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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/16/10

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Vienna: Wha -- did -- did you just tell me no?

Henry: No, Vienna.

Vienna: No, you never say no to me ever.

Henry: No, it's just --

Vienna: Especially not when we play hedge-fund manager.

Henry: I know, Sweetie. It's I -- I'm just not used to you being back. That's all.

Vienna: Well, what is there to get used to?

Henry: The shock. I -- Honey, when you left, I thought you were gone for good.

Vienna: Well, I thought so, too. But when Katie told me that you had changed, I had to come and find out for myself.

Henry: I have changed.

Vienna: Yeah, I can see that. I am guessing it has something to do with this.

[Henry remembering]

Henry: You're a remarkable woman, Barbara Ryan.

Barbara: You should be grateful to all of my lovers.

Henry: Ah, that -- that earring, it doesn't mean anything to me.

Vienna: Look, Henry -- it's not like I expected you to save yourself for me, so I can't really be mad at you for that. But I'm back now, so -- why don't you dictate me, hmm?

Henry: I, uh -- I think we should go slow.

Vienna: Slow? We never go slow. You don't love me anymore?

Henry: Oh, Honey, come -- come on. You know the answer to that.

Vienna: Then so why are you rejecting me?

Henry: I'm not! I'm not rejecting you! I just -- you know what it is? I think that if we rush to get back to where we were --

Vienna: We'll fall apart again.

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: You know what? You're right. We should take it slow. You know, we should have a real courtship.

Henry: Courtship?

Vienna: Yes. You can -- you can bring me candy and flowers, and we can go out for long, romantic dinners. And -- and I can get to know the new, generous and caring and unselfish Henry Coleman and then build up the anticipation for the moment when we can finally be together again.

Barbara: What was I thinking? Maybe a few years ago, I could have given Vienna a run for her money, but she's -- and I'm -- why even bother?

Reid: Still can't believe you convinced Hank to build the new wing at the hospital.

Katie: Well, Henry hasn't agreed yet, but he will.

Reid: You know this how?

Katie: Because Vienna wants him to do it, and he can't say no to her. She's the love of his life.

Reid: Really? I thought he was the love of his life.

Katie: Oh, you're just mad 'cause he called your bluff.

Reid: Excuse me?

Katie: Well, he said you wouldn't stay in Oakdale without a state-of-the-art facility, and now you're gonna have one, built to your specifications. How are you gonna say no?

Reid: I'll manage. You're assuming that Bob Hughes wants me to run the thing. 'Cause if I'm not in charge, there's no way.

Katie: Of course you'll be in charge. Who else would be?

Reid: His son.

Katie: Oh, Chris doesn't want to be an administrator.

Reid: Well, Henry still hates me. What if he conditions the gift on me not being a part of it?

Katie: He wouldn't do that.

Reid: You sure?

Chris: Well, I said I just want to practice medicine right now.

Kim: Okay, Chris. You know, I get that. It's just that you must have some kind of plan, uh, some direction that you want to move in.

Chris: Look, Mom, it's not like I don't have goals, okay? I do. But right now, I just want to be a good doctor, good friend, good son. My parents don't drive me crazy asking me about my plans.

Kim: Very sneaky, pulling that "Good son" bit. However, we get it. We'll stop. I will stop.

Chris: Okay. And other than that, my only focus is to avoid complications. Alison. Guess, uh, probably didn't see us.

Kim: Oh, yeah, she did.

Chris: I'll be right back.

Kim: So much for avoiding complications.

[Bob chuckles]

[Glass shatters]

Luke: Noah?

Noah: Hey.

Luke: What are you doing?

Noah: Uh, you know, just looking for my cane.

Luke: I got it. Here.

Noah: Thanks.

Luke: I thought you'd be in Dallas by now.

Noah: I'm not going.

Luke: Are you telling me that Dr. Oliver left without you? I can't believe him.

Noah: No, no, Luke, he's still here, too. It turns out he might not leave at all.

Luke: Why not?

Noah: He told me he might take a permanent job at Memorial.

Luke: Are you kidding me? I thought he couldn't wait to get back to Dallas.

Noah: Guess not.

Luke: Well, that's great! I mean, Noah, when are you gonna move back in?

Noah: Luke, um, no, I just came back here to -- to pick up something that -- that I left from before.

Luke: Wow. Obviously, you can't move in right now, but -- but if you're not going to Dallas.

Noah: Luke, I need to be by myself, wherever I am. That hasn't changed. I need to learn how to take care of myself.

Luke: Well, you can do that here, you know?

Noah: No, I canít. Okay, we tried that before, and it didn't work. I have to be able to fumble around and bump into stuff, and you're all -- you're too nice to let me do that.

Luke: Well, we'll ignore you, I promise.

Noah: Luke, you just picked up my cane for me.

Luke: Right, I did. Sorry. So -- why are you here, then?

Noah: Just to pick up my -- my soundtrack CDs.

Luke: Oh, you left them. I was gonna mail them to you in Dallas once I got an address. I'll get them. Noah, where do we go from here?

Noah: Uh, what -- what do you mean?

Luke: Well -- if you're gonna stay in town, I'm gonna run into you in Old Town or Java or somewhere. What do you want me to say?

Noah: You say hello.

Luke: Really?

Noah: Luke, come on. We're still friends.

Luke: Friends? Yeah. And six months from now, after you have your surgery and you're better, what about then?

Noah: I -- I just, I can't think that -- that far ahead right now.

Luke: Well, I can't stop thinking about it.

Noah: Luke, we don't know what's going to happen. I -- I can't make a decision about something that I can't even predict.

Luke: But I thought that there was -- there was one thing that would never change.

Noah: What's that?

Chris: Ali, wait up.

Alison: Chris.

Chris: Hey.

Alison: Hey. I heard you were back.

Chris: Yeah. It's good to see you.

Alison: Yes. It's good to see you, too.

Chris: Yeah.

Alison: Um, so, are -- are you home for good?

Chris: Uh, don't know. Playing it by ear at the moment.

Alison: Um, that sounds like a -- a good way to go about it. Um, though it was good to see you.

Chris: Yeah. Ali, um, let me ask a question. You just walked into Al's. You looked at me and my folks, and you turned around, took off.

Alison: Oh, you were in Al's? I -- I didn't see you.

Chris: You -- you looked right at us.

Alison: Well, I said that I -- I didn't see you. I -- I saw them.

Chris: You know they don't hold anything against you, right?

Alison: Um, you've been gone for a while.

Chris: Ali, Ali, listen to me. They don't blame you for what happened at the wedding. They donít.

Alison: Who else could they blame? What happened was my fault, and I made a fool out of their grandson and -- and let's not forget that I ran you all the way off to Africa. So I think it would be a little weird for them not to hate me.

Chris: Well, here's the weird thing -- they donít.

Alison: What about you?

Chris: I did for a while, but, um -- well, you did break my heart. I got over it.

Alison: I believe you.

Chris: The truth is, I realized that there were a lot of reasons why you couldn't commit to me.

Alison: None of them had anything to do with you.

Chris: Maybe just a little bit? Tiny -- tiny bit?

[Alison laughs]

Chris: Well, good. Good, you can laugh, 'cause I was getting a little worried there for a moment. Seriously, Ali, I just want you to know that everything that happened, it's -- it's history.

Alison: For you. For me, it seems to be a lifestyle. Um, I have a shift, so I have to go.

Chris: Well, good, good. I have one, too. See you in about an hour. Oh, oh, wait a minute. The nurses must be slipping in their gossip. Yeah, I'm gonna be picking up some shifts here and there at the hospital.

Alison: Oh. Okay. Well, uh, then I will -- I'll see you later.

Katie: Hello, Vienna. This is Dr. Oliver.

Vienna: Yes, of course, the brilliant surgeon who is going to run the new wing my Henry's building.

Reid: You're, um -- you're with him?

Vienna: Mm-hmm.

Katie: She's the reason he's making this contribution.

Reid: So you're really gonna do this?

Vienna: Of course he is.

Reid: I'd like to hear Hank say it.

Henry: Yes, I am. Satisfied?

Katie: Couldn't be happier.

Henry: Great. Okay, so, if that's all that you needed to know --

Katie: Actually, we came for the check.

Henry: The what? You don't trust me?

Reid: Any reason we should?

Henry: Yeah, there -- I'm -- I'm making the damn contribution, aren't I?

Katie: Well, and I was thinking we could broadcast the announcement live on the show.

Henry: I'm sorry. What -- what does my funding a neurology wing at the hospital have to do with -- with single motherhood?

Katie: Um, medical care is a big issue for parents, regardless of their status. When a child has a rare disease, it's devastating. This wing is going to help these children and their parents. And it's being named for Brad.

Vienna: [Gasps] I didn't know that.

Henry: Just found out myself.

Katie: That's why I want to do it on the show.

Vienna: When?

Katie: Today if Bob and Kim are cool with it.

Henry: You know, I -- I wanted to be, like, anonymous about this.

Vienna: Why?

Henry: I -- I don't want to toot my own horn, Sweetie.

Vienna: Well, so let us do it for you. I want the whole world to know how amazing my Henry is. Mm!

Reid: He is amazing. Let's get his amazing signature on that amazing check.

Barbara: Hello, Chris.

Chris: Hello, Barbara.

[Barbara laughs]

Chris: You look great. Better than ever.

Barbara: Thank you. Thank you very much. Do you have any idea how happy your parents are that you're home?

Chris: Yes. They keep telling me.

Barbara: Mm.

Bob: Well, what's going on with Alison?

Kim: Bob --

Bob: I'm just asking.

Chris: Well, everything is fine -- just fine.

Bob: Good.

Kim: Good. Hmm. Hi.

Katie: Hi.

Chris: I thought you were headed back to Texas.

Reid: Change of plans, Dougie Hughes.

Katie: Here it is -- the check for the new wing.

Both: Oh!

Katie: I told you Henry would come through with the money.

Bob: This is just terrific. Thank you. And I think it's great that you're gonna stay on and -- and run the new research project.

Reid: When did I agree to that?

Bob: Well, why wouldn't you?

Reid: I have a few reservations.

Chris: Let me guess, you want the new wing named after you, or maybe just the hospital.

Reid: I want final say on every decision, from blueprints to construction to equipment purchases. I want total autonomy once we open, including staff, supplies, and budgets. I want a fund to cover patients like Noah Mayer who don't have insurance. And I want a 50% increase on my current salary at the medical center in Dallas.

Bob: Well -- well, I have a fiduciary responsibility to the hospital, and this has to be passed by the board of directors, as well.

Reid: Okay. Go ahead. Talk to them.

Bob: Well, I'll -- I'll certainly consider your requests when we draw up the contract.

Reid: No, they're not requests.

Bob: Oh. Well, then, if you can't be satisfied, I guess -- you know, Dr. Channing would love to come in and run this research unit.

Reid: Channing?

Bob: Well, I mean, he keeps calling me saying he wants to get out of Chicago and, uh, move to someplace quiet.

Reid: No, no, no, I'm not letting that deli slicer within 50 miles of my facility.

Bob: That wouldn't be up to you if we can't come to an agreement.

Reid: All right. Draw something up. I'll take a look at it.

Bob: Excellent.

Reid: Looks like I'm gonna be eating second-rate sushi a lot longer than I thought.

Bob: Welcome to Oakdale, Dr. Oliver.

Kim: What I want to know is how did you get Henry to sign over his money? For heaven's sakes, he's the last person in the world I thought would do a thing like that.

Katie: Well, I didn't convince him. Vienna did. There isn't anything he won't do for her. Hey, I was thinking we could do the announcement on the show.

Kim: You want to do it today?

Katie: Yeah. Why not? You and Reid can represent the hospital, and Henry can present you with a check.

Reid: He wants to keep this whole thing anonymous, remember?

Katie: Vienna wants everyone to know he did it. He'll be there.

Kim: I think that's a terrific idea. Honey, will you do it?

Bob: Well, you don't build a facility like this and keep it a secret. Be great P.R. and Dr. Oliver, we love P.R., don't we?

Reid: Ah, trotting me out there in front of the cameras before I've signed on the dotted line? You must be pretty confident that I'm gonna be getting everything I want out of this.

Chris: You always do.

Reid: Oh, are you still hung up on that little fellowship that you lost out on to me?

Katie: We should probably head on over to the studio.

Kim: Uh, go ahead. I'll be right behind you.

Katie: Okay. So, this is very generous of Henry.

Barbara: Well, as Katie said, he'll do anything for Vienna.

Kim: What I want to know is if youíre okay?

Barbara: Why shouldn't I be?

Kim: Have you ever told Henry how you feel?

Barbara: I didn't really see the point because there's nothing to tell.

Kim: Now, we both know that's not true.

Bob: You have a problem with Dr. Oliver being at the hospital?

Chris: Dad, if you want this guy around, I will try very hard to get along with him.

Bob: Thanks.

Kim: Okay. I'm on my way to the studio. I'll see you both there.

Bob: What about you?

Chris: I got a shift.

Bob: Well, you know, we can always, uh, get somebody to cover for you.

Chris: Uh, like I said, Dad, I will work with the guy, but I'm not ready to bask in his glory just yet.

Bob: Okay.

Chris: See you later.

Kim: Okay, Darling.

Bob: Yeah, see you later.

Kim: Bye-bye.

Bob: All right. Let's get going.

Kim: Okay.

Barbara: Mind if I tag along?

Bob: Won't you be bored?

Barbara: Not today.

Vienna: Katie said we should head over to the studio right now.

Henry: I'm ready.

Vienna: Are you working on your remarks? Let me see what you've got, then.

Henry: Oh, it's just -- it's just dribble, actually. I'm just gonna have to wing it.

Vienna: You know what? I'm sure you're gonna be great. Just speak from your heart, and everyone watching will see what a lovely man you are.

Henry: Right.

Vienna: Henry, I'm so proud of you. You look so handsome today. I've always loved you. Now I love you and all your choices, too.

Henry: Well, that makes one of us.

Luke: Sorry.

Noah: It's okay.

Luke: I miss us.

Noah: So do I.

Luke: Really?

Noah: Look, I -- I know I must be sending you all sorts of mixed messages right now.

Luke: Yeah, kind of.

Noah: I don't want you to think that I'm trying to push you away.

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: Well, honestly, Noah, it's -- that's what it feels like right now.

Noah: Well, you know, it's just -- it's what I need to do right now for myself, and for you.

Luke: How is this for me?

Noah: I don't want to have to resent you.

Luke: Resent me? For helping you?

Noah: When it's -- your help is the last thing I want right now. Can't you see that?

Luke: No, I can't, Noah! I'm sorry. How many times did you help me when I didn't want it? When I was paralyzed. When I got expelled. When Damian came back.

Noah: That was different.

Luke: I know that was different, but I wasn't! You stood by me, even though I tried to push you away. How can you expect me not to stand by you right now?

Noah: You still don't get it.

Luke: Then tell me, Noah. Explain it to me, please.

Noah: When all those other things were over you were still you. I will never be the same Noah Mayer I was before.

Luke: Dr. Oliver doesn't think that's true.

Noah: Dr. Oliver is sure he can give me my sight back, and I want a doctor who's sure. But I can't be. I can't be because I'm going to have to live the rest of my life like this if he fails.

Luke: But then why do you think you need to learn all of this stuff on your own if we're gonna be together? Noah, what are you trying to say here?

Noah: You know, we don't know what's gonna happen.

Luke: Well, I always thought we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Noah: Things change.

Luke: Please stop using that excuse.

Noah: I'm sorry. I -- I wish I could make this easier. I wish I could do this better, but I canít.

Luke: You know -- when you were going to Dallas, I thought that that was the worst thing that could happen, but I was wrong. This is the worst thing -- knowing that you're gonna be in town and that I still can't be with you.

Noah: It's just what I need to do.

Luke: What about what I need?

Noah: I'm sorry. I -- I know that this is selfish. I'm just being honest.

Luke: I'm sorry, too. Because honestly, Noah, I need more from you. And if you can't give me that, then I can't do this anymore.

Chris: Hey.

Alison: You're on this floor?

Chris: Just today.

Alison: Okay. Well, I will, um, keep out of your way.

Chris: Look, hey, we don't have to do that.

Alison: Be honest. When you heard about me and Casey, don't tell me you didn't think, "Typical. She will never change."

Chris: I didnít.

Alison: Chris, come on. I mean, I did the same thing to Casey that I did to Aaron with you.

Chris: Hmm. This guy Mick must have been some amazing guy.

Alison: [Chuckles] No, no, that's not funny.

Chris: Okay, all right, listen -- listen to me. Listen. I just want you to know one thing. I do not hold a grudge, okay, and I've learned not to judge people, including myself.

Alison: I could use some of that.

Chris: Anytime you need some pointers, let me know.

Alison: Well, let me give you some pointers. Next time you see me, just run, 'cause you may have changed, but I havenít.

Kim: Vienna, oh, as beautiful as ever! I'd love to hear what you've been up to since you've been away. It seems forever.

[Henry clears throat]

Barbara: You do look fabulous in that suit.

Henry: It's one of the ones that you helped me pick out.

Barbara: I know that. But that tie -- we didn't buy that together.

Henry: Yeah. Uh, Vienna -- Vienna liked it better.

Barbara: Ah, I see. Well, it's a good thing you're wearing it. You're doing a good thing here, you know.

Henry: You mean that?

Barbara: Yes, I do.

Henry: It's good to see you.

Barbara: You just saw me a little while ago.

Henry: Has it been that long?

Barbara: You better not say anything like that unless you mean it.

Henry: I wouldn't dream of it.

Barbara: If I ask you a question, will you give me an honest answer?

Henry: I'll try.

Barbara: Are you glad that Vienna's back? Because if you're not, I --

Henry: No, I -- I know why you're asking.

Barbara: Do you?

Kim: Uh, places, everybody, please.

Vienna: Henry, everybody's waiting. Is something wrong?

Henry: No, there is no problem. I am, uh -- I am ready for my close-up.

Vienna: Good. Let's go.

Kim: Sorry for the interruption.

Barbara: It's okay.

Kim: Did you tell him how you feel?

Barbara: No, I -- I didnít. I -- I think he knows.

Kim: You think he knows?

Barbara: Yes.

Kim: So you didn't actually tell him how you feel?

Barbara: Not in so many words, yeah.

Kim: Barbara, he is a man. You have to use many words, sometimes more than once.

Stage manager: Okay, we're live in 3, 2 --

Katie: Hi, I'm Katie Snyder. And today, we will be bringing you a very important announcement that will affect the lives of everyone in Oakdale. Mr. Henry Coleman has decided to endow a new wing of Memorial hospital to be dedicated to advanced neurological research and innovation and to be named after my late husband, Bradley Snyder. Now, you knew Brad from "Oakdale Now," and we always felt like our audience was a part of our extended family, so I don't have to tell you how very much this means to me and to our son, Jacob. Now, we have Mr. Coleman and Dr. Robert Hughes, the chief of staff at Memorial hospital and Dr. Oliver, who will be the director of the new research center. Henry.

Henry: Yes. It is my honor to present this check to Dr. Hughes. Uh, Brad Snyder was my dear friend, my sometime co-host and full-time cohort. And, uh, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss him. So I am proud to be able to be a part of building this permanent Memorial to him.

Bob: Thank you, Mr. Coleman. On behalf of Memorial hospital, Dr. Oliver, and myself, we want to thank you for this incredibly generous gift. And we, uh, dedicate ourselves to bringing to the citizens of Oakdale the finest medical care in America.

Katie: We'll be right back.

Stage manager: And we're out. Katie -- your babysitter called. She thinks Jacob is sick.

Katie: Oh, okay. Thank you. Kim, excuse me. Um, Jacob is sick.

Kim: Oh. Go on home.

Katie: Are you sure?

Kim: Absolutely. I'll cover for you.

Katie: Okay. Thank you.

Kim: Okay, Baby.

Noah: I don't know. I feel like I've let you down, and this way I can never make up for.

Luke: You didnít. I guess -- you got to do what you got to do.

Noah: Yeah, so do you. I just really thought -- I really thought that we would last forever. I -- I thought we weren't like other couples.

Luke: Yeah, well, I guess nothing lasts forever.

Noah: I guess not.

[Horn honks]

Luke: Noah, you don't have to take a cab. I can drive you.

Noah: No, no. It's -- its better like this.

Luke: Noah, I --

Noah: Yeah. Same here.

[Noah clears throat]

Chris: Okay, thank you. Thank you very much.

Katie: Chris.

Chris: Hey, what's wrong?

Katie: Hey, uh, I think Jacob's sick. The babysitter called, and he has this -- this rash.

Chris: Okay. Well, let's -- let's uh -- let's take a look. Come on in here.

Katie: It's okay. I'm probably overreacting.

Chris: Oh, no. You're just being a mom. You're being a mom. Besides, that's why I'm here.

Katie: And not at the station with your parents?

Chris: Okay, some of us have work to do, okay?

Katie: You're not just avoiding Reid?

Chris: I have no problem with Reid, okay?

Katie: Oh.

Chris: I'm just not ready to join the hallelujah chorus. And you're right, by the way. It's just a rash. I'll get you some cream, and you're on your way.

Katie: That's it?

Chris: That is it. Got the healthiest baby in Oakdale.

Katie: You're really good with him.

Chris: I think we just understand one another. Right, buddy?

Katie: Can I ask you something?

Chris: Sure.

Katie: Have you ever been on TV?

Bob: Well, I'd like to make a toast to the man who made this possible, Henry Coleman.

Vienna: Hear, hear. And I would like to make a toast to my Henry, too. As you all know, Henry and I, we've had our ups and downs. But, um, I always knew that Henry was a decent, caring, and kind man. And I think today proves it. So to Henry.

Bob: Henry.

Kim: Uh, Vienna, why don't you tell Bob what you've been doing while you were gone? Would you like to do that?

Barbara: What are you doing?

Henry: We have unfinished business.

Barbara: You should be at your party.

Henry: I can't take it.

Barbara: Vienna is gorgeous, and she adores you.

Henry: I know. That's the problem.

Barbara: How on earth is that a problem?

Henry: I -- I still live for that look in her eyes. And knowing that that beautiful, amazing woman was mine -- it's what I always wanted.

Barbara: I don't blame you for that, Henry.

Henry: Not anymore.

Barbara: Why not?

Henry: Because of you. No, listen, it's true.

Barbara: I can't compete with Vienna Hyatt.

Henry: It's not -- it's not a competition. She's -- she's looking for a fantasy hero, and you see me for the man who I really am. I used to hate when people could see through me, but now it feels like it's the only thing that's real, Barbara. You -- you know I didn't want to give that money away, and you didn't think any less of me for it.

Barbara: However you gave it away, you did. You gave the money away, and to a good cause, and you deserve credit for that. You do.

Henry: Can I ask you a question?

Barbara: Sure.

Henry: Before, at the station, you asked me if I was happy that Vienna was back. Why?

Barbara: You said you knew why.

Henry: I can't stop thinking about you.

Barbara: Henry, please.

Henry: No, listen, it's just the two of us here. I told you how I feel. Now it's your turn to tell me.

Chris: So, you want me to go on a TV show for new mothers?

Katie: I think you would be great.

Chris: Really? At what, scaring them away from doctors?

Katie: Oh, are you kidding? With your good looks, the E.R. will have a stampede.

Chris: Why, thank you very much.

Katie: No, really. I think it would be great for my audience to hear everything about children's health and nutrition from a hot, young doctor.


Chris: Okay. Okay, I see what's going on. This is revenge, right? Yes.

Katie: Revenge? For what?

Chris: For calling your friend Dr. Oliver a showoff. Is that what's going on?

Katie: No, no. This has nothing to do with him. I just want you to help the moms in my audience feel as reassured and confident as you just made me feel.

Chris: I don't know.

Katie: Come on! Just try it once and see what happens.

Chris: I -- I guess I could do that.

Katie: Really?

Chris: Yeah, sure. Sure, sure.

Katie: Oh!

Chris: Yeah.

Katie: Well, I can't wait to tell my producer.

Chris: Oh, you mean my mom.

Katie: She will be thrilled.

Chris: Yes, okay. Well, just so you know, I require special billing, my own dressing room, and a plasma TV with a video-game system.

Katie: We'll call and discuss the details later.

Chris: Just one more question.

Katie: What's that?

Chris: Do you really think I'm hot?

[Katie laughs]

Noah: Hey, Ali.

Alison: How did you know it was me?

Noah: Your perfume.

Alison: [Chuckles] Very nice.

Noah: Yeah. I'm getting really good at this whole, uh, being blind thing.

Alison: You okay?

Noah: No, um, not really.

Alison: Relationship problems?

Noah: Not anymore.

Alison: Oh, you and Luke.

Noah: You know what? If -- if it's all right with you, can we not talk about it?

Alison: Yeah, yeah, sure. Of course. Uh, if you want to be alone, I --

Noah: No, no, no, no. I -- I don't mind the company, Alison. It's just -- you know, actually, you might be able to help me out with something else.

Alison: What's that?

Noah: Um, I'm -- I'm looking for a new place to live and, uh, it's kind of tricky for me to look at the real-estate listings right now.

Alison: I -- I thought you were going to Dallas.

Noah: You haven't heard? Dr. Oliver is staying. He just called me.

Alison: I thought he couldn't wait to get out of Oakdale.

Noah: They are building him his own neurology wing here at Memorial.

Alison: Wow. Okay, that's a pretty convincing reason to stay.

Noah: Yeah.

Alison: So, uh, why do you need a new place to live?

Noah: I was living with Maddie, but she went back to school, and I can't really afford the rent on my own.

Alison: Get a new roommate.

Noah: [Scoffs] Being gay and blind doesn't really put you at the top of the "Cool people to live with" list.

Alison: Have you tried looking for someone?

Noah: No. I just figured it would be easier to, you know, find my -- my own new place.

Alison: Well, not anymore. I'll move in with you.

Noah: You would?

Alison: Yeah.

Noah: But don't you live with your mother?

Alison: Which is exactly why I need a new place to live.

Noah: Are you sure you'd want to live with me?

Alison: Yeah, I mean, if you'll have me.

Noah: I -- I just -- I have to let you know that I -- I may not be the best company right about now.

Alison: I think that makes two of us.

Noah: Okay, well, that sounds perfect, then.

Alison: And if you change your mind about wanting to talk to someone, that's what roommates are for.

Noah: I'll -- I'll keep that in mind, if you will.

[Alison chuckles]

Reid: Uh, just my luck. All right, go ahead. Lay it on me.

Luke: What are you talking about?

Reid: Come on. I'm sure you're eager to tell me what a sellout I am.

Luke: I really don't care what you are right now.

Reid: Oh, bad day?

Luke: Like you care.

Reid: No, what happened? Did your butler misplace your silver spoon?

Luke: You know, I'm done here.

Reid: Can I help you with something?

Judd: Is that supposed to be a joke?

Reid: Do I know you?

Judd: I didn't think you'd remember me, but I remember you, you son of a bitch.

Henry: You don't get there faster by pushing it more.

Barbara: I know that.

Henry: Why won't you answer my question?

Barbara: Because I have nothing to say to you.

Henry: Barbara, can we please stop playing this game?

Barbara: Okay, okay. You care about you. I care about you probably more than I should and more than is better for either of us. And I am -- I'm proud of you for wanting to be a better person. I don't need that. I'm fine with you just the way you are right now.

Henry: Is that what you wanted to say?

Barbara: What else did you think I was gonna say?

Henry: I thought you were gonna ask me to tell Vienna that it was over.

Barbara: Is that what you want, to end things with Vienna?

Henry: I love her, but she's in love with some idealized version of me, and I don't think that guy exists.

Barbara: When I first married Hal, I tried so hard to be the woman that he thought I was supposed to be, and the harder I tried, the more I failed.

Henry: That's the rub, isn't it? I like who I am with you, Barbara.

Barbara: Henry, you just gave away your fortune for Vienna.

Henry: It's never really mine in the first place.

Barbara: So what happens now? We're here.

Henry: Where?

Barbara: You tell me. Where are you going?

Henry: We can't go to my room.

Barbara: Well, I don't think we should go to my room either.

Henry: Why not?

Barbara: Because I don't think we should be together until you resolve things with Vienna.

Henry: Oh, you drive a hard bargain.

Barbara: Yeah. But I'm worth it.

[Henry chuckles]

Vienna: Henry? Henry? Henry? Are you in there?

[Henry sighs]

Katie: So don't worry. We'll get you in rehearsal before we go on the air.

Chris: Why are you doing this?

Katie: I think you're gonna be great.

Chris: No, I mean all of this. I mean, a new baby, a new show. You're building a new wing on the hospital.

Katie: Oh, yeah, that. Well, I figured I'd let the construction workers do most of the heavy lifting.

Chris: You know what I mean.

Katie: I can handle it.

Chris: No, you canít. The question is, why do you want to?

Katie: I guess I'm afraid if I stop and think too much, I might fall apart.

Chris: But you wonít.

Katie: How do you know?

Chris: 'Cause I know you.

Katie: Oh, hey, Alison.

Alison: Hey, Katie. I -- sorry to interrupt.

Katie: No, no, it's fine. I was just on my way out. Thank you for the ointment.

Chris: No problem.

Alison: Oh, no, no. You don't have to leave. I -- I was just, um -- I was looking for Dr. Oliver.

Chris: He's not here.

Alison: Okay. Thanks.

Katie: That was cold.

Chris: Yes. You -- you noticed.

Katie: What is she mad at you for? She's the one who dumped Casey.

Chris: No, she's not mad at me. She thinks she's doing me a favor by keeping her distance.

Katie: Is she?

Chris: No. I am perfectly fine being her friend.

Katie: Right.

Chris: Yes, her friend.

Katie: So, don't tell me you still have a thing for her.

Chris: I donít.

Katie: Are you sure?

Chris: Totally.

Reid: You obviously have a problem with me, but see, I'm at a disadvantage. I don't know who you are or what your problem is.

Judd: Well, my problem is that you're a murderer.

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