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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 6/17/10

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Chris: Thank you.

Katie: How are you feeling? How's your back?

Chris: Well, nothing that a couple of more aspirin won't fix.

Katie: Chris, I don't think you should keep popping those. You're eventually going to have to try something else.

Chris: Like what?

Katie: Therapy, massage.

Chris: You volunteering?

Katie: Just my advice.

Chris: Ahh, too bad.

Katie: You need to get back to work, Doctor.

Chris: May I ask you something? Why are you being so nice to me all of the sudden?

Katie: I'm always like this. Okay, and happen to be a little grateful at the moment.

Chris: To me? For what? A half-hour ago, I refused to falsify your friend's medical records.

Katie: I know. You saved me from making a huge mistake. Breaking into the hospital's computer -- what a stupid impulse. I don't know what I was thinking. And you made me see that.

Chris: Well, not all impulses are stupid.

Katie: Have a nice afternoon.

Chris: Ohh. You like me.

Katie: Bye.

Chris: You like me.

Katie: And thank you.

Reid: So, who's Invicta sending over to take the grand tour today?

Bob: Mona Cross.

Reid: The same rep who saw Noah Mayer knock me on my butt. That's terrific.

Bob: Well, she's a big fan of yours. Maybe that's why she's coming back.

Reid: You're really itching to sell the hospital to Invicta, aren't you?

Bob: I'm trying to secure Memorial's future.

Reid: So the theme today is, "Sell, sell, sell, get that corporate money"? God, I love medicine.

Bob: Look, this deal has become critical. And nothing -- absolutely nothing -- can jeopardize it.

Reid: You know, you are exposing Mona Cross to me again.

Bob: Well, you're one of the hospital's biggest assets. But if she gets an idea that you and Luke Snyder, a major donor to this hospital, are in some kind of a relationship, they could walk away from this deal.

Reid: You've explained the situation.

Bob: I have to be able to assure her, categorically, that there's no conflict of interest.

Reid: You've explained that, too.

Bob: And I'm still waiting for your answer, Dr. Oliver. What's it gonna be -- Luke Snyder or Memorial? You can't have both.

Luke: Sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything?

Emily: Where are your clothes?

Meg: I don't understand!

Emily: You had to have had them on when you were at Fairwinds. Where the hell are they?

Meg: Fairwinds? No, I was right here. They gave me something to sleep.

Emily: You stop it. Stop pretending. I know for a fact you broke out of this hospital, and then you paid us a little unexpected visit at Fairwinds.

Meg: That's not true.

Emily: Pull it down.

Meg: No.

Emily: Pull down the sheet.

Meg: No, no!

Emily: Pull down the sheet.

Meg: Get away from me!

Emily: You haven't had time to get their clothes on! Pull down your sheet!

Meg: Get away from me, stop it!

Barbara: What a doll. She didn't even wake up. She put her head right back down in her crib, and she was still up -- what's that? Methadone.

Paul: And there's no doctor's prescription label, so they came straight from the hospital.

Barbara: Honey, I -- you can't think that I stole these. I have no -- I'm not responsible for them.

Paul: I didn't say that you were.

Barbara: Then how'd you get them?

Paul: I found them.

Barbara: Where? Here in the house? It was Emily, wasn't it? She had them hidden somewhere, didn't she? Where was Emily hiding them?

Paul: I don't want to talk about it.

Barbara: They were in here, weren't they? They were in here.

Paul: There has to be some kind of an explanation.

Barbara: Oh, yeah, there is. Emily has been drugging Meg.

Paul: We don't know that.

Barbara: Yes, we do. There was methadone in Meg's system. Now there's methadone in Emily's briefcase. What more proof do you need?

Paul: Anybody could have put those pills into her briefcase, Mother.

Barbara: Anybody named Emily. Why do you keep defending her?

Paul: I need to go talk to her.

Barbara: No, no, no, no. Talking's not gonna do any good. She's only gonna deny it all over again or blame me. She's become very adept at that.

Paul: I just don't want to jump to any conclusions.

Barbara: You don't have to jump to conclusions. The proof is right in your hand. Now, I know how difficult this is for you to accept, but it's so much more difficult for that little girl upstairs.

Paul: Just -- I can't believe that Emily would ever do anything like this.

Barbara: Emily has been drugging Meg. You can't deny it anymore.

Meg: Why are you doing this to me?!

Emily: I know you were at Fairwinds.

Meg: I wasn't! Nurse!

Emily: I saw the clip.

Meg: What clip?! I have no idea what you're talking about!

Emily: That ridiculously ugly hair clip you bought for Eliza. I saw it.

Meg: I don't remember a clip.

Emily: Really? Not even you can be that doped up.

Meg: Emily, I need you to stop this.

Emily: I -- I put that clip in the back of her drawer because there's no way I would ever put that into Eliza's hair. When I came home today, there it was.

Meg: And you think I was the one that did that?

Emily: Yeah, because you're the only one besides me who even knew that clip was in the house. So obviously, you broke out of the hospital and snuck into Fairwinds and put it into Eliza's hair while she was sleeping.

Meg: Why would I have to sneak around? I thought I was welcome to come see my daughter anytime I wanted. Aren't I?

Emily: That's funny. For a nut case, you -- you can still think logically.

Meg: I want you to leave.

Emily: Mm. I'm onto you, your little plan. You know, deliberately trying to shake me up.

Meg: I don't have any plans!

Emily: See, I know for a fact you were in my house, Meg.

Meg: You know, maybe we need to trade places, Emily, because I think you need more help than I do.

Emily: Really? Aww, you're so pleased with yourself, this little scheme of yours. Everything's going just the way you want it. It's not gonna happen, I promise you. I am onto you, Meg, and I'm not gonna let you get away with it.

Meg: Nurse! Nurse, help! Nurse!

Bob: I thought that we would start the tour in the main wing.

Reid: Lousy idea. You want to wow the suits, hit them with the kids first.

Bob: Pediatrics?

Reid: Tug at their heartstrings, purse strings will follow.

Luke: You've done this before.

Reid: Far too many times.

Bob: Let's see, pediatrics, then the heart unit, emergency services --

Reid: Wind up in the neuro wing for the big finish.

Bob: I like that. Let's do it. It's good.

Reid: Don't worry. We'll sell this hospital for you.

Kim: Hey, there you are!

Bob: Hi.

Kim: Hi, hi. Can I steal him from you for a minute?

Reid: By all means, take him away.

Kim: Come with me, my darling.

Reid: It's rude to stare, even at genius.

Luke: What's up with you?

Reid: Oh, well, let's see. Am I performing revolutionary, life-saving surgery? No, no, I'm doing a dance for a corporate dog-and-pony show. Maybe that's why I'm so thrilled with life today.

Luke: Well, it's not like you've never had to schmooze with executive types before.

Reid: And this type just happened to see me take one on the nose from your ex-boyfriend.

Luke: Well, at least your nose isn't broken. Are you sure there's not something else going on?

Reid: Such as?

Luke: I don't know. You tell me. You just seem kind of -- distant.

Reid: I'm right here.

Luke: So you're really just ticked that Bob asked you to help with this tour?

Reid: What else would it be?

Kim: The word is you're selling the hospital to a big medical health corporation. Is that true?

Mona: Dr. Hughes, hello.

Bob: Oh, Ms. Cross.

Mona: Call me Mona, remember?

Bob: Well, then, it's still Bob. Good to see you again. Dr. Oliver and -- and Luke. This is my wife, Kim, Ms. Cross.

Mona: So happy to meet you.

Kim: Thank you, thank you. My pleasure.

Reid: Let's just call it round two.

Mona: How's your nose, Dr. Oliver?

Reid: Still attached, thank you.


Bob: Well, should we get started?

Mona: Yeah.

Bob: There's no need for you to really join us.

Kim: Oh, I'd love to go. Unless, of course, you object.

Mona: No objections.

Kim: Oh, wonderful. I love to hear all about the hospital.

Bob: Ah. Well, let's start then. I thought we'd start in pediatrics.

Mona: Oh. How nice.

Katie: Okay. Shoot. Security code. Oh, it's got to be something Chris would remember. Yeah, his birthday. Okay. Hyatt.


Chris: Do you know the trouble that I can get in?

Katie: You'd be doing it in the name of true love.

Chris: I don't care if I'm doing it for the greatest love of all time, okay? The answer is no.

Katie: Please?

Chris: It's illegal! It will get us both thrown in jail.

Katie: Not if we don't get caught.

Chris: All right, look. I'm gonna give you some advice, okay? Stop trying to save everyone's love life. Concentrate on saving your own.

Katie: "Pregnancy test administered?" Yes. "Pregnancy confirmed?" Yes. Better give her an extra couple weeks, just to be safe. Okay. Congratulations, Vienna. You are officially pregnant way before you ever slept with Casey. "Upload to database." No? Oh, no! Oh, no.

[Door locking]

[Alarm beeping]

[Alarm beeping]

Mona: What is that?!

Bob: Must be testing the alarm system.

Kim: Or maybe not.

Bob: I got to check on that. Luke, will you see that Mona is taken care of?

Kim: No, that's all right. We'll keep each other company. So, tell me, Mona, who did you say you work for?

Luke: Well, I know you're gonna tell me to mind my own business, but I still say that something's bugging you.

Reid: Mind your own business.

Luke: So, aside from Bob making you do this tour, you're totally fine?

Reid: Ducky.

Luke: Reid, why don't you just tell me what's wrong?

Katie: No. No! Oh, I got to get out of here. Oh, no. Oh, come on. Oh, I am so dead! I am so dead.

[Electronic lock beeps]

Chris: You! I should have known! I've been looking all over for my security card, and you stole it to break in here!

Katie: Yeah, well, you broke into my house today and almost saw me naked. I came here. We're even.

Chris: You did it, anyway, didn't you?

Katie: What? What?!

Chris: What, what? You changed your friend's medical files, huh? I guess you had another stupid impulse?

Katie: Yes -- no. I mean, I did this for my friend's sake.

Chris: Well, I hope it's worth it, because we can both be in major trouble here.

Katie: Why you?

Chris: Because you used my card to get in here! I am officially an accomplice. Well, at least I can delete whatever changes you already made to her file.

Katie: No! Come on, don't! Wait!

Chris: Are you kidding me? Vienna Hyatt? This is the friend that you did this for?

Katie: Yes, and I can explain.

Chris: No. No need to, because this is all going bye-bye. Now, where is that security -- aah! My back.

Bob: What the hell is going on here?

Emily: You think you got all your bases covered, found the perfect way to undermine me. Well, you're wrong.

Meg: Please leave me alone.

Emily: I am gonna prove that you broke out of this hospital and snuck into Fairwinds.

Meg: I was here all day.

Emily: You are a liar!

Meg: I am not a liar.

Emily: You are a sick, twisted liar who's becoming unhinged by the minute.

Meg: Ask anyone. Paul was here, and he saw me! Shut up!

Emily: You know what? It's really -- it's a good thing you're here, because, you know, next stop, Deerbrook.

Meg: Get out of my room.

Emily: Because it's one thing for you to lay here and dream of ways of ruining my life. But to act on them, I mean, that's -- that's a dangerous sign, even for someone as fragile as you.

Meg: I am getting better!

Emily: Really? Really, getting better? Honestly, drugging yourself, sneaking into Fairwinds. You're out of control, Lady, and you're going right back to Deerbrook.

Meg: I am never going back there!

Emily: Want to bet?

Meg: Get out of my room now!

Emily: No, no.

Nurse: Meg, what's going on?

Meg: I asked her to leave, and she just won't go.

Nurse: Ms. Stewart --

Emily: No, really. Honestly, save your breath. I'm warning you. Whatever it is you're doing, stop before        its too late.

Meg: Please, please, you have to help me, okay? She was threatening me for no reason.

Barbara: Why do you keep defending her?

Paul: Why do you keep making her out to be some kind of a monster?

Barbara: Because she is, and she always has been! She has been a destructive force in your life ever since you were a teenager, Paul!

Paul: You know what? And I have never liked the way you speak about her! She is my wife!

Barbara: Don't you see what she's doing here?!

Paul: No, I see what you think she's doing here!

Barbara: She is drugging Meg to make her look unstable, to set back her recovery, to stop her recovery.

Paul: Why would she do that?

Barbara: Because she wants her to look so unstable that a judge will have no choice but to award you full custody.

Paul: We already have full custody.

Barbara: Only while Meg is in the hospital! Have you thought about what's gonna happen when she gets out? Have you?

Paul: Nobody knows what's gonna happen when she gets out.

Barbara: Yes, you do! You know, you know. Eliza will go home with Meg. And that's not what Emily wants. Don't you see? She wants to keep Meg in that hospital.

Paul: You need a hobby.

Emily: Is something wrong?

Barbara: I don't know where to begin.

Paul: Mother, why don't you go check on Eliza?

Emily: Okay, I'm not quite sure what lies your mother has been telling you about me, not that I can't imagine, but none of that matters, because I have something to tell you -- something big.

Paul: Yeah, I bet you do.

Emily: What is that supposed to mean?

Paul: Nothing. I'm sorry. Here. Sit down. What? What were you gonna tell me?

Emily: I went to the hospital. I saw Meg.

Paul: You went to the hospital? You shouldn't have done that. You -- you should not have gone there.

Emily: You know why I went there.

Paul: Yeah, I know why you went there -- because you're convinced that -- that Meg somehow snuck in here and put a hair clip into Eliza's hair?

Emily: Yeah. I swear to you that is true.

Paul: You know what?

Emily: She came into this house. She put that clip in Eliza's hair. And when I confronted her about --

Paul: Emily, stop. I don't care! Stop it! I don't want you going near Meg again, ever again.

Emily: What? Why?

Paul: Here's why. It's been you all along. You're the one who's drugging Meg.

Emily: You cannot be serious. I -- I haven't done anything to Meg. Let me see these. Methadone?

Paul: Don't act so surprised. Come on.

Emily: I've never laid eyes on these.

Paul: Really? That's funny. Because guess where I found them.

Emily: I have no idea. Where? My briefcase?

Paul: Right where you left them.

Emily: Well, guess what, Paul? I didn't put them there.

Paul: Then who did?

Emily: I have no idea. Yes, I do. Yes, of course. We both know who planted them there. It's so obvious.

Paul: Okay, will you stop? Stop blaming everybody else in the world and just admit to me what it is that you're doing, okay?

Emily: I'm not doing anything except standing here, defending myself to you.

Paul: You had this little plot to keep Meg away from Eliza, okay? You admit it, and then maybe we can figure out a way to get past it.

Emily: Do you actually believe that I am drugging Meg?

Paul: I got a bottle full of proof, don't I?

Emily: Okay, you know what? I am a lot of things, Paul, but dumb is not one of them. If I was slipping Meg methadone, do you think I would put them in a place that they can be found so easily?

Paul: Then explain to me how they found their way into your briefcase.

Emily: I can do that in one word -- Barbara.

Paul: Oh, isn't that convenient?

Emily: Of course it's her! She's been trying to pin this on me since day one, and you know it. It would be easy for her to slip them in there.

Paul: And then just kind of wait for me to find them? I don't think so. You know what? You need to stop trying to pin this on my mother.

Emily: No, no, no, no, no. I'm not saying she did this by herself.

Paul: No, no, of course not, because now she's a part of a great, big conspiracy.

Emily: Yeah! She needed help!

Paul: Whose?

Emily: Who do you think! Meg!

Paul: Oh, great. Here we are, right back where we started.

Emily: Oh, my God! It makes perfect sense. It makes perfect sense. That's why she broke into the house today -- to set me up. And yeah, you know what? You are right. Here's your proof.

Meg: And can you send me up a slice of apple pie? Oh, and -- and some chocolate ice cream, two scoops. Yeah. I feel really good today. As a matter of fact, I think I deserve a little treat. Thank you. Hello.

Barbara: Meg, hi, Honey. It's Barbara. How are you feeling?

Meg: A little out of it. They gave me a pill before.

Barbara: You look stronger.

Meg: I'm not sure about that, after what happened earlier.

Barbara: Something happened? Tell me about it.

Meg: Emily was here. Barbara, you have to keep away from me. There's something wrong with her.

Barbara: You won't get any argument from me there.

Meg: She was -- she was yelling and calling me names, like "Sick" and "Twisted." I was so scared, Barbara. It was horrible.

Barbara: I don't want you to worry, okay? You don't have to worry about Emily anymore.

Meg: You sound so sure about that.

Barbara: I am. Because the truth came out. Meg, Emily has been drugging you.

Meg: What?!

Barbara: Yeah. She wanted you away from Eliza so she could have Eliza all to herself.

Meg: Are you sure about this?

Barbara: Yes, because Paul found the methadone in her briefcase.

Meg: [Gasps] My God.

Barbara: I know. Come on. It's okay. It's all right. Shh, shh, shh. Paul will take care of you.

Meg: Emily and I never fought over Eliza. As a matter of fact, I told her to take care of her for me. I never thought that -- I don't believe she could do something like this.

Barbara: Well, desperation makes people do strange things.

Meg: But I thought Emily loved Eliza.

Barbara: This isn't about love. It's about obsession.

Meg: I feel sorry for her.

Barbara: No, I don't want you to feel that, because you know what? Emily is what she called you. She is sick, and she is twisted, and you should not be feeling any sympathy for her, because she is -- she's going to get what she deserves.

Meg: I hope Paul can forgive her.

Barbara: Well, I don't think that's going to happen. After what she's done. And you, I don't want you letting her off the hook that early, 'cause we both know that given the opportunity, Emily would slit your throat, and she's got to be stopped. And now is the time to do it, once and for all.

Luke: Okay. Let's have it. Why are you being so weird with me?

Reid: Stupid alarm. It feels like there's a fire drill going off in my frontal lobe.

Luke: Okay, fine. Keep it all bottled up. Don't let yourself feel better by sharing it.

Reid: What makes you think I'd feel better if I shared it? Why do you always assume that because somebody's having a bad day, they're hiding some deep, dark secret?

Luke: I don't always do anything.

Reid: I'm in a lousy mood, okay? So back off.

Luke: Okay! All right.

Reid: I realize I'm not the easiest guy to deal with.

Luke: Well, that should definitely be on your gravestone. "Not the easiest guy to deal with."

[Both laugh]

Luke: Well, good golly almighty, we got a smile out of him.

Bob: Well, now that things have quieted down, what are you doing in here, and what set off the alarm?

Chris: Those are good questions, both of them. In fact, do you want to tell him?

Katie: No. You can go ahead.

Chris: Oh, fine. Well, Katie was, um -- well, I mean, I was just showing Katie how our record systems work.

Bob: Not very successfully, I might add.

Chris: Oh, right. The -- the alarm. Well, I guess I accidentally set it off when I tried accessing our database-review systems in interactive mode. You know how that goes. Common error.

Katie: It was an accident.

Bob: What were you doing showing her the database in the first place?

Chris: That -- that was just a segment for her show. Yeah, she wants to see how hospitals handle their records, and I wanted to take her to the place where our records are handled.

Bob: I was under the impression that you quit the show.

Chris: I did, I did, but this segment was already in the works, and I didn't want to leave Katie in the lurch. It wouldn't be very professional.

Bob: All right. Make sure you lock everything up when you're finished.

Chris: Absolutely. Appreciate the help.

Katie: Thank you so much.

Chris: For putting my medical license at risk, lying to my dad? No problem.

Katie: Chris, I know you're mad right now, but listen to me.

Chris: Okay, save it. Save it, please. All right, you may have dodged a bullet, but I refuse to let you get away with this scam, okay?

Katie: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Chris: What I tried to do before, right? Delete the changes that you made to the record.

Katie: No! You can't.

Katie: Chris, please, just leave it alone.

Chris: Katie, what you're doing is wrong. You cannot go falsify someone's medical records.

Katie: It's already done.

Chris: So what, you expect me just to stand by and let this happen?

Katie: Changing it or trying to might set off that alarm again. And not to mention it would leave Vienna with a very serious problem.

Chris: Okay, Katie, no problem is ever solved by being sneaky, let alone breaking the law to do it.

Katie: This is a very serious case. Please, just let it go, just this once.

Chris: Why is it so important to you to help out Vienna? No, you know, forget it. Forget it, I -- I don't want to know.

Katie: So you'll let the changes stand?

Chris: This has to be one-time only.

Katie: It is. It will be. It is, definitely. If you walk out of here right now and forget this ever happened, I will stop trying the matchmaking thing that I've been doing. I promise.

Chris: Deal.

Katie: Ohh. Thank you.

Chris: But do not get the wrong idea, okay? I'm not going along with this because I think its okay. It's a strictly pragmatic decision.

Katie: How do you mean?

Chris: Because it is almost impossible to change your mind once you've got it set on something. And I know if I delete the changes that you made, you're gonna go behind someone else's back and change them back again. And I don't want to see some other sucker in hot water, okay?

Katie: I really appreciate this, Chris.

Chris: Of course you do, because you're getting what you want. You know, Katie, I'm incredibly disappointed with you.

Bob: Luke, I -- I'm really sorry about the situation playing out the way it is. There really was -- was no choice under the circumstances.

Luke: What circumstances?

Bob: Well, this -- this deal with Invicta. You know, it's a tricky business trying to sell a hospital.

Luke: I'm sure it is.

Bob: To put it simply, you and Reid just became a conflict of interest. It would have been the same issue for the hospital no matter who was involved.

Luke: Wait. A -- a conflict of interest? I'm -- I'm sorry. I don't understand what you're saying.

Bob: You mean Reid has not discussed this with you?

Luke: Discussed what?

Bob: Reid is on the staff here. You're a major donor to this hospital. Your involvement becomes a conflict of interest.

Luke: That could mess up the deal with Invicta.

Bob: I told Reid that he had a choice. To give up his position here at Memorial or end his relationship with you. I thought he made his choice.

Katie: Okay, let's get this straight. I'm sorry that I hacked into Vienna's records.

Chris: Uh-huh.

Katie: And I'm really sorry that I used your security card to do it and put you on the spot with your dad, but I did it for the right reasons.

Chris: Well, that's great. Then maybe Vienna will bake you some strudels, say thank you.

Katie: Wait. What exactly do you want from me? Tell me.

Chris: Well, right now, maybe just to move out of the way.

Katie: Ever since you got back to town, all I've heard from you is "Start your life again." Well, I'm trying.

Chris: You're trying? Really, Katie? Hacking into hospital records -- that's trying to live?

Katie: Well, maybe I haven't found my own happiness, except for Jacob, but is it so wrong to try and find it for someone else?

Chris: People like Vienna?

Katie: Yes. She matters to me. So does Henry.

Chris: Okay, well, obviously I don't, because you don't care what happens to me if you get caught.

Katie: You know I do. I just -- I just wasn't thinking. Maybe this is a step I have to take before I can take one that's more for myself.

Chris: Well, now, that sounds just like an excuse to me.

Katie: Of course, it would. Why am I not surprised? You don't understand that I have had to start from the bottom and work my way back up. But maybe you're just too evolved to get that.

Chris: Oh, so I don't know what it's like to start my life over from scratch? Katie, you know what I see? I see someone who's willing to risk criminal charges to help her friends but will not put anything on the line to help herself.

Katie: What?!

Chris: And you know what? Maybe you're right. Maybe I am too evolved -- for you, anyway.

Katie: That's great. Yeah, okay, bye! Good riddance!

Luke: I'm sorry. I have to go get some air.

Reid: Schedule the exam. Let me know when you get the results back. Can you handle more than one order at the same time? Oh, good. Congratulations.

Bob: Where's Mona?

Kim: Ladies' room. I'm sure she's gonna be really impressed with the facilities, too.

Bob: Thank you, Kim.

Kim: So, tell me, when were you gonna speak about the deal with Invicta?

Bob: When we ironed out the details. We're far from it.

Kim: Well, it sounds like a fait accompli to me.

Bob: Well, it isn't, not yet.

Kim: I guess -- I guess I'm just a little disappointed. You've always shared your thoughts with me when you were involved in something important, making a -- a big decision.

Bob: Well, I didn't want to burden you with this one.

Kim: [Scoffs] 25 years together, and you think sharing your thoughts and concerns with me is a -- a burden?

Bob: I'm gonna be retiring soon. We won't have to sweat the details.

Kim: You have devoted your entire life to this hospital.

Bob: That's going to change.

Kim: Something must have changed, because I cannot imagine that you would okay a deal to sell this hospital to a big corporation.

Bob: This hospital needs an infusion of cash. Invicta is extremely well-financed and capitalized.

Kim: It goes -- it goes against everything you believe about medicine. Not only that, it looks to me as if you have given Reid an ultimatum. Either he makes a choice about his personal life or about his professional life.

Bob: It's a matter of ethics.

Kim: It was an ultimatum. I know that you believe from the bottom of your heart that this hospital belongs to the people who need it. Where was it things changed so much for you?

Reid: Luke, wait.

Luke: You are such a coward.

Reid: Bob told you what was going on.

Luke: Yeah, because you obviously can't speak for yourself.

Reid: I was planning on talking to you about it.

Luke: No, no, no. Reid, don't lie to me. I already feel like enough of an idiot as it is.

Reid: You're not an idiot.

Luke: Yeah, well, then why did I take a chance on you? You know, when Noah and I broke up, I thought to myself, "Be careful, Luke. Developing feelings for this guy could lead to problems." But I was willing to take that chance.

Reid: I'm glad you were.

Luke: Because I thought that underneath everything, you had a heart. But like I said, I'm an idiot.

Reid: Luke --

Luke: You sold me out for your hospital wing, for your hero number. Well, I hope you're happy together, you and your brilliant career. I never had a chance, did I? No, not with competition like that.

Reid: Are we done with the drama? You know that's not how things are.

[Knock on door]

Katie: Oh! Henry with my Jacob.

Chris: I knocked this time. You happy?

Katie: I've got nothing to say to you.

Chris: Good. Because I think we're doing way too much talking.

Paul: You know what? Just because Meg brought a hair clip over a few weeks ago doesn't mean that she snuck back in here and stuck it back into her daughter's hair.

Emily: She did. She broke out of the hospital, and then she came to Fairwinds!

Paul: Can you hear this? You need to stop. Or can you even -- can you even hear yourself at this point?

Emily: She put the clip into Eliza's hair, and then she took the bottle of methadone, and she stuck it in my briefcase, Paul.

Paul: You don't know that.

Emily: Meg is just enough of an idiot savant to come up with a scheme like this and actually get away with it -- of course, with the help of your mother.

Paul: Okay, stop it, stop it. Just --

Emily: Honestly, you don't believe me?

Paul: I'm really trying to believe you, but you're wearing me down, because these are all stories. These are conspiracy theories. This is ridiculous.

Emily: I'm gonna check in on Eliza.

Paul: No, you're not. No! I don't want you near her.

Emily: You don't trust me with her?

Paul: Not when you're like this, no.

Emily: How dare you. I am standing here, telling you the truth, and you not only don't believe me, you think I'm a danger?!

Paul: Get out of this house. Go on.

Emily: Excuse me?

Paul: Get out. Get out of this house.

Chris: Now, that's what I call taking a risk.

Reid: I'm not selling you out because I'm not letting you go.

Luke: So you're giving up your position at the hospital?

Reid: Not a chance.

Luke: But Bob said that you had to choose between your career and me.

Reid: Well, that shows you how much he knows.

Luke: I'm totally lost.

Reid: This new wing that he loves to show off so much -- its state-of-the-art. Why is it state-of-the-art? 'Cause I am state-of-the-art. I designed that wing. I am the best of the best at what I do. That's not ego talking. That is simply fact.

Luke: So?

Reid: So I've poured all of my expertise and experience into the creation of what might just be the top surgical facility in this country. I can't just walk away from that, or the career that made it possible.

Luke: Well, then, where does that leave us?

Reid: As soon as the sale of the hospital goes through, or doesn't go through, and Bob is retired, nobody's gonna be thinking about a conflict of interest. This little issue is gonna disappear.

Luke: And until then?

Reid: We -- we take a little break. The minute it's politically acceptable, we'll pick up right where we left off. I can't see that taking more than a couple months.

Luke: So in other words, we get back together when it's convenient?

Reid: No, when it makes sense.

Luke: Look, I'm sorry, Dr. Oliver. I can't do that. I can't be anyone's convenient --

Reid: That's not what I'm saying.

Luke: You know, I really thought that this -- this might work. But this is good. It's good that I know your priorities before I got too deeply involved in you.

Reid: This doesn't have to change anything.

Luke: Yeah, as long as I hide in the background 'til the coast is clear. Forget it.

Reid: Luke --

Luke: Look, you should be happy. I am walking away from you. I am making your choice for you. Don't worry. Your investment's safe.

Kim: What keeps coming to mind is how you always used to insist that there's more than one way to handle and -- and solve any one problem. And over the years, you have been proved absolutely right about that. I love you.

Bob: Dr. Oliver, I was just thinking about you.

Reid: Don't worry. I'll see your next little tour through to the end.

Bob: I was wondering if you had made your decision.

Reid:: Between my calling in life and everything else? Yes. I'm a surgeon, Dr. Hughes. I plan to treat and save as many people as I possibly can at that phenomenal new wing of ours and do nothing else. Any other questions?

Barbara: Little early for a drink, don't you think?

Paul: Not today.

Barbara: Where's Emily?

Paul: She packed a bag.

Barbara: You kicked her out.

Paul: Well, I -- I asked her to leave.

Barbara: You know you did the right thing. You just didn't go far enough. The woman should have been arrested. Lord knows how many laws she's broken.

Paul: All I care about right now is figuring out how all of this happened. How did Emily get so far gone?

Barbara: If you tell me you feel sorry for her, I think I may lose it.

Paul: Clearly she's in a lot of emotional pain.

Barbara: And what if she takes out her emotional pain on Meg?

Paul: You need to stop.

Barbara: If she's as lost as you say she is, I mean, who's to say that she's not gonna finish the job she already started?

Paul: Don't even think that.

Barbara: Yes, police. I'd like to report a crime.

Emily: Let's leave the nurses out of this, shall we?

Meg: What do you want?

Emily: I want the truth. You were at Fairwinds today. You put the clip in Eliza's hair. You planted the pills in my briefcase. Right?

Meg: No. I didn't do any of that, I swear!

Emily: Just stop with the lying already. Just tell me the truth. Was Barbara part of this? Was the whole thing her idea? Just tell me.

Meg: Leave me alone!

Emily: You really should have left me alone.

[Voice breaking]

Meg: Please, Emily, you need to stop hurting me.

Emily: I'm not hurting you, yet.

Meg: Please.

Emily: But I swear to God, if you don't start giving me some answers --

Paul: Hey, hey. I asked you to stay away from her.

Emily: I am trying to get to the bottom of this.

Paul: I had my doubts, you know? And I didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to believe that you were so desperate to get a hold of Eliza that you were willing to drug Meg and then accuse her of drugging herself. But you have left me no choice.

Emily: What?! What are you talking about?! I am being set up! I am trying to protect Eliza!

Paul: You are a threat to Eliza, and you are a threat to Meg, but you are not going to hurt either one of them.

Emily: Oh, my -- oh, my God. What are you talking about?

Cop: Emily Stewart?

Emily: Yeah.

Cop: You're under arrest for stalking with malicious intent. This way.

Emily: Tell them. Tell them. Just say something. Tell them that this is a mistake. I didn't do anything! Paul, say something! You let go of me! I didn't do anything! I wasn't stalking her! I was just trying to get to the bottom of this! It was you! Don't you see what's happening, Paul?! They're trying to set me up!

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