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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 5/4/10

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Vienna: You're still here? Have you changed your mind?

Henry: I'm looking for my watch. Have you seen it?

Vienna: Henry, why don't you want to be with me?

Henry: Because of this.

Vienna: But we used those handcuffs all the time when we were playing our games. That's why you bought them for me.

Henry: Yeah, I love fun and bondage as much as the next guy, but not when you're trying to trick me into getting you pregnant.

Vienna: Yeah, but we're engaged. You want a family. I want a family.

Henry: Yeah, can we wait until after the wedding to start populating the planet?

Vienna: Wait, wait. All you want to do is wait. You want to put off the wedding until next year. You want to wait with sex until after the wedding. What's next? We can't kiss until after our first anniversary?

Henry: Sweetie, Sweetie, the time will go by quickly. Trust me.

Vienna: No. I love you, Henry. I want to have your baby.

Henry: Do you love me enough to wait?

Vienna: What are we waiting for?

Henry: Marriage is a big commitment.

Vienna: Okay, so you -- you don't want to rush into it.

Henry: Right.

Vienna: All right.

Henry: You mean it?

Vienna: Of course. We can wait to get married until next year, if that's what you want.

Henry: That's -- that's wonderful. You're wonderful.

Vienna: While we're waiting, let's get pregnant.

Katie: I was just coming to find you.

Barbara: Oh. Hi. Here I am. Where is he?

Katie: Right there.

Barbara: Ooh-la-la.

Katie: I told you I'd find you someone good-looking.

Barbara: Nice job.

Katie: Barbara, this is Rex Hoffington.

Rex: You're even more beautiful than I was led to believe.

Katie: Rex is an anchor at WOAK.

Barbara: Well, it's very nice to meet you.

Rex: Likewise. Please.

Barbara: Thank you.

Katie: Oh, I just remembered. I have a meeting across town that I have to get to.

Barbara: You're leaving?

Katie: Yes. Enjoy your brunch, you two.

Rex: Please.

Barbara: Thank you? Not too subtle, is she?

Rex: No, not remotely.

Barbara: Well, I -- I have to admit that I'm, uh -- I'm a little nervous. I haven't been on a blind date in a very long time.

Rex: Oh, this is hardly a blind date. I mean, I have been coming into your living room every night for months. Perhaps you prefer to watch me in the bedroom.

Chris: Is that Noah Mayer’s chart?

Reid: And if it is?

Chris: That surgery's been performed what, like 20 times? It's still experimental.

Reid: Make your point, Doogie.

Chris: Are you sure you can handle it? Don't get all bent out of shape. Even you have to admit it's risky.

Reid: Yes, you're right, it would be risky for someone the likes of you to attend.

Chris: Because I'm so much less talented than you are.

Reid: Don't worry about Noah Mayer. I've performed the surgery several times, always successfully. Would you like to observe? You might learn something.

Chris: Thank you for the offer, but I'm gonna go meet a friend. Would you like to observe? Maybe you'll learn something. Yeah. .

Casey: Alison.

Alison: Casey. What's wrong?

Casey: Nothing. Can't -- can't I just say hi?

Alison: Sure.

Casey: Come on. I -- I thought we turned a corner at my grandparents', uh, wedding or anniversary party thing. I thought we weren't gonna be uncomfortable with each other.

Alison: I know. It's -- it's just a hard habit to break.

Casey: Well, we can work on it together. I mean, from now on, if we see each other in the street, we don't have to run to the other side.

Alison: I can do that.

Casey: You want to try something else, uh, challenging?

Alison: Like walking down the street together? I don't know.

Casey: Or maybe, um -- maybe living dangerously, we can get a cup of coffee.

Alison: Yeah. I would love that. But I -- I can’t. I'm meeting Katie at the movies.

Casey: Oh. Uh, what are you going to see?

Alison: Girls-only kind of thing.

Casey: Chick flick?

Alison: Yeah. Uh, you know, I'm a sucker for a good love story.

Casey: Rain check.

Noah: Nurse, are we ready?

Luke: It's me.

Noah: Hi. I wasn't sure if you were gonna come.

Luke: I've been here for a while. I was waiting in the waiting room.

Noah: Why?

Luke: Well, because the nurses were getting you ready and having you sign forms. I didn't want to get in the way.

Noah: Well, I'm glad you're here, but you might want to run while you till have the chance.

Luke: Why's that?

Noah: I'm -- I'm, uh, just a little bit wired.

Luke: Well, that's totally understandable. And that's why I brought your camera.

Noah: What? Why?

Luke: Because, Mr. Filmmaker, you whip this thing out when anything important happens. And getting your eyesight back -- that's -- that's pretty major. So, um, just talk to the camera. You know, scream, laugh, cry, whatever you want.

Noah: Um -- I feel, um -- I feel like I've been waiting for this moment forever, and now that it's here --

Luke: You're excited.

Noah: Yeah. Yes. I feel like my insides are jumping up and down. I -- I am so revved at the thought of what I'll be able to do when I can see again. But I'm also scared.

Luke: Well, don't be. You have an amazing surgeon.

Noah: Mostly, but -- I'm -- I'm just glad you're here. Thank you. Thanks so much for coming.

Luke: If it was me in that bed, you'd be here for me.

Noah: I don't know. Sometimes, the things I've been saying to you recently, I just --

Luke: Hey, look, look, look. We're not gonna talk about that, okay? Not today.

Noah: Okay. Hey, I -- I want you to come in. Come on. I want you in the picture. Come here. Come on. Is it still focused?

Luke: Uh -- yes. I know what I'm doing.

Noah: All right, well, smile for the camera. Dr. Oliver?

Reid: Yeah, it's me.

Noah: Okay. Let's get my life back, huh? Whoa, my cut's still there.

Reid: The anesthesiologist has been in?

Noah: Yeah. He asked me about allergies and all that stuff. Why did they put me in the chair if they're not ready to take me down to pre-op? I -- I feel like we're never gonna get started here.

Reid: Any questions before we do?

Noah: No, no. I'm ready. If I was any more ready, I -- I'd perform the surgery myself.

Reid: Well, since you're gonna be unconscious, you might want to leave that to me.

Noah: Yeah. I'm blind. Let's not forget about that.

Reid: After today you won't be.

Luke: You sound so sure.

Reid: That's my job. Your nurse is here.

Nurse: Okay, Noah, let's get this show on the road.

Noah: Okay. Uh, Luke -- I, uh -- I -- I don't know what to say.

Luke: How about "See you later"?

Noah: Yeah. That sounds good. See you later, Luke. Okay, Peggy, let's roll.

Luke: Take good care of him.

Reid: That's the point, isn't it? That's what you dragged me here for.

Katie: Ooh, let's sit right over here.

Chris: Uh, Katie, what are you doing?

Katie: Well, look at this. I didn't know you liked chick flicks.

Chris: Well, I don’t. You told me that this move was all about Keira Knightley kicking butt.

Alison: Yeah, she said we were seeing the sensitive side of Clive Owen.

Katie: What?!

Alison: Katie, this matchmaking of yours has got to stop.

Chris: Driving us nuts. Driving us nuts.

Katie: I like seeing movies with people I like. Is there anything wrong with that?

Alison: No. I guess.

Chris: Nah, the group thing's cool.

Katie: Good. That's good. Oh! I just remembered, Jacob and I have our first mommy and me swim lesson today. I got to go.

Alison: You're leaving?

Katie: Yeah. Let me know how you two enjoy the movie. Here, take my seat.

Alison: This is your fault.

Chris: What did I do?

Alison: Well, Katie is your friend. You should have discouraged her more.

Chris: Have you ever tried to discourage Katie? It's like trying to tackle a force of nature.

Alison: But how hard did you try?

Chris: Hard. Really hard.

Alison: Okay, I'm getting out of here.

Chris: Why?

Alison: Because this is not a date, and I'm not looking for love or romance or anything like that, especially not with a member of the Hughes family.

Chris: Well, that's fine by me, because I wouldn't want to date anybody who wouldn't want to date me.

Alison: Well, tell that to Katie!

Chris: I did! This is so dumb.

Alison: Don't call me dumb.

Chris: I didn't call you dumb. I said this is dumb. Look, why don't you just stay, watch the movie, hmm? We paid for the tickets. I got the popcorn. Sit down. Enjoy the movie.

Alison: I don't think that's a good idea.

Chris: Suit yourself. I've been working around the clock. I could use the break.

Alison: Yeah, me too.

Chris: When's the last time you saw a movie, hmm?

Alison: I do have a thing for Clive Owen.

Chris: Good. I feel the same way about Keira Knightley.

Alison: Even better.

Rex: Which of my newscasts was your favorite?

Barbara: Uh, I'm not really sure.

Rex: "Tough talk on tongue piercing"?

Barbara: Don't think I saw it.

Rex: "Money markets gone mad"?

Barbara: Must have been out of town.

Rex: "Sewer snippets -- the down low on what's down below"?

Barbara: I have to admit, Rex, I get most of my news from the internet.

Rex: That is abhorrent, Barbie. You really don't know what you're missing.

Barbara: Barbara.

Rex: My piece on funky flowers is Emmy material.

Barbara: Really?

Rex: It is. Now, I have a copy of it on DVD if you'd care to come over and watch it with me.

Barbara: Not in this lifetime.

Rex: What was that?

Barbara: I was just saying that -- that my -- my doctor has me on medication, and I don't think my heart could take the thrill.

Rex: Oh, well, you'd be watching me, so at least you'd die happy.

Barbara: Yes, there's that, isn't there?

Rex: You know what, Barbie? You really need to spread those wings of yours. It's clear to me now why you don't go on that many dates.

Barbara: Really? Why is that?

Rex: I find you to be less than exciting.

Barbara: I beg your pardon. I lead a rather exciting life.

Joe: Barbara, there you are. Can you ever forgive me?

Henry: Why -- why does it have to be now or never? We're -- we're talking about a baby. We're talking about a human life.

Vienna: Don't you think I know that? After what we almost had, after what we lost --

Henry: Liebchen.

Vienna: When you cried for our baby, Henry, I fell in love with you even more. That baby was a part of us. I just don't understand how you could miss that as much as I do and not want to try it again.

Henry: I don't -- I don't understand how you could miss it as much as I do and want to take the risk of putting yourself through that again.

Vienna: But it will be better this time.

Henry: I'm trying to help that along. Let's -- let's be married. Let's be solid before we're talking about bringing a child into the world.

Vienna: You don't think we're solid?

Henry: You just tried to trick me into getting you pregnant! You handcuffed me to the bed to use me.

Vienna: Well, you used to love that I used you. Sometimes I know what's best for us, Henry, like when I told you I loved you before you loved me.

Henry: I -- I loved you. I was just too afraid to say it.

Vienna: Yes, and you want a baby, and you're afraid not to be a good father, but you will be.

Henry: I know. I'm trying to do that, okay? I'm fighting for the kid. I want him or her to have a life that's safe and that's -- that's stable. I want him to have parents in a real home that won't be torn asunder ever.

Vienna: Well, if you doubted us, why did you ever propose?

Henry: Because -- because I -- I look at you, and I see forever. I do. And I think we can have that.

Vienna: We can.

Henry: Sweetie, I -- I think about my crazy mother and my maniacal father and the fact that I do some things that aren't exactly normal, and then I think about fathering a kid. I just -- I'm trying to get there. I'm just not there yet. Do you understand?

Vienna: No. I -- I thought things were different. I thought you were different. That's why I came back. You know, I can't -- I can't do this alone, Henry. It takes two to make a marriage and a baby.

Henry: I know. Sweetie, I know. But just because we're getting engaged doesn't mean we have to start having babies tomorrow! We -- we have time! Can't we just use some of the time?

Vienna: So -- what are you saying? You don't want to marry me, Henry?

Henry: Damn it! I love you, and I know it would be wonderful to be married to you and that our kids would be amazing. They'd have your looks and your brains and your sweetness and my -- a guy would have to be crazy not to wake up next to Vienna Hyatt every day.

Vienna: Then why don't you?

Henry: I'm not running from you.

Vienna: Well, you haven't left, but you're running. I need you to tell me the truth. Can you tell me why?

Rex: Uh, who's the flyboy, Barbie?

Joe: It's Barbara. Her name is Barbara. And I'm Joe.

Rex: Rex Hoffington, WOAK. Of course you knew that already.

Joe: Nice to meet you, Rick. I apologize for keeping you waiting. One of the other pilots called in sick. I had to take a round trip to L.A. in the middle of the night. I just got back into town. Thanks for keeping my lady company, Rich.

Barbara: Um -- Rex, would you just excuse me for a second? Okay, who are you, and what are you doing?

Joe: Run with it unless you want to spend the rest of your afternoon listening to Rex's greatest hits.

Barbara: I understand. Nice to meet you, Joe. Um, Rex, I hope you understand this, but -- but, you know --

Joe: I've been a jerk. That's why Barbara agreed to meet you. Thank you for showing me how I've been taking my lady for granted.

Barbara: And I will see you at 5:00 A.M.

Rex: The first time in my life I'm at a loss for words. Signing off then. Put it on my tab.

Barbara: So, tell me how I can thank you.

Joe: Have lunch with me.

Chris: Uh --

Alison: Okay! What have we learned today?

Chris: Hmm, let's see. Well, uh, check out the trailer before you see a movie with Katie.

Alison: No, no, no. What have we learned about how to behave in a movie theater?

Chris: Are you -- you talking to me?

Alison: Oh. There it was. Just enjoying the film.

Chris: What? You were getting ready to leave when you found out that Clive Owen was in the movie.

Alison: Well, I would have stayed, but after you dumped your popcorn on the guy that was talking on his cell phone for too long --

Chris: Complete accident. I didn't --

Alison: Oh, really? No, you just pretended it was an accident. It was real, wasn't it? It was payback.

Chris: Maybe. I don't know.

Alison: Right, right.

Chris: Can't really call.

Alison: Yeah, and it did it make the nice, mild-mannered doctor feel like an action hero?

Chris: No. No, it did not. But this does.

Alison: Chris! Chris, let me go!

Casey: Hey. Girls only, huh?

Katie: Oh, am I too late? Did they take Noah in to surgery already?

Luke: Yeah. They took him in a few minutes ago.

Katie: I wanted to bring this for Reid.

Luke: A four-leaf clover. You really think Dr. Reid Oliver puts that much weight in lucky charms?

Katie: No, but I do. Maybe you want to hold on to it.

Luke: I will. Thank you.

Katie: Reid is the best, you know.

Luke: I know. That's what he keeps telling everybody. That's why I tricked him into coming here. I think he's still holding a grudge about that.

Katie: Oh, that's just Reid being Reid. He would never admit it, but I think he likes it here. And he likes you.

Luke: Well, I helped him get his medical license back. I think that threw him.

Katie: And made him like you?

Luke: Well, it made him feel like he owed me something. But I -- I kind of think that's -- that's over now.

Katie: Why?

Luke: Well, right when Noah was going in to surgery, Reid was acting the way he was before, you know, kind of rude.

Katie: Did he see you and Noah together?

Luke: Yeah.

Katie: Were you two?

Luke: Oh, no, no. Katie, we've -- we've broken up, you know? Noah asked me here for moral support, and that's it.

Katie: Well, maybe you should explain that to Reid.

Luke: Look, Reid really doesn't care about me. You're reading him wrong.

Katie: No, something's changed in him. He's not that surgeon 24/7 anymore. He's a little more human, more kind. And I think we both know why.

[Monitor beeping]

Reid: How's his blood pressure?

Nurse: Still a little high.

Reid: How are we doing, Noah?

Noah: Um, just waiting, wondering why we haven't gotten started yet.

Reid: Well, your blood pressure's spiking. What's wrong? Are you losing faith in my consummate skill?

Noah: Um, I shouldn't be nervous, but I am.

Reid: Just think about everything you're gonna be able to see after you get out of here -- flowers, birds, trees.

Noah: And you. I'll finally see you. What -- what do you look like, Dr. Oliver?

Reid: Comb-over, buck teeth, this big old beer belly.

Noah: And a huge unibrow, too, right?

Reid: Oh, come on. Who told you about that? All right, your blood pressure's going down. You keep these funny pictures in your head, okay?

Noah: Yeah, okay, I'll try.

Nurse: He's almost out.

Reid: You know, the idea is to go with the anesthesia, not fight it.

Noah: I just have a question.

Reid: Ask me anything.

Noah: Do you really think that this is gonna work?

Reid: You just close your eyes, Mr. Mayer. Next time you open them, you'll be able to see.

Katie: What did the nurse say?

Luke: Well, that he just started surgery and he won't be out for a couple of hours.

Katie: Did Reid send her out to tell you?

Luke: Yeah.

Katie: 'Cause he didn't want you to worry.

Luke: Katie, if Reid's changed, I think it's probably because he's been living with you and Jacob, you know? The baby might have thawed him out.

Katie: Maybe.

Luke: Well, and Dr. Hughes treats him like a long-lost son. Maybe he taught him some bedside manners.

Katie: Possibly, but I think it would take more than friends and a cute baby to change someone like Reid.

Luke: Look, Katie, I can't do this right now, all right?

Katie: Do what?

Luke: Well, I know you're on some kind of matchmaking binge, but I can't go there while Noah's still in surgery. Look, we might not be together, but that doesn't mean I don't still love him and want him to get his sight back and life the kind of life he wants to live.

Katie: Okay. As long as you get to live the life you want to live. Otherwise, no one's happy. Good luck.

Alison: I didn't lie. Katie really did invite me to the movies.

Chris: Only she invited me, too.

Casey: Yeah? Why?

Chris: Katie right now is running around town, spreading her fairy dust. She's trying to put people together.

Casey: Forget it. It's none of my business. It's not like we're anything anymore. Especially since I can't trust a thing you say now.

Chris: Casey, you can. She's telling you the truth.

Casey: Yeah, right, okay. If you two hurry, you can catch a double feature.

Chris: Hey, ignore him. Okay, we know what really happened, right? He can't handle it, that's tough. Ali, you didn't do anything wrong.

Alison: This was a mistake.

Vienna: If I'm wrong, tell me. Better than that, show me that I'm wrong. Get in the bed and show me that you love me. Show me that you want a baby with me. Show me that you want to be my husband.

Henry: You're right. You're right. Something is holding me back.

Vienna: Then what is it? We can fix it.

Henry: I don't -- it doesn't have a name. It's just -- it's a feeling, okay? It's a feeling that I'm not worthy, that you deserve better than me.

Vienna: No, I don't care what I deserve, because I just want to be Mrs. Henry Coleman.

Henry: Sweetie, listen. Stop. Stop. Are you sure about that? Are you sure about that? What happens if you get another TV gig and they ask you to wear next to nothing? Aren't you worried I'm gonna put on a dress and try to stop it?

Vienna: No, you would never do that to me again.

Henry: Okay, maybe. What if my mother comes back to town? Aren't you expecting her to get me involved in some kind of a crazy scheme of hers again?

Vienna: Of course not.

Henry: Well, I do. I do. Every time I think I'm gonna lose you, I do something stupid, and you leave me. And that's one thing if you're my girlfriend, but if we're married, if you're my wife, and you're walking out with my child inside of you, that would kill me.

Vienna: Yeah, you really don't want to marry me, huh?

Henry: I'm not saying -- stop. I'm not saying never. I'm just -- I need some time.

Vienna: How long?

Henry: I wish I could give you a definitive answer.

Vienna: Then what are you giving me, Henry?

Henry: I'm giving you room and space. To make it a little easier on us.

Vienna: Space.

Henry: I think we should try separate rooms.

Vienna: What?

Henry: I think, listen. Just for a little while. That way, we can get married and we can go full steam ahead. Don't you think that's a good idea?

Vienna: No. No, no. I think you could lose the best thing that you've ever had.

Henry: Tell me something I don't know.

Barbara: So what did you do when your landing gear failed?

Joe: I feel like I'm beginning to sound like Rex. Trying to impress you.

Barbara: No, Rex was only trying to impress himself. I really want to know.

Joe: Well, fortunately, there was an old dirt road running parallel to the highway. I landed there. Barely missed a giant oak. I guess it wasn't my time.

Barbara: Well, you must be quite a pilot.

Joe: I've got a lot of experience.

Barbara: Hmm. I like a man with experience.

Joe: You mean gray at the temples?

Barbara: No, no, no. I meant that as a compliment. Lately I've been dealing with a lot of immature, erratic behavior. Though Henry does have other things going for him.

Joe: Henry?

Barbara: Forget I said that.

Joe: I'm in the mood for lobster. How about you?

Barbara: I love lobster. And Henry hates lobster. See, that proves it. He's completely wrong for me.

Bartender: Sparkling water as usual?

Vienna: Yes, please. No, wait, wait. You know what, I want something alcoholic. It's not like I'm pregnant or likely to be anytime soon, right? Give me a Swedish iceberg. Vodka, champagne, and lime. And go heavy on the vodka.

Casey: Yeah, I'll have what the lady's having.

Henry: You've got to talk to Vienna.

Katie: I already did.

Henry: Well, it's worn off. You've got to slow her down. She's going towards marriage and kids and social security faster than a bullet train.

Katie: She's in love.

Henry: She tried to trick me into impregnating her.

Katie: She did? How?

Henry: Handcuffs.

Katie: Ooh, she's more desperate than I thought.

Henry: Yes, do you see what I'm dealing with here? Please, Katie, you've got to talk to her.

Katie: No, no. You need to do that. You need to be gentle and sweet. She's just desperate to have a baby. I was there. I tried to trick Brad that one time. It happens.

Henry: It's not gonna happen again. I have told her I want separate rooms.

Katie: Why would you do that? Are you crazy?

Henry: No, I am trying to protect my soldiers from getting hijacked. All right, what do I do now?

Katie: You go find Vienna and apologize.

Henry: You want me to -- what do you mean, apologize? Did you not hear the part about the handcuffs and forcing me to do things? You're supposed to be my best friend.

Katie: I am your best friend, which is why I'm telling you this for your own good. Be a man, go out there, find Vienna, and make a baby.

Henry: Can't -- can't we talk this out? I haven't finished telling you my side!

Katie: Go!

Henry: Where's Jacob? Let me get a little goo-goo and ga-ga time before I leave.

Katie: He's with the sitter.

Henry: Then I will wait. I like hanging out with the little guy.

Katie: Then make a baby of your own.

Henry: I'm not ready. I just need time to figure this out, Katie. Is that too much to ask?

Katie: Yes! Damn it, Henry, this is your last chance. If you blow it with Vienna, she will not come back to you again.

Casey: Swedish, huh? I just, you know, the dark hair threw me off.

Vienna: Ah, you didn't know, huh?

Casey: Well, when I was dating Maddie, you and Henry were always busy behind closed doors, doing --

Vienna: Yeah, that was then.

Casey: Aren't you guys together anymore?

Vienna: I thought we were. What's wrong with me, Casey?

Casey: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Vienna: Well, there must be, because lately, Henry finds me completely resistible.

Casey: Is his equipment working?

Vienna: Yes, yes. Definitely yes.

Casey: Well, then he's a fool. That's all I got to say.

Vienna: Well, thank you. That must be why I'm sitting here. What's your excuse?

Casey: Well, I guess you were out of town when my fiancée cheated on me with another guy right before our wedding.

Vienna: Did you forgive her?

Casey: Yeah, yeah. But we did break up, and at least now I'm getting over it.

Vienna: And then what happened?

Casey: She has the hots for my uncle now. How pathetic is that?

Vienna: Oh, no, no, no. When it comes to pathetic, I win.

Casey: Really? Let me be the judge. Lay it on me. Come on.

Vienna: Okay. I made myself believe that I could have a happy ending with Henry. You know, marriage, a baby, the whole 50 yards.

Casey: You mean the whole nine yards, right?

Vienna: No, the whole 50 yards. I'd rather have 50 yards than 9.

Casey: Yes. Exactly. I totally agree with you. Then you should go for it, you know?

Vienna: Yeah, but what if I want something that he doesn't want?

Casey: Well, either he has to change his mind, or you get another guy.

Vienna: Lose Henry?

Casey: Hey, all I'm saying is you only have one shot to live. You should go for it.

Vienna: You're right. I should.

Bartender: How are you guys doing?

Both: We'll have another round.

Henry: I do love Vienna, and I know she's mad at me, and I know our whole future is riding on this. But on the other hand --

Katie: Don't -- no. Don't do it. Do not say Barbara Ryan is on the other hand.

Henry: She is.

Katie: I thought you stopped seeing her.

Henry: I did. I did. It's been hands off since I asked Vienna to marry me.

Katie: Good. Because your cold feet are not because of Barbara.

Henry: They aren't?

Katie: No. They have everything to do with you breaking out in hives when it comes to commitment.

Henry: I can commit. I did commit. I got the ring, didn't I? I got down on one knee. I did the whole 50 yards.

Katie: Nine.

Henry: 50 is better than 9. That's a Vienna thing, actually. What I'm trying to say here is --

Katie: Stop. Do you love Vienna?

Henry: Yes.

Katie: Do you want to spend the rest of your life without her?

Henry: No.

Katie: Hello.

Henry: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I've -- I got to find Vienna and throw myself at her feet.

Katie: Okay, what are you waiting for?

Henry: But what if she --

Katie: No. No buts. No what ifs. Go.

Henry: Look, I don't want to hurt her. I don't want to mess this up.

Katie: Just be brave, Henry. Go after what makes you happy, and everything will work out. You'll see.

Henry: I can do that. Yeah, I will do that.

Katie: Okay. Good. This matchmaking stuff is hell.

Barbara: And God knows that I've tried to stay away. I mean, I'm not a masochist. I hate pain, especially the self-inflicted kind.

Joe: That's reassuring.

Barbara: And everybody says this is a mistake. A big, big, big mistake. My son, Paul, is completely turned off by the fact that I'm seeing his brother.

Joe: His brother?

Barbara: No, no, no. No, no, no. I know what you're thinking. They have the same father. What are you thinking?

Joe: Maybe I don't want lobster after all.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I'm worse than Rex. I mean, at least he was boring on a variety of subjects. I'm just going on and on about my ex.

Joe: It's a rite of passage. You think about them constantly. You get together, break up. Think about them constantly.

Barbara: Mm-hmm. And then you meet someone and you blow it so completely that they can't wait to run out of here and catch the next plane to L.A. or Tokyo or wherever you're going.

Joe: I like it here. With you.

Barbara: You do?

Joe: But I do need to check with my airline, make sure there are no more surprises today.

Barbara: Ah, yes, I understand.

Joe: And when I come back --

Barbara: You're coming back?

Joe: When I come back, we can talk about anything you like. Except Henry.

[Knock on door]

Katie: A-da-da-da-da! Could you keep it down? The babysitter just dropped Jacob off. He's taking a nap.

Chris: I thought you were taking Jacob to a swimming class.

Katie: Oh, I just told you that so you could be alone with Alison. How'd it go?

Chris: Well, it was a disaster, and the movie -- it stunk. Keira Knightley -- not even in it.

Katie: You weren't even supposed to watch the movie. You were supposed to get close to Alison. Do I have to be with you every step of the way?

Chris: No, Katie, you need to back off.

Katie: Nah, you don't want me to do that. You like her.

Chris: Yeah, I do, but you are killing me. The harder you try to put me and Alison together, the more a train wreck it becomes.

Katie: Well, you know what, that happens. Sometimes it takes a few false starts.

Chris: No, stop. Stop, please. Katie, stop.

Katie: Okay.

Chris: No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Don't you do that. You can't just walk away and say you're gonna stop, all right? I really need you to stop.

Katie: I am not giving up on you and Alison.

Chris: But you're not helping! You're not -- look. Alison doesn't want to be with me. She doesn’t. And I don't want to force it, okay? So please stop. I am not that desperate.

Katie: Actually, you kind of are.

Reid: All right, how's he doing?

Doctor: He's fully under. Vitals are good. Let's do this.

[Noah dreaming]

Noah: All right. Let's do this. Action! Yes, that's it. Keep rolling. Perfect. Go in closer. Closer.


Reid: I'm losing him. Get me some suction. Give me some suction. I can't see what I'm doing. Where's the damn bleeder?

Joe: I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Barbara: Do you have to leave?

Joe: I'm all clear. Are we done with Henry?

Barbara: Henry who?

Casey: Ahh. Why do they call that the Swedish iceberg?

Vienna: Because it's ice-cold when you get it, and then it heats up when you hold it in your hand.

Casey: There's a lot I need to learn about Scandinavia. What was I saying?

Vienna: You were talking about your pre-law courses.

Casey: Ah, yes, yes. It's pretty brutal.

Vienna: Oh, don't be modest. You're very bright.

Casey: Sometimes.

Vienna: You come from a solid family.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Vienna: You have the right hair. The right eyes.

Casey: Right for what?

Vienna: What I need. What do you say we get out of here, huh?

Chris: I am sorry that you are lonely and this is how you get your mind off it.

Katie: Who says I'm lonely?

Chris: Katie, you lost your husband. And it's you and the baby. Okay, and I get that you need a distraction.

Katie: I am only trying to put you and Alison together to help you, not because I need to fill some void in my life. I have my career, Jacob, friends. What do you have, Chris, except long shifts at the hospital and coming home to boxes and boxes of take-out pizza?

Chris: Oh, you are so wrong. So wrong, Katie! Because there's Chinese dinners in there, too, so --

Katie: What kind of life is that? I'm just trying to jump-start your re-entry into the human race. What is so wrong with that?

Chris: Well, it doesn't need jump-starting. That's what's wrong with it.

Katie: Then what does it need?

Chris: This is what I need. I need you to get off my case before you drive every eligible female away. Or maybe that's the plan. I don't know. Is that the plan? Because --

[Baby crying]

Katie: Oh. Now look what you did.

Chris: I'm sorry. I just didn't mean to yell. Is he okay?

Katie: Yes, he's dry, but hungry. Would you mind holding him? I'm gonna get a bottle.

Chris: Hey. Hey. Hey, little buddy. I hate to break it to you, but your mama is a pain in the butt. She means well but she's lonely. You know what I think we need to do? Yeah, that's right. I think we need to find her a man.

Luke: Oh, I was just about to get some coffee. Everything go okay?

Reid: When I got in there, I found some damage that wasn't revealed in the CAT scan or the MRI. A blood vessel leaked. There were complications.

Luke: So, what does that mean? That Noah might not get his eyesight back?

Reid: Noah's eyesight is only a part of it.

Luke: But, even if he's still blind, he's gonna be okay, right?

Reid: There might be brain damage. We're not gonna know how serious until he wakes up.

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Luke: How could you leave Noah alone like that? Don't you even care if your patient dies?

Holden: It's gonna be all right. Everything's gonna be okay. I promise.

Casey: What about Henry?

Vienna: Who?

Barbara: It's a contest.

Henry: And we're gonna enter it and win.

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