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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/19/10

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Alison: Yes, that's right, Hallie. That necklace is very shiny. And usually when something's shiny, it means itís expensive. Do you know what "Expensive" means? It means it's pretty to look at but crazy to buy.

Casey: Is that number one in Alison's life lessons?

Alison: Actually, it's number three. I'll let you know numbers one and two when you're a little bit older.

Casey: Yeah, yeah!

Alison: In the meantime, you want to know something that's not expensive and a whole lot more fun? Ice cream! Yeah! Who wants ice cream?

Casey: Let's get it!

Alison: Yeah! All right. Can you be a big girl and go over there by yourself? Okay. Just go over to that man with the cart. Give him this, and tell him what you want, okay? Right over there. I'll be right here. I just bribed a 4-year-old out of a very expensive, beautiful necklace with ice cream.

Casey: Yeah. I think bribery is fairly okay with that age.

Alison: Yeah.

Casey: You're a natural at this.

Alison: Oh, please. I don't know about that, and I'm not ready to put it to the test anytime soon.

Casey: Well, when the time comes, you'll be terrific.

Alison: I'm not so sure. I mean, maybe some people are naturally inclined to be good mothers. I don't know if I'm one of them or not.

Casey: Yeah. I can tell you one woman that I'm pretty sure is not a natural at it.

Alison: Vienna?

Casey: I can't tell you the nightmare it would have been to share parenting responsibilities with that woman.

Vienna: Henry, let me go! You're hurting me!

Henry: Really? I'm hurting you? That seems hard to believe since you don't have any feelings!

Vienna: That's not true!

Henry: I know everything, Vienna!

Vienna: Everything about what?

Henry: I know that Barbara knew that you weren't pregnant and that she threatened to tell me about it before the wedding if you didnít. Well, she gave you a chance to come clean, and you didn't, and now she's disappeared! How convenient for you!

Vienna: Henry, if you think I have anything --

Henry: Shut up! You're not gonna worm your way out of this one. All I want from you is the truth.

Vienna: Henry, I don't know where --

Henry: If you ever want to walk out of this room, you're going to be honest with me for once in your life!

Vienna: No, stop it! You're scaring me!

Henry: Good! I'm glad I'm scaring you! Now, where is Barbara? What did you do with her? Tell me!

Margo: Katie, you were with Barbara when she made her last call?

Katie: Well, sort of.

Margo: Well, do you know who she called?

Katie: Could we just maybe go talk in private for a second?

Will: Katie, anything you have to say about my mom, you can say in front of me. I want to hear it.

Katie: I don't know what happened to her, Will. I swear.

Will: But you know something, and I want to know what it is. I'm worried sick about her. I don't know where she is.

Margo: Katie, just tell us what you know.

Katie: All right. I wasn't with Barbara when she made the call, but I do know who she did call. I was with them when it came in. As far as I know, that's the last person she had contact with before she disappeared.

Margo: Katie, who did she call?

Katie: Vienna.

Vienna: Henry, I didn't do anything to Barbara, honestly! I don't know where she is!

Henry: You're lying.

Vienna: No, I'm not!

Henry: Yes, you are. You're lying. That's all you seem to know how to do.

Vienna: No! I don't know where she is, and I don't care! Wherever she is, I hope she never comes back, and now I'm leaving!

Henry: No, you're not!

Vienna: Henry, please, stop it.

Henry: Listen. I'm gonna give you one more chance to tell me what happened to her, and then things are gonna get really ugly up in here.

Vienna: Henry, please.

Henry: Where is she?

Vienna: Oh, Henry, I know that you're angry at me.

Henry: Anger does not even begin to describe what I am feeling right now.

Vienna: I know, I know. I hurt you so badly, and I'm so sorry, but I didn't have anything to do with Barbara's disappearance! You have to believe me.

Henry: No, I don't! I don't have to believe you, not anymore.

Vienna: Yeah, but I'm telling you the truth!

Henry: Okay. You want me to believe you, then prove it to me.

Vienna: How?

Henry: Where were you right before the wedding? Why were you late for the ceremony?

Vienna: I was busy getting ready! I wanted to look beautiful for you!

Henry: You did. You looked incredibly beautiful and incredibly calm considering that Barbara knew that you weren't pregnant and could ruin everything for you.

Vienna: Yeah, but I was calm, because I decided I wouldn't let her ruin the most important day of my life!

Henry: Yeah, and how would you do that? You would get rid of her, and that's what you did!

Vienna: No!

Henry: Yes, and with the threat out of the way, you can just walk into Al's a picture of tranquility!

Vienna: No, because I stopped at the church before I went to the diner to pray for our happiness!

Henry: You what? You what you prayed yeah, you prayed. You prayed for your little scheme to work, and it almost did, Vienna -- almost. But almost isn't good enough, and now it is over.

Vienna: No, no! I don't accept that. No. I know that you can forgive me. You just need a little bit of time.

Henry: Don't -- don't -- don't flatter yourself, Sweetheart. Don't flatter yourself. All I need from you is to admit that you and I are over and to tell me where Barbara is.

Vienna: Oh, my God! For the millionth time, I don't know! Maybe she ran away because you broke her heart. Did you ever think about that?

Henry: I broke her heart because you tricked me, and she knew that, and she had the power to get me back! All she had to do was tell me that you lied! Hell, Katie said that she was going to, that she was ready to! See, it all comes back to you!

Vienna: Fine, fine! Believe whatever you want! [Sighs]

Vienna: Obviously, there's nothing I can say or do to change your mind.

Henry: That's right.

Vienna: I swear on everything I have, on everything that I am, I could never hurt someone, not even someone as hateful as Barbara. I didn't hurt her. I didnít.

Margo: So, what did Barbara say to Vienna when she called her?

Katie: She told her that she knew Vienna wasn't really pregnant.

Margo: Whoa.

Gwen: Vienna wasn't really pregnant?

Katie: No. It was just a ruse to keep Henry from leaving her.

Will: That's unbelievable.

Margo: Oh, Katie, please, please tell me that you didn't know about this before Barbara called.

Katie: I wish I could say I didn't, but I did.

Margo: Oh, Katie!

Katie: I know! Do you know how hard it was to keep that a secret from Henry?

Margo: Yeah, but you did, didn't you?

Katie: Well, Vienna convinced me that she had everything under control. I didn't want her to lose him.

Margo: And that worked out really well.

Katie: I feel horrible.

Margo: You should.

Will: How did my mom figure out that Vienna wasn't really pregnant?

Katie: I have no idea, and I don't know how she found any sort of proof or what it could be.

Margo: Well, did she threaten to tell Henry?

Katie: Yeah, of course she did, but she gave Vienna the choice to tell him first.

Margo: Okay. So, did Vienna tell him?

Katie: No. She promised me she would tell him before the wedding, but, obviously, she didn't, 'cause they got married, and she hadn't said a word.

Will: And my mom never showed up.

Katie: No.

Margo: So, what did Vienna do after she got the phone call?

Katie: She just ran off.

Margo: Oh, Katie. Did she say anything before she ran off?

Katie: She said she had to do what needed to be done.

Will: Like get rid of my mom?

Margo: All right. Let's not jump to any conclusions.

Will: Who's jumping? I think it's pretty clear what happened to my mom now!

Margo: All right. So, Henry still doesn't know the truth, then?

Katie: Well, no. He knows now.

Margo: How?

Katie: I told him.

Margo: You? So you changed your mind.

Katie: Well, it was one thing for Vienna to tell him that she was pregnant, but she crossed the line when she pretended that she had a miscarriage.

Gwen: What?

Katie: Yeah. That was her way of responding to Barbara's threat. After the wedding, she told him that she lost the baby.

Gwen: What a horrible thing to do to someone.

Katie: I know. It was, especially considering that they had gone through that for real, but Vienna didn't feel like she had a choice.

Margo: Don't you think it's time you stopped defending this woman?

Katie: I'm not defending her! Marrying Henry meant everything to her! Do you know how terrified she was of losing him?

Will: She sounds psychotic to me.

Margo: Even with all of her lies, she's lost everything. I doubt very much that Henry's ever gonna trust her now that he knows the truth.

Katie: No, don't say that. I am holding out hope.

Margo: After everything she's done to him?

Katie: They love each other. We've all made mistakes at one time or another.

Margo: Like this? No, no. I don't know. I don't know.

Will: Margo, I think it's pretty obvious what happened. Vienna did something to my mom.

Margo: No. We don't know that for sure.

Will: What other explanation do you want? My mom threatened to ruin her wedding, and then Vienna goes off and says she's gonna do whatever she has to do, and my mom doesn't show up to the wedding, and then Vienna marries Henry? What part doesn't fit?

Katie: Well, I don't believe that Vienna would do something so drastic.

Will: Are you kidding? She was pretending to be pregnant so she could get married to Henry, and then she told him she lost the baby! This woman's capable of anything!

Katie: Not violence.

Will: You know what? Something else is bothering me right now.

Katie: What?

Will: Why would you keep this to yourself? If you're friends with Henry, why wouldn't you tell him before the wedding or at least tell your sister?

Katie: I don't know. It was a mistake. I know that now.

Will: It's a little late for that, Katie!

Gwen: Will, come on, take it easy.

Will: No, I don't care about your feelings! All I care about is finding my mother!

Katie: I'm sorry! I want to help you, but I can't!

Will: Can't or won't?

Katie: What is that supposed to mean?

Will: You were protecting Vienna before. How do I know you're not protecting her now?

Chris: Hey, Katie. What's up? It's me again. Look, obviously, I'm worried about you because this is the 12th time I've called you. Give me a call. Give me a text. I just want to know that you're okay, okay? Okay. Bye.

Kim: Hello, Sweetheart.

Chris: Hey, Mom.

Kim: Hi, Darling. I couldn't help overhearing what you were saying. Everything okay?

Chris: Yeah, yeah. I'm okay.

Kim: Mm-hmm?

Chris: Katie, another story.

Kim: Well, that's usually the case where she's involved. Is there something you want to talk about?

Chris: I don't think it'd do any good.

Kim: Okay. The offer's open.

Chris: Thank you.

Kim: Mm-hmm.

Chris: She's avoiding me, Katie.

Kim: Yeah. I kind of picked that up from the phone call. Do you have any idea why?

Chris: Well, I think it's because I told her she's making a mistake, and usually I love to be proven right, but this time --

Kim: Not so much.

Chris: Not even a little.

Kim: You do remember that I've always told you "Never say 'I told you so.'"

Chris: Oh, I know.

Kim: You'll be okay.

Chris: I know. I know, I know. But, see, the problem is, she kept something from Henry, something life-altering, and he is furious, and, quite frankly, I think he's justified in feeling that way.

Kim: But why would she want to do something like that to him?

Chris: She was trying to protect another friend, you know, and she thought she was doing the right thing.

Kim: Let me guess. Are we talking about Vienna, the other friend?

Chris: Yes.

Kim: Mm-hmm. I don't think I like the way this story is heading.

Chris: Yeah. Well, it turns out Vienna -- not really pregnant.

Kim: You've got to be kidding me. Vienna lied to Henry about being pregnant and Katie knew that and she kept it to herself?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Kim: Why?

Chris: Well, she thought that Henry and Vienna belonged together, and she knew that if Henry believed there was a baby --

Kim: Oh, my God! Henry would stay with Vienna! But she knew about Henry's feelings for Barbara!

Chris: Yeah, but, Mom, she didn't think that those feelings were real.

Kim: Well, why the hell not? Of course they were real! I mean, Barbara was devastated. Look what she did. She ran away from here, and Katie allowed that.

Alison: Oh, no.

Casey: There it is. There. Okay, here we go. One second.

Alison: Yeah, you might need more than just a napkin for that. Should I go to Al's and get a mop?

Casey: Oh, wow. She's a riot, isn't she? I mean, she doesn't know half the fun of eating ice cream is getting it all over the place! Am I right?

[Hallie laughs]

Casey: What?

Alison: No. I'm just thinking how close you thought you came to doing this on a regular basis.

Casey: Yeah. I really dodged that bullet.

Alison: Yeah, you did, and lived to tell about it. But, hey, at least something good came out of it.

Casey: What's that?

Alison: You decided you didn't hate me anymore.

Casey: Yeah, that's very true. And it was fun playing detective with you for a while, wasn't it?

Alison: Yeah, it was the highlight of my month.

Casey: Yeah, mine, too. Well, I got to get back to work.

Alison: Okay. You certainly know how to kill a moment.

Casey: I was just trying to slow it down a little. That's it. Do you, uh -- do you think you could, uh --

Alison: Oh, yeah. Be with Hallie, get her back to Will and Gwen? Sure.

Casey: Mm-hmm. Okay. I'll see you at work?

Alison: Yeah, you will.

Casey: Hallie, I'll see you later. Enjoy the rest of that ice cream. Okay.

Katie: I came here to help, not to be accused! I had nothing to do with whatever happened to Barbara!

Will: Yeah, well, I think we know where your loyalties are, and they're sure as hell not with my mom!

Margo: Would everyone just calm down?

Katie: That doesn't mean I would hurt her!

Will: You wouldn't admit it if you did!

Margo: We just need to get to the bottom of this! The first thing I need to do is talk to Vienna. So, where is she?

Katie: I have no idea.

Will: Of course you donít.

Katie: Margo, I'm telling you the truth. I have no idea where she is.

Vienna: Henry, I know I've hurt you. I've hurt you so badly.

Henry: That is an incredible understatement.

Vienna: No. Maybe there's nothing I could do to make that up to you, but I'm going to try my hardest. I will never stop trying. I will never give up on our love.

Henry: Good. You keep trying, because nothing is gonna change how I feel right now.

Vienna: No. I don't believe that, because I know that your love for me is stronger than any hate or anger you could ever feel. We were so good together. We were soul mates. We still are soul mates. Henry, you're my Henry. That will never change.

Henry: It has changed! It's gone! You killed it!

Vienna: No, no! I was crazy with love! It made me go out of my mind, the thought of losing you, but it made me do irrational things, but love, true love, is irrational, and you know that.

Henry: True love doesn't hurt people.

Vienna: Yes, it does hurt people all the time, but then it repairs itself, because true love is stronger than any hate or anger.

Henry: No, not this time. Not this time.

Vienna: Yes. Yes, this time. Every time. Every time, Henry. We just need to reconnect physically, spiritually. You know how amazing it is when we make love. Don't you remember? Huh?

Henry: Yes, I remember. And I'll never forget. And I will never forgive. I will never touch you, and I will never love you. Do you understand? Hmm? I hate you! I can't even stand the sight of you.

Vienna: Well, what are you gonna do?

Henry: I'm gonna get to the truth of this, okay? If you won't tell me what happened to Barbara, maybe you will talk to the police.

Vienna: No. You wouldn't do that. You canít.

Henry: Yeah. We're gonna go see Margo. Let's go.

Vienna: But I haven't done anything wrong.

Henry: Let Margo decide if that's true or not. Come on!

Vienna: No. But my clothes.

Henry: I think modesty is the least of your concerns right now.

Vienna: Henry, please don't do this.

Henry: If you haven't done anything wrong, what are you afraid of?

Vienna: I'm afraid of you! I'm afraid of the hatred I see in your eyes!

Henry: Good! You should be! Come on. Quit stalling.

Vienna: Fine! If this is what you really want!

Henry: You have destroyed everything that I have ever wanted.

Vienna: Yeah, but that was never my intention. I just wanted us to get married and have a family.

Henry: Oh, come on! Stop it! Stop! Quit! Stop with the whining and the begging. I can't take any more. Come on. Let's go. Hey! Vienna! Damn it! Vienna!

Margo: Katie, if you know where Vienna is, just tell me, 'cause I don't have time for your games.

Katie: The last time I spoke with Vienna, she was going to calm Henry down. I don't know where or how she was gonna do that.

Will: Do you know where we can find Vienna?

Margo: We? What do you -- we? There's no we.

Will: Margo, please do not push me out of this. This is my mother we're talking about here!

Margo: All right, fine! Please -- please just stay out of my way, all right? Please?

Will: Can you go pick up Hallie?

Gwen: Yeah, of course.

Will: I'll call you if we hear anything, okay?

Gwen: Okay.

Katie: What can I do?

Will: You've done enough.

Katie: I was talking to Margo.

Margo: Go home. Just go home. And if Vienna or Henry calls you, find out where they are, and then call me immediately.

Katie: Okay.

Margo: No, immediately.

Katie: Okay.

Margo: Immediately, Katie.

Katie: I know!

Margo: And you stay close yourself, because I'm not finished with you.

Katie: I'm sure you have a lot of questions for me.

Margo: Oh, more than you know, little sister.

Alison: That's pretty, too.

Gwen: Hey! Ali, hey. I'm so sorry I'm late.

Alison: Oh, no. That's fine. Hallie and I were having a great time, right?

Gwen: Oh, I'm glad you guys got to hang out.

Alison: Yeah.

Gwen: Where's Casey?

Alison: He had to get back to work. Is everything okay?

Gwen: Hey, Sweetie, come with me. Let's go sit over here for a second, okay? Come here. Up. You got it?

Hallie: Mm-hmm.

Gwen: Ali and I are gonna be right over here, okay? I was just at the police station.

Alison: Oh. Any news about Barbara's whereabouts?

Gwen: No, not yet. Margo and Will went to go question Vienna. It turns out she was never really pregnant.

Alison: What?

Gwen: Yeah. She pretended to be pregnant to get Henry to marry her. Barbara found out and then threatened to tell Henry everything.

Alison: And Barbara's now disappeared?

Gwen: Yeah. Will's freaking out.

Alison: Where did you learn all this?

Gwen: Katie. She came by to tell Margo that Vienna was the last person Barbara spoke to before she disappeared.

Alison: Wow. This is unbelievable.

Gwen: Unbelievable, yeah. Funny, no. Why are you laughing?

Alison: Oh, I'm sorry. No. It's not funny. It's just, you won't believe what Casey went through because he thought Vienna was pregnant.

Gwen: I mean, can that guy ever stay out of trouble?

Alison: No. Vienna kept swearing to him that he wasn't the father of her baby, but he couldn't take her word for it, and it turns out she was actually telling the truth.

Gwen: What was Casey doing getting involved with her, anyway?

Alison: It was after we broke up.

Gwen: Got it. Enough said.

Alison: Yeah. So, anyway, Casey and I were going crazy trying to find out if he could be the dad. I mean, the only good thing that came out of it was that it brought us closer together again.

Gwen: That's great, but the rest of the situation is a total nightmare.

Alison: No kidding. I mean, do you really think Vienna had something to do with Barbara's disappearance?

Gwen: I don't like to point fingers without facts, but it sure sounds like Vienna had a damn good motive for wanting to get Barbara out of the way.

Alison: And after lying to Henry about being pregnant and then pretending to lose that baby, it's obvious that she's pretty capable of just about anything.

Henry: I don't remember the room number! I'm betting it's the only one with a chair jammed against it!

[Door rattles]

Margo: Okay, okay, okay.

Henry: Thank God. Where's Vienna?

Margo: Well, I was hoping that you would tell me.

Henry: You didn't see her? She just locked me up and tore out of here.

Margo: Great. What type of lead time does she have on us now?

Henry: About five minutes, tops.

Will: Why did she lock you in here?

Henry: Because I was gonna bring her into the station. Margo, there's a lot of stuff we have to talk about.

Margo: No, no, no. I think I already know. Katie came in, and she told me.

Henry: Katie?

Margo: Well, yeah, and she sounded genuine.

Henry: Fine. We'll deal with that later. Right now we need to find -- I'm sorry. We need to find Vienna. She shouldn't be too hard to find. She's walking around like she's going to a toga party.

Margo: A what?

Henry: She's wrapped in a sheet.

Will: Did she tell you where my mom is?

Henry: No, no. She said she didn't know anything about it, but she's lying, Will. She's got to be lying.

Margo: All right, all right. I'm gonna put out an APB.

Henry: Good, thanks.

Will: Hey, I need to talk to you.

Henry: No. Now is not a good time, Will.

Will: Well, make time, because you owe me some answers.

Henry: What do you want to know?

Will: I want you to tell me what the hell kind of game you're playing with my mom.

Casey: Hello?

Vienna: This isn't what it looks like.

Casey: I sure hope not, because if it is, you can count me out. I mean, I learned my lesson.

Vienna: Casey, I'm in really bad trouble. I have nowhere else to turn and no one else I trust.

Casey: Well, what do you want?

Vienna: I want you to help me.

Casey: No. No way. Forget it. I'm not getting involved, 'cause any time I get involved with you, I end up regretting it.

Vienna: That's a horrible thing to say.

Casey: Yes, but, you know, you probably have a really good reason for doing what you're doing, but --

Vienna: No! Everything I did, I did it for love.

Casey: Yeah, sure. Love. Great.

Vienna: So you understand! So you understand!

Casey: Understand or not, I'm not getting involved, because I can't afford being in trouble, and trouble just seems to follow you around.

Vienna: Yeah, but that's not my fault.

Casey: Not your fault, Vienna. I mean, you're dressed up in a sheet right now.

Vienna: Yeah! Do you know what just happened to me? Henry cornered me in a room at the spa, and he tried to kill me!

Casey: Henry tried to kill you?

Vienna: He was in a rage! He blames me for everything!

Casey: Well, it kind of was your fault, wasn't it? I mean --

Vienna: Is it my fault for loving Henry too much, for doing everything I have to do to make sure that we stay together?

Casey: Didn't quite work out that way, did it?

Vienna: No, because Katie let the cat out of the bag. I had everything under control.

Casey: Yes, yes. Vienna, I feel for you, but I'm not being dragged into this mess.

Vienna: No. I won't drag you into anything. I just need one favor.

Henry: I wasn't playing games with your mother, Will, okay? I -- I tricked myself into thinking that I was making the right choice by choosing Vienna over your mother.

Will: So, the two of you really did have a relationship.

Henry: Yeah.

Will: How? Why?

Henry: These things just sort of happen, Will.

Will: In -- in what universe would the two of you ever, ever come together?

Henry: It's not that outrageous.

Will: Yeah, Henry, it is. Believe me.

Henry: Okay, okay, okay, fine. It started as a lark, a game, if you will. She came after the money that I was getting from my newly discovered father, James Stenbeck. He had left that for me.

Will: I heard about that.

Henry: Yeah. I don't talk about that. It was a complete nightmare. Anyway, she got a hold of the money, and then I tried to seduce it back from her, and then it -- well, it developed, and it became more than just a game, and it developed into something very strong and -- very strong feelings for her, stronger than I've ever had for another woman.

Will: So, why'd you dump her?

Henry: I didn't dump her. I didn't dump her. Vienna got pregnant. I thought she got pregnant, and Barbara and I talked about it, and we agreed that the honorable thing for me to do was to marry Vienna and raise my child.

Will: Well, if both of you agreed, then why did everyone come to tell me how devastated she was afterwards?

Henry: Because she's a good woman, and she's a lot less selfish than a lot of people around here think she is. For the record, I was pretty devastated myself.

Will: Yeah, right.

Henry: Will, you may not understand this, okay, but the pain that I felt letting your mother go was as profound as anything I've ever felt in my life.

Will: But you still did it.

Henry: Yes, I did it. I did it for the greater good. I thought, by Vienna getting pregnant, it meant that I had to choose her. Your mother agreed with me! She urged me to marry her, even though I knew she didn't want me to!

Will: Oh, so it's just great decisions all around.

Henry: None of us realized how deep the deception was on Vienna's part, okay?

Will: Yeah. You, least of all, who's supposed to know her better than anyone.

Henry: She fooled everybody, Will! Me more than anybody!

Will: And now my mother's missing, and I don't believe for a second that she just ran off on her own. It's just not like her.

Henry: I know, it's not. I agree. It's not like her. And it means I've got to do everything I can to find her. Will, if anything happens to her, I will never forgive myself.

Will: You sound like you're in love with her.

Henry: I am. God, help me. I am in love with her. The worst decision I ever made was not realizing that sooner. I've got to find her, Will. So, unless you have any more questions for me, I've got to go. Good.

Katie: 12? Chris Hughes, Chris Hughes, Chris Hughes. Oh, he's worried about me. No, no. I won't drag you into this. You can't fix it for me even if I want you to. [Sighs] Besides, you're better off without me.

Kim: Okay.

Chris: Mom, Katie never meant to hurt Barbara, okay? She was just trying to protect Henry and Vienna.

Kim: Yeah, well, who was looking out for Barbara at the time?

Chris: Well, look, I know. I told Katie she was making a huge mistake by keeping quiet.

Kim: You knew, too, and you didn't say anything either.

Chris: Well, I didn't think it was my place.

Kim: Christopher!

Chris: What?

Kim: What? Barbara is our family, and you watched her go through all of this, and you stood there knowing the truth, and you didn't say anything?

Chris: I made a promise to Katie, I mean --

Kim: Oh, for Peteís sake!

Chris: Look, I'm sorry!

Kim: Well, you should be! This was all avoidable!

Chris: Um, Mom, you know, Katie is a victim in this, too.

Kim: Oh!

Chris: She's caught in between two of her closest friends. I mean, what was she supposed to do?

Kim: She was supposed to stay out of it, for heaven's sakes! What she did was selfish! She decided on her own that Henry and Vienna should be together.

Chris: So, wait a minute. What are you saying, Mom, that it's Katie's fault that Barbara disappeared?

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: Chris is not taking no for an answer. Henry, hi. I'm so glad you're here. I just -- I want to tell you how horrible I feel for everything and how sorry I am for everything that I did.

Henry: I'm not here to forgive you.

Katie: I know. Listen, I know. It's gonna take a long time. It's not gonna happen over night.

Henry: If ever.

Katie: What can I do? Please tell me. There has to be something I can do to help you through this.

Henry: I doubt that. But if you want to give it a shot, I know how you can start.

Katie: How?

Henry: Tell me where the hell she is!

Will: Hi. Hey. How's my princess?

Gwen: She's great. How are you?

Will: No sign of her yet.

Gwen: But Margo's on the case, right?

Will: She says she is.

Gwen: Then you've got to trust her.

Will: Get this. Vienna locked Henry in a room at the Lakeview spa, and now she's disappeared, too.

Gwen: What?

Will: It just gets freakier and freakier.

Gwen: Okay. Does this mean that Vienna definitely had something to do with your mom's -- you know what?

Will: Henry seems to think so. Hey, Honey. Why don't you come take a look at this, okay? Mommy and I are gonna talk for a minute, okay? The weirdest part about all this, Henry seemed really worried about my mom. He said he's in love with her.

Gwen: Do you believe him?

Will: Henry's a good con man. He's a good liar, but he seemed really sincere.

Gwen: Henry and Barbara, I just can't wrap my head around them.

Will: I know. You should have heard him, like, going on and on about it. The way he was talking about it, it didn't sound like a fling thing. It sounded kind of serious.

Gwen: Real deal.

Will: Total real deal.

Gwen: But Henry married Vienna.

Will: He says he did that because she said she was pregnant and that Mom even encouraged it.

Gwen: Okay. That doesn't sound like Barbara. She's not usually so noble.

Will: Yeah, I know. She's the destroy and conquer type.

Gwen: So, why be noble now?

Will: I don't know. Nothing about the way she's acting is typical mom.

Gwen: Do you think she really fell in love with Henry?

Will: It defies all sorts of logic, but I'm starting to believe maybe she did.

Gwen: And then Henry turned around and broke her heart.

Will: He says his heart's broken, too.

Gwen: Maybe Barbara did go off somewhere to pull herself together.

Will: She would have told us, Gwen. She would have known that we'd been worried when she didn't show up to watch Hallie.

Gwen: She sent that postcard. Maybe she didn't want us to feel sorry for her, so she didn't let us in on the truth.

Will: My gut's telling me that's not what happened.

Gwen: You think she's in trouble?

Will: I think something's seriously wrong.

Gwen: Okay. Tell me this -- do you think Vienna's definitely involved somehow?

Will: Yeah. She disappeared. I think she felt the heat and she took off.

Gwen: So, she could be anywhere now.

Will: That's what I'm worried about.

Gwen: What do you mean?

Will: She could be the only person who knows where my mom is. What if we never find her?

Gwen: Stop thinking like that. We'll find Vienna, and we'll find your mom. I promise.

Kim: At this point, there's more than enough blame to go around.

Chris: Mom, Barbara knew the truth about Vienna.

Kim: She did?

Chris: Yes. I mean, why did you think we were so tense at the wedding? We kept expecting her to burst in and stop the whole thing.

Kim: Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?

Chris: I told you, I made a promise to Katie.

Kim: Why?

Chris: Look, Katie feels like she was losing her two best friends on top of Brad, okay? And I know I should be worried about Barbara, and I am. I am. It's just not the same way I'm worried about Katie. And the whole thing, it spiraled out of control.

Kim: Oh, my God. I'll say it did.

Chris: And I got to be honest with you, if Henry can't forgive Katie, I don't think Katie will ever be able to forgive herself.

Katie: Henry, I already told you, I don't know what happened to Barbara or where she is.

Henry: I am not talking about Barbara. I am talking about my loving wife.

Katie: Vienna? She's not here.

Henry: Excuse me if I don't believe you just because you say so.

Katie: I swear, Vienna's not here. I don't know where she is. If I knew, I would tell you.

Henry: Sure you would, because you tell me everything, don't you?

Katie: I went to Margo. I told her that Barbara called Vienna, and she went to talk to her.

Henry: Yeah, she did. She arrived just a little bit too late. By the time she got there, Vienna had locked me up in a spa and taken off.

Katie: She locked you up? Why would she do that?

Henry: Because I told her I was gonna take her to the cops. She freaked out, Katie. She freaked out and ran away, which is more proof to me that she is behind Barbara's disappearance.

Katie: Henry, I am so sorry about everything.

Henry: You keep saying that as if it's gonna change anything! It won't! Barbara's still missing. Vienna is still lying. My life is still in ruins. Now stop with the sorrys and tell me where she is!

Katie: If I knew where to look, I would tell you!

Henry: Or not. You know what? To hell with it. I'm gonna search the place.

Katie: Fine. Be my guest.

Henry: All right. I will.

Casey: Okay, calm down. I'll go see if I can scrounge up some scrubs or something, okay?

Vienna: Oh, thank you. Thank you, thank you. I knew I could count on you.

Casey: Don't get too excited. Just stay here, keep wearing the sheet thing, and just stay put, okay? Good.

Alison: Oh, where's the emergency?

Casey: Okay. Vienna's hiding out in there wearing nothing but a sheet and claiming Henry tried to kill her.

Alison: You're making that up.

Casey: No, I'm not. You can go check. I swear.

Alison: How did she get here if she's only wearing a sheet?

Casey: I didn't ask her.

Alison: So, where were you going?

Casey: I was going to get her some clothes and help her get out of town.

Alison: No, Casey. Don't do that.

Casey: Why? Why? She seems scared, like Henry really got violent with her.

Alison: Okay. I doubt he got violent with her, even though he has every reason to be ticked off at her.

Casey: Why?

Alison: Okay. Your mother thinks that Vienna might have something to do with Barbara Ryanís disappearance.

Casey: No way.

Alison: Yeah, seriously.

Casey: Why would Vienna try to get rid of Barbara?

Alison: Because Barbara had dirt on her that would have blown the wedding all to hell.

Casey: What kind of dirt?

Alison: Okay. Casey, are you ready for this?

Casey: Yeah.

Alison: Vienna was never pregnant. She made the whole thing up.

Katie: Satisfied?

Henry: Maybe I just missed her. Maybe you gave her some clothes and helped her escape.

Katie: Why would I do that?

Henry: Because all you have done is help her destroy my life.

Katie: I didn't mean to. You know it.

Henry: Do I?

Katie: Yes! I was only trying to make you two happy!

Henry: Look at me right now, Katie! Do I look happy to you?

Katie: Well, I wouldn't help Vienna again, and that is the truth, because I care about you too much.

Henry: You care about me? Look at all the damage that you have done to my life because you care about me! You have ruined it, Katie! You're supposed to be my best friend! You're supposed to be the person I can count on and trust, but you chose Vienna! You helped her lie to me!

Katie: No! That is not true! I did it to bring you guys together, not tear you apart!

Henry: So you let me believe I'd lost another baby just so Vienna and I would stay together?

Katie: No, no. That is where I drew the line. I didn't know she was gonna tell you she had a miscarriage, but when she did and I saw how devastated you were, I came to you, and I told you the truth.

Henry: The truth? You should not even be allowed to use that word.

Katie: All right. I deserve that. I know, I do. I am so sorry. How can we get back to where we were before?

Henry: We canít. We canít. Not ever. If you're feeling the need to confess, though, why don't you tell me this truth -- where is Barbara? What has happened to her?

Casey: No wonder we couldn't find the doctor Vienna was seeing.

Alison: 'Cause there was no doctor.

Casey: And there was no baby.

Alison: 'Cause it was all a lie.

Casey: This is just unbelievable.

Alison: So is the miscarriage, obviously.

Casey: She did all this to get Henry to marry her?

Alison: She did it to hold onto him. She was afraid that he was gonna leave her for Barbara.

Casey: So, who knows the whole truth?

Alison: I think everyone, I guess. I don't know. Katie told Henry. Barbara's disappeared. Henry's left Vienna.

Casey: Yeah, and Vienna's hiding out down the hall, asking me for help.

Alison: Which you're not gonna give her, right?

Casey: I mean, she's really freaked out. Like, what if Henry tried to hurt her?

Alison: Physically? Come on. Henry? Seriously?

Casey: Okay, yes. Good point. But she seemed really scared.

Alison: Maybe because she is responsible for what happened to Barbara and she's starting to freak out about it.

Casey: I don't know.

Alison: Casey, if she is and you help her, you could get into a lot of trouble.

Casey: I could be an accessory.

Alison: Please don't get sucked into this. Please, just stay out of it.

Margo: Hey. I'm glad you're both here.

Casey: What's up?

Margo: Someone said they saw Vienna rush into the hospital and she was wearing just a sheet. Have either one of you seen her?

Casey: Yeah. She's in there. And you can't miss her.

Katie: I know you're angry with me right now. I get that. You probably even hate me. Okay. I guess you do.

Henry: We're not talking about you. We're talking about Barbara. Where is she?

Katie: I have no idea.

Henry: Don't lie to me, Katie.

Katie: I'm not lying to you. I promise, I have no idea where Barbara is.

Henry: Did Vienna have anything to do with her disappearance?

Katie: I don't want to think that she would have anything to do with hurting someone else.

Henry: That's not an answer.

Katie: I don't know the answer.

Henry: Oh. You don't know much of anything, do you?

Katie: Well, in this case, isn't that good thing?

Henry: Donít.

Katie: Henry, I want to help you.

Henry: Okay. You want to help me? Here's the only thing I need from you. If you hear from Vienna, let me know.

Katie: Okay, I will. I promise.

Henry: Then we have nothing else to say to each other, do we?

Katie: Henry.

Henry: No, I've got to go. I've got to find the woman that I love.

Katie: Barbara?

Henry: Barbara, yes. Barbara. I only hope it's not too late.

Katie: No. Hey, Henry, wait.

Henry: What?

Katie: I want to help you find her.

Henry: If you want to assuage your guilt, go to a nun!

Katie: This is killing me!

Henry: Good!

Katie: All I ever wanted was for you to finally be happy.

Henry: Then I guess you can count this as a big, fat failure, then, Katie!

Katie: Well, would you stop doing this to me and just let me say what I need to say? I'm sorry. I was very wrong. I just didn't know the truth.

Henry: What truth?

Katie: That you really were in love with Barbara.

Henry: I didn't know it either, until it was too late.

Katie: It doesn't have to be too late.

Henry: In order for that to be true, I have to find her and bring her back.

Katie: I'm not gonna be able to forgive myself until you do, probably not even then, but I'm gonna keep hoping, and I'm just gonna keep telling you how sorry I am.

Henry: You know, I almost believe you are.

Katie: Good. That's a start.

Henry: And the sad thing is, it doesn't matter. It doesn't change a thing.

[Door slams]

Casey: Well, she wanted some clothes, and she wanted me to help her get out of town.

Margo: So, it sounds like she's on the run.

Alison: Do you really think Vienna did something bad to Barbara?

Margo: Well -- not gonna speculate.

Casey: She was right here!

Margo: Vienna? You sure this is the right room?

Casey: Yes! She was wearing this! I mean, she was wearing this and nothing else!

Margo: Well, she's not wearing it anymore.

Will: Did I give you the key card?

Gwen: No, you kept it.

Will: I can't find it.

Gwen: Maybe you left it at the police station?

Will: Oh, found it.

Gwen: Do you smell that?

Will: What?

Gwen: Perfume.

Will: What about it?

Gwen: I think it's the kind your mom wears.

Will: Really?

Gwen: Seriously, that's definitely Barbara's perfume.

Will: I think you're right.

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: Hey. Mom? Mom, are you here?

Iris: There you are! I thought it took you a long time to get here!

Will: Iris.

Gwen: Mom.

Iris: I know. I know! I'm thrilled to see you, too, Gwennie!

Gwen: What are you doing here?

Iris: Oh, I was just playing with Barbieís perfume. [Sniffs] You don't think she'd mind, do you? Huh?

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