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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 7/9/10

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Barbara: I'm in here! I'm in the warehouse! Oh, I heard your car siren! I heard the car door close! Why can't you hear the fireworks? Hello! Okay. Okay. I'll try again. I'll try one more. One more big bang. Here we go. All right. All right. Aah! Aah! Do you hear that? Do you hear that? Do you hear that? I'm creating a fire hazard in here! Come on down and come arrest me! Come on! I dare you! Come and get me! I'm a felon in here! Aah!


Barbara: Oh! Oh, hello? Did you hear that? Did you hear that? Did you hear that?

[Vehicle departing]

Barbara: No, no, no, no! You got to get me! Got to get me out of here! [Cries]

Paul: Hey, Mom, it's me. You know, you could have saved me and Kim and everybody else, really, a whole lot of aggravation if you'd just called before you left, but I don't know. Enjoy your cruise. I can't really imagine you on a boat with 3,000 of your newest can closest friends, but if you're feeling better, I'm all for it. But will you please call me?

Hallie: Hi.

Paul: Hi. Where are your mommy and daddy?

Will: Right here.

Paul: Will! Hey!

Casey: Hey.

Alison: Hey.

Casey: You want to go grab a cup of coffee?

Alison: Not for a while. I have to go on a pharmacy run for Dr. Marcus.

Casey: Is this a prescription for Vienna?

Alison: Hey. You're not supposed to be looking at that.

Casey: Too late. Already did. What's it for? I'll just look it up.

Alison: You have to stop violating the woman's privacy!

Casey: Hey. I was once private with that woman. If anyone has a right to know, I do. It's for a rash?

Alison: I'm not denying or confirming.

Casey: Is that normal for a pregnant woman?

Alison: Well, a rash is never normal, ever. Just not sure where Vienna got it.

Casey: Don't look at me like that. Ow!

Alison: You deserved it.

Casey: [Laughs] So that means no cup of coffee?

Alison: Stick around, and maybe we'll see.

Katie: Why would I give you a reason to stay? I'm the one who told you to go to Haiti and save the world.

Chris: Yes, but you didn't mean it.

Katie: Yes, I did!

Chris: But you did mean what you said about me not being committed to anything, and you were right.

Katie: I was?

Chris: I do fly in and out of here, career, country, life in general. Katie, it's been so long since I committed to anything. I don't even remember how to do it.

Katie: Okay, right. So goodbye. Be safe in Haiti.

Chris: Will you please stop misunderstanding me.

Katie: Then start making sense!

Chris: Katie, I want to start a life here in Oakdale.

Katie: You do?

Chris: Yes. And the more I see it, the more you're a part of it.

Katie: I am?

Chris: Yes. I can stay, Katie. I could commit to that. I just need you to do something for me first.

Katie: What?

Chris: Tell me that you don't want me to leave town.

Henry: We lost the baby?

Vienna: I'm so sorry.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You didn't do anything wrong. I can't believe this happened to us again.

Vienna: I don't want to think about it.

Henry: And you don't have to. Listen. I want you to lie here. I want you to get some rest, okay? I can't believe I wasn't here when it happened.

Vienna: Henry.

Henry: I'm the one that's sorry.

Vienna: Oh, my God.

Henry: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make this tougher on you.

Vienna: No, no. You didn't. Stop apologizing, because you have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

Henry: I'm the reason that this happened.

Vienna: No! How can you be blamed for --?

Henry: If I hadn't been so honest about how I felt about Barbara, then --

Vienna: No! I don't want to talk about her. Not today, please.

Henry: Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I ever brought it up. Just, I wish this hadn't happened.

Vienna: No, no! Please, I don't want to think about what's done, and I don't want you to think about it either.

Henry: We've already lost one child. To lose another like this, it's not right!

Vienna: No! We can't do anything about what nature decides, okay?

Henry: How can you be so calm and -- and philosophical about it? This was our baby, Vienna. Now it's gone!

Vienna: I'm just trying to be strong.

Alison: Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt. I just have the ointment for your rash, Vienna, from Dr. Marcus.

Henry: Do you really think that what Vienna needs right now is some ointment?

Alison: Well, she is all blotchy.

Henry: That is the least of her concerns right now!

Alison: Okay. Um, sorry. I was just doing my job.

Casey: So, you heal Vienna's rash?

Alison: Yes, in the 2.2 seconds I was in there.

Casey: So you're a miracle worker.

Alison: You know what? I will take you up on that coffee.

Casey: Don't you have to wait and see if the cure worked? I mean --

Alison: No. I just have to clear it with my supervisor on the way out, but I've got to get out of the same airspace as those two nut jobs.

Paul: I didn't even recognize you. Look at you. Snake charmer.

Will: You got our Christmas card, right?

Paul: Yeah, but that was, like, seven or eight months ago. Look at her. She's changed so much.

Will: Yeah, I know.

Paul: Why didn't you call me?

Gwen: It wasn't exactly planned.

Will: Yeah. We just drove up, 'cause we wanted to check on Mom. We've been leaving her messages, and -- is she okay?

Paul: Yeah, she's fine.

Gwen: You sure?

Paul: Yeah. I-I thought the same thing until about an hour ago, and then this showed up. Apparently, on a whim, she has taken off for a cruise to Bermuda.

Will: She just left without telling you? Sent you a postcard?

Paul: Yeah. I got that this morning. Why? What's the big deal?

Gwen: This doesn't make any sense. She was supposed to meet us in Carbondale yesterday.

Barbara: Help! Can't you hear me? Aah! You know, there was a cop out there or there was a fireman! I heard them out there, and I'm making as much noise as I possibly can! How could they just drive away like that? How could they just drive away and leave me here? [Sighs] Oh, Chuckles. When are we ever gonna get out of here?

Chuckles: If anyone can, Barbara, it's you.

Chris: Come on. You can say it.

Katie: Okay. I don't want you to go.

Chris: You don't?

Katie: I just said it, didn't I?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, you did. So how about dinner tonight?

Katie: Chris, I like you.

Chris: I like you.

Katie: And sometimes I even want you.

Chris: Katie, and I want you, like, all the time.

Katie: But I'm just -- I don't know that I'm anywhere near ready to give myself to you.

Chris: Yeah. No. I -- I get that. I understand.

Katie: You do?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, sure. And I'm not gonna push.

Katie: You're not?

Chris: No. No. Timing -- timing is in your hands.

Katie: So you want me to be the one to decide when to take us to the next level.

Chris: Well, you will be the first one to know. So I think that's the best plan.

Katie: Okay.

Chris: So, dinner?

Katie: Chris.

Chris: Hey. Don't make me beg, please? Just a little.

Katie: Okay. We can do dinner.

Chris: Good.

Katie: But not what you want after dinner.

Chris: We'll get there.

Katie: I don't think so.

Chris: For now.

Katie: Maybe not ever.

Will: So, Gwen and I were thinking about going away and spending a couple days together, and that's when Mom offered to come down and stay with Hallie.

Gwen: And it was actually a really big deal, because we've never left her for more than a night, and she knew that we were nervous about it.

Will: So, we were all pretty excited when she offered. Right, Hallie?

Paul: Mother didn't even call you?

Will: No. I just figured she spaced on the dates, not took off on vacation.

Paul: Well, she's been going through kind of a thing lately.

Will: Is it a guy?

Paul: Yeah. It didn't end well. I guess she bolted.

Gwen: [Laughs] I can't believe this. What do you want to do?

Will: There's nothing to do but go home. But we should call Casey before we do, because he would never forgive me.

Paul: You guys don't have to go home. You can just leave Hallie with Emily and me.

Gwen: We couldn't ask you to do that.

Paul: But you're not asking me to do that. I'm offering. Come on. Fairwinds is like a big jungle gym. You'll have a great time. We can have tea parties. We can buy hopscotch. Eliza would love that. Come on. And Hallie and Eliza are cousins. They should get to know one another.

Gwen: Yeah. You said something happened to Barbara. She was seeing someone?

Paul: Yeah. She was, and it got really serious really quickly, and, in the end, he's marrying someone else, and he's expecting a baby with someone else, and Mom took it kind of hard.

Will: Who is this jerk?

Paul: Henry.

Will: Henry Coleman? And Mom?

Paul: I know. Mother fell in love with my half-brother.

Casey: Will! Gwen!

Alison: It's good to see you! How are you doing?

Casey: There's my girl!

Hallie: Uncle Casey, did you bring me a present?

Casey: Um, Hallie, actually, I didn't know you were coming, so --

Alison: Here you go.

Casey: Yes, I did! Here you go! You like that? Awesome. Thank you so much. How did you do that?

Alison: I just keep some handy for the kids in pediatrics.

Casey: Hallie, Hallie.

Hallie: Thank you.

Casey: You're welcome. Hallie, I want you to -- I want you to meet a very special friend of mine. This is Alison.

Hallie: Hi.

Casey: Shake her hand.

Chris: Okay. Just so I'm clear, you want me to stay.

Katie: Absolutely.

Chris: But you don't know if you can be with me physically ever.

Katie: So I don't want to ask you to wait. How could I, when I'm not even sure myself. If you want to leave, then I'm just saying that you --

Chris: Oh, no, no. Look, look. I am not going anywhere, okay? We're gonna figure this out, all right? Now, you said that sometimes you want to be with me? Like when?

Katie: Like Henry and Vienna's wedding.

Chris: Great, great. Okay, great. Then what did I do or say at the wedding that got you in the mood?

Katie: Well, it wasn't you, really. It was Vienna.

Chris: Well. I think you're gonna have to explain that one.

Katie: It's just, when she pushed me to catch the bouquet because I was unmarried, it was the first time that I felt single since Brad died.

Chris: Right.

Katie: And when I got home, I tried to take off my wedding ring, but I couldn't. It just wouldn't come off, and I took it as a sign.

Chris: A sign. You mean from -- from Brad?

Katie: No, no. Not from anyone. Well, yeah, I guess, kind of from me to me, that I'm just not ready yet to move on.

Katie: We should probably talk about something else.

Chris: Yeah, okay. Sure. We can -- what do you want to talk about?

Katie: You haven't asked me about Vienna.

Chris: Oh, so we can start fighting again?

Katie: No. You'll be happy about this. I told her, if she doesn't stop this nonsense with the fake baby, that her life with Henry will self-destruct.

Chris: Really? How did she take it?

Katie: She wasn't thrilled about it, but I'm pretty sure she's gonna come clean to Henry as soon as she sees him.

Vienna: I don't want to see a doctor. I just want to go home.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. You can't. No, no. You've just miscarried, Sweetie. No.

Vienna: I can rest at home.

Henry: There's no doctors at home, and you might start bleeding or something.

Vienna: No, I'm fine.

Henry: No, you're not fine. You're not. You're physically hurt. You're emotionally fragile. Please.

Vienna: No!

Henry: You've got to do the procedure.

Vienna: Procedure?

Henry: Yes, the procedure, the one that you had done the last time you miscarried. Do you remember?

Vienna: Yes, of course I remember, but I don't have to do that this time.

Henry: Well, I'd like to hear your ob-gyn say that, okay? Please? I'm gonna go get your doctor.

Vienna: No, no, no, no, no!

Chris: Okay. I can accept that sex is off the table till further notice.

Katie: That's very considerate of you.

Chris: How about kissing?

Katie: That's negotiable.

Chris: What about hand-holding?

Katie: Doable.

Chris: How about -- hand kissing?

Katie: Sure.

Chris: Do you have any special requests? Because I can accommodate.

Katie: Yes. You just keep being you. Just keep doing what you're doing.

Chris: Well, you're gonna have to be a little more specific.

Katie: Like the way you've stuck by me through all the stuff with Henry and Vienna.

Chris: Like telling you a million times what you're doing is wrong?

Katie: And understanding how much Henry's happiness and friendship means to me. You have been really sweet.

Chris: And you need to be careful, because compliments like that can get a girl kissed.

[Beeper beeps]

Chris: Oh, I have to go.

Katie: Okay.

Chris: All right? I -- I'll see you soon. Okay.

Casey: What are you guys doing in town?

Will: It's a long story. And I needed to talk to my brother about it.

Casey: Well, do you have to stay? I mean, can we go take Hallie to get some ice cream?

Gwen: Yeah! I'd like that, and she'd love that, wouldn't you?

Alison: Can I come, too? Would that be okay?

Casey: Yeah, of course. That's a given. Exactly. You ready to go get some ice cream? You ready? Aah! Aah!

Hallie: [Giggles]

Gwen: They were getting married.

Will: And she slept with that other dude.

Gwen: He left her, came to see us, slept on our couch, ate all our food.

Will: And swore that he never wanted to lay eyes on her again.

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: You get the details.

Gwen: Don't you mean dirt?

Will: Whatever. I'll see you at Al's.

Gwen: All right.

Paul: Still no word from Mom.

Will: This cruise thing just doesn't add up.

Paul: Come on. You know Barbara. When she sets her mind to something, that's it.

Will: But a cruise? Mom hates cruises.

Paul: Since when?

Will: Since she went on one and everybody got sick and then she said that the worst thing she could imagine was going on another cruise.

Paul: Really?

Will: Yeah. And -- and to blow us off like that?

Paul: She's going through a lot right now, Will. You shouldn't take it so personally.

Will: She was gonna have uninterrupted time with Hallie. How many times has she canceled on seeing Eliza?

Paul: Never.

Will: So you see? This doesn't make any sense at all.

Barbara: You're absolutely right. I am Barbara freakin' Ryan! I never give up and never give in, and I'm not gonna be left to rot in this hell hole for the rest of my life!

Chuckles: That's the girl I fell for.

Barbara: And I'm glad you have Henry's voice, because I like the way he makes me feel. I feel strong again, I have faith in myself again, and I feel young again. I like that. So no more sugar, no more self-pity, and as for you, Chuckles, no more talking to a doll. Even though you say nice things to me like Henry would. Yep. [Laughs] Okay. Here you go, big boy. [Grunts] Sorry. Sorry. Bye-bye, Chuckles. Or Henry. Or whatever your name is. What? What? How could I have never seen this before? [Sighs]

Henry: I know you're upset.

Vienna: Yes! 'Cause you're trying to tell me what's gonna make me feel better!

Henry: I'm sorry. You need to see your doctor.

Vienna: I want to go home, so can you take me home, please? Just take me home.

Katie: Hi. When did you get here?

Henry: Just a little while ago. Thank you for bringing Vienna here.

Katie: What's going on?

Vienna: You know, Henry, he's insisting that I have an operation, and all I want to do is go home!

Katie: Why would she need an operation for a skin rash?

Henry: It's not for that.

Vienna: Henry, please. Can -- can you just go outside for a moment? I want to talk to Henry alone.

Henry: Sweetie? No, wait a second. You're our best friend. You may be able to do something that I can't right now.

Vienna: No, Henry. No. All I needs is just -- it's you.

Henry: [Sighs] That's terrible. Vienna's had another miscarriage.

Katie: That can't be right. That didn't happen. You did not have a miscarriage.

Henry: And that's what I keep telling myself. It's impossible. It's just wrong.

Katie: Yeah. That's the word for it, all right.

Henry: But it happened, Katie. Vienna lost the baby.

Vienna: Henry and I, we're still trying to come to grips with it, and I'll do much better at home. Can we just go home? Can you take me home, please?

Henry: Okay, okay. I still want to see your doctor.

Vienna: We can do it later. Please? You know, it won't change anything.

Henry: You're right. It won't. Okay. If you want to go home, I'm not gonna fight you on it.

Vienna: Thank you. Thank you.

Henry: I'll bring the car around front.

Katie: How could you do this?

Vienna: You told me to tell him the truth!

Katie: Yeah, that there was never a baby! Not this! Not another lie! I've had a miscarriage, Vienna. So have you.

Vienna: Yeah, you don't have to remind me!

Katie: Obviously, I do! Knowing what it felt like to lose a child, what it did to your relationship before, how could you do this to Henry? How could you put him through that? It's cruel! It's horrible!

Vienna: No, it is necessary!

Katie: What is happening to you? How could you say that?

Vienna: Because he kept asking why I wasn't showing, and then I got the baby pad, and then it was moving around, and then I had to take it off when we have sex, and we have sex all the time, because I'm trying to hard to make a real baby!

Katie: Vienna, you have to stop it!

Vienna: But it was just a matter of time before Henry figured out the truth! And then he would hate me forever, Katie! And now -- now we can start our lives together, you know, support each other and make a baby, a real baby! Without all this pressure. So now all the problems are solved.

Katie: Yeah, except for Henry's devastated and mourning a child that never existed.

Vienna: But it will only be for a little while, because I will be pregnant real soon, and then he'll be happy again.

Katie: I think you actually believe what you're saying.

Vienna: It's the truth. Everything is okay now. I have to get dressed. Thank you. You're the best friend anyone can have.

Paul: It's in her handwriting, Will. It's even the postmark.

Will: It's so faded, it could be from anywhere.

Paul: I don't know why you are so determined to turn this into such a huge deal.

Will: Because Mom wouldn't bail on us, especially not after we agreed to let her come take care of Hallie. That's like giving her the keys to Fort Knox. She wouldn't blow that, not for just a cruise.

Paul: No, not ordinarily.

Will: Not ever.

Paul: She thinks she's in love with Henry, okay? Lately all of her energy has revolved around trying to get away from Henry or forgetting about Henry. She even moved into Fairwinds with me and Emily so she wouldn't have to run into him at the Lakeview, him and his fiancée.

Will: All right. Well, if she wanted to get away so bad, why wouldn't she just call us?

Paul: Because she felt sad. She probably felt foolish. She didn't want to explain herself to you. She didn't want you to have to worry about her. Come on. Will, she did not set out to disappoint you. She just took off. That's all. She just ran.

Will: One more question.

Paul: What's that?

Will: Are you on any meds? 'Cause you seem really calm right now.

Paul: Am I -- actually, no. I'm -- I'm living a life pharmaceutically free.

Will: Well, good for you. What's with Zen Paul?

Paul: I love my kid, I got a wife who likes spending time with me most of the time, and, come on, let's face it, I spent most of my life making drama, and I think that it's time for me to just have a little bit of peace in my life.

Will: And getting it dumped on you by James and Mom. How's that working out for you? James is dead, but Mom's still around.

Paul: Yeah, no. I know, and Emily can't stand her. They can't stand each other, and Emily has promised, when Barbara gets back, that they're gonna make nice.

Will: Good luck with that.

Paul: Will, you worry too much. Mom's probably lounging on that ship, watching the waves go gently by.

Barbara: Okay! So, tell me, my friend, how did I not see this before? We're jammed and we're padlocked from the inside!

Chuckles: You need to pop the lock, Barbara.

Barbara: Thanks. I would have thought of that eventually. Okay, okay. I can get out of this thing. I can get out of this thing. I just have to find something really big, really big, that I can -- I can. Not here. Not here. Oh. [Laughs] Okay. Okay. [Laughs] I have just the thing. Big, heavy, and this will work. Okay. Come on, Barbara. You ready? I'm gonna get out of here, and when I do, someone's gonna get it.

Alison: What's life like in Carbondale? Are you guys still doing music?

Casey: Yeah. Well, no. She has singing gigs, like, every weekend.

Gwen: How do you know?

Casey: Well, Will told me. I mean, he's really proud of you.

Gwen: I'm really proud of him. You like that?

Alison: I can tell you like being a mom.

Gwen: Yeah. It's the best. And you know what? Whenever I have any questions, I just think about my mom, and I use her as a role model.

Alison: Really?

Gwen: Yeah. Anything Iris did with me, I do the exact opposite, to the extreme. I'm sorry. I know it's none of my business, but I've got to ask.

Casey: Oh, you want to know why I'm hanging out with --

Gwen: Yeah. It's just, the last time I saw you -- I'm -- I'm sorry. Never mind. It's stupid.

Alison: No, it's okay. I mean, our wedding self-destructed because of me, and Casey was really, really mad at me for a while, and no one under the sun would ever blame him for that.

Gwen: But you two are back together now?

Alison: Oh, we're just friends.

Casey: We're just friends.

Gwen: And all is forgiven?

Casey: Yeah, it is.

Henry: I want you to get some rest. Remember how exhausted you were the last time.

Vienna: Yeah, but this is not like last time.

Henry: Why not?

Vienna: Because we're married now, and -- and I don't have to wonder about if -- if we're gonna have more babies, because I know we will have more babies.

Henry: Uh, in you go.

Vienna: Okay.

Henry: Easy, easy. When you wake up, we'll go back to the doctor and get you checked out.

Vienna: All right.

Henry: Do you need anything?

Vienna: No. I'm just gonna sleep, close my eyes, and forget that this day ever happened.

Henry: Got to figure out what went wrong. I don't want you going through this heartbreak ever again.

Vienna: Whatever you say, Henry. Do you still love me?

Henry: Why would you ask that?

Vienna: You're not sorry you married me, now that there's no baby?

Henry: Rest. I love you. I'll come back and check on your, make sure you're doing okay.

Vienna: Okay. I love you, too.

[Door closes]

Chris: Hey. I thought you left.

Katie: I went to see Vienna.

Chris: Katie, what's wrong?

Katie: She had a miscarriage.

Chris: Wait a minute. How could she have a miscarriage? She wasn't even pregnant?

Katie: I know. She lost the baby that she didn't have.

Chris: All right. Wait a minute. That doesn't even make sense.

Katie: That's what she told Henry, that she had a miscarriage.

Chris: Why would she do that?

Katie: I don't know, but it was horrible. I walked in, and Henry was grieving for this child, this real child that he loved that I knew never existed.

Chris: You didn't tell him the truth?

Katie: No. How could I? I've been deceiving him this whole time. Now he's married to her. How could I tell him that Vienna and I have been lying to him this whole time? I'm supposed to be his friend.

Chris: Are you out of this for good now? Katie.

Katie: I got to go.

Chris: Are you -- are you all right?

Barbara: Oh! [Laughs] Oh, yes! Ready? Freedom. [Grunts] Oh, my God.

Gwen: Hmm?

Casey: What?

Gwen: Alison?

Casey: Friends. You know, I pretty much hated her after she left me at the altar.

Gwen: Yeah. I remember. You weren't in a good place when you came to stay with us.

Casey: No. No, I wasn't.

Gwen: So, what happened between then and now?

Casey: I realized I wasn't perfect.

Gwen: Oh. I could have told you that.

Casey: Yeah. Yes, and you have many a-times. But just lately I messed up a lot, and Alison was helping me.

Gwen: Because you asked or because she volunteered?

Casey: A little bit of both. Anyway, somewhere in all this messing up, you know, I realized she didn't set out to fall in love with some other guy. It was just a mistake, and how can I expect her to be perfect if I'm not.

Gwen: If you ever get married, remember that. I promise you, it'll come in handy.

Casey: Good, good. How are you and Will?

Gwen: We're pretty amazing, and Hallie's --

Casey: She's so beautiful.

Gwen: Thank you for saying it so I didn't have to.

Casey: Do you ever think about our baby, Gwen? Like how old Billy would be right now?

Gwen: Yeah, all the time. You too?

Casey: Yeah. I mean, a lot -- a lot more lately. I almost got the chance to be a father again.

Gwen: With Alison?

Casey: No, after. After Alison.

Gwen: You know I'm gonna torture you if you don't tell me who.

Casey: Vienna Hyatt.

Gwen: Vienna Hyatt?

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Gwen: Who married Henry Coleman.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Gwen: Who's the reason why Barbara left town?

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Gwen: Now I'm really surprised that wedding ever happened. Did Barbara know that you slept with Vienna, because she would use that as ammunition to get Henry.

Casey: For all I know, she could have and it just didn't work.

Gwen: No wonder Barbara left town without a word. It's starting to sound like every woman in Oakdale had it in for her.

Barbara: Oh! Who's doing this to me? Oh! Katie, Vienna, Emily? Who?

Gwen: Hey. You two were gone a long time.

Alison: Well, we had to freshen our pretend lipstick, didn't we, Hallie?

Casey: Well, you two look gorgeous.

Gwen: Mm-hmm.

Alison: Hey.

Gwen: Hey. Hey, did you get in touch with your mom?

Will: Not yet.

Gwen: Are we gonna be able to see you guys before we leave?

Casey: Sure, yeah. Just tell us when, where.

Alison: I have to get back to the hospital, but I'll be around later.

Casey: I'll walk you back. Is that cool?

Alison: Okay. Bye.

Casey: I'll just text you guys.

Will: Sounds good. See you, Man. Come here.

Gwen: We should probably find somewhere to crash. It's way after her nap time.

Paul: You're welcome to come back to my place.

Will: We'll probably just go stay at Mom's. I think that'll be easier.

Gwen: Yeah, that would be great. That way we can just spend the night and head back to Carbondale in the morning.

Paul: I'll tell you what. I'll walk you over there and make sure that they let you in.

Gwen: Well, Lisa knows us.

Paul: Can you at least try and let me help you?

Gwen: Maybe just this once. You haven't eaten. We should probably get something to go.

Will: That would be good.

Paul: You know what? I'm gonna check in with Emily. I'll meet you guys outside.

Gwen: [Sighs] Are you gonna say it?

Will: Say what? That I wished you'd be nicer to my brother? No, I'm not gonna say that.

Gwen: I can't help it, Will. He did awful things to Jennifer and you and me.

Will: Well, let's review what he's doing for us now. He offered to take care of Hallie.

Gwen: Mm-hmm.

Will: He offered to let us stay at his place. He's gonna make sure we get into Mom's with no problem.

Gwen: Okay. You can stop with the list. I will try to be more polite to your brother.

Will: Thank you.

Gwen: You're still worried about your mom, aren't you?

Will: This cruise thing just doesn't feel right. Yeah, I'm worried.

Barbara: Oh, damn it! There's got to be a way out of here somehow! Oh, Chuckles, Henry, whatever your name is, I know I stuffed you in here and I told you to shut up, but you got to help me now! You got to help me, Chuckles! You really do got to help me! Please! Aah! Aah!

Paul: Well, I hope you'll come by Fairwinds later, say hi to Emily and Eliza.

Will: I don't know if we're gonna have time.

Gwen: But we'll try.

Paul: Sorry your vacation plans got all mixed up 'cause Mom's missing, but at least she's okay, right?

Will: Thanks for everything. I appreciate it.

Paul: Yeah. It's great to see you.

[Door closes]

Gwen: Hey, do you want to call Margo and Jack? If your mom is cruising around Bermuda, maybe they can track her down and, you know, confirm it.

Will: No. I'm just gonna try to convince myself that Paul's right about this, especially after hearing that Mom was fighting with Emily.

Gwen: I don't blame her for taking off. I just wish she would have called.

Will: Yeah. She was probably so ready to get out of here that she just grabbed her passport and got the first flight she could out.

Hallie: Grandma!

Gwen: I know, Sweetie. We'll see Grandma soon, okay?

Will: So, how do you feel about being back here?

Gwen: It's weird but sweet.

Will: Sweet?

Gwen: Yeah, this is where I found you and married you and adopted our daughter. The bad stuff's behind us, and the rest, it's all good. Oh.

Will: Come here.

Barbara: [Groaning] [Weeps]

Alison: I had so much fun with Hallie in the ladies room, because she kept trying to play with, like, the soap and the faucet and the hand dryer. She was really interested in that and very imaginative.

Casey: It's like a perfect combination of Gwen and Will, you know? Really creative, but logical.

Alison: I know. It's kind of amazing, you know, especially after everything they've been through together.

Casey: Yeah. Plus they have pretty crazy parents. And then there's you and me.

Alison: What about us?

Casey: I mean, we grew up normal, but we still can't figure out how to work things out.

Casey: Did you see that?

Alison: Yeah. What is Vienna doing?

Casey: She did that to me exactly before, you know, we --

Alison: Really? Just dragged you into a room?

Casey: Yeah. I'm gonna go warn him.

Alison: Casey! It's none of your business, and whatever Vienna's doing with Chris, he can handle her.

Vienna: I need a favor.

Chris: No. What you need is help, and a lot of it. Katie told me what you did!

Vienna: No. I had to tell Henry that I lost the baby.

Chris: Vienna, you should have told Henry the truth, okay? You know what? I'm not gonna get into this with you right now.

Vienna: No! I just need a doctor to tell him that I didn't need any procedures or anything else! I'm fine! And that doctor's got to be you!

Chris: Are you out of your mind?

Vienna: And you have to give Henry a pep talk, please!

Chris: Are you even listening to me?

Vienna: All you have to tell him is that we can have plenty more babies and that's soon! Five minutes! All you have to say! Five minutes! Quick and easy!

Chris: No, I am not gonna do that. In fact, I don't want any part of this, Vienna.

Vienna: But you're already a part of it, and so is Katie! If this blows up in my face, it will blow up in her face, and Henry will never forgive her! I thought you cared about her! Do you want Katie to lose her best friend?

Katie: Henry.

Henry: Bubbles, thank God you came. I was about to order a six-pack of martinis and drink myself into oblivion like I did on my wedding day.

Katie: Don't do that.

Henry: This is all my fault.

Katie: No, it's not.

Henry: Yes. I told Vienna about my feelings for Barbara. Why did I do that? Why did I do that? I knew she was in a fragile state, and she's been walking around an emotional wreck ever since. She's scared to death that I'm gonna leave her, and she keeps asking me, "Do you still love me? Do you still love me?" And she's trying to get me to prove it day and night and night and day in various positions, and I'm the reason that -- I'm the reason that she lost the baby. She wanted so hard for this marriage to work out. And if I was just thinking clearly, if my focus wasn't split between her and Barbara, if I loved this woman, if I loved the mother of my child, if I loved my wife the way that she deserved to be loved, then none of this would have ever happened!

Katie: Vienna didn't lose the baby! There was no baby to begin with.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Henry: I know everything you did! I gave up everything for you and a baby that never existed!

Katie: Henry knows everything.

Chris: How?

Katie: I told him, and I think I just lost the best friend I've ever had.

Reid: I can't believe I'm in a relationship with somebody so cloyingly naive.

Luke: This is a relationship?

Craig: Why do you think we never got together, Lily?

Jack: I want to be with you.

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