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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/23/10

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Carly: Straight to voicemail? Nice. Hi, Jack. It's me -- Carly. Um, I hope things aren't too tough with Janet's family. Anyway, I'm thinking of you. Give -- give me a call when you get the chance, okay? Bye. Enough.

Craig: [Sighs] How am I supposed to keep Parker's trust in the black? Gabriel's taking cash out of it every day. Ellis, you're late. And unless you have good news, turn around and leave. I need that surefire investment of yours to pay off, and I mean now, or else.

Gabriel: "Or else" what?

Craig: What are you doing here, Gabriel?

Gabriel: Just checking up on things. Ooh, what's this? Looks complicated.

Craig: That's none of your business. Unless you're here to work, I don't want you in my office. Get out.

Gabriel: Well, this is me, working.

Craig: You mean blackmailing me?

Gabriel: [Scoffs] Oh, you bet, and that's hard work. [Chuckles] But, you know, what's even harder is trying to get stuff without plastic, so I'm going to need a credit card or a debit card. I'm not picky.

Craig: Are you out of your mind?

Gabriel: Are you willing to risk Carly finding out?

Craig: Parker's trust isn't a bottomless pit of cash. You keep this up -- I won't have anything, and neither will you.

Gabriel: Yeah, well, that's your problem. So why don't you go figure it out, okay? I just need that card by today, or else I'll tell Carly what you're doing with her kid's money.

Craig: Who are you, Kid? Why are you trying to ruin me?

Carly: Oh, hi, Honey. Listen, I need you and your sister to spend the night at the farm, okay?

Parker: What? Why?

Carly: I-I'm just going out of town. Just for one night, though.

Parker: Wait a minute. You're not going to Melrose Park, are you?

Carly: Oh, I never should have let your dad go alone with Janet to her father's funeral.

Parker: Yes, you should have.

Carly: No, no. I need to be there. Would you take this out to the car for me? I just have a couple more things to get, and I'll be all set.

Parker: No, no. I am not going to take this out to your car.

Carly: Parker.

Parker: I'm going to take it upstairs, where you can unpack it.

Carly: I've made up my mind.

Parker: And so have I. I'm not letting you go.

Liberty: Looks just the way you used to describe it to me.

Janet: [Sighs] Hasn't changed. My best friend Lena lived there.

Teri: They moved a while ago.

Janet: Jack, you must be exhausted from all that driving.

Jack: No, I'm good. I got a good rest at the -- at the motel.

Liberty: Mom didnít. She was up all night.

Janet: [Sighs] I'm okay. I'm all right. But I'll tell you something -- I'm not looking forward to walking in that house.

Jack: Oh, you'll be fine. I'll have your back, and the girls will have you by either arm.

Teri: You'll be okay, Jan.

Janet: Theresa, I haven't seen Mom or Eddie or the rest of them in 20 years.

Teri: But you saw Pop before he died, and he made his peace with you. They will, too.

Janet: How am I supposed to explain everything?

Jack: You don't have to explain a thing. You're here to bury your father. Teri, why don't you bring Liberty inside and introduce her around? I'll make sure that Janet's okay, and uh, we'll be right behind you.

Teri: Okay.

Jack: Thanks. Teri's right. You and your father made peace before he died. He'd want it this way.

Janet: It's just so much.

[Jack chuckling]

Jack: It's a lot. They're the ones that turned their backs on you, however -- not the other way around. And this time, you have allies, okay?

Eddie: Jan?

Janet: Eddie? Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! You look just like Pop.

Eddie: And you look the way I remember Mom from --

Janet: Oh. Oh, oh, oh!

Eddie: I'm glad you're here.

Janet: Me too. Jack, this is my baby brother, Eddie. Eddie, this is --

Eddie: The ex-husband or the boyfriend?

Jack: Uh, I'm Jack Snyder.

Eddie: Got it -- the ex.

Jack: Eddie, I'm sorry for your loss. I didn't know your father very well, but --

Eddie: You're that cop, right?

Jack: Yes.

Eddie: Where the hell were you when my father was off doing your job, when he should have been in his hospital bed?

Janet: Eddie. Eddie, donít. Let's -- let's just all go inside, all right?

Eddie: Whatever.

Janet: You sure you're ready for this?

Jack: [Sighs] Just breathe.

[Janet sighs]

Jack: [Chuckles] You okay?

Janet: If you had disowned your daughter, would you have kept her room almost exactly the same for 20 years?

Jack: I never really did understand your family, except for Teri.

Janet: Yeah, well, you only know Teri.

Jack: Well, I got quite a dose downstairs.

Janet: I'm sorry I left you with them.

Jack: No, it's okay. I just wanted to make sure you were okay, though.

Janet: You mean after my fabulous reunion with my mother?

Jack: She seemed pretty out of it.

Janet: Theresa said they had to give her two shots of a sedative. [Sniffles] She's not capable of handling this.

Jack: Well, I know she's your mom, but she hasn't done anything for you for years, so please, don't take her on now, too. You got enough going on.

[Janet sighs]

Jack: Was that yours?

Janet: Yep. Then it was Maryannís, and then it was Theresaís. Mom had this thing about us girls and brides.

Jack: [Laughs] Why doesn't that surprise me?

Janet: She was always in and out of the hospital, but she told us that as long as we had a good husband, we could do no wrong. Everything would be okay. Nice, huh?

Jack: Mm.

Janet: [Sighs] Oh. I used to stand in this mirror every day when I was pregnant, just looking to see if I showed. I was terrified my father would find out. And of course, he did. I was such a huge disappointment to him.

Jack: Hey, he disappointed you, too. He wasn't there when you needed him.

Janet: Oh.

Jack: I know this is big for you. I do.

Janet: I used to keep a picture of Brad in between the mattresses.

Jack: Do you think it's still there?

Janet: Oh, no. That's the one thing I took with me when my dad kicked me out. I lost so much that day. And for about 5 minutes, I had my dad back. I almost had him back. You know? [Sniffles]

Eddie: What did you say to her?

Janet: Oh, Eddie, knock it off. I'm not upset because of Jack.

Eddie: Sorry.

Janet: This is -- this is a lot for me.

Eddie: It's a lot for all of us, Jan. I have a question.

Jack: For me?

Eddie: Yeah.

Janet: Eddie.

Eddie: Can you tell me how my Pop went to Oakdale just fine and came home in a box?

[Liberty sighs]

Teri: Hey, you okay, Lib?

Liberty: How did you stand these people all this time, Teri, seriously?

Teri: I never actually had to live with my cousins. I'd just get to see them at weddings and funerals.

Liberty: That's too much.

Aunt Marie: Nice, nice. But then again, you never had a family, so what do you know?

Teri: Aunt Marie.

Liberty: I do have a family -- my mom, who's been there for me every day of my life, no thanks to any of you.

Aunt Marie: You got some mouth on you, don't you?

Liberty: You keep sticking those things in yours and you're going to end up like me.

Teri: Hey, Aunt Marie, I was telling you earlier that Liberty's a great student, and she is going to school to be a fashion designer, so --

Aunt Marie: Oh. Hope that's something they can teach because it doesn't look like you were born with the gene, Honey.

Liberty: Uh, beauty comes from within, which is probably why you're having a hard time recognizing it.

Aunt Marie: Uh, Teri, why don't you go in and check on Aunt Josephineís stuffed shells, huh?

Teri: I think Aunt Josephine could work on her own stuffed shells.

Liberty: Oh, its okay, Teri. I can handle this.

Teri: You shouldn't have to.

Aunt Marie: Oh, come on, ter. Please, go on. I mean, what am I going to do to the kid, huh?

Teri: Send up a flame if you need me.

Liberty: Thanks.

Gabriel: [Chuckles] Listen, Dude, if your life is ruined, look in the mirror, okay? I didn't do that to you -- you did that to yourself.

Craig: By the way you're enjoying robbing me blind, I'd say you're taking some kind of perverse pleasure out of it.

Gabriel: Yeah, I try to enjoy my work.

Craig: Mom and Dad must be so proud.

Gabriel: [Scoffs] Okay, so do I get my credit card or what?

Craig: I don't know. I'm not sure I want to give it to you now.

Gabriel: Remember, I still got the goods on you. If I tell Carly what I know, your life as you know it is over.

Craig: "Got the goods"? Oh, you are a piece of work, Kid.

Gabriel: [Chuckles] Well, it takes one to know one.

Craig: You know, whatever it is that's got you so angry, you better learn to master it before it masters you. Because when it takes over -- and it will -- it'll eat you alive.

Gabriel: You would know, wouldn't you?

Carly: Oh, you do? On the last flight to Melrose Park? That's great. I will take it. Yes, that's right -- Tenney.  All right, thanks. Yeah, I'm on my way. Oh, don't you like at me like that. I-I need to be there, Parker.

Parker: No, no. I should be there for Liberty way more than you should be there for Dad. She doesn't know anybody there.

Carly: Well, and your father does?

Parker: He's a big boy, Mom.

Carly: And Liberty's got her mother, and she's got her aunt.

Parker: You know what? You're making a mistake.

Carly: Fine. You think I'm making a mistake? Then come with me, and I'll show you that I'm not.

Parker: No, I'm not going with you.

Carly: Well, you just said Liberty --

Parker: Yeah, I want to go, but I know that Liberty doesn't want me there, and you should know the same thing about Dad.

Carly: Your father invited me.

Parker: And you said no.

Carly: I changed my mind.

Parker: Why?

Carly: Because I'm a moron, okay? I should have been by your father's side through this whole thing, instead of playing the stay-at-home martyr.

Parker: Well, what about respecting Janet's wishes?

Carly: I'm not going to crash the funeral, all right? But if I don't take my place by your father's side, I could lose it. Now, just wait here, okay? I've forgot something upstairs.

Jack: Eddie, I get how upset you are, and I'm really sorry about that, but I don't have the answer to your question.

Eddie: Why not?

Jack: Be-because I don't know why your father left the hospital, or if that's even the reason why he died or not.

Eddie: So you're just as clueless and innocent in all this as the rest of them -- is that it? Is this good enough for you, huh -- not knowing the truth about what really happened to our father?

Jack: I know you want answers. If I were in your shoes, Eddie, I'd want them, too. But lay off your sister. I mean it. She's here to pay respects to your father. This is hell for her. I think you're smart enough to understand why.

Eddie: Why are you here? You're not even married to her anymore.

Jack: I'm here because Janet wants me to be here. I'm going to give her as much support as I can until she tells me otherwise, no matter what you think. Are we clear? Eddie, I get how upset you are, and I'm really sorry. By the time the ambulance got there, it was too late to save your father.

Janet: Are you okay, Eddie?

Eddie: What was he thinking?

Janet: He wasnít.

Eddie: Some guy tries to whack your latest boyfriend, and Pop thinks it's his job to get even?

Jack: No, I don't think he was trying to get even.

Eddie: Did your boyfriend put him up to it?

Janet: I don't know what Dusty did.

Eddie: Can't keep track -- is that it, Jan?

Janet: Hey.

Jack: Whoa, hey. Wait a second.

Janet: It's personal, okay? Just stay out of it.

Eddie: Explain something to me -- you're wearing Dusty's ring, but he's not here, and your ex-husband is.

Janet: It's complicated, and, besides, and not the point.

Eddie: Your whole life is complicated. That's why you haven't been back here since I was a kid.

Janet: Is that what you think?

Eddie: You took off, and we never heard from you again, and then the next time we do, Pop gets killed while your new boyfriend holds his hand.

Jack: Okay, hold on a second. Listen, I don't know what story you were told about how your sister or why your sister went M.I.A. for 20 years, but the truth is, she was kicked out of here by a couple of hard-headed, small-minded people who couldn't see beyond their own shame that their daughter needed them and was scared. And because of that, Eddie, because of that, they missed out on getting to know two incredible women -- your sister and your niece. So you can think whatever you want, and you can rant to whomever will listen, but as long as I'm standing here, you will not go after this woman!

Janet: Jack, its okay.

Jack: No, it's not okay, Janet. It's not okay. She was 16 when she was kicked out of here, Eddie -- 16 years old and pregnant and terrified and had nowhere to go. And instead of folding and feeling sorry for herself, she picked up whatever life she had left, and she made an incredible one with her daughter. 16 --do you remember when you were 16, Eddie? I do. I could barely make myself lunch.

Eddie: I'm sorry, Jan. You got the Ciccone good looks -- I got the lousy temper.

Jack: I'm sorry about that, if I was too harsh on him. Do you think so?

Janet: You want to know what I think?

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: I think my life would have been a lot easier if you had been here in the good old days.

Jack: [Laughs] Well, I'm here now.

Craig: Now, like I told you, this is a debit card. It has a limit. Are we clear?

Gabriel: [Laughs] I'm going to need an advance.

Craig: What?

Gabriel: Cash, Craig.

Craig: I just handed you a debit card!

Gabriel: Look, $20s will be fine. I'll keep my mouth shut while my wallet's full.

[Money rustling]

Parker: Craig, I need your -- what's going on here?

Craig: Gabriel just needed a little advance on his salary, and he was just leaving.

Parker: You've got a brand-new convertible parked out front. What do you need a handful of $20s for?

Gabriel: Uh, times are tough.

Parker: Really?

Gabriel: Yeah, I'm going to go get that light, Boss. Thanks.

Parker: Couldn't you just find someone else to work for you?

Craig: Forget it. What's the matter? You look upset.

Parker: It's my mom. You need to stop her.

Craig: [Scoffs] Stop her from what?

Parker: From flying to Melrose Park and crashing Janet's father's funeral.

Craig: What?

Parker: She seems to think it's the only way to make sure that Dad's still on her team and not Janetís.

Craig: At a funeral?

Parker: Yes, that's why you need to change her mind, because if she goes there, she's going to make everything worse.

Craig: Parker, I'm the last person your mother agrees with on anything, and I haven't been successful at talking her off the mountain at all lately.

Parker: Well, I don't want you to talk her off the mountain. I want you to lie her off it.

Craig: Come again?

Parker: You're the best liar I know, Craig. So what I want you to do is tell her something that keeps her from leaving town.

Liberty: You know what those things are doing to your lungs?

Aunt Marie: You got one of them disorders or something?

Liberty: Leukemia?

Aunt Marie: No, the other one, where you don't eat. You're thin as a rail.

Liberty: Chemo can do that.

Aunt Marie: Oh, that stuff's poison. You know that, don't you?

Liberty: Actually, it's helped.

Aunt Marie: No telling what it's going to do to you down the line.

[Aunt Marie chuckles]

Liberty: Are you really this awful, or am I just in the middle of the world's worst daymare?

Aunt Marie: Are you going to wear that hat thing to your grandfather's funeral? You're not, are you?

Liberty: You want me to take it off?

Aunt Marie: Well, I know a wigmaker in town. You could get a red one, look more like your mother.

Liberty: I'll stick with my hat thing.

Aunt Marie: Does your mother approve of this, uh, look?

Liberty: This what? I have cancer. I lost my hair!

Aunt Marie: Well, you think a mother would buy her kid a wig, then.

Liberty: My mother takes great care of me, okay? Always has, all by her lonesome.

Aunt Marie: [Laughs] Lonesome? Jan Ciccone? Come on.

Liberty: Excuse me? d

Aunt Marie: Well, first -- first, it was your father, then there was this guy that actually married her, the one sitting in the house. But apparently that's over, 'cause I heard Josephine say something about some new guy, a grumpy -- bumpy?

Liberty: Dusty.

Aunt Marie: Yeah, that's him. So, where is he, or didn't she think it would look good to have two dates at her father's funeral?

Liberty: [Scoffs] Is this really happening?

[Cell phone ringing]

Gabriel: Hey, it's Gabriel. How's it going over there?

Liberty: Worst thing ever.

Gabriel: It's that sad?

Liberty: "Sad" isn't the word I was thinking of, actually.

[Lighter clicks]

Liberty: Tell me something nice, like what time the garbage trucks came by this morning.

Gabriel: I'm sorry, Liberty.

Liberty: I'm sorry I'm complaining. This is really hard on my mom. I just have to get through it. You know what? If I could fly away, I would.

Gabriel: Yeah, I know that feeling, too. Maybe we can help teach other how to do that.

Carly: Craig, whatever it is, I really don't have time right now.

Craig: I need you make the time.

Carly: Yeah, no, sorry.

Craig: Are you willing to pass up the biggest money-making opportunity our recently revitalized company has been presented with thus far?

Carly: Oh, Craig, I cannot deal with this right now.

Craig: Have I ever lead you astray?

Carly: Is that a rhetorical question?

Craig: I have one word for you.

Carly: I think I have two for you.

Craig: "Fragrance."

Carly: What?

Craig: Our new line, ready for Milan, launches with a new fragrance called "Monte Carlo." [Chuckles] Its genius, isn't it?

Carly: Okay, well, whip up a batch, and I'll sniff it when I get home, okay?

Craig: Sophisticated, stylish, impulsive, like you.

Carly: Oh, wait.

Craig: You're feeling me now, aren't you?

Carly: I'm feeling played by my own kid. Parker got to you, didn't he?

Craig: You -- you think Parker is behind this? Carly, teenage boys don't think about fragrances unless it's a burger-and-fries combo.

Carly: Parker asked you to come here to keep me from making this trip to Melrose Park.

Craig: Melrose Park? Isn't that where Janet's father is being --

Carly: Would you knock it off? You know I know why you're here.

Craig: All right, fine, but the fragrance idea is real. And you really shouldn't go to this funeral. Jack or no Jack, it's a dumb idea. It screams desperation.

Carly: I don't care. He needs me.

Craig: Did he say that?

Carly: He didn't have to.

Craig: [Sighs] You know better than this. If you show up there, it'll just show Jack that you're needy and that you don't trust him with Janet -- at a funeral, no less.

Carly: What am I supposed to do -- sit around here, sketching couture dresses until he gets back?

Craig: Sounds like a good plan to me.

Carly: While Janet is leaning her pregnant head on his shoulder and weeping?

Craig: Can I make just one more point?

Carly: What?

Craig: If Jack is that vulnerable, you've got much bigger problems than a surprise visit is going to address.

Janet: Hey, do you guys want to go for a walk with us around the neighborhood?

Liberty: Is there a bus stop on the way?

Janet: Why? What happened?

Teri: Aunt Marie.

Janet: Oh, no, she didnít.

Liberty: Mom, that woman's a horror show or a train wreck -- I think a train wreck because, as she was sitting there with all that smoke circling above her head, criticizing everything about our lives, I couldn't stop staring.

Janet: I'm sorry, Liberty.

Liberty: Don't be. I just can't figure out why you waited till they threw you out of the house to get away from it.

Janet: I know. I know. I know. But in spite of everything that they did to me, I tried all my whole life to give you a sense of family.

Liberty: You did. We are, but those people -- they're like their own bad reality show.

Janet: What did she say?

Liberty: Well, in random order, she offered to buy me a red wig so I would look more like you, she implied you were a slut, and she told me the chemo was poison.

Jack: Oh, for God's sake.

Liberty: I know. I hate them.

Janet: No, don't, Liberty. It's not worth it.

Liberty: They're not worth it, Mom. They can never take us away from each other.

Carly: Absolutely none of this is helping, Craig.

Craig: You need to keep busy.

Carly: I'm busy as hell, thank you very much.

Craig: Apparently not enough. You -- you need focus, diversion. You need a purpose.

Carly: You need to leave me alone.

Craig: Which is why this fragrance idea is such a brilliant one.

Carly: There is no fragrance idea. It was just another one of your pathetic lies.

Craig: It was not pathetic. Come on, Carly -- a new fragrance to launch at the same time our clothing line does? I mean, come to think of it, it really is genius.

Carly: Fine, okay. I see your point.

Craig: And do you see how bad you'll look if you show up at that funeral?

Carly: I never look bad, Craig.

Craig: Well, then, let's keep the perfection going, shall we?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Okay. Okay, 'cause you're right, really. If I chase after Jack every time Janet has a disaster or a baby --

Craig: Thank you.

Carly: But this -- this fragrance thing -- it's going to take a ton of time and two tons of money, and you've already put so much of your own cash into this launch.

Craig: It's only money.

Carly: Oh, well, sometimes I really do wish I carried around a little tape recorder.

Craig: So, you'll stay and we'll put our heads together on this fragrance idea?

Carly: Yes, and yes.

Craig: Good. Go unpack. I'll get the ball rolling.

Carly: And, Craig, thank you.

Craig: You're welcome.

Carly: I don't know what I would do without you lately. Imagine that.

Craig: Ellis, if you're hearing this, then that means you've picked up your messages, which means you know that I am going to be your first call back because I need to spend some more money, and you need to make sure that it's available to me, 'cause if you don't, we're both going to jail.


Liberty: Bye. Oh, dear God. I swear, she's going to just ignite.

Aunt Marie: Theresa, I just tasted that sauce on the stove.

Teri: It's just a bťarnaise sauce for the filet mignon.

Aunt Marie: Oh, well, parlez-vous espaŮol to you, too. It was, uh, good.

Teri: Thank you, Aunt Marie.

Aunt Marie: You know, your mother and I both learned to cook from your grandmother. I would have thought some of the old world stuff would have rubbed off on you.

Liberty: Lucky for her, it didnít.

Teri: Lib.

Aunt Marie: What's that supposed to mean?

Liberty: That this house is full of mean people full of judgments, and my mother was lucky to get out alive.

Aunt Marie: Listen, Kid, you may not know me from Adam, but you do not talk to me like that.

Liberty: Then don't you bad-mouth my mother when she raised me with all the love she had and then some, while you people acted like she was the worst person on the face of the earth. So she got pregnant before she graduated high school. So what? It happens to the best of us.

Aunt Marie: Maybe you don't go to mass, but what your mother did, in our religion, is a sin.

Teri: Liberty, it -- it isn't worth it.

Liberty: You want to talk about sins? You're on. I'm sorry my grandfather is dead, but what you all did to my mother -- that is a sin. Having me wasnít.

Aunt Marie: Do you think we forgot she was alive after she left? We thought about her day and night, night and day.

Liberty: She didn't leave, Aunt Marie. She was thrown out.

Aunt Marie: Well, your grandparents were never the same after it happened, Liberty -- you should know that.

Liberty: Then they should have tried to find us. Ugh! Okay, whatever!

[Cell phone rings]

Liberty: What?

Parker: Liberty?

Liberty: Parker, I'm sorry. I didn't see who it was before I picked up.

Parker: You don't sound so good.

Liberty: I'm not.

Parker: Well, are you feeling okay?

Liberty: I feel fine. I'm just surrounded by the family from hell.

Parker: Well, you know, just say the word, and I can be right there.

Liberty: Parker, no way.

Parker: If it's really that terrible --

Liberty: It is.

Parker: Then let me help you get through it.

Liberty: Parker, I canít. I-I have to go.

Parker: Liberty, wait. Wait. Don't hang up. Liber--

Gabriel: Oh, whoa, too late for that, I guess. Hey, maybe you should start taking the hint.

Jack: You used to come here as a kid?

Janet: Yep, and then, when I was a teenager, I'd come here to get away from them.

Jack: [Laughs] I would have set up a tent here, myself.

Janet: No, they're awful.

Jack: No, hey, listen, I think you facing all of this -- it's really important, in terms of you moving forward, you know?

Janet: Yeah, I know.

Jack: And I know that you came here to mourn your father and what you lost with him, but, Janet, that loss is all on him, not you.

Janet: The day he died, he tried so hard to explain to me why he did the things he did, the way he was feeling.

Jack: Yeah, well, some of that will never be explained. Just know that he died knowing that you'd forgiven him.

Janet: When I was in my bedroom earlier, I was thinking about the day he kicked me out. He was so sad, but he wouldn't change his mind. And then my mother -- well, that's a whole different story. She wouldn't even look at me as I walked out the door.

Jack: Okay, so you took all that love, and you -- and you put it on your daughter, and you're both the better for it.

Janet: I tried so hard to do right by her.

Jack: And you did. Liberty knows that -- that's all that's important.

Janet: It just -- it took me a long time to learn to like myself, you know, because they made me feel less than.

Jack: You never were.

Janet: You know when that changed?

Jack: No.

Janet: When someone gave their love to me. When you fell in love with me, I learned to love myself again. That's what you gave me.

Jack: That someone as caring and loving and giving as you could have ever been made to feel like they weren't good enough by anyone just isn't right. You're the best person I know, Janet.

Janet: You're the best person I know, too.

Jack: It's kind of crazy that two perfect people couldn't make it, huh?

Janet: What are the odds?

[Jack chuckles]

Janet: If you don't mind, I'd like to be by myself for a little while.

Jack: Sure. Take as much time as you need.

Janet: Thank you.

Jack: Just know that we're going to have to leave for the wake soon.

Janet: Like I could forget.

Jack: Right.

Janet: I won't be long. I just want to walk a little more.

Jack: Sure.

Parker: How about you stay out of my business?

Gabriel: And what business is that, again? What -- Liberty? 'Cause it sounds to me like she doesn't want anything to do with you right now.

Parker: You know nothing about me and Liberty.

Gabriel: Parker, I was standing right there, okay? She just hung up on you. She totally dissed you. She doesn't want to deal with you right now.

Parker: You've known Liberty for -- what --- like 15 minutes? And yet, you already think that you know what she wants.

Gabriel: [Scoffs] Yeah, I do. Yeah, I got a gut instinct for these sorts of things.

Parker: You're so full of it.

Gabriel: You know, you don't know a thing about what Liberty wants or needs -- what -- 'cause you've known her for like forever? That's why you're here, okay, and she's there. She just hung up on you. [Scoffs]

Teri: You okay, Lib?

Liberty: Yeah, I'm fine.

Aunt Marie: Your phone rings a lot. You must be kind of popular with the boys, huh?

Liberty: That surprises you?

Aunt Marie: No, you're a lot like your mother.

Liberty: If I am, I'm lucky.

Aunt Marie: Well, just be careful -- that's all I'm going to say about it.

Liberty: Is it, Aunt Marie?

Teri: Hey, Lib, just let it be.

Liberty: No, I'm curious. You don't want me to end up like my mom, right -- pregnant and on my own?

Aunt Marie: Who would want that?

Liberty: Not me. But you know what? I already did. Yeah, how about that? I got knocked up, and then I lost the baby, and then, about five minutes after that happened, my father died. So you know what, Aunt Marie? I've kind of seen it all, but until today, I hadn't heard it all. So thank you for filling in the missing piece.

Aunt Marie: I, uh, I did not know any of this.

Liberty: No, of course not, because you've never bothered to ask.

Teri: Oh, hey, Aunt Marie, can you do me a favor? Can you go check on my penne? 'Cause I want to pull that out of the oven before we go to the wake.

Liberty: She had it coming.

Teri: I know they seem awful, but they really can grow on you.

Liberty: Like mold? Seriously, Teri, this is, like, the worst family ever.

Teri: I know, but they did something right -- me and you and your mom.

Liberty: I know. How the hell did that happen? [Laughs]

Carly: Mm. Eau "I don't have a clue."

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Hi.

Jack: You sound surprised.

Carly: No, I-I just -- I know you're in the middle of it up there with Janet's family. How's it going?

Jack: Complicated.

Carly: I bet. How's Janet doing?

Jack: She's pretty tough.

Carly: Well, that's good.

Jack: Her family, on the other hand -- well, let's just say I'm exceptionally grateful for the life I have back home with you.

Carly: I miss you.

Jack: I miss you, too. I'm sorry I haven't been able to talk. It's kind of hard to find some time alone.

Carly: Well, I'm just happy to hear your voice. I love you.

Jack: Oh, well, I --

Janet: Hey, Jack, I hope you're hungry. I think we're supposed to eat before the wake and after the wake -- that's how Italians say goodbye. Oh, I'm sorry.

Jack: No, it's -- it's no big deal. Listen, Carly, I got to go.

Carly: Of course. I understand. Call me later.

Jack: I will when I can. Bye.

Carly: Bye.

[Door opens]

Carly: Well, your little plan with Craig worked. He talked me out of going to the funeral. What's going on?

Parker: Can I borrow your suitcase?

Carly: For what?

Parker: I'm going.

Carly: Wait, you're going -- oh, no, you're not. You are not going.

Parker: Just watch me.

Craig: I swear, Ellis, if you don't call me back in the next five minutes -- yes, hello. My name is Craig Montgomery. Your boss, Ellis Nelson, is my accountant. For some reason, he is not returning my calls. So, unless he's dead, I want you to put him on the phone right now. Excuse me? What do you mean he cleaned out his desk? There's no forwarding number? Disappeared?

Carly: Parker, you can't do this.

Parker: Well, if I can't borrow your carry-on, then I'll just have to use this bag.

Carly: I'm not talking about the suitcase! Listen to me.

Parker: What?

Carly: Not one hour ago, you told me that you -- you chose not to go up and be with Liberty because you didn't think it was the right thing to do.

Parker: Well, that was then.

Carly: And what is it now?

Parker: Different.

Carly: How?

Parker: I spoke to her on the phone, and I can tell that she needs me.

Carly: You can tell?

Parker: Yes, and that's all that I need to know.

Carly: Hmm. So my running off there -- that would be desperate, but -- but you doing the same thing -- it isn't?

Parker: Can I tell you something, mom?

Carly: Of course you can.

Parker: I can feel her slipping away from me.

Carly: Oh, Parker.

Parker: When she was sick and in the hospital, I knew exactly what she needed without her having to say anything. It was amazing, really. But now, it -- it feels like things are changing, and it's freaking me out.

Carly: What do you think's changed?

Parker: That's just it -- I don't know. That's why I need to find her and look her in the eye, so I can figure that out.

Carly: Oh, Parker, you have no idea how well I know that feeling.

Parker: Then you know why I have to go.

Carly: This may not be how you keep Liberty close, though. She may push you away if it really is the wrong thing to do.

Parker: It's too bad I didn't just tell you that we could go together before I got all hung up on talking you out of it, huh?

Carly: Yeah, Baby, it's too bad.

Liberty: Parker really wanted to come be with me, but I told him not to.

Teri: That's probably the right thing to do.

Liberty: He was so amazing to me for so long, I feel guilty not just saying yes, but it's like -- not like he's pressuring me, but I feel pressure. Like, I can't give him what he wants.

Teri: Okay, well, when we get back to Oakdale, you can deal with it. You guys are close enough to talk it through.

Aunt Marie: You girls better come in here and eat before the wake. The smell of the flowers next to the casket will knock you flat on your back on an empty stomach.

Teri: [Chuckles] Well, that makes me hungry. How about you?

Liberty: You go ahead without me.

Teri: You sure? You really should eat something, and most of the food is mine, so I can vouch for it.

Liberty: I will, just give me a minute.

Teri: All right.

Liberty: [Sighs] May as well get it over with. Gabriel, what are you doing here?

Gabriel: Well, you said you wanted to fly away.

Aunt Marie: Liberty Ciccone, come eat!

Gabriel: Go on. I'll wait. I don't want to fly alone.

Janet: Hey, I'm sorry I interrupted your phone call with Carly.

Jack: She gets it.

Janet: I know, but she doesn't like it.

Jack: Carly, more than anyone, knows that life is rarely simple.

Janet: But, still, you're here with me, and she's --

Aunt Marie: Jan!

Janet: Oh, God.

Aunt Marie: Jan, your ziti is going to be cold as ice!

Janet: Oh, my God. It's like I never left.

Jack: But that's the thing, Janet -- you did.

Janet: Yeah, I did. I got out.

Jack: Yes, and you made it on your own.

Janet: And I met some pretty great and important people along the way.

Jack: Well, I got to tell you -- great and important people often do.

Janet: I know this is hard, it's so unusual, and my family gives new meaning to the word "Hell."

[Jack laughs]

Janet: But I'm really glad you're here to share it with me.

Jack: You want to hear something even crazier?

Janet: Sure.

Jack: I'm actually glad I'm here to share it, too. Let's go eat some ziti.

Janet: Even if it's ice-cold?

Jack: Even if it's served by your Aunt Marie.

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