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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 4/15/10

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Emily: Sleep well, Paul?

Reid: All right. I'm going back to my place to watch some TV.

Luke: Not until we go over your testimony one more time.

Reid: Annie Judd died. The cancer killed her, not me. I've got the facts and figures to back it up. If you're not convinced of that after hearing me go on and on for the last four hours --

Luke: All right. Well, you know what? It's obvious, you know, what happened, but that's not the problem.

Reid: No, the problem is her father won't accept her death and he wants somebody, preferably me, to pay for it.

Luke: Well, maybe you should try explaining it differently.

Reid: Excuse me?

Luke: You've got the medical jargon down pat, but that doesn't mean anything to me.

Reid: Yeah, well, I'm gonna be explaining this to a panel of doctors, probably not good ones, but hopefully they'll have some clue what I'm talking about.

Luke: Look, that's not the point. This is more than just science.

Reid: And you know this from your dozens of successful interrogations by the Texas board of medicine?

Luke: Look, Annie was not a number. She was a little girl. You knew her. You did everything you could to save her life, and when she died, it broke your heart.

Reid: I don't let my feelings get in the way of my work.

Luke: See, the thing is, I think you feel a lot more than you let on, and how you tell her story is gonna be the difference between you keeping your medical license or losing it.

Reid: This is a medical hearing. It's not a talent show. What matters are the facts, not feelings.

Luke: Yeah, but facts are more than just numbers! This board is gonna want to hear from you and not Dr. Reid Oliver, the incredible neurosurgeon. They're gonna want to hear from Dr. Reid Oliver, the man.

Reid: No, they're gonna want me to appease the patient's family. A year before Annie Judd died, I told her father that she had terminal cancer. Now he wants to punish me for being right.

Luke: Or maybe he just wants to hear that you're sorry.

Reid: That's not relevant.

Luke: Yeah, but that doesn't mean it's not important. You should try being human once in a while. It won't make you any less of a surgeon.

Silas: Of all the gin joints in the world.

Molly: Silas?

Silas: Hello, beautiful. This must be fate.


Holden: Couldn't sleep?

Lily: Not a wink.

Holden: Me neither. Is Faith asleep?

Lily: Yeah. She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping, just like she did when she was a little girl.

Holden: She's not grown up yet.

Lily: She thinks she is.

Holden: Well, so did we when we were her age.

Lily: We were babies by comparison. I know that now, after everything I've put her through.

Holden: You didn't do any of this alone.

Lily: Thank you for saying that, but I'm the one that brought Damian into our lives.

Holden: Yeah. Well, you know what? He's gone now, and all we can try to do is repair the damage.

Lily: Natalie and Ethan will be fine. I mean, they're so young. Hopefully Damian will just be a distant memory to them, but Faith, I mean, what if it's too late?

Holden: No wonder you couldn't sleep.

Lily: What's your excuse?

Holden: Same thing. You know, this reminds me of when Faith was a baby.

Lily: And she refused to sleep unless we were holding her.

Holden: Walking back and forth. Oh, my God. And if we stopped, she'd start screaming.

Lily: I think I learned how to sleep on my feet. The only thing that would save us back then was peanut butter and marshmallow!

Holden: And marshmallow.

[Lily laughs]

Holden: Ta-da! Can you believe it? It was still up here. I don't know if marshmallow ever expires.

Lily: Oh, who cares? There's nothing real in it. It's so delicious. Here. Work your magic.

Holden: Oh, my God. If Faith saw us eating this, she would never let us live it down.

Lily: At least she'd know we're human.

Holden: Well, it'd take more than marshmallows for that.

Lily: I remember when Luke was just a baby. I used to wake up just to watch him sleep. I was so excited to be a mother. I mean, I thought that I would do everything right, that all the right choices would be so obvious, and they weren't, and then we had Faith, and I thought the same thing all over again, that things would be different because she was a girl, and I was a little girl once myself. There's no way I can make the same mistakes that my mother made.

Holden: You're not Lucinda. Far from it.

Lily: No, but I've made my share of mistakes.

Holden: No. We both made mistakes. We made them together.

Lily: Except for Damian.

Holden: You know what? Without Damian, we wouldn't have Luke, and I am grateful for that.

Lily: So am I.

Holden: Okay. Go ahead. Try it.

Lily: Mmm.

Holden: It's good?

Lily: Mmm. So good. I'm glad we never introduced the kids to this.

Holden: Yeah, 'cause then we'd have to -- we might have to share it with them.

[Both laugh]

Lily: Mmm. So good. [Laughs]

Molly: What the hell are you doing in Oakdale?

Silas: I had nowhere else to go.

Molly: Come on. You were a New York congressman, Silas. There must have been somebody on your payroll you could have paid off to take you in when you got released.

Silas: I wish.

Molly: What about your wife?

Silas: She wasn't exactly happy with me when she found out about our affair.

Molly: Oh. She must have been thrilled when you were sent away to prison for trying to kill me.

Silas: She divorced me. Lost everything.

Molly: Poor you. I guess that's what happens when you make promises to a woman that you have no intention of keeping.

Silas: Are you talking about you or my ex-wife?

Molly: Is there a difference? You know what? Both of us deserve better than you. Excuse me.

Silas: Don't you want an answer to your question, why I'm here? I'm rebuilding my life.

Molly: Good for you. Yeah.

Silas: I am no longer running away from my mistakes.

Molly: Oh. So, now I'm a mistake. That's nice.

Silas: No, Molly. Please. Hear me out. Hear me out. I'm in recovery.

Molly: Weasels anonymous?

Silas: You know, I always did love your sense of humor.

Molly: Yeah, no, no, no. You loved quickies on the floor behind my desk. Don't B.S. me, Silas, because I know you. You remember? I know how you think. I know how you like to slither out of difficult situations, like our relationship and prison.

Silas: That's why you are the perfect person to do the interview.

Molly: What interview?

Silas: The tell-all, the mea culpa. It's a new American way. You mess up on the public stage and bear all to the press, then ask for forgiveness. Emily Stewart wants the exclusive for her website, but I'd rather go one-on-one with you.

Molly: You're joking, right? You went to prison for trying to kill me. The fact that the D.A. made some typos on the motion papers doesn't change the fact that you tried to kill me!

Silas: I made an error in judgment.

Molly: You think?

Silas: You know, I panicked when you threatened to expose our affair. I was drinking and taking pills.

Molly: No, you werenít.

Silas: Yes, I was. I just hid it from everyone. That's what addicts do, and I was a very good addict, but now I am here to make amends, beginning with you.

Molly: I so don't buy this, and even if I did, why start with me?

Silas: Because I've never stopped thinking about you. What we had was very special.

Molly: Oh, it was special, all right, especially the part where you had the brake lines cut on my car. No. I'm gonna tell you the real story, Silas. I am over you. I have a new man in my life, and he is wonderful, and I have everything in the world to look forward to.

Silas: Then why are you here, drinking alone in the middle of the night?

Meg: Paul, Paul. Oh. I must have fallen asleep.

Emily: Imagine that.

Meg: Emily, I am so sorry. It's not what it looks like.

Emily: Actually, I think it probably is.

Meg: I'm gonna take Eliza back to her crib.

Paul: That's probably a pretty good idea.

Meg: I really am sorry.

Paul: I didn't even know that she was there.

Emily: Oh, that's reassuring. Are you aware when you're in bed with me?

Paul: She was crying, and, so, I brought her into bed to quiet her down.

Emily: I'm sorry. Are we talking about Eliza?

Paul: Come on. You don't really think --

Emily: Well, just tell me what happened.

Paul: I'm not sure. Eliza was fussy, and Meg offered to take her for me, and after that, I'm not -- I'm not sure.

Emily: You're not sure?

Meg: Emily, please don't blame Paul. It was my fault.

Emily: Yeah, no kidding.

Meg: I guess Eliza is used to having the two of you put her to bed. I don't know what she likes anymore. So, when she started getting fussy, I, uh -- I didn't know what to do. I've just been away from her for so long. Anyway, Paul told me how the two of you get her to quiet down so she can go to sleep. So, I came back in and put her right next to him, and it worked.

Emily: For both of you, apparently.

Meg: That was unintentional. I was just sitting with her.

Emily: Until you decided to lie down.

Meg: Well, blame that. That's the coziest bed I have ever slept in.

Luke: Mr. Judd is a grieving father hell-bent on revenge. He's gonna talk about her -- her final days, her battle. He's gonna talk about how she died. He's gonna break their hearts.

Reid: With any luck, one of them will be a cardiologist.

Luke: You know, this is not the time to joke around! Look, I know you care about your work, but, quite frankly, you come off as just really cold, and I know you don't mean to.

Reid: Oh, come on. Don't psychoanalyze me.

Luke: Why not? That's what the board's gonna do. They're gonna try to figure out if you're too reckless to be in the O.R., and you need to prove to them that if they take away your medical license, they are killing people.

Reid: She had a nice smile, Annie.

Luke: Nice?

Reid: Brave, like she knew that we were worried for her. She wanted us to know that it was gonna be all right. I was the one that was causing her pain, cutting into her skull, sticking her with needles, ordering chemo, but she always lit up when I walked in the room. I miss that smile. Nobody smiles when I walk in a room. Most of the time, they act like it's the grim reaper, and I'm okay with that, but I didn't want to be that for Annie. I miss Annie. The world misses her. Because I couldn't save her, they're never gonna know it.

Luke: People think that you're a brilliant doctor because you're fearless. They don't know it's because you care so much.

Reid: You sound like a self-indulgent celebrity therapist.

Luke: Why do you do that? You came so close to being a real human with real emotions, and you just go right back to being a jerk.

Reid: You're wrong, Mr. Snyder. I'm always a jerk.

Luke: What's wrong with you?

Reid: What do you mean?

Luke: After all this time, you can't call me by my first name?

Reid: Oh, come on. I don't have time for --

Luke: No, no, no. My name is Luke. Just say it.

Holden: Faith's gonna be okay. In fact, I think we made a little progress since we've been up here.

Lily: What happens when we get home? What if things go back to the way we were or, God forbid, they get worse?

Holden: Well, now that we know what's going on, we know what to look for.

Lily: What if she gets better at hiding the drugs? I know I did. What if I taught her all the wrong things?

Holden: Lily, we'll take care of this, okay? You don't have to do this alone.

Lily: I'm so afraid we're gonna lose her, Holden, and I'm worried about the other kids, too. I mean, up here, the three of us, that's one thing, but back home, Faith is doing drugs. She's not gonna stop just because we tell her to, and I'm worried about the safety of the other kids.

Faith: You're right. Better lock up the children. You don't want me introducing them to the whacky world of prescription drugs. That's your job, isn't it, Mom?

 Lily: Faith, no one is more aware of the mistakes I've made than I am. That's what your father and I were talking about just now, my mistakes.

Faith: Until you moved on to mine. Don't pretend like you didnít. I heard the whole thing. "Keep her away from the kids. She might corrupt them."

Holden: No, no. Nobody is saying that.

Faith: She did. Is that how you really feel, that I'm gonna corrupt Natalie and Ethan?

Lily: No, but drugs can make you do things that you wouldn't normally do.

Faith: So, yeah. I'm not you, Mom. I'm not an addict. I just like to get high.

Lily: Why are you acting like this? You're a sweet girl. What is with this tough facade?

Faith: You don't know anything about me! I'm not just your kid! I have a life of my own!

Lily: And I respect that.

Faith: Right. So keeping me hostage in the middle of the woods.

Lily: Faith, I don't want to fight with you.

Faith: You're the one that's saying I'm a bad influence on the family! You wouldn't believe me even if I told you I'd be better!

Holden: Sweetheart, look. Look, we want to trust you, okay? That's why we came up here, because we wanted to make a fresh start, and everything was going really well until now.

Faith: Whatever. I don't want to fight.

Lily: Neither do we.

Faith: Good. So let's just make this easier on everyone. I'll move to the farm and live with Dad, and Natalie and Ethan will be safe from me.

Holden: No, no. I think that would be avoiding the problem. I think you need to work things out with your mom, right?

Lily: Maybe it's not such a bad idea.

Molly: Not that it's any of your business, but I don't need a man around 24/7.

Silas: If I were the man in your life, I wouldn't let you haunt a hotel cocktail lounge by yourself at this time of night.

Molly: I know half the people in here, and maybe I felt like a quiet drink alone.

Silas: See, now, that's the part I just can't wrap my head around. Where is Mr. Wonderful? Or doesn't he know you're here?

Molly: Well, he's out of town taking care of something very important.

Silas: Oh, I get it. He's one of those workaholics on the road all the time, closing deals, making everything more important than you.

Molly: Wrong. His daughter's having some trouble, so he and his ex-wife took her out of town for some quality time. Don't give me that look!

Silas: No look. I'm just listening.

Molly: He's an amazing father, and if he put me before his own children, I wouldn't want him in my life.

Silas: Oh, that's a new one.

Molly: Shut up, Silas. You were not my finest hour.

Silas: I am all for family values.

Molly: Since when?

Silas: Look, you deserve to be someone's top priority.

Molly: Really? Please.

Silas: Look, look. I didn't put you first when we were together, and I'm sorry, and I'd like a chance to make it up to you.

Molly: You're serious?

Silas: Absolutely. What do you say? Will you give me a second chance?

Emily: Meg.

Paul: Couldn't we just start over?

Emily: Just -- don't talk to me right now. Just go away.

Paul: Come on.

Reid: What does it matter what I call you?

Luke: Mr. Snyder is my father. I'm Luke.

Reid: Can I have my files back, please?

Luke: You call Noah by his first name.

Reid: He's my patient.

Luke: So?

Reid: It's a simple, well-defined relationship. It's patient-doctor. It's clear.

Luke: So what does that make us, then?

Reid: All right. I'm tired of explaining myself. That's what I've been doing all night. I'm gonna go home and get some rest. Thank you for helping me prep for the hearing.

Luke: Are you sure you're ready for this?

Reid: Yeah, I'm sure.

Lily: Maybe the farm would be better, if you think that you could be happy there. I'd be willing to give it a try. That is if it's okay with you, Holden.

Holden: You're okay with that? Okay. Let's try it.

Faith: So that's it? I can move to Grandma's, no strings attached?

Lily: You think this is some kind of bribe?

Faith: No, but -- I thought you wouldn't let me go that easily.

Lily: Faith, this is not easy. But maybe the farm is the answer.

Faith: I can't believe it. Dad, I missed you so much.

Holden: I think you'd better thank your mom.

Faith: Thanks.

Lily: You're welcome.

Holden: It's late. Get to bed.

Faith: Okay.

Holden: Well, I know how hard that was for you.

Lily: We had to do something. I mean, she's at my throat half the time she's at home, and maybe if there's some distance, she won't resent me so much.

Holden: She doesn't resent you.

Lily: Yes, she does. She does. She -- she thinks that she'd be better off without me, and that's why I have to let her go.

Holden: It's not gonna be for long, okay? She has no idea how much she's gonna miss you.

Emily: I'm -- I'm not putting this whole situation on you, okay? I'm just saying that we don't need a doctor to tell us that Meg wasn't quite ready for her sleepover, was she?

Paul: Meg did fine, and Eliza was just so happy to see her mom.

Emily: I know. That is the only reason I didn't throw her out on her ear last night.

Paul: Oh, yes. That would have been therapeutic.

Emily: Excuse me, she used her daughter to crawl in bed with you!

Paul: That is not what happened.

Emily: It's not, really? Would you like to explain to me what --?

Meg: Good morning, you two.

Paul: You look happy.

Emily: And accomplished.

Meg: I haven't slept this well in months. The lights are never completely off at Deerbrook. They need to keep an eye on you at all times.

Paul: Yeah. Those places, they're all the same. Never a moment's peace.

Meg: And the showers, you only get ten minutes, and the water is always lukewarm.

Emily: Well, feel free to use the shower in the guest room.

Meg: I already have. I hope I didn't use up all the hot water, but it just felt so good. I think I was in there for half an hour. Wow. Those muffins smell great.

Paul: Help yourself.

Emily: Is there a problem, Meg?

Meg: No. Everything is perfect. Kind of makes me forget that I have to go back.

Emily: And now that you remember?

Meg: I don't want to.

Paul: Well, thank God. It would really worry me if you wanted to go back there.

Emma: Hey. Good morning. Good morning, everyone.

Emily: Morning.

Meg: Mama, I am so happy to see you!

Emma: Oh, my sweet girl. Good morning. Good morning. How was your night?

Meg: Oh, everything has been so wonderful.

Emma: Oh, good.

Meg: Paul and Emily have been too kind, and Eliza, oh, my gosh, she is growing up so fast. You know, I was afraid she would forget me, but she hasnít.

Emma: Oh, that would never happen. You're her mama. She'd never forget you, ever.

Meg: Can we get you some coffee? I mean, if it's okay with Paul and Emily.

Emily: Of course it's okay. Of course it's okay.

Emma: No, no. No, thank you, please. We really got to get down the road there. I've got to take you back to Deerbrook. You know, you have that group this morning. You remember?

Meg: How could I forget? Okay. It'll just take me a few minutes to get my stuff together, and I'll be ready.

Emma: Okay. So, be honest with me, how did things really go? Is there anything I should know?

Emily: Yeah, Paul actually --

Paul: Nope. Everything turned out great.

[Knock on door]

Luke: Just a second. Oh. You're not, um, room service.

Reid: You're not, um, dressed. I knew you'd take forever getting ready. Here, maybe this will help get your butt in gear.

Luke: All right. Just -- just give me -- give me two minutes.

Holden: Is there any coffee left? Did you drink that whole pot again?

Molly: Holden, you came back early!

Holden: That sounds like a complaint.

Molly: Are you kidding me? I missed you so much.

Holden: I missed you, too.

Molly: Wait a minute. If you're back early, does that mean it was a total disaster?

Holden: No, no. Actually, everything -- everything went pretty well. We all sat down. We talked, made some very big decisions.

Molly: The three of you together?

Holden: Yeah. Faith, she agreed to everything.

Molly: Well, that's kind of a miracle, 'cause when she left here, she was disagreeing with Lily on everything, just on principle.

Holden: Well, they came to an understanding. We'll see how long it lasts.

Molly: Yeah. Oh, God. I just can't wait to have quality alone time with you.

Holden: Actually, quality alone time is gonna be tough.

Molly: Why?

Holden: Because Faith is gonna be living here.

Molly: Is Lily okay with that?

Holden: Yeah. She'll miss her, but it's gonna be a good thing. Trust me.

Molly: Well, I think it is. Faith is crazy about Emma, so maybe she'll open up to her.

Holden: Maybe, but not about the drug thing. She knows how Mama disapproves of that.

Molly: Yeah, she does. Maybe that's a good thing. In the meantime, it'll give you some time to spend some time with Faith.

Holden: She's gonna be very busy here. A lot of chores, but it's gonna be good to have her here. I miss having my kids around.

Molly: I'm gonna get you that cup of coffee.

Holden: So you're sure that you're okay with it?

Molly: Absolutely. It would be great to have somebody help me feed the chickens. [Both laugh] You know what? Holden, you're doing a really good thing. We'll make it work.

Faith: Molly! It's gonna be so cool to have you as a roommate.

Molly: [Laughs] Well, we're not exactly gonna be roommates, Sweetie, right?

Faith: Right, I know. You'll have your room with Dad, and I'll have mine.

Holden: Faith, why don't you take your stuff upstairs?

Faith: Okay. Maybe later we can go to Old Town, have coffee at Java?

Molly: Uh, we'll see.

Faith: Do you have work?

Molly: No, but --

Holden: But you still have things you need to pick up at your mom's, and you have chores to do here.

Faith: But after I get my chores done.

Holden: We'll see, like Molly said.

Faith: Cool.

Molly: You're right. She really seems --

Lily: Very happy to be here with both of you.

Molly: For what it's worth, Lily, I think what you're doing is very unselfish.

Lily: Not really. It's the only solution that made sense. This is an environment I can't provide for her. Faith will have responsibilities here at the farm, and Emma and her father will keep tabs on her.

Molly: And I will, too.

Lily: Excuse me?

Molly: Yeah. I live here with Holden now, so it'll give me the chance to be able to look out for her, too.

Lily: Well, just don't accept any more packages for her, if you don't mind.

Molly: I had nothing to do with that, Lily. You know that.

Holden: Molly's right. That was all Faith's doing.

Lily: Well, she got away with it once. There's no telling what she'll try to do again.

Molly: Look, Lily, I'm on your side and Faith's side. I don't want to see anything happen to her.

Lily: Thank you. Molly, maybe you can find a way to reach her.

Molly: That's okay with you if I do try? Because if it's not, I can keep my distance.

Lily: If you can help Faith, please do. I mean, she's far more important to me than the fact that the two of you -- my daughter's well-being is all that matters.

Molly: Right.

Holden: Absolutely.

Emily: Are you sure I can't get you a cup of coffee, some breakfast, or --

Emma: You were about to say something before Paul cut you off.

Emily: Oh, no, no. You know how married couples are, always finishing each other's sentences.

Emma: If something happened, I need to know.

Emily: No. Meg was only here for a few hours. You know, she played with Eliza and went to sleep.

Emma: Emily?

Emily: What I'm telling you is the truth, Emma, honestly.

Emma: And what you're not telling me is what?

Emily: That somehow Meg managed to fall asleep in bed with Paul and Eliza. He didn't know until he woke up and he saw her there. You can ask her yourself if you don't believe me. In fact, she said it was cozy.

Paul: Um, we need to talk for a second about what happened.

Meg: It just happened. It wasn't planned.

Paul: Well, it can't happen again.

Meg: Paul --

Paul: Let me finish. I'm on your side, and I'll do anything I can to help you get well, but I'm in love with Emily, and our marriage is very important to me.              

Meg: Of course it is. I understand completely.

Luke: You sure you're ready for this?

Reid: The inquisition? Sure. I'm not afraid of those dinosaurs.

Luke: [Laughs] Well, could you just try to respect them for a couple hours? You can't be the head of the new wing and don't have a medical license.

Reid: They're not gonna take away my license. They don't have the guts.

Luke: All right. But one word of advice.

Reid: Just one?

Luke: Yeah. Keep repeating your mantra.

Reid: Which is?

Luke: Don't be an ass.

[Both laugh]

Reid: That's good. I should have that tattooed on the palm of my hand. Bob Hughes would love it. It would make his wife ecstatic. That lady doesn't like me.

Luke: Well, maybe that's because you never apologized for hitting her car.

Reid: The woman can't take a joke.

Luke: All right, come on. Let's go.

Reid: Hey, thanks, you know, for all this. Nobody's ever -- I mean, I know you're not doing it 'cause you care about my career. It's all for Noah's sake, but --

Luke: No. I -- I do care.

[Cell phone ringing]

Reid: Oh, speak of the devil.

Holden: Ground rules. Everyone who lives here pitches in.

Molly: Yeah, and if you like chickens, maybe we can cut a deal.

Faith: I don't think so.

Holden: So, listen. Here's the deal. You're gonna be taking care of your own horse, feeding, grooming, exercising, and you do it every day.

Faith: That's not work. That's fun, especially if I can go riding with the two of you.

Molly: After homework. And I'm warning you, Kiddie, I know all the tricks, so no shenanigans.

Holden: Just because you're living here doesn't mean that you're gonna get away with things. Your mom, she is also involved in the decision making, okay?

Lily: All right. Let's go home and get the rest of your stuff.

Faith: We don't have to. I have enough stuff for tonight from being up at the cabin.

Lily: Faith, this isn't a vacation. You need your school books. You need your computer, your school clothes.

Holden: Get your coat. Can I speak to you alone for a minute?

Lily: Sure.

Holden: I know that this is kind of hard on you. If you want to change your mind, we can.

Lily: Faith would hate me.

Holden: We'll work it out.

Lily: No. This is the right thing to do. She's happy here. You saw her face when she was talking about the horses. She feels like she's a part of something here. That's what we really want for her, isn't it?

Holden: You know you're always welcome here, right?

Lily: I do. Thanks for the peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich. For a little while last night, I felt like I was part of something, too.

Meg: Well, thank you for letting me stay here. I'm sure you're happy to see the last of me.

Emily: No, not -- not at all. You're -- you're welcome here anytime.

Meg: Thank you for understanding.

Emily: I understand. I understand you, Meg.

Meg: And it means a lot to me that you're in my corner, Paul. You could have taken advantage of my situation and shut me out, but you did the opposite. You welcomed me in your home and you gave me a reason to get better.

Paul: Well, you're Eliza's mom. I'll do anything again to bring you home to her.

Meg: She's my life. May I?

Paul: You don't ever have to ask.

Meg: Hi. You know, I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

Emma: Won't be forever, Sweetheart. Won't be for long.

Meg: Yeah.

Emma: You'll be back soon.

Meg: You know, Grandma's right. Grandma is so right. I love you to the moon and the sun and back again. Don't you ever forget that, okay? And I am gonna see you very soon, okay? I promise. Okay?

Emma: Okay.

Meg: Okay. Okay.

Emma: Go to Daddy. We'll be on our way. Thank you. Come. It won't be forever, Sweetheart. That's a promise.

Reid: There's nothing to worry about, Noah. The hearing's just a formality. Mr. Judd just wants to make sure that somebody's paying attention.

Noah: Yeah, but you could lose your license, right? I mean, that's what they're gonna decide today.

Reid: That's what I'm trying to tell you, that it's just for appearance's sake. They're not gonna take away my license. It would cost too many people their lives.

Noah: But if it should happen by some fluke, what then? And before you ask, I'm not just talking about my surgery. I mean, I know how important this hearing is for you. You shouldn't have to go through it alone.

Reid: I'm not.

Luke: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Reid: Tell him.

Luke: Noah, hi. It's me.

Noah: Luke? What are you doing in Texas?

Luke: I flew down with Dr. Reid.

Noah: Wow. I'm surprised you guys didn't kill each other on the flight.

Luke: There were more important things to focus on. If Dr. Oliver loses his medical license, he won't be able to perform your surgery. So, the most important thing is to keep him on the job so you can get your sight back.

Noah: That is so you.

Luke: What is?

Noah: Putting aside your personal feelings for me. It can't be easy for you.

Luke: Well, it's not as bad as I thought. But we should -- we should go. The hearing's really soon.

Noah: Okay. Well, good luck.

Luke: Thanks. Bye.

Reid: You ready to go?

Luke: Yeah. No, actually, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Just -- one minute. You're gonna be great.

Reid: Easy for you to say.

Luke: No. It's not.

Holden: You'd ask for help if you needed it, right?

Molly: I would now. Seriously, Faith is your family, so I love her, and she's a great girl. She's just a little lost right now, and if anybody understands lost --

Holden: You're good to her.

Molly: Yeah. So great that she trusted me enough to have her drugs sent to my office.

Holden: That won't happen again. I promise.

Molly: No. I think she's gonna do better here, which means things will be better for us. Not that they're bad.

Holden: I owe you, big time.

Molly: No. We're even, as long as you carve out some private time with me in the hayloft.

Holden: The hayloft?

Molly: Yeah.

Holden: We used to spend a lot of time there, didn't we?

Molly: You remember that?

Holden: Like it was yesterday.

[Knock on door]

Silas: Good morning, Molly.

Molly: How did you find out --?

Silas: I got your address from the TV station. They are very excited about our interview. Aren't you going to introduce me?

Holden: No, no. There's no need for an introduction. I know who you are, and I want you out of my house.

Lily: Okay, Faith. We've got this suitcase to start with, and then I have some other ones down in the basement for the rest of your stuff.

Faith: Stop being so helpful, Mom. You hate this, and we both know it.

Lily: Yes, I do, Faith. When you left for boarding school, I missed you so much, and I'm gonna miss you now, too, but if you think it'll make you happy --

Faith: That's not what I'm talking about. You might as well admit it. It's so obvious to everyone but you.

Lily: Faith, I don't know what you're talking about.

Faith: Yeah, you do. You hate that Molly's living at the farm with Dad, because you want him back.

[Lily sighs]

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