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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 6/8/10

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Chris: Hey.

Alison: Hey. How's your back?

Chris: Healing nicely. Thank you very much. Yeah. Not gonna be running any marathons anytime soon, but I can walk, I can drive, and I can even ask you out to dinner tonight.

Alison: Really?

Chris: Mm.

Alison: Are you sure that I'm the one you want to ask?

Chris: Is there any other Alison in the room? No.

Alison: You really don't remember what happened yesterday.

Chris: Other than Katie mowing us down with her car? No, and I hope that's a one-time thing, but what am I missing?

Alison: Uh, a little conversation that you and I had afterwards while you were hopped up on painkillers and beer.

Chris: Did I say something out of line?

Alison: No, no, not at all. You were actually quite romantic. You said that you couldn't get me out of your head, that you thought that you and I were destined to be together forever.

Chris: Alison, I am so sorry. I hope I didn't make you too uncomfortable.

Alison: Oh, no. No, no, no, no. Don't worry. Uh, you didn't really say it to me.

Chris: I'm not following.

Alison: Well, in your drugged-up state, you thought that I was Katie.

Katie: Chris should be here really soon. I just have to run to the hospital real quick and pick up a prescription for Jacob, but as soon as I get back, we'll have time to run it before we go on air.

Man: Sounds good. By the way, you make a great on-air team.

Katie: You think so?


Katie: No. Chris does not feel that way about me.

Alison: Yes, he does, Katie. He told me so himself.

Katie: I'm sure you just misunderstood him.

Alison: I don't know how I could misunderstand, "Katie, I can't stop thinking about you."

Katie: He could have been talking about work or, you know, when he's on the show.

Alison: No. He kept saying how beautiful you are and how he adores you, and he couldn't shut up about this kiss you shared on Lisa's show.

Tom: Hello?

Casey: Hey! How was your trip?

Tom: Fantastic.

Casey: Really? Daniel's doing okay?

Tom: He's better than okay. He's on the debating team. Look like they're gonna be competing against Exeter next month.

Casey: Wow! That's impressive.

Tom: Hey. Also, on the baseball team, varsity, shortstop. He's -- he's thrilled. So am I.

Casey: That's it. Just keep rubbing it in. But I can still take him in arm-wrestling.

Tom: This is not a competition. I'm proud of all your accomplishments, as well.

Casey: Oh, really? Which -- which one's your favorite -- jail or my failed engagement? 'Cause I'm gonna go with jail.

Tom: Cut it out. Your grades are improving. You've turned your life around. Stop being so self-deprecating. I'm proud of all my sons.

Casey: Seriously, I'm happy for Daniel. He's doing okay without you and Emily raising him together.

Tom: Now, that's an interesting side comment. What made you think to say that?

Casey: Nothing. It's just -- it's -- you know -- a kid could be raised without having the traditional family, and he could still do well.

Tom: Okay. You got my attention. What's on your mind?

Casey: Nothing, nothing. We're just -- we're just talking.

Tom: Yeah, well, I don't buy that, 'cause I know you pretty well. What's wrong?

Casey: I'm kind of in a jam.

Tom: What kind of jam?

Casey: I may have gotten some girl pregnant.

Henry: Is that a yes? I can come with you?

Vienna: Well, the thing is, this doctor, it's -- it's -- he's notoriously slow. He always makes me wait.

Henry: I'll wait with you.

Vienna: You'll be really, really bored.

Henry: As opposed to anxious and worried here?

Vienna: Okay. How about this? I'll go there first, and then, when it's time for me to go in, I'll give you a call.

Henry: You'll forget.

Vienna: No, I won't. I swear. Okay?

Henry: I guess it's gonna have to be.

Vienna: Oh, stop being so anxious. Everything is gonna be fine this time. I promise, okay? I'll call you soon. I love you.

Henry: I love you, too. [Sighs] This isn't gonna work.

Henry: [Remembering]

Vienna: Let it go, Henry. Let go of the pain, the sorrow. That's not how I want to remember our baby, okay? You remember all our dreams, our hopes? Think about how happy we were and let the rest go, with love.

Henry: I can't do this alone.

Vienna: Okay. [Breathing heavily]

Barbara: Henry.

Henry: Aah!

Barbara: Henry, what's wrong?

Henry: Nothing. It's just my, uh -- just my allergies.

Barbara: No, no. That's not allergies.

Henry: Yeah, you're right. I'm, uh -- I'm having a panic attack.

Emily: I had a feeling I'd find you here.

Paul: Yeah. I came by to check on her, make sure she was doing all right.

Emily: And?

Paul: And she's still asleep, but the nurses said she had a really rough night.

Emily: Well, that's not a good sign.

Paul: I don't know what happened. I mean, she seemed to be doing so much better.

Emily: Or maybe she was just pretending, and it just got too hard to keep up the charade.

Paul: Or maybe something made her slip.

Emily: Well, we may never know what that was. The point is, she did slip. You need to face facts, Paul.

Paul: Really? What are the facts, em?

Emily: Meg needs to go back to Deerbrook.

Paul: Excuse me. I'm sorry, but do you or do you not know what's going on with Meg?

Doctor: Yes, I think I do. Here's her toxicology report, and the results may surprise you.

Paul: So, what's wrong with Meg?

Doctor: There are high level traces of methadone in her bloodstream.

Paul: Methadone? Why would she be taking methadone?

Emily: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Would that explain sudden mood swings, anxiety?

Doctor: At these levels, definitely.

Paul: But isn't methadone something you take so that you can get off of other drugs?

Doctor: It can be, but addicts can abuse it, as well.

Paul: Meg's not an addict. There has to be some other kind of explanation. This doesn't make any sense.

Emily: Yes, of course it does! It would explain her -- her erratic behavior. The tox screen doesn't lie. Meg has been on drugs this whole time, Paul.

Chris: Oh, I can't believe I said all those things. I am so sorry. I hope I didn't make you feel too uncomfortable.

Alison: It did a little, but, you know, it sort of clarified things, too. So, in the end, maybe it was a good thing.

Chris: A good thing. How?

Alison: Well, we now both know that we don't stand a chance as a couple.

Chris: Hmm. Probably not, no. But good friends, right? I hope we can still handle that.

Alison: Oh, yeah. The good friends curse. Will I ever escape it?

Chris: Oh, Ali, there is a guy out there for you, all right? I am sure of it. Just -- just sit tight, 'cause he's a-coming.

Alison: I don't know. I'm starting to wonder, you know, with my track record, maybe I'm safer being alone.

Chris: Well, one thing's for sure -- I am safer staying away from beers and painkillers.

Alison: Well, I'm glad you learned that lesson, Doctor.

Chris: Yeah. So, did you tell Katie what I said?

Alison: Yeah. I mean, I had to. She didn't say anything to you about it?

Chris: Uh, no, no, but it explains why she threw me out of her house.

Alison: She did? I'm sorry.

Chris: No, no, no, no. Um, I really don't blame her.

Alison: She really didn't say anything to you about it?

Chris: Not a word, and that is not a good thing.

Katie: Excuse me. I'm here to pick up a prescription for my son, Jacob Snyder. The doctor said it would be ready.

Nurse: Let me check.

Katie: Thanks. Aah! Get a hold of yourself. [Sighs]

Tom: Are you sure you're the father?

Casey: No, no. In fact, she swears I'm not.

Tom: And you don't believe her?

Casey: I want to.

Tom: Well, you're still not sure. Why?

Casey: It's a -- it's a gut feeling. It's stupid.

Tom: No, no, it's not. I rely on gut feelings all the time.

Casey: Yeah, I -- hey, it would be so much better if I was wrong about this.

Tom: Well, this time, you need to be sure.

Casey: Yeah, especially after what I did to Gwen.

Tom: Hey, I'm proud of you, wanting to do the right thing.

Casey: Even if she's making it difficult to do that?

Tom: Well, maybe she thinks that you're not willing to step up.

Casey: No. I've made it more than clear that I wanted to do that. I want to be involved, you know, as much as she wants, how she wants.

Tom: Okay. So, is there anything I can do to help? I mean, we can file papers demanding a paternity test as soon as that's viable. I can even get started on that this afternoon.

Casey: I just don't want it to come to that.

Tom: Okay. Let me know if it does.

Casey: Thank you. Thanks, Dad. I appreciate that.

Tom: And for what it's worth, if you need to step into the role of dad, I think, uh -- I think you'll be good at it. I think you'd be a terrific father.

Casey: Well, I had a great teacher, you know, the best.

Tom: Yeah? Well, you didn't always make it that easy.

Casey: Yes, I know, and that's why you are the best. And, um, I know I'll be a better man because of you.

Tom: Casey, you've always been a good man. It just took you a little while to find it in yourself.

Vienna: So, could you tell me a little bit about the success rate with artificial insemination? I mean, how long before I'd know if it worked.

Nurse: That depends.

Vienna: Of course. But what about how long the procedure takes? I mean, would I have to stay overnight?

Nurse: Dr. Mitchell will answer all your questions, Ms. Hyatt. He'll be with you shortly.

Vienna: Okay.

Katie: Hey.

Vienna: Katie. Wh-- what are you doing here?

Katie: Never mind me. Artificial insemination? Are you crazy?

Vienna: Katie, listen to me.

Katie: No way. I am not gonna let you do that.

Henry: It's okay. It's okay. I just need a minute. I don't want you to stick around watching me make a fool of myself.

Barbara: Oh, come on, Henry. I've seen you in a superhero cape. Nothing can embarrass me. Not a paper bag. Besides, I owe you.

Henry: You owe me?

Barbara: Yeah, 'cause you were with me when I was having a panic attack of my own, waiting to find out if my cancer was back.

Henry: This is different.

Barbara: How so?

Henry: I don't -- I don't feel comfortable talking to you about it.

Barbara: Because of Vienna and the baby? Well, lucky for you, I'm over it.

Henry: You are?

Barbara: Well, yeah. You and Vienna are getting married. You're having a child, and I have to accept it and move on.

Henry: That's, uh -- that's good for you.

Barbara: Not like I had any choice, but -- I'm hoping we can still be friends.

Henry: I hope so, too.

Barbara: Then don't push a friend away when you're in trouble, even if it's just a panic attack.

Henry: I really feel foolish.

Barbara: Oh, don't. Why don't you tell me what happened?

Henry: I was -- I was on my way to the hospital to see Vienna. She's seeing her ob-gyn. I stopped by a baby store to get her something. A surprise, you know. And I was getting in the car, and I saw this park.

Barbara: What about it?

Henry: Well, when we lost the baby, Vienna and I came out here, and we, uh -- we let some balloons loose. It was a -- I don't know. It was a ceremony, sort of.

Barbara: Like a goodbye.

Henry: Like a goodbye. And I -- I don't know. I just stood out here and thought about all those balloons and them floating away.

Barbara: It reminded you of what you lost.

Henry: Yeah, Barbara. I got really scared, 'cause if it could happen once, it could happen again.

Barbara: No, no, no. Fate is not gonna be that cruel. It's not gonna take away your chance to be a father.

Henry: I'm not so sure that it can't happen again.

Barbara: Oh, come on. Come on. I mean, look at me. I beat all the odds when they weren't in my favor. You can handle this. I know you can.

Emily: How dare you put Eliza's life at risk like that! What the hell were you thinking?

Meg: What are you talking bout?

Emily: We know about the methadone, Meg. The tox report came back in.

Meg: Paul, what is going on?

Paul: There were trace levels of methadone in your blood.

Meg: What? That's not possible.

Emily: Oh, don't. Don't -- don't try to lie your way out of this one.

Meg: I am not lying. Paul, you know me. I would never take any drugs, especially not one so strong and addictive!

Emily: It's in your bloodstream! It just didn't magically appear on the tox screen!

Meg: Well, the tox screen is wrong!

Emily: Of course you're gonna deny it.

Paul: Okay. You know what, Emily? Do you think I could talk to Meg for a second by myself, please?

Emily: Fine. Fine. Why am I not surprised?

Meg: Paul, this is crazy.

Paul: It's just the two of us here right now, okay? Tell me the truth. Did you? Did you start taking methadone?

Meg: I did not take any kind of narcotic. I would never do that.

Paul: Well, there's a toxicology report. So how do you explain that?

Meg: Well, obviously they made a mistake in the lab. It happens.

Paul: No, it doesn't. Not often.

Meg: How can you even think that I would put Eliza in that kind of jeopardy?

Paul: You've been under a lot of intense pressure. That's all.

Meg: Yeah, and I'm trying to get better for my daughter. Why would I put that at risk? Paul, you know me. I rarely even take aspirin.

Alison: Hey, what are you doing here? Are you okay?

Emily: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine. Meg, on the other hand, seems to be in a little bit of trouble.

Alison: What do you mean?

Emily: Well, the tox exam found trace amounts of methadone in her system. A lot of it, actually.

Alison: Methadone? That's interesting.

Emily: Why? Why do you say it like that?

Alison: Some was recently stolen from the hospital.

Emily: When?

Alison: A couple days ago.

Emily: Did they catch who took it?

Alison: No, not yet, but Meg was here on the day it was stolen.

Barbara: What a gorgeous day. It's hard to believe that anything in the world can go wrong when it's so beautiful like this.

Henry: Yet they do.

Barbara: Yeah, they do.

Henry: Thank you, though, for trying to cheer me up.

Barbara: Is it working?

Henry: Eh, it's--

Barbara: You know, you have no reason to be having panic attacks, because the baby's going to be fine, and you're gonna be a wonderful father.

Henry: You think so?

Barbara: Oh, I do. And trust me, I was married to the most loathsome father on the planet.

Henry: James Stenbeck, daddy dearest.

Barbara: Yeah.

Henry: Yeah. I'm just lucky that I didn't have to go through that.

Barbara: You have no idea how lucky.

Henry: Sometimes I feel for Paul. Trust me.

Barbara: Well, Paul turned out okay.

Henry: That depends on your definition of okay.

Barbara: Paul's complicated.

Henry: Mm.

Barbara: But he's a good man. And so are you.

Henry: Thank you. I mean that.

Barbara: I mean it, too.

Henry: Well, no more panic attacks for me. I'm, uh -- I'm done heaving for the day. It's time to get back to the real world.

Barbara: Yeah, yeah. Unfortunately, I guess we should. But one more thing. I don't want what happened between us to keep you from moving on. I want you to give everything you have to Vienna and that baby, 100%, because they deserve to be happy, and so do you.

Henry: I hope you find what you're looking for, too, Barbara.

Barbara: I thought I had.

Henry: I'm sorry.

Vienna: No, Katie. I'm desperate. Henry doesn't even want to sleep with me because he's so afraid of hurting the baby. So, how else am I gonna get pregnant so there can actually be a baby?

Katie: Why can't you just tell Henry the truth?

Vienna: No, absolutely not, because if I do, he will leave me.

Katie: No, he won't. He loves you. You can't trick him into staying.

Vienna: How do you know?

Katie: Because I've tried things like this a million times. It never works out the way you hope. And Henry loves you so much. You two belong together. When the time is right, you'll have a baby. Just let nature take its course.

Vienna: No, I -- I can't trust nature. Nature hasn't really been cooperative with me in the past. So I think it's time to actually throw in a little bit of help.

Katie: Chris, hey. I'm glad you're here. Listen, I have a couple things to talk to you about before we get started.

Chris: Katie, I need to talk to you about something first.

Katie: Why?

Chris: Come here for a second.

Katie: What's going on?

Chris: Well, I know what happened. Alison told me everything.

Katie: Everything about what?

Chris: Katie, you know what I mean. Okay, I was drugged up. I thought she was you, and I told her how I felt about you.

Katie: So? It didn't mean anything. Like you just said, you were drugged up. You didn't know what you were saying.

Chris: No, but I knew what I was saying, Katie. Look, I may have said it to the wrong person, but I meant every word of it. I do have feelings for you, strong feelings, and I just cannot get that kiss out of my mind.

Barbara: Everything all right?

Emily: Far from it. Meg has been doped up on methadone this whole time. That's why she's been acting so off-the-wall.

Barbara: And how do you know that?

Emily: The toxicology report came in. And here you've been painting me as the bad influence on Eliza.

Barbara: What does Paul have to say?

Emily: Well, naturally, he wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. So he asked the doctors to run a second test.

Barbara: But you don't think that's necessary?

Emily: Necessary? It's a complete waste of time, Barbara. It's obvious what's going on. The woman, she's under pressure. She was out of Deerbrook too soon. She's -- she's self-medicating.

Barbara: Well, that theory certainly benefits you, doesn't it?

Emily: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Barbara: Oh, don't play naive with me, Emily. You know exactly what I mean. Don't you find it incredibly odd that Meg has just started using drugs, especially when she's so close to getting her life back together?

Emily: Well, the actions of mentally disturbed people really rarely make sense.

Barbara: That's not an answer. Eliza was in the room when Meg had that episode. It was terrifying. Why would she do that in front of her daughter?

Emily: Because she didn't know what she was doing. The episode was drug-induced, remember?

Barbara: Oh, come on, Emily. It's methadone. Meg is a nurse. She would not risk her health like that.

Emily: Well, maybe, but she is weak.

Barbara: She cares too much about her daughter to put her through that. It was harrowing. I don't buy it.

Emily: Okay. Well, I suppose you have a more plausible explanation?

Barbara: As a matter of fact, I do. What if someone else was drugging her, someone else who has a vested interest in making her look bad?

Emily: Are you speculating or are you making an accusation?

Barbara: What do you think?

Emily: I think you're way out of line.

Barbara: Am I?

Paul: Hi, Mom.

Barbara: Hi, Paul.

Paul: What am I interrupting?

Emily: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Vienna: Henry, I thought you were gonna wait for me to call you.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. I got so antsy in the hotel, though, and I just started driving, and the next thing I knew, I ended up here.

Vienna: Yeah. Too bad you came all this way for nothing.

Vienna: What happened?

Vienna: My appointment got canceled.

Henry: What? Why?

Vienna: Well, the doctor had an emergency. So we'll, uh, have to reschedule.

Henry: That's -- that's too bad.

Vienna: Yeah. I was just about to leave.

Henry: Well, then I came here just in the nick of time here. Come on. Come with me. I'm gonna buy you a latte. I have a surprise for you.

Vienna: Really? What surprise?

Henry: Well, that's why they call it a surprise, Sweetie. Come on. I'll show you. Come on.

Casey: You couldn't hear what they were talking about?

Alison: No, but Vienna was definitely upset about something.

Casey: Do you know where Katie is? Maybe you could go and ask her what they were talking about.

Alison: Well, I think she left, but you would have a better chance with her than I would. She's your aunt.

Casey: I can't talk to her about this. I mean, she'll freak out. And then she'll probably tell my mom. This whole thing is driving me nuts.

Alison: Well, maybe Vienna's lying. Maybe you're not the father, and maybe she's upset about something else or with someone else.

Casey: I-I want to believe that, but I'm not assuming anything about this. I have to know for sure.

Alison: You deserve to know for sure.

Casey: The question is, how do I find out? I mean, Vienna's stonewalling me, and I don't even know the real name of her doctor.

Alison: I may know a way for us to find out.

Casey: Really? How?

Alison: Follow me. If Vienna's seeing a doctor here at the hospital, any doctor, there will be a record of it on file. So we just have to look it up.

Casey: Is this illegal?

Alison: Do you care?

Casey: Right. Let's do this.

Katie: I can't do this right now. We have a show to do. Let's just concentrate on that.

Chris: Katie. Katie, we need to talk about this first, please.

Katie: There's nothing to talk about. You were stoned. You said some stupid things. You didn't even say them to me.

Chris: These are words that you were meant to hear.

Katie: They were ramblings by someone on painkillers and alcohol.

Chris: And I'm standing you in front of you stone-cold sober. I'm willing to repeat word for word and mean every word of it. I am.

Katie: No, please don't. Please don't do that.

Chris: Why, Katie? You feel the same way about me, even though you won't admit it.

Katie: No, I don't.

Chris: Yes, you do, and you cannot get that kiss out of your mind. I know you can't.

Katie: And you know me so well.

Chris: I know you better than you think, and I know that you're hiding from your own feelings.

Katie: Really?

Chris: Yes.

Katie: Why would I do that?

Chris: Because you are afraid.

Katie: Of what?

Chris: Of letting Brad go.

Katie: Stop it. I am not having this conversation. Not now, not ever.

Chris: Fine. You can pretend whatever you want, okay. In fact, I can't force you to move on, even though I think it's time that you did.

Katie: Well, you don't get to decide that for me, and you can't force me to have feelings for you that I don't have.

Chris: Yes, you do, but you just can't face them. You're obviously not over Brad, but I'm not gonna try to compete with your dead husband.

Katie: That's cruel. That is cruel and unfair.

Chris: No. You know what is unfair? That you deserve to start over but you just won't let yourself.

Katie: You don't know what you're talking about. You've never lost a wife. You've never lost the mother of your child, and you're talking to me like you know what I'm going through, but you don't.

Chris: Fine. Fine. You know what? I will leave you alone, and I'm gonna make it real easy for you.

Katie: How?

Chris: Today will be my last show, and you will never have to see me again.

Katie: So, if you thought you were talking to me in that bedroom, what did you expect me to say back?

Chris: Oh, probably expected you to be honest and admit that you feel the same way.

Katie: But I don't. And what do you mean by probably?

Chris: Well, it wasn't planned. I was drugged up, right? Just something I blurted out.

Katie: Well, you must be pretty arrogant if you think that one little kiss would change my entire life.

Chris: I thought this is something you didn't want to talk about.

Katie: I don't. I just want to let you know that my life is very full. I'm very happy. I have Jacob. I have a job I love. I don't need that complicated by a relationship.

Chris: Fine. You've convinced me I'm wasting my time. You just haven't convinced yourself.

Katie: Oh, I don't need convincing.

Chris: You can pretend all you want, but I know that you are scared.

Katie: Of what?

Chris: Scared of falling in love again.

Katie: Maybe I just don't want to fall in love again. Did you ever think of that? And I especially wouldn't want to fall in love with an arrogant, self-centered guy like you.

Chris: [Laughs] If this is how you handle something you don't care about, I'm dying to see how you deal with something you do.

Producer: Okay. We're ready to go in five, four, three, two.

Katie: Good morning, everyone, and welcome to "Someone's Mom."

Alison: Got it.

Casey: What's it say?

Alison: Well, I'll print it out for you.

[Door handle rattles]

Alison: Okay, I'll handle it. Dr. Forsythe, hi. Sorry about that. Uh, I was just putting away some files. Is there anything I can do for you?

Henry: Here. I got all of your favorite music. You can play it for the baby every day. They say it's good for them to hear it in the womb. I even heard of couples that actually play music in the O.R. while they're giving birth.

Vienna: Well, as long as it's not punk rock or hip-hop.

Henry: What? Where's your sense of fun? And there's more. There's more. That's the right one, isn't it? That's the one you had when you were a kid, yeah?

Vienna: Yes, yes. Oh, my God. Where did you find this? It's perfect.

Henry: You can start reading to the baby tonight.

Vienna: Oh, I don't even know what to say.

Henry: You don't have to say anything. I'm the one that has to say I'm sorry to you.

Vienna: What do you have to apologize for?

Henry: I've been so anxious and so scared. I want everything to work out right this time.

Vienna: It will work out. It will work out.

Henry: I'm starting to believe that. I can't wait to have a baby with you, Liebchen.

Emily: Alison was here just a little while ago, and she told me that some methadone was taken from this hospital a couple of days ago.

Paul: So?

Emily: So? So Meg was here the very same day the methadone was taken at around the same time. Now, are you gonna tell me that's a coincidence?

Paul: It could be.

Emily: What -- what is it gonna take for you to open your eyes? She's more unbalanced than any of us ever thought.

Paul: Just don't think that we should jump to any conclusions.

Emily: Why not, Paul? You always do with me. Why is it you're always so willing to -- to think the worst of everyone but Meg?

Paul: Okay. That's not true.

Emily: No? It's not true?

Paul: No.

Emily: It's not true? Then for once in your life, prove it. Take your wife's side.

Barbara: Hi. How are you feeling?

Meg: Like someone who's being set up.

Barbara: Things aren't looking up for you, are they?

Meg: No. It was a mistake. A mix-up. Some lab technician messed up the results.

Barbara: Listen. I have to tell you, your doctor's standing by the tox report.

Meg: Well, then he's wrong.

Barbara: Meg, Honey, no one would blame you if you slipped up. I know more than anyone else how difficult it is to -- to leave the protection, the security, of Deerbrook.

Meg: I was ready to leave Deerbrook, Barbara. My doctor there even agreed.

Barbara: But what if you weren't? It's hard to come back into the world and not be surrounded by the same --

Meg: Okay, okay! Stop it, stop it! I did not slip up, and I did not do this to myself!

Barbara: You know what? We all saw it. We saw at the christening how you screamed at Emily. You called her evil all in front of Eliza.

Meg: I-I don't know why that happened.

Barbara: So it was out of your control.

Meg: Yes, but not because I'm taking drugs!

Barbara: Okay. Look, I don't want to upset you any more, but I just heard something outside.

Meg: [Laughs] What now?

Barbara: It seems that some methadone was stolen from the hospital a few days ago.

Meg: That doesn't prove anything. I certainly didn't steal any drugs. You can ask Emily.

Barbara: Why would I ask Emily?

Meg: Because she was here at the same time I was.

Alison: This is strange.

Casey: What?

Alison: Well, according to her file, Vienna hasn't had a doctor's appointment since she lost her baby last year.

Casey: Not even a regular checkup?

Alison: Uh, no physician's checkup, no gynecologist visits, and definitely no ob-gyn.

Casey: Maybe she's seeing someone else.

Alison: Yeah, maybe, but then why did she tell you she was coming here?

Casey: I don't know. Maybe because --

Alison: She's hiding something?

Henry: I have a confession to make.

Vienna: What is it?

Henry: Before I met you at the hospital, I went to Trinity Park.

Vienna: Trinity Park? That's where we let loose all the balloons when we lost Sven.

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: What made you go there?

Henry: I felt compelled to go.

Vienna: Because you're feeling anxious about this baby?

Henry: Yes.

Vienna: Oh, I wish I'd gone with you.

Henry: It was, uh -- you know what it was? It was very cathartic. I went in really worried, and I came out calm.

Vienna: Well, did something specific happen?

Henry: No, nothing specific. Just being there in the place that we said goodbye to our baby, I, uh -- the past is the past, and I can't be scared of it anymore, and I can't let it stop us from thinking about our future.

Vienna: Yes, our future.

Henry: Our future. And I can't worry about things that I have no control over.

Vienna: I'm so glad to hear you say that.

Henry: It's gonna be good. It's gonna be okay.

Vienna: Yes.

Henry: I know that. I feel that.

Vienna: Me too, mon amour.

Henry: We're gonna give our baby a wonderful life.

Vienna: We will. Make love to me.

Henry: Are you sure? Is it okay?

Vienna: No fear. Remember.

Henry: Remember, no fear.

Chris: Before we finish up today, I'd like to make an announcement.

Katie: Oh, that sounds serious.

Chris: Well, it is, but in a good way. This program has been an amazing run for me, and I hope that I helped some of you moms out there navigate the tricky waters of child-rearing with a little more confidence.

Katie: He's been terrific, hasn't he, Ladies?

Chris: But all good things must come to an end, and so it has for me. Today will be my final broadcast, but do not worry. I will leave you in Katie's very capable hands. She's a great mother, terrific friend, and I am lucky to know her, and you are all lucky to have her in your homes every day. So, I wish you the best. Goodbye.

Producer: And we're out.

Katie: Chris, wow. I don't -- I don't know what to say.

Chris: Well, you don't have to say anything, okay? I just -- I want you to know that I really do wish you the best, and I really do mean goodbye.

Paul: I just don't think that Meg would take drugs. She's not that kind of a person. She's a -- she's a nurse. She's a mother.

Emily: Well, people can surprise you. They change. Life messes them up, and they do things that you would expect them to do, and you, of all people, should understand that.

Paul: I don't think that she would go that far.

Emily: Because you won't allow yourself to believe it.

Barbara: You said that Meg was here the day the methadone was stolen?

Emily: Yes. Alison told me.

Barbara: You didn't see her yourself?

Paul: How could she have seen her?

Barbara: Because, according to Meg, your wife was here that day, as well.

Paul: Is that true?

Emily: Yes, I ran into Meg that day. I was here with Eliza. Remember, your daughter had a checkup? Did Meg happen to tell you that, too? Because I know where your mother's going with this, and she's dead wrong.

Paul: Really? Where's she going with this?

Barbara: Well, it seems that since you're having so much trouble believing Meg on this, you should listen to this one.

Emily: Don't you -- just back off, Barbara.

Barbara: You know what? It makes as much, if not more, sense that maybe someone else is drugging Meg, someone who wants to make her look bad.

Paul: Yeah. I suppose it's possible.

Emily: What? You cannot honestly believe that I would drug her. Do you?

Paul: Telling me you didn't?

Emily: I cannot believe you are asking me that question.

Paul: Just tell me the truth, Emily. Did you drug Meg?

On the next "As the World Turns," --

[Reid grunts]

Barbara: I am your ally. I have convinced Paul that you're innocent and that Emily isn't.

Emily: Oh, God. Barbara's poisoning Paul against me. I'm gonna lose him. I can feel it.

Paul: Well, you're all right now, and I'm right here.

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