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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 5/13/10

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Doctor: Your lymph nodes are enlarged. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary in my visual exam. I wouldn't be concerned if I were you.

Barbara: Well, that's easier said than done.

Doctor: I promise I'll give you a call as soon as I get the results.

Barbara: Thank you very much. And tell Dr. Hearn I'm sorry I missed him. I'll -- I'll be waiting to hear.

Henry: You want to sit down?

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Henry: Waiting for you.

Barbara: You didn't have to do that.

Henry: I know. I wanted to.

[Cell phone ringing]

Vienna: Hello.

Casey: I can't stop thinking about you.

Vienna: Who is this?

Casey: It's Casey.

Vienna: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't -- I didn't recognize your voice.

Casey: It's okay. Um, we -- we didn't do much talking. Are -- are you in the middle of something?

Vienna: Well, uh, I was actually just getting dressed to go out.

Casey: Do you need help?

Vienna: With what?

Casey: Zipping up your dress?

Vienna: No.

Casey: I'm good with buttons, too. Do you want to get together, later?

Vienna: Listen, Casey, why are you calling me?

Casey: What do you mean? I thought we had an amazing time the other day?

Vienna: Yes, but --

Casey: Well, imagine what we can do with some practice.

Vienna: Casey, I had a wonderful time with you.

Casey: You're amazing.

Vienna: Thank you. Likewise. And I'll always remember it. But what happened the other day, it's not going to happen again.

Casey: Okay, that's great. Yes. Uh, we will touch base later and make plans. Yeah. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, too. [Babbles] You're crazy. Hey! Alison, how are you doing?

Alison: Okay. Are you seeing somebody?

Henry: I, uh -- I could see how worried you were about the checkup, and I didn't think you should go through that alone.

Barbara: [Chuckles] Uh, calling it a checkup is so -- innocuous.

Henry: It must be scary.

Barbara: Yeah. I mean, I haven't had any symptoms since my treatments -- ended. But, you know, once you've had cancer, you always think its right there, waiting in the wings, waiting to pounce on you again, especially when it gets close to the next oncology appointment.

Henry: But the doctor said everything's going to be okay, right?

Barbara: The -- the exam went fine, but I don't know when they're going to get the blood work back. I mean, I guess I'll get it when it comes back.

Henry: You know, I'm not good at waiting.

Barbara: [Laughs] And my family is genetically incapable of it. I won't be able to take a deep breath, um, until I get the results back from that -- till I get that six-month okay.

Henry: But then you know what? We're just going to have to figure out some way to distract you.

Barbara: Good luck with that.

Henry: We could enter another dance contest. Okay. We could, uh -- we could go bowling.

Barbara: Bowling?

Henry: Bowling -- I don't like bowling anyway. Forget I even said it. It doesn't matter. I'm going to figure out something. I'll figure out some kind of way to distract you and take your mind off the -- the big "C."

Barbara: Thanks, Henry. I really appreciate it, but -- don't make me promises you can't keep, okay?

Henry: Yeah, I -- I wouldn’t. I -- I wouldn't do that to you.

Katie: So, Dr. Hughes, if you have one piece of advice for all of our new moms out there, a mantra for when their babies are screaming bloody murder and they have no idea why, what would that be?

Chris: Don't panic. [Laughs]

Katie: Don't panic.

Chris: Yes.

Katie: That's a good one. Words to live by. All right, thank you so much, Dr. Hughes.

Chris: All right.

Katie: You know, Dr. Chris Hughes is not only an amazing pediatrician. He is also one of Oakdale’s most eligible bachelors.

Chris: What are you doing, Katie? I'm not an eligible bachelor.

Katie: Don't be so modest. Of course you are. So, if any of you single gals out there are looking for an amazing man, send us your video submission to the website.

Chris: What video submissions?

Katie: Just tell us a little bit about yourself, why you think you would be the perfect woman for Chris, and the winner gets a date with Oakdale’s hottest pediatrician. May the best woman win. This is Katie Snyder signing off. Good show, huh?

Chris: What the hell was that?

Luke: Everything's changed. Think about it, Noah. Yesterday, you couldn't see, and now you can. And I know that everything's blurry, but that's just because of the swelling. Pretty soon you're going to be back to your old self.

Noah: I can't go back to the way I was before the accident. I mean, too much has changed. I'm talking about you, Luke. Something's changed with you.

Luke: A lot's happened.

Noah: I know. But you're not just different. You're -- you're different with me. So -- so I'm asking, has the way you feel about me changed?

Luke: Yeah. It has.

Noah: Wow. I, uh -- I know I asked. I just never expected you to say yes.

Luke: Noah, I wanted to be here for you. I did everything I could to make sure that happened. I didn't care that you couldn't see. I just wanted to be with you. But you didn't feel the same way.

Noah: How can you say that?

Luke: And how can you not? Noah, I was in this 100%, and I asked you, remember? All or nothing, and you chose nothing.

Noah: I know what I said then, but --

Luke: You told me to go on with my life, and now you're acting like that never happened. What happens if you change your mind tomorrow?

Noah: I didn't push you away because I stopped loving you. Because I haven’t. I couldn’t.

Luke: Who cares? When things got rough, you were you. You weren't us. And I know you were hurting, Noah. And -- I was hurting, too. But the difference is is that I didn't abandon you.

Noah: I was terrified and so angry.

Luke: I know, at me, because I caused the accident.

Noah: At the world, Luke! At the possibility of never directing a film again or reading a book or -- or waking up and seeing your face.

Luke: I was there, Noah, whether you could see me or not. I wasn't going anywhere.

Noah: Yeah, but I just -- couldn't stand the thought of you sitting there, feeling sorry for me, even if that's not what you were doing. I'd never been in a real couple before. I don't know what to do.

Luke: Well, I think you're supposed to figure it out together.

Noah: Isn't that what this is?

[Luke sighs]

Noah: You know, when I couldn't see, I -- I felt cut off, like I was locked inside my head and nothing was real. It wasn't living. But now I feel part of the world again, connected, to you.

Luke: Well, I just don't feel that way. I mean, I know that you feel like you've been somewhere else for these last few months, but I have been here the whole time, waiting for you, begging you not to leave me. I didn't know if you were ever coming back.

Noah: We didn't know a lot of things then.

Luke: Yeah well, Noah, we haven't been happy for a long time. I can't go back to the way it was before the accident.

Noah: I don't expect you to. I mean, I can't either. But I still -- I want to be with you -- to find a new way to be together, if you want to.

Luke: A few months ago, I think I would have known what that meant. Now I'm not so sure.

Reid: What the hell are you doing out here?

Noah: Dr. Oliver?

Luke: Uh, Noah just wanted some fresh air. It's no big deal.

Reid: It's no big deal? He just had brain surgery, you idiot. Are you trying to undo everything?

Noah: I -- I feel fine.

Reid: It doesn't matter. If you felt bad, it would be too late. Mr. Snyder knows how important rest is for your recovery.

Noah: Please, don't be mad at Luke, okay? I made him take me out here. It was probably a stupid thing to do.

Reid: It was, but you have a reason for not thinking clearly. Your boyfriend here should know better.

Luke: Yeah. He's right. I'm sorry. Noah, let's get you out of here.

Casey: It is none of your business if I'm seeing somebody.

Alison: I -- I wasn't trying to pry. I just couldn't help but overhear your conversation.

Casey: Now you're eavesdropping on me?

Alison: Well, you weren't exactly keeping your voice down, so I assumed it wasn't a secret. Maybe you should stick to texting if you don't want anybody to know.

Casey: I do not owe you an apology. You cheated on me. We broke up. I'm allowed to move on. Obviously you have.

Alison: Are you talking about Chris again?

Casey: Yeah, whatever. Yeah.

Alison: Okay, hey. I wasn't picking a fight with you. I was trying to have a normal conversation. And you're the one who went off about Chris, who I'm not seeing, by the way.

Casey: Okay.

Alison: Okay, why is it so impossible for us to be friends?

Casey: It's not, as long as you recognize the concept of boundaries.

Alison: Really?

Casey: Yeah.

Alison: Really? Well, you seem to keep having a habit of making everything I say into an argument.

Casey: I do not.

Alison: Okay, all I was doing was trying to ask you a simple question.

Casey: Okay. If you're so interested, I am seeing someone -- someone really special and really, really hot. Mm!

Vienna: Oh, Henry, there you are. I need to talk to you.

Henry: Um, this really isn't the best time.

Barbara: I'm going to go to my room. I will see you around.

Henry: Sure.

Barbara: Vienna.

Vienna: I've been on the phone all morning, canceling our wedding plans.

Henry: What about the dress?

Vienna: I left a message for Barbara. No more dress, no more cakes, or flowers or invitations. Unless you've changed your mind.

Henry: No. I think -- I think this is the right thing to do. I think we should slow down and start over.

Vienna: How far over?

Henry: From the beginning. Yeah, I think the best thing for us to do is just try to be friends and let it evolve from there.

Vienna: [Sighs] But that could take years.

Henry: We had fun the first time.

Vienna: Yes, we did, but -- [Sighs] You are right. You're right.

Henry: I am?

Vienna: Yes, absolutely. I agree we should be friends and take it from there and see what happens.

Henry: I had no idea you would take it so well.

Vienna: Henry, I'm not going to force you into marrying me. And who knows? If things happen, we might be back together before you know it.

[Barbara breathing heavily]

[Cell phone rings]

Henry: Hello.

Barbara: I can't breathe! Something's wrong.

Henry: I'll be right there. Uh, that was the conference-call operator. I totally forgot I have this phone meeting about the new wing of the hospital, and I've got to head up to the room.

Vienna: I'll come with you.

Henry: It's confidential. It won't -- it will not take long. Just -- just wait in the lounge for me, okay?

Vienna: Okay.

Chris: You pimped me out on the internet.

Katie: I didn't ask anyone to pay to go out with you. That would be a different website entirely.

[Chris groans]

Katie: Oh, come on, Chris. Lighten up. It will be fun.

Chris: Yeah, for you maybe. But look, I don't need fixing up, okay? I like my life the way it is.

Katie: Which is fine. But couldn't it be a little better with the right woman?

Chris: First of all, I hate blind dates.

Katie: Well, I'm going to screen all the videos. It's not like I would set you up with some serial killer.

Chris: I can't believe that you are doing this after you promised me that you were going to stop.

Katie: Technically, I promised to stop trying to set you up with Alison, which I did. But if she happens to send in a submission --

Chris: Oh, first of all, that's never going to happen.

P.A.: Hey, Katie, we've already got 14 video submissions to be Chris' lady.

Chris: Oh, great.

P.A.: I know, right? It's cool.

[Katie laughs]

P.A.: Do you want to check them out?

Katie: Yeah!

Chris: No.

Katie: Later. This is going to be so much fun. You should be flattered!

Chris: No, these women know nothing about me. They only want to be on your show.

Katie: Well, whatever works. Maybe you'll find someone really special. Stranger things have happened.

Chris: No, okay? I don't want any part of this.

Katie: I know you have every right to say no. But just out of respect for the women who did send in submissions already, can you just watch a few before you make your final decision?

Chris: Oh, Katie, Katie, you're not getting it! No, I'm not doing this with you, okay? There are no videos. There's no dating. And I want you to get rid of this obsession with pairing me off.

Katie: I'm trying to be helpful.

Chris: Helpful? Being helpful is asking if I need anything, and when I say no, believing me. But look, if -- if you insist on being helpful, then -- then get me a cup of coffee in the morning, but don't push me into a relationship when I don't want to be in one.

Katie: Okay!

Chris: You know, I keep asking you, "Please, Katie, back off." But you refuse to listen. A -- and you're trying to manipulate these situations with -- with me when all I want to be is left alone! Don't you see?

Katie: Yeah, but that's not good for you.

Chris: Look, I'm fine! You're the one who's trying to avoid the emotional problems you're going through because you lost your husband. And -- and I'm sorry.

Katie: What?!

Chris: I am sorry that happened, Katie. But you're not going to get over Brad's death by taking over my life.

Henry: That's it. Just nice, slow breaths. I get panic attacks all the time. I really do. That's why I have a little stash of paper bags around. Feel better?

Barbara: I'm okay.

Henry: No, you're not. Your heart is racing. Yeah, you just need to -- just try to breathe and relax. This will pass.

Barbara: I'm so sorry for dragging you up here.

Henry: Don't be sorry. I want to help.

Barbara: I just feel so silly.

Henry: Why?! What do you mean, silly? You're expecting results, here. I'd be panicking, too, even if I was sure that there was nothing the matter with me.

Barbara: Yeah, well, I feel fine, but it doesn't mean that the cancer hasn't come back.

Henry: Look, I want to be here.

Barbara: You don't have to say that. You really don’t.

Henry: Why would I lie to you? I do want to be here. I have too much respect for you to make promises that I don't intend to keep.

Barbara: You don't have to make me promises.

Henry: It's one of the things I love about you. We're not getting anywhere with this conversation. We need to, uh, keep ourselves occupied while we're waiting to hear about the results.

Barbara: Yeah, and that could take days.

Henry: Well then, uh, we'll just have to be creative. How about a -- how about a little poker, hmm? Just to pass the time, just for whatever's in our wallets, you know, to keep it interesting?

Barbara: I'm not a very good card player.

Henry: Well, you're my favorite kind. Cut the deck.

Barbara: No, no, no. I -- I really appreciate what you're trying to do here, but I don't really think I can focus.

Henry: Okay. That's fine. I'll teach you some tricks.

Bartender: Another glass of champagne, Ms. Hyatt?

Vienna: [Sighs] No thank you. This is stupid.

[Barbara chuckles]

[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: Hello.

Vienna: Where are you?

Henry: Vienna.

Vienna: I thought you were on a conference call.

Henry: Yeah, I was, uh, and then I had to go to the meeting in person. I -- I had to rush out.

Vienna: I -- I've been waiting at the bar this entire time.

Henry: I know, I know. I am so sorry. I thought this would be quick, but it's gone a lot longer than I expected. And, um, sorry. Things are getting really intense here, Sweetheart, so I -- I've really got to go.

[Vienna sighs]

Luke: Hey. I'm glad I found the two of you together.

Casey: Not by choice.

Luke: Is something wrong?

Alison: He's just being dramatic. How's Noah?

Luke: Uh, good news. He's got his sight back.

Casey: For real?

Luke: Yeah. I mean, everything's a little bit blurry, but he can see light colors and dark colors. Noah's going to be able to see again.

Alison: Well, what about the bleeding in his brain?

Luke: No permanent damage. Noah's still Noah.

Alison: God, I'm so happy for you! Can we see him?

Luke: Oh, you guys can. I can’t. Um, I took him up to the roof to see the sun, and Dr. Oliver caught me, and now I'm banned.

Casey: Well, if you want to sneak in, I'll watch the door for you.

Luke: No, you know what? He probably didn't mean it. But you guys should stop by. Noah would like to see some friendly faces.

Reid: Well, you're lucky. You don't seem to have suffered any ill effects as a result of Luke's stupidity.

Noah: Why are you being so hard on him?

Reid: You're fresh out of surgery. The roof is hardly sterile.

Noah: Yeah, but I wasn't exactly rolling around up there. I didn't even get out of the wheelchair.

Reid: Surgery is traumatic for the body. Luke should have enough sense to know that.

Noah: I thought you two were getting along better ever since your trip to Texas?

Reid: What gave you that idea?

Noah: Well, you stopped calling him "Mr. Snyder," for one thing.

Reid: I hadn't noticed.

Noah: I think you should give him a break. I mean, he did help you avoid that malpractice suit and keep your license. He didn't have to do that.

Reid: He did it for you, not for me.

Noah: All right, still --

Reid: Look, I wanted something. Luke was able to help me. I made nice to get what I wanted. Now that I have, I don't have to fake it anymore. End of story.

Luke: So that's all it was? You were just using me?

Noah: Um, what exactly is going on between you two?

Reid: It seems that I've hurt Mr. Snyder's feelings. Sorry if I don't want to be your new best friend. Well, at least you two have each other.

Noah: Wow. You know, I mean, he's a brilliant doctor, but uh, as a person, he's -- [Laughs] Are you all right?

Luke: Yeah, yeah. Don't worry about me. I -- I don't care about him.

Noah: Really? Because you --

Alison: Can we come in?

Noah: Hey, Alison.

Alison: Hey!

Noah: Come here. Let me see what color your hair is this week.

Alison: Oh, man. It's so good to see you.

Noah: And Casey, it is good to see you.

Casey: How are you doing, Buddy?


Casey: I know. It's literally great news. I know. I'm happy for you, man.

Alison: That Dr. Oliver really is a miracle worker.

Noah: Yeah. We were just talking about that.

Casey: I would just like to say something. You know, the way you guys really made it through this together, you know, it's really awesome. I wish we could all be as lucky.

Luke: Um --

Alison: What Casey said.

Luke: Well, hey, I -- I have a present for you. Uh -- it's your movie. I mean, I -- I know I already gave you a copy, but when you moved out, you didn't take it with you. So I thought that maybe you could have another one, and now you can actually watch it. Um, please, if -- if you don't like the edit, feel free to change it.

Noah: I'll probably re-edit it now just because I can.


Noah: Thank you.

Casey: I -- I saw it on campus, actually. Luke did an amazing job.

Luke: Oh, come on. I'm not so sure about that. Please be kind.

Noah: I will. As kind to you as you've been to me.

Henry: You're not still thinking about the test results, are you?

Barbara: I thought that maybe he'd put a rush on them, but I guess not.

Henry: Let's play another hand.

Barbara: I have no more money!

Henry: Why do you need money when you've got clothes?

Barbara: You want to play for my clothes?

Henry: Yeah. You ever played strip poker? [Laughs]

Barbara: No, no!

Henry: Really? Come on!

Barbara: Henry, no!

Henry: Barbara, yes!

Barbara: No!

Henry: Live a little bit. What have you got to lose?

Barbara: My dignity.

Henry: Oh, come on. I've seen you naked. You've got nothing to worry about.

Barbara: Okay. What the hell? But this time I deal.

Vienna: [Sighs] I'm not giving up on you, Henry. [Sighs]

Katie: This has nothing to do with Brad. How could you say that? You're a pediatrician, not a psychiatrist.

Chris: Look, it's pretty obvious, Katie. You're playing matchmaker here because you don't want to think about being alone.

Katie: You're right. I wish I could stop thinking about it, even for a second. But everything I do reminds me of Brad -- taping the show, visiting family, looking at my son. It starts in the morning when I wake up in our bed and goes till the end of the night, when I go to sleep. I don't even sleep on his side anymore because it's his side. And I can't stop dreaming about him. I wish I could, but it feels like it's never going to stop. So thank you so much for throwing it in my face. That was so cool.

Chris: You're right. I'm sorry. I just, um -- I went too far.

Katie: Yeah, you did.

Chris: I'm just spewing out all this stuff. I wasn't even thinking. Just -- talking about this dating just pushes my buttons, and not in a good way.

Katie: I get that. [Sighs]

Chris: Still friends?

Katie: I guess.

Chris: I'm sorry.

Katie: Apology accepted.

Chris: Thank you.

[Katie chuckles]

Chris: Look, um, Katie --

Katie: Hmm?

Chris: Keep those videos away from me, okay?

Katie: Wait, Chris. You were right. It scares me how much I miss Brad. And I guess just trying to fix other people's love lives is easier than thinking about my own, because when I do, I just feel helpless. How am I ever going to find anyone that I love as much as I loved him?

Reid: What part of "The patient needs rest" do you not understand?

Noah: We were just telling stories.

Reid: You need to be lying down.

Noah: I -- I'm sorry, but we were just -- you know, needed a different position for a little while.

Reid: Oh, by all means, whatever you need.

Luke: Look, it's not like he was running down the halls, doing laps.

Reid: Noah's brain needs to heal itself, which means bed rest. You fought very hard to get me to do this surgery. Now it seems that you're doing everything you can to endanger the results.

Noah: Luke would never do anything to hurt me. You gave me my life back. I just want to celebrate.

Reid: Don't get ahead of yourself, Noah.

Noah: It's been a really long time since I was able to just hang out and laugh with my friends. I need this.

Reid: Oh well, golly, I must have missed that course in medical school.

Alison: Okay, yeah, Casey and I have to get back to work, anyway. So we'll just, uh -- we'll check in on you later, okay?

Casey: Definitely, yep.

Alison: Bye.

Casey: Yeah.

Luke: Um -- maybe you need some sleep. I'll come back in a couple hours.

Reid: Tomorrow would be better.

Noah: Wait. No, don't go. Please, Dr. Oliver, let him stay. I -- I promise I'll rest. I just -- I don't want to be alone right now.

Reid: Suit yourself. I've already told you what I think.

Luke: Are you sure you're not too tired?

Noah: Yeah, no. I've rested enough. Right now I just want to watch my movie, even though it may be a little blurry. I -- I think I left my laptop in the closet.

Luke: Well, actually, I brought you a DVD player.

Noah: Thank you. Luke, this is, uh -- this is the best present I ever had.

Luke: [Chuckles] I hope you feel that way after you've seen it. Look, I'll let you watch it alone. That way you don't have to pretend that you couldn't have done it any better. Why are you treating me like this?

Reid: I'm sorry you don't like the way I'm treating you.

Luke: Look, it's just that I thought --

Reid: I'm being a responsible neurosurgeon, protecting my patient from his own reckless behavior. What are you doing?

Luke: What do you mean? I'm trying to support Noah. That's what he needs. I'm trying to be there for him.

Reid: No, you're not. You're trying to make up for the fact that you kissed me.

Luke: We kissed each other.

Reid: Yeah, but I don't feel guilty about it. You do. That's why you're pretending that you and Noah are star-crossed lovers all over again.

Luke: I never said that.

Reid: You didn't have to. You're playing the devoted boyfriend to the hilt. It's sickening.

Luke: Are you jealous?

Reid: I don't have time to be jealous, okay? But just so we're clear, you're not helping your boyfriend.

Luke: Look, he's not my boyfriend. He's --

Reid: He's what?

Luke: He's feeling better. Isn't that all that matters?

Reid: Not to me! I don't care how he feels. He's got months of a very difficult recovery ahead of him. Turning his room into party central isn't going to make it any easier! But, you know, that's just my opinion. You know what's best.

Katie: Whenever Brad wanted something, he was relentless. [Laughs] That's how he got me to fall in love with him. He saved my life. What are you doing?

Chris: Oh, this here, I'm -- [Clears throat] I'm just making a list of all the things you love about Brad. Now that I know what you look for in a guy, maybe I'll, uh -- I'll play matchmaker. You know what I think?

Katie: Oh --

Chris: No, no, nothing too serious. But you know, doesn't hurt to try, see if you're ready.

Katie: Well, I wouldn't want to be with anyone exactly like Brad. I would be comparing them all the time. It wouldn't be fair. Sad.

Chris: Hmm. Good point. Good point. Okay then, hypothetically, if you were looking, what would you be looking for?

Katie: Um, sense of humor.

Chris: Okay.

Katie: That's the most important. Um, good looking. Not in TV, though. I want him to have some other profession.

Chris: Oh, like a doctor?

Katie: Yeah. Or, you know, whatever, as long as he was passionate about what he did, dedicated. And he'd want to help people, and like to travel, so Jacob and I could see the world. Um, but he would be passionate about his hometown, helping the community, his family.

Chris: Okay. You know, I'm just -- I'm just looking at the list here, and it seems you're setting the bar a little high, don't you think? I mean, I don't think a person out there exists like this. But maybe that's the -- the point. Maybe you're making it impossible to find another partner.

Katie: No, no, that's not it. It was, um, just a wish list.

Chris: Okay.

Katie: I don't know. I just -- I want -- I'm looking for basic good-guy material, like you.

Casey: You know, I'm -- I'm really glad we went to see Noah, even if his doctor did chew us out.

Alison: Eh, who cares? I'm glad that Noah can see again.

Casey: Yeah, good point.

Alison: [Sighs] I love those guys.

Casey: Yeah, they make a really awesome couple.

Alison: They're the ones who got us together, remember?

Casey: Yeah. I'm never going to forget the look on your face when we got stuck up there on the roof.

Alison: [Chuckles] It was a dirty trick, but I'm glad that they did it.

Casey: Yeah. It -- it worked out. Hey, what's up?

Vienna: I'm sorry. I need to talk to Casey privately.

Alison: Oh, yeah, be my guest. I have to do rounds anyway. Bye.

Casey: Are you okay? What -- what do you want to talk about?

Vienna: I lied. I don't want to talk. But we do need privacy. And this -- will do.

Casey: All right. Yes. Awesome. Okay. I'm up for anything.

Barbara: I think you call this a straight flush.

Henry: No way!

Barbara: Way. Off with it. Off with it.

Henry: No, no, you -- you hustled me! You hustled me. You let me clean you out because you knew I would succumb to my baser of instincts and suggest we get naked.

Barbara: I beat you fair and square.

Henry: How?! How was I supposed to know that you were such a card shark?

Barbara: Oh, I'm not. I'm just lucky.

Henry: Yeah, you're luck -- you're lucky.

[Barbara chuckles]

Henry: You were lucky I'm so gullible. That's what it is.

Barbara: You're the one who wanted to play strip poker.

Henry: You knew I would go there.

Barbara: [Laughs] Up and off with them.

Henry: All right. But I demand a rematch.

[Barbara yawns]

Henry: What the hell is that? What, are you -- are you underwhelmed?

Barbara: Oh, no, no, no. I -- I'm just -- I'm exhausted. You know, you did a wonderful thing today, coming over and getting me distracted. And -- and I just didn't think it was possible for me to get my mind off all the -- the results of the blood work that I'm waiting for.

Henry: Well, sure, yeah.

Barbara: But I just think I -- I think I need a -- a little nap right now. I really do. A nap, a nap, a nap.

Henry: Oh! Barbara, Barbara! Barbara, you can't leave me out here. I'll get arrested! Barbara!

Luke: Look, I'm sorry if I jeopardized Noah's recovery in any way. That's obviously not what I meant to do.

Reid: Great.

Luke: And you're wrong if you think that I'm spending time with Noah because I feel guilty about what happened between us.

Reid: But now that Noah's whole, you want to pretend none of it happened, right? Forget that the whole thing went down?

Luke: I haven't forgotten.

Reid: Good to know.

Luke: Look, this isn't about medicine. You can't stand seeing me and Noah together, and you don't want to admit it.

Reid: I have an idea, Mr. Snyder. I think it would be best for everyone involved if you and I went back to the way things were before Texas.

Luke: What do you mean?

Reid: You need me to draw you a picture? Leave me and my patient alone.

Luke: I'm all Noah's got.

Reid: No, I am. I've been doing everything I can to give Noah his life back, which means that right now, Noah needs me more than he needs you. I don't want you hanging around here anymore. I want you to stay out of my way.

Luke: You're lying.

Henry: Barbara, Barbara -- it's humiliating enough that you hustled me, but this is going too far. Barbara --

[Pop music plays]

Henry: Barbara, this isn't funny! Will you let me in?

Woman: Aah! [Gasps] Good heavens!

Henry: Uh -- no, Ma'am, wait a second.

Casey: I mean, that was unbelievable, but uh, why?

Vienna: Why are you asking me?

Casey: I mean, when I called you before, it was like you blew me off, but now you come down to my job and just jump me.

Vienna: Well, it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. Any objections?

Casey: Well, I just hope you don't change your mind again.

Vienna: We'll see.

Casey: Yes. Phew!

Katie: This is stupid. I'm not ready to start dating. I don't know if I ever will be. So I don't -- I just -- I don't want to talk about it, okay?

Chris: Okay. I mean, I've got to be honest with you. A list like this is going to take me like 10 years. Maybe I should start looking.

Katie: No. I don't want to.

Chris: I'm sorry. Did I say something wrong? Because I --

Katie: No. Alison, hi. Here's Chris.

Chris: In fact, I'm leaving for the hospital right now. Do you need a ride?

Alison: Uh, no thanks, actually. I'm here to see Katie.

Chris: Oh, okay. I'll see you later.

Katie: What's up?

Alison: Um, okay, I know I told you not to, but if the offer still stands, um, I'd really appreciate your help if you had somebody to set me up with.

Katie: What changed your mind?

Alison: Uh, I don't know. You know, it's time to move on with my life, I guess. Sitting around just thinking about the past is really depressing.

Chris: Hey, um, you're not going to need me until next week then?

Katie: Um -- yeah, yeah, I'll let you know.

Chris: Okay, all right.

Katie: That's the perfect guy for you.

Alison: No.

Katie: Why don't you go for him?

Alison: No, no way. There's no way that I'm getting back with Chris.

Katie: Why not?

Alison: 'Cause after everything we've been through. I mean, we start off great, and then we inevitably crash and burn. And not to mention that he's a Hughes. I think my family is practically allergic to them.

Katie: That's your sister's problem, not yours.

Alison: After what I did to Casey at our wedding --

Katie: Chris isn't Casey. He didn't spend his whole life in Oakdale. He's been out in the world. I don't think he cares what his family thinks.

Alison: Well, I do.

Katie: You shouldn’t. He still cares about you, and I think you feel the same way about him.

Alison: Yeah. Yeah, I do. I mean, I'll always love Chris.

Katie: Then go for it. Why not give it a try?

Alison: Oh, I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Katie: I'll figure something out. But you just can't let him know that I'm involved, okay? It will ruin everything. You promise?

Alison: Yes. Okay. Maybe you're right. I mean, maybe Chris and I really do belong together.

Noah: Luke, you did an amazing job. Luke! Luke.

Luke: This is not about medicine. It's personal.

Reid: No, it's not. Noah is my patient. You're his cheating boyfriend.

Luke: We are not back together! You know that.

Reid: Does Noah realize that?

Luke: Well, we're trying to work things out.

Reid: Good luck with that, Mr. Snyder.

Luke: Don't call me that.

Reid: What do you want from me? Tell me. You want me to pretend that nothing happened between us? That's not the way I work. We both know that's not true.

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