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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 5/17/10

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Tom: Hey, Mom.

Lisa: Oh.

Tom: Thought you might like a little coffee break.

Lisa: Well, Honey, oh, how sweet. That's -- be careful. Just don't spill it on the inventory.

Tom: Oh, okay, Mommy. I wonít. Hey, what's going on? You don't seem like yourself today.

Lisa: No. Honey, I'm fine, and thank you so much for coming to see me -- so thoughtful.

Tom: Yeah, don't try to distract me with compliments. What's -- what's bothering you?

Lisa: Well, I'm just -- nothing specific. I'm just -- oh, I just feel a little down. I need a little spice in my life. That's all.

Tom: Mom, you're plenty spicy.

Lisa: You think so?

Tom: Yeah.

Lisa: Oh, please. It doesn't seem anyone else believes that at all, and I guess it's because, you know, I'm getting older, and I just never thought I would end up like that.

Tom: Well, what about the dating service that you and Susan joined?

Lisa: Oh, please. That's no -- that's certainly no way to find love.

Tom: Well, you could accept a date from somebody that's been in love with you since the day he was born. Can I take you out to dinner?

Lisa: That's so sweet. I think I'm working tonight.

Tom: Well, all you got to do is pick another day.

Lisa: Well, good. Then let me see. Here. Oh, my Lord. Do you know what tomorrow is?

Carly: Parker, I thought -- I thought I was gonna pick you up at practice. Why didn't you wait for me?

Jack: I picked him up instead.

Carly: I see. Why don't you go on upstairs so I can talk to your dad, okay?

Jack: I know, Carly.

Carly: You know what?

Parker: I told him about my fight with Gabriel. I had to. Sorry.

Carly: Its okay, Sweetheart. You haven't done anything wrong. Parker's just not thinking straight right now.

Jack: Is that so?

Carly: He's really not. He wasn't getting along with Gabriel, and then Gabriel was hurt in that awful fire, and Parker's feeling unnecessarily guilty.

Parker: Mom.

Carly: It's a misunderstanding.

Jack: No, it isnít.

Parker: Dad knows everything, Mom.

Jack: Parker admitted he left Gabriel unconscious in that office. Something tells me you've known all along.

Carly: Parker didn't set that fire.

Jack: That's beside the point.

Carly: No, it's exactly the point. So he fought with Gabriel! So what? He didn't want -- he didn't want him to die, Jack! If he'd known there was gonna be a fire, he wouldn't have left him there!

Jack: We'll deal with Parker in a minute. Right now, I need to know the truth. How long were you gonna keep on lying to me?

Margo: Craig is Gabriel's father?

Lily: That's right.

Craig: Lily, that's not our agreement.

Margo: What agreement? What agreement?

Lily: Look, I know what you want, but I didn't agree to anything!

Margo: Craig, is it true? Is Gabriel your son?

Craig: Yes, okay, but I didn't realize until a few days ago.

Margo: Oh, my God! Tell me, tell me, tell me.

Craig: His mother's name is Lydia. She worked at my house in Montega.

Margo: Your house? So you were married to Sierra at the time?

Lily: If you don't tell her, I will!

Craig: Yes, okay? I cheated on Sierra. Not my finest hour. But I didn't know that Lydia was pregnant. If I had, I would have done the right thing.

Margo: What? You were already married!

Craig: I would have acknowledged the boy. I would have been his father in every sense, but Lucinda Walsh and her charming daughters kept the boy away from me. Have I left anything out, Lily?

Lily: I am sorry, Craig. I wish I had made a different choice.

Margo: Oh, Craig. You almost killed your own son.

Carly: Jack, please don't do this. Our son's in trouble here. We need to be united now.

Jack: How can we do that when we don't really know the truth? Parker, it's imperative that you tell me what really happened. Did you start that fire?

Parker: No! Dad, I swear, it happened exactly as I told you. I went to Monte Carlo because I found out that Craig had been stealing from my trust fund, and when I saw the charges for chartered planes, I knew that Gabriel was in on it, too. So I went to Monte Carlo, and when I got there, Gabriel was there. He admitted to blackmailing Craig, and he acted like it was no big deal, like he was proud of it! So I lost it, and I hit him and he fell!

Jack: So you just left him there?

Parker: I checked to see if he was breathing, and he was. Dad, I was mad at him, but I didn't want him to die!

Carly: Say something.

Parker: Dad, you've got to believe me. I wanted to tell you.

Carly: I told him not to.

Parker: What are you gonna do now?

Jack: You two just sprung all this on me. I need time to think about it. Whatever we do, we can't take back.

Parker: Dad, if you turn me in --

Carly: He's not gonna do that. Are you, Jack?

Jack: Carly, I don't know, damn it! You should have told me when it happened! But the fact that you waited and you tried to hide it, it changes everything.

Parker: I'm sorry.

Carly: Hey, Sweetheart. Why don't you go upstairs, okay, so Dad and I can handle this.

Parker: No! I'm staying right here! You guys are talking about my life! I have a right to be a part of this discussion!

Carly: Parker. I'm the one who lied.

Parker: I lied, too.

Carly: Only because I asked you to. I'm the one that Dad's mad at.

Jack: Excuse me. I'm mad at both of you.

Carly: You know it's my fault, right? Jack, Parker's future is at stake here.

Jack: You think I don't know that, Carly?

Carly: Well, then, let it out. Yell. Let me have it, and then we can figure out what we're gonna do about our son.

Jack: Gabriel Caras was unconscious. You said you checked his breathing, but he hit his head on something, Parker. How do you know he wasn't bleeding into his brain?

Parker: I didnít.

Carly: He was scared.

Jack: That's no excuse, Carly! If Parker were the victim here, would you be so forgiving?

Carly: Oh, Jack. You can't argue a hypothetical. Look, this was my fault. It's my fault, as usual. It is. But we have to deal with what we've got. Please, I'm -- just go for a walk with me, okay? That's all I ask.

Jack: Stay put. Don't talk to anyone till I get back.

[Door opens]

Kim: You know, I think I may have missed my calling in life, because I think I'm really good at playing hooky, especially with you.

Bob: Mm. In that case, I have something for you.

Kim: Yes? What?

Bob: I had a very interesting conversation with the contractor who's overseeing the construction for the new wing, and he's developing about 100 acres in Arizona.

Kim: Hmm. Well, I know you've said you really admire him. Are you thinking we should invest?

Bob: In a manner of speaking. I just would like you to look at the offering before I write the check.

Kim: Okay. Let's see. What's this?

Bob: Well, it could be our dream house if you say so. A place to retire.

Kim: Retire?

Bob: Oh, not -- not right away. I mean, it has to be built from the ground up, and of course, you have to pick out all the doorknobs and the floor boards and the tiles for the pool.

Kim: Ooh, a pool. We got a pool, too?

Bob: Of course. Well, you know, it gets warm in Arizona. You look smashing in a bathing suit.

Kim: Oh, stop.

Bob: So what do you think? I mean, give me the word. I write the check, and when it's finished, I will carry you over the threshold like the beautiful bride that you are. What do you say?

Lisa: Tomorrow -- Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of my arrival in Oakdale.

Tom: Stop it. Is that true?

Lisa: It is absolutely true. Of course it is. I remember that day. I remember it so well. I was a young college girl, and I was so excited, Tom. I was so excited, but I was nervous, too. And then I met the wonderful man I fell head over heels in love with. You know, the med student named Bob. 50 years ago. Oh, my. Time flies, they say. I just can't hold onto it.

Tom: Are you sure you're okay?

Lisa: Yeah. Oh, yes, of course. I'm -- I'm fine. I just -- the day, it just snuck up on me. That's all. I'm really fine. I just didn't expect it. That's all.

Tom: Mom, I mean, you've done pretty well. You've -- you've lived the lives of nine women.

Lisa: Oh, please. I'm not through yet. There's lots more to go. Honey, you better go. You better go right now. No. You have to go. Finish and go.

Tom: No, no, no. I can stick around for a while.

Lisa: No. It's not -- that's silly. No. You have things to do, and I'm fine. Please, don't worry about me. I'm fantastic. I always have been.

Craig: I would never do anything to hurt my own child. Don't you know me better than that?

Margo: Well, every time I think I do, you prove me wrong.

Lily: He's telling the truth.

Margo: So you had no idea that you were Gabriel's father?

Lily: No, no. My mother and Sierra and I, we made sure of that, but I was wrong.

Craig: But you didn't do anything about it.

Lily: Look, I know an apology will never be enough.

Margo: Will you just tell me what happened, and you two can duke it out later?

Lily: I felt so guilty for keeping such a huge secret from Craig, but I had made a promise to my mother and Sierra, and I wanted to be loyal.

Craig: Family loyalty. Imagine that.

Lily: When I found out that Gabriel was living here in Oakdale, I knew that I had to tell Craig the truth, but my mother and Sierra were against it. They were wrong, and so, I told him, and he was completely taken by surprise. He wanted to have a relationship with him, but the fire took away that chance.

Margo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. So Craig knew that Gabriel was his son before the fire?

Lily: Yes, he did. He wanted to be a father to that boy to make up for all the time that he wasn't there. He was determined to fix this mistake, if that was even possible, and I hope that he gets the chance.

Margo: Is this true?

Craig: Why would Lily lie on my behalf?

Margo: I don't know. You tell me. I can't believe you've done this to me again, Craig.

Craig: This isn't about you. This is about my son, who's lying unconscious in a hospital bed, and that I may never have a relationship with him.

Margo: Well, you should have thought of that before you trapped him in the fire, right?

Lily: Craig didn't hurt him. Whatever else he's done, he wouldn't do that. We all know how much he loves his children.

Margo: Yeah. Well, I wonder, does that make them lucky or cursed?

Craig: I guess you'll have to ask them.

Margo: It's difficult for a variety of reasons. Excuse me. I have to make a phone call.

[Lily sighs]

Craig: You know damn well that I didn't know who Gabriel was before the fire. Why did you lie about that?

Lily: You said I owed you, and you were right. Now we're even.

Craig: I wanted you to give me an alibi for the day of the fire, not tell the whole town that Gabriel's my son.

Margo: Okay. The D.A.'s office is lifting the restraining order.

Craig: What does that mean?

Margo: It means we're gonna go see my nephew.

Jack: We always seem to end up back here, don't we?

Carly: We can't do this to Parker, Jack. He feels guilty enough without making him feel like he's somehow coming between the two of us.

Jack: I think Parker has been around long enough to know that our issues have nothing to do with him.

Carly: Well, he's just a kid, and we have to protect him, and that means saving our arguments for when he's not around.

Jack: Okay, fine! We won't argue around Parker! But if you think bringing me to the spot where the boathouse used to stand is gonna make me all warm and fuzzy, so much so that I'll forget about what you've done --

Carly: No, I don't expect you to forget it, Jack. I screwed up. I know that. I admit it. I just need you to calm down about it.

Jack: How am I supposed to do that, Carly? Do you know what you've done?

Carly: Yeah. I tried to protect my son.

Jack: How? How? You made things a thousand times worse for him!

Carly: You're overreacting.

Jack: If Parker had come to me from the very beginning and told me the truth, we might have been able to rule him out as a suspect. But now --

Carly: I could not take that chance. Gabriel could die, and if he does, Parker could be in terrible trouble.

Jack: What do you think he's in now?

Lisa: Now, we have cocktail dresses over there, and these are just less formal here. And all around, you can see we have accessories. Just tell me what you want.

Shopper: I don't know where to start. Please. It's our anniversary, and we've had a rough start. This gift has to be perfect.

Lisa: Aw. I'm so sorry. Of course, I'll be glad to help you. I want to assure you, you're not the first young man coming in here who's been just kind of overwhelmed. So, tell me, what is it.

Shopper: Oh, thank goodness, 'cause if I get this wrong, I think --

Lisa: Oh, you're not gonna get it wrong. You've got it right. Believe me. Oh, Lord. There is nothing like young love.

[Lisa remembering]

Bob: You don't have to worry about being lonely or bored. Your life just wouldn't allow it.

Lisa: Oh, Bob. You really are wonderful, and you make me feel good. You really do. And you make me feel special.

Bob: You are special.

Kim: Actually, one of the advantages of my having owned WOAK for so many years is that I have all of the numbers of the best interior designers at my fingertips.

Bob: You don't need a decorator. I mean, you have impeccable taste.

Kim: In husbands, yes, my darling. However, how many years has this been since I've done any decorating? I mean, there's all kinds of new products. I don't know.

Bob: Listen. You were right the first time. You can do it again. Besides, you have all those magazines stacked in the attic, if you should need them.

Kim: But you actually think that you could trust me?

Bob: Haven't I always?

Tom: Get a room.

Kim: Oh, go away. [Laughs]

Tom: Hey, do you mind if I join you?

Bob: Oh, of course.

Kim: Come on. Sit down. So, what's up?

Tom: Well, I just came back from seeing Mom.

Kim: Yeah. Oh, how is she?

Tom: She's fine. Are you two aware that tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of her arrival in Oakdale?

[Bob laughs]

Kim: No.

Bob: Only your mother would keep track of one of her many grand entrances.

Kim: Keep your voice down. This is her hotel, remember?

Bob: Oh, it's a compliment. This town hasn't been the same since Hurricane Lisa blew in. I can't believe its 50 years, though.

Kim: Yeah, well, I don't think I'd remind her, if I were you.

Tom: Well, I was thinking quite the opposite, that we should do some kind of little thing to commemorate the occasion.

Bob: You do?

Tom: I've been kind of concerned about her lately. You know, she doesn't have her usual joie de vivre, like she's lost energy.

Kim: Actually, you know, now that you mention it, she did refuse to go to lunch with me last week. You know what? I had a feeling she was kind of, I don't know, under the weather.

Tom: No. She says her life could use some "Spicing up." Her words, not mine.

Kim: Uh-oh.

Bob: What did you have in mind?

Tom: I don't know. Maybe a little party. Family and friends. Maybe being the center of attention will snap her out of it.

Margo: I can't let you go in there alone until the judge officially lifts the restraining order. It's just a formality.

Craig: I understand. And I'm glad Lily told you. It's good not to have to pretend.

Margo: Okay. Remember that next time.

Craig: Are you ready to meet your nephew?

Margo: Craig, you're not alone. I know it's easy for you to forget, but we are family.

Craig: Thanks for that.

Margo: Okay.

Jack: Things were supposed to be different this time, Carly. We were gonna get together for good because we belong with each other.

Carly: Yes, we do.

Jack: And we made a promise not to keep any secrets or tell any lies, and the second something goes wrong, you go right back to your old ways.

Carly: Oh, cut it out, Jack. It's not like I'm drinking again.

Jack: No. You were a liar long before you were an alcoholic.

Carly: How could you say something like that to me?

Jack: I'm sorry. I just can't believe this is happening, Carly. We're having the same exact conversation we always have.

Carly: Oh, I know.

Jack: What were you thinking?

Carly: This is what I was thinking. I knew exactly how you would react if you found out, and here you are, proving me right. You will always judge me before you try to understand me.

Jack: Oh, the difference is, Carly, I'm not doing anything wrong.

Carly: You're treating your son like a criminal.

Jack: Come on, Carly.

Carly: No, you come on. You may not have said it straight up, but we all know what you meant by that sermon back at the house. As far as you're concerned, Parker is a suspect in an attempted murder.

Jack: Yes, he is! And before you go blaming me, I'm not the one that created this situation. He is. With an assist from you.

Carly: Oh, Jack, you know as well as I do that Parker did not intend to hurt Gabriel. They were just kids -- kids having a fight. I'm just afraid that the evidence will tell a different story.

Jack: Well, if Parker's innocent --

Carly: What do you mean, "If"? You don't believe him?

Jack: Yes, I do! Let me finish!

Carly: Well, then act like it! Stand up for him! If Gabriel dies, Parker could go to prison for the rest of his life. I cannot take that chance.

Jack: I'm his father. You should have trusted me.

Carly: I donít. And all you're doing right now is proving to me exactly why I canít. Why should I trust you? You obviously don't trust me.

Jack: You lied to me, Carly. Again.

Carly: I had to make a decision, and you weren't around.

Jack: Excuse me?

Carly: You haven't been around for months. When you're not working, you're spending all of your time taking care of Janet. Well, what about me and our kids? We haven't stopped needing you because you're having a baby with your ex-wife.

Jack: I just don't see what one has to do with the other.

Carly: The point is, I haven't been able to count on you lately, and my son needed help.

Jack: Parker is our son, Carly. He's our son. I love him as much as you do, but he made a mistake.

Carly: That's exactly right. A mistake.

Jack: Yeah, a big mistake, and a boy could die as a result!

Carly: God, I hope not.

Jack: I'm a police officer. What am I supposed to do?

Carly: I know what you're supposed to do. That's exactly why I didn't tell you. It wasn't just to protect Parker. I didn't want you to be caught in the middle.

Jack: Well, I am.

Carly: But you don't have to be. We are the only people who know what really happened. If we don't say anything, Jack, no one will think to connect Parker to Gabriel's accident. If we don't mention a word about this, it'll all end right here.

Tom: So, we'll do a little surprise thing at our place. Nothing too extreme. You know, Gram, Barbara, the boys.

Bob: Lily, Lucinda.

Tom: Probably the girls from the store and the front-desk crew.

Bob: Right.

Kim: Okay. Time out, you two. You said this was going to be a small gathering.

Bob: Well, Lisa likes big parties. She's got a lot of friends.

Tom: We don't want to leave anybody out.

Kim: Exactly. First of all, don't you think you ought to speak to Margo before you volunteer her home?

Tom: Hello. I live there, too. As long as I order everything from Al's and promise to do the dishes, Margo's not gonna care. I'll pay Casey to do the rest.

Kim: Listen, the last thing in the world Lisa wants is a surprise party planned by you two.

Bob: What's wrong with us?

Kim: Because, by the time you're finished, it'll be cheese steaks and chicken wings and a keg on the terrace.

Tom: Party!


Tom: Do you have a better idea?

Kim: As a matter of fact -- first of all, I think you should do it right here in the hotel. I mean, do you think about the number of people who are gonna want to come? All of her friends and everything. As far as what you're gonna do, I don't know. Have a tea party.

Bob: You're brilliant.

Kim: The point is, Lisa is a fixture of this town. She does a lot by the community, and it's about time she got some recognition.

Bob: Hey, I'm playing golf with the mayor tomorrow. Maybe I can get him to give her the key to the city.

Tom: She already might have one of those. I mean, remember, she owns half of Oakdale.


Bob: How do we do this in one day?

Kim: Well, wait a minute. Your wife is a television producer. Compared to what I do at the studio, this will be a piece of cake.

Lisa: Okay, stop it. How dare you!

Craig: I don't blame him for hating me. His mother died. He came here looking for something.

Margo: His father.

Craig: Revenge. If he wanted a family reunion, he could have told me who he was himself. No, Margo. He came to Oakdale to punish me for not being there for him when he was a kid. Like father, like son. I would have done the exact same thing.

Margo: Lucinda had no right to keep your son from you.

Craig: It wasn't just Lucinda. It was the whole damn family.

Margo: No, no. Lucinda calls the shots, and you know it. But they were wrong. I mean, you've done some crummy things, Craig. You have. You have. But you love your children, and Sierra and Lily, they know that.

Craig: I haven't always succeeded.

Margo: Well, I'm not mother of the year, either, so --

Craig: Some pair, huh?

Margo: Okay. I know that you stole Parker's money and you probably set the fire to get the insurance. There's no getting around that. You got an answer for that. But this. You don't deserve this. Not after Bryant.

Craig: What if -- what if he -- what if he doesn't make it? I mean, what if he doesn't even wake up? Then I can't have the chance to say that I'm sorry.

Margo: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. I don't know.

Craig: I want the chance to know my son.

Margo: I know you do. I know. I wish I could say it's gonna be okay, but I canít.

Craig: I didn't try to kill him. You have to believe that.

Margo: I do. I do.

Craig: Then help me. Please help me.

Carly: Can't you just let this go, Jack? Just once? This wasn't Parker's fault. He wouldn't be in this position at all if it weren't for Craig.

Jack: Well, Craig -- Craig didn't knock Gabriel unconscious and decide to do nothing about it. Gabriel was in that building because Parker knocked him out. Then, of course, there was the whole cover-up.

Carly: That was my fault, and if he wanted to tell you, I wouldn't let him. I tried to keep the two of you as far apart as possible.

Jack: That's why you asked me to move out, isn't it? Hmm, Carly?

Carly: Yes. Yes, but that was just so you wouldn't have to choose between your family and your job. If it was a mistake --

Jack: Yeah, it was.

Carly: -- Then it was my mistake.

Jack: Okay. So, let me get this straight. You think that I should not say a thing, let Craig go down for attempted murder, even though he didn't do it.

Carly: Yeah. That's exactly what I think you should do.

Lisa: I have never been so insulted in my life.

Tom: I don't get it, Mom. What did we do that was wrong?

Lisa: You're planning a party, right?

Tom: We're trying to do something nice for you, yes.

Lisa: Nice. Why don't you just give me a lifetime achievement award?

Bob: What's wrong with that?

Lisa: Well, I'm not dead yet. So you don't have to bury me before my time.

Tom: Well, that's not what we were doing, Mom. Dad was gonna try to arrange for the mayor to give you a key to the city or something.

Lisa: Oh, really. That's for the city council to do, not my ex-husband.

Bob: Well, Kim thought maybe, like, an afternoon tea.

Lisa: A tea? A tea? Who am I? I'm not a doddering little old lady! No! You know what? You're all fired.

Tom: Fired?

Lisa: Yes.

Tom: From what?

Lisa: Party planning. If I want this thing done right, I'm gonna have to do it myself.

Bob: I thought you said she had no energy.

Craig: Thanks for coming with me.

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Craig: Thank you for believing me.

Margo: Mm-hmm. I'm gonna do whatever I can to help you, but I can't make any guarantees, you know? You got to be perfectly honest about everything that you did, Craig. I don't want anymore surprises, legally or otherwise, okay?

Craig: You have my word.

Margo: Okay. Can't whitewash the theft of Parker's trust, but I know that you wouldn't do anything to harm any of your kids.

Craig: Are you going to try to have the attempted-murder charge dismissed?

Margo: I will do whatever I can.

Craig: Thank you.

Margo: Sure, yeah. Let's get out of here. Let's get some fresh air.

Craig: Oh that's a great idea. You want to take a walk?

Margo: Yeah, let's go.

[Cell phone ringing]

Margo: Sorry. I got to take this. Go. I'll catch up.

Craig: Okay.

Parker: Hi. Excuse me. I'm one of Gabriel Caras' friends. I was just wondering if there's been any change in his condition.

Nurse: You've been here a lot.

Parker: I guess. I'm just pretty worried about him. We all are.

Nurse: Well, he's lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends. I wish I had better news for you, but he's still not out of the woods.

Parker: Okay. Well, can I go in and see him?

Margo: Hey. Parker, before you do that, could I talk to you about Gabriel?

Lily: Craig, now is not a good time.

Craig: Just take it easy. I want to thank you for lying to Margo. It's really the last thing I would have expected from you. Well, second to last. Hiding my son from me for 20 years would have to be number one.

Lily: You're welcome.

Craig: You're not gonna get a case of regret and start changing your story, are you? 'Cause that really would destroy what's left of my family.

Lily: No, I'm not gonna change my story. I owe you the benefit of the doubt.

Craig: Oh, you owe me a lot more than that, but who's counting?

Lily: Craig, I can't do this if you're lying.

Craig: You want to know if I'm lying to you after the thousands of lies you've told me?

Lily: Thousands?

Craig: You could have told me the truth anytime, anytime you ran into me, but you chose not to, and every time you did that, that was a lie of omission. I would say thousands is a conservative estimate.

Lily: I want to make it up to you, but I will not cover for you if you've committed a crime. Now, you need to swear to me that you didn't try to kill Gabriel.

Craig: I swear on the life of my children I did not try to kill him. Even before I knew who he was, when he was trying to provoke me in every conceivable way, I wouldn't physically hurt him. He's just a kid.

Lily: I believe you.

Craig: Thank you. You gave me a fighting chance at getting to know my son. I want you to know, I will do everything I can to make up for the time that I lost.

Lily: I hope you do that. But you need to promise me one more thing before we close this deal.

Margo: We haven't really had a chance to talk about what happened.

Parker: What are you talking about?

Margo: Well, Gabriel's not the only victim here. You had an enormous amount of money stolen from you. I mean, if I were you, I'd be really upset.

Parker: It's just money. I think Gabriel's the person you need to be worried about.

Margo: Oh. Were the two of you good friends?

Parker: No. No, I barely knew the guy, and everything that I heard about him is apparently completely false. I just thought he was a guy that did odd jobs for my mom, but it turns out that he was blackmailing Craig the entire time. I have no idea what that's about, though.

Margo: Well, what -- what happened between Craig and Gabriel was -- it was really a lot more complicated than you knew.

Parker: Complicated? How?

Margo: We're trying to piece that together now. So, did Gabriel ever talk about Craig?

Parker: Like I said, barely knew the guy.

Margo: Anything you can remember would be helpful.

Parker: Yeah. There's -- there's nothing, and I really have to go, because I'm supposed to watch my sister this afternoon.

Margo: I thought that you had to go see Gabriel.

Parker: I forgot about watching my sister, and my mom's gonna kill me if I'm late, but I will call you if I remember anything.

Carly: Think about it, Jack. If you turn Parker in, you'll be destroying our family. Are you really gonna make that sacrifice because of an unfortunate accident?

Jack: [Sighs] You know how much I love Parker. I'd do anything for him. And I love you, too. But you have not thought this through.

Carly: There is nothing to think about. You cannot turn in your son.

Jack: It may not be my decision to make here, Carly. Craig knows that he didn't knock Gabriel out. What if he figures out it was Parker?

Carly: He already did.

Jack: Well, then, that's it. It's over.

Carly: No, it isnít. No one is gonna believe what Craig says if you vouch for Parker.

Jack: The truth is out there, Carly! What you're asking of me, it's -- it's impossible!

Carly: Nothing's impossible. Not when it comes to our son. He's our miracle, remember? Born in our living room just before the stroke of midnight. We've watched him grow into this amazing person. He can have an incredible life, Jack, if we fight for it. So we have a choice. We can give him his future, or we can take the chance that he's gonna go to prison. Let him have his life, please.

Jack: I have to go.

Carly: Where are you going? What are you gonna do? Jack!

Tom: Okay. Let me see if I got this right. You want to put on a show.

Lisa: Yes, I do. I do, a musical.

Tom: That tells your story through song and dance.

Lisa: Yeah. We'll do -- we'll do a skit or two, you know, because I want people to kind of know how it was back then.

Kim: This sounds like this is your life.

Lisa: Yes, exactly. It is. This is your life as a musical. [Laughs] Isn't that great? We'll go on television. I mean, after all, we have a television station in the family.

Bob: Sounds like a lot of work.

Lisa: I'm worth it.

Kim: I think we've created a monster.

Bob: We didn't create it. She created herself.

[Lisa laughs]

Tom: I'll agree to it under one condition. George Clooney plays the role of Tom Hughes.

Lisa: Hey, that's great! We'll shoot for the stars! Look out, Oakdale! We are gonna make this a night you will never forget.

Craig: Lily, you just lied to the chief of detectives. You're in no position to be making deals.

Lily: Oh, I can call Margo up, and I can tell her that I was confused about the timing, that you didn't find out about Gabriel until after he was left to die in that fire.

Craig: You wouldn't do that.

Lily: Not if you do what I ask.

Craig: What do you want?

Lily: If Gabriel wakes up --

Craig: When he wakes up.

Lily: When he wakes up. I want you to do everything in your power to do right by him.

Craig: I will.

Lily: Be a father to him, Craig. Forget about the money and the threats and the anger. None of that was his fault. Our bad decisions turned him into an angry young man, and now we need to make it up to him.

Craig: That's an easy promise to keep. I want nothing more than to take care of my son.

Margo: Jack, we need to talk.

Jack: Yeah, we do.

Tom: Hey, Chief. You got a minute?

Margo: Yeah, yeah. Be right back.

Tom: You're not gonna believe what I got us into this time.

Margo: Us?

Tom: Yeah. Tomorrow is my mom's 50th anniversary of arriving in Oakdale.

Margo: How do you know that?

Tom: That's a long story, but she intends to throw the party to end all parties, and she wants it broadcast on WOAK.

Margo: Huh.

Tom: "Huh." What's wrong?

Margo: Tom, I just found out that Gabriel Caras is Craig's son.

Tom: What?

Margo: Yes. He's our nephew.

Tom: How could Craig not mention that to me? This is a defense attorney's definition of hell.

Margo: No. I think that proves that you were right.

Tom: About?

Margo: Craig would never attack his own son. He wouldn't go after his own flesh and blood.

Tom: Then who did it?

Margo: I have no idea, but it was somebody who had a grudge against the kid. Whoever attacked Gabriel before the fire just left him there to burn to death. What's up?

Jack: I just wanted to let you know that I'm gonna take a break. Catch up with you later.

Parker: I went to the hospital to visit Gabriel. Margo was there. She started asking questions, and I freaked out, and I ran out.

Carly: Oh, Parker. Why couldn't you just stay here and wait for us like your father told you to do?!

Parker: I'm sorry! I should have! I should have done a lot of things, but I was an idiot, okay? And because of that, I've screwed up everything for you and for Dad.

Carly: No. Parker, whatever happens between your father and me is up to us. It's not up to you.

Parker: No. If I hadn't have been so stupid, you wouldn't have had to lie to Dad!

Carly: It was my decision. I don't blame you for any of it, and I am gonna do whatever I have to do to protect you, whether your father is with us on this or not.

[Cell phone ringing]

Carly: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Are you with Parker?

Carly: Yeah. So, what did you decide? Is he gonna be arrested?

Jack: No. I didn't say anything.

Carly: Thank you. Jack, thank you.

Parker: Did he tell Margo?

Carly: No.

Parker: Really?

Carly: He couldn't do it. Parker, everything's gonna be okay. I promise you that.

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