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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/31/10

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Lily: Faith, log off that computer or you'll be late for school. I'll give you a ride.

Faith: I can walk.

Lily: You'd rather walk than get a ride from me?

Faith: Don't worry. I'll try not to score any drugs on my way in.

Lily: I'm not laughing.

Faith: I can see that. So what? Now I have to have a chaperone 24/7?

Lily: I want you to come home from school straightaway.

Faith: Anything else?

Lily: Yes. I am sorry that you are so angry with me, but it's gonna take a while to build back some trust so that I feel comfortable letting you go off on your own again.

Faith: Can I finish my homework, please, or do you want to check that, too?

Lily: I look forward to the day when you don't hate me quite so much, Faith. I really do.

Liberty: I am not changing my mind. Parker tried to convince me and my oncologist tried to convince me, but I am going home.

Doctor: You just need a few more days here to close out your treatment.

Liberty: I'll finish treatment in Oakdale. I've just -- I've got to get home.

Doctor: You just made so much progress here, Liberty. I want to make sure it continues.

Liberty: It will. I won't miss any chemo appointments. I swear it. But my mother needs me.

Doctor: It's your decision, of course, but you shouldn't make the trip alone.

[Cell phone rings]

Liberty: I'm not going to. Good news?

Faith: We're all set. I'm on my way right now to get you.

Liberty: No one knows?

Faith: No one. Hang tight.

Molly: Hold all my calls, Michelle, okay?

Holden: So, you want some help with a news story, huh? Not really my specialty.

Molly: Well, actually, you're my research, my field research, really.

Holden: Really?

Molly: Yeah.

Holden: What do you know?

Molly: Well, I know a lot, but for this particular piece, it's kind of more of a hands-on P.O.V. that I need.

Holden: What's the story about?

Molly: It's about how people in densely populated areas manage intimacy.

Holden: Must be really frustrating for those people.

Molly: Yeah. It can be, yeah. Take your mom's farm, for instance.

Holden: Sometimes a very densely populated area.

Molly: Yes.

Holden: What's the message of this think piece?

Molly: Oh, God. Messages don't think.

[Cell phone vibrating]

Holden: I didn't feel a thing.

Molly: Oh, no, but I did, and I know that buzz anywhere. Uh, is it your favorite flower calling?

Holden: A text. Lily needs to see me about Faith.

Parker: Hey, Liberty, it's me. I'm just leaving for school. I thought I'd give you a call and see what's up, I mean how you were doing. Anyway, if you're not still annoyed with me, I thought maybe you could give me a call back later. Yeah, anyway, hopefully talk to you. Bye.

Jack: You're still here?

Parker: Yeah. I was just about to leave.

Jack: You gonna be late?

Parker: No. I've got study hall first period, so I think I'll be fine.

Jack: Okay. You get all your homework done last night?

Parker: Yeah. It's kind of hard not to want to stay locked in my room.

Jack: What's that supposed to mean? Was everything cool here last night or what?

Parker: Yeah. It was, just quiet, and not because you're on the overnight shift.

Jack: I see. You mean between your mom and Janet.

Parker: Yeah. It was awkward. I mean, you asked Janet not to leave, and she agreed to stay, but then you were gone all night.

Jack: Yeah. I'm sorry about that. So, is your mom around?

Parker: No. She already left.

Jack: And what about Janet? Is she up?

Parker: Up and out of here. You know, she and Liberty are a lot alike in that way.

Jack: What?

Parker: Well, that they're gonna do what they want to do no matter what anybody else says.

Jack: No, no, no. Parker, I mean she's -- she's gone? I left her a note saying that she should stay in and relax today.

Parker: Yeah. She got the note, she read it, and she threw it out.

Jack: Where did she go or do I even have to ask?

Parker: Come on, Dad. She went to go see Dusty. The guy's in the hospital. Where else would she go?

Jack: Parker, listen, I get it, I do. I understand why she wants to be there.

Parker: So do I. I mean, it's exactly the same for me when Liberty was sick.

Jack: No. I'm not trying to keep them apart at all, but she's got to think about herself right now. She's got to think about the baby, as well.

Parker: Well, do you really think she's gonna do something to put the baby in danger?

Jack: No, not at all.

Parker: Okay. So, I don't see what your problem is. Besides, she's gonna be at the hospital. If anything were to happen --

Jack: I just don't want her to put herself in a position where something could happen. That's what I'm saying, and I know she's worried about Dusty and everything, but she's -- she's just got to look at the big picture. Listen, I'm sorry. I got to go. Good luck in school, Parker, okay?

Janet: Okay, Dusty, here's the deal. Dr. Oliver says a little sleep after surgery could be a good thing, but a lot of sleep after surgery can be bad. So I need you to open your eyes and wake up, okay? Wake up. We have plans, Dusty. You, me, Liberty, and the new baby. I need you with me.

Jack: Janet. I thought you were gonna stay home and get some rest today.

Janet: I canít. He needs to wake up. The doctor says the longer he's unconscious -- oh, gosh. I can't stand seeing him like this. How could this happen? Who would do something like this?

Jack: I was riding the forensics lab all night trying to get a read on the bullet. If we can get something on that, then it's a place to start.

Janet: Did they find any fingerprints?

Jack: He was shot in Metro, Janet. The place is full of fingerprints.

Janet: Well, what about the security video? Couldn't they see the guy's face on that or anything?

Jack: Yeah. The video's in the forensics lab, as well. I'm not sure whether or not they're gonna be able to pull anything off of it.

Janet: Do you think this was a robbery?

Jack: No, I donít. I saw Dusty trying to give the guy his wallet, and the guy refused. Then they went back to talking. Dusty tried to blindside him. Then they struggled for the guy's gun.

[Door closes]

Jack: Have you had any breakfast? Come on. I got to get you some right now. I'm not gonna let you fight me on this. Let's go.

Janet: Okay.

Jack: Okay?

Janet: Okay.

Rocco: Hello. My name is Rocco Ciccone. I need to get a message to one of your inmates. Ralph Manzo. It's an emergency.

Molly: I should have had Michelle hold your calls, too.

Holden: I'm sorry, Molly.

Molly: No. Don't, donít. Don't be. I know you guys are having a time of it with Faith.

Holden: Yeah.

Molly: What are you gonna do?

Holden: Well, the timing, it's just off -- really off.

Molly: Yeah, you can say that. So, you know what? Why don't you go deal with Lily and Faith, and when you're done, if you still feel like a little research, come on back.

Holden: Why don't you come with me?

Molly: What? To see Lily?

Holden: Lately you've been really good with Faith.

Molly: Yeah. I hate to tell you this, big guy, but your ex-wife doesn't agree.

Holden: Yeah, I know that, but --

Molly: No, no, no. Listen, listen, listen, listen. I said that I was gonna take a big step back from the family drama-rama, and I need to. So let me do that, and you go deal with this, okay? Whoa. Wait a minute. Shirt. Yeah. That's a dead giveaway. You've got enough stuff to deal with when you get to Lilyís. You don't need that. Oh, boy. What might have been, huh?

Holden: It still may be.

Molly: Oh, no, no, no. Don't tempt me. Go now. I mean it, before I change my mind and get really, really snippy. Go.

Jack: An energy bar out of the vending machine is not what I would call breakfast.

Janet: I know, but I want to be with Dusty.

Jack: Well, you also have to worry about that baby.

Janet: I am. I promise you.

Jack: I'm worried about you.

Janet: I know you are.

Jack: And I know you got a lot on your plate right now.

Janet: Okay, listen. Once Liberty comes home and she is 100% better and Dusty's awake, we're gonna move in to our new house, and then we'll move out of Carlyís, and then you guys can go on with your life and we can go on with our life, and, for once, we're all gonna be happy and boring.

Jack: Well, I think boring kind of sounds wonderful after the year we had.

Janet: Doesn't it?

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: I want to go sit with him, okay?

Jack: All right. I'm gonna go with you. If only to watch you eat that high-protein, cardboard-tasting excuse for breakfast.

Janet: Pop! What are you doing here?

Lily: Thank you for coming so quickly.

Holden: Is Faith still here?

Lily: She left for school, I think.

Holden: What do you mean, you think?

Lily: Holden, she can barely stand to be in the same room with me.

Holden: Did something happen?

Lily: I offered her a ride to school. She said she'd rather walk, and then she made some crack about not scoring drugs on the way in.

Holden: Lily, she's acting out. It's all just talk.

Lily: How do we know that? We missed it before. She was popping pills right under our noses.

Holden: Yeah, and now that we know to keep an eye on her, we will.

Lily: The hardest part about this for me is being able to trust her.

Holden: Yeah, and she feels that.

Lily: So, now this is my fault?

Holden: No, no. I didn't say that. Look, she's on a schedule. She has a tight allowance. She goes to school. She comes home. We'll watch her. What?

Lily: She didnít.

Holden: What's that?

Lily: This book isn't where I left it, and -- damn it!

Holden: What's going on?

Lily: I keep extra cash in here, and it's gone!

Holden: How much did you have in there?

Lily: Like $700!

Holden: Oh, no.

Lily: That's it.

Holden: Lily -- Lily, you're too upset to call Faith. Let me do it.

Lily: I'm not calling Faith. It's too late for that. I'm calling the police.

Holden: Oh, no, you're not.

Lily: Holden, our daughter stole $700 from this house! What if she's out on the street scoring drugs?

Holden: You don't know if that's the reason she took the money.

Lily: Oh, come on. What else is she gonna do with that kind of cash?

Holden: I'm not calling the cops on my daughter.

Lily: You don't have to. I'll do it.

Holden: Lily, it's not necessary!

Lily: Yes, it is! I don't want to see her end up dead!

Holden: Okay, fine. We have her arrested, and then what?

Lily: Well, at least she's off the streets.

Holden: What if she didn't take the money to buy drugs and you toss her into jail? Do you think she's ever gonna be able to talk to you again?

Lily: What are we supposed to do, nothing? Just hope that she comes home with a reasonable explanation for stealing?

Holden: I think we need to be smart about this.

Lily: There's smart, and then there's coddling. I need to be sure that my daughter isn't in the girl's locker room getting high!

Holden: Okay. You called me over here because you wanted my help. Do you want my help or not?

Lily: Yes, I do!

Holden: All right! Then you need to take a deep breath! You need to calm down! Good.

Lily: I'm just so frightened for her.

Holden: I know, I know, I know. So am I. But you're right. We need to act fast, but we need to do this my way, okay?

Janet: I can't believe you're here.

Rocco: I heard about what happened to Donovan.

Janet: How?

Rocco: Teresa. I'm sorry, Janet.

Janet: Oh, thanks, Pop.

Rocco: I really relate. You know, these punks will shoot you for $25 and quarters in the till.

Jack: I wouldn't think you'd have that kind of trouble in your store, Mr. Ciccone.

Rocco: Why do you say that? I'm a small-business owner just like Donovan was. I mean is.

Jack: Still, everybody back home on the street has to know that you're connected with Ralph Manzo.

Janet: Jack!

Rocco: It's all right, Honey. Listen, Jack, that kind of protection is an urban legend.

Jack: Really? I assure you what happened to my brother was very real.

Rocco: Ralph's in the federal pen. He doesn't have that kind of reach, and it's never reached me.

Janet: We know that, Pop.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: I'll take this outside.

Rocco: What's up with him? Is that what he thinks about our family?

Jack: Have you tried to call the school?

Holden: I did. Faith didn't make it to homeroom. Lily is terrified that she took the money to buy drugs, but I really don't think that's the case, and I don't want to turn this into something that it's not.

Jack: No. I get it. Listen, I'd be freaked out, too, if it were my kid. Why don't you let me find out what I can before we scare the heck out of Faith, okay?

Holden: Thanks, Jack. I owe you big for this.

Jack: Don't mention it.

Rocco: Sorry for sounding defensive before, Jack, but people have made remarks like that about our family for years because of our name. I guess I'm a little sensitive to it.

Jack: Listen. I got some things I got to take care of. I want you to promise me you're gonna go home and get some rest.

Janet: I'm fine, Jack. I promise.

Rocco: I'll keep an eye on her. No need to worry about that.

Jack: Interesting you're concerned about that now. I'm calling you soon.

Janet: Okay.

Rocco: Is that what his problem is, because we weren't in touch for a while?

Janet: A while?

Rocco: I'm here now, aren't I?

Janet: Yeah. Well, I could barely believe it myself, but, Jack, he's naturally suspicious.

Rocco: Your husband's a born cop. That's for sure. You're lucky to have him looking after you.

Janet: Pop, there's something I have to tell you. I haven't been completely honest with you.

Holden: Okay, look. Jack, he's gonna find Faith, and he'll do it in a way that doesn't freak her out, doesn't get her into anymore trouble.

Lily: Calling Jack was the right thing to do. It was the smart thing. Thank you.

Holden: Are you okay?

Lily: I'm just kicking myself for not insisting on driving her to school.

Holden: Donít. It's not your fault.

Lily: No, it isnít. It's Mollyís.

[Knock on door]

Molly: Parker.

Parker: Hey. Sorry to bother you.

Molly: No. Is everything okay?

Parker: My dad called me looking for Faith, and I have no idea where she is.

Molly: And you think I do?

Parker: Do you?

Molly: Not a clue.

Parker: Okay. I didn't mean anything by it. I just know that she trusts you.

Molly: Yeah. She might, but her mother doesnít. So, I'm out of the unofficial surrogate-mom biz for now. You know, it's best if I keep my distance from everybody, so.

Parker: Sure. Do you know what's going on with her?

Molly: No. I just know that Lily called, asking Holden to come over and talk about her, so he went.

Parker: Yeah. That's because Faith never showed up for school today, and some money that her mom had laying around the house went missing.

Molly: Oh, no.

Parker: Look, I'm gonna be completely honest with you. She hates me right now about as much as she hates her mom, so I doubt that she's gonna come looking for me.

Molly: Yeah, no. I get it, I get it, I get it.

Parker: You'll help me look for her?

Molly: Yeah, you're right. The only thing that matters right now is Faith. Let's go. Come on.

Janet: Yeah. I haven't been completely honest about what's been going on with me. It's complicated. Jack and I are -- well, the reason I'm here with Dusty --

Rocco: I know the whole story.

Janet: What? Teresa?

Rocco: She didn't tell me everything, but I was able to piece it together.

Janet: Oh.

Rocco: Can't say I'm happy about you divorcing the father of your child, but the last time I wasn't happy with something you did, I lost you for half a lifetime.

Janet: Oh, Pop. I can't believe you're saying this to me.

Rocco: I'm much more live and let live than I used to be.

Janet: Apparently.

Rocco: I know Jack's not gonna be your husband for much longer, but I will always be your father, and I -- I just want you to be happy.

Janet: Oh, Pop. I want to be happy, too. Oh. By the way, I forgot to tell you about Liberty. The treatments that she's been getting, they're working.

Rocco: Oh, they are? Oh, Janet, that's fantastic news! Your mother's gonna be so relieved.

Janet: I know, I know. And then once Dusty wakes up, everything is gonna be just fine.

Rocco: I can see how much you care about this guy. I don't want you to go through this alone.

Liberty: She doesn't have to anymore.

Janet: [Gasps] Libby-Loo? Am I seeing things?

Liberty: No, Mom, you're not. Don't be mad. I had to come back, and I asked Faith to help me get here.

Janet: How?

Liberty: I still need to continue my treatments, but they said I could come home.

Janet: Oh, Sweetheart! I wanted to hug you for so long! Oh!

Liberty: I needed you to! It's okay now!

Janet: I love you so much! I love you so much! Everything's gonna be fine!

Liberty: I don't have to be in isolation anymore!

Janet: Oh, I love you!

Liberty: I love you, too!

Holden: She tries to help you, she's in the way. You tell her to back off. It's still her fault. Lily, what do you want?

Lily: I want my little girl back, but she's gone! The girl we raised and love is gone, and this sullen, defensive, troubled person that I don't recognize is in her place! She can't even stand to be near me!

Holden: She just needs some time.

Lily: Time? I want her back now! I want my baby! I want to hold her and tell her that everything's gonna be okay, but I can't! God, Holden, I'm so afraid this is gonna end badly.

Holden: I know. So am I.

[Door opens]

Lily: Did you find Faith?

Molly: No. No, I didnít. Parker asked me to help him look for her.

Parker: We couldn't find her.

Molly: I should go.

Holden: No, Molly. Molly, wait. Thanks for trying.

Molly: When Lily called, I didn't realize how serious it was, and then Parker -- so, of course I went to help. Look, I don't belong here.

Jack: Nothing. I'm thinking if I had more information, I'd be able to find Faith faster.

Holden: Information? Like, what she was wearing this morning?

Lily: I can tell you that.

Jack: No. Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of the name of her dealer.

Lily: Her what?

Holden: What? Jack, it's not that serious. She's just acting out here. She doesn't have a dealer.

Faith: I have the most amazing news. You guys will never, ever guess. What?

Janet: Oh, my gosh. I can't believe you're here! I still can't believe it!

Liberty: Oh!

Janet: And with Grandpa.

Liberty: Yeah. Grandpa's a surprise.

Rocco: You seem strong, Liberty.

Liberty: I am strong.

Rocco: I think your mom's right, though, traveling on your own and everything.

Liberty: I wasn't alone. Faith was with me.

Janet: Well, I think you need to go home and get some rest.

Liberty: I want to stay here with you.

Janet: Okay, then, I'll go home with you. I just don't want you around this hospital. There's too many germs.

Liberty: Okay.

Janet: Okay. Thank you so much for coming by, Pop.

Rocco: I can stay. I'll call you if anything happens.

Janet: Really?

Rocco: Sure.

Janet: Oh, gosh. This is like a dream. Oh. Now if only Dusty will wake up.

Liberty: Okay. Let's get you out of here.

Janet: Okay, I'm coming.

Rocco: Welcome home, Liberty.

Liberty: Thanks.

Rocco: This isn't the way it was supposed to work out.

[Cell phone rings]

Rocco: Yeah? Yes, operator. Put him through. Ralph? Listen to me. I know you're locked up and all, but I never meant for this kid to be shot. I just wanted him to get the message to stay away from -- I know. That's the problem. I'm starting to think it's better if he never wakes up. I have to call you back. You hear any of that?

Jack: No. Why? Was it Janet?

Rocco: Cement distributor.

Jack: So she went home.

Rocco: We had an unexpected visitor.

Jack: Yes, Liberty. I heard.

Rocco: Janet was thrilled, but she wanted Liberty to get out of the hospital, away from the germs and all.

Jack: Yeah. So, you just decided to hang out and make some business calls in Dusty's room?

Rocco: I told Janet I'd stay and keep an eye on him and call her if there was any change. So, I thought I'd do a little work while I sat here. Yeah.

Jack: That was nice of you.

Rocco: Least I could do. She's some girl, my Janet. A great mother. It's nice to see.

Jack: Yeah, but one has to wonder, Mr. Ciccone, why? Why now?

Rocco: Excuse me?

Jack: Why all this attention and interest paid to Janet after all this time?

Rocco: There wasn't a day that went by when her mother and I weren't thinking about her and praying for her. We were always worried about Janet.

Jack: Really? You were worried about her, were you? But you never reached out. You never tried to find her or help her and Liberty out?

Rocco: I'm not going to explain myself to you, Jack.

Jack: You know, you don't have to.

Rocco: All right. Let this drop, then.

Jack: Not until we get something straight. I still care about your daughter very much, even though our marriage is over, but I got to say, all this, it seems a little too easy. I don't want to see you hurt her again.

Rocco: I don't want to hurt her, either.

Jack: A guy like you, you're all right with this, that I'm divorcing her, that she's carrying my baby, and she's in love with another man?

Rocco: What do you mean, a guy like me?

Jack: You are a guy that turned your back on his pregnant daughter, treated her like dirt for the last 20 years. I don't want to see that happen to her again.

Liberty: I can't believe you're living here.

Janet: Yeah. Neither can I, but here I am.

Liberty: I get why you left the farm, but, seriously, Mom, down the hall from your soon-to-be ex-husband and his ex-wife, who he's getting back together with?

Janet: And don't forget Parker and Sage.

[Liberty sighs]

Janet: I know, but the doctor said that I needed to stay off my feet and take it easy, so I really had no other choice. And then I was gonna move into the house that Dusty bought for us, but --

Liberty: You know, he sent me a picture of the house he bought for you.

Janet: Yeah. He said he was gonna do that.

Liberty: It looks really nice, Mom.

Janet: Oh, Libby, it's the most beautiful house in the world. It's like he knew exactly what we needed.

Liberty: That's great.

Janet: Yeah. You know, I loved Jack, I really did, but Dusty, it's like he gets me like nobody else does.

Liberty: I'm so glad for you.

Janet: But now I'm scared that I'm gonna lose him, you know, 'cause the doctors keep telling me that the longer he's unconscious, more things can go wrong, and I'm just -- oh, gosh. I'm so sorry. I know I'm kind of all over the place right now, and I'm not even sure that it was a good idea for you to come back so soon, but I am so glad you did.

Liberty: Me too.

Janet: Oh, Sweetheart. I need you to get well, okay?

Liberty: I will. I promise.

Janet: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Faith: Are you seriously gonna make it seem like I did something bad?

Lily: You stole money and flew to Minneapolis!

Faith: To pick up my friend who has leukemia and bring her home!

Lily: Faith, you stole money, you skipped school, you lied about where you were, you picked up a sick girl out of the hospital, where she probably belongs right now! You flew her home on a commercial jet that was filled with germs!

Faith: Oh, this is so unfair!

Lily: Did her mother even know that you were bringing her home?

Faith: No. What's the difference?

Lily: What's the difference?

Faith: You should have seen Janet when she saw Liberty! She was so happy! She gave her daughter a hug and looked like she didn't want to let her go.

Lily: What's that supposed to mean, that I don't love you?

Holden: All right. That's enough, that's enough, both of you, okay?

Faith: Liberty wanted to come home and ask for my help. What's so wrong with that?

Parker: Everything! Do you think she didn't ask me to help take her home? She did, but I've seen everything that she's gone through in the past few weeks. Haven't you?

Faith: Why are you so mad at me?

Parker: Because you're an idiot for thinking that you know anything about what's best for Liberty! She's been in a plastic bubble!

Faith: She wanted to come home.

Parker: What if she gets an infection and gets sick?

Faith: She trusted me to help her, and I did, and I'm proud of it.

Parker: Well, I hope you get grounded for life. I'm out of here.

Faith: Parker! Wait!

Lily: Faith, get back in this house!

Holden: Lily, Lily, just let her go. She won't leave again.

Molly: Yeah, well, uh, I'm going, too. Good luck. Call me later if you can.

Lily: Molly, no. Please, stay.

Faith: Okay, listen to me. The doctor said that it was okay for Liberty to travel, and, yeah, she was a little bit weak, but she was so happy to come home.

Parker: But she isn't finished with her treatments yet. That's why I told her it was too soon to come home.

Faith: Don't you get that I was just trying to help out a friend?

Parker: What I get is that you have no clue how serious this is. If something had happened to her -- I've got to go.

Faith: Parker, wait.

Lily: Faith, I want you to get back in that house, go to your room, and stay there until I tell you you can leave.

Faith: Forget it. I'm going out.

Lily: Faith, did you hear what I said?

Faith: I don't care, Mom!

Lily: Faith, get back here right now!

Holden: You know what? I'll go.

Lily: No! She won't listen to either one of us! No matter what we do, it's wrong! Molly, I need your help. Obviously, I'm desperate and running out of options.

Molly: So you're saying I'm your last resort?

Holden: Lily, I don't understand. You asked Molly to stay out of this, and now you're asking for her help. Why?

Molly: I think the why is clear. Lily's looking for a fall guy for when this whole thing falls apart.

Lily: That's not true.

Molly: Then what do you want from me?

Lily: My daughter won't listen to me, and, frankly, she just tells Holden what he wants to hear.

Holden: Well, you know what? I think I deserve a little more credit than that.

Lily: She won't listen to either one of us, but maybe she'll listen to you.

Molly: That was pretty hard for you to say, wasn't it?

Lily: You have no idea.

Holden: Molly, you don't have to get involved if you don't want to.

Molly: You're right. I donít. But I will. I'll see what I can do, but I can't and I won't force Faith to confide in me. If she doesn't want to talk to me, there's not gonna be much I can do to help her.

Liberty: Parker. Before you get bent out of shape --

Parker: I know. Faith brought you home.

Liberty: I needed to be here for Mom.

Janet: Oh, mom's okay, but I'm with Parker. I'm still a little freaked out that you're here.

Liberty: Hello! Two seconds ago, you said you were glad to have me back home.

Parker: It was a bonehead thing to do. I'll go set up a room for you.

Liberty: Don't bother. I'm bunking with Mom.

Parker: Fine.

Liberty: Fine.

Parker: Good. Go to bed.

Liberty: Don't worry. I am. Anything to get you off my back.

Parker: I missed her.

Janet: Me too.

Jack: I unloaded on you a little bit. I'm sorry about that.

Rocco: I know what people think about me. I can't change that.

Jack: It just means the world to her that you're here, and I'm happy about that for her. I just want to make sure it's real.

Rocco: It is. I know, I've made my share of mistakes. The fact that Janet is glad to see me, I have to tell you, it does my heart good.

Jack: Well, it seems to be doing the same thing for her. I just want it to stay that way.

Rocco: You still don't believe me, do you?

Jack: I want to, Rocco.

Rocco: But?

Jack: But you -- you just show up? You show up after all this time? I mean, she's felt rejected by you and by your family for so long. I don't want to see her upset again.

Rocco: Did you think about that when you decided to leave her?

Jack: Apples and oranges, but we're doing what we know is best for us in the long run.

Rocco: You care an awful lot about the woman you're going to divorce.

Jack: And I always will. I will always care about Janet and the baby and Liberty for the rest of my life, and with all due respect, Sir, you owe her the same, as her father. Not just now, but for the rest of the time that you're around.

Rocco: I plan on sticking around, if she wants me to.

Jack: I think she does.

Rocco: What are his chances?

Jack: I don't know, but if he doesn't wake up soon --

Faith: What? You too?

Molly: Where'd you get that, Gabriel?

Faith: Actually, I bummed it from a stranger. He was nicer than most of the people I know, to be honest.

Molly: Give you $20 for it.

Faith: $20?

Molly: Yep.

Faith: Just to keep me from smoking.

Molly: No, because I want one real bad.

Faith: Fine by me. Wow. Guess I can add you to the list of people who don't like me now, too.

Molly: Listen to me. I am not one of your little school friends. I'm an adult, and you need to show me some respect.

Faith: You sound like my parents.

Molly: Let me tell you something, Honey, I am nothing like your parents, but I am someone who cares about you very, very much.

Faith: You're my dad's girlfriend. You have to say that.

Molly: Oh, believe me, no, I don't, but to prove to you that I mean it, I have a proposal for you.

Faith: What?

Molly: The next time that you have a problem or you need to make an important decision and it's not the kind of thing you want to run by your friends and it's not the kind of thing you want to run by your parents, bring it to me, and I'll help you make the choice that's best for you and one that keeps you from getting your head handed to you.

Faith: You do know this will drive my mom nuts.

Molly: Not as nuts as you might think. Sometimes I like making your mom a little twisty, to be honest, but I trust you'll keep that to yourself.

Faith: So, what do I call you when I refer to you? Molly, my older advisor?

Molly: Who you calling older?

Holden: Molly will call us as soon as she finds Faith.

Lily: Do you have any idea of what it took for me to ask her for help with my own daughter?

Holden: I do. That was very clear to me.

Lily: I'm grateful for her help if she can give it, but turning to your girlfriend because my own daughter hates me?

Holden: I know how painful this is for you, but she doesn't hate you or me. I really think she's just trying to find her own way.

Lily: Yeah, but it's hurting all three of us.

Holden: Lily, they all do this. Luke was no free ride.

Lily: This feels worse.

Holden: That's because you're getting older.

Lily: Thanks. You're a sweetheart.

Holden: Look, it's gonna get better, okay?

Lily: I meant what I said. I feel like I lost my baby.

Holden: In a way, you have lost your baby. But you still have Faith.

Lily: Did you find Faith?

Molly: I did, and I even got her to come home without having to tie her up.

Faith: So, I'm ready. Let me have it.

Holden: We're not going to let you have it.

Faith: Why not? Isn't that what you do?

Holden: Would you just stop?

Faith: Sorry.

Holden: You know what you did was wrong, and even though your intentions were good, you don't lie, you don't steal money, and you don't skip school. Am I right?

Faith: Yes.

Holden: I don't know how to drive that home any more than I just did, and I think you're mature enough to get that, right?

Faith: I do.

Holden: Good. So, where we go from here depends on your behavior from this second on. You came home on your own -- and that's good.

Faith: Molly kind of talked me into it.

Holden: Good. I'm glad you listened to her.

Faith: So, I'm not grounded?

Holden: You need to prove to me that I don't need to do that.

Faith: Thank you, Daddy.

Holden: Don't thank me. Just change your ways, Faith.

Faith: I get it. You're not saying anything.

Lily: I think your father said it all. Faith, go to your room, and why don't you call Mary Elizabeth to get your homework assignments.

Faith: So, that's it?

Lily: That's not enough?

Faith: No, no! I'm -- thanks!

Lily: Molly, thank you.

Molly: You're welcome.

Holden: How'd you get her to come back here?

Molly: I talked tough, but I also made sure she knows that everybody's on her side. It seemed to work. She's testing you, but that's standard op for teenage girls, and she loves you. You just intimidate the hell out of her.

Lily: I don't get why.

Molly: No, you wouldn't, but that's okay. You used to make me feel the exact same way, and look at the secure, evolved woman that stands before you today.

Lily: Don't enjoy this so much, please.

Molly: Listen, Lily, you asked me to help, and I am, but I really need you to back off and let me do this my way, okay? I'm not gonna undermine you, but I need you to trust that.

Lily: [Sighs] This is gonna be really hard.

Molly: Yeah, no kidding.

Lily: And I know I'm going to resent and envy you more than I want to think about right now, but if it'll get my daughter back to me, well --

Molly: It's okay. I know. You don't have to say anything. Now, you want to take me back to the office, because I think I left something there for you.

Holden: Okay.

Lily: Molly -- thank you.

Parker: You okay?

Liberty: I'm not about to keel over, if that's what you mean.

Parker: Stop being mad at me. I'm supposed to be mad at you.

Liberty: Oh, that's fair.

Parker: How's the room?

Liberty: Fine. Weird. This is really weird, right? All of us being in this house together.

Parker: ‹ber weird.

Liberty: Okay, good. I'm glad it's not just me. Do I really look that weak to you?

Parker: You humor me.

Liberty: I do like when you're all doting and everything.

Parker: Well, that's 'cause you matter.

Liberty: To you?

Parker: To the mailman. Yes, yes. To me. Look, tomorrow you're gonna go see that oncologist that's been talking to your doctors in Minneapolis, right?

Liberty: Cross my heart and hope not to die.

Janet: Dusty, Liberty's back. I'm not so sure it was such a good idea, but I am so glad to have her back with me. So, now I need you to come back, too, okay? 'Cause she's gonna be okay, and you're gonna be okay. I just know it.

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