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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 5/26/10

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Molly: "Can't wait to see you in these." Ohh.

Holden: Hi.

Molly: Hey. Where'd you come from?

Holden: Uh, the porch.

Molly: Where's your mom and Meg?

Holden: Out. What's in the bag?

Molly: It's nothing. You know, I only have to work for a couple of hours this afternoon. Do you want to do something later?

Holden: I know when you're hiding something from me, and you're doing it right now.

Molly: Believe me when I tell you it's not important.

Holden: Come on. Let's see it.

Molly: Holden, no!

Holden: Let me see it!

Molly: No! Holden, give that back! Holden, come on! God, I'm sorry. I really tried to get rid of it before you saw it.

Holden: No, no. I'm the one who's sorry. This is, uh -- this is obviously for me, and, uh -- I have to say, it's pretty impressive.

Alison: Chris, okay, don't move until we make sure you're all right.

Chris: Are you okay?

Alison: Yeah, I'm fine. The car didn't touch me. Thank you for pushing me out of the way.

Chris: It's no problem. Ahh!

Alison: Stop -- stop moving. I'm gonna call an ambulance.

Chris: No, no, no. I don't need an ambulance. I just need to get my hands on the idiot driver! You almost killed us! [Groans]

Alison: Stop moving!

Cop: Get out of the car.

Alison: Did you hit your head?

Chris: No, no, no, it's my back. You shouldn't be allowed on the road! Come out here! Take a look at what you've done! Katie?

Casey: Just tell me what you want.

[Rattling noise]

Vienna: Shh! I think -- I think somebody is at the door. Be quiet.

Henry: How did you manage to drop all of these?

Taffy: I got nervous.

Henry: How did you get nervous? I'm the prospective groom here. Look, we got to keep it together, people, all right? Now, is everyone clear on the plan?

Nathan: She opens the door. You propose. She says yes. Taffy tosses the petals. I sing.

Henry: Yes, you sing. With gusto, all right? This has got to be the most romantic day in Vienna's life. It should rain rose petals. Everybody ready?

Nathan: What if she says no?

Henry: There's not a snowball's chance in hell of that happening. Vienna? Liebchen? Are you there? Let me in.

Vienna: I can't come to the door right now. I'm not dressed.

Henry: When has that ever stopped you? Just -- just throw a robe on.

Vienna: Can you come back later, please?

Henry: Later? Sweetheart, the marriage proposal of your dreams is about to happen right now.


Taffy: Is she going to open the door?

Henry: Of course! Of course, she's gonna open the door. She's been waiting for this proposal. She wants to marry me!

Vienna: What are you doing?!

Casey: Waiting patiently?

Vienna: Hello, my Henry.

Henry: Hi. Can you open the door?

Vienna: Not right now.

Henry: Didn't you hear what I said?

Vienna: Yes, about the proposal? That's very exciting!

Henry: Great. Uh, then, why don't you open the door? I've got a whole entourage out here.

Vienna: Oh, you do? That's so romantic.

Henry: Vienna, Sweetheart, if we can just move this --

Vienna: Why don't you just go downstairs, and I'll meet you in the lounge?

Henry: Why?

Vienna: Well, because -- 'cause I've been waiting my whole life for this proposal, and -- and I want to -- to look right for it. I want myself beautiful for you.

Henry: You're always beautiful.

Vienna: Yes, but you've gone through all this trouble for me, and I want to do the same for you, my sweet, darling man. So I'll meet you downstairs.

Henry: Okay.

Vienna: Just give me ten minutes.

Henry: Well, you heard the lady.

Nathan: Whoa. If I'm gonna entertain the entire lobby, I'll need a microphone, a band, backup singers.

Henry: Shut up, Nathan. Move.

Vienna: Get dressed and get out!

Casey: No, not yet, no.

Vienna: I'm in a hurry, Casey.

Casey: And this is seriously messed up, and I want some answers.

Katie: Officer, please, can you just give me a ticket later? We need to get an ambulance for Chris.

Cop: He says he's okay. Why did you try to run him down?

Katie: I didn't!

Alison: Officer, we all know each other here. Katie's our friend. She didn't hit him on purpose. Right, Chris?

Chris: Well, I'd still like to know how it happened.

Katie: I'm so -- I don't know. It was an accident. The officer told me to move, and I got really flustered, and instead of putting the car in drive, I put it in reverse.

Chris: I don't get how you do that.

Cop: Would you like to file a report?

Chris: No. I'm -- I'm fine.

Katie: No, you're not fine. You can't even walk. Are we getting an ambulance or what?

Chris: No. No ambulance, really. I -- I'm fine.

Katie: Stand up and say that.

[Chris laughs]

Chris: Satisfied? Thank you, Officer. I'm fine.

Cop: Drive safely.

Katie: Oh, I will. Thank you so much, Officer. You need a doctor.

Chris: I am a doctor, okay? The only thing hurt is my dignity, really. Ahh.

Katie: You can't even walk.

Chris: No, I can walk, all right? Just a little slowly. That's all. It's a back spasm. I'm fine.

Alison: What are you trying to prove? We need to go get an x-ray.

Katie: If you won't go in an ambulance, let me drive you to the hospital.

Chris: No, no. It's hard enough to work at a hospital that my father runs. The last thing I need is to be a patient there, okay? I'm, uh -- really, I'm fine. In fact, let's go for ice cream.

Alison: No. No, I'm not really in the mood for that anymore.

Katie: I don't want to ruin your date. I feel guilty enough as it is.

Alison: Are you sure that you're okay?

Chris: I'm golden, all right? Look, I'm -- I'm fine. Look. Ahh.

Katie: Chris, come on.

Alison: What now, Doctor?

Chris: Well, we're not going to the hospital, okay?

Katie: My house is right around the corner. Let's go there. You can lie down, at least give yourself a chance to recover.

Alison: And it'll give us a chance to see if there's anything seriously wrong with you.

Chris: Why don't you ladies just take me for my word, all right? I'm fine.

Alison: Okay. It's either Katie's couch or a stretcher. Your choice.

Katie: Get in the car, Chris.

Chris: Who's driving?

Katie: Alison can drive if it makes you feel better. Come on. Let's go.

Molly: This is really difficult to say -- to explain, I mean.

Holden: There's no explanation necessary. It's pretty obvious.

Molly: Yeah.

Holden: And very sexy, very irresistible.

Molly: No, you're right, it's obvious. It's -- it's too obvious, in fact. I don't know what I was thinking, going into overkill like this. You and I -- we certainly don't need this kind of inspiration. We do just fine on our own. So you know what I'm gonna do? I'm going to return this.

Holden: No, no, don't do that. I like it.

Molly: No, you donít. You're just saying that, 'cause I know what you like. And this -- this is not it. It's too much.

Holden: Well, you know what? Maybe we're overdue for a little "Too much."

Molly: Now that you mention it, living here and trying to make love here is --

Holden: Frustrating?

Molly: Yeah. It certainly has taught me discretion.

Holden: You've been discreet?

Molly: Yeah.

Holden: We need to change that.

Molly: How? When?

Holden: Date night. We'll book a room at the Lakeview, and you can make all the noise you want.

Molly: The people in the next room are gonna complain.

Holden: We'll book that room, too, and you can have all the privacy you want.

Molly: Whoa! Hold on there, handsome. You started something. You better finish it.

Holden: This should hold you over till later.

Molly: It's not holding.

Holden: I'll make the reservation.

Molly: Okay, all right. So I'll meet you there?

Holden: I'll pick you up at work. And Molly?

Molly: Yeah?

Holden: Don't forget to wear the obvious.

[Elevator ding]

Henry: Barbara, hello.

Barbara: Hello.

Henry: How are you?

Barbara: You just saw me a couple of hours ago. I, uh -- I couldn't be better. I'll see you around, Henry.

Henry: Barbara, wait, wait. There -- there's something I need to ask you.

Barbara: Look, if it's about your wedding or about Vienna's dress, I told you, I don't want anything to do with that anymore. That's why I gave the dress back.

Henry: No, no, it's about -- it's about the dance. It's about the dance -- the dance contest that we won.

Barbara: What?

Henry: I saw the maid cleaning out your room, and I noticed that the trophy was in the trash, and it was broken. How did that happen?

Barbara: I don't know. I mean, it was just a -- a cheap piece of plastic. And I didn't really have a place for it in my -- in my suite, and it kind of clashed with the decor, so --

Henry: So you just broke it and threw it away?

Barbara: Why would I want to hold onto it?

Henry: Yeah, right. It's just a cheap piece of plastic.

Nathan: I never knew I could love anybody.

Henry: No, stop, stop, stop, stop! This is not the right woman.

Nathan: You could have fooled me. The least you could do is give us an accurate description. Do you think love songs spring fully resonant from my lungs? This takes preparation.

Henry: I understand, and I -- I apologize. I just need a few more minutes, okay?

[Nathan raspberries]

Taffy: My petals are getting bent.

Barbara: What was that?

Henry: It was just some diversion I was trying to arrange. It was no big deal.

Barbara: I gotta go. I have to meet with a caterer about a christening.

Henry: Christening?

Barbara: Yes, for Eliza. I'm a little late with this, but, you know, life's been busy.

Henry: Well, since I'm the uncle, am I invited?

Barbara: Maybe. See you around.

Henry: Wait. Barbara, listen. Wait a second. Maybe -- uh, can I go and just take notes on how it's done -- the christening, I mean? After all, I'm -- gonna be a father.

Barbara: At least according to Vienna, you are.

Henry: No, please, please don't get into that. Please -- just listen to me, all right? Whatever my life is now, I can't just wipe clean my heart and my brain like some kind of hard drive.

Barbara: What are you trying to say?

Henry: I'm saying that the dance contest was wonderful, and that silly trophy, it did mean something. It meant something to me anyway. Whatever we had, if you want to trash it, you can go right ahead, but I will always -- it meant something to me.

Barbara: It meant something to me, too. I thought we were a great team. I admire your -- footwork, Henry.

Henry: I admire yours.

Vienna: Will you please get dressed?

Casey: Well, after you answer my question.

Vienna: I don't really remember your stupid question.

Casey: Why are you sleeping with me when you're committed to Henry?

Vienna: You know why.

Casey: So you're just using me for anonymous sex?

Vienna: Ohh, I enjoy you, Casey. You're the first man I've actually been attracted to since I met Henry.

Casey: And why is that exactly?

Vienna: Because you are smart, sexy, and funny.

Casey: Okay. Five minutes from now, when you're engaged to Henry, you're not gonna find that attractive anymore?

Vienna: You know what? I really don't understand this American sensibility that you are only allowed to have one thing at a time. It's like you said. My body wanted your body, and everything else about me wants Henry. So can you please just get dressed and let yourself out?

Casey: I've never seen anyone go hot and cold so fast. It's ridiculous.

Vienna: Just get dressed. Don't leave anything behind, okay?

Katie: Oh. I don't know if this is such a good idea.

Alison: Yeah, I shouldn't have listened to you. I should have just brought you straight to the hospital.

Chris: What? No! Stop, stop. Ahh! Stop worrying so much, Katie. You didn't hit me that hard. Really, you didnít.

Katie: Then why are you in so much pain?

Chris: Just the way I landed. You know, I must have -- tensed up. Just made everything worse. Do you have any aspirin that will --?

Katie: Yeah, yeah, probably.

Alison: Well, if you want to walk tomorrow, you should let me get you a prescription painkiller.

Katie: Is she right?

Chris: Maybe, I don't know. But I can't write my own prescription.

Alison: Well, why don't you just get one of the doctors at the hospital to do it?

Chris: Yeah, and have them razz me 'til the end of time? No.

Alison: Okay, fine. I will get my mom to call in a prescription for you, and I can go pick it up.

Chris: Okay, fine, but tell her not to say anything --

Alison: Yeah, I will swear her to secrecy, okay?

Chris: Blood oath?

Alison: I will take a blood oath, yeah.

Chris: Thank you.

Alison: All right. I'll be back.

Chris: Okay.

Alison: Okay.

Chris: Thank you.

Alison: Thank you.

Chris: Thank you.

Katie: Oh, I want to apologize again. I should have been watching where I was going.

Chris: No, no, no. No apologies, okay? But I would like an explanation.

Katie: I told you. I -- I thought I was in drive, and I was in reverse.

Chris: Yeah, well, that's not what I'm talking about. You knew that I was gonna take Alison to get pizza.

Katie: You might have mentioned it. Do you want some water?

Chris: Katie? I think you were spying on us.

Salesgirl: Perfume?

Holden: I'm sorry?

Salesgirl: For your lady friend. Would perfume be appropriate?

Holden: Actually, we've been dating for a while.

Salesgirl: So you'd like something more personal?

Holden: Yeah, yeah, but not too personal. And it's actually a gift for her, not me, if you know what I mean.

Salesgirl: Earrings, perhaps?

Holden: That sounds good.

Silas: If it isn't the farmer.

Holden: I thought you left town.

Silas: I'll be hitting the road eventually, but I wanted to stop in to make sure that my little gift to Molly was delivered. I guess you'll be the lucky beneficiary now.

Holden: What are you talking about?

Silas: Molly didn't show you what I sent her? Skimpy, lacey? Ring a bell? Oh, she didn't tell you that it came from me? Naughty girl.

Holden: How many times do I have to say it? Stay away from Molly. She doesn't want anything to do with you.

Silas: That's what she wants you to think, anyway.

[Elevator ding]

Henry: Hey. Just a minute. [Whispering]

Nathan: Hey, hey!

Henry: Here she comes!

Nathan: I never knew I could love anybody, Honey, like I'm loving you I didn't realize what a pair of eyes or a baby's smile could do.


Molly: Hey. You're early. What's wrong?

Holden: You lied to me, Molly. What, you don't have anything to say? Or do you not know which lie I'm talking about? How many lies have you actually told me?

Molly: Just one lately -- about Silas. How did you find out?

Holden: I bumped into him at Fashions.

Molly: What were you doing at Fashions?

Holden: I was there. I was -- I was buying you a present, and I guess he had the same idea. He was the one that gave you the lingerie, right? How come you couldn't just be honest with me? You lied to me. You received a gift from Silas, and you didn't tell me about it.

Molly: I wanted to.

Holden: Well, then, why didn't you? I was standing right here. You know, I'm doing everything I can to try and be here for you.

Molly: I know you are, and I love you for that.

Holden: Well, then, why didn't you just tell me?

Molly: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Holden: All right. All right, tell me this. Are you trying to make me jealous again?

Molly: No.

Holden: Because that's what it seems like. It seems like you were trying to set it up so that would happen.

Molly: No, but I didnít.

Holden: I really wish I could believe that.

Molly: Holden, wait! Hey. I'm not gonna let you walk out on me now, not for something I didn't do.

Holden: So what are you saying, that you didn't lie? I told Silas point-blank to stay the hell out of my life, and I expected him to do that. Instead he sends lingerie. I didn't ask for that. I didn't expect it to show up. And no, I didn't tell you about it.

Holden: Why not?

Molly: Because I wanted the good stuff to last, okay? I didn't want us fighting over him. I just wanted us to be happy. And I thought he'd go away. I just wanted him to go away.

Holden: You could have told me about it, Molly.

Molly: Yeah, and then what would have happened, huh? I mean, you would have run off to do something. Threaten him, hit him. I don't know what. And I didn't want you hurt because of him. Holden, I swear, this was nothing to make you jealous. I did not do this to make you jealous. So now you know the truth about what I did and why I did it. So now if you want to go, go.

Holden: Why'd you keep it?

Molly: The lingerie?

Holden: Uh-huh.

Molly: I wasnít. I wasnít. I was getting ready to throw it away, but that's when you walked in.

Holden: And you lied.

Molly: I am really trying hard to change. I'm really trying hard to make myself believe that I am with a guy who can handle the truth.

Holden: How long is it gonna take you to believe that?

Molly: I don't know. I don't know. I wish I could delete this movie that runs over and over again in my brain where I tell you think truth, and you walk out on me. Because now the fact is I've told you the truth, and you're walking out on me anyway because I lied. It's okay. Go. I'll -- I'll be by the farm in a little bit -- and I'll pack up my stuff.

Holden: And then?

Molly: What?

Holden: You'll go back to Silas?

Molly: Oh, my God. You really can be dense sometimes. No! I don't love him. I donít. And besides, I'm gonna be too busy crying over the guy who got away to even -- to even look at anybody else.

Holden: And if I stay?

Molly: I'd fix everything. I swear, I would make it so that Silas wasn't an issue between us ever again, ever. Too little, too late, huh?

Holden: Tell me how you plan to get rid of him.

Nathan: Honey, like I'm loving.

Henry: Yes, and you can stop throwing flowers now. Thank you. How do you like it?

Vienna: It's exactly what I wanted -- the song, the flowers. It's just perfect.

Henry: Good.

Vienna: Well?

Henry: Well?

Vienna: I'm ready for the next step.

Henry: Yes. I was hoping we could do the actual proposal someplace a little more private.

Vienna: I like that. Let's go to your room.

Henry: Maintenance is fixing my shower right now. We have to go to your room.

Vienna: My room?

Henry: Yeah. Why? What's wrong?

Vienna: Nothing, nothing. Let's go get engaged!

Henry: Okay.

[Nathan clears throat]

Henry: Ah, uh, just give me a second, Sweetie.

Vienna: Okay. I'm so glad you were here to witness our joyous moment.

Barbara: Congratulations.

Vienna: It was all so romantic, don't you think? A marriage and a baby on the way. It's just so perfect.

Barbara: It can be, if it's what both people want.

Vienna: You know, Henry and I, we've had our ups and downs, but that's all forgotten now. In fact, since my family is so far away, maybe you could be like the sweet, old granny.

Henry: Vienna --

Vienna: Yes, Darling?

Henry: Time to go.

Vienna: But I was chatting with Barbara.

Henry: Now, now.

Chris: Ohh. Ache.

Katie: I was not spying on you and Alison.

Chris: Oh. Then what were you doing?

Katie: I was just, you know, making sure everything was going all right. It was your first official date, and I'm your unofficial matchmaker.

Chris: So you weren't spying?

Katie: No.

Chris: Oh.

Katie: So, how was it going?

Chris: It was good 'til you ran me over, and that put a damper on things.

Katie: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Chris: It's okay. It's okay. Did that cop really freak you out that much? I mean, why were you in such a hurry to get out of there? What, Katie?

Katie: I just -- I didn't want to interrupt your kiss.

Chris: What are you talking about?

Katie: Right before I was leaving, you and Alison, you -- you know what you were gonna do.

Chris: Um -- phew. Now I, um -- I donít. Why don't you tell me?

Katie: You were leaning into her. She was leaning into you. Generally, what follows is a kiss.

Chris: No. I was just wiping tomato sauce off her face.

Katie: No, you werenít. You were?

Chris: Is that what you found so disturbing that you lost control of your car? Katie, if I was kissing Alison, so what?

Katie: I didn't like it.

Casey: Pregnancy tests? There's like a million of these.

[Electronic door beeps]

Vienna: Uh, no. You can't sit there.

Henry: Why?

Vienna: It's a proposal.

Henry: Oh, right, right. My darling Vienna, before you, I had never had a woman seduce me on the first date, much less the first time I laid eyes on her. I was beguiled by your beauty, and I was so surprised that you could love me, that you would keep loving me. I just -- I can't get over the fact that a guy like me could end up with such an extraordinary woman like you. You're -- you're inventive and graceful and exciting and electric.

Vienna: Okay, okay. Thank you for all the compliments. Now can we get to the good part?

Henry: I thought you wanted to be romanced.

Vienna: I did. You have, and it's lovely. But let's -- let's get to the proposal -- fast.

Henry: Oh, okay, okay. Vienna, will you marry me?

Vienna: Yes.

Henry: Yeah. You were right about this ring, you know, that one day I would give it back, and that you'd never take it off again. I know that this -- this pregnancy was unplanned and that we didn't expect to get pregnant again so soon, but it's gonna hold us together. I'm gonna raise him or her with so much love and --

Vienna: Yes, right. We will. We -- we will, we shall. Let's go downstairs and celebrate.

Henry: You want to go downstairs again? Why?

Vienna: Yes, right now. I'm hungry. I want a steak.

Henry: Since when do you like steak?

Vienna: It's a craving. I'm ravenous. I can't stand it. Can you be so good to me and just go down and order one for me right now?

Henry: Don't you want to come with me?

Vienna: No. I'll -- I'll come down in a little bit. I'm -- I feel a little sick. Morning sickness. Now I can't stand to have the food in front of me until it's ready to eat.

Henry: Okay.

Vienna: Okay? Thank you so much for the proposal. I love you. What are you still doing here?! You could have ruined everything if Henry had seen you!

Casey: You're pregnant? You're pregnant!

Vienna: Please get dressed and get out.

Casey: Is it mine?

Vienna: I was pregnant before I slept with you.

Casey: And you didn't mention it?

Vienna: I didn't realize it.

Casey: You -- you went on the pill before you started sleeping with me.

Vienna: Yes.

Casey: And the baby's fine?

Vienna: The baby's fine. Can you please leave? Because I've got to go downstairs to Henry.

Casey: You were gonna have sex with me today.

Vienna: Oh, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Casey: No, I did not mean that. I mean, why would you sleep with me when you're pregnant with Henry's baby?

Vienna: Hormones, because they cause abnormal reactions. You've got nothing to worry about, Casey. I -- I went to the doctor, and he told me how far along I am, and I can assure you it's got nothing to do with you, okay?

Casey: Who's your doctor?

Vienna: That's none of your business!

Casey: Why -- why do you care if I know?

Vienna: Why do you want to know?

Casey: I am not leaving till you tell me.

Vienna: All right, all right! His name is Dr. Gravid.

Casey: I've -- I've never heard of him.

Vienna: Well, he is new in Oakdale, okay? Now will you please leave? Because Henry, he'll be looking for me.

Nathan: I'm sure it will be a lovely christening. Your selections were superb.

Barbara: Well, thank you for all of your help.

Nathan: My pleasure.

Henry: I am so sorry. I am so, so, so sorry. I never intended to do that down here in front of you. Vienna wanted a romantic proposal. She wouldn't let me into her room. I -- I had no choice. I'm sorry.

Barbara: It's okay. Maybe it was a good thing for me.

Henry: What do you mean?

Barbara: It made me realize that I need to make a clean break. I'm moving out.

Chris: Are you saying that you're jealous?

Katie: No. I mean, I -- I thought you were gonna kiss Alison, and I just reacted. I don't know where the feelings came from. They were just there, you know?

Chris: Yeah, I do. Katie, there's something that's going on, and I feel like I need to --

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: Oh. That was fast.

Alison: Yeah.

Katie: The painkillers. Thank you.

Alison: Right here. And, my mom said you should lie down.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I'll do that as soon as I get home.

Alison: No, Chris, now. You could have whiplash or something.

Katie: What? No, no, no. Stay here. You can lie in my bed. You'll be more comfortable.

Chris: Katie, please. Thank you very -- I don't want to inconvenience you.

Katie: You wouldn't have to lie down if I didn't hit you with my car. Come on.

Chris: Do I get a vote here?

Katie: No.

Alison: No, you donít. Come on. Easy.

Katie: Whoa.

Alison: Easy. There you go. Get a good rest.

Katie: Oh, do you want a drink or something?

Alison: No. You know what? I'm supposed to be at the hospital in a half hour. But I'm just gonna call someone, try to get them to switch my shift so I can stay and watch over Chris.

Katie: Oh, no, it's okay. I can watch him. I have to be here 'cause of Jacob anyway.

Alison: Okay. Well, you know, the painkillers should put him out for a while.

Katie: Is he gonna be okay?

Alison: Yeah, he is. But if he doesn't feel better when he wakes up, then give me a call, okay?

Katie: Okay, I will. Thank you. Bye.

Silas: You look even sexier when you play it down.

Molly: Why are you still in Oakdale?

Silas: Because of you, of course. What are you drinking?

Molly: Club soda. Don't even bother ordering. I'm keeping this short.

Silas: You have my full attention, lover.

Molly: I'm not your lover.

Silas: But you were, and you will be again.

Molly: Never again, Silas. Listen up and get this, because I am sick and tired of repeating myself. There is not going to be a future for us.

Silas: That remains to be seen.

Molly: Not ever. Go away.

Silas: Are you throwing me over for that farmer?

Molly: No. I'm doing this for me. And you know what?! While I'm at it, this is yours! Take it and get out of here. I never want to see you again. Don't touch me.

Silas: That's not what you used to say.

Molly: I didn't leave you, Silas. You threw me away.

Silas: And I regret that.

Molly: You can do that, but I'm done. Go away. Don't call. Don't write. Don't e-mail. Don't come back. Got it?

Silas: Molly --

Molly: Go. It's over. It's really over.

Henry: Don't you think uprooting yourself is pretty radical? You've lived here for years.

Barbara: It's time for a change.

Henry: Why?

Barbara: Because you live here, too, and I can't keep doing this to myself. Do you think I liked seeing Vienna fawn all over you, having rose petals thrown in my face?

Henry: I'm sorry. That shouldn't have happened. That will never happen again.

Barbara: But we will see each other in the hallways. We will run into each other in the elevators. We'll sit on adjacent barstools. I can't do this. It's too painful.

Henry: It's painful for me, too. But to not see you again -- Barbara, I don't want you to leave.

Barbara: You have a better solution? Thought so.

Henry: Where are you gonna go?

Barbara: Paul has asked me to move in to Fairwinds with him and Eliza and Emily.

Henry: Really?

Barbara: Yes. He is my son, and Elizaís my granddaughter.

Henry: He is also Paul.

Barbara: Unless you have a better offer, don't criticize.

Henry: Can I miss you? Is that allowed?

Vienna: So, did you get a table?

Henry: Yes. I spoke to the maitre d' on the way in.

Vienna: Well, then, let's go. I'm ravenous.

Henry: Okay.

Vienna: Come on.

Henry: Bye.

Barbara: Paul. Hi, Honey. I've got a question for you, and I hope you'll keep an open mind.

Operator: You have reached the hospital directory. Please spell the name of the physician you are trying to reach.

Casey: G-r-a-v-I-d.

Operator: There is no listing of a doctor by that name.

Chris: Oh. Hey.

Katie: Hey.

Chris: How long have I been out?

Katie: Not long. How do you feel?

Chris: I think I'm a little less sore.

Katie: That's good.

Chris: Yeah.

Katie: Here. Let me get that for you.

Chris: Oh.

Katie: There you go.

Chris: Thank you.

Katie: What can I get you?

Chris: Stay here and keep me company.

Katie: I can do that.

Chris: Okay.

Katie: I gotta go check on Jacob.

Chris: Yeah. I'll be here when you get back.

Katie: You're welcome to stay as long as you need to, but, as soon as you're feeling better, can you just go?

Chris: Katie --

Katie: Yeah, just let yourself out. I'm sorry.

Holden: Who knew the Lakeview would be booked?

Molly: Yeah, but we can make all the noise we want to here, until everybody else gets home.

Holden: I'm so proud of you.

Molly: I'm kind of proud of me, too. You are so precious to me. You are. I really want this to last.

Holden: Well, with Silas out of the picture, there's no reason it shouldnít.

[Cell phone beeps]

Molly: Oh --

Holden: You know what? Don't get it. Do you have to?

Molly: No, I -- you know what? If I don't turn it off, we're gonna keep getting interrupted.

On the next "As the World Turns."

Molly: You've got five seconds to decide how you want this to play out.

Silas: I'm going -- for now. But I'm not giving up.

Gabriel: Hey, Faith.

Faith: What is he doing in our house?

Carly: Parker's fine. But you -- you and me -- do you think that we can get past this?

Jack: I don't know.

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