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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/30/10

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Reid: No. I told you, it's non-negotiable. Yeah, I don't care what other surgeons do. I'm not other surgeons. I'm not gonna share an office. No, it's not ego. It's fact. I need a place to go where I know I'm not gonna be bothered by anyone.

[Doorbell rings]

Reid: We'll talk tomorrow. No, I'll call you. Okay.

Luke: Finally.

Reid: Don't you know it's rude to drop in on people without calling first?

Luke: Well, I did call, numerous times. You just never answered.

Reid: That didn't tell you something?

Luke: What's that?

Reid: This is dinner, which I hope to get back to as soon as your little drop-by is through.

Luke: Well, I heard you resigned from Memorial.

Reid: Somebody's been blogging again.

Luke: Noah told me.

Reid: Of course he did.

Luke: And he also told me the reason why.

Reid: It's quite a leap of faith, assuming that a humble barista would know why I do anything.

Luke: Well, Noah was pretty sure that he had the right reason.

Reid: Well, let me clarify the situation so there's no misunderstanding.

Luke: That would be a first.

Reid: Yes, I did resign my position at Memorial, and I absolutely did not do it because of you.

Chris: Maybe we should go to that hotel in Bay City, right?

Katie: Not funny.

Chris: Little bit funny?

Katie: Did you mean what you said?

Chris: Not telling Henry about Vienna for your sake? You tell me. Do you think I meant it?

Katie: But why?

Chris: Thought that was obvious.

Katie: I thought you just decided to help Vienna.

Chris: No. That's your plan. I hardly know Vienna. Katie, you're the one I want to get closer to.

Katie: Chris --

Chris: Listen to me. Listen to me. I -- I put my career at risk to help you change her medical files, okay? I -- I broke the law for a lie. Today, when I saw Henry, I mean, I could have told him the truth, but I didn't, although I think he has a right to know that Vienna is not pregnant.

Katie: I know, I know. This has been so hard on you.

Chris: Now listen to me. There is only one reason why that I'm doing all this, and it's for you.

Katie: I didn't mean to lie to him. It's not like I planned it.

Chris: No, no, no. I know that. Relax.

Katie: It's kind of hard to do that.

Chris: Yeah. Katie, I, um -- I'm not saying this to put pressure on you. I know you're still wearing the ring.

Katie: Brad was the love of my life. I'm sorry, Chris. That's just the way it is.

Chris: I know that. I know that. But I think you deserve to be happy again. I think you could be with me.

Casey: Hey.

[Knock on door]

Barbara: Oh, hi.

Kim: Uh-oh. I seem to have come at a bad time.

Barbara: This was the invitation to Henry and Vienna's wedding.

Kim: Oh, I am sorry. Not your favorite moment.

Barbara: No. Obviously, I'm not gonna go. I -- I just see no reason to put myself through that.

Kim: Well, you've definitely got a point, except that I hate to hear you start talking like a loser.

Barbara: Well, you know what they say. "Discretion is the better part of valor."

Kim: Unless the fight's really worthwhile.

Barbara: I can't compete against Vienna.

Kim: What kind of nonsense is that?

Barbara: She's got everything. She -- she has youth. She has beauty. She has glamour. She's having his baby.

Kim: And you've got a lot of cards left to play.

Barbara: Not in this game. As Henry says, you have to know when to fold them, and I know. Because if there was ever a losing hand, I've got it.

Vienna: Just think about it. Tomorrow we'll be husband and wife, and a whole new, wonderful life begins for us. Isn't that amazing?

Henry: It's hard to believe.

Vienna: Are you thinking about her?

Henry: Who? No, no.

Vienna: You know, it's okay if you are. You have feelings for Barbara, and I've accepted that. I'm just glad you were honest to me.

Henry: Yeah. I -- I certainly was honest.

Vienna: You know, a relationship should be based on openness and trust, and we should never hide anything from each other whenever possible.

Henry: What?

Vienna: I just -- I just want to know all your feelings and thoughts, whatever's on your mind or in your heart.

Henry: Well, that could be a long conversation.

Vienna: Like what are you thinking about right now? Tell me.

Henry: Well, I'm, uh -- I'm thinking that you have been pregnant for several weeks and you haven't started to show. Isn't that strange?

Vienna: There is nothing strange about me.

Henry: No, Sweetheart, not you, your tummy. I mean, it's still flat as a board, and you have been pregnant for a few weeks now.

Vienna: Yeah, but it's in the genes.

Henry: What does that mean?

Vienna: It's an inherited trait. Um, all the women in my family never show until very, very late.

Henry: Well, that's funny.

Vienna: What is?

Henry: Well, when you were pregnant the first time, you -- you showed very early.

Vienna: Well, you -- you forgot the other part.

Henry: What other part?

Vienna: That, uh, I didn't show at all until I did.

Henry: You want to give me that one again?

Vienna: Yeah, that my -- my tummy was as flat as a Swedish pancake until pop, there it was -- my baby bump. Don't you remember?

Henry: No, I guess I forgot. I guess once we lost the baby, I just let a lot of those details go. It doesn't matter. What I do remember is how much I was looking forward to being a father.

Vienna: And you -- you would have been. You will be a great father.

Henry: Do you think so?

Vienna: Yes, because you're a natural. I've seen you with Jacob. Our child will adore you.

Henry: I hope so.

Vienna: No, I promise, Henry. We're gonna be so happy. You'll see. This baby is gonna make everything all right.

Henry: Yeah?

Vienna: Yeah.

Casey: I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to barge in like that.

Katie: No.

Chris: No, it's -- it's okay.

Katie: No, you weren't interrupting anything. I was just actually leaving. So bye.

Chris: You were? Okay. All right. See you, Katie.

Casey: Well, I get the -- the buzz kill award of the week.

Chris: No, no, no, no. You didn't -- you didn't interrupt anything.

Casey: No? What was going on?

Chris: Eh, can't get into that right now. Uh, got to go meet my mom for dinner pronto.

Casey: How -- how convenient.

Chris: But, uh, what's up? But seriously, uh, you got to make it fast, 'cause I am in a hurry.

Casey: I was hoping you'd still help me out, you know, help me find out if I'm the father of Vienna's baby. I mean, you split before you said yes or no.

Chris: Yeah. I, um -- I can help you with that.

Casey: Great, great.

Chris: In fact, I have an answer for you.

Casey: Are you serious?

Chris: Yeah. Um, I know for a fact that Vienna is not carrying your baby.

Casey: Really? Wow. That's a relief.

Chris: Really? 'Cause I sense a little regret in there.

Casey: No, no. Not at all. You know, I was -- I was actually kind of getting a little psyched about, uh, being a responsible dad. I guess I am a little disappointed that I -- I don't get to step up to the plate.

Chris: Eh, someday, the right woman will come into your life, Casey. Maybe she already has. Maybe Alison.

Casey: Don't you have a dinner to rush off to?

Chris: All right, well -- hey, listen. You're a free man. Enjoy it while you can, all right?

Vienna: Make love to me.

Henry: Shouldn't we save something for the honeymoon?

Vienna: No, I can't wait.

[Henry laughs]

[Knock at door]

Henry: Who is it?

Katie: Katie.

Vienna: Katie, come on in. Henry and I -- we've had the most wonderful afternoon.

Katie: Oh, good. Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves. But the "Not getting out of bed" part's supposed to come after the wedding, no?

Henry: My point exactly.

Vienna: No, because we're a special case.

Katie: I understand. But the wedding is fast approaching. All the more reason to get up and get dressed.

Vienna: Why?

Katie: Because I'm taking you to Metro for an engagement celebration you will never forget.

Vienna: Ah.

[Henry laughs]

Kim: Barbara, you can get any man you want.

Barbara: I want Henry.

Kim: Well, you got to want somebody else. You've got to find somebody who really appreciates you who will not let you go for anyone.

Barbara: Really?

Kim: Yes, really.

Barbara: Where do I find him?

Kim: Well, I tell you, I can name one space that we definitely would rule out -- this room.

Barbara: I don't think I'm leaving this room for the rest of my life.

Kim: Oh, for crying out loud. Will you just get a grip? Get up here. Come on. I want you to go fix your face, I want you to brush your hair, and I want you to come with me to Metro.

Barbara: Now?

Kim: Yes, now. I'm meeting Christopher for dinner. I want you to join us.

Barbara: You know, thank you, thank you, thank you for a lovely invitation, but I don't think I'll be very good company.

Kim: Well, you'll perk up. Actually, I can guarantee it, if for no other reason that you'll be having a meal outside of the Lakeview.

Barbara: Uh, you mean I won't be running into the happy couple at every turn.

Kim: You're slow, but you're cute.

[Barbara sighs]

Kim: Where are you going?

Barbara: To fix my face.

Luke: So why did you quit?

Reid: That's my business.

Luke: But it doesn't make any sense. You just designed your own neurology wing. I would think that for a surgeon, that would be the ultimate sandbox to play in.

Reid: The facilities are not the problem.

Luke: Well, what is? The nasty cafeteria coffee?

Reid: Hospital politics, if you must know. I'm sick of them.

Luke: But you've always been sick of them.

Reid: Well, I hit my limit. The stupid regulations and the petty rules reached a toxic overload. It's only gonna get worse once the powers that be over at Memorial sell the place to Invicta.

Luke: So you figured get out while the getting's good?

Reid: I was offered a staff position at the Mayo Clinic.

Luke: When did this happen?

Reid: As soon as word got out that I was available. I'll go if they sweeten the deal, which they're going to. Frankly, the sooner I can put this pathetic town in my "Been there, done that" file, the better.

Luke: You know, this was a mistake, me coming over here.

Reid: At last we agree on something. Have a nice evening.

Luke: Do you know how stupid I am? I came here thinking that I owed you an apology.

Reid: For what?

Luke: For costing you your job. I had this naive notion that you did an about-face and chose me over your career.

Reid: Imagine that.

Luke: And I was ready to go to Dr. Bob Hughes and -- and the entire board of trustees and fight to get you your job back. But you obviously don't want that, do you?

Reid: You know what I want, Luke?

Luke: What?

Reid: One quiet evening alone. So if you're done telling me about everything that I wasn't interested in in the first place --

Luke: You know, you're right. This pathetic town isn't for you. Have fun in Minneapolis.

Reid: Rochester.

Luke: Wherever it is, have fun. I don't give a damn.

Kim: Hello, Darling.

Chris: Please note the miracle. I am on time.

Kim: Oh, I'm impressed. You get a gold star on your chart. And we have Barbara. She's gonna join us. She needs a little cheering up.

Chris: Okay, well, I got a clown suit out in the car. I can run out and get it, and we can honk-honk the nose and all that.

[Kim laughs]

Barbara: I feel better already.

Chris: Good.

Barbara: Plus you're not Henry, and that helps.

Kim: Okay --

Barbara: No, no, no, no, no. It's okay. It's no secret. I'm sure Chris knows all about everything with Henry.

Chris: Well, I've got some idea.

Barbara: Yeah.

Chris: I'll get a chair.

Kim: Yeah. Good.

Barbara: I just decided I'm gonna take your advice, and I'm not about to shrivel up and feel defeated because of some Swedish broodmare winning him over. And you know what? I think it's time to celebrate moving on. How about a little champagne?

Kim: Okay. That's the Barbara Ryan I know and remember.

[Chris laughs]

Kim: Honey, are you okay?

Chris: Uh, yeah, I'm great. Um, just don't turn around.

Kim: You want to leave?

Barbara: Hell, no. We got here first. Let them go to plan "B."

Kim: Okay. Uh, the dinner is on me tonight. I want you to know they have a wonderful tasting menu. They said it's out of this world. Uh, excuse me. Waiter?

Waiter: May I help you?

Kim: Yes. Uh, I'd like a bottle of champagne for my guests.

Waiter: Of course.

Kim: Thank you.

Katie: I'm so sorry. I had no idea they were gonna be here.

Henry: It's okay. We can go have dinner at the Lakeview, or we can just skip the whole thing. It might be easier.

Vienna: Yeah, please don't tell me that Barbara sent this over.

Katie: No, no, no. I just remembered, I preordered it. But we can still leave if you want to?

Henry: No. And waste an open bottle of bubbly? No, not on my watch.

Katie: Okay.

Henry: Uh, thank you very much. This is gonna work out fine. Can I talk to you about the specials?

Vienna: Please tell me that you got Chris back on our side.

Katie: Yeah. He kind of came around on his own.

Vienna: "Kind of"? Katie, he can't say anything.

Katie: Don't worry. He won’t. You know what? Uh, Henry --

[Katie clears throat]

Katie: I would like to make a toast.

Henry: Okay.

Katie: Henry, Vienna, tomorrow's going to be a very special day, probably the most special of your lives so far. I know what it's like to get to marry the love of your life. Even though Brad's gone, I still remember how amazing our wedding day was. It really was the happiest day of my life. And I wish you both the same love, happiness, and peace that I was so lucky to enjoy. Cheers.

Henry: Cheers. Vienna --

Vienna: What's wrong?

Henry: You can't drink if you're pregnant.

Vienna: Oops. How silly of me. Old habits.

Luke: Hi. Sorry I'm late. I had some business I had to attend to.

Mona: It's nice to see you again, Luke.

Bob: Luke, I wanted you to attend this meeting because you've been so deeply involved in the development of the new neuro wing at Memorial. Of course, originally, we had hoped to build that wing around Dr. Oliver.

Luke: And now Dr. Oliver is leaving.

Mona: Exactly. That's the problem.

Bob: I thought you were pleased that he resigned.

Mona: I was, initially. The new wing is the key reason Invicta is interested in purchasing Memorial, and Dr. Oliver seemed, um, too idiosyncratic to be an effective director of a neurology unit.

Luke: Yes, but now Dr. Oliver is leaving, so what's the problem?

Mona: Well, the more we searched the database for a replacement, the less satisfied we were with all the candidates.

Bob: Well, I'll -- I'll put together a list of top people that are available and have their C.V.S in your hands by tomorrow morning.

Mona: Well, that would be a tremendous help.

Luke: Yeah, but you're not gonna find anybody in that batch either.

Bob: I hope you're wrong about that.

Luke: Well, I know who you're trying to replace. No surgeon's ever gonna come close to Dr. Oliver.

Mona: If Dr. Oliver is as dedicated as you say, why did he quit so abruptly and abandon all those patients that he's so devoted to?

Luke: He did it for me.

Chris: Excuse me.

Vienna: Uh-oh.

Chris: Hi.

Katie: Hi.

Vienna: Hi.

Chris: Hello. Would you like to dance?

Katie: No -- I mean I can't 'cause I did something to my ankle.

Chris: Really? You want me to take a look?

Katie: No. I'll be okay. Thanks.

Chris: All righty then. Have fun then.

Vienna: Why did you do that? You obviously want to dance.

Katie: Not with him.

Vienna: Henry, take Katie for a dance. She needs to get in the swing of things.

Henry: If her ankle is up to it.

Katie: I know. That was pretty lame, wasn't it?

Henry: So to speak. Here. Shall we?

Kim: Why don't you two get out there and kick up your heels?

Barbara: Chris, you are under no obligation to entertain me.

[Chris clears throat]

Chris: Actually, I would love to dance with you, Barbara, and I heard you have some great moves.

Barbara: Flatterer.

Chris: You cannot say no. I've already been shut down once.

Barbara: Let me give you a word of advice. All younger women are fools.

Chris: Duly noted.

Henry: Whoa, whoa.

Barbara: Whoa.

Kim: Uh-oh. This is gonna be trouble.

Chris: The ankle seems to be doing pretty well.

Katie: Yeah. I'm just putting up a brave front.

Henry: How are you?

Barbara: I'm having a wonderful time. You?

Henry: Much better now.

Vienna: You know, I love this song. You don't mind if I cut in, do you?

Barbara: Well, actually, we just started.

Vienna: Yeah, I'd like to dance with my fiancé.

Barbara: Oh!

Henry: Vienna --

Barbara: Okay, that does it. Come here, you.

Henry: Whoa, whoa!

Vienna: You miserable old lady!

Barbara: You two-bit tart!

Chris: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Henry: Think about the baby, Vienna.

Kim: All right. Everybody, just calm down.

Katie: This is supposed to be a celebration.

Vienna: Yeah, you -- you know what? You're right. It's Henry's and my engagement.

Chris: Take it easy. Come on. Take it easy.

Vienna: Oh, what a shame? Your dress is probably ruined.

Barbara: It breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Vienna: You should probably go and take it, uh, into the dry cleaner. Right now, in fact. Go. I'll be happy to pay for it.

Barbara: Oh, don't worry. I can take a hint. Thank you for the dance, Henry. It was lovely.

Kim: You gonna be all right?

Barbara: I'm fine. I got my last dance in, didn't I?

Kim: You did.

Henry: That was completely uncalled for.

Vienna: You know what? I totally disagree. That was way overdue. Now, where were we? Ah, our dance.

Henry: I don't really feel much like dancing right now.

Vienna: Oh, come on. I'll put you back into the mood. Please?

Luke: Reid and I were about to start a relationship.

Mona: You and Reid?

Luke: Yeah. We like each other. We wanted to spend time together. It's as simple as that. Except in this case, it would have been a conflict of interest as defined by Invicta.

Mona: That's true. Dr. Oliver was head of neurology. You were on the advisory committee and a major financial contributor to the hospital.

Luke: Which is why he resigned. He had a decision to make, and he made it.

Mona: You knew about this, didn't you?

Bob: Yes. I insisted that he, uh, decide one way or the other. I had no choice about that.

Mona: What do you mean?

Bob: Well, you made it very clear that according to Invicta, even the appearance of a relationship is unacceptable.

Luke: Well, I think I have a solution?

Bob: What's that?

Luke: If I were to give up my seat on the advisory committee, wouldn't that clear the way for Reid to come back?

Mona: That would resolve the conflict of interest, yes.

Luke: Well, then I resign, effective immediately. The rest is up to you guys. He was offered a job at the Mayo Clinic, and you need to get him back. You need to say anything. You need to offer him anything. Just don't let him get away.

[Cell phone rings]

Reid: I got my severance check, thank you.

Bob: That's not why I called.

Reid: Well, if it's a medical question, then you're gonna have to talk to my replacement, whoever the poor bastard happens to be who took that job.

Bob: That's not why I called either.

Reid: If it's personal, this conversation's over. Fair warning.

Bob: Where are you?

Reid: I'm at Yo's, indulging in a little private recreation, since I'm not gonna be rooting around anybody's brain tomorrow morning.

Bob: Reid, I had a talk with Luke this evening.

Reid: Oh. That qualifies as personal. Sorry, Bob.

Chris: Doesn't look good, does it?

Katie: They'll be all right.

Chris: I'm not so sure, Katie.

Katie: Sometimes people lose their way a little bit. Stuff happens. It doesn't mean they can't find their way back to each other.

Chris: Well, if they're lucky.

Katie: If they have someone in their life who can see more clearly than they do point the way.

Chris: Like someone they can always count on?

Katie: Yeah. And Brad was that person for me.

Chris: Yeah.

Katie: And Henry and Vienna can keep each other on the right path. I know they can.

Chris: That would be great. You -- you tired?

Katie: Yeah, I'm pretty beat.

Chris: Yeah? Then why don't you go home and get some sleep?

Katie: I can't just leave them.

Chris: Yeah, sure you can. Come on. I'll give you a ride back to your place.

Katie: Oh, thanks. No, I have my car. Besides, your dinner was just served, and your mama's eating all alone. You should go be with her.

Chris: Okay. Okay, but I got an idea. Tomorrow, I'm gonna swing by your place, and I'm gonna pick you up for the wedding, okay? One less thing for you to worry about.

Katie: Chris --

Chris: Do not argue with me, okay? I am picking you up, and that is that.

Katie: Okay.

Chris: Okay.

Katie: Thanks.

Chris: Oh, one more thing. Just as a -- reminder. That's all.

Katie: For the big day.

[Voice breaking]

Barbara: What did you think was gonna happen? You think that Henry was gonna choose you? Stop dreaming!

Casey: Henry, you mind if I cut in?

Henry: No, not at all.

Vienna: No, no.

Henry: No, no. Don't be like that. There's plenty of music to go around. Dance with Casey. Go ahead.

Casey: Thank you.

Henry: Sure.

Chris: Ooh, boy.

Kim: What's wrong?

Chris: Just wondering what Casey's doing here.

Kim: He seems to be dancing with Vienna -- and enjoying it.

Chris: Yes, he is.

Kim: Is there anything wrong with that?

Chris: I hope not.

Vienna: What are you doing here? You didn't come here to dance with me.

Casey: I need to talk to you about something.

Vienna: No, I don't -- I don't want to hear it.

Casey: It's important.

Vienna: No. You just leave me alone. I don't care.

Casey: Vienna, please.

Vienna: No. Go away, because we have nothing to talk about.

Vienna: What are you doing here? You can't be in the ladies' room.

Casey: There's no one in here except us.

Vienna: Do I have to call security?

Casey: No, just listen to me. I want to say I'm sorry.

Vienna: Sorry?

Casey: Yes.

Vienna: For what?

Casey: For -- for not believing you. I know now you're telling me the truth that the baby's not mine.

Vienna: Yeah, well, I told you that from the beginning.

Casey: Yes, and I -- I know I've been a pain in the butt, and I'm sorry. But I just needed to know for sure, and now I finally do.

Vienna: Okay. Apology accepted.

Casey: Good.

Vienna: I -- I can see why you would think that we made a baby. I never knew it would be so much fun to have sex on a hospital bed.

[Casey laughs]

Vienna: But I've moved on.

Casey: Well, I'll say. I mean, you're getting married.

Vienna: Henry and I -- we belong together. You know, I'll -- I'll have his baby, and we'll live a wonderful life, and I want the same for you someday.

Casey: Thanks. And congratulations.

Vienna: Casey, you're a sweet man.

Barbara: You bitch.

Bob: How many have you had?

Reid: No, I don't want any company, thank you. I'm not counting.

Bob: You know, getting drunk is not gonna help.

Reid: Listen, Dr. Hughes --

Bob: No, you listen. I know you don't like hospital politics. Well, I don't either.

Reid: Yet you go on and on.

Bob: Well, I believe in my work, and I won't let politics make me bitter. Luke stood up for you today.

Reid: Who did what now?

Bob: He gave Mona Cross a lecture on the passion of healing, the genius of medicine as opposed to protocol, and he used you as his prime example -- in fact his only example.

Reid: Sounds like quite a meeting.

Bob: I'd, uh -- I'd like you to come back to the hospital. Don't prove Luke wrong. There's no alcohol in this.

Reid: Can I tell you a secret? I hate Minnesota.

Katie: Oh. Good night, Baby. Oh. You look just like your daddy right now. [Sighs] Our wedding was so insane and crazy and so totally us, and I will never forget it. I will never forget any of it.

Kim: What about the sea bass? Was that good?

Chris: It was very tasty.

Kim: Good, good. Actually, the only thing that's been good about tonight was the food.

Chris: Not exactly the celebration you had in mind, is it?

Kim: Hmm-mm. Actually, I'd say it's somewhere between a flop and a disaster.

Chris: Uh, Mom, maybe we should just skip the rest of the meal, huh?

Kim: So you can go to Katie for dessert?

Chris: Mother, what did -- no. Stop.

Kim: What do you mean, "Mother"? I'm just saying that it's obvious you would like to spend more time with Katie tonight.

Chris: Okay, hold on a second. If this is going into that "Take it slow" speech, you can hold that, okay, because Dad already beat you to it.

Kim: Really?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Kim: Well, maybe you need to hear it again. Christopher, you are a wonderful, compassionate, funny man with all of the heart in the world. But sometimes that works against you.

Chris: You mean I'm a sucker?

Kim: Well, no. I'm just saying that you do have a tendency to, uh, fall in love easily.

Chris: [Laughs] Well, you know, I can't help what I feel, right?

Kim: Right.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Kim: Okay. But, Son, you really do need to slow down. I'm serious. You need to think this through quite a bit more. If Katie had wanted to be with you tonight, she would have asked you to take her home.

Chris: There's nothing worse than parents being right.

Casey: You thinking about all the girls you've loved before?

Henry: One or two. Mostly one.

Casey: I think it will be pretty easy to put it out of your mind. I mean, you're marrying an amazing woman.

Henry: You think so?

Casey: I know it.

Barbara: You know what we call someone like you in good, old-fashioned, plain English? A hypocrite. But I bet you've heard that before.

Vienna: Get away from me.

Barbara: You not only have the gall to torture Henry for so much as smiling at me, but you're sleeping with Casey Hughes, playing slutty nurse?

Vienna: You are totally wrong. I only role-play with Henry.

Barbara: It's bad enough that you seduced that poor boy.

Vienna: He's not a boy.

Barbara: But you let him think that he might be the father of your child?

Vienna: I never did that, because he's not.

Barbara: Then why didn't he believe you at first? What are you up to that makes Casey thinks you're lying, huh?

Vienna: Nothing. That's what Casey and I are to each other -- nothing.

Barbara: Wow. Proud of that?

Vienna: It happened. It's over. It's no big deal.

Barbara: Oh, I bet Henry would think it's a very big deal.

Vienna: Just leave Henry out of this.

Barbara: I bet Henry would be mortified to know that the woman who he claims to love him, has made him feel guilty for having real feelings for someone else, has been out shacking up with some kid she cares nothing about!

Vienna: It's over between me and Casey, just like it's over between you and Henry! He won't care. Henry won't care.

Barbara: Really? Let's find out.

Vienna: You are not telling Henry anything.

Barbara: Watch me.

Kim: What's going on?

Vienna: Nothing.

Barbara: You think I'm desperate? That piece of work gives new meaning to the word.

Kim: You want to tell me why?

Barbara: It'll come out, eventually. The truth always does.

Vienna: Henry, it's time to go.

Henry: We were just having a drink.

Vienna: No, we've celebrated enough tonight. Let's go.

Henry: Okay, if you insist.

Vienna: Yes, I do. Please. Bye, Casey.

Casey: Bye.

Henry: Bye. Good night.

Casey: Night.

[Telephone rings]

Katie: Hello.

Chris: I, uh, take it you got home okay?

Katie: Are you checking up on me?

Chris: Well, just call it following through. How's Jacob?

Katie: He's great. Are you still at metro?

Chris: Um, yeah. Just getting ready to take my mom home.

Katie: How was your dinner?

Chris: Fine. Listen, uh, Katie, I just want you to know that I, um --

Katie: I do know.

Chris: What?

Katie: I know. And I'm glad.

Chris: Oh. Okay. That's -- that's good.

Katie: Yeah.

Chris: I'll see you tomorrow then.

Katie: Okay. Don't worry. I won't forget. Good night.

Chris: Good night. Sweet dreams.

Katie: You too.

Reid: I know what you said to Mona Cross. Bob tracked me down, and he told me.

Luke: Well, to quote a doctor I used to know, I didn't do it for you. I -- I did it for the hospital.

Reid: Whatever. It doesn't matter.

Luke: [Scoffs] No. Of course it doesn’t.

Reid: That's not bad. All right, here's the deal. I'm not gonna take the position at the Mayo Clinic. I'm gonna stick around.

Luke: In this pathetic little town?

Reid: Yeah. I have a brand-new neuro facility full of patients that need me to turn them into former patients. I intend to do that.

Luke: Whatever. Well, no, I mean, that's great if it works for you.

Reid: Probably as much as you staying with Noah works for you.

Luke: What?

Reid: It's an observation. It's not a criticism. I saw you and Noah together at the Java.

Luke: So that's what this is about?

Reid: What do you mean?

Luke: Noah was right. He said that you saw us together and you assumed that we were back together.

Reid: You are, aren't you?

Luke: No, you idiot! We're -- we're friends. We're close friends. But that's it.

Reid: Could have fooled me.

Luke: Yeah, well, apparently we did. So if that's the reason that you were pushing me away and not answering my calls, does that mean that, uh --

Reid: I might have overreacted.

Luke: Overreacted? You were being obnoxious.

Reid: Yeah. I'm good at that. But you still took on Bob and Mona and Invicta to get me my job back.

Luke: Because you did walk away from it from me.

Reid: For all the good it did me.

Luke: What's that supposed to mean?

Reid: Well, I -- I don't know where I stand in my personal life or my professional life.

Luke: Well, neither do I. But, um -- maybe we can figure it out together.

Henry: Well, that was fun, sort of.

Vienna: Well, I'm exhausted.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, we should, uh -- we should hit the hay. We got a big day tomorrow.

Vienna: No, no, no. We can't sleep together.

Henry: I haven't heard you say that recently.

Vienna: Well, I'm superstitious. It's bad luck for a bride and groom to be together the night before their wedding.

Henry: Okay. All right. I'll -- I'll stay somewhere else.

Vienna: Where?

Henry: I don't know. I haven't had time to think about it yet.

Vienna: You wouldn't go to Barbara, right?

Henry: No. No, no, no, no, no. Of course not. I'll -- I'll go stay with Katie or Paul. There's plenty of places.

Vienna: Well, as long as you don't end up with her. Promise me, Henry.

Henry: I -- I do. Of course. I promise.

Vienna: Please understand, I -- I wouldn't -- I wouldn't let you out of my sight if I wasn't afraid it would put a curse on our wedding day.

Henry: No, sweetie, no. Everything's gonna be fine, Liebchen. Everything's gonna be fine.

Vienna: I love hearing you say that.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. We're gonna be wedded tomorrow. We're gonna be together. And soon, our little boy or girl will join us.

Vienna: It still feels like a dream.

Henry: Yeah. Boy, does it ever. But we're gonna be married tomorrow, and nothing is gonna stop us. Nothing.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Alison: It was a letter from Mick.

Casey: Dante?

Alison: Yeah. It came this morning.

Casey: What the hell does he have to say?

Barbara: So she told you everything? I am so sorry about all this, but it's for the best, really, you know all about it.

Henry: Barbara, what in God's name are you talking about?

Vienna: I need your help.

Katie: Doing what?

Vienna: Make Barbara go away.

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