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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 4/29/10

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Emily: Ready to go?

Paul: Yeah. Wish I werenít.

Emily: Well, it won't take long. There's no way the judge is gonna give Meg custody of Eliza. No way.

Paul: Oh, God, I hope not.

Emily: She's a mental patient, for God's sake!

Paul: Well, so was I. And a felon.

Emily: Well, now you -- you're a responsible married man. You're providing your daughter with a stable environment.

Paul: Who'd have thunk it?

Emily: I'm telling you it's a slam dunk.

Paul: Yeah, it's a slam dunk if I tear Eliza's mom apart in court.

Emily: Excuse me, she's the one who asked for this hearing.

Paul: We both know that Emma's the one who's pushing her to do this.

Emily: Yeah, well, she's a big girl. She could have said no.

Paul: That's difficult for her to do, even if she's feeling great about herself.

Emily: We need to focus on what is important here. The last thing Eliza needs is to be raised by some escaped lunatic and her pushy mother.

Paul: She was released.

Emily: I don't understand that, okay?

Paul: What?

Emily: Because she still seems like she's gonna snap at any second.

Paul: She is a little fragile. Yes.

Emily: Exactly. That's the last thing Eliza needs. She needs us. She belongs here with us. We are her family now.

Paul: Yeah.

Emily: Yeah.

Paul: We are, aren't we?

Emily: We are. And if you have a hard time standing up in court, you know, to say that, I will be happy to do it for you.

Paul: No, no, I don't think that's a good idea.

Emily: No, I think -- I think it's a great idea. One of us has to be the bad cop. It might as well be me.

Paul: You seem a little too eager.

Emily: That's 'cause I'm gonna be very good at it.

Meg: So, how do I look?

Emma: You look perfect.

Meg: Not too insane?

Emma: You look sober. You look responsible. And you look very motherly. All of which you are.

Meg: I wish I was sure about that.

Emma: Well, I am. I am. I am.

Meg: Do you really think I could take care of Eliza by myself?

Emma: Sweetheart, you're not gonna have to do it by yourself. You have me. You have Holden. And all the kids are gonna be around to lend a hand. I mean, that's what families do.

Meg: That's not enough, Mama. You know that.

Emma: Does anybody know you better than I do?

Meg: [Chuckles] No.

Emma: Okay. Well, then believe me when I tell you. Believe me when I tell you that you are right where you belong, where you need to be, right here at home with us. And the baby -- the baby belongs here, too. I know you've been through an awful, awful, rough time. But it's over. And you're healing. You're gonna be fine. All you need is to be here with us. That's all. You're gonna be beautiful, young, sweet, capable, trustworthy, all those things.

Meg: Thank you.

Emma: We should go.

Meg: Yeah, I'm just gonna grab my purse.

Emma: Okay.

Holden: Are you sure about this?

Emma: Absolutely.

Holden: Meg doesn't sound like she is.

Emma: Well, she will be.

Holden: You remember what happened at the last hearing, Mama.

Emma: Doesn't matter.

Holden: She fell apart!

Emma: That was Damianís fault, not hers.

Holden: Still.

Emma: She's going to be all right this time. It's not gonna happen. I'm sure of it.

Gabriel: Hey, you've reached Gabriel. Leave a message.


Liberty: Hey, it's me. Just checking in. You know, Liberty. Anyway, I haven't heard from you, and I was wondering what happened to you after I left you in your hotel room. I hope you didn't die of boredom. Anyway, call me.

Carly: Parker. What is it you're not telling me?

Parker: Nothing.

Carly: You seemed pretty upset about Gabriel being caught in that fire.

Parker: I feel bad for him.

Carly: Why? You don't trust him. You hate that Liberty's friends with him.

Parker: Who told you that?

Carly: She did. She said that you broke into his room, that you have been downright hostile to him, that it's even worse now, that you're jealous.

Parker: I'm not jealous!

Carly: Liberty says you are.

Parker: Like she cares!

Carly: What is going on with you?

Parker: Nothing!

[Parker remembering]

Parker: You're both going down for this.

Gabriel: Hold on! Hold on!

Parker: Get your hands off of me!

Parker: Just because I don't like the guy doesn't mean that I wanted to see him get hurt like that.

Carly: Why do you have such a problem with him?

Parker: Because I don't trust him, and I don't like the idea of Liberty spending so much time with him.

Carly: Not your call.

Parker: Obviously.

Carly: You have to let her do what she wants to do.

Parker: Even if she's making the wrong decision?

Carly: That's the way it works.

Parker: But I am allowed to try to convince her, right, if I think that she's wrong.

Carly: Yeah. Yes, of course you are. Hey! Where are you going?

Parker: To talk to her.

Carly: I don't think this is the best time for that.

Parker: Maybe she doesn't even know what happened yet.

Carly: Parker, I think you should let somebody else tell her.

Parker: No. No, I have to be the one to tell her.

Craig: You're out of your mind. That punk isn't my son.

Lily: Yes, he is.

Craig: Is this some kind of a joke?

Lily: No. I-I knew this would be a shock.

Craig: Shock? It's not a shock. It's a lie. Why should I believe you?

Lily: I knew you wouldnít. That's why I brought this.

Craig: What is it?

Lily: Open it.

Craig: No.

Lily: If you don't want to believe me, fine. This is an official birth certificate. "Gabriel Caras. Mother, Lidia Caras."

Craig: I don't care what that thing says!

Lily: "Father, Craig Montgomery."

Craig: Get that thing away from me.

Lily: Deny it all you want, but that boy in there, he's your son.

Craig: How do I know that's not a forgery?

Lily: It's not. Contact the hospital in Montega. Get a copy yourself.

Craig: It doesn't prove anything just because she told them I'm his father.

Lily: Why would she lie?

Craig: You're not serious.

Lily: It was over between you.

Craig: Well, maybe she didn't think so. Maybe she wanted to punish me.

Lily: Or maybe she was telling the truth.

Craig: You know what I think? I think that kid went in there and forged it himself. You don't know him. He's conniving. He's sneaky.

Lily: Why would he do something like that?

Craig: Are you kidding? To scam me.

Lily: It's not a con. Sierra sent this. He was living in Montega until a few months ago.

Craig: Sierra. He pulled her into this, too?

Lily: Would you just look at this, please?

Craig: No! He told me he lived in Miami. He said ne knew Bryant.

Lily: He told you that?

Craig: Yeah, well, somebody's lying. There's no way he was ever in Montega.

Lily: He was in Montega for Lidiaís funeral.

Craig: Lidia's dead?

Lily: She died a few months ago.

Craig: How does Serra know all of this? Did Gabriel come to her with this -- this story?

Lily: She's known about Gabriel since he was born. She suspected that something was going on between you and Lidia, and she had Lidia admit it to her.

Craig: She's known about this all these years, and she never bothered to tell me.

Lily: Well, Craig, I'm sure she had her reasons.

Craig: Yeah, I'm sure she did. What about you? How long have you known about this?

Lily: Let's go somewhere where we can talk.

Craig: How long?

Nurse: Please, keep it down out here. This patient is in critical condition.

Lily: We're sorry.

Craig: Let's go.

Lily: Where?

Craig: We're going to that private place you want to find. When we get there, you're gonna tell me everything you know.

[Monitor beeping]

[Knock on door]

Carly: Hello? Hi. I'm Carly Tenney. I-I'm one of Gabriel's employers. Is he doing any better?

Nurse: No. Do you know where to find his next of kin?

Carly: No, I-I don't know anything. But y-you might want to ask my partner, Craig Montgomery. He might know something.

Liberty: Hey, what's up?

Parker: I need to talk to you.

Liberty: I already know what you're gonna tell me.

Parker: You do?

Liberty: You want to apologize for breaking into Gabriel's room.

Parker: Yeah, but --

Liberty: You know, this is getting really old, Parker. You do something ridiculous, and then you tell me you're sorry.

Parker: I-I am sorry --

Liberty: And I know you're upset that I wanted to hang out with Gabriel when they told me I was done with the chemo, but --

Parker: It's not that.

Liberty: So then what? That I let him fly me home from the funeral? He wanted to do me a favor.

Parker: I know.

Liberty: And I realize you're feeling a little left out, but you shouldnít.

Parker: I donít.

Liberty: You know you can't lie to me. Okay, I really want us to be cool. You know that.

Parker: And none of that is what I want to tell you.

Liberty: So what is it?

Parker: It's about Gabriel.

Liberty: Oh, my God! You're already starting this again?

Parker: No!

Liberty: Then what?

Parker: Something happened.

Emma: She's going to be fine as long as she's here with us.

Holden: You're gonna need to convince the judge of that.

Emma: We will. Look, if you are not on your sister's side --

Holden: I am on her side!

Emma: Well, you don't sound like it!

Holden: How can you say that? That's not true.

Emma: All right, then, just come to the hearing. Holden, come to the hearing and do everything you can to help your sister get her baby back. Now, we have got to be going. Where is she? Meg?

Holden: She's on the porch.

Emma: Meg? She's gone.

Meg: Where's Paul?

Emily: What are you doing here?

Meg: I want to see Paul. Where is he?

Emily: He's upstairs getting ready for court. You can talk to him there.

Meg: I don't want this to go to court.

Emily: You're the one suing for custody, Meg!

Meg: We can settle this.

Emily: Why would we settle? We all know you're gonna lose.

Meg: I want to see Paul.

Emily: Why? So you can bat your eyes at him and get what you want, like always? You're not going up there, Meg!

Meg: I have a right --

Emily: You gave up that right when you filed for custody! Eliza is our baby now, mine and Paulís.

Meg: That's not true.

Emily: You came to me, Meg. You begged me to raise Eliza as if she were my own with Paul, and I agreed. You cannot walk into my house and take it all back!

Meg: I asked you to take care of Eliza until I could again!

Emily: Well, I don't think you can.

Meg: Eliza is not your child.

Emily: Really? Ask Paul. He agrees.

Meg: You're lying.

Emily: Am I? If I were you, Meg, I wouldn't bring too many baby things to court, because you're not taking Eliza home with you. Not today, not ever.

Emma: Meg! Meg, Holden and I have been looking all over for you.

Emily: Well, she stopped by, beg us to settle.

Emma: Is that what you're doing here?

Emily: Well, it's not happening. You started this. We're gonna finish it.

Paul: Em, come here for a sec?

Emily: Sure, Honey, I'll be right there. I'm sorry. If you'll excuse me, our baby needs me.

Meg: She's not your child.

Emily: You know where the door is. Use it.

Emma: Oh, Sweetheart, you shouldn't have come here.

Meg: I wanted to see Paul, not her.

Emma: Why?

Meg: I can't fight them, Mama! Emily's gonna make me look like a crazy woman, and I will lose Eliza forever.

Emma: No, no, no, that is not going to happen. You just have to be strong.

Meg: I don't know if I can.

Emma: Of course you can. You have your whole family behind you.

Meg: Didn't you hear her? She's gonna come at me with everything she has.

Emma: Yes, yes, yes. And you have to be ready to go right back at her.

Meg: I don't know if I can.

Emma: Sweetheart, you just have to fight the way she does -- dirty and dishonest and to the death!

Meg: Hi, Paul.

Paul: Hi. How are you?

Meg: Fine.

Paul: Look, I-I know that this is difficult, but there's really no reason for it to be ugly.

Holden: You're right. So you just state her case. Meg will state hers. And we'll let the judge decide.

Paul: That sounds great.

Emma: And as soon as the judge decides that Eliza belongs with Meg, then the two of you will be able to make that change rather smoothly.

Emily: Wow, that's assuming a lot.

Paul: And I'm guessing that Meg and her family will afford us the same courtesy if the judge sides with us.

Emma: Well, the judge rarely decides against the mother, so --

Paul: You don't want to push this, Emma.

Emma: I don't need advice from you.

Paul: Then we'll see you inside.

[Door opens]

Emma: They're so smug.

Holden: Are you sure you want to do this?

Emma: Of course she is.

Holden: I'm just asking. I think it might be better for her to recover more. It might be easier.

Meg: No, I want to do it now.

Holden: All right. Let's go.

Meg: I'll meet you inside.

Emma: Meg --

Meg: Mama, I'm not gonna run away. I just need a minute to myself.

Holden: Okay.

Meg: Hi, is this "First edition"? I'm a secretary at Deerbrook hospital and -- yes, the psychiatric hospital. No, I can't tell you my name. But you should know there are a few things going on here that are wrong. Very wrong. They just released a disturbed and dangerous person in exchange for money from her family. Yes. Her name is Meg Snyder.

Emily: Will you stop? Stop worrying! I don't care how respectable those Snyders think they are. They don't have a chance.

Paul: I'm not so sure.

Emily: Will you -- will you trust me? I will make sure Eliza stays right where she belongs, with us.

Paul: How are you gonna do that?

Emily: I don't know. But I -- but I will tell you I promise I will do everything I can to keep our family together.

[Cell phone rings]

Emily: I told you not to bother me this afternoon! What?! D-did she say her name? Okay, but you're sure about the patient's name. All right. No, I'm on it. Bye. I'm sorry. I got to go.

Paul: The hearing's about to start. You can't leave.

Emily: This could help our case.

Paul: What could?

Emily: I can't tell you, okay? I got to go.

Paul: Well, what do I do?

Emily: Just, I don't know, stall.

Emma: Meg, you know where she's going?

Meg: I don't have the slightest idea.

Liberty: How is he? Oh, God. How is he?

Carly: They don't know much.

Liberty: Why not?

Carly: He hasn't regained consciousness yet.

Liberty: I can't believe it. How did this happen?

Parker: There was a fire. We don't know how it started. But nobody knew that he was inside. T-that's how he got trapped.

[Monitor beeping]

Liberty: Why is he all alone?

Carly: I'm sure the doctor will be right back.

Liberty: Gabriel? Can you hear me? It's Liberty. How -- do they know how it happened, like, how he got trapped?

Carly: They -- they think he hit his head.

Liberty: How? Did he just fall? Was he in a fight?

Carly: They --

Parker: Maybe -- maybe it was nobody's fault. It could have been an accident. I'm just saying. It's possible that something could have fallen on his head.

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, that's possible. They'll figure it out. Oh, Liberty, you look tired. You should -- you should go and rest yourself.

Liberty: I'm fine. I'm not the one lying in a hospital bed. I should have been there with him.

Parker: Don't say that.

Liberty: It's like everyone around me is cursed. My mom, Dusty, my grandfather, and now Gabriel.

Carly: Come on. I'll take you home, okay?

Liberty: I'm not leaving. He doesn't have anyone else.

Parker: Liberty.

Liberty: I know you don't like him, but he doesn't deserve this.

Parker: I know. I know he doesnít.

Carly: Okay, well, we'll be back later.

Liberty: Okay.

Craig: How long have you known about this?

Lily: Since Gabriel was born.

Craig: Are you serious?!

Lily: You and Sierra were having problems, and when my mother found out about Lidia --

Craig: Your mother. [Sighs] Why am I not surprised to find her in the middle of this? What did she do, take out her checkbook and pay off the poor, pitiful maid?

Lily: You're making this sound worse than it was.

Craig: I'm making this worse than it was. Thanks to your mother, I have a son that I never knew about lying in a hospital bed! And your mother made sure of that, and you kept the secret. I thought you were my friend.

Lily: I am your friend. I was young.

Craig: Well, what about when you got older? Why didn't you tell me then, when you had a mind and a conscience of your own?

Lily: She convinced me it was better not to tell you.

Craig: Better for who?

Lily: For Gabriel.

Craig: She thought it would be better for him to believe he had a father who abandoned him, that he was unwanted? What right do you have to make that kind of a decision?

Lily: We didn't think it was right to disrupt his life or yours. I mean, especially if you found out and you didn't care. That would just make things worse for Gabriel.

Craig: Why would you think I wouldn't care? Lily, you know me. You know what I went through when I lost Bryant. You know what I put myself through to keep Johnny when Lucy took him away. What have I ever done to make you think I wouldn't care?

Lily: It wasn't just me.

Craig: No. No, Lucinda hates me. Sierra hates me. I really thought you'd be my friend.

Lily: It was Lidia! It was the boy's mother! She didn't want you to know either!

Craig: Why would she do that?

Lily: What? You have the nerve to ask me that? I mean, you're acting like the wounded party here. But let's be honest. This isn't the first time a woman hasn't wanted you to be a part of their child's life. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. That wasn't fair.

Craig: I believe you give a damn about what you think is fair to me, Lily.

Lily: Craig, you're right. You should have known. You should have known that that boy was your son. But Lidia was against it. She didn't want anyone to know that she slept with a married man.

Craig: So she deprives her son of a father?

Lily: Sometimes people make mistakes, even with the best intentions.

Craig: Oh, spare me. Like any of that matters now. Thanks to what your mother did and the secret you helped her keep, my son -- Gabriel hates me now, too.

Lily: You don't know that.

Craig: Yes, I do. That's why he's here. That's why he lied his way into my life, didn't tell me who he really was. You know what? Fine. I don't care. He wants to hate me, good for him. I really don't care what he thinks.

Lily: You don't mean that.

Craig: Yes, I do. Can't stand the kid, anyway.

Lily: Craig, you can't abandon him!

Craig: What difference does it make? He thinks I did that years ago!

Lily: He needs you now.

Craig: I don't care. He's already taken everything he's gonna get from me.

Lily: W-what does that mean?

Craig: [Sighs] Nothing. Just forget it, Lily. You're good at that when it comes to me.

Lily: Listen, he's your son. He needs you. Whatever he took, put that aside. You're all he has.

Craig: That's not true. He has you. He has Lucinda. He has your sister. You kept him from me. That makes him your problem, not mine.

Lily: Craig --

Craig: Don't you ever tell him any of this.

Lily: You can't ask me that.

Craig: I'm not asking you. I'm telling you. You kept the secret. Deal with it. And stay the hell away from me.

Paul: Your honor, hello. I know that we're about to begin in a few minutes, but my wife was called away on an emergency, and I was wondering if maybe we could wait for just a few minutes for her to get back before we started.

Emma: Your honor, that shows you about everything you need to know about his wife's priorities.

Paul: Okay, that's not true. S-she was called away because she was looking for some information that may actually affect the outcome of this hearing.

Emma: What information?

Paul: I-I'm sure that we are all in agreement that the court should have everything that it needs in order to make an informed decision.

Emma: What information?

Paul: And I know that a few minutes is a lot to ask of the court, but, uh, a child's future is at stake here, and my wife is determined to make sure that Eliza grows up in a -- in a healthy environment and situation. I know that that's the court's intention as well.

Emma: Oh, please, please, please. Enough. He's stalling, your honor. He's stalling. You know, we are all here. And just because his wife has something else to do, it's not our fault.

Paul: I told you. It's about the case.

Judge: Then we'll hear about it when your wife returns.

Meg: Your honor, it's all right with me if we wait a few more minutes.

Emma: Meg.

Judge: Let's hear the case.

Emma: You be strong now, sweetheart.

Holden: We're here for you.

Meg: I just hope I'm doing the right thing.

Emily: According to my sources, you released Meg Snyder in exchange for taking some very generous bribes from her family.

Dr. Galvin: What are you talking about?

Emily: Oh, I think you heard me.

Dr. Galvin: Her release was strictly a medical decision.

Emily: Really? Well, if you and the rest of the doctors think it's okay to release a violet --

Dr. Galvin: Either you leave now, or I will have you thrown out.

Emily: Well, you go right ahead. I look forward to seeing you at your malpractice hearing after Meg Snyder tries to kill someone else.

Carly: Why won't you tell me what's bothering you?

Parker: Because nothing's bothering me. I don't get why you're trying to make such a big deal out of this.

Carly: I'm your mother. I can tell. I know when something's bothering you.

Parker: It doesn't matter, okay? There's nothing that you can do to help.

Carly: Try me.

Parker: Okay. It's about Gabriel.

Carly: I figured.

Parker: He could die, couldn't he?

Carly: It's possible. But it's the worst-case scenario.

Parker: The thing is, if that happens or something like that happens, it would be my fault. I went to the office, and I ran into Gabriel. And things got pretty heated.

Carly: How?

Parker: I hit him.

Carly: What?

Parker: I didn't hit him that hard. But he fell, and he didn't get back up.

Carly: Why not?

Parker: I don't know. He must have hit his head or something.

Carly: What did you do, Parker?

Parker: I left.

Carly: Parker!

Parker: I didn't know that there was gonna be a fire there! I swear!

Carly: I know that. Of course you didnít. But he was unconscious, and you just left?

Parker: Well, I freaked out. I figured he'd come to, and he'd be fine.

Carly: [Sighs] Well, what was the argument about to begin with, Liberty?

Parker: No.

Carly: Then what?

Parker: I really don't think that you want to know.

Carly: I do want to know! You need to tell me! You need to tell me what you two fought about!

Parker: It was about Craig.

[Craig remembering]

Craig: I've had it with you. I should just put my hands around your throat and squeeze the life out of you the way you're doing to me!

Gabriel: Is that an actual threat?

Craig: No! That's a promise!

Judge: You were released from Deerbrook hospital into your mother's care.

Emma: That's right, your honor. She was only there because she was abused and she was deceived by a really horrible man who fortunately is no longer in her life. And since she's been home, she's so much better.

Meg: That's right, your honor. I feel so much better thanks to the doctors I worked with at Deerbrook, and now I just want to bring my little girl back home and take care of her.

Emma: Your honor, we have a very large family. They're all ready to help Meg with the baby all along the way. We have a stable home, a very stable home for both of them.

Judge: Mr. Ryan, do you have anything to add?

Paul: Just -- just this, your honor. I mean, nobody's disputing that the Snyders provide a warm and -- and supportive and loving environment. And Meg couldn't be in better hands to continue her healing. But this is not about Meg. This is about Eliza. And Emily and I have custody of Eliza because the court thought that we provided her with a better living environment, and nothing in our lives has changed. I really do hope that Meg makes a full recovery. And I also hope that her coming to visit Eliza while Eliza is in our home is helpful to her. But I do not see how Meg can provide a better home for Eliza than she has right now with us.

Judge: That's all you have to say, Mr. Ryan?

Paul: Yes, your honor. That's all. Thank you.

Emily: I will prove that you took bribes to release Meg Snyder before she was ready. Let go of me. I will run this story until you lose your license or they shut this place down!

Dr. Galvin: Just a minute.

Emily: You want to make this go away, hmm? You come with me down to the courthouse right now and you tell a judge that you made a mistake -- you released Meg Snyder by mistake, and she shouldn't be allowed anywhere near that baby. You tell them it was a paper glitch or human error. I really don't care. Otherwise, you're going before the review board for taking bribes.

Dr. Galvin: Print that, and you'll hear from my attorney.

Emily: [Chuckles] You really don't want to do that.

Guard: All right, you heard him, lady. Now you're out of here.

Parker: That's how I realized that Craig's been stealing money from my trust fund.

Carly: Why? Why would Craig steal your money? He's got plenty of his own.

Parker: I don't know. But the bank confirmed it. The money's gone.

Carly: I still -- I still don't realize what this has to do with Gabriel.

Parker: Well, somehow he figured out what Craig was doing, and instead of coming to me or coming to you or to the police, he blackmailed Craig into paying him off.

Carly: No wonder Craig hates him.

Parker: That's why I was so mad at him. But I didn't go there looking for him. I was looking for Craig.

Carly: Parker.

Parker: So what do I do now? Do I tell the police what happened?

Carly: No! No! No, Parker! They could think that you set the fire, that you left Gabriel there to die!

Parker: But I didnít. I-I told you. I had no idea that there was gonna be a fire.

Carly: I know that! Do you think anyone else is gonna believe you? Would your father believe this coming from anybody else?

Parker: No.

Carly: No! We don't tell anybody. Does anybody know?

Parker: Just Gabriel, obviously.

Carly: And that's it?

Parker: I-I think Faith, because she was there when I found out that I didn't have any money left. But that's it.

Carly: Okay. All right. Well, we will keep this totally to ourselves.

Craig: Why didn't you tell me? Why did you make me think you were just some punk hustler? Why couldn't you tell me that you're my son?

Carly: Do you have any idea how Craig got the money?

Parker: He gave me a debit card to use for Liberty, and he set himself up a duplicate on the same account. So, when I went to talk to the police --

Carly: Wait a second. You just told me that nobody knows about this, that you didn't tell anybody.

Parker: I didn't, but I was gonna talk to the police. I was gonna talk to Margo, but then, all of a sudden, they got the call up about the fire, and I didn't get a chance.

Carly: Parker, why didn't you come to me? Why didn't you go to your father?

Parker: He's busy with Janet, and I knew you weren't very happy about him going to her father's funeral with her.

Carly: That doesn't mean that you can't talk to me!

Parker: But I didn't want to upset you, Mom. I'm so sorry for everything, and if Gabriel dies --

Carly: No, donít. Don't think that.

Parker: What if he does?

Liberty: Hey.

Parker: Hey. I thought you were with Gabriel.

Liberty: They made me leave.

Carly: How is he?

Liberty: The same. Is it okay if I get a soda?

Carly: Yeah, of course.

Liberty: Anyone else want anything?

Parker: No, thanks.

Carly: I'll be back later, okay?

Parker: What are you going to do?

Carly: I don't know, exactly. Not a word to anyone.

Meg: Well, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Emma: I must say Paul surprised me.

Holden: Yeah, me too. So, you're both okay with what the judge decided?

Meg: Yeah. I thought it was fair.

Emma: For now. But it's not over yet.

Holden: Might not be so civilized next time.

Emma: Oh, not with Emily here.

Holden: I wonder why she ran out. I don't think Paul would have been as nice if she were there.

Meg: Well, I guess we were lucky.

Holden: We should get going. I need to pick up my kids.

Meg: I, uh -- I'd like to thank Paul before we go.

Emma: It is not necessary.

Meg: It is necessary.

Holden: We'll see you outside.

Emma: Okay, goodbye.

Paul: Hey, will you call me when you get this, please? Let me know what the hell happened to you.

Meg: Paul.

Paul: What, Meg?

Meg: I wanted to thank you for being so fair to me.

Paul: I don't want Eliza's parents constantly at each other's throats.

Meg: Neither do I. Glad we're on the same page with that.

Paul: Yeah. Maybe you could talk to your mom, you know, and get her to back off.

Emily: It's over?

Paul: Where the hell were you?

Emily: On a wild-goose chase. What happened?

Paul: Nothing changes for 30 days.

Emily: Then what?

Paul: And then the court will reevaluate.

Emily: Well, what's gonna change in 30 days?

Paul: I'm not sure. You ready to go?

Emily: Yes.

Paul: I'm gonna get my things.

Emily: It was you, wasn't it?

Meg: I don't know what you're talking about.

Emily: You called the paper to get me out of the hearing.

Meg: I don't know anything about any phone call.

Emily: Oh, don't lie to me. You know damn well I would rip you to shreds if I was here, but Paul didn't, did he?

Meg: Paul wants what's best for Eliza.

Emily: What's best for Eliza is to be kept far away from her crazy mother.

Meg: You're the one that's crazy.

Emily: Listen, you're making a very, very big mistake if you think you can outsmart me.

Meg: Well, so far it hasn't been that hard.

Liberty: You okay?

Parker: Fine. What about you?

Liberty: Okay. [Voice breaking] I'm just really tired.

Parker: Hey. Hey, are you --

Liberty: I feel so sorry for him.

Parker: For Gabriel?

Liberty: He's had such a hard time, you know? Single mom, no family. He's never caught a break in his whole life, and now this? It's not fair.

Parker: Hey. I'm really, really sorry.

Liberty: Don't be. It's not your fault.

[Door opens]

Holden: Hi.

Lily: Where are the kids?

Holden: They're in the car. Is it okay if I take them over to the farm to go riding?

Lily: Sure.

Holden: What were you looking at?

Lily: Nothing, just small pictures.

Holden: Of the kids?

Lily: No.

Holden: What were they of?

Lily: I'm -- I can't tell you, Holden. I'm sorry.

Holden: Okay. I'll just get the riding gear and -- and go.

Lily: Okay.

Holden: Lily, what is it? What's wrong?

Lily: It's nothing. I'm fine. I just --

Holden: Just tell me what it is.

Lily: I think that I've made a terrible mistake.

[Machines beeping]

Craig: I don't know why I didn't see it before. It's so obvious now. You never wanted the money. You came for revenge. I recognize that. You wanted to pay back the father that abandoned you. I never knew you existed. I didn't know that you were in the office when I started the fire. If I had known you were in there, I never would have -- I didn't know!

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Lucinda: What are you doing, Lily?

Holden: We're just talking.

Lucinda: Donít.

Parker: So what do we do?

Carly: See what happens with the case.

Parker: You know, we've both gotten in trouble before for lying to Dad.

Carly: I think it's the only choice we have.

Jack: What? You think it was arson?

Margo: We haven't ruled anything out.

Jack: So what do you got?

Margo: I'm putting you in charge of the investigation.

Craig: If you don't shut your mouth, I swear to God, I'll kill you.

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