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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 4/26/10

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Lily: Hey!

Carly: Hey, good morning.

Lily: Wow. It smells like a botanical garden in here.

Carly: Yeah, it does. We're adding a fragrance line to Monte Carlo, so I've been mixing all these essential oils and whatever and -- really, the only thing the nose is numb. It's nice to see you.

Lily: You too. But I don't want to bother you. You're working. I actually came here to see Parker.

Carly: He left, early. I think he probably told me where he was going, but -- I don't remember. I'm -- I'm a bad mother, I know.

Lily: Join the club.

Carly: Things still rocky with Faith?

Lily: Oh, things have never been easy between me and Faith, but I never thought that I would be asking the advice of a 17-year-old boy.

Craig: Yes, yes, I -- I know things ended badly with you and Ellis. Okay, yes, he -- he dumped you. But he -- he told me that he'd let you keep the engagement ring. I'm agreeing with you, Vivian. Ellis victimized us both. He took a large amount of money from me to invest, and now he and my money have disappeared. Well, that's -- that's just it. It wasn't exactly my money. It belongs to the trust of an innocent young man. Now, you can't let him get away with that, can you? Can you? Hello? Hey -- damn it!

Jack: How are you feeling?

Janet: Like I'm about to bury my father.

Jack: I'm worried about you, Janet. You're pregnant. This is a lot of stress to put on yourself.

Janet: My dad was thinking about selling the hardware store and moving to Oakdale. Did I tell you that?

Jack: You know, we don't have to leave just yet. You can take a few minutes if you want.

Janet: No, no, no, no. It's better if I keep moving. I'm really glad you're here. I don't think I'd be able to get through this without you.

Jack: Where's Liberty?

Janet: She went for a walk. I'm worried about her, you know? She should be celebrating her last chemo treatment, not going to a funeral.

Jack: She'll be fine. She's strong, just like her mother.

Liberty: Hi! I thought you went back to Oakdale.

Gabriel: Yeah. Actually, I ended up spending the night on a plane. Pilot didn't mind, and I thought maybe you'd change your mind and skip out on your grandfather's funeral.

Liberty: I would love to, but I can't leave my mom alone with those people. My whole life, I hated them for kicking her out, and now that I've met them, I'm glad they did.

Gabriel: Yeah, that's got to be rough.

Liberty: It's not like I'm gonna miss my grandfather. He didn't bother to meet me until I got cancer.

Gabriel: That's his loss.

Liberty: My mom loved him, though. He treated her like garbage, and she's still all tied up in knots about losing him. He doesn't deserve it. My aunt Marie -- I wonder if she'll be able to get through the service without a cigarette. That woman is a walking smokestack.

Gabriel: I'm sorry for laughing.

Liberty: It's okay. It's funny, if you're not related to them.

Gabriel: Come on. You don't need to be here, okay? Plane's all ready to go. All you got to do is hop in and fly away.

[Cell phone rings]

Teri: Hello.

Dusty: Hey, Teri, it's me. Is Janet around?

Teri: Uh, yeah. She's outside. I'm sure she has her phone if you want to talk to her.

Dusty: I know you're getting ready to go to the funeral. I just want to find out how she's doing.

Teri: Not so great. She hasn't been home since she was 16. It's hard enough just being in the house with the entire family, but it's got to be bringing up some pretty painful memories for her. Thank God for Jack. He's -- he's been a rock.

Dusty: I'm sure.

Teri: Look, Dusty, I got to go, okay?


Dusty: Would you tell Janet for me -- never mind. I'll tell her myself. I'll find a way.

Dusty: It's me. Meet me at the airfield. We're leaving right away for Melrose Park.

Liberty: Hey, Mom. Are you okay?

Janet: I'm so sorry Pop's not here to see you looking so much better. Are you okay?

Liberty: I know you need me, but I don't know if I can handle another funeral so soon after Dadís.

Janet: I know, Sweetheart. I've been thinking about Bradley all morning.

Jack: Yeah, so have I. Listen, Liberty, I'll -- I'll be with your mom if you want to stay here.

Liberty: What I really want is to go home.

Janet: Yeah, so do I. But Jack's right. If you want to stay here, that's fine. We'll go without you to the service.

Liberty: I don't really want to stay here, either.

Janet: Sweetie, we all came in the same car, and we're about to leave.

Liberty: Yeah, but that's okay, because, Gabriel was just passing through town, and he offered to give me a lift.

Jack: He was passing through Melrose Park on your way where, Old Town?

Janet: Hi, Gabriel. It's good to see you again.

Gabriel: You, too, Ms. --

Liberty: Ciccone, like me.

Gabriel: Ciccone.

Liberty: She and Jack are divorced.

Jack: You've met?

Janet: He took Liberty to her last chemo treatment.

Liberty: You can say no if you need me, but if you don't --

Janet: I'll always need you. But if you really want to go, all right, go ahead, but take good care of her. She is precious cargo.

Gabriel: I will. I'll take good care of her, I promise.

Jack: You sure about this?

Janet: I wish I could go with her.

Teri: You ready to go?

Marie: What happened to Liberty?

Janet: She went home. It was too much for her to handle.

Marie: When does going to your grandfather's funeral become optional?

Teri: Well, Mom's not going.

Marie: She's hopped up on pills. What's Liberty's excuse?

Teri: Please don't do this, Aunt Marie.

Marie: You're spoiling her. That's all I'm saying.

Teri: Hey, Dusty called me when I was upstairs. Think I should tell Janet?

Jack: No, I think she's got enough on her plate right now. Come on.

Lily: Mm. I like this one, but -- all right, this is gonna sound radical.

Carly: Radical's good. I like radical.

Lily: Well, you know how you said that you could only smell the coffee?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Why don't you add that as one of the notes in your new fragrance? I mean, you don't want to smell like an espresso bar, but it's a great aroma. People love it, and I think it's original.

Carly: Are you a genius? I think you are. You are a genius. That's a great idea.

Lily: Ugh, if only my personal problems were so easy to figure out.

Carly: Tell me about it.

Lily: Mm. I'm sorry. I've been going on about Faith, and I didn't even ask you. How are you and Jack doing?

Carly: We're not, really. Jack took Janet to Melrose Park for her father's funeral.

Lily: Ah. You okay with that?

Carly: No.

Lily: I'm sorry.

Carly: What could I do? I can't even hate the woman. She's pregnant. Her daughter's recovering from cancer. Her father just dropped dead.

Lily: You can hate her. I won't tell anyone.

Carly: I'm trying to be positive.

Lily: How is that working for you?

Carly: It's really not. I'm bad at it. 'Cause I shouldn't be here. I should be with Jack, you know?

Lily: Well, what's stopping you?

Carly: The fetus, the daughter with the cancer, the drop-dead dad. That's what's stopping me. I can't compete with that. I have to bide my time.

Lily: You're terrible at that.

Carly: I know. That's why Craig gave me this perfume project. It's not working. All I can think about is Jack comforting Janet at her father's funeral. Please distract me.

Lily: Hmm. You know what? I've got an idea. I may not be able to solve my problems, but I certainly can help you with yours.

Craig: How long have you been there?

Parker: Long enough. You sounded pretty mad at Ellis. What did he do?

Craig: He left town without telling me.

Parker: Right when you and Mom are trying to get the company started up. No wonder you're ticked off at him.

Craig: You don't know the half of it. You know what? Enough about me. What brings you all the way down here this morning?

Parker: I wanted to send flowers to Liberty and Janet for the funeral, and I was gonna use the card that was attached to my trust fund to pay for it, but I wanted to check with you.

Craig: Oh, sure. Parker, it's your money.

Parker: I just wanted to give you a heads-up so when you see the charges on the statement, you know what they're for.

Craig: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Parker: Okay. Cool. See you later.

Craig: See you. It's Craig Montgomery. Yeah, you know that favor you owe me? I'm calling it in.

Gabriel: Do things look better from 30,000 feet?

Liberty: Not really. I feel bad about leaving my mom alone to deal with her family, but I feel like such a phony. I couldn't pretend to be all broken up about his death. I'm a terrible person.

Gabriel: No, no, faking it would be terrible. Look, you're honest. That's a good thing.

Liberty: Everyone always talks about how you love your family no matter what, but my grandfather kicked my mom out of the house when she was pregnant. She wasn't even out of high school, and she had to fend for herself because she shamed the family. That's the opposite of love.

Gabriel: I mean, it sounds like she forgave him, though.

Liberty: Well, he doesn't deserve it. He never even acknowledged my existence until he found out I might need a bone marrow transplant, and then he felt guilty. Way too much drama, right? You probably think I am making this up.

Gabriel: No. Sounds real to me -- a little too real.

Liberty: You never talk about your family. Are they messed up, too?

Gabriel: People always talk about closure as if putting on a suit and watching someone get lowered into a hole in the ground is gonna make up for all the time you didn't have. I mean, it hurts the same as it always did.

Liberty: Your mom?

Gabriel: Yeah.

Liberty: Not to be rude, but you obviously have tons of money. You could go anywhere. So why did you choose Oakdale?

Gabriel: It's what my mom would have wanted.

Liberty: Why?

Gabriel: We're starting our descent. You're gonna be home soon.

[Cell phone rings]

Marie: You had that on during mass?

Jack: Yeah, sorry. I'm a cop. Bad habit.

Janet: Teresa, why don't you take Aunt Marie and Eddie up to the gravesite? We'll be right there.

Jack: Hello.

Parker: Hey, Dad, is this a bad time?

Jack: Well, the funeral's over. We're -- we're on our way to the burial site.

Parker: How's Liberty doing?

Jack: Actually, she's not here. She was too upset.

Parker: Really? I thought she didn't really like her grandfather that much?

Jack: She was thinking about Brad, Parker.

Parker: Are you?

Jack: Yeah, I am.

Parker: Sorry.

Jack: I'm okay. Thanks, Buddy.

Parker: Do you think now is a good time to call her because she's by herself, or do you think that she wants to be alone?

Jack: Well, she's not here. She's on her way back to Oakdale.

Parker: By herself?

Jack: No. She went with a friend -- Gabriel. Parker, you still there?

Parker: Yeah. Yeah, everything's fine here. Just do what you got to do.

Janet: Is he okay?

Jack: Doesn't sound it. But there's not much I can do to help him. Right now, I'm here to help you get through this day.

Dusty: Janet!

Janet: What are you doing here?

Dusty: I couldn't stay at home while you're burying your father.

Janet: I don't even know what to say to that.

Dusty: Well, don't say anything. I didn't come here to make things harder on you.

Jack: You should have stayed at home.

Dusty: I'm talking to Janet.

Jack: Dusty, take a look around you. Do you really think this is the time?

Dusty: Look, I can't pretend this has nothing to do with me. You just lost your father. I should be with you. You're wearing my ring.

Janet: Dusty, this is too much. I can't even think about anything more than just getting through this day. I'm sorry.

Dusty: I love you, and I hope you forgive me for my part in your father's death.

Jack: Okay, Dusty, this isn't the time to make your case.

Dusty: I'm not leaving. I canít. I believe in us.

Craig: You took your sweet time.

Pierce: You look like hell.

Craig: Thank you. But you can help that. Find this guy. Name is Ellis. Used to be my accountant. Disappeared with a few million dollars.

Pierce: How many?

Craig: Let's just say I don't care what it takes for you to find him, or what you do after. Just get my money back.

Lily: Carly Tenney, meet Rhonda Wiler.

Carly: Hello. How do you do? Sit down, please.

Lily: Rhonda is a marketing genius. You are. Her specialty is cosmetics and beauty.

Rhonda: Lily tells me you're interested in getting into the fragrance market.

Carly: I'm thinking about it, yes. Right now it's -- it's sort of a big idea.

Lily: Smell that.

Carly: I imagine she knows what coffee smells like, Lily.

Lily: What do you think of the idea of adding coffee as one of the notes in her new scent?

Rhonda: You know, I actually think it's a really fresh concept. Chocolate and vanilla have been done, but not coffee.

Craig: That's for expenses. It would be beneficial for us both the sooner you find this guy.

[Cell phone ringing]

Craig: You can do that outside.

[Cell phone ringing]

Craig: Hey.

Carly: Good morning, Craig.

Craig: Why are you so chipper?

Carly: I'll tell you when you get here. Meet me at Metro, and bring your checkbook.

Craig: Checkbook? Why?

Carly: Well, I am sitting here with the person who is gonna make your fragrance idea a reality and make us filthy rich.

Craig: What's the catch?

Carly: Well, there is no catch. She just needs $500,000 seed money. Craig, are you there?

Craig: Yeah, yeah. I'm on my way. Find Ellis, yesterday.

Carly: My partner is on his way right now.

Lily: Okay, I'll leave you two to work out the details. I'm so glad this worked out.

Carly: Thank you so much. I wish I could return the favor.

Lily: Well, if you figure out a way to have my teenage daughter talk to me without rolling her eyes, let me know. See you guys.

Carly: Bye.

Liberty: I am so glad to be home, wherever that actually is.

[Cell phone ringing]

Liberty: Hi.

Parker: Hi, don't worry about making something up. I already know you're with Gabriel.

Liberty: Parker, please. I don't want to fight with you.

Parker: And I don't want to fight with you, either. I just talked to my dad. He said you were really upset before you left the funeral.

Liberty: I didn't belong there.

Parker: You don't have to explain yourself to me, Liberty. I get it.

Gabriel: It's all right. Take your time.

Liberty: I don't like funerals.

Parker: Yeah, who does? Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean for it to sound that way.

Liberty: I know. I know what you meant.

Parker: Well, maybe when you get back, you can give me a call, and we can meet up and go see a movie or something.

Liberty: I'm already back. I came home on Gabriel's plane.

Parker: He has his own plane?

Liberty: No, he chartered it.

Parker: Gabriel's a handyman! Where does he get that kind of money?

Liberty: I don't know. Maybe the same place you got it.

Parker: Really? Then why is he fixing up my mom's office?

Liberty: I don't know. Look, Parker, it's really hard to hear you. I think we have a bad connection. So I will see you at home, okay?

Gabriel: That sounded really awkward.

Liberty: It's fine.

Gabriel: Come on. I'll give you a ride home.

Liberty: That's okay. You already hired a plane to come pick me up, which was really nice, and I am so grateful, but I can get myself home. You know, it will be nice to have a few minutes to myself.

Gabriel: Yeah, sure thing, if that's what you want. What's that for?

Liberty: For not assuming you know what's best for me.

Jack: Dusty, Janet's family's waiting for her. Can this talk wait until we get back to Oakdale?

Dusty: This is between me and Janet.

Jack: Oh, for God's sake, they're about to bury her father.

Dusty: Janet, did you hear what I said? I love you, and I'm not going anywhere.

Eddie: We're all waiting for you, Janet. What's going on?

Jack: Nothing, Eddie. Everything's fine.

Eddie: Who are you?

Dusty: I'm Janet's fiancť, Dusty. You must be her brother, Eddie. How you doing?

Eddie: So you're the one.

Janet: Eddie, back off.

Dusty: "The one"?

Eddie: My father's dead because of you.

Dusty: I'm sorry about what happened.

Eddie: Yeah, me, too. You're not wanted here. Get the hell out.

Janet: Eddie, walk away.

Dusty: Your father died 'cause he had a heart attack. You know that, right?

Eddie: No, what I know is that he was safe and sound in a hospital bed being looked after until you dragged him off to play O.K. Corral.

Dusty: I tried to stop him from leaving the hospital. He was too stubborn.

Eddie: What did you say?

Dusty: I said your old man was too stubborn. That's why he missed out on Janet's life.

Janet: All right, that's enough!

Eddie: Yeah, and now he's gonna miss out on the rest of it because of you.

Jack: Okay, that's --

Janet: Oh! Dusty, how could you!

Dusty: I didn't mean to.

Eddie: Like you didn't mean for our father to die? This guy's a loose cannon. I don't want him at our father's burial.

Janet: Are you okay?

Jack: No, I'm -- I'm fine. You know what? If you want to help Janet, then get the hell out of here before you cause any more of a scene.

Dusty: It was an accident.

Jack: I understand that! But the point is, she doesn't want you here, so go.

Marie: What is going on?! We are trying to bury a man over here, and you're over here yelling and screaming and throwing punches? Is this any way to honor your father?

Eddie: This is the lowlife who killed Pop.

Marie: And you have the nerve to present yourself here? Why isn't this punk in jail?

Janet: Dusty, why don't you just go before somebody gets hurt?

Marie: Hey, hang on a second. You -- you're the boyfriend?

Dusty: Fiancť.

Marie: Oh, how special for you. You're sleeping with the enemy now?

Janet: No!

Marie: I was right about you all along. Way back when you needed a father for your baby, you couldn't buy yourself a man. And now you got them coming and going, don't you?

Jack: You know what, Marie? I'm really getting tired of hearing you badmouth Janet.

Janet: She's not gonna change.

Jack: No, Janet, she needs to hear this. Okay, yeah, she made a mistake once when she was a kid. But you know what? That was years ago, and it had nothing to do with you. She's a terrific mother, and she raised a terrific daughter, and she didn't have any help from any of you. If anyone has the right to be angry here, it's Janet, but she found it in her heart to forgive you.

Marie: Forgive us?

Teri: Jack's right. Janet deserved better from all of us.

Marie: Oh, here we go.

Jack: Right now, I think it's best if we all find a way to get along until we put Rocco in the ground. Can we do that, please?

Teri: You shouldn't be here, Dusty.

Dusty: Yeah? What about Jack?

Teri: I know that this is hard, but he's helping Janet through a really hard time. It's not that she doesn't love you.

Dusty: What do you mean? She can't stand me.

Teri: Give her some time. She's got a lot more going on than all of us put together.

Dusty: Yeah, and she blames me for everything.

Teri: Not all of this is about you. She's burying a father that she barely knew and a man that changed her life forever. Let her process that.

Dusty: Maybe I shouldn't be here.

Teri: Okay, why don't you just wait for us back at the house? Please, Dusty. It's what's best for her.

Dusty: Take care of her.

Janet: Are you okay?

Jack: Came to a funeral, ended up at a hockey game.

Janet: Everything's changed. I don't know how to do this.

Jack: I don't want you to worry about that now. Just -- you just got to find a way to say good-bye to your father.

Janet: I don't know how to do that, either.

Jack: Nobody does.

Carly: Craig will be here any minute. He's as excited about the fragrance idea as I am. In fact, it was all his idea.

Craig: Hi. Craig Montgomery.

Carly: Rhonda Wiler.

Craig: Sorry to keep you waiting. I was right in the middle of something when Carly called.

Carly: Would you excuse us for a moment, please? What is the matter with you? You look like you've been mauled by a bear. And when was the last time you took a shower?!

Craig: I was up all night.

Carly: It didn't occur to you to maybe change your shirt? This is a business meeting.

Craig: I'm not staying.

Carly: Why not?

Craig: Because I gave it some thought, and I've decided to pull the plug on the fragrance idea.

Carly: Craig, it was your suggestion to begin with.

Craig: Well, it was an impulse. It was a bad one. We can't do everything right out of the gate. We're a fashion house, not a cosmetics company.

Carly: What about expanding the brand and all that?

Craig: This is all about the branding. We have to make sure that everyone knows exactly what Monte Carlo stands for. And right now, that's your vision for women's wear. We can do a fragrance, but next year, after we're established.

Carly: I'm -- I'm confused, 'cause yesterday you were all gung-ho about market share. Remember that?

Craig: I -- I know, I know, I know, I know. I love the idea of a fragrance. I do. Sometimes you have to kill your darlings.

Carly: If we don't get this deal done, the only thing I'm gonna kill is you. Open up. Because we are taking this meeting.

Parker: Where's Gabriel?

Liberty: Home, I guess. I don't know.

Parker: Why didn't he drive you here in his fancy new sports car?

Liberty: I didn't want him to.

Parker: Why not? He seems to be your new best friend?

Liberty: He's not. Look, Parker, I know you won't believe me, but I had no idea Gabriel was gonna show up at my grandparents' house.

Parker: You're right. I don't believe you.

Liberty: I don't know what to tell you, then.

Parker: Where did he sleep last night?

Liberty: What?

Parker: You heard me.

Liberty: Do you really think I had sex with him? Would that have been before or after my grandfather's wake?

Parker: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. That -- that was out of line. But you said you wanted to be alone. He should have respected that.

Liberty: I'm glad he didnít.

Parker: The guy is a player, Liberty. He used Faith to hide his drug stash.

Liberty: What?

Parker: He had a bag of pills, and he had Faith hold on to it for him.

Liberty: I don't believe that.

Parker: He is a sleaze bag, Liberty, and he's probably dealing. That's where he gets all the money, clearly not from doing odd jobs for my mom.

Liberty: My God, will you stop it? I just left my mom alone at her dad's funeral because I couldn't stand listening to her family attack her. So the last thing I want right now is to listen to you trash the person who helped me get away from all of that.

Parker: He didn't do it for you. Gabriel only does stuff for him. And he clearly wants something, and I'm gonna figure out what that is.

Gabriel: Any packages?

Charles: Nothing yet, Mr. Caras.

Gabriel: Would it kill you to call me Gabriel?

Charles: Only if the boss sees me.

Gabriel: Thanks.

[Cell phone rings]

Gabriel: Hello.

Liberty: It's Liberty. Can you meet me at Java? We have to talk.

Gabriel: Yeah. I'll be there in five. Actually, could you do me a favor? Could you hold on just a little bit longer?

Charles: Yeah.

Gabriel: Thanks.

Lily: Good morning, Charles.

Charles: Good morning, Ms. Walsh. Your appointment called. She said she would be running late.

Lily: Who's that young man you were just talking to?

Charles: Gabriel Caras.

Carly: I can already picture the ad in magazines. We'll shoot in Monte Carlo, of course, on the cliffs there. The brand is all about being young and fresh and taking risks, and I like a deeper, spicier scent, like -- like chai. Earthy, you know? How does that sound to you, Craig?

Craig: Yeah, I like chai.

Carly: What a -- a man thing to say, right? I know you, Craig. You won't be behind this unless you're in on it from the beginning.

Craig: It was my idea. Isn't that enough?

Carly: No, I don't think so, not when it comes to you. Would you -- would you put that away, please? It's rude.

Craig: I have things to do this morning. I'm sorry, but I wasn't planning on having a meeting.

Carly: You're -- you're acting like you want this deal to fall through.

Craig: And I already told you I thought it wasn't the right time.

Carly: Well, I think it is, so it is.

Craig: Fine. Let's go to the expert, shall we? You know, we've been doing all the talking. What do you think about all this, Rhoda? Ow! What?

Rhonda: It's Rhonda.

Craig: Oh.

Rhonda: And I'm just taking it all in.

Craig: Well, now it's my turn. What exactly do you provide that's worth $500,000?

Carly: Craig!

[Cell phone rings]

Craig: Oh. I got to take this.

Carly: No. Whatever, it can -- it can wait!

Craig: This better be good news.

Pierce: I found Ellis.

Craig: I'll take it from here. Rhonda, it was so nice to meet you, but I'm afraid I have to run. To be continued.

Lily: Sierra, its Lily. Remember that moment we both wish would never happen? Well, it has. Please call me.

Liberty: Parker got really upset when he found out you came to Melrose Park.

Gabriel: Well, you were in the middle of a family crisis. You had other things on your mind.

Liberty: It's just -- Parker sat with me in the hospital in Minnesota every day, talking to me through a plastic bubble. He's a great guy.

Gabriel: Well, he must be. Otherwise you wouldn't have married him, right?

Liberty: That's sort of a different chapter. A closed one.

Gabriel: Good.

Liberty: Gabriel, I have to ask you something, and I want you to tell me the truth even if you think I won't like it.

Gabriel: Yeah, okay.

Liberty: Do you deal drugs?

Gabriel: Why would you ask me that?

Liberty: Just answer the question.

Gabriel: No.

Liberty: So, the stash you had Faith hide for you, that was for you to use yourself?

Gabriel: No, that stash belonged to Faith, not me, okay? I said it was mine so she wouldn't get in trouble with her mom.

Liberty: Do you swear?

Gabriel: I swear. I don't use or sell drugs.

Liberty: I believe you.

Gabriel: You look tired.

Liberty: It's been a long couple of days.

Gabriel: All right, I'm giving you a ride home, and I'm not taking no for an answer.

Liberty: I don't really want to go back to Carly's yet, and Faith has my old room at the farm. I don't really know where home is right now.

Gabriel: Well, you can always come back to my room if you want. I mean, nothing is gonna happen, I promise -- unless you want it to.

Janet: Thanks for driving me around. I really needed to get away from Aunt Marie and Eddie.

Jack: They don't let up, do they?

Janet: Well, Aunt Marie hasn't changed, but I think she's recruited Eddie to be just like her.

Jack: Lucky guy.

Janet: You know, it's funny. For the first time, I'm actually glad I got away from this place.

Jack: And why's that?

Janet: Could you imagine what I'd be like if I had stayed?

Jack: Oh, you're not like them, Janet. Neither is Teri.

Janet: Yeah. We're mutants.

Jack: You've evolved. They -- they are just -- I'm sorry. They're your family. I shouldn't rag on them.

Janet: No, no, no. It's okay. I miss Pop. And between Aunt Marie and Eddie and the rest of them, I don't feel like I've really gotten time to breathe.

Jack: If you want to leave, just say the word. We can leave right now.

Janet: I canít. I can't leave without saying good-bye.

Dusty: How's that jaw?

Jack: I'll live. How's the hand?

Dusty: I'll never play piano again.

Janet: Jack, would you get my bag for me, please?

Jack: Sure.

Dusty: I never meant to cause trouble.

Janet: I know you meant well. You were just doing what you thought was right for me.

Dusty: I love you.

Janet: I know. You're my hero, my knight in shining armor, but --

Dusty: No, no, no, no, no. Don't do that.

Janet: I can't be engaged to you right now.

Dusty: Janet, keep the ring. Keep it. It will be like before. It's gonna be waiting for you.

Janet: I don't know how long that's gonna be.

Dusty: I can wait.

Janet: No, I can't ask you to do that. I'm mourning my father. I am taking care of my daughter who is sick, and I'm pregnant with another man's baby. We rushed into this, Dusty. We totally --

Dusty: No, we didnít. No, no.

Janet: It was wrong of me to make you a promise I can't keep. Please take the ring.

Dusty: You know that I love you. You've got to tell me, do you love me?

Janet: Of course, I still love you. This wouldn't be so hard if I didnít.

Dusty: We can get through this.

Janet: Maybe we can, but I need time.

Dusty: You take all the time you need. I'm not gonna stop loving you.

Janet: I don't want you to put your life on hold for me.

Dusty: You are my life. When you decide you're ready, I'm gonna put this ring back on your finger, and it's never coming off.

Teri: Hey, Boss. Want to give me a ride home?

Dusty: Yeah. Don't think you're not working tonight. We got a full house, and everybody wants to eat well.

Teri: Oh, trust me, I would love to be alone with my knives right now. Don't let them get to you, okay?

Janet: I'll see you at home. Take care of him.

Teri: I will.

Janet: Thanks.

Craig: Don't go now. It's just getting good. Why are you hiding from me, Ellis? You're starting to hurt my feelings.

Ellis: Sorry.

Craig: Don't be sorry. Just give me back my money.

Ellis: You -- you mean Parker's money.

Craig: What did you do with it?!

Ellis: It's gone.

Craig: Gone? It can't be gone. I gave you millions of dollars to invest in a sure-fire venture. "Can't miss," you said. And now you tell me it's gone?! Where is it?! Don't make me hurt you!

Carly: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Gabriel: If you're hungry, we can get some room service, maybe watch something on pay-per-view.

Liberty: Sounds great, as long as the movie doesn't have cancer, death, hospitals, or relatives in it.

Gabriel: I guess that just leaves us with cartoons then.

Liberty: Perfect.

Gabriel: That's weird.

Liberty: Parker? What are you doing?

Lily: Remember that photograph you gave me? Yeah, I -- I still have it, but I need a more recent one. Brace yourself, Sierra. I think I saw Gabriel Caras here in Oakdale.

Jack: You okay?

Janet: I just gave Dusty back his ring. He and Teresa flew back to Oakdale.

Jack: Sorry. So, do you want to go in and say good-bye?

Janet: I've said enough good-byes today.

Jack: Okay, let's go. You got a family back in Oakdale. They won't ever abandon you.

On the next "As the World Turns."

Parker: The guy is living the life in fancy hotel rooms, chartering private planes. It's because he's a criminal, a thief and a drug dealer.

Lucinda: Who is this attractive young kid?

Lily: Gabriel.

Lucinda: The Gabriel -- Gabriel Caras?

Holden: Asking about Gabriel?

Lily: You know him?

Holden: Yeah. Molly got him a job over at Monte Carlo. Why? Is there anything to be worried about?

Molly: Maybe it's not just about the kids for Lily. You know, I have this feeling that she's got some other agenda going on.

Holden: And what agenda would that be?

Molly: To get you back.

Craig: Stay out of this, Carly. Ellis just made a bad investment call, and I'm just straightening things out. Isn't that right?

Ellis: [Chokes] I can't breathe!

Craig: I won't let you walk away.

Carly: And how do you plan to stop me?

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