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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 5/25/10

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Katie: I don't get it. The lighting looked so good on set, right? It's -- we can't use this. I'm gonna have to call Chris.

[Phone rings]

Katie: Chris, its Katie.

Chris: Hey, how are you?

Katie: Not good. Are you busy?

Chris: Well, I'm working.

Katie: When do you get off?

Chris: Well, soon. Why?

Katie: I need a favor. Some of the footage we shot for Lisa's show just didn't come out.

Chris: You're kidding me.

Katie: I think we need to reshoot it.

Chris: Well, Katie, I am a doctor, not an actor. Didn't we shoot that show live? I mean, why would we have to do it again?

Katie: Because I want to give Lisa a DVD copy of the show, and during the broadcast, some of the scenes got messed up. So I was just wondering, maybe, can you drop by the studio after your shift?

Chris: You're sure you can't use any of that stuff that we shot before?

Katie: It really won't take that long.

Chris: Okay, okay. I will -- I'll come over as soon as I'm done here.

Katie: Great. You're the best. Thanks. Okay. We'll need to be totally set up. Thanks.

Alison: Damn it! Why aren't you working?

[Knock on door]

Casey: I heard you in the hallway.

Alison: It's this new monitor. It's, like, frozen. I don't know what its problem is.

Casey: You want me to take a look?

Alison: Yeah. I mean, if you don't mind.

Casey: Okay.

Alison: I already did that.

Casey: Okay. Did you try resetting it? I'm sorry. I had to ask. I mean, it has to be the controls or the wire or something.

Alison: Meaning you have no clue.

Casey: Yep. Have you tried hitting it?

Alison: It costs $30,000.

Casey: It's already broken. It's not gonna hurt it.

Alison: No, I'm not gonna hit it. I'll just call purchasing, and they'll have to deal with it.

Casey: I'm sorry I couldn't help.

Alison: No, no, no. Thank you for trying. Casey?

Casey: Yeah?

Alison: I'm sorry about butting into your relationship with Vienna.

Casey: It's fine. It's okay.

Alison: I know, it's none of my business.

Casey: No, it's cool. It's not really a -- it's more of a casual thing than a relationship thing.

Alison: All right. So, we're okay?

Casey: Yeah, fine. Can I ask you something, actually?

Alison: Yeah, of course.

Casey: Why are you so sure I can't trust her?

Vienna: Oh, come on. Come on, please. I'm gonna close my eyes, and when I open them, you're gonna be positive. Counting to five. One, two, three, four, five. Oh, damn it!

[Knock on door]

Henry: Hey, Liebchen. I've got applesauce and white bread, crackers, all kinds of things that won't upset your stomach.

Vienna: Oh, you're so sweet, Henry.

Henry: Are you still having the morning sickness?

Vienna: Yeah, a little bit.

Henry: Here, try the crackers now. That worked last time.

Vienna: No, that's really not what's gonna make me feel better.

Henry: Okay. Well, I got other stuff in here.

Vienna: It's not in the bag, either.

Henry: Did I forget something?

Vienna: No.

Henry: Why don't I go back to the store?

Vienna: No, no, no. It's not in the store, either. It's right here. Here.

Emma: Here you go, Mr. Prager.

Meg: It has to make a difference, right? Emily left my baby alone in a car while she went chasing after some criminal. I mean, the judge has to realize that she can't be trusted.

Emma: Of course, he will. More coffee, Mr. Prager?

Prager: No question the incident will adversely affect Mr. Ryan's case, but you still have issues of your own.

Emma: Yes, but what she has in her favor is that she's Eliza's mother.

Meg: And Paul is her father.

Emma: Yes. But Emily's the one that's going to be alone with her when Paul is not around. I mean, the judge has to realize that the baby's not safe there.

Meg: Mama.

Emma: Now, this is not an isolated incident with Emily. Emily Stewart has a long, long history of reckless behavior.

Prager: I will need conclusive evidence to present to the judge.

Emma: Well, we -- we don't actually have any evidence.

Prager: Well, then let's hope that the judge is in a sympathetic mood. I will let myself out.

Emma: He makes it seem as if what Emily did doesn't matter.

Meg: Well, we have to make it matter.

Emma: You know, Eliza, your baby, is -- her well-being is in question, and it feels as if there's nothing we can do about it.

Meg: Maybe there is.

Emily: Yes, yes. Okay. We're gonna go to the pediatrician just for a quick little check-up, okay? And then we'll go to the zoo. We'll go to the zoo and see all the baby ducks, just me and you. Does that sound fun? Okay. Hi.

Paul: Hey. Where you going?

Emily: Pediatrician and then the zoo.

Paul: I have a meeting.

Emily: That's okay. Looks like it's just gonna be you and me, huh?

Paul: Well, I could cancel the meeting. That way I can go with you.

Emily: You don't have to do that.

Paul: I want to.

Emily: You really don't trust me alone with her, do you?

Paul: Of course I trust you alone with Eliza. I just want to go with you, that's all.

Emily: I know it was stupid of me to leave her in the car alone like that. It was a mistake, okay, and it never would have happened if Carmody hadn't held me at gunpoint.

Paul: And it never would have happened if you hadn't gone chasing after him and left Eliza alone in the car.

Emily: I don't know how many times I can say I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It will never happen again.

Paul: That's right. It wonít. Because the next time you go chasing after a gun-toting lunatic, you're gonna at least call me first or maybe a babysitter.

Emily: I'm sorry, okay? I don't want to scare you like that ever again.

Paul: It's not just that. This plays right into Meg's hands.

Emily: I know. And the fact that Meg can use this now to take Eliza away from us is the worst part of it.

Paul: That's not gonna happen.

Emily: I hope not. I just love her so much, Paul.

Paul: I know you do.

Emily: I love that she's part of our family. You know, I want to keep it this way.

Paul: Me, too.

Emily: And that's why I'm gonna prove to the judge that I am the best mother for her.

Emma: Meg, I hope you're not thinking of playing any tricks on Emily.

Meg: No tricks, Mama. I swear.

Emma: Because you heard what Mr. Prager said. Your case is shaky enough as it is already.

Meg: I am not gonna play any tricks. Who was it who said that, if I wanted my daughter back, I should think more like Emily?

Emma: Think like her so you could outsmart her, not to get down in the dirt with her.

Meg: Well, that seems to be where the fight is.

Emma: Well, you had better stay above it, because that is her territory, not yours.

Meg: I have to do something.

Emma: Well, you had better be careful. You don't want to give the judge any more reasons to doubt you.

Meg: I don't intend to.

Emma: What do you intend on doing?

Meg: Behave as responsibly as I can and show the judge that I'm getting my life together again.

Emma: And how are you going to do that?

Meg: I'm gonna start by getting my job back.

Emma: Well, you told me before that you tried, and that you didn't think that you would be able to pass the psychiatric evaluation.

Meg: I thought you were on my side.

Emma: Sweetheart, I am!

Meg: Okay, then please support me.

Emma: Well, what are you going to do about passing the evaluation?

Meg: I'm not gonna take it.

Emma: You told me your friend said you had to.

Meg: She said that hospital policy requires that every employee take it.

Emma: Well, then, Sweetheart, you have no choice.

Meg: Not unless I go to the man who sets policy.

Emma: You mean Bob Hughes?

Meg: Mm-hmm. He likes me. He knows me. Maybe he could waive the evaluation for me.

Casey: You keep telling me not to trust Vienna, but you never tell me why.

Alison: I did tell you why. She's committed to Henry.

Casey: That's no secret.

Alison: And sooner or later, they'll get back together, and then she'll be done with you.

Casey: Yeah, probably.

Alison: And that doesn't bother you?

Casey: Why should it? I mean, we're just having fun, which is fine with me.

Alison: Yeah, but she's involved with someone else.

Casey: Yeah. I -- I agree with you. That's her problem, not mine.

Alison: I -- I just can't believe this doesn't bother you.

Casey: Because getting involved with women has worked out so well for me in the past?

Alison: Some day it will.

Casey: I -- I don't think you're the person to be telling me that.

Alison: You're right. I'm sorry.

Casey: No, look. All I'm trying to say is I'm not looking for a lifetime commitment here.

Alison: What are you looking for?

Casey: I think you should call maintenance and have them fix this. Talk to you later.

Katie: Oh, what am I doing?

Alison: Just forget it!

Chris: Forget what?

Alison: This thing refuses to work. I'm just gonna call someone.

Chris: Did you try hitting it?

Alison: That's what Casey said.

Chris: And?

Alison: I don't want to break it.

Chris: It's already broken.

Alison: Casey said that, too.

Chris: Do it.

Alison: No, you do it. You're the boss' kid, not me.

Chris: Okay.

Alison: Let me see. You've got to be kidding me.

Chris: Well, I am Chris Hughes, and that's how I operate. You're welcome.

Alison: Oh, Chris. About our date.

Chris: Oh, you need to postpone?

Alison: No. I was thinking that maybe we should go see a movie.

Chris: Oh, I thought we were gonna start off with pizza and fun conversation.

Alison: Well, how about an upgrade? There's this movie I really want to see.

Chris: Chick flick?

Alison: No, actually, it's a horror movie. It's that one with the guy with the electric ax.

Chris: Electric -- really? You were never into that before.

Alison: No, I know. I really got into it when I was with -- I was in nursing school.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, I can see that. Okay.

Alison: But, I mean, if you're not up for the gore.

Chris: Alison? Gore, it's my business. Okay? Yeah.

Alison: Okay. Then I'll see you when I get off.

Chris: Okay. Oh, actually, I have to go over to WOAK Katie wants to reshoot some of the scenes we shot for Lisa's show. I don't know, some DVD thing, okay?

Alison: Okay. Then I'll just come meet you there, if that's all right.

Chris: Sounds great. Sounds great.

Alison: Okay.

Chris: All right.

Alison: All right.

Casey: Hey, Baby. It's me. I just walked past the storage closet and couldn't help thinking of you. Call me when you get this.

Henry: Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Vienna: Why not?

Henry: This early in the pregnancy? I mean, who knows what could happen?

Vienna: Oh, nothing could happen.

Henry: Yeah. We don't want to take any chances, not after last time.

Vienna: That is so sweet, Henry, but I spoke to the doctor, and he said it's perfectly safe.

[Knock on door]

Vienna: They'll go away.

Henry: No, but it -- it could be important.

Barbara: Is this a bad time? I can see you're busy. So, I just wanted to drop this off.

Vienna: Is it finished?

Barbara: Not quite. I am out of the wedding dress business. You'll have to find someone else.

Vienna: This is a little sudden, isn't it?

Henry: We can find another seamstress.

Barbara: I'm sure you will.

Vienna: Well, maybe it's for the best anyways, given our creative differences. In fact, I think I'll go in a totally different direction.

Barbara: Good luck with that.

Henry: Barbara --

Barbara: I have an appointment.

Vienna: Now, where were we?

Henry: How could you be so ungrateful?

Vienna: What?

Henry: She did all this work, and you just dismiss her?

Vienna: She didn't do that much work. And it certainly wasn't good work, and she probably worked off an old pattern or something.

Henry: It's not old. It's vintage.

Vienna: Oh, who cares?

Henry: I thought you did. You're the one that picked it out. You said it was perfect. You said it was everything that you wanted.

Vienna: Well, I changed my mind.

Henry: What? So you couldn't at least say thank you?

Vienna: For what? She didn't finish the dress, and she threw it in my face.

Henry: That's not true.

Vienna: Why are you defending her?

Henry: I'm not. I'm trying to be fair.

Vienna: Not to me, you arenít. What are you doing?

Henry: I'm gonna give this back to her. Maybe some other bride would like it.

Vienna: Who cares about another bride?

[Cell phone beeping]

Casey: Hey, Baby. Itís me. I just walked past the storage closet and couldn't help thinking of you. Call me when you get this.

[Knock on door]

Henry: Barbara. Oh, sorry. Is Ms. Ryan in? Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. Can I see this? What happened to this? Uh, I don't think this was meant to be thrown away. This meant a lot to Ms. Ryan.

Maid: It was in the trash.

Henry: Okay. Well, can I hold on -- I'm gonna hold on to this. My name's actually on it right here. See?

Maid: All right, Sir.

Henry: Thank you.

Casey: Yes, hey, Chris. Have you seen Granddad, or do you know where he is?

Chris: A board meeting.

Casey: Do you think he's gonna be long?

Chris: I think so, yeah.

Casey: Great, great, great, great.

Chris: Hey, Casey. You got a minute?

Casey: No. What's up?

Chris: Well, I just want you to hear it from me before anyone else.

Casey: Hear what?

Chris: Me and Alison. We're just -- well, we're gonna go out for a little bit. Probably just a movie. Not a big deal or anything like that.

Casey: Hey, it's cool. You know, it's cool.

Chris: Are you sure? Because I know you two --

Casey: No, it's over. It's over, and I'm actually seeing someone else.

Chris: Seeing someone else? Really?

Casey: Yeah.

Chris: Anybody I know?

Casey: You know, we're not really ready to go public.

Chris: Yeah, that's smart. Well, I hope it works out.

Casey: It won't, but whatever.

Chris: Well, at least you won't be disappointed, right?

Casey: Never again.

Chris: Oh, okay. So, I mean, we're cool?

Casey: Yeah, yeah. Just have her home by 11:00.

Chris: What?

Casey: It's a joke. Chris, relax. It's fine.

Chris: All right. Look, I got to go. All right. I'll talk to you later.

Casey: Yeah, later. See you.

Katie: Everything ready?

Man: We're just waiting for Dr. Hughes.

Katie: He's on his way. Oh, here he is.

Chris: Hey.

Katie: Hey. Thank you for coming.

Chris: No problem. What scene are we reshooting, and do I need a breath mint?

Katie: No, no, you donít. Just take Chris to makeup and wardrobe, and as soon as you're finished, we'll shoot.

Chris: Okay, okay. Can I talk to you first?

Katie: Sure.

Chris: Private.

Katie: Oh, he'll catch up with you. What's up?

Chris: Well, it looks like your wish came true.

Katie: What wish?

Chris: I have a date with Alison.

Katie: Really?

Chris: Yeah.

Katie: When?

Chris: Today. Today. She's gonna meet me here, and then we're gonna go to the movies. So --

Katie: That -- well, that's great.

Chris: Yeah, all your hard work paid off.

Katie: Oh, I didn't do anything.

Chris: Are you kidding me? This wouldn't have happened without you.

Katie: See? If you had listened to me from the very beginning, you'd be on your tenth date, not your first.

Chris: That's very true.

Katie: Great. Well, I'm really happy for both of you.

Chris: Are you sure? Because if you're not, I -- I think you should tell me now.

Emily: Oh, your daddy is gonna be so proud of you. You were so brave in there. I cannot believe it. When you got that little shot, I wanted to cry, but you didn't flinch, did you? You --

Meg: Emily.

Emily: Hi, Meg.

Meg: Hey, Sweetheart.

Emily: She, uh -- she just had a little vaccine today.

Meg: I didn't know she had an appointment.

Emily: Well, her pediatrician said it was time.

Meg: Where's Paul?

Emily: He had a meeting today.

Meg: She had a shot without either one of her parents?

Emily: I was right there.

Meg: You should have told me. I should be with Eliza when she sees her doctor in case there's something I need to know.

Emily: Well, if you need to know something, I'm sure Paul will be happy to tell you.

Meg: And how could Paul let you take her alone?

Emily: I just told you, he was busy.

Meg: Oh. Too busy to care if you left her alone in the car again?

Emily: Are you ever gonna let that go?

Meg: Excuse me?

Emily: It was an isolated incident.

Meg: That could have cost Eliza her life.

Emily: Oh, will you stop exaggerating.

Meg: I am not exaggerating anything. I don't want you taking my daughter anywhere on your own.

Emily: Well, you have no say.

Meg: I'm her mother.

Emily: You're a nutcase who doesn't have custody.

Meg: What did you just call me?

Alison: Okay. What's going on?

Meg: She has my baby.

Emily: Yeah, and there's really nothing she can do about it.

Alison: Okay. Both of you, calm down.

Meg: I came to talk to Dr. Hughes.

Alison: Well, he is in a board meeting.

Meg: When will he be out?

Alison: Not for a while. Did you make an appointment?

Meg: No.

Alison: Hey, well, you should really make one before you come back.

Meg: Fine. I will. Eliza, I will see you soon, okay, Honey? I know, I know.

Alison: What are you doing?

Emily: Nothing. I came by to the doctor's office, and she was there.

Alison: So you decided to goad her?

Emily: No.

Alison: Hey, the last thing Eliza needs is a public shouting match between her mother and her stepmother.

Emily: Yeah. No kidding. I'm not the one who started the fight.

Alison: Does it really matter? I mean, haven't we had enough of our own family fights to know that they end badly for everyone?

Emily: Okay. The only way this can end badly is if the judge gives custody to Meg, and if that happens, it will be war. Come on. I got to take you home. I'll see you later.

Alison: Bye.

Nurse: Alison, we have a problem. These drugs are missing, and they weren't signed out.

Alison: Are you sure no one took them?

Nurse: I asked everyone.

Alison: Okay. Well, we better find out where they are. I mean, if the wrong person takes them, this could be really serious. Come on.

Emma: Oh, Barbara.

Barbara: Hello. Hi, Emma.

Emma: I see you've been shopping.

Barbara: Oh, yeah. Just needed a few. Therapy. You?

Emma: Eliza.

Barbara: Ah, yeah.

Emma: Yeah.

Barbara: Must be hard for you.

Emma: Well, I doubt it's not so hard for you. You probably get to see her as often as you like, yes?

Barbara: Actually, that's not true. But we shouldn't get involved in their fight.

Emma: They're our children. We have no choice.

Barbara: You know, maybe we should set a better example.

Emma: Did you have something in mind?

Barbara: Something that's in Eliza's best interest.

Emma: Well, I wonder if we would agree on what Eliza's best interests are.

Barbara: Well, as you know, she has not been christened.

Emma: No, she -- she hasnít.

Barbara: As her grandmothers, don't you think that's something that we should take care of?

Emma: Well, I suppose. Yes.

Barbara: Good. So, why don't you get home and get Meg, and I will meet you at Paul's?

Emma: Don't you think they might be angry if we interfered?

Barbara: [Laughs] Well, they shouldn't be. But if they are, at least they'll be angry with us and not with each other.

Emma: Well, I have to think about that.

Barbara: Okay. Even if they're not taking care of Eliza's spiritual life, I believe, as her grandmothers, that's something that we should do.

Emma: Well, I don't disagree. Although I think it might be a bad idea to meet face-to-face. I mean, after the incident. Hmm?

Barbara: Yes. The incident. We can't forget about that.

Henry: Vienna? Vienna, are you in there? "Dear Henry, I'm sorry we fought. Went for a prenatal exam. I'll be back soon. Love, Vienna." [Sighs]

Casey: Whoa!

Vienna: I got your message.

Casey: Yes, and I am not getting yours.

Vienna: Can I make it any clearer?

Casey: Well, what -- what happened with Henry?

Vienna: Nothing happened.

Casey: You said you were gonna be faithful.

Vienna: Yeah. I reconsidered.

Casey: So it's over.

Vienna: No. I'm still gonna marry him, but I decided you were right. There's no reason why we can't have a little bit of fun.

Casey: I mean, with me.

Vienna: Yes, unless you have a problem with it.

Casey: No. What? Why should I? I mean, you donít. You don't either, though.

Vienna: No. I only have a problem that we're still talking.

Casey: I know, I know. So you just want me to be your boy toy.

Vienna: Isn't that what you want?

Casey: I don't know.

Vienna: What's wrong?

Casey: I just feel used. I'm serious.

Vienna: Okay! Okay, then! Forget it!

Casey: Wait, wait, wait.

Vienna: What? I thought we were clear about this. We both just want to have a good time. Is that a problem for you?

Casey: No, no. The problem is, you just keep changing gears every five minutes.

Vienna: Okay, then. I'm gonna find somebody who appreciates what I have to offer.

Katie: I think it is great that you and Ali are going out. I mean, haven't I been working my butt off to get you two together?

Chris: Yes, yes. But I'm just saying --

Katie: There's nothing to say.

Chris: Are you sure? Are you sure you haven't changed your mind?

Katie: About what?

Chris: About, um --

Katie: Why would I?

Chris: N-no reason, I -- I guess.

Man: Is there a problem?

Katie: No, he's on his way.

Chris: Yeah. Lead the way.

Barbara: Why the hell didn't you tell me?

Paul: Tell you what?

Barbara: That you let your wife lose your baby.

Paul: That's not what happened.

Barbara: How many times did I tell you not to trust that woman? How many times have I told you that, Paul?

Paul: Why don't you go back out there and then come back in, you know, when you feel like being a human being.

Barbara: You know what? You always try to kick me out when you know that I'm right.

Paul: No. I try and kick you out pretty much every time you come here.

Barbara: How come I had to hear from Emma that Emily left Eliza alone in the car?

Paul: That's not how it happened. Emily was mugged.

Barbara: Don't give me that! She went after some known criminal!

Paul: I don't need to listen to this from you or Emma or anybody else.

Barbara: Where is she?

Paul: Who, Emily?

Barbara: Eliza.

Paul: She's at the doctorís.

Barbara: Who took her?

Paul: Emily.

Barbara: Are you out of your mind? You left her alone again with the baby?

Paul: Emily's her stepmom.

Barbara: She is a menace.

Paul: Okay. You're way over the top with this, and it happened like a week ago. What's it really all about with you?

Barbara: I just found out about this, Paul.

Paul: Did something happen with Henry?

Barbara: This is not about Henry. That is over. This is about Eliza, and I just made peace with Emma.

Paul: You made peace how?

Barbara: We're going to have a Christening.

Paul: A what?

Barbara: A christening. We're going to do it together. We're going to plan it together. In fact, she's bringing Meg over here right now.

Paul: Really? When?

Barbara: Yes, now.

Paul: Now now?

Barbara: Yes.

Paul: You made all of these plans without discussing it with me first?

Barbara: I made these plans for you.

Paul: How many times do I have to tell you, I don't want you doing things for me? Well, this isn't such a bad thing, maybe.

Barbara: Really?

Emily: You really need to do something about that ex-wife of yours.

Paul: I think we are.

Emily: Who's we?

Paul: Mother and I.

Barbara: This is not about Meg.

Emily: What is it?

Meg: Okay, we're here.

Emily: Why -- for what?

Meg: Just so you know, I had nothing to do with this.

Paul: I know.

Emily: You know -- you know what? What? Excuse me. Will somebody please tell me what the hell's going on here?

Emily: Here you go. Just the way you like it, Meg.

Meg: Thank you.

Emily: Nothing soothes the soul like a cup of tea.

Barbara: So, we all agree that it's time for Eliza to be christened.

Emma: Yes.

Emily: No! What? Yeah, of course.

Barbara: And where shall we have it?

Emma: Well, how about the farm?

Paul: There's plenty of room here, and this is Eliza's home.

Barbara: Let's leave that aside, Honey.

Emma: All my grandchildren have been christened at the farm.

Paul: Maybe it's time for a change.

Emma: Why do you have a problem with this?

Paul: I don't have a problem with this. I wouldn't be here if I had a problem with this. It's just that if the christening is gonna be in someone's home, it should be in Eliza's home.

Emma: Well, you know, Meg is her mother.

Meg: I don't have a problem doing it here.

Emma: Meg.

Meg: As long as I could hold her during the ceremony.

Emily: Well, shouldn't the people actually raising her be the ones holding her?

Meg: And risk having you drop her in the baptism?

Emily: And what about you? Who's to say you're not gonna disappear with her again?

Emma: How can you say such a thing?

Emily: 'Cause it's the truth, Emma.

Meg: I am not going anywhere, Emily. Get used to it.

Emily: Yeah, well, you better get used to seeing your little girl once a week.

Paul: You know what? Why don't we get you out of here before you're scarred for life?

Chris: Oh, I am so sorry that I cracked up.

Katie: Don't worry about it.

Chris: It's just when that music came on, you know --

Katie: Its period.

Chris: I know, but it just sounds so --

Katie: Romantic?

Chris: A little over the top, maybe. Yeah.

Katie: Eh, it's a little over the top.

Chris: Little bit, little bit.

Katie: Little bit.

Alison: Hi.

Chris: Hey!

Alison: Sorry I'm late.

Chris: Oh, it's no problem. We just actually finished the reshoot.

Alison: Yeah? How'd it go?

Chris: Well, she's the expert.

Katie: I think we got everything we needed this time.

Alison: We're not gonna make the movie.

Chris: All right. We'll just -- we can go to the later show if you want to or we can do plan "A." Whatever.

Alison: Okay, yeah. I was hoping you'd say that.

Chris: All right. So, then its pizza and fun conversation. Fill up on it.

Katie: Well, thank you for doing this again.

Chris: Yeah. Well, it was, um -- fun.

Katie: Well, you guys go. Have a good time.

Alison: Bye, Katie.

Katie: Bye.

Alison: See you.

Chris: Okay.

Henry: Thank God I found you.

Katie: Oh, I was just leaving.

Henry: You got to help me.

Katie: With what?

Henry: My love life.

Katie: Oh, you came to the wrong place.

Henry: Vienna is pregnant.

Katie: Really?

Henry: Really. We just found out.

Katie: Oh, Henry, that's great! Oh, it's --

Henry: Are you all right?

Katie: Yeah. I was just -- I was just remembering the last time, you know, when you guys were so excited and then you lost the baby. It's just so great. You're gonna get another chance.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. It is.

Katie: It's not?

Henry: No. I said it is.

Katie: You're happy about this, aren't you?

Henry: I'm absolutely happy. This is what I've always wanted.

Katie: Well, then why does it look like you want to jump off a cliff?

Henry: Vienna wants to get married right away.

Katie: Well, that's probably a good idea. You want the baby to have a stable home life.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. I know.

Katie: And you guys are completely in love, right?

Henry: Absolutely.

Katie: So, what's the problem?

Henry: I didn't say there was a problem.

Katie: Well, you said you needed my advice.

Henry: Okay. Well, there's no problem.

Katie: Okay, okay. No problem.

Henry: 'Cause there isnít.

Katie: Right. So, what did you want to ask me?

Henry: I'm not sure what she wants.

Katie: Vienna?

Henry: Vienna, yes. Lately, she doesn't seem like herself.

Katie: Well, she's not. She's pregnant. It changes you.

Henry: Right. Um, how am I supposed to help her?

Katie: Just treat her like the most beautiful woman who's ever walked the face of the earth, and you need to propose, the old-fashioned way, down on one knee with all the bells and whistles.

[Knock on door]

Vienna: Oh, Henry. Now what?

Casey: Hey.

Vienna: What are you doing here?

Casey: I decided there's nothing more I want to do than to be your boy toy.

Vienna: You mean that?

Casey: Mm-hmm. Do you want proof? Hmm?

Vienna: Yes.

Emma: Well, as much as I hate to admit it, Paul's right. I mean, if we don't -- if we don't get together on this, that's no -- Meg, what is it, Sweetheart?

Meg: Eliza.

Emily: What about her?

Meg: She's crying. Don't you hear her?

Emily: No. I don't hear anything.

Meg: My God, she sounds hysterical!

Emma: Sweetheart.

Barbara: I don't hear anything either.

Meg: She needs me. She's crying for me.

Emily: I don't hear her.

Meg: Well, I do, and she's upset, and I need to find her! Let go of me! Mom, she's crying! I need to find her!

Emma: Sweetheart, she's not crying.

Meg: What are you doing?

Officer: Excuse me, Miss. This is a no-standing zone.

Katie: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Officer.

Officer: Can I ask what you're doing here?

Katie: Oh, yeah. I was just --

[Chris and Alison laugh]

Chris: That's true. You got a little sauce on your face.

Alison: Oh. Right here?

Chris: Yeah. Let me --

Alison: Thank you.

Officer: Move it, Miss, or I'm gonna have to issue you a citation.

Katie: Okay, I'm sorry. So sorry, Officer. Thank you.

Chris: Whoa!

[Tires screech]

[Chris grunts]

Alison: Chris!

Henry: Okay. Are we clear on the plan? Now, I go in, I drop to one knee.

Taffy: And then I throw the rose petals, huh?

Henry: No, Taffy. You don't do that until she says yes.

Taffy: But what if she doesn't?

Henry: Then this will be a complete disaster, won't it? Same goes for you, okay? You don't start singing until she says yes, okay? That's when the party starts. Not before. You got it?

Taffy: Got it.

Henry: Got it. Okay. Let's do this.

Casey: Off, off.

Meg: She's crying!

Emma: Now, calm down. Eliza's not crying.

Meg: What is wrong with you people? Can't you hear her?

Paul: Hear her what?

Emily: Well, Meg -- Meg apparently heard Eliza cry, but we didn't hear anything, and she started to do this. She totally freaked out.

Emma: No, she didn't freak out!

Emily: Well, what would you call it?

Barbara: I -- I -- I don't know.

Paul: Eliza's fine. She's not crying.

Meg: I don't understand!

Emma: Come on, Sweetheart. You're very tired. Why don't we go home?

Meg: No, I heard her crying!

Paul: She didn't cry. She never cried.

Meg: Let's go home. Let's go home. See, the baby's fine. Look, the baby's fine. Yes, she's fine. Come. Let's go. She's fine, yes. Let's go.

Paul: What just happened?

Barbara: She had some kind of an episode.

Emily: Well, that's one way to put it. She went loony on us. Wait till the judge finds out about this one.

Paul: Why does everything have to be ammunition with you? Meg is sick. She needs to get better. That's the most important thing.

Barbara: You'd better be careful.

Emily: What -- you have to admit, she does not deserve to have custody of that child.

Barbara: I don't disagree, but Meg is Eliza's mother, which means she has a connection to Paul that you can't break.

Emily: I'm not trying to break it.

Barbara: Oh, please.

Emily: I am trying to protect Eliza.

Barbara: Okay, fine. If that's what you want to tell yourself, fine. But if Paul gets wind of anything else, you're gonna lose him.

Emily: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Barbara: Oh, you're damn right I would.

Emily: Well, it's not gonna happen, because Meg's going back to the looney bin where she belongs, and hopefully this time for good, which means our daughter will be staying right here with us forever.

Emma: Are you okay? Are you feeling better? Feeling all right?

Meg: I don't know. I feel -- I don't know.

Emma: How do you feel? Did you feel like you were losing control before or what?

Meg: Oh, this is different, not like that at all. This was --

Emma: Was what?

Meg: I can't describe it. I -- I was feeling fine. I was just sitting there, listening and finishing my tea, and then --

Emma: And then what?

Meg: I don't know.

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Chris: If I was kissing Alison, so what?

Katie: I didn't like it.

Holden: Stay away from Molly. She doesn't want anything to do with you.

Silas: That's what she wants you to think.

Molly: I swear, I will make it so that Silas isn't an issue between us ever again.

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