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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 3/12/10

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Carly: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: I'm glad I caught you. Steve didn't know if you were still here.

Jack: What do you need?

Carly: I brought you breakfast.

Jack: Thanks, but I'm not hungry. I got some things I got to do before the sonogram.

Carly: I thought Janet was gonna call you, let you know how things turned out.

Jack: Carly, this kid could be mine. I'm not letting her go through this alone.

Carly: Why did you stay here last night? You could have slept at the house.

Jack: We talked about this. Until things are settled one way or another, I don't want to do anything that's gonna confuse Sage.

Carly: Now, what could confuse Sage, huh? We're together, right? You're gonna move back into the house, aren't you?

Jack: Let's just see how today goes.

Carly: Janet's in love with Dusty and Dusty's in love with Janet, so they're gonna be together, no matter whose baby this turns out to be.

Jack: We don't know that. If the kid is Dusty's, then, yeah, he'll stay with her, but if it's not -- if it's mine --

Carly: Then you'll stay with her.

Jack: No. No. My marriage is over, but Janet feels weird staying at the farm with my family because I'm not there. If Dusty dumps her because this baby is mine, where's she gonna go?

Carly: Dusty's not gonna dump her. You've really been giving this a lot of thought, haven't you?

Jack: It was a long night.

Carly: So, if the baby is yours --

Jack: It's gonna take some time to work things out.

Carly: I see. How much time, approximately?

Jack: We are doing this, Carly. We're doing this. I'm with you. Don't worry. You're worried.

Carly: I'm fine. Don't forget your coffee and your crawler. Good luck, Jack.

Jack: Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Dusty: Hey.

Janet: Hi. It's like a magic lamp.

Dusty: What is?

Janet: This. I was just looking at it, thinking of you, and here you are.

Dusty: What happens when you put it on?

Janet: Haven't gotten that far yet. Not until we know about the baby.

Dusty: The baby's mine. Even if you don't want it to be.

Janet: Dusty, I need you to understand --

Dusty: I do. I've been doing research all night on bone-marrow transplants. I spoke with researchers in Tokyo.

Janet: You did? What did they say?

Dusty: Since Jack's Liberty's uncle, they said his baby would have a slightly better chance of being a match than, say, mine would.

Janet: Well, slightly better is still better. The last time I talked to Liberty, she sounded weaker.

Dusty: What are her doctors saying?

Janet: They're still not sure if the study is working, okay, but if it doesn't, this baby could be her last chance.

Dusty: I just have this feeling you're having my baby. So, when the ultrasound guy verifies it, could you at least try to be happy?

Janet: I'll try.

Dusty: And then would you try on the ring, see how it feels?

Janet: If I'm having your baby, I am wearing this ring. I promise.

Dusty: Attagirl.

Henry: Water!

Barbara: If you were gonna tell Katie about us, what would you say?

Henry: You're a remarkable woman, Barbara.

Barbara: Is that what you'd say?

Henry: That's what I think. I think it takes -- it takes a lot of guts for a woman to talk about other women right after she's had sex with somebody. Man.

Barbara: Well, you know, we're breaking the rules here. We have no guilt. In fact, you know, I think -- I think I'm very glad that you were married to Katie. I think I'm very glad that you lived here with Vienna.

Henry: Why is that?

Barbara: Well, for the very same reason that you should be grateful to all of my lovers, because you benefit from their tutelage.

Henry: Oh, yeah?

Barbara: Uh-huh.

Henry: Where should we start the tutelage?

Barbara: Anywhere you want.

[Both laugh]

Vienna: I'll see you soon, my darling.


Vienna: I'll see you soon, my darling.


Reid: What's this?

Katie: It's something to remind you of Oakdale.

[Both laugh]

Reid: Handcuffs?

Katie: Well, a keychain with little, mini handcuffs.

Reid: Yeah.

Katie: Now, I know you're not gonna keep in touch, but I am. I'm gonna send you pictures of Jacob every month.

Reid: Digital pictures only. I can't get baby pictures in the mail. It's bad for my image.

Katie: Okay, yeah. Well, I'll keep that in mind.

Reid: So long, sport. Bad luck having to grow up in this town, but you sure did ace it in the mom department. You know that? You keep her out of trouble, all right?

Jack: Hello.

Janet: What are you doing here?

Jack: I thought you could use some company for this.

Janet: I told you that I'd call you when I found out.

Jack: Well, now you don't have to, Janet. You shouldn't be doing this alone.

Dusty: She's not alone. They'll be ready for us in a few minutes.

Jack: Well. I didn't expect to see you here.

Dusty: I'm pretty sure the baby's mine.

Janet: You know, Jack, if you've got something more important to do, you don't have to stick around.

Jack: What could be more important than being here?

Carly: Have they called us yet?

Janet: You invited her here?

Jack: Uh, n-- Carly. Carly, I thought I told you that I'd call you when we were done.

Carly: What is the big deal? Dusty's here.

Janet: Dusty is here for me, to support me, and Jack is here for the baby. Who are you here for?

Carly: Well, I'm --

Janet: Only thinking of yourself.

Carly: No, that is not true.

Janet: Yes, it is, Carly! The whole world has to revolve around you at all times!

Dusty: Janet, you got to take it easy.

Jack: Okay, excuse us, just for a minute.

Carly: No, wait! Just wait a minute! I -- I did not come here to upset anybody. We all know that I am a part of this, whether you like it or not.

Janet: And what part are you going to play in all of this? Are you gonna hold Jack's hand during the sonogram? Or, I don't know, I've got an idea. Would you like to wave the ultrasound wand yourself?

Dusty: Take it easy. Come on.

Janet: No, I'm not done!

Dusty: Well, you can finish later. Let's go. Come on.

Carly: I didn't expect her to blow a gasket.

Jack: What did you expect?

Carly: This. I expected you to hug me. I expected you to tell me how glad you are that I'm here.

Jack: Oh, Honey, I am. I'm glad that you're here, and I'm also glad that you trust me enough to leave.

Carly: That's an unfair use of a compliment.

Jack: Well, you shouldn't be here right now.

Carly: But when you find out anything --

Jack: I will call you.

Doctor: Mrs. Snyder?

Janet: Yes. Yes. That's me.

Reid: Don't try to do everything yourself. Make sure you get out, take some you time.

Katie: Or what? You'll come back and kick my butt?

Reid: Don't get your hopes up.

Katie: I really wish you didn't have to leave. If Henry would just donate that money to the hospital, you could stay. I don't understand why he's being so selfish.

Reid: It's just Hank being Hank. All right. Don't get all weepy. I got you something, too. I didn't wrap it, though.

Katie: Okay. [Gasps] A business card. You shouldn't have. That's what I'm thinking.

Reid: Turn it over.

Katie: What's this, your home number?

Reid: That's my beeper number. Nobody has that except the hospital and now you, and you call that anytime if you have any kind of problem day or night. You know, Mr. Snyder, you've been eavesdropping long enough to figure out that this is a private conversation. Go away.

Henry: You know, I think I'm gonna use some of the inheritance for the diner to sort of spruce it up a little bit.

Barbara: Are you sorry you didn't grant Katie's wish and give a big donation to the hospital?

Henry: No, I'm not sorry about that. If she wanted money to heal the sick, that would have been a no-brainer. I would have signed a check in a heartbeat, but she wants that money to keep Reid Oliver in town, and I can't stand that guy.

Barbara: No. Well, I think that you have earned the right to enjoy your wealth any way you want, however you want.

Henry: I want you.

Barbara: Do you?

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Barbara: Mm-hmm. So, what are you doing later?

Henry: What did you have in mind? Oh. That's funny, 'cause that's exactly what I had in mind, too.

Barbara: Well, I was thinking about that after some dinner.

Henry: You want to -- you want to go out to dinner? I -- I thought we were keeping this thing private.

Barbara: Well, we can find a private restaurant where we don't know anyone. I mean, it's just dinner.

Henry: This is just sex.

Barbara: Exactly. The arrangement won't change anything, you know. Just two adults enjoying each other.

Henry: I can do that.

Barbara: Aah!

Henry: I got to go. I got to go to the diner, okay?

Barbara: Okay.

Henry: But I want you to stay here as long as you want to.

Barbara: Okay.

Henry: And let's have an early dinner, just so that we can have as much time afterwards for whatever, yeah?

Barbara: Yeah.

Henry: Oh, yeah.

[Elevator bell dings]

Vienna: Hi, Henry.

Henry: Vienna. How? W-when?

Henry: Sorry about that. You're here. You're right here in front of me.

Vienna: Mm-hmm. It's good to see you, Henry.

Henry: It's good to see you.

Vienna: How are you?

Henry: Fine.

Vienna: Are you gonna ask how I am?

Henry: I don't have to. You're -- you're spectacular. I'd tell you to trust me on that, but you don't, trust me, that is. It was really nice running into you.

Vienna: No, no. Henry, wait. I'm here to see you.

Henry: Why?

Vienna: Because I want to tell you how proud I am of you, what a wonderful, generous, and noble man you are. When I heard what you'd done, I just knew I had to see you, and I knew that my Henry was back.

Henry: What did I do?

Vienna: Well, you know, you donated your inheritance to the hospital to build a new wing.

Henry: Who told you I donated the money to the hospital?

Vienna: Well, who do you think? Katie, of course, and she was so happy about it.

Henry: I bet she was.

Vienna: Finally, you're doing the right thing about this money, and I always knew that you had it in you.

Luke: I wasn't eavesdropping. I've just never seen you be nice like that before.

Katie: Yeah. I've been trying to work on that with him.

Reid: Some people deserve kindness. Others are like you.

Luke: So, are you saying that you're rude to me because I deserve it?

Katie: No. That's not what he's saying. Would you stop?

[Cell phone beeps]

[Katie gasps]

Katie: Oh, my God!

Reid: What is it?

Katie: I'm not sure yet. You're not leaving for an hour or so, right?

Reid: At least. Why?

Katie: Okay. I have to go. Just make sure you do not leave without saying goodbye.

Reid: I thought we just did that.

Katie: That was a warm-up. Stay put. I'll see you soon. Bye, Luke.

Luke: So, are you and Noah driving to the airport together?

Reid: What am I, a seeing-eye dog? Are we joined at the hip?

Luke: Will you be sitting next to him on the plane? Hey. I'm talking to you.

Reid: And yet I'm not listening. Oh, come on. You got to be kidding me.

Luke: What's wrong? Is it Noah? Did something happen to him?

Reid: There's nothing wrong with your boyfriend, all right? My flight to Dallas got delayed. It's like this town has tentacles. I need a drink.

Luke: You know, Dr. Oliver, I think I could help you with that.

Reid: Going the rest of the day without seeing your face in this God-forsaken town would be helpful, indeed.

Luke: I can let you borrow my private plane. That way you and Noah can get to Dallas whenever you'd like.

Reid: As tempting as the offer is, it has one very large drawback.

Luke: What's that?

Reid: It comes from you.

Barbara: Oh, oh!

Carly: Watch it, Barbara!

Barbara: I am sorry, Carly. Let me help you. I'm so sorry. Are you designing again?

Carly: Don't touch them. Don't look at them. For God's sake, don't critique them. I couldn't care less what you think about my work.

Barbara: Well, I like it.

Carly: You like my work?

Barbara: When it's not masquerading as mine, yes, I like your work. This is fabulous. These are stunning. Can I see the rest of everything?

Carly: Maybe some other time. I'm on my way to meet my business partner.

Barbara: On this floor? No. You're not partnering with Craig again after the fiasco that was Monte Carlo.

Carly: He's changed.

Barbara: Oh, yes. Craig is constantly becoming a better man. He just hasn't quite gotten there yet.

Carly: Well, this time he's doing right by me and the business.

Barbara: Is that so?

Carly: You bet. In fact, he found an investor who's practically throwing money at us. Monte Carlo is gonna be bigger and better than ever.

Barbara: He found an investor who's willing to overlook all of your past mistakes in this economy?

Carly: You want to stack up my mistakes against yours, Barbara?

Barbara: No, 'cause I would win, hands down. I'm happy for you.

Carly: You are?

Barbara: Yes, I am, because I've been there. Where would this world be without second chances? So, does this mean that you and Craig are back together?

Carly: No. Jack and I are back together, if you must know.

Barbara: Really? Jack's a good man. I'm happy for you.

Carly: What's with the smiles and good wishes?

Barbara: Can't I be happy for you?

Carly: Well, you can. It's just definitely not like you. What happened?

Barbara: I'm just a little high on life. I bet you are, too, since you and Jack are back together.

Carly: Yeah, we are. Yeah. It's complicated.

Barbara: Oh, right. He's married to that Janet woman. But if he's left her and he's back with you --

Carly: You know Jack. He's all about making sure everybody's happy.

Barbara: Oh, I see. I see. While he's off making his wife happy, you're gonna go see Craig.

Carly: To talk about business. And what should I do? Sit around, waiting for Jack to call?

Barbara: I had a good man once, and then I allowed myself to be seduced by Craig Montgomery.

Carly: Well, I'm not going there. Not again.

Barbara: Then you're a better girl and smarter than I ever was. You stay that way.

Janet: Well, I'm definitely pregnant.

Dusty: You've been having symptoms for a while.

Janet: How far along am I?

Doctor: I'd say, judging from the placenta, the baby's age is about five weeks.

Jack: Five weeks. So, it's mine. I'm -- I'm the father.

Dusty: You ready to go?

Janet: Yeah. Just give me a few minutes. I want to talk to Jack, okay?

Dusty: Yeah. I'll be right outside.

[Door closes]

Jack: How do you feel about this?

Janet: I feel like this is the best thing possible for Liberty. This could be her cure. But whether it is or not, I'm having a baby. How do you feel?

Jack: I miss my brother. I miss Brad. I wish he were here. But if this baby turns out to help his daughter, I think that would be amazing.

Janet: Yeah, but who knows? Maybe we won't even need the baby's bone marrow. I mean, that would be great.

Jack: I just want whatever's best for her, that's all, and the baby.

Janet: Our baby.

Jack: Our baby.

Janet: Gosh. It's so weird. I could have sworn this morning that this baby was gonna be Dusty's.

Jack: So, when are we gonna tell Liberty?

Janet: We?

Jack: We. Janet, you got to know that, when you were thinking about doing this, she -- she wasn't too happy about it.

Janet: What?

Jack: She went as far to say that if the baby turned out to be a match, she'd refuse the transplant.

Janet: Well, I will just make sure that she knows that this is more than just a donor baby to me.

Jack: To us.

Janet: Right. Well, thanks for the offer, but I think I'll tell Liberty myself, seeing as its back to just her and me.

Jack: What about Dusty?

Janet: He can stay or he can go. I have no right to ask him for anything. What about Carly? What's she gonna do when you tell her?

Jack: She knew there was a chance it could turn out this way. She seemed okay with it.

Janet: Well, now that it has, we'll see how long that lasts.

Reid: Seriously? Is there no place in this town that I can go to avoid you?

Luke: Look, if you don't want to take my jet, that's fine, but could you for once think about Noah?

Reid: Noah can get to Dallas however he wants to. I'm gonna fly commercial.

Luke: Why? Because I'm offering this to you? Do you have any idea how childish that sounds?

Reid: Yep, but it's not as ridiculous as you chasing me all over town, whining that I'm not gonna play with your toy. Oh, my God. You're sitting down?

Luke: You know, I think that there's something else going on here.

Reid: And what would that be?

Luke: You tell me. You're so anxious to leave Oakdale. I give you a solution that could cut three hours off your travel time and you turn me down because it comes from me. Now, who does that?

Reid: I'm unique.

Luke: No. See, I don't think this has to do with me throwing my money around or how I got you to Oakdale.

Reid: And your keen instinct tells you what?

Luke: You wouldn't treat me this way if I was the straight husband or wife of one of your patients. You don't respect me and Noah because we're gay. That's it.

[Reid laughs]

Luke: This isn't funny.

Reid: You think I'm homophobic? That's hysterical.

Luke: Well, why don't you let me in on the joke, Doctor? What? Is your best friend gay or your mom or your dad? Who?

Reid: Me, Mr. Snyder. I'm gay.

Vienna: Did you miss me?

Henry: What do you think?

Vienna: I think we hurt each other very badly.

Henry: And you left, and when you did --

Vienna: I was lonely for you, too, my love.

Henry: Vienna, what I'm trying to say --

Katie: Vienna!

Vienna: Katya! My sister! I missed you!

Katie: I missed you, too! I'm sorry. I would have been here earlier, but it was time for Jacob's nap, so I dropped him off at Nancy's.

Vienna: Oh, my God. I can hardly wait to see him. He must be so big by now.

Katie: Yes, and growing by the second. Look at you! Wow! You look amazing! Doesn't she look amazing?

Henry: Always.

Vienna: Thank you. Thank you so much for calling. I mean, Henry's doing such a wonderful thing, and I didn't want to miss this. So, thank you so much.

Katie: Oh, absolutely. It was my pleasure.

Vienna: So, is there gonna be, like, a special ceremony, a ribbon cutting, or a groundbreaking?

Henry: That is an excellent question.

Katie: Well, the details haven't been worked out yet, but now that you're here, you can help Henry with that.

Vienna: I'd love to! I'd love to! We could -- you know what? We could have a party here to celebrate his donation to the hospital, and maybe I could get some of the old recipes and put together a new menu or something? Oh, my God! Don't you just love giving away millions of dollars? It's so much fun!

Henry: That was a dirty trick you pulled, calling Vienna.

Katie: So?

Henry: So? So, I told you I was not giving my money to the hospital. It's my inheritance. Forget it. I won't do it.

Katie: Really? And when are you gonna tell that to the woman you love?

Henry: The woman that I love doesn't love me. She left me, remember?

Katie: She came back. Henry, she has stars in her eyes for you! Isn't that worth donating money you don't need to save lives?

Henry: I suppose so.

Vienna: I just love this place. It feels like I never left.

[Cell phone ringing]

Vienna: Are you gonna pick up?

Henry: Yeah. Let's -- let's take a look at those recipes.

[Door closes]

Dusty: Hey.

Janet: I know you were hoping for a different answer.

Dusty: Yeah. I just thought, with all the symptoms you had, that --

Janet: Yeah. Well, you know, the not eating and being really tired probably was just stress over Liberty.

Dusty: Yeah. Probably. What are you doing?

Janet: Giving this back. Thank you for --

Dusty: You think I'm taking back my proposal?

Janet: You're not?

Dusty: No. I want to marry you, Janet.

Carly: I've been waiting for you to call.

Jack: I'm sorry. The baby's --

Carly: Yours. I've been sitting here waiting for this phone to ring. The longer it went without ringing, the more I knew.

Jack: I thought it'd be easier --

Carly: Easier for me to hear it in person?

Jack: I don't know. None of this seems real.

Carly: But it is. Real.

Jack: Dusty was so sure the baby was his, so much so that when the technician was doing the sonogram, I actually felt like I was intruding on some moment between him and Janet, and then in the next breath, the technician is saying that the baby's five weeks along, and, suddenly -- I'm a dad. But the one thought I had was of you. Of how much I need you. Come on.

Vienna: So, why don't we walk back through the park, huh? You remember that little grove we used to go to? Oh, and what about the gourmet -- the gourmet store. Is that still there? Do they still have that chocolate sauce I used to love so much?

Henry: Yes. I'm sorry, Baby. I got to make a phone call, okay? Sorry.

Vienna: Do you think he's happy I'm back?

Katie: Why wouldn't he be?

Henry: Hi.

Barbara: Did you get my message?

Henry: I haven't had time to listen to it.

Barbara: Oh. Well, I was just getting ready to slip into a nice hot bubble bath so I'm all relaxed and ready for our night this evening, and I found this lotion that tastes like chocolate, because I know you like to nibble.

Henry: Barbara, I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to take a rain check on our plans for tonight.

Barbara: Why? What's happened?

Henry: Something -- something came up at Al's that I have to deal with.

Barbara: Well, tomorrow, then.

Henry: That might not work either. Do you mind if we just play it by ear for now?

Barbara: Don't we always?

Henry: So, we're okay.

Barbara: Of course we are. That's the beauty of our arrangement, Henry. No pressures.

Henry: Right. I'll -- I'll see you soon.

Katie: Okay. Well, I am going to leave you two alone. I'm sure you have a lot to talk about.

Vienna: Yep. I missed this place, and I've missed you, Henry.

Luke: You're messing with me. You're not gay.

Reid: You're requiring proof? How would that work, exactly?

Luke: Well, you never mentioned anything. Are you really that deep in the closet?

Reid: Mr. Snyder, I've known that I was gay since I was 9 years old. I can assure you that in all that time I've never once hidden, apologized for, or been ashamed of who I am.

Luke: Well, that I can believe, but you never said anything to Noah or me.

Reid: Why would I?

Luke: Well, because it could have helped!

Reid: What? So that we could share the secret handshake?

Luke: It's called relating, Dr. Oliver. You meet someone. You learn things about them. You find what you have in common, and then you get along better.

Reid: So, you're telling me that if I had told you that I'm a Pisces yet ironically allergic to fish, you and I would have bonded?

Luke: Maybe.

Reid: Here's the thing, Mr. Snyder, I didn't want to bond with you, and unlike you, I don't feel obligated to spill my guts all over who happens to be within range.

Carly: You know, I've been thinking. Maybe we should sit the kids down, tell them what's going on.

Jack: Yeah. We should probably do that.

Carly: You want to?

Jack: Don't you think we should? This isn't something that's gonna stay hidden very long.

Carly: Right. No. You're right. Sooner or later, it's gonna be obvious that Janet is pregnant.

Jack: Oh, and that wasn't what you were talking about, was it?

Carly: No. I was talking about us, our relationship. I think we should tell the kids where we stand, you know? It could be confusing for them, especially if Dusty decides to break things off with Janet now that we know the baby is not his.

Jack: Well, regardless of what happens with Dusty, if Janet needs me for the baby or Liberty, I will be there as much as I can, but I am with you, and that's never gonna change. And I am gonna be a father again.

Carly: Okay. Why don't you close your eyes, catch up on some of that sleep you missed out on last night.

Jack: And where are you going?

Carly: I'm gonna do some errands that I couldn't get to earlier.

Jack: You know, I'm gonna head out to the station, 'cause if I stay here, I'm gonna be thinking about braces and college funds. You know, I've never experienced a pregnancy like this before.

Carly: What do you mean?

Jack: From start to finish, knowing the baby's mine.

Carly: Well, you're a wonderful father, and I know you will be again.

Jack: Carly, I love you so much.

Carly: I love you, too.

Dusty: So, if Jack's the biological father of this baby, so what?

Janet: So, you wanted to marry me because you thought I was pregnant with your child.

Dusty: That's not why I asked you to marry me. I love you, Janet.

Janet: But you're not just gonna have to promise to love me. You're gonna have to love Liberty and this baby and put up with Jack.

Dusty: You think I don't know this? I love Johnny like he's my own. We're gonna get married. We're gonna live in that house I showed you the other day. All of us.

Janet: It was a beautiful house.

Dusty: It'll be our home. We're gonna be family. I'm gonna take care of you and the kids for the rest of my life. Tell me you don't want that as much as I do.

Katie: What do you want more than anything?

Reid: To wake up and discover that the last few months have been one tragic nightmare.

Katie: Henry decided to donate his inheritance to the hospital. He's gonna build that wing for you. So, I just have to get Bob to sign on and you are good to go, or good to stay, as the case may be.

Reid: I'm sorry you went to all that trouble for nothing.

Katie: What do you mean? Even if they build the wing, you're not gonna stay?

Reid: I don't belong here. My life is back in Dallas. The sooner I can get the hell out of here, the better.

Vienna: Listen, listen. I know this isn't easy. I left you more than once.

Henry: Yeah, you did. You did, and it crushed me.

Vienna: Yes, and I thought about that decision every day since I left, but I was afraid, Henry, and I couldn't deal with being hurt by you again, and the lies were just too much.

Henry: I'm afraid I'm gonna disappoint you again. It's what I -- it seems to be what I do.

Vienna: No, Henry. Don't say that. Listen, you're a good man, and I fell in love with the very best part of you, and I know that you can be that man again, and this donation to the hospital proves that.

Henry: I'm -- I'm touched by your faith in me, and it means a lot to me, but I --

Vienna: You mean a lot to me.

Janet: I'm sorry. I can't marry you.

[Door closes]

Carly: Hey. I know you tried to kick me out of here before, but that's not gonna happen again.

Janet: You want to bet?

Carly: Looks like you're carrying Jack's baby, and Jack is with me now.

Janet: Congratulations.

Carly: So, for better or probably worse, we're all in this together.

Janet: What do you want, Carly?

Carly: Same thing you want, for Liberty to be well again, to do what's best for this baby.

Janet: Meaning?

Carly: I'm gonna be here to help you with whatever you need.

Janet: Instead of Jack.

Carly: Get used to this face, Janet. You're gonna be seeing a lot of it.

Dusty: Everything all right?

Jack: Can I help you with something, Dusty?

Dusty: I know you're trying to be a good guy to Janet, but don't sweat things so much.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Dusty: I'll take care of Janet. I'll be father to both of her kids. You're free to be with Carly.

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Barbara: Aren't you even curious who might have been spending time in Henry's room while you were gone?

Luke: I need more from you, and if you can't give me that, I can't do this anymore.

Carly: Dusty won't be that child's father more than you. The baby will still be yours. So will I.

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