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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/2/10

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Katie: Thank you for sticking up for me with Barbara.

Chris: Well, she was beating up on you for something that was not your fault.

Katie: True. And if anyone else gives me grief about these decorations --

Chris: Point them in my direction, all right? I will take the heat.

Katie: So chivalrous.

Chris: I'm a Hughes. It comes natural to me.

Katie: Yes, I guess it does.

Chris: Yeah.

Barbara: Delayed? Oh, no. Well, it's just that I was hoping to spring the surprise on them the minute they walked through the door. Shoot. No, no, no, no. It'll be fine. Everything will be fine. It'll take a lot more than that to ruin this day for Bob and Kim.

Margo: Yeah, hi, Baby. I'm -- I did all the shopping before I came to work, but I forgot to pick up club soda, so will you get that before you come to the house?

Casey: Yes, sure.

Margo: And don't be late, please?

Casey: Yes, yes. I will be there for the big moment, the big surprise, when we all jump out and give Kim another heart attack.

Margo: That's not funny.

Casey: [Sighs] I'm sorry. It's just -- it's been a rough day.

Margo: Well, get over it, would you, before the party? 'Cause I don't want anything to spoil tonight for Kim and Bob.

Casey: Yeah. Yes, yes. Happy and festive. I got the memo.

Margo: Great. All right. I'll see you there. Bye.

Alison: You're back from your trip.

Casey: Yeah.

Alison: How are Will and Gwen and Hallie?

Casey: Happy. They're really happy.

Alison: Did you take pictures?

Casey: Yeah. I actually did.

Alison: Can I see some of them? Maybe just of Hallie?

Casey: Sure, yeah.

Alison: Wow. She's gotten so big.

Casey: Mm-hmm. Babies grow. That's what they do.

Alison: Your hand is healed.

Casey: Yeah. Good as new.

Alison: So, I hear that today is Bob and Kim's big anniversary.

Casey: Yes. Yeah.

Alison: Wow. 25 years, I mean, that's pretty amazing.

Casey: It is. It's enough to make me believe in marriage again. Almost.

Chris: Oh, I cannot believe my parents have been married for 25 years.

Barbara: Well, they are very lucky to have each other, and they worked very hard on their marriage.

Chris: Yeah. They have the kind of marriage that most people only dream about, so few actually have.

Katie: Unless you're very, very lucky. I have to run an errand.

Chris: Now? Where are you going?

Katie: Margo ordered some food from Al's. I promised her I'd pick it up.

Chris: All right. I'll help you.

Katie: No, no. Stay here. Make sure everything's ready. I can handle it.

Chris: Did I say something wrong?

Barbara: No, no, no. Don't worry about it. She'll probably stop off somewhere and meddle in someone else's life.

Chris: Do you have a problem with Katie?

Barbara: Me? Oh, heavens no.

Tom: Oh, check out the decorations.

Chris: Oh, you like them?

Tom: I just spoke to Katie outside. She told me that you're responsible.

Chris: Okay, and they pass inspection?

Tom: They do.

Chris: Okay, great.

Barbara: Must be a brother thing.

Tom: I just spoke to Margo. She's on her way. Nobody else has called here, have they?

Chris: No. Why?

Tom: Just a little something Margo and I are cooking up for tonight.

Chris: What is it?

Tom: Can't tell you.

Chris: Why?

Margo: Surprise, little brother. That's why.

Barbara: Ooh. So you have a surprise? I have a surprise for Bob and Kim, too.

Tom: Do you?

Barbara: I do.

Tom: Well, I hate to tell you, but I'm pretty sure it's not gonna top the one that we have.

Barbara: Hmm. We'll see.

Mandy: Is that coffee hot enough for you? Henry?

Henry: Hmm?

Mandy: Can I heat that up for you?

Henry: No, no. It's hot enough already. [Henry sighs] Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Katie: Henry? Are you okay? Who were you talking to?

Tom: Where are you going?

Chris: I'm gonna go down to the hospital, find Reid.

Barbara: Who's Reid?

Chris: He's the doctor who's gonna get Mom and Dad here or I will kill him.

Margo: No murder threats in front of a cop, and hurry back.

Chris: I will.

Margo: Hey! How's my handsome husband?

Tom: How's my gorgeous wife?

Margo: Excellent. Everything under control in here?

Barbara: Absolutely.

Margo: I just talked to Andy.

Tom: Yeah? Is he coming?

Margo: No. Unfortunately, Hope's got a really bad flu, and he doesn't want to leave her.

Barbara: Oh, gosh, Tom. I hope that wasn't your big surprise.

Tom: Oh, it wasnít. No worries. Barb has a surprise for Dad and Kim, too.

Margo: Really? Okay. Well, how long before they get here?

Barbara: About an hour to go, and this is gonna be one anniversary that Bob and Kim will never forget.

Bob: So, you would seriously consider calling it quits if I didn't spend a couple of days with you at the cabin?

Kim: You make it sound like I'm dragging you there. All I wanted to do was celebrate our anniversary. Had the whole place redone, checked your schedule that it was open, went to a lot of trouble. You make it sound like it was absolutely nothing!

Bob: I didn't say I wouldn't go. I said I would rather go when we could both enjoy it.

Kim: Yeah. When you're not so busy at work.

Bob: I can't leave the hospital again. We just got back from a cruise.

Kim: That was the first real vacation that we have had for years. All I'm asking for is a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary together alone.

Bob: And we will, but not starting tomorrow.

Kim: Do you ever even think about the fact that last year we both almost died? What if there is no tomorrow?

Bob: You're overreacting.

Kim: I am not! You know perfectly well you're supposed to slow down, you're supposed to get some time for yourself and for us.

Bob: Stop trying to guilt me into this.

Kim: I'll stop when you stop putting our lives second. [Remembering]

Bob: What are his vitals? That could be problematic. What's Dr. Barry's recommendation?

Kim: True pioneers doc, your dad.

Bob: Like his father before him.

Kim: Well, he certainly did that. He gave you the important thing, Sweetheart. I don't think I've ever known anybody who was as unselfish with his time and love and his wisdom. Not just put the family. He did that with everybody, didn't he? I don't think I ever saw him bitter over disappointment, and he loved his family and his friends. He was a fine, decent man, the glue that kind of held everybody together, and the miracle to me is that I am married to a man who is just like him. You are your father's son in every wonderful way.

Bob: Kim. What's this, the silent treatment?

Kim: You were on the phone.

Bob: I had to take the call. It was about a patient.

Kim: Actually, I was just thinking about the day your dad passed away.

Bob: Why?

Kim: It was just devastating to lose your dad, but, honestly, I felt such a sense of security, of peace, because I knew I had married a man who was as generous as your dad was.

Bob: I remember that day, and you said something about how unselfish dad was with his time.

Kim: Oh, he was. He was. He always put his family first. That's what I'm doing. It's what I'm asking you to do.

Bob: Why does it have to be either/or? Why can't I spend some time at the hospital and then we'll go away?

Kim: You have a gazillion doctors and administrators who can fill in for you. We may never get that time back.

Bob: What is all this talk about illness and death? Do you think we're really gonna drop dead any minute?

Kim: We could.

Bob: Yes, we could, but it's an irrational argument to try to manipulate me into doing something that I'm not available to do.

Kim: You could make yourself available, but you don't choose to do that, just as you didn't choose to tell Dr. Oliver when he called that we were in the middle of our anniversary and you weren't available to speak to him, just as you took that last phone call.

Bob: You said it was okay.

Kim: I was trying to be polite, to be considerate, which is more than I can say for you.

[Chris clears throat]

Reid: Doogie Hughes. What are you doing here?

Chris: Checking up on you. Supposed to call my dad, get him and my mom to my brother's house.

Reid: Yeah? And?

Chris: Have you done it?

Reid: Not yet.

Chris: Are you gonna do it?

Reid: I said I would.

Chris: When?

Reid: When the time is right.

Chris: You forgot, didn't you?

Reid: No, I didn't forget. In fact, I have a very good memory. I even remember there's this amazing little gadget thingy called the telephone, which you could have used and spared us both the agony of this conversation.

Chris: I just want to make sure you don't blow this off. This anniversary party's a big deal for my folks.

Reid: Well, then get off my back or I may just forget to use the amazing little gadget thingy to call mom and pa Hughes and get them to the anniversary party on time.

Chris: You forgot.

Alison: Casey.

Casey: I'm in a hurry, Alison, okay?

Alison: I thought we were okay.

Casey: With?

Alison: With everything. With everything that happened with the wedding. I know you're still mad at me.

Casey: You slept with another guy while we were engaged!

Alison: I know that, but I thought that even if we can't be friends, that --

Casey: That? That what?

Alison: That we both work at the hospital, so even if you do hate me --

Casey: Oh, I don't hate you.

Alison: Maybe you could just turn down the sarcasm a notch. It's distracting, and it might make the people we work with and our patients uncomfortable if they pick up on it.

Casey: If that's how you feel, I guess the best thing we can do is not talk to each other anymore.

Alison: Is that what you want, for us to never talk again?

Casey: I can't be sarcastic if I'm not talking.

Alison: Fine, then. Whatever works for you.

Chris: Casey, what was that? Why are you being such a jerk to Alison?

Casey: Um, hmm. She cheated on me and wrecked my life.

Chris: Well, she's hurting, too, okay? So don't make it worse by adding to it.

Casey: Oh, yeah. You're probably right. Hmm.

Chris: Why don't you just make a gesture? Invite her to the anniversary party, all right?

Henry: Can you get Katie's catering order, Mandy? It's under the name Hughes.

Mandy: Sure thing.

Henry: Thanks.

Katie: Thanks.

Katie: So, what was that about?

Henry: What?

Katie: Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!

Henry: Oh, oh. I was reminding myself not to drink hot coffee too fast, otherwise I'd burn my tongue.

Katie: You sure you weren't seeing Brad again?

Henry: Word of honor.

Katie: Okay.

Henry: Is that why you're so glum? Are you thinking about Brad?

Katie: Yeah. It's just this anniversary stuff, you know. I mean, I'm happy for Bob and Kim, but I can't stop thinking about Brad and how we barely had one anniversary.

Henry: Yeah. You packed in a lot of happiness in the short time that you had.

Katie: Yeah. Yeah, we did.

Henry: Oh, yeah.

Katie: Okay. Well, let's pack in some more happiness, then.

Henry: What did you have in mind?

Katie: Why don't you come to this party? Be my date.

Henry: A Hughes anniversary party? No, no, no, thank you. I don't want to horn in on some family affair.

Katie: It's not all family.

Henry: Oh, really? Who's gonna be there?

Katie: Well, Tom, Margo, Chris, Nancy --

Henry: No, no, no, no.

Katie: Barbara, Reid.

Henry: No. Yes, yes.

Katie: Yes?

Henry: Yes. You've convinced me. I'll go with you.

Katie: You will?

Henry: It's the least I could do.

Bob: Why are you suddenly so surprised that I'm dedicated to my work? You knew that when you got married to me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Kim: Oh, God. Tell me that's not Dr. Oliver.

Bob: Dr. Oliver, I'm in the middle of something.

Reid: But this is really important.

Bob: We'll have to talk another time.

Casey: Nobody wants her at the party! Not my parents, not your parents, and especially not me.

Chris: Is that really true?

Casey: What do you think?

Chris: I think it's your pride talking.

Casey: She cheated on me!

Chris: You're holding her to marriage vows.

Casey: We were three minutes away from getting married, okay, and then her lover strolls in?

Chris: Okay, listen. I think you should hold yourself to the same standard. That's what I think.

Casey: I didn't cheat on her!

Chris: Listen to me, Casey. If you were three minutes away from telling her that you love her and you wanted to be with her forever --

Casey: Listen, listen! You're babbling. I'm not listening to you, okay? I'll see you at the party.

Chris: Why? Where are you going?

Katie: Chris.

Chris: Hey.

Katie: Hey.

Chris: Katie. I was actually just gonna swing by Al's, help you out with the food. Where is it?

Katie: Oh, I was just going to pull my car around and have Henry help me.

Chris: Oh. So you got it all covered?

Katie: What was that about with Casey? He seemed upset.

Chris: I just suggested that he bring Alison to the party, but I guess he's not up for it.

Katie: You want Alison there? Why?

Chris: For the same reason I invited Susan, so this family can put this feud behind us. That's all. That's all.

Katie: Really?

Chris: Yes, yes.

Katie: Okay. You know what? Could you get the food and bring it over?

Chris: Okay, I will.

Katie: Great.

Chris: Wait a minute. Where are you going?

Katie: Oh, I just have something to take care of. I'll see you at Tom and Margoís.

Chris: Yeah.

Katie: Aha. I was hoping you'd be here.

Alison: What do you need?

Katie: I think you should come to Bob and Kim's party.

Alison: Obviously you have not been talking to Casey.

Katie: Actually, I think it would be good for Casey for you to come.

Alison: After what I did to him? Katie, I broke his heart.

Katie: I know, but you're not gonna make it any better by keeping your distance. You need to keep showing up and proving to him that you two can make it through this and at least be friends. Don't you want that?

Alison: Yeah, I would love that, but I don't think getting in his face is the right way.

Katie: Maybe not, but I think this party would be a good chance to make peace. Everyone's gonna be sentimental and happy. Come on. You can come as my guest. At least tell me you'll think about it.

Alison: Okay. I'll think about it.

Katie: Great. I'll see you there.

Bob: You ready to order?

Kim: I'm sorry. I -- I've lost my appetite. I'm just not hungry.

Bob: So now you're not going to eat. What are we gonna do, just sit here and argue all night?

Kim: Well, you know, I think we probably should leave. I'll go out to the country, like I intended to, and you just go on back to work.

Bob: Why can't you understand that I can't just leave on a moment's notice? With the new wing and what goes on in my practice--

Kim: Oh, the new wing. God help us. You just think I'm being selfish because I'm focusing on the two of us tonight -- tonight, of all nights.

Bob: In 25 years, I've never known you to be selfish.

Kim: So what is that supposed to mean?

[Cell phone ringing]

Bob: Dr. Oliver, not now.

Reid: Don't hang up on me, Dr. Hughes. It's an emergency.

Bob: What is it?

Reid: The lawsuit in Texas. I talked to Tom about it, and he said that he wants to meet with us immediately.

Bob: That's not possible. I'm in the middle of something with my wife.

Reid: Tom said that we need to discuss the legal ramifications of the case. Plus, there's gonna be a whole public-relations nightmare on top of it, so Tom really wants your wife to be there, as well. It's really important. It can't wait. Can you meet us there at his house right away?

Bob: Okay.

Kim: You know something? I don't even want to know. Just go. Happy anniversary.

Tom: Hey, you're just in time. Dad and Kim are probably on their way down here already.

Barbara: Margo.

Margo: What?

Barbara: Don't you have any cocktail napkins?

Margo: Yes, I do, I do, but I was in such a hurry coming from the car, I left them outside.

Barbara: I'll get them.

Katie: Are Bob and Kim here yet?

Barbara: Oh, no. Not quite yet. I didn't know you were going to be here.

Katie: Let's get inside.

Henry: I'm right behind you.

Barbara: I'm glad to see you. Where's Vienna?

Henry: Not here.

Barbara: Good.

Katie: Henry.

Henry: Hmm?

Katie: You coming?

Henry: Yes, yes. I'm helping Barbara with her bag. Where does this go?

Margo: Here, here! Over here, please! There. Oh, great. Oh, thank you. Do you think that Kim has guessed that we're having a party for her?

Barbara: No, no. I think I have her convinced that we've forgotten all about their anniversary.

Susan: Oh, good. That way they can really enjoy the surprise.

Barbara: Yeah. Though I have to say, I saw Bob and Kim earlier today, and there was a bit of tension.

Lisa: Oh, well, now maybe that they've had dinner and Bob has given her flowers and they've exchanged gifts, I think that perhaps all of that feuding has developed into a love-fest.

Chris: Oh, I think I see my dad's car.

Tom: Everybody get ready to yell surprise!

Casey: Surprise.

All: Surprise!

Casey: Where's Mom?

Bob: That's a good question.

Barbara: I thought you two were having dinner!

[All speaking over each other]

Bob: Everybody just stop. Kim is okay. She just decided not to come with me.

Margo: Why?

Bob: Well, it seems that Dr. Oliver was a bit too convincing.

Chris: What did you do?

Reid: Exactly what you asked me to do.

Bob: And that's the truth, but the last thing I expected when I walked in here was a party. I'm sorry that I ruined it.

Margo: All right. So she thought it was an actual meeting, huh?

Bob: Exactly.

Lisa: Please, just call her. Tell her everything's okay. Come on over.

Bob: It's not gonna be that easy. You see, she's very angry with me. We had a bit of a disagreement.

Lisa: About what?

Tom: Mom, none of your business!

Lisa: Oh, says who?

Margo: All right. Well, someone should just call her.

Bob: No. I tried when she stormed out of the Lakeview, but she turned her phone off.

Barbara: I'm gonna go find her.

Margo: Do you think she went home?

Bob: I doubt that.

Barbara: Well, she has a key to my suite. Maybe she's there.

Henry: Why don't I drive you over there?

Katie: Barbara can take care of it herself.

Barbara: I will find her. I'll get her back here.

Nancy: What really happened?

Bob: Well, it's an old argument, Mom, but I've never seen her so mad. Almost never.

[Bob remembering]

Bob: Kim, it was just --

Kim: No, don't say it! Please. I don't want to hear any more of your rationalizations about the five months alone while I was dealing with Andy. I don't want to hear your circumstances or what I or wasn't doing as your wife. You slept with Susan. Oh, God! With Susan! And now you want me to understand! You want me to forgive. Well, you can forget it, Pal. You can just forget it.

Nancy: It isn't that serious?

Bob: It might be to Kim.

Casey: Do you think Kim's gonna show up?

Margo: I don't know. It depends. You know, if she's just angry, she'd probably be over it by now, but if it's more than that, we should put the food away.

Casey: I'll be right back. One second. What are you doing here?

Alison: Katie invited me. Is that okay?

Casey: Yeah, sure. I guess.

Alison: I'm sorry that I'm late. I didn't want to show up empty-handed.

Casey: You didn't have to do that.

Alison: Did I miss the big entrance?

Casey: Actually, no. Kim never showed up.

Alison: Why not? What happened?

Casey: Nobody knows. Anyway, I don't think there's gonna even be a party.

Alison: Oh. Then I guess I should just go?

Casey: If that's what you want.

Alison: Okay. It's -- it's probably what's best.

Katie: Hey. Was that Alison? What happened?

Casey: She decided not to stay.

Barbara: Are you going to let one little fight with your husband ruin your anniversary?

Kim: You spoke to Bob?

Barbara: Yes, I did. I happened to run into him at your surprise party.

Kim: Our sup-- oh, for crying out loud. You were pretending before?

Barbara: Mm-hmm.

Kim: You remembered our anniversary.

Barbara: Of course I did.

Kim: Oh, God.

Barbara: So did Tom and Margo and Nancy and Lisa and Frannie, too.

Kim: Oh! Oh, you're kidding! Oh!

Barbara: No. Frannie's coming. Sabrina can't make it. She's down in Haiti helping with the relief effort. In fact, Frannie was on her way down there, too, but she had a layover, and, so, we worked all this out, and she'll be here in a while, and it was supposed to be a surprise.

Kim: I had no idea you all had gone to so much trouble for us.

Barbara: Well, we did, because we love you. Come on. Everyone's waiting, so let's go.

Kim: Is -- is Bob still there?

Barbara: Are you really that angry with him?

Kim: Today, of all days, he couldn't put his work aside, not even for a few minutes, and we couldn't say more than five words to one another before the phone would ring and then he would answer it.

Barbara: And let me guess, it was Dr. Oliver?

Kim: Well, among others, yes. So what?

Barbara: It was a rouse.

Kim: Oh, no. Did Bob know that?

Barbara: No, not till he got to Tom and Margoís.

Kim: But what about all the other calls? What about the fact he refuses to go away on the long weekend that I'd worked so hard to plan? I am not in the mood for a party. The hell with it!

Barbara: You know what? You two have survived bigger hurdles than this, and you're Bob and Kim. You're everybody's favorite couple, and everyone takes it for granted that you can get through anything.

Kim: And that's exactly the problem! Bob takes me for granted!

Barbara: Well, yeah. I mean, he can get a little over focused on the hospital sometimes.

Kim: Sometimes?

Barbara: Oh, Kim. Are you gonna deny that you're the love of his life? Now come on. Everyone's waiting. Let's go. That's my girl.

Reid: So, is this anniversary deal happening or what?

Chris: Why are you still here? You didn't have to come in.

Reid: Since you entrusted me with the awesome responsibility, I figured I would be conscientious. I drove over to make sure that Dr. Hughes showed up.

Chris: Mm. And when my mom wasn't with him?

Reid: Well, then I had to see what happened when he walked in alone.

Chris: Well, you did, so you can go now.

Reid: I figured I'd stick around for a little bit. Katie said that you were gonna order some food from Al's? When do we eat that?

Chris: You donít.

Katie: I invited Alison because I knew Chris wanted her here, even though he was pretending it was for Casey. I guess Casey's just still so mad at her, though, that he scared her away.

Henry: Yeah. It was really nice of you to do that. When do you think Barbara's gonna get back?

Katie: Barbara? Who cares? You mean Kim, right?

Henry: Yes. I mean -- I mean Kim. Kim. Do you think she's gonna show?

Katie: I wish I knew.

Casey: Grams, what are you doing up here?

Nancy: I was just looking over the pictures that they left out and thinking about family.

Casey: Does it make you sad, seeing pictures of great granddad?

Nancy: Oh, no. Your great grandfather and I had a perfectly marvelous time together, and it just makes me remember how very lucky I was that I chose him.

Casey: Yeah. I'm glad we actually got time to talk alone. I -- I want to give you something. Alison, you know, well, obviously it didn't work out. So I want you to have this back.

Nancy: My ring. [Remembering]

Nancy: There's a lot that's gone on in 50 years.

Chris: Yes, indeed.

Nancy: Do you have any regrets?

Chris: Not a day of regret. Wish there could be 50 more. I love you ever day.

Nancy: Who's to say there won't be 50 more?


Nancy: You keep this, dear.

Casey: But I'm not getting married.

Nancy: Not just yet, but you grew up in a family of strong marriages, so I have a feeling that someday you're going to plan your own wedding. When you do, that will be a good standby for the girl who's going to be smart enough to choose you.

Casey: You're the best. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Bob: Kim believes that the object of my affection is my work in the hospital. She's jealous.

Lisa: Yeah. Well, I remember feeling that way some years ago.

Reid: What did you do about it?

Lisa: I left him, Honey. [Laughter] [Remembering]

Bob: So, we've got to start looking for a house right now. Are you sure that you didn't like any of the houses that were out near the hospital?

Lisa: Positive.

Bob: Well, where do you want to go?

Lisa: Oh, I don't know. It doesn't make any difference, really, as long as we don't have to be anywhere around that hospital.

Bob: All right. Then we'll begin to look somewhere else.

Lisa: Now, if we start to look, I am telling you right now that we are not gonna look at houses.

Bob: What do you mean?

Lisa: I mean that you're gonna have to settle for an apartment.

Bob: An apartment? Why?

Lisa: I'll tell you why. Because I feel, to me, that a house represents something that is too permanent.

Tom: Mom, no one's leaving anyone this time.

Chris: Just getting a little worried about my mom. I wish she'd call.

Bob: Well, maybe Barbara will be able to bring her here and all will be forgotten and forgiven.

Kim: I'm not sure that this is a good idea.

Barbara: Why not?

Kim: 'Cause I don't want Bob to take this as a sign that everything's blown over, and I actually have no intentions of sweeping this under the rug.

Barbara: You don't have to deal with any of that tonight. Just come on in and enjoy your family. Come on. Come on.

Tom: Hey!

Margo: Oh!

[Cheers and applause]

Tom: Whoo!

Bob: Happy anniversary, my dear.

Margo: Well, everybody, grab a glass!

Lisa: Yeah, okay.

[Cellphone ringing]

Margo: It's mine, it's mine, it's mine, it's mine! Hello?

Kim: Is that Frannie?

Bob: Frannie?

Barbara: Frannie was my big surprise to you.

Tom: Yeah, and as surprises go, it would have been absolutely awesome.

Barbara: Why, thank you, Tom.

Tom: Yeah, but ours is still better.

Margo: Can you just hold on a minute? Yeah. I'll be right back. Tom, can you come out with me? It's about the surprise.

Tom: Yeah?

Chris: I think now that you've stuffed your face, you can leave.

Reid: No. I think I'm gonna stick around just a little bit longer. This family is a hell of a lot more interesting than it looks.

Barbara: I think I'm gonna go find out what's going on.

Lisa: Yeah, I'm right behind you.

Barbara: Mm-hmm.

Kim: Wait a minute. What is going on? Was that Frannie on the phone?

Tom: No, it wasnít.

Margo: We hit a little bit of a snag. We got some bad news we weren't expecting.

Kim: Oh, God, no. Tell me it's not the kids.

Tom: No, no. Everything's fine. That wasn't it.

Bob: Then what is it?

Margo: Well, it turns out that -- I don't know how to say this, but you're not married.

Chris: Wait a minute. Mom and Dad aren't married?

Bob: We've been together for 25 years! How can we not be married?

[Margo whistles]

Margo: Just -- just -- we'll explain everything. Just listen.

Tom: It all started when Margo and I tried to seek out the minister that married dad and Kim 25 years ago.

Nancy: That's a lovely idea.

Tom: Right. Well, we thought they might want to renew their vows.

Susan: Didn't they renew their vows before?

Lisa: Oh, Honey, you can never get married enough.

Susan: You should know.

Lisa: Oh, hush. Margo, please tell us what happened.

Margo: Well, we found the minister, and, unfortunately, he's in jail.

Chris: On what charge?

Tom: That's where it all gets a little dicey.

Margo: It's fraud. He's a con artist who rips people off by pretending he's a man of the cloth.

Bob: You mean he's never been ordained and he can't legally perform marriages?

Tom: I'm afraid not, Dad.

Chris: Hey, wait a minute. What does that make me?

Reid: I always knew you were a bastard. I just didn't know it was official.

Henry: That's not funny.

Reid: All right, well, listen. Thank you all for the food and the memorable afternoon. Sorry it didn't work out as planned.

[Kim laughing]

Katie: Kim, are you okay?

Kim: God, yes. I'm fine. What a surprise party. 25 years, and poof! You're not married!

Susan: You might be in shock. Why don't you come over here and sit down?

Kim: No, no. I'll be just fine. I'm fine. I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked. Don't you think this is a little ironic?

Bob: I think it's a riot, but listen. Don't worry. We can get this straightened out.

Casey: Kim, can I get you a tea, hot water, or something?

Chris: Yeah, she could use some hot tea. I'll take a beer or five.

Kim: No, no. I don't need -- I'm fine. I'm fine.

Tom: Well, do we know how to bring a party to a halt or what?

Margo: Yeah. You know what? I'm gonna go run this guy through the system and see if all the information we have is correct. Excuse me.

Barbara: You know, I mean, who cares if your marriage isn't legal? It's real in every other sense, right? I mean, Tom, in any case, they are married by common law?

Tom: Not in Illinois.

Lisa: 25 years of living in sin. Who would have thunk it?

Nancy: Lisa, Dear, you're not helping.

Chris: Who hired the minister?

Bob: I assume I did. I'm sorry.

Tom: Hey, what did you find out?

Margo: It's not good. Turns out this minister is indeed in jail and he's phony as a $3 bill.

Chris: All right. Listen, who cares? It doesn't matter. We'll just get you another minister, a real one, and have an official ceremony.

Bob: Now, that's a great idea. We can get married right away, and everything is as it was.

Tom: All right. Then why don't I talk to the judge, expedite the license. We'll have a ceremony here tomorrow. So, it's not a 25th anniversary. It's a wedding.

Nancy: That'll be lovely.

Bob: What do you say?

Kim: Margo, do I understand this correctly? I am, legally, I am a single woman?

Margo: Yeah, yeah. At least till tomorrow.

Kim: Well, I'm not so sure tomorrow's gonna make that much of a difference.

Bob: What are you talking about?

Kim: I'm not sure I want to marry you at all.

Lisa: Kim, you can't possibly mean that!

Kim: I think we should look at this as a gift, as a chance to reevaluate.

Bob: Well, suppose I don't want to reevaluate.

Kim: Well, just as you needed time to work and you had to put off spending time alone with me, then I need time to think, and I intend to put off marrying you.

Bob: I know you're angry with me because I didn't take our anniversary seriously enough, but we belong together.

Kim: I'm not so sure about that.

Bob: You're making the kids nervous.

Kim: Well, they'll handle it.

Bob: Okay, I've had enough of this. Are you going to marry me or not?

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