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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/30/10

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Liberty: Hey, kids, what's up? Welcome to another entry from leukemia land. I'm your host, Liberty Ciccone. And let me tell you, time drags when you're living in a bubble. Today I find out if this new treatment is working. And if it is, that's a good thing. But if it's not -- well, either way, my life is going to take another turn. Maybe for the better, maybe for the worst. But what's life without uncertainty, right? I mean, it's supposed to be an adventure, isn't it? A constantly changing ride. Have I changed these past few weeks? Am I a different person than when I first checked in here? Is that some sort of trick question? Everything has changed. I used to be just this normal teenage girl with normal teenage problems. Well, maybe "Normal" is not exactly the right word. But still, I worried about normal things -- not getting thrown out of school, falling in love, having friends. When you're 17, every disappointment feels like it's the end of the world. My mom always told me these disappointments were small compared to the bigger picture. Man, was she right. Our parents are always trying to give us advice, and usually it goes in one ear and out the other. But I am here to tell you listen. They know what they're talking about. There's stuff out there waiting for us that we never see coming.

Craig: I'm serious, Johnny. If someone you don't know approaches you at school again, you tell one of your teachers right away.

Johnny: Was this man a bad man?

Craig: I don't know, but he could have been. And remember, it's always better to be what?

Johnny: Safe.

Craig: That's right. It's always better to be safe. So if you see this man at the playground again, you tell your teacher to call me immediately. You promise to do that? That's my boy.

Liberty: It's tougher to be a parent than we know. They tell us these things not to be cruel, but to try and keep us safe. Of course, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, bad stuff still happens.

Craig: Okay.

Liberty: Sometimes I think my cancer is harder on my mom than it is on me. She knows I'm getting my test results today, but I haven't heard from her. I'm not sure what that means. Is she scared to find out? Did she already find out and she's just too scared to tell me? At least I know she's with Dusty. He's a good guy. He'll take care of her.

Jack: Any word on Dusty?

Janet: No, and they still won't let me in to see him.

Jack: Okay, then you've got to get back into the exam room. He'll be here any minute.

Janet: But what if he wakes up and I'm not there?

Jack: I know it's tough on you, Janet, but right now, you've got to think about yourself and the baby. Come on.

Janet: Right.

Liberty: Everybody handles crisis differently. Some people scream and cry. Others implode. They just shut down completely. Some people throw themselves into their work. And others get drunk.

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: It's open. Hey, Cuz.

Molly: Hey, yourself, Cuz.

[Carly sighs]

Molly: You okay?

Carly: Yeah. I just -- I'm -- I don't know what I'm doing. I'm trying to get some work done, but it's not -- it's not going very well. What are you doing here, huh?

Molly: Looking for Jack, actually.

Carly: Why?

Molly: Because I want to do a story at WOAK on Dusty's shooting. I'm hoping that it might stir up some info on the person responsible.

Carly: Oh. You just missed him. He's at the hospital now.

Molly: Ew. With Janet?

Carly: Yeah. She's not handling any of this very well, and he's concerned about her and the baby.

Molly: Of course. How are you handling this?

Carly: One step at a time.

Molly: Well, so you're okay with it?

Carly: Yeah. I'm fine.

Molly: Why don't I believe you?

Liberty: Sometimes it's hard to find strength. Some people need to take action, like my mom and Jack did. They got pregnant, hoping the baby they make might be able to save my life.

Jack: You want me to get you something while we wait?

Janet: Uh, some water, please.

Jack: Sure.

Liberty: When I first found out, I thought it was a terrible idea. I mean, what's this kid going to do to my mom and Dusty? To Jack and Carly? Maybe none of that will matter once he or she is born. Because it will be a baby, you know? My little brother or sister. As crazy as it all is, part of me is starting to think that's pretty cool. So I guess change is inevitable. In a little while, some guy I barely know is going to come in here and tell me if I have a chance to live or if maybe I'm going to die. Whatever he says, my life is going to change. And I have to deal with that. Wish me luck.

Carly: So, what should I do, Molly? March over to the hospital and grab Jack by the arm and pull him away from poor, pregnant Janet with her sick kid and her critically injured boyfriend? How sympathetic would that make me?

Molly: Oh, God. Look, everybody goes through that selfish place in their mind sometimes. It's perfectly natural, and nobody's going to blame you for thinking about it. So, I guess the question is -- do you trust Jack?

Carly: I trust him too much. That's why I'm worried.

Molly: Care to explain that?

Carly: Jack is ridiculously honorable. He's going to do the right thing by Janet and that baby, even if it kills him.

Molly: I know, Honey, but it doesn't mean he's going to do the wrong thing by you.

Carly: I know. But the paranoid mind does wander sometimes.

Molly: Well, that's why I'm here -- to make sure yours doesn't wander down the wrong path.

Carly: It wonít. It won't because Dusty is going to -- is going to pull through and Janet will have a happy and healthy pregnancy and Jack will be off the hook. I mean, it's not like she's going to need his support forever. Right?

Parker: Nothing worse than waiting for news, is there?

Liberty: Especially when you don't know if it's going to be good or bad.

Parker: It's going to be good news today.

Liberty: Yeah. Unless it's not. Either way, I'll deal.

Parker: No -- we'll deal.

Liberty: I'm really glad you're here. There's nothing more tragic than a lonely girl in a bubble.

Parker: What about your mom? I thought she was coming up today.

Liberty: Me too. But I haven't heard from her. She didn't call last night, either.

Parker: I'm sure there's a good reason for all of that. She wouldn't miss this. You know, something probably just came up. It happens.

Liberty: Yeah. Unless she just freaked out and can't take any more bad news.

Janet: I shouldn't be here. I should be with Liberty. She's supposed to find out today if this treatment's working. What if it's bad news?

Jack: You can't think that way. For all we know, the doctor is going to give us good news. Do you want me to call Parker, see if he's heard anything?

Janet: Yes, please. Would you? Oh, you know what? Don't tell her anything -- don't even mention Dusty. I don't want her to worry about it, okay?

Jack: Don't worry.

Janet: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: It's Parker. Hey, Buddy, what's going on? How's Liberty?

Parker: No word from the doctor. Look, where are you? Because Janet's not here, and Liberty's really worried about her.

Jack: Hold on a second. You want to talk to Parker yourself?

Janet: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Parker, hi. How is she?

Can I talk to her?

Parker: Yeah, yeah. Sure, here. Liberty, um, your mom.

Liberty: Mom, where are you? What's going on? Is the baby okay?

Janet: The baby's fine, I'm fine. I'm just -- kind of stuck here in Oakdale, and I don't know when I'm going to be able to get out.

Liberty: Why?

Janet: The flights are delayed because of fog.

Liberty: Oh. I see. Well, that's cool.

Janet: No, it's not. It's not cool at all. I want to be with you when you get the good news.

Liberty: We don't know that it's going to be good news, Mom.

Janet: Well, we don't know that it's going to be bad news, either, and we have to stay positive.

Liberty: I will.

Janet: Do you promise?

Liberty: I promise.

Janet: Okay. You call me as soon as you get any news. And I love you, Libby-Loo.

Liberty: I love you, too, Mom.

Faith: Dad, those girls are totally lame. I don't even care what they think.

Holden: Okay. I just thought by the way that you waved at them --

Faith: I was being polite. So just drop it, okay?

Holden: Okay. It's already dropped. You know what would go really well with these cappuccinos? One of those big double chocolate-chip cookies that you always loved from Al's when you were little.

Faith: I loved them when I was like 10.

Holden: Oh, now that you're 17, you don't love them anymore? Is that what you're saying?

Faith: Okay, maybe a little.

Holden: Two of them coming right up.

Faith: Gabriel, hey, hi.

Gabriel: Oh, it's you.

Faith: Okay. [Chuckles] Sorry to bother you, never mind.

Gabriel: Sorry. Look, I'm just having a bad day. It's actually kind of your fault.

Faith: My fault? How? I don't even know you.

Gabriel: I know you, miss stuff-a-dress-in-your-bag.

Faith: You're the one that took off the security tag for me.

Gabriel: Right. And then I'm the one who got fired for stealing.

Faith: I didn't know you got fired. I'm sorry.

Gabriel: Yeah, me, too. I mean, not that working at a dress shop was my idea of a dream job, you know, but money's money, especially when you need it like I do.

Faith: What do you want me to do? Turn myself in so they hire you back?

Gabriel: No, keep the dress. It probably looks good on you, anyway. I mean, I'll manage. I always do.

Faith: Still, I-I feel responsible.

Gabriel: Good.

Holden: Hello.

Faith: Dad, uh, this is Gabriel. Gabriel, this is my dad, Holden Snyder.

Holden: How do you do? I haven't seen you around. You new in town?

Gabriel: Uh, yeah, you could say that.

Faith: Gabriel is looking for a job. And I just had a great idea. You could hire him.

Carly: Well, it's not like your situation is much better than mine. It must drive you crazy every time some family obligation pulls Holden back to Lily.

Molly: Nothing that a little work and a brutal yoga class won't cure.

Carly: I'm trying to use work as an escape, too.

Molly: Is it helping?

Carly: [Laughs] Not as well as I'd hoped.

Molly: Yeah. You know what we need? We need -- we need a better way to escape, like maybe a weekend a weekend away?

Carly: Oh, it's tempting, but I canít. I can't go anywhere right now. You know that.

Molly: Yeah, I do, I know.

Carly: Imagine the trouble that Craig could get into with Monte Carlo without me here.


Craig: Hey, I resent that.

Carly: You could knock, you know?

Craig: Door was unlocked. And we have a meeting this morning.

Molly: Ooh. Sounds like my cue to leave. Are you going to be okay?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I've got plenty to keep me occupied.

Molly: All right. Call me if you need me.

Carly: Okay.

Molly: Craig.

Craig: Molly. What was that about?

Carly: She's worried about me.

Craig: So am I.

Carly: What? Why?

Craig: You know why.

Carly: Well, I -- I'm coping. And I'm not drinking, so you can save your concern for somebody else.

Craig: Now, you might sell me on the not-drinking part, but I don't think you could on the not coping. Let me just take that. Carly, you look like you're about to explode.

Carly: I am not about to drink or climbing the walls or ready to explode or anything like that. I think I'm handling the situation very well, considering the circumstances.

Craig: On the surface, yes, but I know you, Carly. Under that calm exterior, you're like a volcano about to erupt. So, what do we have here? 1, 2, 3 -- about eight sketches, none of them completed.

Carly: You -- you can't force the creative process.

Craig: No. Especially if you can't focus. All you can think about is that Jack is with Janet right now and not you.

Carly: She's having a crisis. And she's carrying his baby. And unlike you, I trust people, especially Jack.

Craig: No, you want to trust him. It's a different thing. Deep down, you're not sure you can.

Carly: Just stop it. There's only one paranoid person in this room, and it's definitely not me. You're the one who's convinced you have a stalker, right?

Craig: Oh, well, I went way overboard on that one. But we're not talking about me -- we're talking about you. You're my partner, Carly. The future of Monte Carlo depends on your well-being. If you can't sketch, we can't manufacture. If we can't manufacture, we go bust.

Carly: You want a sketch? Here. Now, that's beautiful. There is a lovely, lovely sketch. Here you go. Manufacture it.

Craig: Where are you going?

Carly: To the hospital. This meeting is officially over. Jack needs me.

Gabriel: Uh, look, this isn't necessary.

Faith: You just said you needed a job, didn't you? And I heard you talking to Grandma about some projects that needed to get done at the farm, but you were a too short-handed to do them right now. So problem solved.

Holden: Yeah. So, uh, how do you two know each other?

Gabriel: We donít.

Faith: We've been friends for a really long time.

Holden: I thought he just came to town.

Faith: Uh, he just came back into town. He used to live here. Right, Gabriel?

Gabriel: Look, this isn't necessary. Uh, it was great meeting you, Mr. Snyder. Uh, but I have to go. See you.

Faith: I'll be right back.

Liberty: Come on, Doc. If the cancer doesn't kill me, the suspense will.

Parker: Her blood-count level's up or not?

Doctor: Well, we had hoped to get it close to 4 million.

Liberty: But we didn't, did we?

Doctor: Actually, it's close to 4.1.

Parker: 4 -- that -- that's good.

Doctor: Yeah.

Liberty: Oh, my God, it worked. The treatment's working!

Doctor: Now, normal is above 4.2, so this is definitely promising.

Parker: Well, does this mean that she can come out of isolation? I mean, can I give her a hug?

Doctor: As long as she wants you to.

Liberty: Yes. Come here, you!

Parker: Told you to stay positive.

Liberty: Oh, thanks to you, I was. I am.

Faith: You didn't have to scare him off, you know?

Holden: You still haven't told me how you even know him.

Faith: Molly, help me out here? I know this guy, Gabriel. He's a friend of mine, and he needs a job, so I asked dad to hire him, and he turned it into an interrogation.

Holden: That's a bit of an exaggeration.

Molly: By this guy, do you mean a guy you've been dating?

Faith: No, I barely --

Holden: You barely what? Know him? I thought you said he was an old friend.

Faith: He is. You've got me all confused.

Holden: No, I'm the one who's confused here. You better tell me what's going on.

Faith: Nothing! Just forget it, okay?

Holden: Forget it? I was going to, but I don't think I should right now. Tell me how you met this Gabriel.

Faith: He was working at Fashions and he helped me buy a dress. We started talking.

Molly: Wait a minute. So you say he needs a job, but he's already working at Fashions?

Faith: He got fired, okay?

Holden: Why?

Faith: I don't know. He got in trouble. It wasn't his fault.

Holden: Okay, why did he lose his job?

Faith: I told you -- it was all a mistake.

Holden: Okay, what was the mistake?

Faith: Fine! I accidentally put a dress in my purse, and I meant to take it to the dressing room to try it on, but I walked out with it. So he got blamed for stealing.

Holden: You walked out of a store with a dress that you didn't pay for?

Faith: I forgot I had it.

Molly: Wouldn't the security sensors have gone off?

Faith: It didn't have a tag, I don't know! I can't believe this! I was just trying to do you and him a favor!

Molly: Oh, boy.

Holden: Did that sound to you what it sounded like to me?

Molly: She stole a dress and Gabriel took the heat.

Holden: That's unbelievable.

Molly: Yeah. No. You know what? Let me talk to her first. I think I have a little more experience with rebellion than you do.

Holden: Thank you. Appreciate that.

Holden: [Sighs]

Carly: Craig, what the heck are you doing here?

Craig: I'm looking after my investment.

Carly: Firstly, I'm not your investment -- I'm your partner. And secondly, you shouldn't be here.

Craig: Neither should you.

Carly: I'm here to support Jack.

Craig: I know. Everybody's supporting everybody around here. Jack supports Janet, Janet's supports Dusty, you're supporting Jack, but who supports you?

Carly: Jack. He can multitask. I'm covered.

Craig: Yeah. From where I stand, Jack has his hands full, and you're not in them. That's why I'm here.

Carly: I don't need support from you. I'm fine on my own.

Jack: Is that --

Janet: The baby's heartbeat. I don't believe it.

Jack: Oh, it sounds so --

Janet: Strong!

Jack: Yeah.

Jack: Carly?

Janet: Hi. What are you doing here?

Carly: I'm sorry. I didn't realize -- you were doing this. I'll wait outside.

Janet: No, no, no, no. You don't have to go. Stay.

Carly: Well, you're right. That's a strong heartbeat.

[Janet laughs]

Carly: Healthy baby. I'm happy for you two.

Jack: Did you want to talk to me?

Carly: No. No, no. It can wait. I'll see you at home.

Craig: Everything okay?

Carly: Yeah. Everything's fine. If you ask me again, I'm going to slug you.

Craig: Okay, but if you need someone to talk to, I'm here.

Carly: You know what? I'm done talking. I'm talked out.

Molly: Look, I'm maneuvering some rough waters right now. I'm trying not to cross lines with anybody. But I really do want to help you if I can. Just talk to me.

Faith: My dad's being totally unfair right now.

Molly: No! No, he's not. He's being cautious. He doesn't want to see you get hurt.

Faith: I'm so not going to get hurt.

Molly: You stole that dress, didn't you?

Faith: Yeah.

Molly: Yeah.

Faith: It was a stupid thing to do, I know.

Molly: So, why'd you do it?

Faith: It was the day that I was supposed to go shopping with you, and everyone made me go shopping with my mom. So, she wanted to buy this really ugly, totally uncool dress and wouldn't let me buy the one that I wanted to buy, so --

Molly: Mm-hmm. So you stole it instead.

Faith: I just feel horrible about what happened with Gabriel. And he got fired, and it's all my fault.

Molly: The guy helped you steal a dress, Faith, so why should your dad trust him?

Faith: Aren't we supposed to give people the benefit of the doubt?

Molly: Yes. Yes, we are. But that doesn't mean you hand them your ATM card and your pin number at the same time.

Faith: Okay, you're right. I just felt bad. I wanted to help Gabriel out.

Molly: Maybe there's a way you can.

Faith: How?

Molly: Oh, God. I cannot believe I'm putting myself in the middle of this again. Give me your phone. Maybe there's something I could do that could help everybody out.

Dr. Morse: You're free to go home whenever you're ready.

Jack: Thank you, thank you very much, Dr. Morse.

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: [Gasps] Oh, oh, my phone, my phone.

Jack: Ah-ha-ha.

Janet: Honey, hi. What'd the doctor say?

Liberty: He says my RBCs are up. Not quite normal yet, but almost.

Janet: Oh, my gosh! That's great news. Her blood count is up. It's working!

Liberty: Oh, and guess what. I am not stuck behind plastic any more. I'm free.

Janet: Oh, Sweetheart, that is so great. I'm so happy for you.

Liberty: I wish you were here so I could give you a big hug.

Janet: Me too.

Liberty: When do you think the planes will be able to take off?

Janet: Oh, Liberty, I have something that I need to tell you, but I didn't want to bring it up until you heard about your treatment.

Liberty: Uh-oh. That sounds bad.

Janet: There was an accident at Metro.

Liberty: What kind of accident?

Janet: We think it was a robbery. Dusty was shot. He's -- he's unconscious, but he's stable.

Liberty: Oh, Mom. You must be going crazy.

Janet: I'm hanging in there. Listen, Sweetheart, I don't want you to worry about him, okay? The only reason I told you is because I didn't want you to hear it from somebody else. But Dusty's going to get through this. He's tough. It'll be all right.

Liberty: And are you going to be all right?

Janet: I'm tough, too.

Liberty: I can't wait to see you.

Janet: Me too. Now get some rest. I know you're tough, but you're not that tough. You need to save up your energy, okay? Honey -- I love you so much.

Liberty: I love you, too, Mom.

Janet: I want to go check on Dusty.

Jack: No. What you need to do is take the advice you just gave Liberty and get some rest.

Janet: Where am I supposed to get that rest?

Jack: At home.

Janet: I don't think I have one.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, you do. You'll come stay with me.

Carly: "Craig, here's to a great launch for Monte Carlo cheers." Yeah. Terrific. Cheers. Oh, come on, Carly. Focus, focus. [Clears throat] [Laughs] It's a screw top. Yeah, it had to be a screw top. Oh, damn it.

[Knock on door]

Gabriel: Uh, excuse me.

Carly: Who are you? What do you want?

Gabriel: Uh, I got a call about a job. You guys are looking for somebody?

Carly: We are?

Gabriel: All right, this is the fashion place, right? Monte Carlo?

Carly: Yeah, but --

Molly: Hey. Oh, you're here already. I was hoping to beat you here. You must be Gabriel.

Carly: You know him?

Molly: Uh, well, no, no. Sort of. Uh, I guess I better explain, huh?

Carly: Yeah. You want to?

Molly: Okay. This is Gabriel. He's a friend of Faith's, and she told me --

Gabriel: Faith put you up to this?

Molly: No, no. She just told me about the situation. Calling you for the job was my idea.

Carly: Hey, wait. What job? What does this have to do with me at all?

Molly: Well, because Gabriel's looking for work, and you just told me that you were that you were just starting to staff up, so --

Carly: Um, have you ever worked in the fashion industry before?

Gabriel: Uh, fashion? Yeah, you kidding? I've been, uh, been in clothes all my life.

Molly: [Laughs]

Carly: That's not the same thing.

Gabriel: I did just finish working at Fashions, if that counts.

Carly: It doesnít. Do you have any clerical experience? I suppose I could use some help in the office.

Gabriel: Yeah, yeah. Then I'm your man for the job. Uh, I mean, I'm hardworking, I'm dedicated, and I know how to keep my mouth shut when I have to.

Molly: See? He's great. Come on, give him a shot. What have you got to lose? Please. You'd be doing me a huge favor.

Carly: [Sighs] Okay. All right, we'll give it a try. You start tomorrow, 9:00 A.M. sharp, okay?

Gabriel: Great, I'll be there. Thank you. And, uh, thank Faith for me.

Molly: Yeah, will do. Thank you.

Carly: All right, well, we'll see how it goes. I just hope I don't regret it.

Molly: Oh, no, you won't, you won't, you wonít. You okay?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, why?

Molly: I don't know. You seem a little shaky.

Carly: No. I'm -- I just have a lot on my mind.

Molly: Okay. All right. Well, I have to run. I'll talk to you soon, okay?

Carly: Okay.

Molly: And thank you, thank you, thank you. You're the best. Mwah! I love you. Bye.

Holden: You want to -- tighten or sand?

Faith: I'll sand.

Holden: A little on the back there. You know, the reason I ask so many questions is because I'm worried about you. And so is your mom.

Faith: Mom's not worried. She's just being a --

Holden: Faith! She is worried. And it's not like we're making this stuff up. Shoplifting, drugs, hanging out with older boys that you don't even know.

Faith: You're making too much out of this, Dad.

Holden: Am I?

Faith: Yes. I messed up. I'm sorry. But, like, you never got in trouble or made mistakes?

Holden: Plenty of them, and so has your mom. But you need to trust us. You need to talk to us, especially if you're confused right now.

Faith: I am confused. And I do feel like I can talk to you. But not Nom. It's like all she wants to do is judge me.

Holden: No, that's not true. It's not true at all. She wants to help you. But you keep pushing her away.

Faith: I feel like she's pushing me away anytime I do something she disapproves of. It's like she won't let me be me.

Holden: Who is that right now?

Faith: I don't know.

Holden: So, you're -- you're lost at the moment. That's why you need to come home. You don't need to run away. That's what we're here for.

Faith: [Voice breaks] I just keep on thinking about Liberty, you know? She's so smart and nice, and -- and look at what's happening to her. She may be dying. [Faith sobs] And here I am. [Faith sobs] The troublemaker and, like, the screw-up.

Holden: Don't call yourself that.

Faith: Why not? It's true. [Faith sobs] I don't blame you for sending me away. [Faith sniffles] I'm a mess, and nothing makes sense anymore.

Holden: [Sighs] Its okay, Honey. [Sighs]

[Faith sobbing]

Parker: Here you go.

Liberty: My mom must be going nuts, worrying about Dusty. I should be there with her.

Parker: Well, you've got to take care of yourself first.

Liberty: Well, you heard the doctor. I'm not in lockdown anymore. There's really no reason I can't go home, is there?

Parker: Except for the fact that your treatments are here.

Liberty: But I'm better. I'm out of the bubble, so I can get my treatments anywhere. Like back in Oakdale. I just -- [Liberty sighs] I want to go back to my life.

Parker: I really don't think that that's such a good idea.

Liberty: Come on, Parker. It is a good idea. You got to help me get out of here. Please?

Parker: No. I'm sorry, I canít.

[Liberty sighs]

Janet: I still think I should've stayed at the hospital. I want to be there in case Dusty wakes up.

Jack: If he does, then we're 10 minutes away. Okay? Everyone on call there knows to get in touch with us if there's a change.

Janet: But still --

Jack: Don't argue. Doctor said that stress could be what's causing this cramping. And being at the hospital was stressing you out even more.

Janet: Right. And staying here with you and Carly isn't going to stress me out?

Jack: It won't if you stop worrying about it.

Janet: You haven't even told Carly about this.

Jack: She -- she will be fine.

Janet: How do you know?

Jack: Scarf.

[Door opens]

Carly: Hey.

Janet: Hi.

Carly: What's going on?

[Door closes]

Carly: How's Dusty?

Janet: No change.

Jack: Uh, listen, Carly, I -- I had asked Janet to stay here until Dusty recovers.

Carly: Oh.

Jack: The farm is too far away from the hospital if anything happens to Dusty or the baby. And she's staying here already, so I figured it would be okay.

Janet: But if it's not, you just say the word, and -- and, you know, we'll get out of your hair. It's your call.

Craig: I know you're there! Who are you? Why are you following me? You stay the hell away from my son! You understand? Hey! Hey, come back here! Nice trick! But I will find out who the hell you are!

Holden: Just remember, your mom and I -- we love you very much, and we're always here for you, no matter what. And, yes, we both could write a book on screwing up and never quite getting things right. [Sighs]

Faith: So I guess it's true what they say. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Holden: Well, there's a lot of good in that, as well as bad. Just know that you're not alone in this, ever.

[Footsteps approaching]

Holden: Hey.

Molly: Hi.

Faith: So, what happened?

Molly: Carly's going to give Gabriel a shot.

Faith: [Chuckles] That's great!

Molly: I know.

Faith: Thank you!

[Molly chuckles]

Holden: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What did I miss?

Faith: [Sighs] Molly got Gabriel a job at Monte Carlo with Craig and Carly.

Molly: I hope you don't mind.

Holden: Uh, yeah. If Carly's okay with it, then I guess I am, too.

Faith: I will take the tools inside.

[Molly sighs]

Holden: Thank you.

Molly: [Chuckles] My pleasure. Uh-huh. [Sniffles]

Holden: So, uh, you're a peacemaker, even when you are not trying to be.

Molly: I don't mind, actually, when it works out. I just don't want to be in another family issue. And I really don't want to be stepping on Lily's toes.

Holden: Hmm, speaking of Lily, I need to fill her in, let her know where things stand.

Molly: Sure. Of course.

Holden: See you in a bit.

Molly: I'll be here.

Parker: Look, I get that you're frustrated. And I get that you want to get out of this place as soon as you can, but you have to see this through till the end.

Liberty: I'm not going to stop my treatments, Parker.

Parker: Good. But when you walk out of here, i want you to be walking out of here in remission.

Liberty: Okay, fine. I get it.

Parker: Good.

Liberty: Can you do me one favor, though? I'm sick of water. Find me a soda or something?

Parker: Yeah, yeah, sure. Oh, orange, ginger ale?

Liberty: Whatever. You pick.

Parker: Okay. I'll be right back.

[Door closes]

[Cell phone ringing]

Faith: Hello?

Liberty: Hey, Faith, it's Liberty.

Faith: Liberty, hey. How are you?

Liberty: A lot better. And I'm ready to come home. But I need your help.

Janet: Carly, if this is too uncomfortable for you, you just say the word and I'm gone.

Carly: Don't be silly. It makes sense for you to stay. There's plenty of room.

Jack: Thank you.

Carly: Mmm. You two must be starving. I know I am. I'll go see what I can whip up.

Jack: See? I told you there was nothing to worry about.

Janet: Yeah. I guess you're right. Thank you.

Jack: You don't have to thank me. You never will.

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Lily: I'm not calling Faith. It's too late for that. I'm calling the police.

Holden: Oh, no, you're not.

Lily: I need your help.

Janet: Am I seeing things?!

Liberty: No, Mom, you're not.

Janet: Who would do something like this?

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