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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/20/10

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Craig: How many times do I have to tell you this, Ellis? I will replace the money in Parker's trust as soon as Monte Carlo begins to produce a reliable revenue stream. Meanwhile, I still need to put another expense on the debit card.

[Knock on door]

Craig: But somebody's here right now. Let me call you back. Parker.

Parker: Hi. We need to talk about my trust fund.

Craig: Your -- your trust fund. Sure. What about it?

Parker: Well, I was walking down the street today, and I walked by this car dealership, and there was this really sweet convertible on sale.

Craig: Okay, I have to stop you right there. I think that's a pretty bad idea. Now, I got you the debit card so you could go up to Minnesota, see Liberty while she was still in the hospital there, but that was a unique situation.

Parker: I agree with you.

Craig: You do?

Parker: Yeah. I mean, I realize that just because that jerk Gabriel got a hot new ride doesn't mean that I need to get one.

Craig: He really is a jerk, isn't he?

Parker: The point is, I've been working very hard this past year to do the right thing, to be responsible, to prove myself to my parents, to take care of Liberty. And I was ready just suddenly one second to blow it all because of an idiot.

Craig: You know, I think that's -- that's very, very mature of you.

Parker: That's why I want you to shut down the debit card account.

Craig: What?

Parker: Well, Liberty's back home. She's doing better. So I don't need it anymore.

Craig: That doesn't mean you have to shut it down.

Parker: Well, I don't want the temptation, so I want you to shut down the account, take whatever money there is left in the trust fund, and make it as hard as possible for me to get at it.

Gabriel: So, what do you want to do?

Liberty: I don't know. I'm actually fine just sitting here.

Gabriel: Well, you just got some really great news. You don't want to celebrate?

Liberty: I know, but I'm still trying to take it all in. I keep thinking my phone's gonna ring and the doctor will tell me there's been a mistake.

Gabriel: Well, did he sound confused when he told you?

Liberty: No.

Gabriel: So I don't think you're gonna be getting that call.

Liberty: I'm just having a hard time believing it's true. I must have thought a million times about what I'd do when chemo was over, but now that it is, I'm like lost.

Gabriel: Right. It came sooner than you expected.

Liberty: Shouldn't that make it even better?

Gabriel: Just give it some time.

Liberty: I guess. Don't you have anything better to do than just sitting here with me?

Gabriel: Well, what could be better than sitting with someone who just got their life back?

Liberty: Yeah, I did, didn't I? But I'm still kind of sick, and I'm bald, and I have a complicated relationship with my ex-husband.

Gabriel: I mean, I'm pretty sure you just described the girl of my dreams.

Liberty: Right.

Gabriel: What?

Liberty: Why are you here? I mean, really, why are you acting like someone who cares what happens to me?

Teri: Thought I heard somebody.

Dusty: What are you doing here?

Teri: I just came by to pick something up. I'm glad I ran into you.

Dusty: Why?

Teri: Well, you haven't been around for a while, and we missed you.

Dusty: Thanks.

Teri: How are you feeling? The doctor said you could drink so soon after your surgery?

Dusty: Well, they didn't say I couldn’t.

Teri: Maybe you should lay off.

Dusty: You want one?

Teri: No.

Dusty: It might help.

Teri: With what?

Dusty: You haven't talked to your sister yet, have you?

Teri: Talked to her about what?

Dusty: You don't know?

Teri: Know what? What are you talking about?

Dusty: You better sit down.

Janet: Sorry.

Jack: No, don't be.

Janet: I just keep carrying on like this, it's ridiculous.

Jack: You just lost your father, Janet.

Janet: I can't believe it.

Carly: I saw Dusty. He told me what happened. I just want to tell you how sorry I am and tell you that you and Liberty are welcome to stay at the house as long as you need to.

Janet: I can’t.

Carly: I know that you're upset with me, and I didn't mean to --

Janet: No, I mean, I -- I just -- I can't do this with you right now. Excuse me.

Jack: Why don't I call you later? I have to help Janet sign some papers so the hospital can release her father to the funeral home.

Carly: Well, call me as soon as you can. It's important.

Janet: Can you just back off for a second?

Carly: What?

Janet: I just lot my father, and Jack is trying to help me deal with this. So would you get over yourself and just leave us alone?

Carly: Janet, I'm -- I am not trying to take Jack away.

Janet: You mean for the first time since we've been married?

Carly: That is not true.

Janet: What's the difference, Carly? You got what you wanted anyway, so why don't you let me mourn with my family? You can gloat later.

Carly: I'm certainly not gloating.

Jack: Maybe you should -- you should go.

Carly: What?

Jack: I've got to help Janet with a lot of things. Like I said, I'll call you later.

Carly: Okay. Fine. I am so sorry.

Janet: Thank you.

Jack: Let's take care of signing that paperwork, okay?

Craig: You know, Parker, if this were only a year ago, I think I would have agreed with you. I would have said, "You’re right, you shouldn't have that debit card." But now I think you're mature enough. I don't think you'll abuse it.

Parker: I don't want it.

Craig: I'll tell you what. I'll hang on to it for you. I know Liberty's doing fine now, but just in case she backslides, the card will be available in case you need it.

Parker: She's doing a lot better. The doctor told us today that the cancer's retreating. So I don't need the card. What I do need is for that money to be in a place where I can't touch it.

Craig: Well, I don't think that's a good idea.

Parker: Is this about my mom?

Craig: Why would this be about your mom?

Parker: Well, this whole you telling me how mature I am thing, is this you trying to butter me up to score points with her?

Craig: I didn't even think about your mother.

Parker: Come on.

Craig: Trust me, I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed.

Parker: Then why are you working so hard to bring Monte Carlo back to life?

Craig: Because I think this company has great potential.

Parker: My mom is back together with my father. You know that, right?

Craig: Yeah. The news has reached me.

Parker: And even if things are a little weird between them right now, they're together.

Craig: Weird? Weird how?

Parker: Never mind. It doesn't matter.

Craig: I know they're fighting. Your mother told me that much just this afternoon.

Parker: I'm not talking about this with you, Craig.

Craig: Okay, well, but what about the debit card?

Parker: Just forget it. I'll keep it.

Janet: I don't know what I'm gonna say to my mother.

Jack: Well, whatever you do, you got to say it soon. Your father was going after one of Ralph’s guys. News like that travels fast.

Janet: Gosh, it's weird, you know? All those years alone with Liberty on our own, I always thought that I was gonna be the one to get a phone call someday saying my dad was dead. I never thought I was gonna be the one making that call.

Jack: You have Teri to help you.

Janet: I have to tell Teresa.

Jack: Yeah, you should, before she hears it from somebody else.

Janet: You're right.

Jack: Come on. We'll go find her.

Janet: You'll come with me?

Jack: Unless, of course, you want Dusty to do it.

Janet: No.

Jack: Okay. Then let's go.

Janet: Wait, Jack. Are you sure? Because Carly wanted to talk to you, and I was really mean to her.

Jack: Carly has been very, very patient, but she understands what you're going through. Don't worry. I'm here as long as you need me to be.

Janet: That means a lot to me.

Parker: Mom, you okay?

Carly: Janet's father died.

Parker: Oh, my God. Well, does Liberty know?

Carly: I don't know.

Parker: Was she upstairs in her room?

Carly: No. No one else is here.

Parker: She's probably still out with Gabriel. She got really good news today and decided to go out with him to celebrate. Long story.

Carly: I think you should probably find her and tell her what happened.

Parker: Yeah, yeah. You sure you're okay?

Carly: I'm fine. Go on, find Liberty.

Dusty: They tried to revive him, but it was too late.

Janet: Teresa --

Teri: Janet. I don't believe it. I can't believe Pop's gone.

Janet: I know. I know.

Teri: I don't know what we're supposed to do. Did you -- did you tell Mom? Does she know?

Janet: No. Teresa, I haven't talked to her in so long, I wasn't sure that I was the one that should call her.

Teri: Okay. God, we have to tell her. We should do it together.

Janet: Yeah, okay. I'd like that.

Teri: I think Pop would, too.

Janet: I know. Okay. Come on.

Dusty: How is she?

Jack: How do you think?

Dusty: Anything I can do?

Jack: Well, I think she thinks you've done enough.

Dusty: But you can never do enough, right?

Jack: Excuse me?

Dusty: You think this is your big chance to make up for the lousy way you've been treating her all these months?

Jack: I'm not doing this with you right now, Dusty.

Dusty: Jack, 'cause in the end, you always come up short, and I have to pick up the pieces.

Jack: Do yourself and me a favor and just stay out of it.

Dusty: I'm not gonna watch you disappoint her again.

Jack: Is that your job?

Dusty: You dumped her, went back to your ex. That doesn't change just because now you're suddenly Mr. Sensitive after her father dies.

Jack: Don't give me advice on my marriage.

Dusty: You're not her husband anymore, Jack! You're divorced! Did you forget that?

Jack: I remember a lot of things, Dusty. Don't worry. So does Janet.

Dusty: I think you should leave her alone.

Janet: Well, I don't, so it doesn't matter what you think.

Teri: I thought we were gonna call Mom. Is something wrong?

Janet: That depends. Do we have a problem?

Dusty: No, we don’t. Let me know if you need anything, either of you.

Teri: He's just trying to help.

Janet: Don't defend him.

Teri: Okay, okay. I understand why you don't want him here right now. Why is he here?

Jack: I'm here to help Janet.

Teri: What brought that on?

Janet: Teresa, please.

Teri: No, I don't understand why he's okay and Dusty's not?

Janet: Because Jack didn't cost our father his life.

Jack: Look, whatever happened between Janet and me, we're having a baby together, and I intend on taking care of both of them.

Teri: The way you intended to take care of her when you were married?

Janet: Please, Teresa, don't do this right now.

Teri: No, I'm just curious as to why we're just suddenly acting like Jack's husband of the year. He did walk out on you, remember?

Janet: I asked him to stay with me, okay?

Teri: No. No, it's not okay. You wanted Dusty gone. That's how I feel about him.

Gabriel: So, I was thinking how we could celebrate.

Liberty: Were you?

Gabriel: Yeah. We could go to Chicago, maybe check out a club.

Liberty: I don't know if I'm ready for all that excitement.

Gabriel: Okay, if you want something less exciting, maybe we could go to Canada.

Liberty: Don't you think that's a little far?

Gabriel: Oh, no, no, no. Nothing is too far when you've got a sweet ride.

Liberty: You still haven't answered my question.

Gabriel: What's that?

Liberty: Why do you care if I get better? I mean, I hardly know you, but you don't really seem like the kind of guy who gets off from hanging around with cancer chicks.

Gabriel: Well, my mom was a cancer chick.

Liberty: Sorry. I didn't know.

Gabriel: I didn't tell you.

Liberty: Is she okay?

Gabriel: Well, we waited to get some good news so we could celebrate, but it never came.

Liberty: I'm really sorry.

Gabriel: I mean, it was a long time ago. That's why I know how this could have gone. So that's why I'm really happy for you.

Liberty: Thanks.

Parker: Thought you were gonna bring her home.

Gabriel: Well, I'm starting to see why this dude is your ex-husband.

Parker: We have to go.

Gabriel: Hey, Dr. Doom, she's okay.

Liberty: Parker, it isn't that cold out?

Parker: I know, I know, but this is important.

Liberty: What's wrong?

Parker: I'll tell you on the way.

Liberty: I got to go.

Gabriel: Sure.

Liberty: Thanks.

Gabriel: What for?

Liberty: For making me feel normal.

Jack: Teri, I'm not trying to upset anyone.

Teri: You don't have to try.

Janet: Teresa --

Teri: What?

Jack: Okay, look, I'm here because your sister asked me to be here. If she asks me to leave, then I'll leave.

Teri: Ask him to leave, please.

Janet: Can we please not take this out on Jack?

Teri: I'm not taking anything out on him. But this is about our family. He's no longer a part of it.

Janet: I think you better go.

Jack: Yeah, I got that much.

Janet: Listen, don't take it personally, okay? She's just hurting right now.

Jack: No, I know. You still want me to go Melrose Park with you?

Janet: Yeah.

Jack: Okay, as long as it's okay with Teri.

Janet: I'll talk to her.

Jack: Let me know.

Janet: Okay. Jack -- thanks for making all the arrangements.

Jack: You never have to thank me, Janet, ever.

Dusty: Hey, I was just gonna come see you.

Craig: Lucky me.

Dusty: I'd like to pick up Johnny from school and take him out for an ice cream.

Craig: Today's not your day.

Dusty: I was hoping I could trade you for another time.

Craig: Nope.

Dusty: Why not?

Craig: 'Cause these rules are in place for a reason.

Dusty: I just want to see him for an hour.

Craig: What's wrong with you?

Dusty: Janet's father died.

Craig: I didn't know that.

Dusty: It just happened.

Craig: How's Janet?

Dusty: How do you think? Can I pick up Johnny or what?

Craig: Does she blame you for this?

Dusty: I don't want to talk about this with you.

Craig: Was it your fault?

Dusty: What did I just say?

Craig: She does blame you. Well, that's a tough break. There goes that regular life you were hoping for -- oh, and raising another child that wasn't yours.

Dusty: What's your problem?

Craig: Nothing. Really, Dusty, this is for the best. You're just not a white picket fence kind of guy.

Dusty: Janet and I will be fine.

Craig: You want to do what's right by Janet? Let her go. No, really, Janet and her kids will be a lot better off if they don't learn the truth about you the hard way.

Dusty: What did you say? Would you kindly repeat that?

Craig: Sure. What I'm saying is Janet just lost her father.

Dusty: And what else?

Craig: And apparently, you're to blame for it.

Carly: Hey, hey. What is going on here?

Dusty: Craig Montgomery’s asking for it.

Carly: Yeah, so, he always is. Why are you gonna give him exactly what he wants? And you -- I know why you're picking a fight with Dusty. And I'll tell you something, it's not gonna work.

Craig: I don't know what you're talking about.

Carly: Don't play games with me, Craig. I'm not in the mood.

Craig: I think you're giving me too much credit.

Carly: Dusty, haven't you known him long enough to see what he's doing?

Dusty: He's giving me a good reason to do something drastic.

Carly: Okay. And you're playing right into his hands.

Dusty: Who cares?

Carly: Won't Janet? Don't you want her to trust you?

Dusty: She wants nothing to do with me.

Carly: Well, that's not gonna change if you keep running around town, beating people up!

Craig: Who can blame her when the man is clearly unstable? How could Janet possibly learn to trust you when the time comes that she actually needs you, and you run off on one of your crusades where somebody gets hurt or somebody dies or --

Carly: All right, stop it!

Dusty: No, it's all right. Let him talk. That's what he does best.

Craig: I'm telling you the truth, Dusty, and you know it.

Teri: I can't believe he's gone.

Janet: I know. I feel like I missed out on so much, all the things we never said to each other. And we finally got a chance to reconnect.

Teri: Hey, at least you got that chance, right? What if Pop had died before that had happened? He was glad it happened, too, Janet.

Janet: Really? Was he? 'Cause I wasn't always so sure.

Teri: You have no idea how much he missed you.

Janet: And now I'm responsible for his death.

Teri: No, you're not. What? Why do you think that?

Janet: Yes, because I'm the reason he came to Oakdale. I'm the reason he met Dusty.

Teri: No, he came to Oakdale because his granddaughter was sick. And I know you don't believe me right now, but you can't blame Dusty, either.

Janet: Okay. I blame myself.

Teri: Jan, it is not your fault that Pop went after the guy that tried to kill Dusty.

Janet: I could have tried to stop him.

Teri: Pop? Are you kidding? Once he gets something in his head, you can't talk him down.

Janet: If only I got the chance, though.

Teri: Do you know how many times I tried to convince him to reconnect with you? I had years, and it never got me anywhere.

Janet: Yeah. He always was pretty stubborn.

Teri: That's putting it nicely.

Janet: Maybe you're right.

Teri: Maybe you should give Dusty a second chance, too.

Janet: I can't, no.

Teri: Why not?

Janet: Because he scares me, Teresa, the way he goes charging off whenever he feels like it.

Teri: He'll change for you.

Janet: Okay, he'll promise to change. What's that worth?

Liberty: Mom. I can't believe it.

Janet: Oh, how did you find out?

Liberty: Parker told me. Are you okay? This is so weird. You must be so --

Janet: Sweetie, I am so sorry that you never got a chance to get to know your grandfather. He was a changed man, Liberty. He wasn't the same guy who turned his back on us so many years ago. He loved you, and he came to Oakdale because you were sick, and he wanted to help you. The doctor -- oh, my God. I forgot. I forgot about your appointment. What did the doctor say?

Liberty: I'm done. No more chemo. The treatment's working. I'm getting better.

Janet: Really? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, God, Baby, that's the best thing you could have told me.

Carly: I know what you're doing.

Craig: I'm just telling it like it is.

Carly: You want to convince Dusty that the best thing he can do is stay away from Janet.

Craig: Why would I do that?

Carly: Because if she's alone with everything she's got going on, Jack is not gonna leave her, and that leaves me --

Craig: What, with me? Oh, if only that were true.

Carly: Just a little while ago, you were practically begging me to give you another chance.

Craig: But you're not going to, are you?

Dusty: Of course she isn’t.

Craig: Janet just lost her father. Her daughter has cancer. And here you are, looking for trouble. Now, who does that leave her to turn to? Oh, that's right -- Jack. You don't need me to ruin your relationship. You're taking care of that all on your own.

Dusty: I've had enough.

Carly: You are amazing.

Craig: Thank you. Oh, you don't mean that in a good way.

Carly: Sometimes I do, because sometimes you can be a pretty great guy. But more often than not, Craig, you are a complete ass.

Teri: Yeah, Mom, I'm okay. Jan, too. We're just really worried about you. Okay, well, maybe sure she stays with you until we get there. Yeah, Jan, too. It's gonna be okay, Mom. Don't worry. We'll see you soon.

Janet: How is she?

Teri: She's not good. Aunt Marie’s with her, though.

Janet: What did she say when you told her I was coming home?

Teri: She said it was okay.

Liberty: Mom, it will be okay.

Teri: Okay, listen, what else do we have to do?

Janet: Nothing. Jack's made all the arrangements. I signed the paper, and they're sending Pop's body home.

Teri: Okay. Okay, listen, we should get going then. I have a few things I need to pick up.

Liberty: How long will we be there?

Janet: What? No, Liberty, I don't think you should go.

Liberty: You don't want me there with you?

Janet: You're sick. I don't want it to stress you out.

Liberty: You're afraid your family won't like me?

Janet: Oh, please. They're gonna love you. But not as much as I do.

Liberty: Then I'm coming.

Janet: Okay. Well, then, we have to get something to wear, because we have nothing. So we'll stop by Fashions on the way home, and then we'll swing by, pick up Jack, and then we'll come and get you, okay?

Teri: Jack's coming?

Janet: Yeah. He doesn't want us to drive by ourselves.

Teri: We're not by ourselves. There are three of us.

Janet: Teresa, please!

Teri: Fine, fine. Whatever.

Janet: I'm gonna go clean up, okay?

Liberty: Jack?

Teri: Yeah, apparently he's back in the picture.

Liberty: Why, because of the baby? What about Dusty?

Teri: Your mom thinks that he is responsible for your grandfather's death, so she won't talk to him.

Liberty: That's crazy.

Teri: Yeah, I know. I tried to talk to her. I couldn't get through to her.

Liberty: Maybe I can.

Carly: Why do you always have to go after everyone's weaknesses?

Craig: That's not true.

Carly: Oh, come on, Craig. You never pass a fire without stopping to throw gasoline on it.

Craig: Not every fire.

Carly: I'm serious.

Craig: Was there anything I just said to Dusty that wasn't the truth?

Carly: It doesn't mean that you had to be the one to say it.

Craig: The guy's a hothead, and he's never gonna change. And now Janet knows that, just like you know that Jack will never change and that Janet and the baby will always come first.

Carly: You're coming at me now.

Craig: Look, what amazes me is that it only took Janet a matter of months to realize that about Dusty, but you've had years, and you still don't understand that about Jack.

Carly: What, your version of the truth?

Craig: It's not an opinion. It's a fact. And the sooner you face it, the sooner you'll have a chance at a happy life.

Carly: With you?

Craig: Yes, with me. Do you want to know why? Because I will always put your happiness first and foremost. Jack never will.

Carly: Good-bye, Craig.

Craig: You know where I'll be waiting if you change your mind.

Carly: You'll be waiting a hell of a long time.

Liberty: I'm gonna wait outside, Mom.

Janet: What are you doing here?

Dusty: Liberty sent me a text.

Janet: Why?

Dusty: She thinks we should talk.

Janet: I know I was harsh with you earlier.

Dusty: You had every right to be.

Janet: And it's probably not gonna change anytime soon.

Dusty: I want you to know that no matter how you feel about me, I still love you. I still want to marry you. I want to give you and your children a home.

Janet: I wanted that, too.

Dusty: Not anymore?

Janet: When you got shot, I didn't know what I would do if I lost you. I prayed every day that you would wake up and be okay.

Dusty: I'm right here.

Janet: But it's not okay anymore. Everything's changed.

Dusty: Not everything. Not if we don't want it to be.

Liberty: Parker.

Parker: How's your mom?

Liberty: Oh, not too good. We're leaving for Melrose Park in a few hours.

Parker: Don't overdo it. Sorry. I don't want to sound like Dr. Doom.

Liberty: That wasn't fair of Gabriel to say.

Parker: You didn't seem to object at the time.

Liberty: I'll tell him.

Parker: Don't bother.

Liberty: Thanks for telling me about my mom's dad.

Parker: I just thought that you should know, that's all.

Liberty: You know I'm not trying to push you away, right?

Parker: If you say so.

Liberty: Hearing that the chemo is finally over and that it worked -- it made me want to shake things up a little, you know, even if it was for a couple of hours.

Parker: Whatever.

Liberty: But when something like this happens, it makes you realize how stupid it is to turn your back on the things that are really important.

Parker: And what's that?

Liberty: People you care about, who care about you. And you are at the top of my list. I'm sorry.

Parker: It's okay.

Dusty: I know I screwed up when I let your father come with me. I should have made him stay in the hospital.

Janet: Well, you probably couldn't have convinced him anyway. You know, he always did what he wanted to do.

Dusty: I should have known.

Janet: You should have told me.

Dusty: I thought you had enough to deal with.

Janet: That's the point, Dusty. That's not your call to make. He's my father. I had a right to know what he was doing.

Dusty: You're right.

Janet: But you didn't think of that. You only thought about what you were doing.

Dusty: I won't let you down again, I promise.

Janet: Please, Dusty --

Dusty: Let me come with you to the funeral. Let me. I'll take care of you. I'll see you through it.

Janet: I can't do this anymore.

Dusty: Why?

Janet: Because every time I look at you, I see my father, who was so stubborn and so sure of himself and does whatever he wants to do no matter how it affects other people, no matter how much it hurts them or hurts you. I can't live like that.

Craig: Your teacher said that your drawing of the train was the best one in the whole class? Well, I think that deserves a celebration. Do you want to go get a snack?

Johnny: Can we go downstairs for ice cream?

Craig: You bet we can. But go wash your hands first, okay?

Johnny: I'll be right back.

Craig: All right.

[Rumbling sound]

Gabriel: Oh, you're on this floor, too? What are the odds?

Craig: What do you mean "Too"?

Gabriel: Looks like I'm gonna be your new neighbor.

Craig: You're moving in?

Gabriel: Hey, you should come by sometime. We could watch a game or something.

Craig: Don't get comfortable. You're not staying.

Gabriel: Well, now, what kind of neighborly welcome is that? Oh, hey there, little man. How about a high five for your new neighbor?

Johnny: You're gonna live here?

Gabriel: That's right, and we can hang out all the time. Hey, you ever play "Rock Star"?

Craig: Johnny, go back inside. We'll go downstairs in a couple of minutes, all right? Stay away from him.

Gabriel: I was just being friendly.

Craig: I'm telling you right now, you come near him again and I'll break you in half.

Carly: Are you alone?

Jack: For the moment.

Carly: Is it a good time to talk?

Jack: About what?

Carly: About what happened before. I'm sorry I blew up at Janet.

Jack: Don't worry about it.

Carly: I shouldn't have done it. You know, with everything that she's got going on, I shouldn't have complained about the fact that she needs your help.

Jack: I understand how you feel.

Carly: You do?

Jack: I want to be with you, too, Carly.

Carly: That's all I want. It makes me so happy to hear you say it.

Jack: Did you ever doubt it?

Carly: Sometimes I doubt everything.

Jack: You never have to doubt me.

Carly: Maybe while Janet and Liberty are away at the funeral, you and I will have some time to ourselves to reconnect. What do you say? What is it?

Jack: I'm going with them.

Carly: You're going to the funeral?

Jack: I thought that Janet and Teri would be too upset to drive, and Liberty's in no condition to make a long trip like that.

Carly: What about Dusty?

Jack: She can't bear to see his face right now.

Carly: It's that bad?

Jack: Janet blames Dusty. She thinks it's his fault for her father being dead.

Carly: Is it?

Jack: Not really.

Carly: Okay, well, then if she won't allow Dusty to drive her, then I guess you don't have a choice.

Jack: No, I don't, I don’t. Are you sure you're okay with this?

Carly: I don't have a choice, either.

Jack: You could come with me.

Carly: To a funeral?

Jack: Well, I know it's no vacation, but at least we'll be together.

Carly: Won't that just make things worse, Jack?

Jack: I don't want you to be here all alone.

Carly: I'll manage.

Jack: You sure?

Carly: Yeah. Go. Do what you have to do.

Jack: I love you. You know that, right?

Janet: [Clears throat] We're just gonna pack up a few things, and then we'll be ready to go.

Jack: Everything okay?

Janet: Everything's good.

Gabriel: You got to learn to chill, man.

Craig: You heard me.

Gabriel: Look, why would I do anything to hurt that cute little dude?

Craig: I'm warning you.

Gabriel: And here I thought moving into a fancy hotel, I'd be meeting a better class of people.

Craig: You mess with my kid and you'll pay. Okay. Ready for some ice cream?

Johnny: Is Gabriel gonna live next to us?

Craig: Not for long. Let's go. Come on!

Jack: Janet, these bags are so light.

Janet: Well, we didn't need to pack that much stuff. As soon as we're back, we'll pack up the rest of our things and get out of your hair.

Carly: You're not in my hair.

Janet: Well, Liberty's getting better, so I think it's time for us to find a place of our own.

Carly: If that's what you want.

Janet: It is. Teresa's waiting for us at Metro.

Jack: We'll pick her up on the way.

[Knock on door]

Janet: Liberty, you want to help me load the car?

Liberty: Sure.

Carly: I've got something on my stove.

Dusty: I'm glad I got here before you left.

Janet: Why?

Dusty: I brought you this.

Janet: What is it?

Dusty: Rocco left some things behind at the hospital. I thought you'd want them.

Janet: Thank you. My dad used to wear this every day. He never took it off. It's a St. Christopher medal. He said it would keep him safe.

Dusty: He's in a safe place now. He doesn't need it.

Janet: Thank you.

Jack: Whenever you're ready.

Carly: You leaving?

Jack: In a minute.

Carly: Okay. Drive safely.

Jack: I will.

Janet: Thank you for bringing this over.

Dusty: Have a safe trip.

Jack: I'll call as soon as we get there.

Carly: She'll get over it.

Dusty: I don't know about that.

Carly: She loves you. She'll realize it wasn't your fault.

Dusty: Maybe it was.

Carly: Well, then, she'll forgive you.

Dusty: I hope you're right.

Carly: I hope so, too.

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