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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 5/11/10

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Carly: Are you here to give back the money you stole from Parker?

Craig: You know I would if I could.

Carly: But you canít.

Craig: No. I'm sorry.

Carly: I don't care. And I'm not interested in anything you have to say about my son, so goodbye.

Craig: I don't expect you to believe me.

Carly: Good.

Craig: And you can think whatever you want about the fire, but I had nothing to do with Gabriel being there.

Carly: You're right. I don't believe you.

Craig: Did you have a look at the medical examiner's report?

Carly: No. What about it?

Craig: I did. It said that Gabriel had been punched in the face and hit over the head.

Carly: So?

Craig: So it must have happened before the fire started.

Carly: Do you have a point?

Craig: I've done a lot of despicable things, Carly.

Carly: You certainly have.

Craig: But beating up kids and leaving them to die in a fire isn't one of them.

Carly: I still don't see why I should believe you.

Craig: You know I didn't do this. But I think I know who did.

Margo: So, what do we know about Gabriel Caras?

Jack: Not much. Moved here a few weeks ago. Lives alone. Did some odd jobs at Fashions -- interior painting, electrical wiring, that kind of stuff. And then he got hired by Craig and Carly to work at Monte Carlo. That's about it.

Margo: And what about family?

Jack: None that we know of.

Margo: And Craig and Carly didn't do a background check?

Jack: Nope.

Margo: So what would this kid be doing here in Oakdale if he didn't know anybody?

Jack: He came for the nightlife.

Margo: [Chuckles] You been out lately? No, I don't think so. No, if we want to find out who beat this kid up, we got to find out who he is.

Emily: Our first mommy and me class together. Oh, I'm so excited.

Paul: Wish I could go with you.

Emily: What, you don't -- you don't trust me to be alone with her?

Paul: No, it's not that. I -- have to go to a business meeting.

Emily: I'm sorry. I -- I'm sorry. With Meg challenging us in court, I just feel like I'm being judged all the time.

Paul: Not by me.

Emily: I just want to be the kind of mom who Eliza deserves, you know?

Paul: But you are. Look at the two of you.

Emily: I know, but we can't leave it to chance. You saw what happened in court. She -- she led me on that -- that phony lead. She'll do anything to -- to get Eliza back.

Paul: I'll take care of Meg.

Emily: Yeah, but you -- you're so worried about upsetting her every time --

Paul: That doesn't mean that I'm gonna let her take Eliza away.

Emily: It's not up to you. It's not up to us.

Paul: You know what? You just keep taking care of her the way you are and everything will work out.

Emma: Well, now, the secret to a flaky pie crust is not to overcook.

Meg: [Sighs] Okay.

Emma: Okay. The secret to all cooking is just not to overcook, right?

Meg: I don't see how this is gonna help me get Eliza back.

Emma: Sweetheart, suppose -- suppose the judge sends someone out here to check up on you. I mean, you can show him that you have a nice, good living situation. You're a good cook, and you're responsible.

Meg: By baking a pie?

Emma: No, by being normal, motherly. You know, which is what you are. And Emily definitely is not.

Meg: I can only be myself, Mama. And that means no more dirty tricks. I don't want anything to backfire.

Emma: Where are you going?

Meg: I'm gonna run an errand.

Emma: Meg.

Meg: I will be normal, I promise. I just have my own idea of what that means.

Margo: Oh, yeah. This looks like a place a handyman would live, huh?

Jack: He had a chunk of Parker's money to play with. I'll take the desk.

Margo: Okay. Phew! Oh. Well, there's nothing much here. A couple shirts, some jeans, couple pairs of sneakers. Sure does smell like a kid's closet, though.

Jack: Nothing in the desk either. Kid travels light. I got something. Yeah. Looks like a scrapbook he never got put together. Holy stalker action. Check this out.

Margo: What? Is it anything interesting?

Jack: You tell me.

Margo: This is all about Craig. Whoo-hoo! Guess he wasn't saving for college, huh?

Jack: I bet he figured he had a lot of money coming his way once he had Craig on the hook.

Margo: Yeah. Look at the dates on these, Jack. These all go way back.

Jack: Yeah, and they come from everywhere.

Margo: So he had all of this before he came here.

Jack: Looks that way.

Margo: So he didn't just stumble upon blackmailing Craig after he got to Oakdale.

Jack: How would he know what Craig was up to until he got here?

Margo: I don't know. He definitely had -- he just came looking for him.

Jack: Looks like it.

Margo: But why?

Jack: What -- what difference does it make?

Margo: Well, I want to know why this kid had it out for my brother.

Jack: Hey, all I need to know is that the two of them were fleecing Parker's trust fund.

Margo: Well, it's not like they were partners. There could have been another victim besides Parker here.

Jack: Okay, I'll let you figure that out.

Margo: You know, Jack, you told me that Parker felt really bad about what happened to Gabriel.

Jack: Yeah, he felt bad, but he was dealing with it.

Margo: Obviously he doesn't hold a grudge.

Jack: I guess not.

Margo: Wonder where he got that from.

Jack: Maybe he picked it up in school.

Margo: Well, it speaks well of him, Jack.

Jack: I guess so.

Carly: What do you want, Craig?

Craig: I told you, I think I know who beat up Gabriel and left him to die in our office.

Carly: Am I supposed to guess?

Craig: I just saw Parker at the hospital.

Carly: Yeah, so he said. He said you looked upset and guilty.

Craig: Gabriel may be a bad kid, but he's still a kid.

Carly: So are you saying that you -- you regret setting the fire?

Craig: I feel responsible for our employee.

Carly: Now he's "Our employee"? 'Cause just a couple of days ago, you couldn't stand the sight of him.

Craig: Look, I couldn't help but wonder what was Parker doing there. It was like he was keeping vigil at Gabriel's hospital room.

Carly: He feels badly for him.

Craig: The kid ripped him off, too.

Carly: Through you.

Craig: Still, why would he be so concerned for someone he has every reason to hate?

Carly: Because I raised my children to have compassion for their fellow human beings.

Craig: Really? He actually seemed relieved to find out that Gabriel had a collapsed lung, that he wasn't back in surgery because of his head injury.

Carly: How do you know that?

Craig: Just reading his reactions.

Carly: Well, I really don't have time to play psychic detective with you.

Craig: I'm not playing either, Carly. Somebody beat Gabriel up and left him there, and it wasn't me.

Carly: Are you saying it was Parker? First you rob him blind, and now you want to blame him for something you did?

Craig: Looks to me like he's blaming himself.

Carly: He had nothing to do with it!

Craig: Then why is he so upset?

Carly: He's upset because you stole his future right out from under him! He has every right to be upset!

Craig: Gabriel took a piece of it, too.

Carly: Get the hell out of here.

Craig: I understand you want to protect your son.

Carly: From you.

Craig: If Gabriel dies --

Carly: I'm not gonna listen to any more of this! Get out!

Craig: All right, fine, have it your way. We'll see if Margo wants to hear about it.

Parker: They arrested Craig for starting the fire. And if Gabriel dies, then he'll probably be charged with murder. But it's my fault. I'm the one that left him there.

Faith: How will they know that? I mean, did anyone see you there?

Parker: I think Craig suspects me.

Faith: The only way they can prove it is if Gabriel tells them.

Parker: Probably.

Faith: So if Gabriel dies, you're in the clear.

Parker: If Gabriel dies, then I'll be the one that killed him.

Faith: All you did was get into a fight. The fire is what killed him, and you didn't start the fire.

Parker: You sound like my mother.

Faith: You told her? What does she think you should do?

Parker: Keep quiet.

Faith: That's so cool. My mother would turn me in in a heartbeat.

Parker: Yeah, and maybe she'd be right.

Faith: Parker, you said that they're blaming Craig for the fire, right? So if Gabriel dies, then that means that they'll blame him, which he totally deserves for ripping you off.

Parker: I don't know, okay? My dad's the lead detective on the case, and my mom kicked him out of the house so that he wouldn't suspect anything.

Faith: She really is awesome.

Parker: My parents were just getting back together. A -- and now if they break up, it will all be my fault.

Faith: Stuff happens, Parker. There's nothing you can do about it.

Parker: Not unless I turn myself in.

Meg: So, Deerbrook was great. I feel like my old self again, and I'm ready to come back to work. In fact, being a patient there will make me a better nurse.

Hannah: That's good to hear. But you'll need a psych eval before you're rehired.

Meg: A psych eval? [Meg scoffs] That's all I have been doing these last few months. Look, can't they just get my records from Deerbrook?

Hannah: Hospital policy requires that our own doctors do it, but it sounds like you'll have no trouble passing it.

Meg: Okay. If that's what it takes.

Hannah: That's part of it.

Emily: She's getting so big, Paul.

Paul: I know. They say it goes really fast, but I never thought it was true. Next thing you know, we'll be dropping her off at the bus stop.

Emily: Say that again.

Paul: Next thing you know, we'll be dropping her off at the bus stop.

Emily: No, you just -- you just talked about us in the future.

Paul: Yeah, I always do that.

Emily: No. I mean yeah, but this time Eliza was in the picture, and you and me -- we were still her mom and dad.

Paul: Yeah, well, Eliza is in the picture now. It's never gonna change.

Emily: Do you think that's possible? Do you think we'll still have custody of her by the time she's in school?

Paul: Even after Meg makes a full recovery.

Emily: If that's ever possible.

Paul: We will always have some kind of custody of Eliza. She's my daughter. I'm not gonna let her go. I'm not gonna let whatever you and I have built as a family together go either.

Emily: It's just that it's meant so much to me for us to have this time together.

Paul: Same here.

Emily: I just -- I love her so much. I love you. I love our little family so much.

Paul: I feel the same way. Come here. Let's get her settled in.

Emily: Okay. Good.

Paul: Hi.

Emily: Go to your daddy. There you go.

Paul: You take care of my little girl.

Emily: Our little girl. And I always do.

Paul: You take care of my big girl. And you take lots of pictures.

Emily: I will. It will be the start of our family album. Mm. Did you hear that, baby girl? We're a family. Things aren't gonna ever change that, I promise.

[Cell phone rings]

Emily: Emily Stewart. Yeah. Yeah, he's my source. Chase Carmody? Are you sure you got the name right? No, no, I -- I wrote an article on him about, I don't know, nine years ago. He -- he, uh, robbed a bunch of banks and then broke out of prison, and they never found him. Are you sure? Where? 10th and Sullivan? I'm gonna be right there later today. No, I'm not. [Emily groans] No, I canít. I'm -- I'm not working. I have the baby today. No. That's all right. Thanks for the heads-up. Mm. Oh, Eliza, Eliza, I hope one day you appreciate how much I just gave up for you today.

Meg: I mean, do you believe it? Their own psychological evaluation, and references? I used to be one of their top nurses.

Emma: Sweetheart, you haven't -- you haven't worked in a very long time.

Meg: So now I can't be trusted around patients? That's not fair.

Emma: Well -- there's always baking. No, I'm sorry. Baby, maybe not, huh? I don't know.

Meg: I could always get Paul to give me a reference. But who else?

Emma: Paul?

Meg: Well, he is Eliza's father. That has to mean something.

Emma: He would do that?

Meg: Well, you saw how nice he was to me at the hearing.

Emma: That's because Emily wasn't there.

Meg: [Laughs] Why would Emily care if I go back to work?

Emma: Meg, think! You know, if you go back to work, that will mean that you've totally recovered.

Meg: Paul won't let her sabotage my career.

Emma: Sweetheart, it is not just about your career. Emily wants your baby.

Carly: Parker trusted you, and you betrayed him, and now you want to blame him for a crime you committed?

Craig: I'm sure the police will be able to figure out who did what. After all, isn't the great Jack Snyder in charge of the case?

Carly: Don't do this, Craig.

Craig: Why not? Don't you trust Parker's father to make sure he doesn't get blamed for something he didn't do?

Carly: Just stay out of it. You hear me?

Jack: What the hell are you doing here? What's going on?

Carly: It's nothing. Craig is just being Craig. He's leaving.

Craig: Jack just said he wanted to know what I was doing here.

Jack: So why don't you tell me?

Carly: It doesn't matter.

Craig: Of course it does. I came to apologize.

Jack: To whom, and for what?

Craig: To Carly for all the damage I've done to her and to your son. But she wouldn't accept my apology.

Jack: Do you blame her?

Craig: No, not at all. But I wanted to try.

Jack: Well, you tried. And now you can go.

Craig: Oh, I was just headed out the door. I don't blame you for hating me, Carly. And you don't have to worry. I won't say another word.

Jack: He just doesn't quit, does he?

Carly: Uh, no, no, he doesnít.

Jack: [Sighs] Listen, I've got to talk to you about Parker.

Carly: What? What about him?

Jack: I think he needs our help.

Parker: I don't think you know how hard it is for me to keep this a secret, Faith.

Faith: Because you think you did something wrong.

Parker: I did.

Faith: You punched somebody in the face who was ripping you off and who was clearly a jerk. Which part of that is wrong?

Parker: When he got caught in a fire.

Faith: Which you didn't set.

Parker: Yeah, but he wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for me.

Faith: If you asked me to get you a soda and I got hit by a car in the parking lot, is that your fault?

Parker: Partly.

Faith: You need to spend more time with your mom.

Parker: No, I can't even look her in the eye.

Faith: It sounds like she's on your side.

Parker: Yeah, she is, but I know what this is costing her.

Faith: So what part isn't your fault?

Parker: I just -- I think I'm gonna go turn myself in to the police. That way my parents can be together.

Faith: If you turn yourself in now, they'll just ask you why you waited so long, and then they'll suspect you of starting the fire and leaving Gabriel there on purpose. And then your dad will find out that your mom knew you were involved, and then what will happen to them then?

Parker: [Sighs] So you really think I should just keep quiet about it?

Faith: Most of the time, doing what's right just makes things worse.

Parker: I don't believe that.

Faith: Because you're a good person. But that's not gonna help you right now. So do everyone a favor and keep your big mouth shut.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Hello.

Meg: Hey, it's me.

Paul: Um, hey. Something wrong?

Meg: No, no. Um, I need your help.

Paul: Meg --

Meg: No, it's about work. Um, I want to go back to the hospital.

Paul: Oh. Well, that's great.

Meg: Yeah, yeah, I know. Um, I need to put my life back together again, and, um, well, they won't rehire me until they give me, uh, a psychological evaluation. And, you know, I find that kind of unfair, because they won't get any other employee to go through that, so --

Paul: Well, um, you know, you managed to get yourself discharged from Deerbrook. I'm sure you can handle a hiring quiz.

Meg: Well, that's not all they want.

Paul: Well, if there's anything I can do --

Meg: Uh, you can meet me at the hospital right now.

Paul: Except that. I don't think I can do that.

Meg: Paul, please. I really need this.

Paul: All right. I'll be right there.

Emma: Hey, Meg.

Meg: Hey. Hey, how do I look?

Emma: You're beautiful, as always.

Meg: Thank you.

Emma: You know that.

Meg: Thank you. Sometimes it's nice to hear. Well, I won't be too long. Uh, once Paul gives, uh, Hannah his recommendation, then I'll probably need to fill out some forms before they reinstate me.

Emma: Meg, before you go, I think we should talk.

Meg: Well, Paul's expecting me.

Emma: This is important.

Meg: Whatever it is, it can wait. I told Paul that I'd be at the hospital.

Emma: I don't care what you told Paul. Before you leave this house, you and I are going to have a talk about what's going on here. Do I make myself clear?

Meg: Why are you so upset with me?

Emma: [Scoffs] The fact that you even have to ask that, I mean -- Meg, do you -- do you have any idea what you're doing?

Meg: Yes. I'm trying to get my life back on track.

Emma: By turning to Paul? Do you really think that's the way to handle this?

Meg: He's Eliza's father, Mama. Of course he's gonna help me.

Emma: No, no, no, no. He is the man who has custody of your child, who wants to keep custody of your child. And if you think you're going to get Eliza back by talking nicely to him, then you're very mistaken.

Meg: Well, that's not up to him to decide. And getting my job back is the first step to proving to the judge that I deserve to raise Eliza.

Emma: Yes, I am aware of that. And so is Paul.

Meg: Well, good.

Emma: Yeah. And if you think he's going to help you, I'm afraid you're going to be very disappointed.

Meg: [Scoffs] You just can't support me, can you?

Emma: What on earth are you talking about?

Meg: You tell me to think like Emily, that I need to fight, and I do that. And suddenly you're against it. A -- and now -- now I'm trying to put my life back together. I'm trying to create a normal life for myself, and you're against that, too.

Emma: No, I am not against that, not at all. What I have a problem with is your turning to Paul.

Meg: For a recommendation! That's all!

Emma: Meg, I know you. That is not all.

Meg: Okay. You know what, Mama? You need to make up your mind about what it is that is best for me.

Emma: I wish I could, but I canít. I'm at a loss. I really -- I really don't know how to help you anymore. I truly, truly donít. And that scares me.

Meg: [Scoffs] Well, you know, that's, uh -- that's really funny, because lately, you've been full of advice.

Emma: Oh, well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Forgive me. Forgive me if I didn't make myself clear about what I was trying to tell you.

Meg: Okay, well, now's your chance. Clarify what you meant.

Emma: I wanted you to think like Emily because I -- I wanted you to be able to anticipate her moves, not to go out and -- and pull a stunt like Emily. And now this turning to Paul -- Meg, you have to learn to pull away from him. You can't keep finding reasons to rely on him. It's not good for you, and it's not good for Eliza.

Meg: I know what I'm doing.

Emma: No. No, Sweetheart, I'm afraid you donít. And look, Sweetheart, I -- I just want you to bring your baby home here so that I can -- so that I can take care of both of you, so that you can get well, you can fully heal, you can embrace your life without needing Paul Ryan to be part of it.

Meg: Paul will always be a part of my life, mama. He's Eliza's father. I've accepted that. And it's time for you to accept that, too. Otherwise you're gonna be the one who's gonna lose her little girl.

Emily: Okay, I'm at the intersection. Carmody's nowhere to be seen. No, I can't take a look around. I've got the baby with me. I'm not making excuses. I'm just telling you. Look, he's nowhere to be seen. He's not here. I bet you he never was. All right, fine, I'll let you know. All right, listen to me. Listen to me, Baby. You sit tight for a second, okay? Just sit tight, and I'll be right back. Okay. [Emily groans] I told you. There's nobody here. Okay, bye. All right, little missy. You are such a good baby girl. We're gonna go back to mommy. Yes, we are.

[Emily screams]

Carmody: What, you thought you could trap me? You a fed? Who the hell are you? I'm gonna take my hand off your mouth. You scream and I'll have to use this. You're gonna keep it together.

Emily: I'm not a cop. Please, I swear to God I'm not a cop. Just leave -- leave us alone. My baby's in the car. I -- I won't tell anyone I saw you. I swear to God, just please leave us alone.

Carmody: Do you know who I am?

Emily: No, I don't know.

Carmody: Bull!

Emily: No, I don't, I swear to God!

Carmody: We're getting out of here.

Emily: No, I can't leave my baby. Eliza! Oh, God, Eliza! Oh, God!

Paul: Hi.

Meg: Hey, you're here.

Paul: I said I'd come.

Meg: Well, thank you so much. Uh, Hannah is waiting for us in her office. You just have to convince her that I'm ready to come back.

Paul: Um, why would she listen to me?

Meg: You're Eliza's father.

Paul: But I'm not a shrink.

Meg: You think I'm not ready?

Paul: No, I didn't say that. I just don't know why she would care what I have to say.

Meg: [Scoffs] Well, she knows we broke up, that you're remarried, and that we've had issues.

Paul: Oh. Thanks, I guess, for putting all that in perspective.

Meg: Look, the fact that you're willing to tell her that I'm over my problems -- it will mean a lot.

Paul: Meg, look, I'll go in there if that's what you want, but I'm gonna have to tell her the truth.

Jack: Margo and I just went through Gabriel's room. It's obvious the kid got a hold of Parker's money.

Carly: Well, that's -- that's great. Is there any chance you can recover some of what was stolen?

Jack: Maybe some of it, yeah.

Carly: Good, good.

Jack: But it got me thinking how angry Parker must be that Gabriel blackmailed Craig instead of turning him in.

Carly: So?

Jack: So I'm wondering whether he did anything about it.

Carly: Well, that's not like Parker. You know that. He wouldn't --

Jack: Not normally, no. But this isn't a normal situation.

Carly: I -- I think he's -- he's dealing with it.

Jack: I hope so.

Carly: Is there something that you want to do?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. I think we should stay on top of it.

Carly: [Sighs] Yes. Absolutely. Uh, uh, I can handle that.

Jack: But, Carly, I don't feel like I'm doing my share here.

Carly: It's fine. No, I'm not working right now. I can handle the situation.

Jack: You sure?

Carly: Of course.

Jack: Okay. Thanks.

Carly: Yeah.

Jack: I got to run.

Carly: Hey, Jack --

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: I -- I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Parker: That actually helped me out a lot. Thank you. I -- I really should have come to you sooner.

Faith: Anytime you're freaking out, just text me, let me know where you are, and I'll be there.

Parker: What about your parents?

Faith: Oh, make something up. Make them think it's important. But we need a code word.

Parker: Right. What about "Community service"? They can't have a problem with that, right?

Faith: That's perfect.

Parker: We need a secret handshake.

Faith: Absolutely.

Parker: I'm thinking two fist bumps, then a swipe, and then a high five.

Faith: Hmm, too simple. High five, low five, three reverse fist bumps.

Parker: We should probably practice that.

Jack: Parker. Hey, I'm glad I ran in to you. Hi, Faith.

Faith: Hey, Jack.

Jack: You got a minute?

Parker: Yeah.

Faith: Right. I'll go.

Parker: No, no, it's okay. Isn't it?

Jack: Yeah, sure. Um, as you know, I'm in charge of investigating the Monte Carlo fire.

Parker: Yeah, you've told me.

Jack: Yeah, well, we're trying to figure out what Gabriel Caras -- how he ended up in that building unconscious before the fire started. And I was hoping maybe you could help me out with that.

Meg: I thought you came here to help me.

Paul: I did.

Meg: So go in there and tell Hannah that you trust me with Eliza and she can trust me with patients.

Paul: I don't trust you with Eliza, not alone.

Meg: How can you say that?

Paul: Somebody's got to say that to you. Look, I'm sure that the time will come when I will be very comfortable with leaving Eliza alone with you, but I'm -- I'm just not there yet.

Meg: That is so unfair.

Paul: Honestly, I think they let you out of Deerbrook too quickly. And ultimately that's up to them, but I think your mother had something to do with that decision.

Meg: Well, you're wrong!

Paul: And I think she's behind this idea that you have now that -- that you're ready to take care of Eliza by yourself.

Meg: I am!

Paul: I think that she hates me so much that she's willing to risk the safety of her own granddaughter.

Meg: She will be perfectly safe.

Paul: But I'm not willing to take that chance.

Meg: You know, you didn't say any of this at the hearing!

Paul: Yeah, I didn't have to. The judge postponed it, okay? And I'd hoped that during that time, you would realize that you're just not ready --

Meg: No, you know what?! No, I don't realize any of it!

Paul: Well, obviously.

Meg: This is all coming from Emily.

Paul: No, it's not.

Meg: You were so nice to me at the hearing, because she wasn't there. Now that I'm asking for a recommendation, you're afraid that she's gonna find out about it.

Paul: You know what? You can think whatever you like.

Meg: What has happened to you? You used to think for yourself.

Paul: Yeah, I still do.

Meg: She told you that she thinks I sent her on some wild-goose chase before the hearing.

Paul: Did you?

Meg: No. But you believe her, don't you? And that's why you won't help me.

Paul: No, I've told you why I won't help you. And the more you carry on like this, the more I realize that I'm right, that you're just not ready.

Meg: How could you do this to me?

Paul: I know that you love Eliza. I know, okay? But you are just not ready to be responsible for her.

Meg: Oh, and Emily is?

Paul: Yes, she is.

Emily: No, no, no, please! Please leave me alone! I have a baby in the car! [Sobbing] There's a baby in my car.

Carmody: Do I look like I care?!

Emily: [Screams] No, no! God, no!

Carmody: No wire.

Emily: I'm not a cop.

Carmody: Who the hell are you? But don't lie to me!

Emily: Okay, I'm a reporter. I'm a reporter. My name is Emily Stewart. I did a story on you back when you were arrested.

Carmody: That was you? I remember those articles.

Emily: Yeah. So you remember. You remember, I didn't treat you like a bad guy. I just -- I just explained why you did what you did, what made you a criminal, remember?

Carmody: You got a lot of it right.

Emily: I know, because I -- I shoot straight with my subjects, and they usually shoot straight with me. And I could do the same thing for you right now if you just -- I can tell the story.

Carmody: Nobody's that good. Nobody's that good.

Emily: Well, I am! If you just -- I got to get back to my baby!

Carmody: Nice try, but right now, you're the only leverage I got.

Emily: What are you talking about?

Carmody: If I let you go right now, I got nothing to trade.

Emily: No, you can't take me hostage!

Carmody: I'm the one with the gun, okay? That means I get to do what I want.

Emily: No, no, no!

Carmody: You can shut down the waterworks. It's not gonna work.

Emily: My baby is in the car!

Carmody: I said cut it out! [Groans]

Jack: We're trying to figure out what brought Gabriel Caras here in the first place.

Parker: That's what you wanted to ask me about?

Jack: Well, we think there's some kind of connection between him and Craig.

Parker: All I know is that Craig hired him to work at Monte Carlo. That's it.

Jack: But why would he even take a job like that.

Parker: I don't know.

Faith: Because of me.

Jack: You?

Faith: I asked Molly to find Gabriel a job somewhere when he got fired from Fashions.

Jack: He was fired? Why?

Faith: I don't know. Um, but I went to her and asked her to help him, and she did.

Jack: So Molly chose Monte Carlo?

Faith: Yes.

Jack: Okay. Um, did he ever give you a feeling that he -- he knew Craig before coming here?

Parker: Before? No, no. Why?

Jack: Just -- no -- no reason. I know you had a fight with Gabriel before the fire.

Parker: Yeah.

Jack: About what?

Parker: I don't remember exactly. I just thought he was being a jerk.

Jack: Did you see him after that?

Parker: You mean later that day?

Jack: I mean anytime before the fire.

Faith: You didnít. You were with me, remember, helping me study for my math test? Nice of him to remember.

Parker: Well, I do now.

Jack: So the next time you saw Gabriel was -- was at Monte Carlo when the EMTs were bringing him out?

Parker: Yeah. That's right.

Jack: Is there anything else you can think of that might connect him to Craig?

Parker: No.

Jack: Okay. All right. Well, if you think of anything, you'll let me know? And I'm working on that money for you, Buddy. I'll do everything I can to get that back for you.

Parker: I know you will. Thank you.

Jack: All right. I'll see you later. Bye, Faith.

Faith: That wasn't so bad.

Parker: I hate lying to my dad.

Faith: You didn't lie. You just didn't tell him everything you know.

Parker: Okay, stop it right now. If you do not stop sounding like my mom, I'm going to stop hanging out with you.

Faith: I'm just saying you did really great.

Parker: Why do I feel so bad?

[Knock on door]

[Craig clears throat]

Carly: Don't tempt me.

Craig: What do you want?

Carly: That's what I came to ask you.

Craig: I don't follow.

Carly: You never do anything without a reason, Craig. So why didn't you tell Jack that you think Parker's the one that hit Gabriel?

Craig: You want to protect your son. I get that.

Carly: And?

Craig: That's it.

Carly: Simple human empathy, huh? Oh, come on, Craig. Tell me the truth. Why did you do it?

Craig: I did it for you.

Carly: You think after all you've done --

Craig: I did it all for you. I took Parker's money to fund Monte Carlo for you.

Carly: Don't say that.

Craig: Well, it's true.

Carly: Then you're out of your mind.

Craig: I knew you were hurting because of Jack, and I wanted to help you.

Carly: You don't have any idea what you're talking about.

Craig: I know when things are going well with you and Jack, and right now they're not.

Carly: That's enough.

Craig: Oh, no, no, no. Now it's your turn to tell the truth. Are you and Jack done? Are you finally finished with each other?

Carly: No. Jack and I are not over, not by a long shot.

Craig: Then why did he move out?

Carly: He -- he wanted to help Janet get settled.

Craig: Ah. He has to live with her to do that?

Carly: This is none of your business.

Craig: You know, I am on your side, and I don't have divided loyalties, Carly.

Carly: What do you want?

Craig: Nothing. Well, except to see that you might think about being on my side.

Carly: Oh. So now we get to the price for your silence.

Craig: No, there's no price to it. I don't want Parker to suffer. But I'm not gonna sacrifice myself for him either.

Carly: So what do you want then?

Craig: I just want the two of us to come up with some way to get Parker and me out of this mess.

Carly: That's all?

Craig: That's it. I want to help you to help Parker and me. You know you don't really have a choice.

Carly: Yes, I do.

Craig: No, you donít. What are you gonna do, go up against Jack by yourself? We know how that usually turns out.

Carly: I think I'll take my chances.

Craig: You'll lose. You need my help. All you have to do is trust me.

Jack: Well, I'm not here on police business, Mr. Yeager. I'm here as Parker Snyderís father. I wanted to talk to you about the possibility of recovering some of his trust fund.

Yeager: Well, the bank would like nothing better.

Jack: Yes, I'm sure you're not looking forward to telling a judge how you let two criminals drain the entire account.

Yeager: We acted as soon as we knew what was going on.

Jack: It's too bad that by then, Craig Montgomery had basically walked out the front door with every last cent. And if you're gonna sit there and tell me that the bank's not at fault, don't bother.

Yeager: We discovered the unauthorized access and acted. As we told your son, everything was gone by then.

Jack: No, that -- that doesn't make sense. I told Parker the money was gone after the Monte Carlo fire. He had no idea.

Yeager: Well, I'm sorry, but I told him myself before that.

Jack: That can't be.

Parker: Hey, thanks for everything.

Faith: I didn't do anything.

Parker: You listened, and you helped me figure it all out.

Faith: So you're cool with how things went down with your dad?

Parker: I still wish I could tell him everything, but I understand why it's better for everyone if I donít.

Faith: I'm glad. And if you need me for anything, just text. "Community service."

Parker: I got it. High five? What was that for?

Faith: I just wanted to see what it was like.

Paul: Meg, you need to focus on your recovery. You need to go to therapy. And I promise you, you can see Eliza whenever you want to.

Meg: [Scoffs] If I'm not alone.

Paul: No, not yet.

Meg: You know none of this was my fault.

Paul: I know. But you have to deal with it.

Meg: And in the meantime, Emily gets to be Eliza's mother?

Paul: You asked Emily to step in for you when you couldn't help Eliza, and she's doing that. She's doing a great job.

Meg: Oh, is that supposed to make me feel better?

Paul: Yes. It should make you feel better.

Meg: Uh, you know, uh, you're saying that she's a better mother than I am, that she's okay to be alone with Eliza but I'm not.

Paul: No, I'm not saying that. But you will be.

Meg: Why are you using our daughter against me?

Paul: I'm not. You keep twisting everything that I tell you.

Meg: No, I know exactly what you're telling me, and it's all a lie. You know, my mother was right.

Paul: About what?

Meg: That if it ever came to choosing between me and Emily, you would always take her side.

Emily: Oh. Okay. It's okay. Okay. Okay, okay. Eliza, it's all right, Honey. We're gonna get you to mommy and me. I -- I promise. Everything's -- Eliza? Oh. Eliza?! Eliza?! Oh -- oh, God!

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