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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/24/10

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Henry: Good morning, Lloyd. Let me have a breakfast martini.

Lloyd: Big meeting?

Henry: Big date. A beautiful woman who I've been in love with for many years.

Lloyd: Sounds tough.

Henry: You have no idea.

Barbara: Good morning, Henry. Did you sleep well? I know I did.

Henry: Listen, uh, Barbara, about last night --

Barbara: Oh, I know, I know. It was fun. Enough said.

Henry: No, not enough said. Listen, I -- I don't want you to think that I'm --

Barbara: You and I don't think. We feel.

Henry: We -- we do feel. But --

Barbara: What? If it happens again, that would be a wonderful thing. But if it -- if it never happens again, we'll always have a beautiful memory. No worries.

Henry: Right. No worries. Sounds easy. Put it on my tab, Lloyd.

[Vienna sighs]


Vienna: God. When did it become so hard to please Henry?

[Henry sighs]

Henry: It's me, Liebchen.

Vienna: Just a minute, Darling.


Vienna: Hi. I'm not ready yet. Would you help me? Would you help me?

[Henry chuckles]

Dusty: Morning, beautiful.

Janet: Oh -- I'm not beautiful.

[Janet pouts]

Dusty: Yes, you are.

Janet: Mm!

Dusty: How are you feeling?

Janet: The baby is fine. No more cramps.

Dusty: Besides the baby, I want to know how you're doing.

Janet: I'm fine. I'm sick of sleeping in Carly's bed, but that's not going to last forever, right?

Dusty: I hope not.

Janet: Something smells very good.

Dusty: I stopped by Al's on the way over to see what you like.

Janet: Oh, you got me a bacon-and-egg sandwich!

Dusty: Bacon extra crispy. Did I get it right?

Janet: Oh, it's perfect!

Jack: Janet, I made you a nice bacon-and-egg sandwich, just -- the way -- what's going on?

Janet: Dusty stopped at Al's on the way over.

Dusty: Maybe Carly's hungry, Jack.

Jack: Carly's got a bunch of meetings about, uh, Monte Carlo. She's going to be gone most of the day.

Dusty: Well, the cook made this special for Janet -- bacon extra-crispy, the way she likes it.

Jack: Well, it was nice of him. It's a shame, though. You're going to be missing out on a fine dining experience.

Janet: I'm feeling a little nauseous. I'm not so hungry after all.

Craig: What are you doing here?

Carly: I came back to get some work done. We accomplished so much yesterday, I want to keep that momentum moving forward.

Craig: What happened to using today to design evening gowns?

Carly: I tried, but my house is starting to feel like grand central station. I had to sleep on the trundle bed in Sage's room last night.

Craig: Ooh. I feel for you.

Carly: Don't feel for me. Just find us a space to work today.

Craig: Uh, yeah, bad timing. How about tomorrow?

Carly: No, today, please. Otherwise I'll have to spend the afternoon looking after Janet and her baby with two daddies.

Craig: Carly, I can't drop everything and hunt real estate just because you don't want to go home.

Carly: Why not?

Craig: I have appointments.

Carly: Appointments? What does that mean?

Craig: It means I was just on my way out the door.

Carly: You are even more nervous than you were yesterday. What is going on?

Craig: Nothing's going on.

Carly: You're not getting out of here till you tell me, Montgomery, so spill it.

Craig: Fine. I have a date with Barbara Ryan.

Carly: Oh. [Laughs] Yesterday you thought she was stalking you, and now you're going to date her?

Craig: It's not that kind of a date. It's a business lunch.

Carly: Why?

Craig: Why? How else am I supposed to know if she's spying on us?

Carly: She's not even in the business anymore.

Craig: Well, she's up to something. And for the good of the business and for you, I'm going to nip this in the bud.

Jack: You want some saltines? I read they're the best thing for morning sickness.

Dusty: You want some ginger ale, Honey?

Janet: All right, guys. If I want something, I will ask for it, okay?

Dusty: You got to eat. It's not good for you or the baby not to eat.

Jack: You're crowding her, Donovan.

Janet: No, it's not Dusty! It's the situation! I can't stay here! It's too weird!

Dusty: You're only here until the doctor says it's okay to leave.

Jack: Yeah, and until then, it's -- it's better if you stay where we can take care of you.

Janet: Guys, I know you're trying, but if the point is to reduce stress, you're failing miserably.

Dusty: You're right. We should go somewhere else.

Jack: What -- like your hotel room?

Dusty: Who's talking about a hotel room? I'm talking about a home. You like that house we saw?

Janet: I loved it.

Dusty: Then it's ours.

Jack: Wait. This is the first time I'm hearing of any house.

Dusty: You're hearing about it now. It's a good house. Janet loves it. What more do you need to know?

Jack: Plenty. Plenty, like where is this house? Is it close to the hospitals? Are there a lot of stairs for her to go up and down?

Dusty: Close, no stairs.

Jack: No, I'm not signing off on this sight-unseen.

Carly: It's Janet and Dusty's house, isn't it? Why do you care so much?

Jack: I don't care where Dusty and Janet live, but if my kid's going to be with them, I want to make sure the place is safe.

Carly: They're not going to live in a cave.

Janet: Carly's right, Jack. Come on. If you don't think that I am going to take the best possible care of this baby, then you don't know me very well.

Jack: That's not what I meant.

Janet: Jack -- we're getting a divorce, Jack. That means that you can't tell me where to live or who I can live with.

Jack: Janet, I'm just trying to be helpful here.

Dusty: Don't be helpful. Get a lawyer. Get a divorce so Janet and I can get married.

Carly: Oh, that's a good idea. I think that would be best for everyone involved.

Jack: Oh, okay. But then there's still the question of the health insurance. Listen --

Dusty: That's not a problem, Jack. Don't make it one.

Jack: Fine. Then I'll go see my lawyer.

Dusty: I'm going to close the deal on that house.

Jack: Who's going to stay with Janet?

Carly: I will.

Jack: I thought you had meetings.

Carly: Postponed.

Jack: You sure you're okay --

Carly: Oh, for God's sake! Guys, just get out.

Craig: Barbara, so nice to see you again.

Barbara: Is it now?

Craig: Mm. You and I have always had a -- an affinity for one another.

Barbara: You had an affinity for my bank account.

Craig: It was so much more than that, and you were in love with me at the time.

Barbara: You are merely one of the many mistakes that I've made in my life.

Craig: Touché.

Barbara: What are we doing here, Craig? This is not a date.

Craig: Well, as you know, I'm back in the fashion business, and I was thinking, since you've spent so many years designing --

Barbara: Careful.

Craig: -- That you and I could have a tête-à-tête, one garmento to another.

Barbara: [Chuckles] Craig, I'm a designer. You are not a garmento. Dilettante, perhaps.

Craig: Not this time.

Barbara: Fine. You want to talk business? You tell me how you're able to convince this magic investor of yours to trust you.

Craig: Barbara, you already asked me that.

Barbara: Mm, I did, but I didn't get an answer.

Craig: That's because it was confidential then, and it still is now.

Barbara: Mm-hmm.

Craig: But why are you so concerned about our funding? I would think you'd be a lot more interested in Carly's designs for Monte Carlo’s summer collection. You should see her sketches, by the way. You'd be blown away.

Barbara: I'm not really focused on fashion right now.

Craig: Oh. Well, that's a shame, a woman with your talent. Well, if you're not focused on fashion, then what are you doing?

Barbara: I'm focused on fun, which this is not. So I think we need to go a place a little more lively. Come on, Craig.

Henry: You have got to try the leek and fennel soup. It is out of this world. Not -- not for breakfast, obviously, but a little later on. And Teri -- Teri's got this roasted-vegetable frittata. So, I don't see it on here, but if I ask for it, I'm sure --

Vienna: No, you know what? I'm not hungry.

Henry: Do you want to leave?

Vienna: No. Dance with me.

Henry: Well, we haven't had breakfast yet.

Vienna: Well, that never stopped us before. Oh, God. Oh, it feels so good to be close like this again.

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Vienna: You know, nobody's in the coat check. Let's go.

Henry: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. The, uh -- the lock on that is broken. Someone might catch us.

Vienna: That makes it even more exciting.

Janet: Carly, just go. Do what you have to do.

Carly: Well, I'd like to, but I can't, 'cause I promised the fellas that I'd stick around.

Janet: I'm fine, okay? I'm fine. I'm just pregnant. Where am I going to go? Liberty's the one who's sick. She's the one who needs taken care of.

Carly: Yeah, I know she does. But I -- I think we're sort of stuck together for now.

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: Hi.

Liberty: Mom. When are you coming back here?

Janet: Soon, Honey. Very, very soon, I promise. It's just the doctors, um -- well, we -- we had just a little scare with the baby, and the doctors said they wanted me to stay put for now. But -- but you know what? If you need me --

Liberty: No, I'm fine. It's no big deal. I just wanted to say hi and make sure you guys were okay. But, uh, the nurses came in, so I'll have to call you back, Mom. I love you.

Janet: Liberty? Honey?

Carly: She okay?

Janet: She sounded like she was about to cry. She needs me.

Carly: Yeah, I'm sure she does, but you should get clearance from your doctor before you travel.

Janet: Carly, why? I will be at one of the best hospitals in the country. They can take good care of me.

Carly: I'm sure they can, but I still -- I think you should check with your doctor, 'cause if anything happens to that baby on my watch, Jack --

Janet: It's not your decision. It's mine. Now, I am going to get on the next plane to Minnesota. You can either call me a cab or you can drive me there yourself. But either way, you are not going to stop me.

Carly: Well, in that case, I'm going with you.

Vienna: Henry, come on. Take me home and make love to me.

Henry: Let's -- we have got to have dessert first. Teri makes this mean soufflé. It takes about 25 minutes, but its well worth the wait.

Craig: Barbara, are you gearing up to be the competition?

Barbara: You bet I am.

Craig: Oh, I knew it. You're trying to get dirt on Monte Carlo.

Barbara: What are you jabbering about?

Craig: Barbara, please. You were all over me yesterday. If that wasn't about my company, then I don't know what it was.

Barbara: No, it wasn't, not at all.

Craig: Then why bother?

Barbara: You don't know?

Craig: Not a clue.

Barbara: You know, Craig, I think you were right earlier when you said that we had a certain physical affinity.

Craig: That's not exactly what I was referring to.

Barbara: You know what, Craig? You have always been such an attractive man. That's never changed.

Vienna: What's wrong, Henry? Don't I turn you on anymore?

Henry: Yes, of -- yes, of course. You -- you're so sexy and alluring and gorgeous.

Vienna: Then what's the problem?

Henry: I've -- I've really got to go to the bathroom, Sweetie. Sorry. Got to go. I'll be right --

Barbara: You hold that thought, all right? Be right back. Vienna. I couldn't help but notice that Henry rushed off like that. Is everything all right?

Vienna: Why would you ask me that?

Barbara: Well, I -- I'm not trying to be nosy or anything, but I -- I could really sense the -- the tension all the way across the room. And you look so upset, and Henry seems so --

Vienna: Hungry.

Barbara: Hungry?

Vienna: Yes. I've never seen a man eat more in one sitting.

Barbara: Well, uh, you know, I don't want to overstep, but woman to woman, that is not a good sign.

Vienna: Well, I imagine you have had your fair share of bad signs and rejections, and you've been through so many, many more men than I've ever had. And considering your age and your experience --

Barbara: What exactly is wrong? I mean, you can tell me. I -- I'm right here, Vienna. Maybe I can help.

Vienna: Well, Henry and I, we used to have such passion, you know? Our sex life was fun and creative, and it was just the best. And then ever since I got back, whenever we're in bed, Henry, he just -- he doesn't, you know?

Carly: You feeling okay?

Janet: I'll be fine just as soon as I see Liberty. Pop?

Rocco: Hello, Janet. I'm Rocco Ciccone, Liberty's grandfather.

Carly: Uh, Carly Tenney.

Liberty: Mom, what are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be resting.

Janet: Oh, the doctor overreacted, Sweetheart.

Rocco: Are you sick?

Janet: No, no. But I could tell that you needed me, so I wanted to be here.

Liberty: I'm so happy to see you.

Janet: Oh, me too, Honey. Hi. Oh, I didn't expect you to have company.

[Janet laughs]

Rocco: Maybe we could talk for a minute, Jan, in the hall.

Janet: But I just got here.

Liberty: It's okay. I'm not going anywhere.

Carly: Yeah, go -- go ahead. I'll stay with her.

Janet: What are you doing here, Pop?

Rocco: That little girl in there, she's my flesh and blood, and she's in trouble.

Janet: Since when did that make a difference?

Rocco: I just want you to know I'm here for you and my grandchild.

Janet: Why? Why now? What's changed?

Rocco: Teresa read me the riot act. You know how she is. She told me about this new, experimental treatment Liberty's getting, how tough it is -- not just the treatments, being alone in a big city. So I got in the car, and I came for a visit.

Janet: I'll bet she was thrilled to see you.

Rocco: If she wasn't so weak, I think she would have kicked me out the second I walked through the door. The girl has got spirit.

Janet: Yeah, well, she's earned it.

Rocco: Teresa told me things weren't looking so good, that you didn't get another match.

Janet: No, not yet. But I'm pregnant, Pop, and this baby could be a match for her. It could be a donor match. So this baby could save her life.

Rocco: That's wonderful, Janet. What a blessing for your marriage.

Dusty: I thought we were closing this deal. What happened?

Wanda: Well, you never called.

Dusty: Why didn't you call me when this was happening?

Wanda: The deal closed yesterday.

Dusty: Why didn't you call me?! All right. I want you to offer this guy 50 grand cash more than he paid for. Will you do that? Can you ask him?

Wanda: Ask him yourself. Mr. Donovan, this is Mr. Kane.

Dusty: Mr. Kane, how are you? I promised this home to the woman I love. I can't let her down. I'll pay you whatever you want.

Kane: Uh, not interested, Buddy.

Dusty: Hold on a second. I'm talking about cash. Just name your price.

Kane: No, the answer's no.

Dusty: Wait a second! I'm trying to be civilized about this.

Wanda: Mr. Donovan, I'll help you find something else.

Dusty: I don't want something else! Listen, I promised this home to my fiancée. I'm not leaving here until it's mine.

[Kane laughs]

Dusty: Hold on a second! I'm not through!

[Telephone ringing]

Jack: Oakdale P.D.

Liberty: There are some things I can't talk to my mom about because she'll get way too upset, but you can take it, so I need your help.

Carly: Anything. You know that.

Liberty: Things must be really bizarre back home with you and Jack and mom and Dusty and now the baby.

Carly: I'm used to crazy. Things have been worse.

Liberty: Not for my mom. She's not good at this stuff. She just can't handle it.

Carly: You know, Liberty, I'm not sure that I'm -- I'm the one that you -- you want to be talking to about this.

Liberty: Yes, you are. You're the only one that gets it. If I don't come home --

Carly: Don't say that. Don't think that.

Liberty: I have to face reality. I thought you would understand that. I can't talk to anyone else. Parker gets really upset, and my mom's so not ready to have this conversation. She may never be. So I need to say this in case I don't get another chance. Mom thinks she can save me with this baby, but I don't know if I can hang on that long. And if I don't, she's going to need all the help she can get. Dusty and maybe Jack, too. Okay, and if that happens, you have to let them help her. No drama, Carly, please.

Rocco: I know we can't change the past, Janet. But I'm happy to see you're having this new baby the right way, with your husband by your side.

Janet: Pop, there's something I got to --

Rocco: Hold on, Janet. This has been a long time coming. I know I haven't been the perfect father, but maybe it's not too late. I want to be a real grandfather to your kids. I want to be a part of your life, part of the family if you'll have me. I'm so proud of you.

Dusty: Mr. Kane, you don't understand. My fiancée already saw this home, and she loves it. She's been through so much. Her daughter has leukemia. She deserves this home, and I'm not leaving here until she gets it.

Kane: Over my dead body.

Dusty: Well, that can be arranged.

Jack: Let him go, Dusty.

Dusty: Aw, get out of here, Jack.

Jack: I said let him go!

Dusty: You going to mess up everything for me again?!

Jack: No, because you're doing a pretty good job of that yourself. Don't make things worse than they already are.

Kane: You're not getting my house.

Jack: Sir, why don't you go? I can handle things from here.

Dusty: You going to arrest me? So I threatened the guy? So what? He's a jerk.

Jack: Funny. I bet he thinks the same thing about you.

Dusty: I'm trying to make Janet comfortable, trying to make her happy. I offer this guy a blank check. Who walks away from that kind of cash?

Jack: Somebody who obviously loves the house.

Dusty: Or somebody who's a jerk.

Jack: It's not a crime in Illinois. Assault is.

Dusty: Assault? Me? Okay, all right. Take me in. Enjoy yourself.

Jack: Put your hands down, Dusty. [Sighs] You're right. It's a beautiful home. I can definitely see Janet living here.

Dusty: Yeah?

Jack: How many bedrooms?

Dusty: Four for when Johnny visits. Janet's got her heart really set on this place.

Jack: Sounds like she's not the only one.

Dusty: Yeah, there's something about it I really like. Kane's not going to sell it to me, especially now.

Jack: There could be another way.

Dusty: Go on.

Jack: You didn't hear it from me, but I know this guy Kane. He's under investigation for securities fraud. It's a good case, too. I bet if you tip off the seller, they'll put the house back on the market.

Dusty: Are you sure about this?

Jack: Case goes before the grand jury at the end of the month. If this comes back on me, I'll deny it.

Dusty: No, it won’t. You have my word. Hey, Jack -- thanks.

Rocco: Why didn't Jack come with you?

Janet: Oh, Jack's working.

Rocco: You know, when I found out you married a cop, I was concerned. You know what I'm talking about?

Janet: Actually, no, because we don't know each other that well, remember?

Rocco: That's why I'm here, Janet -- to get to know you and your husband. Teresa tells me he's a good man, good father.

Janet: He is.

Rocco: How many kids does he have already?

Janet: Uh, it's, uh, complicated. He's got three. He's got three kids. And he's a great father to all of them, and he's going to be a wonderful father to this baby.

Rocco: That's all I want for you, Sweetheart, is someone who loves you and your child, a man who's going to take care of you.

Janet: I have that.

[Doorbell rings]

[Dusty sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: Hello?

Dusty: I've been ringing Carly's doorbell for 10 minutes. Where are you?

Janet: I'm in Minnesota with Liberty.

Dusty: Is she okay?

Janet: Well, [Sighs] She's okay, thank God. But she just -- I talked to her on the phone earlier, and she sounded so scared and all alone, so I just hopped on the next plane to Minnesota, and I'm here with her now.

Dusty: By yourself?

Janet: No, I'm with Carly. You don't have to worry.

Rocco: Let me talk to him for a minute.

Janet: No, Pop, you don't --

Rocco: Jack, its Rocco, your father-in-law. I just wanted to say that --

Dusty: Mr. Ciccone, this isn't Jack. This is Dusty Donovan.

Rocco: Donovan? What are you --?

Dusty: Tell Janet I'll be there as soon as I can.

Rocco: Your friend Dusty says he's coming to visit.

Janet: He's a great guy, very -- very nice. Uh, when Liberty first got sick, uh, the treatments weren't working, so he's the one that called around and found this hospital for her. He's a good friend.

Rocco: Sounds like it.

Janet: Okay, Pop, I'm going to -- I'm going to -- I'm going to go. But I'll talk to you soon, all right?

Liberty: My mom's always going to be in Uncle Jack's life now. That's not going to be easy for you to deal with.

Carly: I'll handle it.

Liberty: I know you want to, but if I'm gone, she's going to need extra help from Jack. And you know how he is when someone needs him.

Carly: You listen to me. You are not going to die. You have a lot of people who love you and are praying for you. It's just not your time. I know it.

Janet: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Janet: What's going on in here?

Carly: Nothing. We're just talking.

Janet: Okay, well, I appreciate you coming, Carly. Uh, Dusty's on his way, so you can head back if you want to.

Carly: I'll see you soon. Count on it.

Vienna: You know, Henry was never able to resist me before. You must have an opinion, Barbara. Please tell me, what do you think it means?

Barbara: Well, I think it's fairly obvious. You left Henry, and then you came waltzing back, expecting to pick things up right where they left off.

Vienna: Well, is that so wrong?

Barbara: Well, I think maybe Henry feels that you expect him to prove how much he loves you in bed, and that's a lot of pressure on a man, especially after you've broken his heart.

Vienna: So how do I fix it?

Barbara: Back off -- way off. Give him some time to figure it out. Stay away. Let him come to you.

Henry: Craig.

Craig: Henry.

Henry: Why are you and Barbara here together?

Craig: We were hungry. Why do you care?

Henry: I don't, I don’t. Just curious. That's all. Do you have designs on her?

Craig: Designs?

Henry: Are you on a date?

Craig: [Laughs] I see now. Barbara's using me to make you jealous, and it's obviously working.

Henry: What are you -- what are you talking about? I'm not jealous.

Craig: Yeah, whatever you say. And here I thought --

Henry: What? What did you think? You thought that she was into you?

Craig: It doesn't matter now. Mystery solved. [Laughs]

Vienna: Henry, there you are, Darling. I was getting worried. You know, I want to go over.

Henry: Uh, what about dessert?

Vienna: Let's get it at Al's. You know, this place has bad vibes. Let's go.

Craig: Barbara --

Barbara: Hmm?

Craig: You don't really think you can compete with Vienna, do you?

Barbara: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Craig: Oh, my God, you do. Give it up. You can't possibly win.

Barbara: Says the man who always loses.

Craig: Fine, go ahead. Humiliate yourself. But I don't have to stick around and watch it. You can find your own way home, can't you?

[Barbara scoffs]

Vienna: So, the pepparkakor is almost ready. So, have you had any since I've been gone?

Henry: Of course not. You know I'd only have pepparkakor with you.

Vienna: Well, I hope you still like them, because you are about to have the best pepparkakor of your life right out of the oven.

Henry: There's nothing like your hot pepparkakor.

Vienna: Well, I'm glad you still remember.

Henry: It's unforgettable.

Vienna: You know -- [Sighs] Henry, I got to be completely honest with you. When I was home in Sweden, there was another man, and he was handsome and powerful and very rich. He was every girl's dream, and he was mine for taking.

Henry: Did you take him?

Vienna: No, 'cause he wasn't you, Henry. Listen. Life is no fun without you.

Henry: I'm -- it was hard for me, too. I -- knowing that I hurt you, it made it so much worse. All the grief and the guilt over Brad's death -- oh, God, I've never been so lonely in my whole life. [Sighs]

Barbara: Craig! You invite me to lunch, then you abandon me, stick me with the bill and the cab fare.

Craig: Consider it a fee for services rendered.

Barbara: What services?

Craig: You used me as an emotional cattle prod so you could get at Henry Coleman.

Barbara: You're out of your mind.

Craig: Yes, but I still don't want a second date.

Barbara: You asked me out.

Craig: That's because I thought you were spying on my company.

Barbara: Why the hell would I want to spy on you? I already know everything I ever want to know about you.

Craig: Feeling's mutual.

Barbara: And I don't appreciate the comment that I'm trying to compete with Vienna Hyatt. It was rude, chauvinistic, and only a mule would say something like that. Just because I'm not in my 20s anymore doesn't mean that I'm still not hot and desirable.

Craig: It's all relative.

Barbara: And just for your information, Henry and I are extraordinary together. We're combustible. Whereas with Vienna, he's having a few hydraulic problems.

Craig: A lot more information than I needed, thank you very much.

Barbara: You really think I can't compete?

Craig: [Sighs] It pains me to admit this, but actually, Henry did seem pretty jealous. You're welcome.

Liberty: I'm sorry if I scared you.

Janet: Oh, that's okay, Baby. Gosh, I missed you so much. I just want to crawl in there and hug you and squeeze you until you beg me to stop.

Liberty: Oh, trust me, Mom, the plastic bubble is not all it's cracked up to be. But they're doing a whole bunch of tests this week, and then we'll know if the treatment worked and when I can get back to the world -- or not.

Janet: I'm thinking positive.

Liberty: Me too, Mom.

Dusty: Mr. Ciccone, nice to see you again.

Rocco: Why are you here?

Dusty: I'm here to be with my fiancée.

Rocco: The little blonde, Carly?

Dusty: No, not Carly, Janet.

Rocco: My daughter's a married woman. She's having a baby, for God's sakes!

Dusty: She's getting a divorce. Jack's filing papers right now. As soon as it's official, Janet and I are getting married.

Rocco: I knew it was too good to be true.

Dusty: What's that?

Rocco: Janet. She didn't learn a thing. She ruined one child's life. Now she's doing it again. That baby she's carrying is an innocent soul. He deserves to grow up with a mother and a father.

Dusty: I'm going to be with him.

Rocco: You're not a father. You're an adulterer.

Dusty: You think its better she hangs out with a guy she doesn't love?

Rocco: No wonder she lied to me. She's ashamed of herself.

Janet: Hi! Oh, I'm so glad you're here. Mm!

Dusty: Feeling okay?

Janet: Oh, I feel fine. I'm much better now that you're here. You're not mad at me that I took off without telling you, are you?

Dusty: No. How could I be mad at you? You're here for your daughter.

Jack: Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you on your cell all day. It goes straight to voicemail.

Carly: Long story.

Jack: Where's Janet?

Carly: She is in Minnesota with Liberty.

Jack: You let her take off to Minnesota?

Carly: She was worried about her daughter. She wasn't going to let me stop her.

Jack: Did you try?

Carly: Yes, I tried. And when that didn't work, I went with her, and then I waited for Dusty to show up, and then I came back home. Great day. So sorry it's over. You're welcome.

Jack: Thank you.

[Carly sighs]

Jack: Thank you. I'm sorry.

Carly: Good.

Jack: How are you? Are you all right?

Carly: Not really. I talked to Liberty. She's convinced she's dying. She wanted me to promise to hold everything together when that happens, make sure Janet is taken care of.

Jack: What, does that mean that the treatments aren't working?

Carly: I think she's just scared.

Jack: Things are going to be okay. You'll see. And in the meantime, I'm doing what she wants. I filed for divorce, and Dusty's getting that house she wanted.

Carly: Do you really think things are going to work out?

Jack: Yeah. I do.

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