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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/16/10

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Alison: I've even run a search through a nurses network, trying to find out if Vienna used any Ob-Gyns in town who aren't affiliated with Oakdale Memorial.

Casey: And?

Alison: Her name didn't come up anywhere.

Casey: But she's pregnant. She has to be seeing some doctor.

Alison: Well, if she is, either the doctor isn't in town or she's not checking in as Vienna Hyatt.

Casey: You mean she's using an alias?

Alison: It's possible.

Casey: The only reason she would do that --

Alison: Is to keep a secret.

Casey: Because she doesn't want me to know that the baby she's having is mine.

Vienna: Oh, come on. I hate that you're rushing off. We had such a wonderful evening, and night and morning. Let's try for a new record.

Henry: I thought we just did.

Vienna: No, let's go for a new one. Let's top ourselves.

Henry: Oh, I would love to, Liebchen. But I got to go.

Vienna: Where? What are you doing? Where are you going?

Henry: It's business, Liebchen -- business. Remember that meeting about that new venture? Well, it's been rescheduled for this morning.

Vienna: Are you sure that's all that's going on?

Henry: Yes. Of course, I'm sure. Why would you ask that?

Vienna: I don't know. You've seemed a little preoccupied lately.

Henry: Well, I am preoccupied. I am preoccupied with giving our little pumpkin the best life that we possibly can. Remember, I gave away the Stenbeck fortune before I knew that we were going to be pregnant.

Vienna: Yeah, well, so, are you sorry now that you gave away the inheritance to fund the new wing at the hospital?

Henry: No. That's not what I'm saying at all. No, no, no. I'm just saying I'm -- I'm a working Joe again. I've got to get out there and hustle. [Chuckles] Money never sleeps, and neither can I.

Vienna: I love you so much. I am the happiest and luckiest woman in the entire world.

Henry: So am I. So am I. I'm the luckiest man. I'm the happiest, luckiest man in the world. I got to get going. What are you gonna do?

Vienna: I don't know. Well, I'll figure something out.

Henry: Okay. Stay out of trouble.

Vienna: Only if you do.

Henry: See you later.

Vienna: Can't wait. [Sighs]

Chris: Ah! Here it is. I knew it.

[Katie screams]

Chris: Oh! Oh, no. Not again.

Emily: Will you pass the marmalade, please? Thank you. Would you like a cup of coffee?

Paul: Nope. I'll be in the study.

Emily: Okay, this is ridiculous. Why are you acting this way?

Paul: What way?

Emily: You've been giving me the silent treatment the entire morning.

Paul: I got a lot on my mind.

Emily: You cannot honestly believe that I gave Meg that methadone. It's absurd.

Paul: You know, I would like to believe that, but Meg drugging herself doesn't make any sense, and you have everything to gain from her being incapacitated.

Emily: I didn't.

Barbara: A little early for biting sarcasm, don't you think, Emily?

Emily: Shut up, Barbara.

Barbara: Ooh. Someone needs to ease up on the caffeine. How did you sleep, darling?

Paul: Great. You?

Barbara: Exquisite, thank you. But you, Emily -- you're a little dark around the eyes. Did you have a rough night?

Emily: I am warning you, Barbara, lay off.

Barbara: Ooh, I must have hit a guilty nerve.

Emily: No. No, actually, I have nothing to feel guilty about. You, on the other hand, ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Barbara: What do I have to be ashamed of?

Emily: I think you're behind this whole thing. I think you probably helped Meg drug herself.

Barbara: What possible motive would I have for wanting to drug the mother of my granddaughter?

Emily: So you could pin it on me.

Barbara: Oh, right. It's all about you, isn't it, Emily?

Paul: Both of you, please, please stop it.

Emily: Would you just for a minute ask yourself this? Why would Barbara have ordered that tox screen for Meg? Why would it have occurred to her to do that?

Paul: You ordered the tox screen? Why?

Nurse: How'd you sleep?

Meg: Like a baby. I feel much better, thank you.

Emma: Meg.

Meg: Mama, I didn't know you were coming by today.

Emma: Oh, well, I just thought I'd check on you before I did my shopping. And you're awake. You're awake!

[Meg laughs]

Emma: That's great.

Meg: Yeah, yeah. I'm feeling much better today. I slept through the night.

Emma: Oh, that's wonderful. Wonderful, Sweetheart. You know, I'm gonna ask the doctor when I can take you home.

Meg: Oh, oh, you know what? Let's not rush things. I mean, I mean, I'm better, but I'm not sure I'm ready to leave yet.

Emma: Why not?

Meg: I feel safe here.

Emma: Safe? From whom? Emily? Look, Baby, you're just as safe at home from Emily as you are here.

Meg: I don't trust her.

Emma: No, I don't, either. I never did. You know that. But, Meg, you know, I have to be honest with you. I find it a little hard believing that Emily would go to such extremes to hurt you.

Meg: [Scoffs] So what are you saying, Mama, that you don't think that she would give me the methadone?

Emma: I'm simply saying it's a little farfetched -- a little farfetched, even for Emily.

Meg: Well, what other explanation is there?

Emma: It's just -- it's just that --

Meg: It's just what?

Emma: Look, you just have to be careful, Honey, about your accusations. You know, you are being watched very carefully, you know, and people are gonna think that you're irrational.

Meg: I am not irrational!

Emma: Shh! All I'm saying is that before you go ahead with these suspicions, you know, we should get to the bottom of it. You need to have more -- more proof, that's all. That's all.

Meg: You're right, Mama, as always.

Paul: Mother, answer the question. Did you ask the hospital to run a tox screen on Meg or not?

Barbara: Yes, I did. You know why? 'Cause somebody had to think about this. She was acting so oddly, I'm surprised you didn't order it yourself.

Emily: Oh, no, no, no, no. Don't pretend that you did it out of concern for Meg.

Barbara: The only person I am concerned about is Eliza.

Emily: No, no, you did it because you already knew there was methadone in her system.

Barbara: How could I possibly know that?

Emily: Because you put it there.

Barbara: Oh.

Paul: That is a very extreme accusation.

Emily: Really?

Paul: Yeah.

Emily: No less extreme than you accusing me of doing it. And your mother is the one with all the drugging history. Do you remember she drugged me?

Paul: Yeah, I do remember. It's precisely why I don't think she would do something like that again.

Emily: Okay, do you mind explaining that logic to me?

Paul: My mother's a lot of things, okay? None of them stupid.

Barbara: Thank you.

Paul: You're welcome. And it would be really stupid to try and do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, don't you think?

Emily: Unless she was trying to set me up.

Barbara: [Scoffs] I don't have to set you up, and here is why. You want Meg gone. You want the custody of that little baby. There's motive. You were at the hospital the day the methadone was stolen. That's opportunity. I think that makes you guilty.

Emily: You know what? The only thing that is obvious at this moment is that you will do anything to get me away from your son.

Barbara: I don't have to do that. You're doing a fine job of alienating him all by yourself.

Paul: Okay, you know what? I don't know what's happening, but I am gonna get to the bottom of this. And right now Meg is in a hospital bed, and she's probably still scared out of her wits.

Emily: Oh! Oh, okay, so of course you've got to run off and be by her side.

Paul: You know what? I do.

Emily: Aw, that's great.

Paul: Please try not to kill each other while I'm gone.

Barbara: Oh --

Emily: You are just loving this, aren't you?

Barbara: You know, you'd better stop the vitriol, because you've got no one to blame for this but yourself.

Emily: Oh, I blame you, Barbara. But if you think for one minute you are gonna destroy my marriage and move in to Fairwinds as matron, you are wrong. It ain't gonna happen.

Barbara: I don't have to destroy your marriage, because you're doing it all by yourself.

Katie: Chris, what are you doing breaking into my house?

Chris: No, no. The door was open. But I guess you didn't hear me, because you were in the shower.

Katie: That doesn't explain why you're here.

Chris: Well, I left my wallet here when you threw me out. But I found it under the couch, see? So that's --

Katie: Great. Well, you got it. Now go.

Chris: I can't.

Katie: Why not?

Chris: I'm in pain. My back -- it's wrenched up again.

Katie: Not my problem.

Chris: Yes, it is, because you scared me, and you made me turn around too fast.

Katie: Well, if you wouldn't have broken into my house, that never would have happened.

Chris: If you hadn't thrown me out so abruptly, I wouldn't have had to come back, really.

Katie: If you never would have gotten wasted on pills and beer and thought Alison was me, told her you had feelings for her, meaning me, I never would have had to kick you out in the first place.

Chris: If you would just admit that you have feelings for me, we wouldn't even have to have this conversation.

Katie: You have ten seconds to get out of my house.

Chris: I'm in pain, Baby. I can't move that fast.

Katie: 20!

Chris: Fine, fine. [Groans] But you do look good in that towel, by the way.

Katie: 18, 17, 16 --

Chris: Fine. I'm leaving, I'm leaving. But when you decide you want to start living again, let me know.

[Katie sighs]

Casey: You know, you've been a real big help, Ali. Thank you. Most ex-fiancées would be gloating over the mess I stepped in.

Alison: It's not a mess, okay? It's a baby, quite possibly your baby.

Casey: Yes, which is driving me crazy, 'cause I don't know for sure.

Alison: Well, there's also the possibility that it isn't your baby. I mean, I don't know, Vienna could have stuff going on in her life that you have no idea about.

Casey: To tell you the truth, I wish that was the case.

Alison: Yeah, I know you do, and I don't blame you. But I also know that if it is your baby that you will step up and do the right thing.

Casey: Absolutely. I would. I just -- I hope I don't have to.

Henry: Don't have to what?

Casey: Pull another double shift at the hospital.

Henry: Well, take my advice, Casey. Never look a gift paycheck in the mouth.

Casey: And speaking of overtime, it looks like you pulled triple time.

Henry: Yeah, I guess I kind of did. Hi, Alison.

Alison: Hello. And good-bye. I've got to run. So we'll talk later?

Casey: Yes. Thank you. Thank you again.

Alison: Of course. I'm happy to help you.

Casey: Henry, can I buy you a drink?

Henry: It's a little early, don't you think?

Casey: Is it? I mean, it's got -- it's got to be happy hour somewhere, right?

Henry: That's a great point. That's such a great point. And what are bloody marys for anyway but for the morning after?

Casey: That is what I'm talking about.

Henry: Absolutely. Hey, Bartender.

Vienna: [Sighs] I guess we have to just keep trying.

Henry: I love the taste of vodka and horseradish in the morning.

Casey: Can I ask you something? Do you think it's crazy for me to try and maybe get back together with Alison?

Henry: Not if you think you should.

Casey: I mean, we did some pretty messed-up things, and not just once. I'm talking a couple of times.

Henry: Relationships are hard. They take time.

Casey: What about you and Vienna? How did you get her to fall back in love with you again?

Henry: Well, that's not an easy question to answer. Can I have another one?

Casey: But you guys are back together, right, I mean like 100%?

Henry: We're having a baby, aren't we?

Casey: Yeah. Wow. I mean, I bet that was a surprise.

Henry: Why would you say that?

Casey: I'm just saying, you know, things come at you really fast and --

Henry: Yeah. I've hardly had a chance to breathe.

Vienna: Henry?

Henry: Vienna?

Vienna: What, this is your so-called business meeting -- having bloody marys with Casey?

Henry: This isn't what it looks like.

Vienna: I don't believe you. What's going on?

Paul: Hey, Emma.

Emma: Hello.

Paul: How are you feeling, Meg?

Meg: Where's Emily? She's not with you, is she?

Paul: No, no. She's home.

Meg: Okay, 'cause I don't want to see her. You have to promise me to keep her away from me, okay?

Paul: Look, Emily's not gonna bother you, not here or even after you go home. I promise.

Meg: [Chuckles] Look, I don't mean to overreact. It's just I don't know what to believe anymore or who to trust.

Paul: I understand.

Meg: How's Eliza?

Paul: She's great. Yeah, she's good. She's home.

Meg: With your mother, I hope.

Paul: She's with Emily. Emily took the day off so that she could spend it with Eliza.

Meg: I don't want Emily anywhere near my daughter, okay? She is trying to take her away from me!

Emma: Meg, Honey, you have to calm down.

Meg: Don't tell me to calm down! I am not gonna let Emily steal my little girl. Do you hear me? I am not gonna let her take her away from me!

Nurse: What's going on?

Meg: They are trying to take my little girl.

Paul: Please, don't do this.

Nurse: I have to ask you both to leave.

Emma: Let's do what she says, Sweetheart.

Meg: I'm not gonna let Emily take my little girl. Do you hear me? Never! Never!

Paul: Has she been like that all day?

Emma: Well, not until you arrived. And I'd like to talk to you about that, please, in private.

Nurse: Here. This will help you relax.

Meg: [Chuckles] No, I can't let my guard down. Fine, fine. But don't let anyone into my room except my mother. Understand? [Spits]

Vienna: I'm serious, Henry. What are you two doing drinking bloody marys before lunch?

Casey: The bloody marys were my idea.

Henry: Yeah, we're just killing time, and the guy who I was supposed to meet called and said he was running late.

Vienna: And what's this man's name?

Henry: Cobbler -- Jackson Cobbler -- and he said he was going to be a few minutes -- ten, exact -- and look. The time has flown. I've got to run, Baby.

Vienna: But Henry --

Henry: I will -- I will finish with Cobbler, and we'll get together and have lunch, yes? Casey, thank you for the drink. And, uh, good luck on what we were talking about.

Casey: Thanks, man. You too.

Vienna: What did he mean, "Good luck"? And what were you two really talking about?

Casey: I was just trying to find out how serious the two of you really are.

Vienna: We're in love. I told you that. I have kept nothing from you.

Casey: Really? Then what's the name of your doctor? And don't try to do this "Gravid" trick again.

Vienna: It's none of your business.

Casey: I looked into your medical files, Vienna. You've not seen one single ob-gyn in this town, which means obviously you're hiding something, like who the father of this baby is.

Vienna: You know what? You're impossible. I wish I had never had that romp with you in that hospital room.

Casey: But you did. And not just there, either. So that makes it my business, especially if this baby turns out to be mine. And trust me, one way or another, I'm gonna find out.

Paul: I'm assuming you want to talk to me about Meg.

Emma: No, Paul. Actually, I want to talk to you about you.

Paul: Why? Why me?

Emma: You know, I am not convinced that Emily is the one behind Meg's drugging, and I'm -- I'm wondering if someone else might be responsible.

Paul: Who?

Emma: Well, you.

Paul: You think that I gave Meg the methadone?

Emma: It's just one possibility.

Paul: She is the mother of my child. Why would I do that? It doesn't make --

Emma: Now, just a minute. Just a minute. It's not as if you're incapable of it. You have done some very nasty things in the past.

Paul: Yes, I have, and I have tried really hard to put all of those actions behind me. I have tried really hard to grow, to be a better man for Eliza.

Emma: And for Emily, whom I assume you love very much.

Paul: Yes, I do.

Emma: And you would do anything for her, wouldn't you?

Paul: Not that.

Emma: Now, just a minute. You know it's no secret that Emily wants to keep Eliza away from Meg.

Paul: Okay, you know what? I -- I can see where you're going with this, and you are way off-base.

Emma: Oh, am I?

Paul: Yes, you are. What I want for Eliza is for her to have a stable environment. I want her to grow up around a mother and a father and a stepmother who all love her very much.

Emma: I want to believe that.

Paul: And I care deeply for Meg. I always will. I want her to get better. I would like for her to be a -- a reliable, nurturing presence in my daughter's life, okay? If she's on drugs, she can't do that, can she?

Emma: I mean, it's -- it's so interesting. You've almost convinced me that you have Eliza and Meg's best interests at heart.

Paul: I do. I always will.

Emma: But if you're lying -- if in the end, you do anything that puts my daughter or my granddaughter's life in danger, you are going to have me to deal with. And I promise you, it won't be pretty.

Vienna: My God. We've got to do something. Casey saw my medical file, so he thinks I'm hiding something.

Katie: You are hiding something.

Vienna: Katie, please. You have to help me before Casey finds out that the baby isn't Henry's.

Katie: Do you hear yourself? There is no baby.

Vienna: But there will be soon, because Henry and I -- we're back to our fantastic, glorious lovemaking! We did it twice last night and once this morning. So if we keep it up --

Katie: Okay, too much information.

Vienna: Yeah, but, you know, with time, I will get pregnant.

Katie: Okay, this has to stop, Vienna. You have got to come clean to Henry.

Vienna: No, no, I can't. I can't. This will work. I'm certain. I just -- I just need a little bit more time.

Henry: Katie, I have got to talk to you about Vienna.

Vienna: What are you doing here? What happened to Mr. Cobbler?

Emma: Paul -- Paul, where are you going? No.

Paul: I'm gonna check on Meg.

Emma: No, no, no. Please don't. Don't. Let her rest. You saw the way she reacted when you came before. It's because you make her think of Emily. Come on, now. Give her space. Let her have time to pull herself together. Please.

Emily: My little sweetie. You have a bad dream, huh? Oh, it's okay. Everything's gonna be okay. I promise nothing bad's gonna happen to you. Everything's okay. Aw, sweet dreams, baby girl. [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Emily: How's Meg?

Paul: I only saw her briefly, you know? She was a little freaked out when she saw me 'cause she was worried that you were with me.

Emily: Ah. Emily Stewart, wicked witch of Oakdale. Quick, everyone, hide your children.

Paul: How's Eliza?

Emily: She's finally asleep. She's been pretty fussy all morning, probably picking up on all the tension in the house.

Paul: Maybe she just misses her mom.

Emily: Well, then, why not just bring Meg home and I'll leave? Since that's obviously the way you want it.

Paul: That's not what I want, and you know it.

Emily: Really? Because you're treating me like I'm the bad guy and Meg's the victim. And there's your mother, fanning the flames, as always.

Paul: This entire situation is completely out of control. I think maybe we should all just step back, take a deep breath --

Emily: No, no, no. I don't need to take a deep breath. I need my husband to believe I didn't drug his ex-wife.

Paul: I think that emotion is clouding all of our judgment.

Emily: Really? That's the best you got?

Paul: I'd really like to just get to the truth.

Emily: I've already told you the truth. But obviously you've already made up your mind.

Paul: No, I haven't.

Emily: Do you honestly believe that I would do anything that could potentially hurt you?

Paul: I would like to believe that you would never do anything to potentially hurt anybody, but that's not what -- all I care about is Eliza. She's all that matters to me right now.

Emily: I agree.

Paul: Great.

Emily: Great.

[Baby crying]

Paul: I'll get her. Shh. It's okay. It's all right.

Vienna: The last time I checked, there was no Jackson Cobbler living here with Katie.

Katie: Who's Jackson Cobbler?

Henry: He's just a potential business associate. And you know what? He canceled on me again. I'm beginning to think the guy is a flake.

Vienna: What are you doing here?

Henry: I called you. I couldn't get through. I was in some kind of dead zone or something.

Vienna: Ah.

Henry: So I thought I would just pay a little visit to the little guy.

Vienna: Really?

Henry: Yeah, really. Um, what are you doing here?

Vienna: Planning the wedding, silly, of course. What else? Right, Katie?

Katie: Yeah, right.

Henry: Shouldn't we be doing that together?

Vienna: No, because I have a big surprise in store for you, so you shouldn't even be here. You should be going right now.

Henry: Uh, what about my visit to Jacob?

Katie: You can take him for a walk.

Vienna: That's an excellent idea. It's a beautiful day.

Henry: But --

Vienna: No buts. No buts. We have important wedding talk, so shoo. Just go.

Henry: Fine, fine. Okay, fine. Shoo. Uh, how long should I be gone for?

Vienna: Take your time. We'll -- we'll be a while.

Henry: All right. Come on, Jacob.

Vienna: Oh, God. Katie, you really have to help me. You still have access to the hospital files, right?

Katie: No, not anymore.

Vienna: You got to know somebody who does, somebody who would do you a favor.

Katie: What kind of favor?

Vienna: I need proof that I'm pregnant.

Katie: What kind of proof?

Vienna: Written proof.

Katie: You're not talking about falsifying your medical records?

Vienna: It's the only way. Otherwise Henry will find out that -- that there is no baby and that the baby that isn't there could really be Casey's.

Katie: God help me, that actually made sense.

Henry: Don't get me wrong, Jacob. It's -- it's not that I don't want to be a father. And I -- I do want to get married. I should be the happiest guy in town, right? Vienna is -- she's so beautiful. You know that. And she's -- she's to die for. Why doesn't it seem right, man? Something has changed. We used to be perfect together. Now -- I just feel like -- I can't explain it. Something is fundamentally different, and I just can't figure it out.

Barbara: Henry, who are you talking to?

Henry: Uh, Jacob and I were just discussing baseball.

Barbara: Baseball?

Henry: Baseball.

Barbara: Baseball?

Henry: The national pastime, the -- the sport of heroes.

Barbara: Yes, yes. I'm familiar with it. What couldn't you figure out?

Henry: Nothing. It's nothing. How are you?

Barbara: I'm fine. Oh. Look how big he's gotten to be.

[Henry chuckles]

Barbara: How about you? Any more panic attacks?

Henry: Not recently. Thank you for that.

Barbara: You're welcome.

Henry: Do you want to get some coffee? Uh, Jacob and I were just heading over to Al's.

Barbara: I -- I have some shopping I need to do.

Henry: Yeah, sure. Okay.

Barbara: But, um, sure. I -- I could use a cup of coffee and a chat.

Henry: Is everything okay?

Barbara: Oh, well, if you consider my daughter-in-law is accusing me of drugging my ex-daughter-in-law okay, then yes, life is peachy.

Henry: Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second, wait a second. What are you -- are you telling me that, uh, Emily is accusing you of drugging Meg?

Barbara: Ah, can you believe that?

Henry: It doesn't matter. What matters, does anyone else believe it?

Barbara: Well, Emily is manipulative and very clever, and so she's doing her best to make Paul feel that I'm guilty. I just hope she doesn't succeed.

Henry: Well, yeah. But you and Paul haven't exactly had the most trusting relationship over the years.

Barbara: Well, no. But, you know, things have been so much better lately. And if she undoes that with one lie --

Henry: Fight back. Prove her wrong. You're innocent, right? That shouldn't be so hard to do.

Barbara: Thank you.

Henry: For what?

Barbara: For saying exactly what I needed to hear. You always seem to understand.

Henry: Yeah. Of course, of course. We're still friends, aren't we?

Alison: Hey. How did it go with Henry?

Casey: Vienna showed up before I could get much info from him, so --

Alison: Sorry.

Casey: She seemed really upset that he and I were even talking to each other.

Alison: Well, wouldn't you be? I mean, she slept with you, she's marrying him, and she's pregnant with somebody's baby.

Casey: Yeah, maybe mine.

Alison: Or maybe not. I've been thinking, Casey. I mean, what -- what if Vienna's telling the truth and you're not the father?

Casey: I would be completely relieved. But then why is she acting so strange?

Alison: Because she's feeling guilty about cheating on Henry. Maybe all this checking up on her is just stirring up more trouble than it's worth.

Casey: Yeah. But like I can't -- I can't walk away from this one without knowing for sure. I can still count on you to help me?

Alison: Yeah. I mean, of course. Always.

Casey: Thanks.

Chris: Oh. I knew you couldn't keep away.

Katie: I came by to apologize for acting like a bully and kicking you out of the house. How is your back?

Chris: Hurts -- really bad.

Katie: I'm sorry.

Chris: Well, you can make it up to me with dinner tonight.

Katie: Maybe.

Chris: Really?

Katie: Do a favor for me first.

Chris: What?

Katie: Well, I have this friend --

Chris: Oh, boy. I hate these stories that start off with "I have this friend."

Katie: Oh, come on. This is very serious. My friend is having romantic problems.

Chris: Is she now?

Katie: Wipe that smirk off your face. It's not me.

Chris: All right, who is it?

Katie: I can't say.

Chris: [Groans] Get to the punch line. What's the favor?

Katie: My friend needs someone to get a hold of her medical files and make some adjustments.

Chris: You are asking me to falsify confidential medical files.

Katie: Well, I don't really like the word "Falsify."

Chris: Uh-huh.

Katie: Maybe we should use "Adjust."

Chris: "Adjust"? No, I don't think we're gonna call it anything, because we are not having this conversation.

Katie: Oh, come on. Don't make such a big deal out of it.

Chris: Do you know the trouble that I can get in?

Katie: You'd be doing it in the name of true love.

Chris: I don't care if I'm doing it for the greatest love of all time, okay? The answer is no.

Katie: Please?

Chris: It's illegal, get us both thrown in jail.

Katie: Not if we don't get caught.

Chris: All right, look, I'm gonna give you some advice, okay? Stop trying to save everyone's love life. Concentrate on saving your own.

Emily: What's that clip doing in her hair?

Paul: What are you talking about?

Emily: That -- that clip. What -- what's it doing in her hair? I didn't put it there.

Paul: Well, maybe my mother did.

Emily: No, no, no, no. Meg brought it weeks ago.

Paul: What are you talking about?

Emily: Meg brought it weeks ago. And it's -- it's ugly, and it pinches her hair when you put it in, so I took it out, and I put it away so no one would use it on her.

Paul: Well, my mother put it back in. What's the big deal?

Emily: No, no, no. Your mother had nothing -- your mother had nothing to do with this.

Paul: Okay, fine. You tell me, who put the clip in her hair?

Emily: Who the hell do you think? Meg.

Paul: Meg is still in the hospital.

Emily: So what? So she snuck out.

Paul: Come on.

Emily: What? It wouldn't be the first time. She snuck out of Deerbrook, and I think the security is a little tighter there than at Memorial.

Paul: Do you have any idea how paranoid you sound?

Emily: And do you have any idea how naive you sound?

Paul: I -- I am not having this argument with you.

Emily: No, of course not, because you just want to believe everything Meg tells you. And, of course, you will not give me the benefit of the doubt. Do you have -- do you have any idea how hurtful that is to me?

Paul: Yeah, I'm not trying to hurt you, Emily. What I'm trying to figure out is why you are so hell-bent on hurting Meg.

Emily: I don't give a damn about Meg. I care about us -- you, me, Eliza.

Paul: Me too. So do I.

Emily: All right, great. So then just stop taking Meg's side.

Paul: Why are there sides? I don't want to take anybody's side. There shouldn't be sides. That's the problem.

Emily: She is behind this. She is behind all of this. I know it.

Paul: Where are you going?

Emily: Where am I going? I'm gonna prove to you that I'm right.

Alison: Wow. Okay.

Casey: Yep. Never thought that would happen again.

Alison: Uh, do we even want to try to figure out what just happened there?

Casey: Yeah, probably not, no.

Alison: Okay.

Casey: Yeah, I got to go back to work.

Alison: Yeah, me too. Um, and you know what? I'll just -- I'll try to figure out whatever I can about Vienna, and I'll -- and I'll let you know if I find anything out.

Casey: Yeah, thanks. Thank you.

Alison: Okay.

Casey: So, we're cool, right? We're cool?

Alison: Yeah, of course.

Casey: Good, good. [Sighs]

Henry: Look, if you want, I'll talk to Paul. I'll tell him there's no way that you would do anything to harm Eliza's mother.

Barbara: There is no need, really.

Henry: Are you sure?

Barbara: I am -- I'm sure. Paul will go over to my side. I'm confident of that, eventually.

Henry: And then -- then what?

Barbara: Well, then I hope that he will see Emily for the conniver that she is.

Henry: Yeah. Be careful. She's very good at what she does. I know from experience.

Barbara: She might be good, but I'm better.

Henry: Is there anything I can do to help?

Barbara: I'm just very grateful for your friendship, since I can't have anything else.

Henry: Friendship lasts longer.

Barbara: Yes, it does. And it's safer.

Henry: What's wrong with safe?

Barbara: You tell me. Well, I think I'd probably better go. I've taken up enough of your Jacob time as it is.

Henry: Yeah. This is the most relaxed I've felt all day. Trust me.

Barbara: Me too.

Henry: Good luck.

Barbara: Thanks.

Henry: Well, there goes one classy lady, Jacob. Trust me, you could do a lot worse than fall in love with a woman like that when you grow up. You know what I'm saying?

Vienna: Henry --

Henry: Hey, Vienna. Hey, what -- what's wrong? Is something wrong with the baby?

Vienna: No, it's not the baby. It's everything. I -- I think you're lying to me about these business meetings. There is no Jackson Cobbler, is there?

Henry: Yeah, of course there's a Jackson Cobbler. Why would you think that there wasn't?

Vienna: Intuition.

Henry: No, that sounds more like hormone swings. It's very common with pregnancies. You know that. [Voice breaking]

Vienna: Okay, well, please tell me that I'm not losing you.

Henry: No, Baby, of course not. Of course you're not losing me. I'm not going anywhere.

Chris: Who are you spying on?

Katie: [Sighs] Chris, you scared me.

Chris: I'm sorry. I'm sorry about earlier, coming down on you so hard like that. I know in your own weird, twisted sort of way, you're just trying to help out a friend.

Katie: Yeah, but you were right. That was way too risky. I don't know what I was thinking.

Chris: So no hard feelings?

Katie: We're good.

Chris: Good? All right. We still on for dinner?

Katie: Um, that was only if you helped me.

Chris: I thought I just had.

Katie: Not the same thing. And I think I'm gonna be busy.

Nurse: Can I help you?

Emily: I'm looking for Meg Snyder. She isn't in there, is she?

Meg: What's going on? What are you doing here? Get out!

Barbara: Where's Emily?

Paul: I don't know. I think she might have gone to the hospital.

Barbara: To see Meg? Why?

Paul: She's got this crazy idea that Meg somehow got out of the hospital and came here to see Eliza.

Barbara: Why would she think that?

Paul: I don't know. I -- I can't tell what is anybody's heads anymore, except for -- well, including my own.

Barbara: I need for you to believe that I had nothing to do with this methadone drugging. I would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship, not be a part of your life or Eliza's.

Paul: Yeah, I really want to believe you, but I also really want to believe that Emily's innocent.

Barbara: But she's not, and you know that.

Paul: I don't know anything except that I'm gonna take really good care of my daughter. That's all I know.

Barbara: You need to open your eyes, Paul. You need to stop feeling and start thinking. I know that you think that you love Emily, and it's clouding your judgment.

Paul: I do love her, Mom. I don't know. Is it?

Barbara: Emily has everything to gain by cutting Meg out of Eliza's life, and she has the will to do it. My God, she shot you when she was raging with jealousy over Meg.

Paul: That was a long time ago. And, Mother, we've all done things that we regret.

Barbara: Okay, this isn't about me, all right? I would never do anything to hurt Meg.

Paul: You've never been a big fan of Meg's either, really.

Barbara: But Meg is Eliza's mother, and Emily is a wannabe. And I will back true blood every time.

On the next "As The World Turns" --

Barbara: We both know that given the opportunity, Emily would slit your throat, and she's got to be stopped.

Paul: Get out. Get out of this house.

Bob: I told Reid that he had a choice -- give up his position at Memorial or end his relationship with you.

Katie: I've got nothing to say to you.

Chris: Good. Because I think we're doing way too much talking. [Kiss]

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