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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/5/10

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Josiah: Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Paul: If you want to make a break for it, now is the time.

Josiah: So no one's gonna speak now?

Vienna: No, of course not. Why would they?

Josiah: Well, then, there's no logical reason to waste any more time. Who's got the rings?

Henry: The rings?

Vienna: Yeah, you did get the rings, didn't you?

Henry: Yes, I -- I technically was -- yes. Of course I -- I got the rings. I -- right. The rings. Thank you. I -- I didn't know where they were exactly. I couldn't remember where I had put them.

Paul: Right. You couldn't remember because you had about 20 bottles of champagne.

Henry: Right.

Chris: His head looks like it's going to explode.

Katie: That's not unusual.

Chris: Mm.

Henry: Which is which?

Paul: Yours is the big one?

Henry: The big one. The big one, 'cause I'm the man, right? 'Cause I'm manning up. Right. Got it.

Paul: Yes, you are. You're the man. And all you've got to do now is repeat after First Officer Crock.

Henry: Okay.

Vienna: Okay, you can go on. We're ready now.

Josiah: Henry, please place the ring on Vienna's finger and repeat after me. "I give you this ring as a symbol of my endless love and commitment to you."

Henry: I give you this ring as a --

Josiah: "Symbol."

Henry: As a symbol --

Paul: You know what? Um, my brother's really nervous, so maybe you could make what he has to say just a little shorter.

Josiah: Right. Got it. "As a symbol of my endless love."

Henry: As a symbol of my endless love.

Josiah: "And commitment."

Henry: And commitment.

Josiah: "To you."

Henry: To you.

Josiah: Vienna.

Henry: Ow. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Paul: Take it easy on him.

Henry: Its okay, it's okay. It's close enough. It works. It's legit.

Josiah: Repeat after me. "I give you this ring."

Vienna: I give you this ring as a symbol of my commitment and endless love for you.

Josiah: Henry, my friend, the time has arrived. Do you take this woman to be your wife?

[Barbara groaning]


Josiah: Henry, do you take this woman to --

Henry: I do.

Bob: Talk about a cliffhanger.

Kim: I can't believe it. I thought for sure Barbara would come crashing through that door and end everything.

[Henry sighs]

Bob: I get the distinct impression that that's what Henry was hoping for.

Kim: Well, it's not too late. They're not man and wife yet.

Josiah: Vienna, do you take this man to be your husband?

Vienna: I do.

Josiah: Then by the powers vested in me by the worldwide web --

Vienna: No, wait!

Barbara: Ooh. Where am I? Oh. Well -- [Laughs] How the hell did I get here? Oh. My shoe. [Chuckles] Wow. That explains a lot. [Sighs] Feathers. What else? Oh. [Laughs] Party supplies. Party supplies. Oh, boy, oh, boy. Somebody has a really, really sick sense of humor, locking me in here while Henry is out there, marrying that crazy Swedish gold digger with a pillow strapped to her stomach! I got to get out of here! I got to get out of here! Help! Help! I'm locked in here! Anybody hear me?! Help! Oh. That's good. Yeah, yeah.

[Party favor trumpets]

Barbara: Help! Let me out!

[Party favor trumpets]

Henry: The wedding's almost over. Why are you stopping it now?

Vienna: No, I'm not stopping it. I'm adding to it. This is our wedding day, Henry. I want there to be more to it than -- than just a ceremony from the internet.

Josiah: I thought you didn't want the deluxe version.

Paul: Oh, please, dear God, no.

Vienna: No. What you did was fine. But I wrote my own vows. There's so much I want to say to you.

Paul: They're single-spaced.

Vienna: So, these are just my notes. I wrote them down in case I got nervous and I forgot what I wanted to say.

Chris: How many different ways can you say, "I'm sorry I faked being pregnant to get you to marry me"?

Katie: Maybe Henry forgave her. He doesn't look too upset.

Chris: No, he looks insane. And I'm sorry, that's just the way he looks. Something's not right.

Katie: We knew that when we got here.

Vienna: I am overjoyed to be here with you, my love, getting married with all our friends around us to support us. And I know that some of you may have questions about the path of how Henry and I came to this moment, but I have no doubt about what we're doing. Love isn't always fair, but love really does conquer all. And forgiveness -- forgiveness is even more powerful. I have always loved you, Henry. And the fact that you've forgiven me for all my silly, stupid mistakes makes me even love you more.

Chris: I'm sure she told him, but what is that baby bump all about?

Katie: I don't know. Maybe she just didn't want to have to explain it to everybody else.

Chris: I don't know how Henry could be okay with this. There's no way, no way I'd do it.

Katie: I don't know how he could be okay with it either.

Vienna: I love you, Henry, and I'm going to try to be the best wife I can. That's all. I just wanted you to know how I feel.

Paul: It's your turn.

Henry: Vows? I didn't -- I didn't write any vow -- we never talked about any vows.

Vienna: No, no, but just speak from your heart, Henry.

Paul: Come on, Henry. You're never at a loss for words.

Henry: Yeah. There's always a first time for everything.

Paul: Not -- not now. This is not that time. This is man-up time, remember? It's man-up time.

Henry: It's man-up time. Yeah. Man up. I -- if I speak from the heart, the words will come to me, right? What a long, strange trip it's been. It's been very strange. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.

Vienna: Henry, your heart.

Henry: The heart. Yes, heart.

Vienna: The heart.

Henry: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Man up. I, um -- we wouldn't have gotten here alone. Somebody else brought us together -- our baby -- our little boy or a girl who's staying up here with us right now. We're not normal people. We're not conventional people. And -- and if we were, we never would have found each other, and we would never be here, on the verge of wedded bliss, and not just as a husband/wife, but as a family, as -- as a mother and a father and a child. And I promise -- I promise I will spend the rest of my life making our child proud to have me as a father and you proud to have me as a husband. I swear it. That's my vow.

Vienna: I think we're ready now.

Josiah: What God, the galaxies and marrypeople.com have joined together, let no man put asunder.

Kim: Or woman.

Bob: You feel bad for Barbara, don't you?

Josiah: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You know what comes next.

Barbara: Make one crack about my age, Chuckles, and you're going down. [Sighs] I'm thirsty. I'm really thirsty. Oh. How convenient. Just like when my kids were little. Ahh. Wonder what they're drinking at that travesty of a wedding. Champagne? [Chuckles] Not the bride. She's pregnant. Stop grinning at me, you -- you clown, you. It's not very fun, you know. It's not very funny being drugged and locked up in here in this -- in this Godforsaken place while that tart has snagged Henry with the oldest and tackiest and tawdriest trick in the book. Oh, you were here. You were here when I arrived. When I got here, you saw who brought me here. Now, who was it who would want me put away? I know the list must be very, very long, but the people who would actually do it, I bet the list is shorter. Clues, clues. Oh. Definitely a woman.

Emily: Congratulations for not hyperventilating during your vows.

Henry: Oh, oh, yeah. I came prepared just in case.

[Emily chuckles]

Henry: Please stop looking at the door. I was sure that Barbara would show up and stop the wedding.

Paul: Yeah. I was surprised, too. I wonder what happened to her?

Emily: Oh, for God's sake, why are we still discussing her? We should just be happy she didn't show up. And let's just hope she's gone.

Paul: Gone where?

Emily: Can we get some champagne, really, because this was the most nerve-racking wedding I think I've ever been to, and that includes ours.

Henry: She was held at gunpoint at her sister's wedding. How could today be any worse?

Paul: I don't know. I wasn't really listening. Welcome to married life. Pretty much all you do is say "Yes, Dear."

Chris: So, you gonna talk to Vienna about not telling Henry the truth?

Katie: You bet I am.

Barbara: Ew. [Sighs] So, Chuckles -- may I call you Chuckles? Which one of those bitches do you think left me here with you to rot? There was a time [Sighs] I mean, there's no shortage of women that would be happy if I had never been born. I mean, the question is, what is different about today? And I know the answer. I have information that would blow Henry's shotgun wedding out of the water. Which means that there's only one person who could have done this to me -- Vienna.

Vienna: Thank you for being here.

Katie: I wouldn't miss it.

Vienna: Isn't it wonderful? Henry and I -- we are so happy. Here. You should hug him. Yeah, I'm sure you guys have a lot to talk about.

Katie: Uh, Henry and I can chat later. I'd like a private moment with the bride.

Barbara: Of course Vienna did this. I called her right before I was dragged out of the Lakeview against my will! And I think that under the circumstances, I was very generous. I gave her a choice between hightailing it out of town or being humiliated at the altar, unmasked and un-stomached for the lying conniver that she is, and she fought back. [Dreaming] This charade has gone far enough. It may break his heart, but Henry has to know that his baby is nothing but a ball of foam rubber stuffed inside a wedding dress bought straight off the rack. [Muffled shout]

Vienna: You will never come between me and my Henry ever.

Barbara: Too obvious?

Katie: Vienna, I really need to talk to you.

Henry: Go! I'll be fine.

Vienna: Katie, I really don't feel comfortable leaving.

Katie: We'll just be right over there.

Vienna: Katie, please, I -- whatever you have to say can wait.

Katie: No, it can't. But if you want me to say it in front of everyone, I don't mind?

Vienna: Okay, fine, fine. Fine.

Katie: Excuse us.

Henry: Sure.

Katie: What are you doing?

Vienna: I'm trying to enjoy my wedding.

Katie: That is not what I'm talking about, and you know it.

Vienna: Katie, please.

Katie: I can't believe you. How could you not tell Henry?

Henry: Tell Henry what?

Vienna: Henry, Darling, I didn't want you to know about earlier today. Before the ceremony, I suddenly got a terrible case of cold feet.

Katie: Vienna, don't do this.

Vienna: No, Katie, it's okay. I know you're a friend. You're my best friend. But Henry -- he's my husband, and I -- I don't want there to be any secrets between us.

Katie: That sounds like a very good plan.

Henry: Well, it's -- so, everybody gets cold feet. It doesn't matter. We're married now.

Vienna: I don't know why I got so frightened.

Katie: Maybe there was an underlying reason.

Vienna: Well, you know that there was. It's about the baby.

Katie: Go on.

Vienna: I was worried that you married me just because I got pregnant and that tomorrow, when you wake up, you would feel trapped and resent me.

Henry: No, oh -- Vienna, no.

Vienna: So, early this morning, I went to church to pray to Santa Lucia for her guidance.

Katie: Vienna --

Vienna: No, Katie, it's okay. I want you to hear this. [Sighs] Santa Lucia -- she spoke to me, and she said that no matter how we got here and whatever mistakes we've made on the way, once we get married, it'll erase all that. She said that we owe it to each other and our child to get married and make it work for the rest of our life, no matter what happens. And that's what God wants. Amen.

Kim: Emily, that's a great dress, and it looks great on you.

Emily: Thank you. Thank you. Do you like it more than the one Barbara destroyed?

Paul: Emily --

Emily: I liked the dress.

Kim: Excuse me. I'm really worried about Barbara. I'm gonna see if I can get a hold of her.

Emily: I'm sorry. You're -- you're worried because she didn't crash this wedding?

Kim: Emily, she's my niece. The last time I saw her, she was devastated.

Emily: Yeah, I know. I was there, remember?

Kim: Oh, I remember that. You definitely were there. You were doing everything in your power to provoke her. Now, to answer your question, yes, I am worried about her. I'm gonna try to call her and see if she needs our help.

Emily: Oh, well, you do that. I think we should all just be grateful she's not here.

Barbara: Phew! I'm beginning to understand what my children liked about these besides the neon fingerprints they would leave everywhere on everything that they touched. Not my idea of paradise, but what kind of paradise is this? Come to think of it, how would Vienna even know about a place like this? Some top-secret website where they tell you how to dispose of the competition and lead them to die of diabetic shock? No, no. The Swedish meatball would never get her hands so dirty. Hmm-mm. Her faithful sidekick, on the other hand -- [Dreaming] Oh, my poor Henry. We may never be together, but I'll be damned if I let that Scandinavian slut and her foam fetus take advantage of you one more minute! [Muffled shout]

Katie: If I can't be with the love of my life, at least Vienna can be with hers.

Barbara: Everyone feels so bad for the poor widow Katie, as if she's the only one who's ever lost anyone that they loved. Oh, they've all forgotten what she was like before Brad, when she was the scheming little needy Mata Hari. I mean, so what if she lost her husband? I mean, that doesn't change who she is, who she's always been. Oh, yeah. She's capable of this. She's capable of anything and a whole lot more.

Katie: Vienna, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Henry: Bubbles --

Katie: This is outrageous! Did you hear what she just said?

Henry: Uh, which -- which part?

Katie: The part about this being part of God's plan. I'm sorry. God had nothing to do with this. This is 100% Vienna --

Chris: Okay, let's dial it back a little bit, okay?

Katie: What are you talking about? I didn't do this. I'm the only one who's being honest here.

Vienna: I don't know what you're talking about.

Katie: Stop lying, Vienna.

Henry: Bubbles, what has got you so -- I don't understand.

Chris: It's just her blood sugar, I'm sure.

Katie: Please don't make excuses for me.

Chris: I have not seen you eat a thing, all right? You know how you get when you're hungry. We're gonna go get air and eat a cookie. Come on. Let's walk.

Vienna: I have no idea why she would say those things.

Henry: Yeah, or why he would take her outside when all the food is in here.

Vienna: No, he'll calm her down. Just forget about it.

Henry: Uh, she's probably thinking about Brad. I know I was.

Vienna: You were?

Henry: I always thought that Brad and Katie would be our kids' Godparents.

Vienna: You never told me that.

Henry: Yeah, and we talked about it a lot. We talked about everything before you got pregnant the first time and everything went bad. And I just -- I didn't want to jinx it, and I didn't -- and I didn't want to think about Brad not being here when I'm obsessing about being a good dad. And that's what I want. I want to be here for you and for our child.

Vienna: And you are.

Henry: I can be better, and I -- I will be better. I swear to it.

Vienna: I'm so lucky to have you.

Henry: Yeah. I think I should go check on Katie, make sure she's okay.

Vienna: No, no.

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: No, Chris is out there, and you know how she is. She doesn't want to cause a scene at our wedding.

Katie: Why did you just drag me out of there?

Chris: Look, Henry and Vienna are married now. There's nothing you can do about it.

Katie: She manipulated him into marrying her under false pretenses. If that doesn't call for an annulment, I don't know what does.

Chris: Look, I totally agree with you. I do, okay? But it's not like Vienna had to drug Henry and drag him in front of that Vulcan priest.

Katie: She tricked him.

Chris: Yeah, but maybe he wanted to be tricked.

Katie: That makes no sense.

Chris: Look, it's not like Vienna had to hold a gun to his head.

Katie: She held a baby to him! That's worse!

Chris: All right, look, whatever. You know what? It's -- it's done. It's done. But whatever happens between Henry and Vienna from here on out, that's between them, okay? So look, she can't fake being pregnant forever. Henry's gonna find out. And when he does, he's gonna need a friend.

Katie: I'm a terrible friend. I helped Vienna trick him.

Chris: Well, you meant well.

Katie: She thinks she meant well, too.

Chris: No, she doesn't, trust me. Okay, but look, you don't want to be the whistleblower in this situation, all right? You go to Henry, you're gonna be the one to break his heart, not her.

Katie: I just wish I would have said something when I had the chance.

Chris: Yeah, well, you should have. You know what? I should have. But it's too late now.

Katie: I am so sorry that I involved you in all this.

Chris: Katie, do not apologize to me, okay? I knew what I was doing, all right? What's important now is what happens next. From what I can see, you are the only person that Henry trusts.

Katie: Yeah, and I totally betrayed him. What if when the truth comes out, he's not able to forgive me?

Chris: With that face, come on. He's gonna forgive you, okay? Look, don't go and make things worse, all right? Just think about what happened at Brad's grave this morning and move on.

Katie: Brad's grave? What -- oh, right, yeah.

Chris: Yeah.

Katie: This morning just seems like forever ago. I'm sorry.

Barbara: You know, Chuckles, maybe it's just all this sugar, but I've been thinking. I've been thinking a lot about Katie and the fact that she is just so loyal to Vienna, to the point of delusion, and she's got a very dicey past. But I've been thinking, you know, she's just so -- she's just white-bread. And chloroform -- chloroform is just so hardcore for little miss flippy-haired TV personality. And chloroform is just so ugly and hard to come by. And -- and, you know, after all, Katie knows that Henry's in love with me, and even though it makes her green to think about it, she knows -- she knows that he's in love with me and he -- she doesn't have to protect him from me. I'm not the one with the stuffed baby! No, no. I am not the enemy. I am not. But whoever put me in here really, really hates me. [Gasps] Heavens. Of course. Oh, how could I not have thought of this till now? No, no, no, no, no. Katie and Vienna could never have pulled this off. The only person vindictive and resourceful enough to pull this thing off is -- ooh -- oh, you evil, wicked witch. [Dreaming] Henry, I care about you too much to let that Scandinavian succubus take you away from me without a fight. If she wants a shotgun wedding, that's exactly what she's gonna get. [Muffled shout]

Emily: End of the line, monster-in-law. You will never come between me and Paul ever again.

Barbara: This is bad. This is very, very bad. Because if it is Emily who put me in here, she will leave me here until my teeth rot and they fall out of my head. And then she'll come back, and she'll make a necklace out of them, because she's a cannibal! She eats people alive. She's poison. And she's got her claws in my son, who I admit is no angel. And as his mother, I can say this. But he has his quirks. But Emily -- she's pure evil. She's malevolent. And -- oh. And what if Paul helped her do this? What if Paul helped her lock me up just to keep Emily happy? No, no, no. No, he wouldn't do that. He wouldn't do that. Paul wouldn't do that at all. But -- but she knows she has him under her spell. And if Emily put me in here, I'll never get out.

Kim: Wherever she is, she is miserable and humiliated. I think we should go and look for her.

Paul: I think where she is is she's off somewhere privately licking her wounds, and she will resurface when she's ready. She always does.

Emily: Unfortunately.

Kim: Oh, for crying out loud, get a grip. You won. Barbara is suffering. She needs every friend she can get.

Emily: Yeah, well, you know what? She should have thought about that before she tried to ruin my marriage, again.

Henry: [Sniffs] Whoa! What is that? Whoa, did the milk go bad?

Vienna: No. It's an old Swedish remedy -- anti-nausea powder for pregnant women. You know, morning sickness can happen all day long.

Henry: Are you sure? Anything that smells that bad can't possibly be good for you.

Vienna: It's perfectly safe. The women in my family have been using it for centuries. It just -- it smells worse than it tastes. You know, I just want to make sure that our baby is healthy and perfect.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. Perfect would be too weird. I just want he or she to have matching sets of everything. That's all.

[Both laugh]

Henry: You know what? Hold on. Let me -- let me taste that. You shouldn't have to drink that alone.

Vienna: No, no, no, no, no. That's for girls only. But I love that you want to help.

Henry: Have you been feeling queasy all day?

Vienna: No. It just -- it just started. I'm -- I'm fine. I'm okay. I just -- I can stand anything for our baby.

Barbara: By the time I get out of here, I may end up in a padded cell with Meg. [Sighs] What am I gonna do? How am I gonna get out of here? [Voice breaking] And what's the point anyway? Henry's been duped into a marriage under false pretenses. He's as trapped as I am. It's over. It's really over.

Paul: Okay, everybody. Time for wedding cake. And, um, my wife just told me that because I'm the best man, I got to make a toast. So everybody grab a glass.

Vienna: Okay. Make sure that there's something in it. Otherwise, it's bad luck.

Paul: Well, we're all here to celebrate Henry and Vienna. May this be the first of many beautiful days, and may they have a long and happy life together. I know I for one am really looking forward to having a new niece or nephew, and, well, Eliza can't wait to have a little cousin to boss around. And, uh, Henry, you're my brother. I got your back. We're a family. Might not be a run-of-the-mill family, but we're family nonetheless. And, Vienna, now that you're my sister, that goes for you, too. So, uh, to all of us, and to this baby, and to Henry and Vienna.

Emily: Hear, hear.

Bob: Hear, hear.

Vienna: Cheers, cheers.

Kim: Are you willing to take some advice from someone who loves you like a mother?

Katie: I'm fine, Kim, really.

Kim: Good, good. You're gonna be even better. I have some experience with the kind of thing you're going through right now. And one of the things that I've learned is not to let the bad things in life that happen to you make you afraid of life. I'm not suggesting that you should rush into anything. But on the other hand, don't just automatically walk away from something that could be absolutely wonderful in its own right.

Vienna: Okay, Ladies. It's time for me to toss the bouquet. So if all the unmarried women can line up over there.

Emily: Well, I'm not eligible.

Kim: Neither am I.

Vienna: Oh, Katie, it seems like you're the only unmarried woman here. Will you catch the bouquet?

Katie: Why don't you just keep it? Besides, I don't think it counts if nobody's fighting for it.

Vienna: Of course it does. Everything counts.

Katie: I don't really want to.

Kim: Come on, Katie. It's not like there's an expiration date.

Katie: Okay, fine. Only so you all stop staring at me.

Vienna: Okay.

Katie: Yay me! Happy now? I'm an unmarried woman.

Chris: Want to get out of here?

Katie: Yeah.

Henry: Bubbles, are you okay?

Katie: Whatever happens, I want you to be happy, okay?

Henry: I am.

Katie: I love you, Henry.

Henry: I love you, too.

Vienna: Thank you, Santa Lucia.

Chris: Well, it was, uh, an interesting day.

Katie: Yeah. Too interesting.

Chris: [Chuckles] Can't argue that.

Katie: Thank you for being there for me through all that drama. You were right about not telling Henry. It's too late. He and Vienna will just have to figure it out on their own, right? I just don't think that marriage is gonna last now.

Chris: You don't have to think of those flowers as -- you know. They could just be pretty. You should probably put them in water when you get inside.

Katie: I will.

Chris: Okay.

Katie: Good night.

Chris: Good night.

Henry: Wait a second. What are you doing? What are you doing? I want to -- I want to carry you across the threshold.

Vienna: Oh, I appreciate that thought, but I'm not as light as I used to be before the baby.

Henry: No, no, I can handle it. Come here.

Vienna: Okay, just be careful.

Henry: I will. I would never let you fall. You know that. It's amazing. You're as light as a feather considering how pregnant you are.

Emily: It was so nice being with you at the wedding tonight. It's been a long time since I felt like we were a normal couple.

Paul: Normal for us.

Emily: No. I mean trusting each other, knowing we're going home with each other at the end of the night and not walking on eggshells.

Paul: That won't happen again. I promise you, okay? I'll never let Meg or anything else ever come between us.

Emily: What about your mother?

Paul: What about her? Wherever she is, she's in a lot of pain. You and I both know what it's like to love someone and to have to let them go.

Emily: That's never going to happen with us again. I'm gonna go upstairs, okay, get ready for bed, kiss Eliza good night.

Paul: Okay. You'll wait for me?

Emily: Yeah.

[Emily sighs]

Paul: Um, hey, Mom. I'm -- I'm really proud of you. It couldn't have been easy for you to stay away from the wedding. And, well, you did the right thing. And to tell the truth, between the two of us, I don't think I would have been so classy. So, uh, why don't I take you out to lunch tomorrow, and I'll fill you in on all the gossip? Eliza misses you. Maybe you'll give me a call when you get this, okay?

[Barbara sobbing]

Henry: You know, I never got any of that cake, and now I'm kind of hungry. Do you want anything from room service?

Vienna: No, no, wait. I'm not ready yet.

Henry: Okay. You want me to just wait here?

Vienna: Yes. Uh, can you just give me one minute? Okay. You can come in now.

Henry: Why are all the lights off?

Vienna: Well, it's our wedding night. I guess I'm feeling a little shy.

Henry: This is nice, actually.

Vienna: [Sighs] This has been the best night of my entire life. Henry?

Henry: Yeah. Me, too. It was the best ever.

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