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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 6/29/10

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Chris: You want me take you to a hotel right now?

Katie: Is that so horrible?

Chris: Seriously? You'd pimp yourself out just to keep a stupid --

Katie: What? I am not pimping myself out. I only offered to sleep with you.

Chris: Yeah, as long as I keep my mouth shut.

Katie: Right. Yeah. I guess was thinking maybe afterwards, you wouldn't tell Henry that Vienna wasn't pregnant.

Chris: Now, how can you do this to Henry? I mean, I thought he was supposed to be your best friend.

Katie: He is! That's why I'm doing this -- to ensure his future happiness.

Chris: Yeah, right.

Katie: What? Like we already haven't?

Chris: I'm sorry. We haven't?

Katie: Haven't already kind of moved toward --

Chris: Sex? Sex -- is that what -- okay. I thought about it -- a lot. But the idea of you sleeping with me to keep my mouth shut -- now, that -- that never crossed my mind.

Katie: Well, so, what is it? Yes or no?

Chris: Yes.

Katie: Yes?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, we got a deal. In fact, we don't even have to pay for a hotel. We can just go to my place.

Katie: Oh, well, no. I know of a really great place -- a very special place.

Chris: Okay. Okay. [Hums] Let's go.

Katie: Just like that? What about protection?

Chris: I never leave home without it. Come on. What are we waiting for?

Katie: Not a damn thing.

[Barbara remembering]

Henry: This is all I can think about doing.

Barbara's reflection: Hey, what's wrong with you? Yeah, I'm talking to you. You know he loves you.

Barbara: Then why did he go back to Vienna?

Barbara's reflection: Forget about Vienna. Think about the way he looks at you. Think about the way you feel when you're with him. You're in love with him.

Barbara: Yeah. I am.

Barbara's reflection: So do something about it.

Barbara: Like what?

Barbara's reflection: Well, for starters, stop sitting around, moping while your lover's getting ready to marry someone who doesn't deserve him, baby or no baby. Get out there and get him back.

Barbara: Oh, shut up and go away. I may be lovesick, but I'm not schizophrenic -- not yet, anyway.

Barbara's reflection: One more question.

Barbara: Make it quick.

Barbara's reflection: Since when does Barbara Ryan give up without a fight?

[Vienna sighs]

Henry: Vienna, we need to -- hey, what happened?

Vienna: Nothing.

Henry: Let me help you.

Vienna: Thank you.

Henry: Listen, I've been thinking about this, about --

Vienna: I know what you're going to say.

Henry: You do?

Vienna: Yes. I don't think we should wait either. Let's do it right away. Let's get married tomorrow. Marry me tomorrow. Yes.

Emma: Holden. Holden, I'm so glad you're here, Sweetheart.

Holden: How did all this happen?

Emma: Well, Paul -- Paul laid a trap.

Holden: I knew he was responsible for this.

Emma: No, no. No, not really, not the way you think.

Holden: What do you mean?

Emma: It turns out that Meg -- Meg was drugging herself, and she tried to make it look like Emily did it.

Holden: And she pulled a gun on Emily?

Meg: Holden! Holden, is that you? Holden, I need you!

Holden: Meg, what is it? What's wrong?

Meg: It was Emily. It was all her fault. She's evil. Paul -- he was on my side. He was. And I need him, okay? So can you go get him, please? Please. I need Paul. Please.

Paul: Want to slap me again? You think that will make you feel better?

Emily: You lied to me! You lied to me for weeks!

Paul: I had to. It was the only way that I could prove that Meg was drugging herself.

Emily: I'm sorry. [Stammers] It was the only way? You could have come to me, your wife, and talked to me and told me what was going on, and we could have come up with a plan together.

Paul: No. Meg would have seen through any plan that you and I would have come up with.

Emily: You let me go to jail!

Paul: For like a few hours, Emily!

[Emily groans]

Paul: Wait. Okay, stop, stop, stop. No, maybe you're right. You're right, you're right. I'm -- okay. Maybe it wasn't the most mindful approach.

Emily: Do you have any idea what it was like with your mother coming after me, goading me and attacking me? All the while, you're taking her side.

Paul: That was part of an act. It was part of a bigger plan.

Emily: You let me believe that you lost faith in me, that you turned on me, that our marriage was over.

Paul: I'm sorry. I really -- I am so sorry, Emily. I had to stop Meg for good this time.

Emily: So hurting me was what, collateral damage?

Paul: Yes. I had to do it for us so that you and I could raise Eliza together, so Meg could get the help that she needs. Please, please, you have to forgive me. Please, you have to understand. Forgive me.

Emily: I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Emma: We'll be right outside here, Sweetheart -- right outside the hall.

Meg: Okay, call Paul, okay? I need him! Call him!

Emma: Maybe we should try to get Paul to come down.

Holden: And make her more upset than she already is?

Emma: I can't stand, Holden, to see her so frightened. Maybe if she sees Paul, she'll calm down.

Holden: After everything that Meg did, do you think he'd even come?

Emma: I think we should try to call him. I think we should.

Paul: Where are you going?

Emily: My mother's.

Paul: Please don't. Please don't walk out on me, Emily.

Emily: You turned your back on me, Paul.

Paul: No, I pretended to turn my back on you for us, for our family.

Emily: And for Meg?

Paul: Yes, of course for Meg.

Emily: Eliza's outside with the nanny. I'm not going out there to say good-bye, because I don't want to upset her.

Paul: If you don't want to upset her, don't leave. Don't leave. Please, Emily, I need you.

Emily: Everything -- everything you did, you've done for Meg and -- and not once did -- [Voice breaking] Not once did you think about me or did you think about our marriage.

Paul: No, that's not true. Look, who knew what Meg was gonna do next, if she was gonna hurt herself, she was gonna hurt Eliza. I did what I did to protect all of us, including you.

Emily: No, no, no. Don't do that. Don't pretend that you were thinking about me!

Paul: But I was!

Emily: Everything could have gone wrong!

Paul: What could have gone wrong?

Emily: The big showdown. Your daughter was in this house, and Meg had a gun.

Paul: The gun was full of blanks.

Emily: She could have replaced them with bullets, Paul!

Paul: Oh, right, because Meg happens to walk around with the right kind of bullets to fit into my gun.

Emily: Okay, fine, then she could have come after me with a knife!

Paul: I was watching! I was here. I would never have let anybody hurt you, Emily. [Voice breaking]

Emily: I want to believe what you're saying right now.

Paul: Look, this plan was hard on me, too, you know?

Emily: Really?

[Cell phone ringing]

Emily: You don't have to get that, you know? [Sighs]

Paul: Hi, Holden.

Holden: We have a situation with Meg.

Paul: What's going on?

Holden: They can't sedate her, and she's pretty upset, so can you come down to the hospital? My mother thought that it would help out.

Paul: Yeah. I'll be right there.

Emily: Yeah, I know. It -- it was Meg. Go. Just go, please. Don't rush back, 'cause it's not like you're gonna have a wife to come home to.

Paul: Okay, will you promise me, please, that you won't leave me until I get back?

Emily: No way. No way.

Paul: Promise me.

Emily: I am not promising you anything. You don't deserve it.

Paul: It's not really a good time, Mother.

Barbara: Well, then, it's a good thing I'm not here to see you.

Emily: What, you came to apologize to me, Barbara?

Barbara: To you? Not in this lifetime.

Paul: Okay, you know what? I've got to go. Please don't kill Emily while I'm gone. And you, please don't leave me. Please don't leave me ever.

Henry: Why do you want to have the wedding so quickly?

Vienna: Why wait? We haven't made any specific details about the wedding, so -- so we have nothing to work around.

Henry: Yeah, but tomorrow?

Vienna: You know what? I know I shouldn't be vain, but I really don't want to be huge in my wedding dress. And if we wait any longer, I'll be getting more and more pregnant.

Henry: Sweetie, you're gonna look beautiful every step of the way. I just --

Vienna: Henry, I really -- I love you so much. I just -- I want to be your wife right away, as fast as I can, before anything happens.

Henry: What do you think is gonna happen?

Vienna: I just -- I just meant before more time is passing by. And it's a good idea, right?

Henry: I just -- I think we need to talk about something we can't keep ignoring.

Vienna: Oh, and wedding -- wedding photographers and music.

Henry: We need to talk about Barbara.

Vienna: No, no, no, no, no.

Henry: No, we can't keep avoiding this subject.

Vienna: No, we -- we don't have to talk about Barbara again. She has nothing to do with us or our wedding.

Henry: She has everything to do with it.

[Chris sighs]

Katie: Welcome to Bay City.

Chris: Thank you.

Katie: Nice view.

Chris: Oh, yeah? Well, maybe we could take a paddle boat out on the lake.

Katie: Yeah. Let's do that.

Chris: Sure, right after we have sex.

Katie: Right. So, do you love the room?

Chris: Oh, yeah, yeah. In fact, I got one a lot like it back in Oakdale. So why are we in Bay City?

Katie: It's pretty.

Chris: And far away from Henry?

Katie: Well, I was thinking that the ride over here might give me time to convince you not to say anything to him.

Chris: Yeah, well, we didn't talk about Henry in the car at all. In fact, we didn't talk about much of anything.

Katie: So, let's talk now. Can you do this for me? Can you please just let Henry and Vienna get married, and we'll talk about the whole pregnancy stuff later?

Chris: Katie, do you really think this is fair to Henry?

Katie: She's gonna be pregnant soon enough already.

Chris: Well, I already told you that I'm not gonna say anything.

Katie: We didn't put a time limit on it.

Chris: Ah, I see what's going on here. You're just finessing the deal. Is that it?

Katie: Can you let them get married?

Chris: Well, what about Casey, hmm? I mean, he still doesn't know that there is no baby. He's walking around thinking Vienna is carrying his child.

Katie: I will find a way to make that right, okay?

Chris: Okay.

Katie: Okay?

Chris: Okay. Okay, well, I'm glad we got that settled, right?

Katie: Me, too.

Chris: Yeah.

Katie: Want to go get something to eat?

Chris: Sure. After we, uh --

Katie: Oh.

Chris: You know, since we have a deal and everything.

Katie: Right.

Chris: So take off your clothes.

Katie: You're right. We had a deal. We came here to have sex, and that's what we're gonna do.

Chris: Then go ahead. You look like you need a little help with that. Katie, you are trembling.

Katie: I'm chilly.

Chris: You're a liar. It is not cold in here. You're just not ready for this.

Katie: I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Chris: No, it's okay. In fact, I just wanted to see how far you'd go to cover up Vienna's lie, and now I know. So, you up for that paddle-boat ride on the lake?

Katie: Wait, so you don't want to -- I mean --

Chris: No, no, no, no. I didn't want to sleep with you anyway. [Laughs]

Katie: Why not?

Chris: Come on. Let's get out of here.

Katie: What about our deal?

Chris: Well, I'm hoping you don't force me to say anything to Henry.

Katie: You promised you wouldn't say anything until after the wedding.

Chris: You promised that we were gonna -- but we didn't. And we both knew that that deal wasn't gonna go down.

Katie: So you're gonna tell Henry?

Chris: No, you have to.

Katie: He belongs married to Vienna!

Chris: Look, she is lying to him! She's being childish and destructive. Now, she's got to straighten this out. And if she doesn't, then you have to.

Katie: But she loves him, and he loves her.

Chris: Okay, stop, stop, stop, Katie. You know that I am right.

[Katie sighs]

[Chris sighs]

Henry: Whatever I'm feeling with Barbara, it's interfering with how I feel about you.

Vienna: You know what you're afraid of, Henry?

Henry: Commitment?

Vienna: No. No, my darling. You're not. Look at your life. You're committed to Maddie. You're committed to Katie. And you and I -- we have been together for years. So obviously you are committed to me. But you're afraid of the ceremony and the words.

Henry: If that's true, then why do I still have these feelings for Barbara?

Vienna: Because she's a way out. She's a way out. But I'm having your child. And if you and I, we got a little lost on the way, it's okay. But we owe it to our baby to be to find our way back together, right?

Henry: I want to be a good father.

Vienna: And you will be. You will be a great father. But you have to stand in front of the minister and say those two words and mean it. Do you think you can do that?

Henry: For this baby -- I do.

[Vienna sighs]

[Henry sighs]

Paul: How is she?

Emma: She's calmer now. They pumped her stomach, and that drug is out of her system.

Holden: What the hell were you thinking? You put my sister's life at risk.

Emma: Holden, please.

Holden: Mama, he could have called us. We could have talked to Meg. We could have reasoned with her. This didn't have to happen.

Emma: Holden, if he hadn't acted when he did, Meg could have hurt somebody. She could have hurt herself. She could have hurt the baby.

Paul: Thank you, Emma.

Emma: Look, I don't fault you for this. I just may never forgive you for what you did to my Meg year after year after year. I mean, why -- why couldn't you have just -- just left her alone?

Paul: I didn't know how? Look, if she's feeling better now, maybe I should just head out.

Holden: Yeah, maybe you should.

Meg: Paul? Paul, is that you?

Holden: If you hurt my sister any more than you already have, I swear to God I will come after you.

Emily: [Groans] Damn. I was hoping you'd be gone when I came back.

Barbara: I was hoping that meant that you were leaving.

Emily: I was.

Barbara: Is there a problem? Do you want me to order you a broomstick?

Emily: Well, if anyone could -- sorry to disappoint, Babs. Your son's asked me to forgive him.

Barbara: Well, I think forgiveness is given far too easily these days. For example, I have no intention of forgiving you for brutalizing me.

Emily: Brutalizing you? Are you kidding me? You humiliated me. You had me arrested, and then you tried to turn my own husband against me!

Barbara: You had me bound and gagged and locked into my suite.

Emily: Oh, you're just embarrassed because you bet on the wrong woman.

Barbara: No. Meg is the mother of my grandchild. I will always side with her.

Emily: No, the only reason you sided with her is because she's not the one who's still married to your son.

Barbara: I thought that you were going to harm her.

Emily: She tried to kill me!

Barbara: Who could blame her?

Emily: Well, at least the hatred's mutual. You, Lady, are officially evicted.

Barbara: Too late. I'm moving out.

Emily: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop. Paul kicked you out while I wasn't looking?

Barbara: No. I am leaving. I am moving back to the Lakeview.

Emily: Really? I thought you couldn't stand being around your boy toy and his baby mama.

Barbara: I am not hiding from anything or anyone anymore.

Vienna: Look at this.

Henry: Hi. What is this? "The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of Ms. Vienna Hyatt and Mr. Henry Coleman."

Vienna: Isn't it beautiful?

Henry: Yeah. How did you get this done so fast?

Vienna: Lisa is having the staff print it out for me. But we'd better go over the list again to make sure we have everything ready for tomorrow.

Henry: All right.

Vienna: Actually, let's have something to eat. I'm eating for two, you know?

Henry: That's right, that's right. Never let it be said that my son or daughter ever went hungry. You just want to eat here?

Vienna: No. Let's go to Metro. Hurry up. I'm starving.

Chris: Henry, Vienna. I was hoping we'd run into you.

Henry: Hey. Actually, we were just about to have dinner. Do you want to join us?

Vienna: No, they're probably really busy, and we were on our way out.

Chris: Oh, can you just hold on one second? Isn't there something you want to tell Henry?

Vienna: Well, there is nothing Katie could say that is more important than what I have to say right now. Henry and I -- we're getting married tomorrow.

Katie: Why? What's the rush?

Vienna: Well, we've been engaged forever.

Katie: Are you okay with this?

Henry: Yes, I am. I think we should be settled in before we have the baby.

Chris: Really? I mean, just waiting a couple weeks -- that couldn't hurt, right?

Vienna: No, it's too late to wait, because we already had all our invitations printed out. Which reminds me, can you go to Lisa's office and get two more?

Henry: I thought you said you were starving.

Vienna: No, I can wait a little longer. I want Katie and Chris to have their invitations right now.

Henry: Okay. I'll be right back.

Vienna: I thought you said that you would keep Chris away from Henry.

Katie: I tried.

Chris: Okay, all the lying has to stop, Vienna. I know that you are not pregnant.

Vienna: What? You told him?

Katie: I had to. He thought the baby that you're not carrying was Casey's.

Vienna: Oh, Casey -- why did I ever sleep with Casey?

Chris: Maybe to get pregnant.

Katie: Not helping.

Vienna: Listen, whatever is happening between Henry and me is none of your business.

Katie: Vienna, Chris is right. Why do you have to marry Henry tomorrow?

Vienna: I have to. Please, Katie, don't ruin this. If I don't do this now, I'll lose him. I know that.

Henry: Here you go.

Katie: Oh, wow.

Chris: Yeah.

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Vienna: Thank you, my love.

Henry: You're welcome, Liebchen. [Laughs] What's up with you guys? You look weird.

Katie: Oh, I was just -- I mean, the reason that I came here --

Chris: Such a coincidence, right? Katie was gonna try to convince you to set a date. I mean, after all, Vienna's not getting any less pregnant, right? [Laughs]

Henry: Well, yeah. Actually, you got your wish. We have set a date. It's tomorrow.

Katie: I have to go. I left something at the hospital.

Emily: You're chasing after Henry, who's what, half your age?

Barbara: Two-thirds.

Emily: Yeah, he's about to marry someone else, Barbara.

Barbara: You know what? You don't know a damn thing about Henry and me.

Emily: I know enough. And I have a small -- very small piece of advice for you, mother-in-law, Dear.

Barbara: I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear it.

Emily: Give him up. Barbara, please, give him up before you look even more pathetic than you do right now.

Barbara: You think I'm pathetic?

Emily: Well, if your enemies can't tell you the truth, then who can?

Barbara: You are far more needy and desperate than I ever was or ever will be.

Emily: Mm. No, actually, I have everything I want.

Barbara: At what cost, Emily? I love my son. But I'll tell you something. You should have walked out on him the minute you found out that he set you up.

Emily: Bag's packed.

Barbara: But you're never leaving. You're married to a man who knows that you will never leave him no matter what he does to you. He has all the power. Now who's pathetic?

Paul: It's not your fault you're here, you know? It's not your fault. I'm responsible for this tailspin that you've been in. Meg, all you ever did was love me, marry me, give me this beautiful daughter. And all I ever did back to you was hurt you.

Meg: Yeah, you're right. You owe me. [Chuckles]

Paul: I do, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to make that right. All I can really do is move forward with my life, and that's what you need to do with your life.

Meg: I can't.

Paul: You won't have to do it alone.

Meg: Because you're gonna be there with me?

Paul: Meg, I won't be there with you.

Meg: Why not? I mean, we could find our way back to each other. We have Eliza, and I know I'll get better if you're with me. And I know we could have a good life.

Paul: No. Because I'm not good for you.

Meg: Emily was never a replacement, was she? You love her.

Paul: Yeah.

[Voice breaking]

Meg: I will never see you again, am I? Ever again. I don't know if I can get better without you. [Sobs]

Paul: Meg, you have -- you have your family. You have excellent doctors.

Meg: And you're finally rid of me.

Paul: Hey.

Meg: Do you wish -- do you wish that you never met me?

Paul: Hey. I dragged myself up to that cabin, right, 'cause I was done. I wanted to die. You know, everyone who ever loved me -- all I'd ever done is let them down. Then you showed up. You were so pushy.

Meg: Well, you were stubborn.

Paul: Yeah, well, but you won.

[Meg laughs]

Paul: You didn't give me a choice. You cared for me. You brought me back. And no, loving you, having you love me, is not something I will ever regret, not even a little bit.

Meg: But this is good-bye.

Paul: No, this is me not giving you a choice. You have to get better. You have a daughter. And our little girl, because of who you are and because of who you've taught me to be, is gonna grow up to be happy. Yeah. Healthy. But she needs you in her life.

Meg: Yeah. I need to be there for Eliza. [Voice breaking] But I don't know if I can do that.

Paul: You can do that. You can -- hey. You can do that, and you will. You will.

Meg: Paul, I will never regret you, either.

Emma: How is she?

Paul: [Sobs] What happens now?

Emma: We -- the doctors have recommended that we take her to a hospital out of the -- out of town so that she's away from anything that might, well, make this happen again.

Holden: Or anyone.

Paul: That's probably a pretty good idea.

Emma: Take care of Eliza. Tell her that -- tell her that I'll see her when I get back. [Sobs]

Holden: Paul, I -- I don't like what you did, but I see now that it had to be done.

Paul: Thank you.

Barbara: Do you mind if I take that picture?

Emily: Why do you want it?

Barbara: Oh, I just want to be able to look at their faces, because I know that I will no longer have a place in my son's life or home as long as you are still in it.

Emily: [Sighs] Promise to stay away?

Barbara: Promise? [Chuckles] All I know is that I'm gonna make a life for myself.

Chris: Hey. I thought you went home.

Katie: Uh, no. I had to come back to get my car.

Chris: I could have driven you.

Katie: No, I know. I just needed to be alone. I needed time to think. Why did you do that, Chris?

Chris: Keep my mouth shut? I don't know.

Katie: You had the perfect chance to tell Henry everything, but you didn't. Why not?

Chris: Tell me something. Why did you agree to keep the secret in the first place?

Katie: Because Vienna's one of my best friends, and you saw her. She wants to be married to Henry more than anything.

Chris: Katie, why?

[Voice breaking]

Katie: Because I want Henry and Vienna to have their happily ever after. I want them to have babies and anniversaries. I want them to have their 75th wedding anniversary. Is that so wrong?

Chris: I'm not so sure happily ever afters exist anymore, you know?

Katie: Your parents have that kind of marriage.

Chris: Yeah, well, they got married at a time when people expected to stay together, you know? Now it's just fantasy, a fairy tale.

Katie: No. I almost had my happily ever after with Brad.

Chris: It always seems that way when you look in the rearview mirror.

Katie: Don't say that. How dare you say that about Brad and me?

Vienna: Hmm. Barbara, I'm so glad I ran into you.

Barbara: Really? Why is that?

Vienna: Well, I wanted to give you -- this. Of course, I understand if you can't make it, since its such short notice. I'll give you and Henry some time alone.

Barbara: What is this? Tomorrow?

Henry: We decided why wait?

Barbara: You don't have to do this, Henry. This wedding -- it isn't what you want.

Henry: I can't let this be about what I want.

Barbara: Why not?

Henry: I have responsibilities.

Barbara: Okay, fine. You can be there for your -- your child. You can be a wonderful father. But I know -- I know by the way that you kissed me, you're not ready to be Vienna's husband.

Henry: I'll be ready by tomorrow.

Barbara: Really? What are you gonna do, drink some magic potion that makes you forget what we are together, what we are to each other?

Henry: No. I can't forget that. I wish things were different, Barbara.

Barbara: Then change things. You can change your mind. I have tried so hard to be understanding and supportive and -- damn it, yes, mature. But we deserve -- we deserve some happiness, too.

Henry: You do deserve that. And I am sorry that I've stood in your way all this time.

Barbara: Don't apologize to me.

Henry: You could have been happy with those guys that you were dating. You could have found happiness with one of them if I wasn't so damn selfish. I want you to be happy, Barbara. Please, will you do that for me?

Barbara: Don't you see? You're not doing the best thing for your child by marrying some woman that you don't love.

Henry: I think I am. I think I am. I think I -- I think I need to put a little baby Coleman ahead of what I want, what I need. When Vienna had the miscarriage last year, I -- this is my second chance, Barbara. God, this may be my last chance to be somebody's dad. I don't want to blow that.

Barbara: It's our last chance, too.

Henry: I'm sorry. You have no idea how sorry I am.

Emily: Who you calling?

Paul: You.

Emily: What were you gonna say?

Paul: Come home.

Emily: I'm home. How's Meg?

Paul: I don't know. Holden and Emma took her to a hospital out of town.

Emily: For how long?

Paul: As long as it takes for her to get well. How long is it gonna take for you to forgive me?

Emily: I feel so stupid, standing here loving you. And I just keep thinking in the back of my head if I mean half as much to you as you do to me, how could you deliberately hurt me like that?

Paul: I thought I had the answers. Please -- don't leave me. Please don't take my family away from me.

Emily: You have Eliza.

Paul: Yeah. But I want to raise her with you.

[Eliza cries]

Paul: Look who it is.

[Emily laughs]

Paul: Yeah.

[Emily chuckles]

Paul: Please forgive me.

Emily: Oh, man. You do not play fair.

Paul: No.

[Both laugh]

Paul: That's why you love me. Please forgive me.

Emily: [Laughs] You -- well, you know, there is this really big, huge diamond in the window. We both really like it.

Paul: Oh, yeah?

Emily: Yeah.

Paul: Okay. Anything you want. Anything, forever and ever.

Emily: You swear?

Holden: Wow. You look --

Meg: Sane? [Chuckles] It's an illusion.

Holden: Like yourself.

Meg: So, are you gonna tell me where I'm gonna go now?

Emma: We just hadn't finalized the arrangements before.

Holden: No, it's all set. You're going to a hospital in D.C.

Emma: It's very near Iva's.

Meg: So you can come with me? You can stay with me maybe for a while?

Emma: Mm-hmm.

[Meg chuckles]

Emma: Where else would I be when -- when my baby needs me? I'll be with you every single day.

[Voice breaking]

Meg: I haven't said bye to Eliza. She's gonna think that I deserted her.

Holden: I know it's really hard, leaving home, but --

Meg: But it's something I have to do for her. I need to leave home so I can come back again, right? [Sighs] I know it's against regulations, but --

Holden: What?

Meg: -- I want to walk out of here.

Holden: Lean on me.

Emma: My babies.

Barbara: I'm waiting. Where is the "Rah Rah" speech now, huh? [Sobs]

Henry: Hey, Baby, you know what? Tomorrow, I'm gonna make your mom an honest woman.

Katie: You're standing there, talking about love and marriage like you know everything, but you don't. You don't know anything about how things were with Brad and me.

Chris: You're right.

Katie: How long is your longest relationship, huh? Two months, three? [Voice breaking] You don't know anything about anything!

Chris: Katie, look, I'm sorry, all right? Just don't -- don't cry.

Katie: I loved him so much.

Chris: I know. I know you did. I know you did. I believe that. I believe you. But I'm just thinking that maybe you -- maybe you need to take this marriage off the pedestal, just -- just a little bit so you can start living again, you know? So you can let someone into your heart again. What?

Katie: Why didn't you tell Henry the truth? Why did you lie?

Chris: I did it for you, Katie.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Reid: I was offered a staff position at the Mayo Clinic.

Chris: I think you deserve to be happy again, and I think you could be with me.

Katie: I'm taking you to Metro for an engagement celebration you will never forget.

Casey: I know now that you're telling me the truth, that the baby's not mine.

Barbara: You bitch.

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