Blackie. The usual?

Blackthorn: Make it to go.

Janet: You always were in such a hurry. All right, mac and cheese it is. What?

Jack: Blackie?

Janet: Hey, Jack, this is an old friend of mine from the neighborhood. This is Tony Nero -- oh. This is Anthony Blackthorn. Jack Snyder.

Jack: Hi.

Blackthorn: How you doing? So, uh, how do you know Janet?

Jack: We were married.

Blackthorn: You're the guy?

Jack: I'm the -- I'm the guy. And I'm -- I'm the father.

Blackthorn: Wow.

Janet: Long story.

Blackthorn: What's the matter with you, letting a woman like this get away?

Janet: Oh, yeah. Anyway, so, Anthony is a big-time trader. He's huge -- really big.

Jack: Really? What brings you to little old Oakdale?

Blackthorn: Some people like collecting art. I collect diners.

Janet: All right. Here's your order to go. Please eat it before it gets cold, all right?

Blackthorn: Will do. Thank you.

Janet: Oh, no, no, no. Tony, this is too much.

Blackthorn: Come on, come on. Keep it. Buy something for the baby. See you around.

Jack: Have a -- have a good day.

Janet: Wow.

Jack: Good customer.

Janet: Some success story.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Janet: I remember when he couldn't afford an order of fries, let alone leave me 100 bucks on a takeout order.

Jack: Really? That doesn't raise any red flags for you?

Janet: What do you mean?

Jack: Janet, when a guy tries that hard to impress somebody, there's always a reason, and it's never good.

Dusty: I don't like this guy Blackthorn coming back into Janet's life.

Lucinda: So you had a whole dossier put together on him?

Dusty: Comes out of nowhere after 20 years, starts giving her chocolates.

Lucinda: Now, that's -- that's a sinister act. I hope it's fully documented.

Dusty: It's a threat to Worldwide. Don't you get it?

Lucinda: What? The infamous Craig Montgomery connection?

Dusty: Why do you act like it's no big deal?

Lucinda: Oh, it's not. For heaven's sake!

Dusty: How do you figure that?

Lucinda: [Sighs] Darling, he -- Craig had to get the money to buy into the company from somewhere.

Dusty: Why Blackthorn?

Lucinda: Why not Blackthorn? He's an up-and-comer.

Dusty: He's a punk. He's gonna break every rule in the house to make a buck. You know that.

Lucinda: You have now answered your own questions. Craig found somebody who -- who was a kindred spirit.

Dusty: Why doesn't this bother you, hmm? Why doesn't it bother you that these guys now own a chunk of this company?

Lucinda: Nothing is forever, hmm? Wouldn't it be wonderful, wouldn't it be -- wouldn't it be great if we could see the two of them go down in flames together?

Dusty: Is that what's gonna happen?

Lucinda: I only bet on sure things.

Dusty: I don't -- I don't know. Something's not right.

Lucinda: That's very vague.

Dusty: Call it a gut feeling.

Lucinda: Hello. It's me again. Yes. Uh, if you recall, the last time we spoke, I said that I thought it was a really good time for you to come back to Oakdale. There's no time like the present, Darling, and there's no day like today.

Craig: Okay. There was a time when I would go to just about any extreme to get your attention.

Carly: That wasn't very long ago.

Craig: Things have changed.

Carly: Since when?

Craig: Since I was in jail. When one is in a cell, you have a lot of conversations with yourself. Mine was, "Why am I behind bars again with my life in pieces?"

Carly: Let me guess. You blamed me.

Craig: No! I take full responsibility. But you did play a part in it.

Carly: What the hell does that mean?

Craig: I was addicted to you, Carly. I craved you all the time. I craved your attention. And I never got it. It made my life hell. So I swore, I am going to break the Carly habit. And I did. And the miracle is my whole life has turned around since then.

Carly: On the road to sainthood now?

Craig: No, just things are turning around. I'm clicking on all cylinders. My relationships are stronger. My business is doing great.

Carly: And what business is that exactly?

Craig: I bought into Worldwide.

Carly: Oh, yes. I did hear a little something about that.

Craig: Of course you did. Which means you know I am perfectly legit these days.

Carly: Oh, the words "Perfectly legit" never apply to you.

Craig: Doubt me all you want, I see a terrific future ahead for me and my sons, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Carly: And where does Lily fit into this terrific future?

Craig: We're friends.

Carly: So that -- that didn't get an upgrade, you know, after the night in New York?

Craig: [Sighs] You said you wanted the truth. Here it is. I went to New York on business. I ran into Lily. There was a power blackout. We had a few laughs and made it through the night. That's it.

Carly: That's it?

Craig: You are jealous.

Carly: Like hell I am!

Craig: All right. Carly -- you may not want to hear this, but I've moved on. Maybe you should, too.

Salesgirl: Thank you, Mr. Snyder. It's a great dress.

Holden: So is the woman who's going to wear it. Can you do me a favor and open an account with that credit card for Molly Conlan?

Lily: Taking care of business?

Holden: Hi. Hi, Sweetheart. What a nice surprise.

Faith: I have to get my bridesmaid's dress fitted. Uh, Mom's gonna help me.

Lily: I would have waited outside if I'd known that you guys were in here. I'm sorry.

Holden: Molly just left. It took a little time to find the right dress.

Lily: Been there, done that.

Holden: Can you do me a favor and just hold onto this? I'll have Ms. Conlan pick it up.

Salesgirl: Of course.

Holden: Can't wait to see you in your dress.

Lily: Why wait?

Holden: I'm sorry?

Lily: Why don't you stay and -- and see her right now? I mean, she should get your opinion, too, after all. It's your wedding.

Faith: Could you hang? I won't take long. Please.

Holden: I'm not sure I'll be much help.

Faith: I just want to know what you think of my dress.

Holden: All right.

Faith: Good. Uh, where do I go?

Salesgirl: I'll show you.

Holden: It's nice to see you're so excited.

Lily: Nothing like a big family event to look forward to.

Lily: [Sighs] What else can we talk about?

Holden: How's Craig?

Lily: I thought we already had the Craig conversation.

Holden: I'm not so sure we did.

Lily: What are you talking about? Craig and I --

Holden: Yeah, just happened to run into each other at the airport. It was no deal. That's what you told me.

Lily: Because that's what happened.

Holden: I think Craig wants me to believe that there's more to it than that.

Lily: Like what?

Holden: That's what I was going to ask you. He didn't give me any details.

Lily: Well, maybe he was annoyed that you were prying, sort of like I am right now.

Holden: I'm pretty sure that he's taking advantage of your friendship. That much I know.

Lily: How is he taking advantage of me? Nothing happened.

Holden: No, nothing yet. Maybe he's setting something up.

Lily: Don't worry about me, Holden. I can take care of myself.

Holden: I'm not saying that you canít.

Lily: Well, what are you saying, that I should stay away from Craig, that I should stay away from any guy that comes along?

Holden: You don't exactly have a great track record, especially with Damian.

Lily: [Scoffs] I am fully aware of the mistakes I've made in the past. I don't need you to jump at every chance you get to bring them up to me.

Holden: Lily, I'm just concerned about you.

Lily: Holden, you're about to take a new bride and start a new life together. I think you forfeited the right to any say in my life, don't you?

Faith: What?

Holden: You look --

Faith: Bad?

Holden: No, no. Gorgeous. It's -- it's like you're all grown up.

Faith: For real?

Holden: For real.

Faith: What do you think, Mom?

Lily: You're beautiful.

Faith: I mean like the dress.

Lily: I think it's perfect. I don't think you should change a thing.

Faith: Good, because I love it. I'm gonna go change.

Holden: Lily, I'm sorry. I don't want to fight with you. It's -- it's true. You know, we -- we are apart now. But we did so many great things together. You know, we had these children. They're living proof of that. I think we just need to be grateful for all of that and just focus on that.

Carly: I am moving on, in every way.

Craig: You could have fooled me.

Carly: Shall we go down the list, 'cause I can do that? Okay, uh, business. I have a new partnership with Lily. We own a factory in France.

Craig: Oh, yeah, yeah. She told me the name. Uh, Camelot, Camembert?

Carly: Its Car -- Carlisle -- Carlisle Fragrances.

Craig: Carlisle -- good name.

Carly: We are gonna take the perfume industry by storm.

Craig: I sure hope you're right.

Carly: And on the personal front, Jack and I are getting closer and closer everyday, thank you very much.

Craig: Isn't he still staying at the farm with Janet?

Carly: Y -- yes. But our living arrangements are none of your business, Craig.

Craig: I'm just going down the list with you.

Carly: Oh, you're impossible!

Craig: Look, if everything is so great, terrific. Count your many blessings, and I'll count my dividends, and everything will be happy.

Carly: Fine.

Craig: Oh, uh, would you be seeing Lily later, by any chance?

Carly: We have a meeting scheduled. Why?

Craig: Great. Could you, uh, just give her this for me?

Carly: The empire state building?

Craig: Just something to remember our trip by. Thank you.

Janet: Jack, Blackie came from nothing. He had nothing. And so now what, he can afford to buy himself a few nice things and give me a nice tip? So what?

Jack: I'm just wondering what he has now and how he got it.

Dusty: Let me guess. Talking about Blackthorn.

Jack: It's Blackie to you, Pal.

Dusty: What's he up to now?

Janet: [Groans] Great. Now I've got to defend myself to the both of you? Great.

Jack: Hey, don't you always pay for a takeout order of mac and cheese with a Benjamin and tell the babe behind the counter to keep the change?

Janet: "The babe behind the counter"? Are you serious?

Dusty: He gave you 100 bucks?

Janet: All right. I confess. Ah, he bought me chocolates, and then he wants to give me $100 tip, and so I'm running away to South America with Blackie please finish my shift for me. And by the way, don't tell Liberty.

Jack: That Ciccone humor is just too much.

Janet: Please. Come on.

Dusty: Blackie's not going anywhere, not now.

Jack: Why -- why is that?

Dusty: 'Cause he's in business with Craig.

Lucinda: Oh, me. Hi, Lloyd. I want you to build me --

Lloyd: Vodka martini, very dry, three olives.

Lucinda: [Laughs] Exactly.

Lloyd: Compliments of the gentleman.

Craig: I've never been in favor of martinis with olives. I've always been an onion man myself.

Lucinda: Oh, well, you do make people want to cry, and -- and you leave a bad aftertaste. What do you want, Craig?

Craig: I saw you over here. I thought it was a good time to come and celebrate.

Lucinda: Celebrate what?

Craig: My coming onboard at Worldwide, of course.

Lucinda: That's more deserving of an exorcism.

Craig: [Laughs] Oh, Lucinda, you minx. I know you have nothing but respect for the way I bought into Worldwide, given all the obstacles you put in my way.

Lucinda: Obviously you have been drinking for some time already.

Craig: I'm more than capable of holding my own. Here's to a long, profitable association.

[Lily sniffles]

Holden: Lily, what's wrong?

Lily: It's okay. Go -- go back inside. Faith is gonna wonder where we went.

Holden: It got to you, didn't it, seeing her in that dress, looking all grown up?

Lily: She's a young woman now.

Holden: I know, I know. It got to me, too, especially when I think about how far she's come.

Lily: Yeah. Yeah, well, I'm dealing with a lot of emotions right now.

Holden: And I think we've been through all of them with her. But she's definitely turned a corner. She's a -- she's a good kid. [Voice breaking]

Lily: It's not about Faith.

Holden: What?

Lily: Holden, I mean, she's wonderful. She's beautiful. She's happier than she's been in months. But when I saw her in that dress --

Holden: Go on.

Lily: She came out of the dressing room, and it made it all so real.

Holden: What is?

Lily: This wedding. It's real. It's happening. You're marrying Molly. You must think I'm pathetic.

Holden: No. I'm surprised. You knew the wedding day was coming up.

Lily: Told me the minute you set the date.

Holden: What did you think, that Molly and I were gonna try to sneak it by you?

Lily: No, of course not.

Holden: Well, then, what's the problem?

Lily: Holden, I want to be happy for you. The kids are certainly happy. I mean, Faith's happier than she's been in months.

Holden: Yeah. It's -- it's really great to see her smile again.

Lily: And Ethan -- I mean, when he talks about the wedding, it's like he's the world's youngest social director.

Holden: What about you? You upbeat? Tell me the truth.

Lily: As much as I'd like to be happy for you and Molly --

Molly: Victory! Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt or anything.

Lily: No, it's okay. Uh -- we were just sharing a sentimental moment, seeing Faith in her bridesmaid's dress.

Molly: Did it look great on her?

Holden: Yeah. She looked beautiful.

Lily: Yeah.

Molly: Ah! I knew it when I picked it out.

Lily: I've got to get going.

Holden: Um, Lily --

Lily: I -- I got to get back to work. Will you, um -- will you tell Faith that I ran short on time and that I -- I love her? Will you give her a ride home?

Holden: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure.

Lily: Okay. See you.

Molly: She was in a hurry.

Faith: Where's Mom?

Jack: Craig and Blackthorn are working together?

Dusty: That's right.

Jack: You're sure?

Dusty: I did some digging.

Janet: You had him investigated?

Dusty: You thought I wouldn't? Janet, your friend's up to something shady.

Janet: Okay, first of all, that's all in your head. And second of all, what about your work ethic? It's not like you only do business with the Sisters of Mercy, you know?

Jack: If those two are working together, I want to know who took out the fire-insurance policy?

Janet: All right, that's it. I'm done.

Dusty: Blackie puts up the money so Craig can buy into Worldwide.

Jack: Lucinda hates Craig. How -- how could she do that?

Dusty: I wish I knew.

Jack: I'll call some of my sources, see if they can come up with anything.

Dusty: No, no. Don't do me any favors.

Jack: Well, I think it could help, Dusty.

Dusty: Come on, Jack. No. It won't help.

Jack: And I wouldn't exactly call it a favor, Craig --

Dusty: Oh, come on. Let's not pretend. You don't like me. So let's drop it.

Jack: Okay, I know this is tough for you. I know this. But for once, don't be a jerk.

Lucinda: It's just remarkable how an infusion of cash, what it does for a man's confidence, not to say his arrogance.

Craig: To other people's money.

Lucinda: I'll drink to that. Um, I -- I hope that, uh, your capital that you're providing to Worldwide -- I hope that's through a reputable banker. You know, there's so many sharks out there.

Craig: My financing is rock-solid, I can assure you. In other business news, I understand Lily's perfume company has taken off in a big way.

Lucinda: Since when does Lily talk business with you?

Craig: Oh, since we were in New York together.

Lucinda: Oh, is that a recent trip?

Craig: Very. People talk about big cities as being so impersonal, anonymous, but New York -- it's really more like a village, don't you think?

Lucinda: Is that so?

Craig: Well, look what happened.

Lucinda: Huh?

Craig: Lily and me. We're both in town. We're both there on separate meetings. And look what happens. We end up spending the night together. What are the odds?

Lily: So, I know we don't have much time, so I thought we'd go over the product-design stuff first. And then if we have any minutes left, we could go over, uh, the marketing research.

Carly: Whatever you want.

Lily: I also brought the floor plan of the factory, like you wanted. Here you go.

Carly: I've been, uh, work -- working on the label.

Lily: Oh, wow. That's beautiful. Okay. Do we have, um --?

Carly: There were some questions, right about the shape of the bottle?

Lily: No, I think we answered all those questions. What?

Carly: We -- we are partners?

Lily: Of course. What does that have --?

Carly: Okay, then, if -- if we're partners, why did I have to hear from someone else that you and Craig were together in New York?

Lily: Who told you?

Carly: It doesn't matter. Craig confirmed it. He said that he was in New York on business and that he happened to run into you.

Lily: Thatís pretty much what happened.

Carly: Oh. So just a pure coincidence, huh?

Lily: Yeah. We were laughing about how crazy it was.

Carly: [Laughs] You and Craig.

Lily: What else did he tell you?

Carly: Well, that you were in that motel together. "Stranded" I think is the -- the word he used.

Lily: Stranded is right.

Carly: He said that it was really quite a nightmare but that you got through it. He even complimented you.

Lily: He did?

Carly: He did. He said you were a good sport.

Lily: Yeah, we didn't have much choice.

Carly: So, what did the two of you talk about?

Lily: Pretty much our situation. I mean, the place really was a dive.

Carly: Really? So he didn't ask about our business?

Lily: No. Why would he?

Carly: I'm gonna be honest with you, Lily. I'm -- I'm worried about this.

Lily: Carly, you have nothing to be worried about.

Carly: Craig doesn't show up anywhere coincidentally. There is nothing random about anything that man does. It is all part of one plan or another.

Lily: I -- I don't really know what your point is?

Carly: I just want to be sure that Craig isn't up to something where our company is concerned.

Lily: What do you think he's trying to do? What are you afraid of?

Carly: The obvious -- that he'll try to worm his way into the company, that he'll try to take it over or destroy it or both.

Lily: No, Carly. I think he really just wishes us well.

Carly: I have a really hard time believing that.

Lily: Carly, I'm gonna be straight with you. I really have become fond of Craig. So it really wasn't that difficult to spend that time with him.

Carly: I -- I'm sorry. I think -- did I -- did I hear you right? Did you -- did you say "Fond"?

Holden: "Do you have any secrets? And if so, are you willing to share them?"

Molly: I can honestly say that since we've been engaged, I haven't kept a single secret from Holden. He knows my whole story. And he's seen me at my best -- and at my worst.

Holden: Molly and I share a past, and for the time that she wasn't around, I've told her everything. She's still here.

Molly: Don't worry, Big guy. I'm not going anywhere.

Holden: I think we're about as up-to-date as two people can be.

Molly: They want to know if we've been married before. Yes. Yeah.

Holden: Yes. But not to each other.

Molly: No. [Molly laughs] Which is kind of surprising, given our history and everything.

Holden: My last marriage ended fairly recently.

Reverend: What led you and your wife to divorce?

Holden: If I told you about that, you probably wouldn't believe it. The truth is, uh, Lily and I -- we loved each other very much. We had three children together. But, uh -- I guess that just wasn't enough. Everything we tried, uh, to do -- it just didn't work. It just seemed like we were destined to -- to split up, no matter how hard we tried. It's kind of hard to talk about it.

Reverend: Does that mean you still love Lily?

Lucinda: Just -- what are you implying about my daughter?

Craig: Implying? Not a thing. It's just a -- a happy coincidence when two friends can stumble into each other.

Lucinda: You're no one's friend and certainly not Lilyís.

Craig: Oh, I think she'd disagree with you on that. We -- we've come to a new level of understanding with each other now that Gabriel's living in Oakdale.

Lucinda: Uh, you mean since you have been blackmailing her and making her feel guilty about him?

Craig: That's just it. You don't give her enough credit. Now, Lily's been wonderfully considerate with Gabriel. I think she genuinely likes him.

Lucinda: She tolerates him at best.

Craig: Well, if she is, she's putting on one hell of an act. It's so good, I almost forgot how you and she conspired to keep me from knowing I even had a son -- almost.

Lucinda: This focus on Lily has nothing to do with, uh, friendship or appreciation. It's just groundwork -- groundwork for revenge and payback, getting even.

Craig: Well, I'd be in good company. And for the record, I think Lily is a lovely woman.

Lucinda: Don't even think about her.

Craig: I just want her to be happy with a significant other. Don't you? You're her mother. You don't want her pining over Holden for the rest of her life, do you?

Lucinda: Stay away from my daughter!

Craig: Like I said, that's gonna be easier said than done. I've come to see her with -- with new eyes. She's not only supportive of my son, but she truly is a vibrant, vital woman.

Lucinda: I'm warning you, you stay away from her.

Craig: Lily deserves to be fulfilled, in every way.

Lucinda: I know what my daughter deserves and needs, and it isn't and it never will be you.

Craig: Something tells me she'll decide that for herself. I'm rather looking forward to that. Cheers.

Jack: You are so damn stubborn.

Dusty: I don't need your help.

Jack: This isn't about what you need, Dusty. It's about what Janet needs. Blackthorn has got to be kept away from her. That's all there is to it.

Dusty: Janet wants us to stay away from the guy.

Jack: And you know why? It's because you have a tendency to try to get things done on your own, and you usually make matters worse.

Dusty: It's none of your business.

Jack: Janet and my child are my business.

Dusty: Mine too.

Jack: Then I guess we're gonna have to get this done together.

Dusty: What?

Jack: You heard me. What do you say? Are you willing to give it a shot? For Janet's sake.

Lucinda: Genevieve, cancel my appointment. I'm so sick of people.

Sierra: Does that include me?

Lucinda: Sierra!

Sierra: Hello, Mother.

Lily: Craig and I have always been friendly.

Carly: You're fond of him.

Lily: Yeah. He can be very sweet.

Carly: Are you sure this isn't guilt talking?

Lily: Did you show me the design for the new bottle yet?

Carly: I know that you felt guilty when he found out about Gabriel.

Lily: Yes I felt guilty. I kept a secret from that man for years that he had a son.

Carly: And I'm sure he wasn't shy about telling you that you owed him for it.

Lily: No. Actually, he's been quite wonderful. I really think that having a son has -- has brought out a whole other side of Craig.

Carly: No, Craig's got one side, and it's got scales and a tail!

Lily: You're wrong. He's changed.

Carly: Lily, please tell me that you are not so naive as to believe that.

Lily: I'm not naive! I'm just trying to put together some sort of life for myself. Now can we go back to work?

Carly: Lily --

Lily: Look, I didn't realize that this partnership included, uh, personal advice. Because if it does, I've got plenty of tips on how you should deal with Jack.

Carly: Point taken. I'm sorry.

Lily: All right. Now, that, um, perfume-bottle design?

Carly: Yeah. Okay. [Carly sighs] It's right here. [Carly laughs nervously]

Lily: What -- what was that?

Carly: It's nothing. Just, um, a flawed thought. Here you go.

Lily: Beautiful.

Carly: Just be careful when it comes to Craig.

Lily: I know what I'm doing, Carly.

Holden: Yes, yes. I still love Lily. I love her very much. I mean, I have three children with her. How could I not? And I will probably love her for the rest of my life. But, uh, the relationship -- that's over. My future is with Molly.

Molly: Now you see why I want to marry this man?

Holden: "What do you love about your betrothed?" How much time do we have?

Molly: [Laughs] Everything. I love that I can trust Holden about anything, no matter what. He really does bring out the best in me.

Holden: And vice versa. [Holden sighs] What I love most about Molly is that, uh, she's completely open, just like I am. We're two open books. Did we pass the test?

Reverend: Marriage is a test that never ends. But -- congratulations.

[Molly laughs]

Molly: Thank you, Reverend. Thank you.

Reverend: Let me make sure everything is set for your ceremony.

Molly: [Sighs] Phew! [Laughs]

Holden: I hope what I said about Lily didn't upset you.

Molly: No, it didnít. It's just another reason why I love you -- because of your honesty.

Holden: You know what's so funny? We both told Reverend James about our history, but neither of us told him that we have a kid together.

Molly: I know, I know. I thought the same thing about halfway through our, uh, exam. We should probably tell him about Abigail. But, uh, then again, it didn't ask. [Laughs]

Holden: I like that we have a history together.

Molly: Do you?

Holden: Yeah. 'Cause it means that the past is just the beginning.

Janet: So, what were you guys talking about?

Jack: Which one of us ticks you off the most?

Janet: Really? And who won?

Jack: It was a tie.

Janet: I just want the two of you to get it through your thick skulls that I can take care of myself.

Jack: I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I came down so hard on you about your friend Blackie.

Janet: Really? That's it? Just a flat-out, straight apology?

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: Wow.

Jack: Yeah. I admit, I get carried away with the idea of looking out for you.

Janet: Dusty does that, too.

Jack: Well, that's because of the only other thing Dusty and I have in common -- we care about you. We just want everything to be okay.

Dusty: Craig, I never got to congratulate you on joining the team at Worldwide.

Craig: And here comes the knife in the ribs?

Dusty: No, no. Fight's over. You're in. I just hope you allow me to see Johnny now without any problems.

Craig: We'll see.

Dusty: You're gonna be busy -- now that Blackthorn provided the big bucks for you.

Craig: What?

Dusty: I'm taking Johnny to the park tomorrow. You have him ready, okay?

Lucinda: Yee-haw! Oh, oh, oh, oh. It's so -- mm! Let me take a look at you. Oh.

Sierra: Do I pass the test?

Lucinda: You look wonderful. You look better than wonderful. What are you doing here?

Sierra: You mean why am I here when you summoned Lucy?

Lucinda: [Sighs] I -- I didn't -- I didn't summon Lucy. I just suggested that she come home, okay?

Sierra: Why? So you could use her as a pawn in one of your games?

Lucinda: Of course not. It's just I love looking at her beautiful face.

Sierra: Oh, come on, Mother. Do you really think that I'm gonna believe that? She knows what we did to her father, how we kept Gabriel's existence from him for all those years.

Lucinda: [Sighs] You told her all that?

Sierra: You thought that I wouldn't? You know, once Craig knew, there was no reason to keep it a secret any longer.

Lucinda: Hmm. How did Lucy take it?

Sierra: How do you think she took it? That's why I will not allow you to use her to destroy her father.

Lucinda: I'm not trying to destroy Craig. I wanted Lucy to come home because I'm trying to help him.

Sierra: [Scoffs] You're lying.

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Carly: Do you think there's a chance that Craig is -- is using her to get back at me somehow?

Holden: You weren't supposed to see that.

Molly: You said that we were gonna share.

Holden: Molly, these were my vows to Lily.

Craig: Sierra.

Sierra: Hello, Craig.

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