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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 6/1/10

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Nancy: Casey, thank you so much for this beautiful breakfast.

Casey: No, thank you. You're -- you're not even letting me pay.

Nancy: I do hope that you two could work things out together. You made an absolutely beautiful couple.

Casey: Grams, Grams, it's, um --

Nancy: And when I looked at you, I watched you, I wondered if I wasn't looking to a great, great grandchild.

Alison: Well, I hope that we didn't let you down.

Nancy: Oh, no, Alison. You were just listening to your hearts. You have to.

Alison: Sometimes I think mine needs an interpreter.

Casey: Yeah, um, I -- I think we should get back to work. Granddad, hates it when I'm late.

Alison: Uh, would you like us to give you a ride home?

Nancy: No, thank you, Dear. I'm meeting Kim here later.

Casey: Okay.

Alison: Thank you.

Nancy: Thanks.

Alison: Bye, Nancy.

Casey: Hey, uh, can I get one for the road?

Alison: I know what you're thinking. "Nancy might have a great, great grandchild sooner than she thinks."

Vienna: I think we should say that we are re-engaged, unless we decide to forget about the time that we spent apart. What do you think?

Henry: I think its fine. Whatever you want.

Vienna: Well, I suppose it doesn't really matter. I mean, we're not gonna be engaged for that long. My God, there's so much planning to do for the wedding. It's gonna be perfect that day, especially now that I'm pregnant. What could be a more beautiful expression of our love than a child that we've made together. Hey, are you listening?

Henry: Yes, of course. I -- I'm just -- I'm overwhelmed. [Laughs]

Vienna: I know. You're nervous. But this is going to be the most beautiful time of our lives -- all of our lives. [Laughs]

Chris: Oh. [Laughs] How long have I been out?

Katie: All night.

Chris: Why didn't you wake me up and kick me out?

Katie: I tried. Those painkillers really knocked you out.

Chris: I'm such a jerk. What did you do, sleep on the couch?

Katie: No, no. Reid was in surgery all night, so I slept in his room. It's the least I could do for almost turning you into road kill.

Chris: [Groans] Well, we'll just have to call it even. And I'm getting out of your hair. Oh!

Katie: Careful.

[Chris groans]

Katie: How's the back?

Chris: The back -- the back is good. Back is -- the back is all -- the back is cured. And that bed is really comfortable. [Sighs] Think maybe I'll quit medicine and become a mattress salesman or something, because I --

[Katie chuckles]

Chris: Aah!

Katie: Oh, no. No, no, no, wait. Don't -- don't move, don't move. Hold on. Stop. Uh, what should we, um -- the couch, yes, sofa.

Chris: Let me, uh -- let me just --

Katie: Let's just set you down slow. Slow, slow, slow, slow. Aah!

Emily: Zup! Oh, aren't you a little angel? Oh, I just love you in those colors. Look at you.

Barbara: She is the sweetest little angel in the whole world, aren't you? Hello, Sweetums.

Emily: If you're looking for Paul, he's at the hospital with Meg.

Barbara: Well, I'm not looking for Paul, because now I live here, and I can see Paul whenever I want. What I want to do is spend some time with my granddaughter. Here, I can do that.

Emily: No, got it. Got it covered. Thank you.

Barbara: No reason to be rude.

Emily: Look, just because you're living here doesn't give you the right to take control.

Barbara: Paul and Eliza are my only family left in town. Yes they are.

Emily: It's not our fault that you drove everyone away.

Barbara: Oh, God. Why do I even bother?

Emily: Look, I don't like it either, but we're stuck with each other, okay? And the truth of the matter is, we both -- we both saw Meg go flying off the hill, all right? She can't take care of herself, much less a child. And until she gets well, if that ever happens, I'm the closest thing to a mother Eliza has.

Barbara: But I'm her flesh and blood.

Emily: Yeah, well, technically, so is James Stenbeck. My house, my family, my rules. Back off, Grams.

Meg: So, what happened last night?

Paul: You don't remember.

Meg: Uh, I remember the christening and -- and going to Fairwinds to celebrate. Then I started feeling a little out of it. And after that -- it's all a blank.

Paul: Well, uh, you didn't want Emily to touch Eliza. You kept saying how evil Emily was.

Meg: That's a bit of an exaggeration.

Emma: That is not funny, Meg. You went after her. We couldn't stop you. We all thought you were having another breakdown.

Meg: I'm sorry I ruined Eliza's big day.

Paul: I don't think she's gonna remember.

Meg: Yeah, but everybody else will. Mama, what's wrong with me?

Paul: Meg, its okay. You're not well. Everybody understands.

Meg: You mean they all think I'm crazy.

Paul: Well, everybody in this town is a little crazy. I mean, look at me. I'm certifiable.

[Meg chuckles]

Emma: Nice to see you smile.

Paul: You know what? I'm gonna find the doctor, find out what's going on.

Emma: No, absolutely not. You have nothing to say about Meg's care, and you have no business talking to her doctor.

Paul: I'm just trying to help.

Emma: Then please just -- listen, why don't you just stay away? You know, you -- you are part of the reason that she's here. You've already driven her to one breakdown, and I'm not gonna let that happen again.

Meg: O -- okay, Mama, don't talk to Paul that way. He's trying to help.

Emma: Yeah, I think too little, too late.

Meg: Okay, okay, stop it!

Paul: It's okay. It's all right. I can take it. I am gonna go find the doctor and find out what's keeping him from coming in here. Meg, do you need anything?

Meg: Can you give Eliza a kiss for me? Mom, don't let them lock me up, okay? [Voice breaking] And don't let them keep me away from my baby. Don't let them do that, please.

Emma: No, no, Sweetheart.

Meg: Please.

Emma: No, no, no.

Barbara: I would dial down the attitude, Emily, because Paul may love you for now, but Meg is the mother of his child. That is a bond --

Emily: I'm not gonna let you come in between me and Paul, okay? So you just stop trying.

Barbara: Would you like a little free advice?

Emily: From you?

Barbara: Underestimate Paul's feelings for Meg at your own peril.

Emily: He feels sorry for her.

Barbara: And pity is a mighty powerful emotion. Last night, what did he do? He ran off after her, right?

Emily: I'm not playing this game today.

Barbara: A fact is a fact. Right now, he's at the hospital with the mother of his child.

Emily: Because she's lost her mind.

Barbara: And yet there he is. Paul's nothing if not loyal.

Emily: He's worried about Meg, okay, for Eliza's sake. That's it. That's all it is. It's nothing more.

Barbara: I admire your confidence. I really do. But if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't want to see my husband sitting next to his ex-wife's bedside holding her hand, all alone. What did you say you were doing tonight?

Emily: A play date. Can -- be rearranged, I guess.

Barbara: Ah, well, you know, if -- if you want to drop by the hospital, I'd be happy to babysit.

Emily: Okay. Here. You have my number.

Barbara: I do, I do, I do. How you doing, Sweetie Pie?

Emily: Call me if you need anything.

Barbara: Oh, I won't. Thanks.

Katie: Uh, Chris, can you just move your --

Chris: I'm sorry, Katie. I'm sorry. My back just totally tensed up. One second, okay? Just give me a hand.

Katie: Okay. I need to move because I can't breathe!

Chris: Okay. [Groaning] I will never give my brother a hard time the next time he complains about his back. Oh!

Katie: What can I do?

Chris: I think I'm okay. That's a flat beer. It's terrible.

Katie: Are you sure it's a good idea? I can get you some water.

Chris: No, I'm fine. But if you do have a cold one in the fridge, I will take it, because it will help relax my muscles.

Katie: Do you really think you should be mixing that with those pills?

Chris: Katie, Katie, I am a doctor. I know what I can and cannot do, okay?

Katie: Yeah, under usual circumstances. But I think right now --

Chris: Trust me, trust me, okay? I just need something to -- make the pain go away, okay? Please?

Katie: Okay.

Chris: Thank you.

Alison: Hey, uh, you should really come by Memorial and check out the new wing. Dr. Oliver has been doing a great job getting everything organized.

Henry: Oh, please, don't tell him that. If his head gets any bigger, they're gonna have to add an extra floor to that space. They're gonna have to widen the doorways.


Alison: Um, well, if you have a couple minutes, uh, there's a few things that I just think you should know about what's going on with your donation, you know, from someone on the inside.

Vienna: Yeah, Henry doesn't really have any time. We're -- we're very busy planning our wedding.

Alison: Well, it will only take a couple minutes. Uh, we could grab a cup of coffee.

Vienna: You just had a coffee.

Alison: I know. I -- I told one of the nurses I'd get her a latte and completely forgot.

Henry: A latte sounds great.

Vienna: What about the wedding?

Henry: I'll be right back, and then we can get right back to planning our big day.

Vienna: Actually, I need a --

Casey: Uh, you're not going anywhere until we talk.

Henry: I'm -- I'm not really a hands-on philanthropist, so if there's something I should be worried about --

Alison: Um, you know, it's actually not about that. There's -- there's something else that I -- I want to talk to you about.

Henry: Okay. What is it?

Alison: Um, I'm hoping that I'm not crossing any lines here, but, um, I talked to Vienna when she was at the hospital for her appointment the other day.

Henry: And?

Alison: And I got the feeling that she's more worried about the pregnancy than she wants to let on.

Henry: Really? She doesn't seem worried. Actually, she's been bouncing off the walls.

Alison: She hasn't said anything to you about it?

Henry: No. In fact, she said her doctor told her that everything was fine.

Alison: Hmm. Well, could she have just said that to protect you?

Henry: I -- I don't think so. It's been all baby, all wedding, all the time. She won't even let me say the word "Worried."

Alison: Nobody's that happy. I mean, especially when they're facing nine months of stretch marks and swollen ankles.

Henry: I'm so glad I'm not a woman.

Alison: Yeah, it's not easy.

Henry: So, uh -- so what do I do?

Alison: Just be careful with her, you know?

Henry: Yeah. I love kids. I do. It's just this whole pregnancy thing is -- is overwhelming. So any advice that you could give me --

Alison: Well, just do special things for her, make her feel good. I mean, the hormones are probably gonna make her crazy sometimes.

Henry: Great.

Alison: Yeah. Just be aware, that's all. You know, make sure she knows that you want to have this baby as much as she does.

Henry: I do.

Alison: Well, good. So, there it is. It's just about making Vienna feel safe and loved. And it's not very hard, is it?

Henry: No. Uh, no. Thank you. Thank you, Ali. And if you think of anything else just --

Alison: Well, don't be so worried, Henry. You're gonna be a great father, okay? Vienna is a very lucky woman.

Henry: Thanks.

Alison: [Clears throat] Um, I have an errand to run, so I'll see you guys later.

Casey: How is the baby?

Vienna: That's none of your business.

Casey: Excuse me?

Vienna: You are prying in to a private family matter, and it's completely unacceptable.

Casey: We're not exactly strangers.

Vienna: I'm engaged.

Casey: You have a pretty easy time forgetting that anytime you're in the mood.

Vienna: Will you just keep your voice down?

Casey: I'll be quiet if you answer my questions, or I'll -- I'll find another way to answer them.

Vienna: You can't do that.

Casey: Oh, just tell me the truth!

Vienna: I've already told you that. This is not your baby.

Casey: Why did you tell me your doctor's name was Gravid? There's not a Gravid in Oakdale.

Vienna: Well, he's from out of town.

Casey: There's not a Gravid in all of Illinois!

Vienna: You know what? I really don't know where you're getting your information.

Casey: I -- I know for a fact that "Gravid" means "Pregnant" in Swedish. So either your doctor has the world's most ironic name or you're lying to me about something.

Henry: You're sure there's no caffeine in this, right? My fiancée's pregnant.

Barista: It's an herbal-tea latte. Pregnant women come in for them all of the time.

Henry: Really? All right. Well, I'll have to bring some to Vienna, show her how much I care.

Barbara: How very sweet.

Henry: Barbara, hi.

Barbara: Hello. Don't you think you should take that to your fiancée before all that lovely foam goes flat?

Henry: How are you?

Barbara: Oh, I'm just ducky. Oh, by the way, I saw Vienna and Casey outside having a rather heated discussion.

Henry: Really? What's that about?

Barbara: I have no clue, but she didn't even make an "Old crone" crack as I walked by.

Henry: I am so sorry for the way that she behaved at the christening.

Barbara: You've already apologized for her behavior.

Henry: It deserves to be said again, and it -- and it couldn't be further from the truth. Barbara, you are beautiful and funny and -- and vibrant!

Barbara: Yeah, yeah, I know. It's okay. It didn't bother me.

Henry: It didn't?

Barbara: No, because I always consider the source.

Henry: It got to you. I saw your face.

Barbara: She hijacked my granddaughter's christening to make it all about her, and we both know why -- because she wanted to throw your relationship into my old, pathetic face. Her words, not mine.

Henry: She did not say that.

Barbara: She didn't have to. I just can't believe you haven't seen through her machinations yet.

Henry: I -- I took your side, didn't I?

Barbara: I know that, and it was very chivalrous of you. I really thank you for that. But you don't have to take care of me. I am not helpless. But you, on the other hand -- you're being marched down the aisle like some bewildered bull with a gold ring through his nose.

Henry: What exactly are you trying to tell me?

Barbara: You have horns, Henry. Use them. Be a man.

Henry: I -- I am a man. I'm a man. I'm gonna be a father. I'm -- I'm gonna be a husband.

Barbara: Good. You be a husband. And you know what? If you want Vienna, you can have Vienna. [Voice breaking] But you can't have us both.

Henry: I know.

Barbara: Good. So let me go. Whatever this is, it's just not working. And Vienna is going to get suspicious, and I don't think you want her to know about us.

Henry: It's too late. She already does.

Barbara: Who told her?

Henry: I did.

Katie: Well, you certainly know how to self-medicate.

Chris: Mmm!

Katie: How's the back?

Chris: The back -- I am feeling no pain. No way, no how.

Katie: I can see that.

Chris: [Sighs] Let me tell you something. "Physician, heal thyself --" I think this is what they meant, because I feel awesome.

Katie: Good for you.

Chris: No, I mean I -- I really do. I feel fantastic. I mean, I'm a great doctor, and I'm a terrific patient. I'm -- I'm like what they call -- I'm -- I'm a model patient, you know? And plus I got the jaw line for it, so it's like a whole --

Katie: Oh, the model jaw line?

Chris: You noticed. Thank you so much for noticing that.

Katie: Oh, no.

Chris: Katie, no, I'm telling you right now, I think a miracle happened in Oakdale. I feel fantastic.

Katie: You do?

Chris: Yes.

Katie: Well, I think that you should probably wait on the nominating yourself for sainthood till you try to move.

Chris: Try to move? Move, schmove. I want to dance!

Katie: No, don't, don't. Careful, careful.

Chris: Katie, Katie, trust me, trust me. I am 100% cured, and I am gonna prove it to you. I'm gonna prove it to you by dancing with you. Come on.

Katie: No, you're not.

Chris: Come on. Please, please, please.

Katie: No, no! I don't want to be responsible for putting you in traction.

Chris: I will -- I will sign a waiver. I will do whatever it takes. I will even provide the music -- with this beautiful song called ka-ka-ka-Katie you're the girl I adore ka-ka-Katie I want to -- don't know the words, but I want to tell you how much you mean to me more than what I want.

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: Okay, good. That's probably the singing police.

[Chris sighs]

Katie: [Clears throat] Ali, thank God.

Alison: Hey, I heard Chris called sick into work. Did he spend the whole night here?

Katie: Yes, he did, and I've had about all the Hughes I can take.

Chris: Ali! [Laughs] Katie and Ali's here. Oh, fantastic.

Alison: Yeah. I'm here. What is he on?

Katie: Those with those.

Alison: Together?

Chris: Well, you know, doctor's orders, so just a little bit.

Katie: You're a nurse. You nurse it.

Chris: Oh, what? No, no, no. Don't let Katie fool you. She is a natural. In fact, she took care of me. She did. She did, she did. She sacrificed her mattress. She is a superstar. She's a rock star. She's a shooting star. How -- how do I thank you, Katie?

Katie: I -- I'm gonna leave him all to you. This rock star's going to work before one of us ends up in a body cast.

Alison: What did you do to her?

Emily: Hi. Meg, how -- how are you feeling? Are you feeling better?

Meg: I'm fine.

Emily: I expected to find Paul here, actually.

Meg: Uh, he left.

Emily: Oh. Well, I'm glad to see you looking better. And don't worry, Eliza's fine. You know, I -- I think she's too young to really understand what happened.

Meg: She shouldn't have to. It's not fair for her.

Emily: Right. Well, you know what? You just -- you need to concentrate on getting better, okay? Paul and I -- we'll -- we'll make sure she's taken care of.

Meg: Thanks.

Emily: We're here for you, Meg, honestly. Whatever you need, just -- just ask.

Meg: That's what Paul said.

Emily: Oh. Okay. Good.

[Meg coughing]

Emily: Are you --

Meg: Do you mind getting me some water?

Emily: Oh, yeah, of course. Sure. Hang on. Here. Better?

Meg: You don't care about me. You're here to curse me.

Emily: What -- what are you talking about?

Meg: You're doing it right now. You're casting your spells on me.

Emily: Spells?

Meg: Liar! You are a liar!

Emily: Meg, Meg, you need to calm down.

Meg: You are here to destroy me.

Emily: No, I'm not. Meg, Meg, calm down! Get away from me!

[Both screaming]

Emily: Get off of me!

Emma: What is going --?

Emily: Get her off of me!

Emma: Meg!

Meg: Get away from me! Stay away from me!

Emily: I didn't do nothing!

Meg: Oh, another lie!

Emma: Now, Meg, stop it. Stop it.

Paul: Will somebody please tell me what the hell is going on here?!

Meg: Be careful, Mama, 'cause she is out to hurt us.

Paul: No. Nobody wants to hurt you, Meg.

Meg: You don't know! You are under one of her spells!

Emma: Now, Sweetie, come on.

Emily: The only one casting spells around here is you, you screwball!

Paul: Stop, stop.

Emily: She's lost her mind.

Paul: Outside!

Emily: I swear to God, that woman has completely lost her marbles!

Paul: What the hell -- why are you even here?

Emily: Are you -- are you seriously mad at me?!

Paul: She was fine. Until you got here, Meg was completely normal.

Emily: Okay, I'm sorry. Normal -- normal or "Meg normal"? Because there's quite a difference.

Paul: She's sick.

Emily: Yeah, I know that. I came here to be supportive. What, you think I brought flowers with bad intentions?

Paul: I don't know. You tell me.

Emily: I cannot believe you just said that to me.

Paul: Look, maybe you didn't set her off on purpose. Maybe it was an accident. But something set Meg off.

Emily: Okay, well, see, that's the thing about lunatics. Crazy things set them up. Maybe she didn't like the orange tulips I gave her.

Paul: Don't -- don't do that. Don't be glib.

Emily: Okay, fine, I won't. But you know what? You need to stop trying to find somebody to blame for all of this! It's not my fault she flipped out in there, okay? God, don't you see? She's not suffering from exhaustion or overexposure from Damian Grimaldi. She is insane, and she belongs in an institution, not here.

Paul: You're not a doctor.

Emily: I don't need to be one. She thinks I'm a witch. And if you hadn't walked in when you did, she would have scratched my so-called "Evil eyes" right out of their sockets! Where are you going? What?

Paul: I'm gonna go find out what happened.

Emily: Excuse me, I just told you what happened.

Paul: Yeah, well, maybe I'd like to hear her side of things.

Emily: Okay, that's great. So what am I supposed to do?

Paul: I don't care what you do, Emily, but you don't go in there.

[Emily groans]

Katie: Morning, Nancy.

Nancy: From the sound of your voice, I don't think you mean that.

Katie: Oh, no, I -- I do. [Laughs] Mwah. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound so surly. You're right. You're right, as usual. It's actually been a pretty lousy morning.

Nancy: Is the baby all right?

Katie: Oh, yeah, he's perfect. Jacob, I can deal with. He's about the only man I can deal with lately.

Nancy: Being in this place must remind you of Brad.

Katie: Yeah. Yeah, it does. But being everywhere reminds me of him. I'll walk past Al's and find myself repeating his burger order out loud or go to the Lakeview and sit at his favorite table and not even realize it. Or, you know, the bench in Old Town. I walk by, and I just imagine him sitting there, waiting for me to do my clothes shopping.

Nancy: Chris was allergic to shopping, too.

Katie: It's not just that. It's just everybody knew Brad. Or if they didn't, they felt like they did because of the show. So I'll be walking down the street or at the mall, and people will just walk up to me and put their arms around me and tell me how sorry they are, and I just -- it's all I can do not to scream. But sometimes I'll be having a really lonely or sad day, and someone will say something really kind to me, and I just feel like its Brad sending me a message, you know?

Nancy: I do.

Katie: And then there's Jacob. Lately he's been looking at me like his daddy used to, like I'm the center of the universe -- or completely insane. And he does this little thing with his feet where he wiggles them back and forth. And it used to drive me crazy when Brad did it, but when Jacob does it, I just don't want him to stop, because Brad was the love of my life, and I don't want to forget him.

Nancy: Don't worry, Dear. It's not possible. You won't forget him, trust me.

[Katie chuckles]

Alison: You should know better than to mix pills with booze. Am I gonna have to stay with you and make sure you don't stop breathing?

Chris: Oh, please. I had like two. I'm not that much of a lightweight, okay?

Alison: Yeah, I can tell. All right. Sleep it off, and I'll call and check on you later.

Chris: Will you just stay with me? Look at that beautiful face until I fall asleep, hmm?

Alison: Okay, I guess I can stay until you fall asleep.

Chris: [Sighs] Mm. You know, I didn't have the guts to tell you before, but I think you are amazing.

Alison: That's the codeine talking.

Chris: That is not the codeine talking. I am telling you the truth. You're important to me, and I am so happy that you're in my life, Katie.

Barbara: What exactly did you tell Vienna about me?

Henry: I told her that I cared about you in that way.

Barbara: What are you, in high school?

Henry: This isn't easy for me.

Barbara: Good.

Henry: I told her I had feelings for you -- romantic feelings.

Barbara: Why?

Henry: Because it's the truth, Barbara. She was suspicious anyway, and I was tired of lying about it.

Barbara: How unlike you.

Henry: Tell me about it. You want to know something else?

Barbara: What?

Henry: I'm not sorry I told her.

Barbara: That doesn't change anything, does it? You and Vienna are still getting married. [Cries] Oh, hang on. Honey, what's the matter? I know. Do you want your teddy? Oh, big yawn. Big yawn. You want your teddy?

Eliza: Yeah.

Barbara: Yeah! There we go. She's kind of just getting used to me again. I haven't spent a lot of time with her lately. See what you can do.

Henry: Sure. Well, hello, Ms. Eliza. How are you doing, Princess? [Laughs] It's just your kingdom, isn't it? We're all just living in it. [Laughs] Want some of this? You giving it to me? Why don't you hold onto it?

Barbara: You're really good with her.

Henry: I -- I've had a lot of practice. Audrey wasn't really around, and I've sort of brushed up on my skills with Jacob.

Barbara: You're gonna be a wonderful father.

Henry: Well, I'm, uh, gonna be a lot better than mine was, I hope, the stand-in or the real thing.

Barbara: Well, your child is gonna have a much more stable life than this little angel. That's for sure.

Henry: Why? What's going on?

Barbara: [Sighs] After you left the christening, Meg had a complete meltdown. She was railing at Emily, calling her the devil.

Henry: All of the sudden?

Barbara: All of the sudden. It was very strange. I mean, she had been this proud, beaming mother, and then the next thing you knew, it was like she was possessed.

Henry: How is she doing now?

Barbara: She's in the hospital. And I have to tell you, even out of her mind, I would much prefer Meg as a daughter-in-law than Emily Stewart.

Henry: Well, do me a favor. Don't start drugging Emily's tea again. I mean, if it didn't get Paul to dump her the first time, it's not gonna work now.

Barbara: Don't remind me. Oh, my. You know what? You're a genius.

Casey: Why are you lying to me, Vienna? Is it because the baby is mine, or are you just trying to pass it off as Henry's?

Vienna: No, no.

Casey: Then just tell me the truth, or I'll go tell him myself.

Vienna: No, you can't!

Casey: Try me.

Vienna: Okay, fine, fine, so I lied about my doctor's name.

Casey: Why?

Vienna: Because I didn't want you to be harassing me.

Casey: Why would I do that?

Vienna: Because you are sexually obsessed with me.

Casey: No. No, I don't -- this is not about sex. This is about the baby you're carrying and why you're lying about that.

Vienna: Listen to yourself! This is exactly what I was afraid of. [Stammers] If I told you my doctor's real name, who's to say that you wouldn't go back to work and sneak around in my private medical files just because you have this fantasy that I am having your baby?

Casey: Well, are you? I --

Vienna: No! I told you. This is not your baby. How many times do I have to say that?

Henry: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What's going on here? Why are you so upset?

Vienna: Well, Casey can't seem to get it through to his head that you and I are back together, that we're getting married and we're having a child together and we're planning for a wonderful life for ourselves.

Henry: Why would he care?

Casey: Yeah. Vienna, why would I care?

Vienna: Well, you might not know that, uh, Casey and I -- we're good friends from when I used to work at the diner. He was a regular there.

Casey: Yeah. I couldn't get enough of Vienna's cookies.

Henry: Well, that's sweet.

Vienna: Yes. He also knew that I was very upset when we lost our baby, and then I left without saying goodbye. So I am trying to tell him that everything is fine now, that you and I, we have found our way back together and that nothing will ever come between the two of us again.

Casey: Yeah, we'll see.

Henry: What's that supposed to mean?

Casey: Nothing.

Vienna: Well, Casey's had his heart broken, so it's really hard for him to understand that you and I were meant to be.

Henry: Really?

Casey: Hey, man, relationships are hard. Good luck.

Henry: Uh, I got you an herbal-tea latte. The barista says all the pregnant women are having them.

Vienna: Oh, you are such a wonderful man, but I am running horribly late to a meeting with the wedding planner.

Henry: Do I have to go?

Vienna: No. You would be bored to death. I'll call you later, okay? Bye.

Henry: I -- you forgot the latte.

Meg: I'm sorry, Paul. I, uh -- I don't know what came over me. All those things I said -- it's not the way I feel.

Paul: I think everybody knows that.

Meg: I'm not sure Emily does.

Barbara: Look who wanted to see her mommy!

Meg: Barbara, thank you so much for bringing her. Come here, Angel.

Barbara: Oh, there she is.

Meg: Oh, my little angel.

Paul: Thanks, Mom.

Barbara: Do Meg some good.

Meg: Mm, you smell wonderful. Oh, Sweetheart, I am so sorry I wasn't able to sing you to sleep last night. But I promise you and I are gonna be together real soon. I promise.

Barbara: I -- I think she's probably hungry.

Paul: Um, I -- I'll take the baby. Come here. Come on. Yeah, it's okay.

Meg: Okay.

Emily: Hey. Hi, my little sweetheart. What are you doing in here?

Paul: Um, my mom brought her by to see Meg. Did Meg a lot of good, calmed her down.

Emily: Well, it's a good thing she wasn't here a little earlier. Listen, I -- I want Meg to get well. I want her to get all the help she needs. But until she gets it, this is just not the place for Eliza. We should bring her home.

Paul: Yeah. I think you're right.

Chris: Oh. I have to tell you something. I never thought I was gonna come back to Oakdale. But being with you, I know it's meant to be, 'cause you crack me up. You do. Oh, your mattress -- your mattress is awesome. But not half as awesome as you are. You are just so awesome, Katie, and I just -- you know, I just -- I shouldn't be telling you this. I really shouldn't be. But I can't stop thinking about the video that we made for Lisa's show and the kiss. Beautiful, amazing kiss. I just can't get it out of my head. Can you, Katie, hmm?

Katie: How did you move on after Chris died? How did you fall in love again?

Nancy: It was very difficult. I took a long time.

Katie: Yeah. I don't know if I can let myself go there again.

Nancy: Don't push yourself, dear. Know that you have to be ready to fall in love again. And I don't think you are.

Katie: Neither do I.

Barbara: Do you remember how you felt the morning of the christening?

Meg: What do you mean?

Barbara: Well, I mean how were you feeling when you woke up? Did you -- did you feel off from the beginning of the day? Did you have a headache? Did you feel anxious?

Meg: No. I -- I felt great. I was excited about the christening, and it all went so beautifully. Thank you. But once we got back to Fairwinds, something happened. Everything suddenly seemed -- edgy. I -- I don't know why.

Barbara: You poor thing. I'm gonna help you find out.

Chris: It's just your lips caught me by surprise. I didn't know you could kiss like that.

[Doorbell rings]

Vienna: Oh, my God. Katie, you have to help me. I'm in so much trouble. You're the only one who can possibly understand!

Katie: Okay, slow down. Breath.

Vienna: I can't. If I do, I'll fall apart!

Katie: My God, what's wrong?

Vienna: Oh, you know how much -- how much I want to have a baby with Henry, how badly I want it. And -- and ever since we lost our child, that's all I can think about.

Katie: I know, but you're gonna have a baby now. So why aren't you jumping for joy?

Vienna: Because Casey Hughes thinks it's his baby!

Katie: You slept with Casey, as in my nephew Casey?

Vienna: Yes, but I only did it to get pregnant.

Katie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. So -- so Casey is the father of the baby, not Henry?

Vienna: No, no, no, no.

Katie: Well, good! Thank God! So why aren't you just breathing a sigh of relief?

Vienna: Because there is no baby.

Bartender: You look like you could use a drink.

Henry: Yeah. What do you have to calm the nerves of an expectant father?

Bartender: That's hardcore, man.

Henry: That's hardcore. Martini, very dry. [Sighs]

Emily: You must be exhausted. You were at the hospital all night and again this morning.

Paul: Yeah. I'm not the one who's sick.

Emily: I know, I know. And you're taking care of Meg, and you come home and look after Eliza, not to mention worrying about the both of them.

Paul: A little early, don't you think?

Emily: Sit, really. I won't tell, I promise. Honey, you -- you've done everything you can for Meg, you know? You just got to let the doctors do their thing.

Paul: I don't know. I mean, if they send me back to Deerbrook --

Emily: Well, then, then that's the best thing for her. Let them help her. You know, let them -- let them do their job. Let them help her get well and be the kind of mother Eliza needs.

Paul: Em --

Emily: Anything less than that, it's -- it's just not fair.

Paul: What are you doing?

Emily: I'm -- just turn around, okay? If you want to help Meg, you help Meg all you want. But I want to help you, okay? I want to be there for you. That's what family's all about.

Paul: That feels really good.

Emily: I only want what's best for you, what's best for us, okay?

Paul: Yeah? And what makes you so sure that you know what that is?

Emily: Baby, I always do.

Meg: I am feeling a lot better today. [Chuckles] I think I was just overtired. I think it was the christening, and -- and I wanted everything to be perfect, and nothing ever is.

Psychiatrist: What about the feelings you had before you were admitted?

Meg: Well, they went away. I had been fine ever since they released me from Deerbrook. Tell her, Mama. I think I'm just overtired, and everybody overreacted. But now I'm ready to go home and be a good mother to my little girl.

Psychiatrist: Well, we're waiting on some test results, and then we'll see. But in the meantime, get as much rest as you can.

Meg: I will. Mama, I'm fine. I -- I don't know what happened to me when Emily was here, but I know I can take care of Eliza.

Barbara: Hello, Doctor. My name is Barbara Ryan. I am Meg's mother-in-law.

Psychiatrist: What can I do for you, Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: Well, I know it's not my place to interfere in Meg's treatment, but as long as you're running some tests on her, I thought that maybe you should order up a toxicology screen.

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