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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/3/10

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Noah: Hey. Luke. It is you, right, Luke?

Luke: How did you know?

Noah: Well, I guess it's true what they say. When one sense goes, the others get stronger. Too much aftershave. [Sniffs] Busted.

[Both laugh]

Luke: So, how's Maddie?

Noah: Oh, she's on her way back to Wesleyan.

Luke: What? I thought she was staying here and taking classes at Oakdale U.

Noah: She was, but then Wesleyan told her that if she didn't come back for the last quarter, she wouldn't be able to go on that abroad program she had planned for next year.

Luke: Oh. Well, I guess that messes up your plans with the apartment.

Noah: Well, I'll figure something out.

Luke: Well, what is there to figure out? You can come back and live with me.

Noah: No. I can't do that.

Reid: This should be brief and painless.

Katie: As long as you don't blow it.

Reid: How am I gonna blow it?

Katie: By opening your mouth. A word to the wise. Be nice to the judge, humble, contrite, courteous.

Reid: You lost me at humble.

Katie: See? That's what I'm talking about. If you act like a bonehead in there, you could end up going to jail.

Reid: The worst that'll happen is that they force me to stay and be Dr. Hughes' whipping boy for the next decade, which I'm sure would make you very happy.

Katie: If it would force you to stay in Oakdale as my roommate, it might.

Reid: You just can't resist me, can you?

Katie: See, that's exactly the attitude I'm talking about.

Reid: It's gonna be fine. I probably won't even have to say that much. As long as Mr. Snyder comes through for me, it'll all be okay.

Katie: Well, I hope he does, for your good. Jacob and I will miss you, though.

Reid: Dallas is just a plane ride away. All right. Go get a front-row seat. I'm gonna go practice being humble in the mirror.

Katie: Practice hard.

Reid: Okay.

Katie: Henry, what are you doing here?

Henry: I'm making sure that menace to society and to me gets what he deserves.

Molly: Hey. More bad news?

Holden: Tom's having trouble getting the charges reduced, and the D.A. is determined to fast-track my murder trial.

Molly: Is there anything I can do?

Holden: No.

Molly: Yeah. I guess I messed things up for you enough, huh?

Holden: Forging that note, Damian's ring -- not some of your better ideas there, moll.

Molly: You're never gonna let me live that down, are you?

Holden: Actually, I kind of like having something to hold over you.

Molly: I bet you do.

Holden: Well, you're not the only one who played with the truth. I certainly did my share of lying about what happened to Damian to Lily, to Luke.

Molly: Yeah, but they can't convict you for lying.

Holden: Well, they're certainly going to try.

Molly: How are your kids dealing with all of this?

Holden: Not so good. That is the thing that is the most frustrating.

Molly: I'm sorry.

Holden: There's something that you could do, though.

Molly: Anything.

Holden: Reach out to Faith. Lily's having trouble getting through to her.

Molly: I already tried, and I didn't have much better luck. I really thought I could convince her to come here and see you before they shipped you off to county jail.

Holden: I can understand why she'd say no. It's tough to see your father get arrested.

Molly: I know. She's scared and confused, and I'm not so sure that anybody can get through to her right now.

Damian: Hello, Faith. Get in. Please, get in the car.

Faith: I thought you wanted me to go home.

Damian: I do, but I wanted to give you something first.

Faith: What?

Damian: My new text name. It's Max.

Faith: Max?

Damian: Yes. Whenever you receive a text from Max, you know it's really me and you'll come here immediately. Do you understand?

Faith: Yeah. I get a call from Max and I come running.

Damian: Hey! How about we tone back the attitude a bit?

Faith: I just hate this.

Damian: I know, and I don't like having you in the middle of this either, but there's no other way, Faith. Lives are at stake.

Faith: Like my mom's?

Damian: Exactly. When I feel it's safe, I'll tell your mother everything, but until then, no one can know that I'm here or that I'm even alive. Now, I can count on you to keep that secret, right?

Faith: If it means protecting my family, I guess.

Damian: Faith, don't make me question your loyalty.

Faith: You don't have to.

Damian: Good.

Faith: So, what should I do?

Damian: You go home, act normal. You'll receive a text from Max if I have something I need you to do.

Faith: And what if I can't get away to meet you?

Damian: I'm sure you'll figure something out. You'll help me just like I helped you with your trouble at school. We made a deal. Remember?

Lily: Emma, thank you so much for taking Natalie and Ethan to the farm. Yeah, yeah. I know. With everything that's going on, I think they're much better off there. Emma, I'm gonna call you back. Faith! What are you doing here?

Faith: I took a train and then a cab from the station.

Lily: You left school?

Faith: I told them it was a family emergency. I just thought I should come home.

Lily: And I'm so glad you did! Oh! Sweetie, you had an English Lit exam you had to take.

Faith: I'll make it up. Why is there a security guard outside?

Lily: Your grandmother sent him here. She thought we needed a little extra protection.

Faith: Why? What kind of danger does she think we're in?

Lily: No, no, no. It's just a precaution.

Faith: Because of Dad's murder trial?

Lily: Right. Sweetie, you do know that your father didn't do anything wrong.

Faith: Yeah. I know that he's innocent, Mom. Dad didn't kill Damian.

Lily: I don't want you to get your hopes up, but there's a chance that Damian is alive.

Faith: Really? So, Dad can go free.

Lily: Well, we don't have any solid proof yet, but we have people that are looking in to it.

Faith: And meanwhile Dad has to stay in jail. Damn him.

Lily: Damn who? Your father?

Faith: No. Not Dad. Damian. He's messing up our lives even now. I thought he changed.

Lily: I thought so, too.

Faith: Mom, is Dad really going on trial for murder?

Lily: Not if we find Damian.

Faith: Do you think Damian is doing this on purpose to hurt Dad?

Lily: I don't know the answer to that.

Faith: But you were in love with him. You told us all that we could trust him.

Lily: Faith, Damian saved your life. For that, I will always, always be grateful to him. I just think that things are more complicated than they seem.

Faith: So, you're saying that if Damian was pretending to be dead, that he'd have a good reason for it?

Luke: I get why you want to stay away.

Noah: Do you?

Luke: Yeah. My family is a mess right now. You don't want to get involved in all of that. I wish I didn't have to be.

Noah: This has nothing to do with any of that.

Luke: Seriously?

Noah: Do you really think I don't wish that I could help you through this, that I couldn't be there for you right now? Even if I was, what good would I be? I've got nothing to offer.

Luke: Noah, you don't need your sight to put your arms around me.

Noah: Come on. It's not that simple, and you know it.

Luke: Because one thing might lead to another?

Noah: You need to be there for your family right now 100%.

Luke: And that would be easier for me to do if you were by my side.

Noah: No, it wouldn’t.

Luke: Why not?

Noah: Because I need to be able to be blind without worrying about you.

Luke: What does that mean?

Noah: It means that I need to be able to stumble around and bump into things. I need to be able to get upset when I pull out a bowl instead of a plate or can't find the stupid bathroom door, and if I'm living with you, then you're gonna be worrying about me.

Luke: But I want to worry about you, Noah, and I think I can handle worrying about more than one person or thing at the same time.

Noah: But you can't handle just being friends. I don't need a lover right now. I need a friend, and that's all I can handle, but you can't live with that.

Luke: Yes, I can.

Noah: I don't think that's true.

Kim: All right. Let's get this straight. I will not perjure myself in front of that judge.

Bob: Have I asked you to do that?

Kim: I don't care how brilliant this surgeon Dr. Oliver is or how much he might have softened you up.

Bob: I wasn't aware that he had.

Kim: He stole a car. He smashed in to mine. I have yet to hear an apology from him or for him to take any responsibility for his actions.

Bob: You're absolutely right.

Kim: I know I'm right! You're right I'm right! Those are the facts, and I will not and I cannot change them!

Bob: I understand. You've got to let your conscience be your guide.

Kim: I always do.

Bob: That's why I love you, and that's why I know you'll do what's right for everyone involved.

Kim: Oh, hell. Let's get this over with. What do you really want me to say to the judge?

Katie: What are you doing here, Henry? You have nothing to do with this case.

Henry: Oh, I think it has everything to do with me. He is a danger to the public, and I am part of the public. Ergo.

Katie: Stop it. You've had it in for Reid since the first day you met him, and I have no idea why.

Henry: He's a slob.

Katie: So what? You don't live with him.

Henry: He's full of himself.

Katie: Not a crime.

Henry: He had me quarantined for tuberculosis.

Katie: A misdiagnosis.

Henry: Oh, really? I didn't think the great doctor made those.

Katie: Henry, stop it.

Henry: No, I will not stop it, okay? He doesn't even deserve to practice medicine. Look what he did to me.

Katie: He broke your finger?

Henry: No. It's a sprain.

Katie: So, how did it happen?

Henry: I -- I -- I slammed it in a door. That's not the point. Look at this humiliating splint that he's made me wear. I've been slapped by three old ladies today who thought I was being rude.

Katie: You have no idea how ridiculous you are right now.

Henry: Okay. He should be ridden out of town on the rail.

Katie: All you have to do is keep your mouth shut, let the trial go on, and you'll get your wish. Maybe not on the rails but in a first-class seat on the first plane out of here to Dallas.

Henry: Yeah. So he says.

Katie: He can't wait to get back to his practice. Why would he lie?

Henry: That's what guys like him do. It's pathological.

Katie: I love how in your own way you think that you're protecting me, but you're not.

Henry: Sweetie, he's -- he's trouble, okay, and I don't think he's gonna leave, even if he's acquitted.

Katie: Henry, what are you gonna do?

Henry: Whatever has to be done.

Molly: It means a lot to me that you trust me with your daughter.

Holden: And why wouldn't I?

Molly: Oh, maybe because my track record with Abigail is rocky, at best.

Holden: You're a great mom and a great friend. A lot of people can't say that.

Molly: Yeah, I know. Thank you. It wasn't easy getting there.

Holden: Well, you have a lot to be happy about. I'm proud.

Molly: I just hope I can be as good a friend to Faith.

Holden: You will be. I'm sure that she could use a friend like you.

Lily: Faith, I don't want you to worry about this. We are gonna figure out a way to get your dad out of jail.

Faith: I hope so.

Lily: And even if Damian is here, he won't come anywhere near you.

Faith: I just wish it was all over and Dad was already out of jail.

Lily: So do I, Baby. But in the meantime, how do you feel about going to see your daddy? I know it would mean the world to him.

Faith: I'd like that.

Lily: We could go see him now, if you'd like.

Faith: Okay, let's go.

Lily: Great.

Reid: Good morning. Glad to see both of you are here on time.

Bob: Well, you seem to be in high spirits.

Reid: Why not? As long as everything goes as planned with this hearing, I should be on the next flight out of here.

Kim: You sound like you had a bowl of confidence for breakfast.

Reid: That I did, that I did, with a little dose of victory on top.

Bob: Well, remember, your fate is not in our hands. It's in the judge's hands, and they tend to uphold the law, no matter how brilliant the accused may be.

Kim: Even brilliant neurosurgeons.

Reid: I suppose it doesn't matter to you both that I saved both of your lives during that whole wedding-hostage fiasco. You'd still like to see me behind bars. Fine, okay. All right. Do what you want. I would rather be in jail than continue to be forced to work at your pathetic little excuse of a hospital.

[Kim gasps]

Kim: So, what was all of that about?

Bob: Oh, I was just having some fun. I love to see him squirm.

Kim: Oh, come on.

Judge: Let's get things started, shall we?

Kim: And, so, as upsetting as it was, I do believe that the accident was just that, an accident. Dr. Oliver might have been a little careless, but I don't believe there was a malicious intent in it.

[Henry coughing]

Bob: Your honor, I'd like to add something, if I may. At a previous hearing, Dr. Oliver was remanded into my custody, and he spent that time with me at Memorial working under my supervision.

Reid: Here it comes.

Bob: It is well known that he is one of the most highly thought of surgeons in his field. I'm not about to say anything that would contradict that. He is a fine physician. It's a privilege to have him at my hospital, and it was an honor to watch him work. But I have to admit that he can be obnoxious and overbearing.

Henry: And criminal.

Bob: Well, it's not a crime to be unlikable.

Henry: Well, it should be.

Bob: Your honor, Dr. Oliver is a dedicated physician, and underneath that gruff exterior, he is a profoundly caring one, too. He took a bad situation for him and made it workable, and I hope that you will take that into account.

Reid: I made a career studying the brain. I still don't understand human nature.

Katie: It's not always about the brain. Sometimes it comes from the heart.

Luke: I still love you, Noah, and I miss you.

Noah: I miss you, too, but right now I just need to find balance in my life. So, in a way, Maddie going away is a good thing. It gives me more time to build my confidence, to build my independence.

Luke: You keep saying that.

Noah: Well, maybe that should tell you something.

Luke: You really think you can manage on your own?

Noah: I have to. Hey, I was able to take the bus from my apartment to here. I only broke two dishes making dinner last night. That's a start, right?

Luke: Huge.

Noah: Hey, you better be smiling right now because that was a joke.

Luke: I am.

Noah: Good.

Luke: But one question. You only had two dishes, so, if you broke both of them, what are you gonna cook with? At least I got you to smile.

Noah: Yeah. So, we're good, right?

Luke: No. We're terrible, and I hate this, but I'm willing to go along with it because it's what you think you need.

Noah: I just -- we'll get there. I just need more time. Wait. Shouldn't you be at the courthouse by now?

Luke: Yeah. I'm already late.

Noah: Well, you go easy on Dr. Oliver because, you know, as independent as I might get, I'd still rather have my sight back.

Luke: You and me both.

Noah: So, try and keep my last best hope out of jail, okay? And after all, he did help out with you and your dad, so --

Luke: Noah, I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure you get that surgery. Now, you get better.

Noah: Okay. Then go already.

Luke: Okay. I'm going, I'm going. Hey, Mr. Independence, you missed a button. I'll call you after the hearing.

Noah: Okay.

Luke: I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And the truth is, your honor, I can't stand Dr. Reid Oliver.

Henry: Finally, a witness with some sense.

Luke: But it's also the truth that I bullied him. I -- I forced him to come to Oakdale. He had a lot of patients back in Dallas who really, really needed him, but I tricked him into coming here because somebody that I care very much about needed him, as well, and quite frankly, he's the best there is.

Henry: Oh, please.

Luke: When Dr. Oliver found out what I did, he was upset, and I can't blame him. He wanted to get back to Dallas to his patients, his practice.

Henry: His golf game.

Luke: But because of me, he almost missed his flight. So, I let him borrow my car. He didn't steal it. I let him take it, and that's when he got in to the accident with Mrs. Hughes.

Judge: If the car wasn't stolen, this isn't a criminal matter. It's just a waste of my time.

Henry: You want criminal? I'll give you criminal.

Lily: Have room for one more in here?

Holden: Faith. Hey, you came home after all.

Faith: Yeah. I just got in.

Molly: What made you change your mind?

Faith: I decided you were right. I needed to be with family.

Lily: When did you speak with Faith?

Molly: I called her earlier. I just thought that --

Holden: It was my idea.

Faith: Molly was just trying to help.

Molly: Hey, I'm gonna leave the three of you to talk. I'm glad you came home, Faith. It's good to see you.

Holden: It's so good to see you.

Faith: I hate seeing you in here.

Holden: Don't worry. I'm not gonna be in here for long. What about school? I thought you had a big exam today.

Faith: I'm covered, and I really wanted to see you. This is so unfair.

Lily: Oh, Baby, yes, it is. That's why we need to be together as a family to pull through this.

Faith: What's that gonna do? You don't get it! This is messed up!

Holden: What's so messed up?

Lily: Sweetie, did something happen at school?

Faith: I, uh --

[Cell phone beeps]

Lily: Faith? What is it? What's wrong? Honey, you seem upset. Who was that text from?

Faith: It's not important. I'm just upset about what's happening with Dad.

Holden: Don't be. I'm gonna beat this thing because I'm not guilty.

Faith: Mom says you think that Damian is still alive?

Holden: We have reason to believe that he's out there, and if he is out there, we're gonna find him. But listen. I need you to stay strong, okay? Not just for me but for the kids. Can you do that for me?

Faith: Yeah.

Lily: Have you eaten?

Faith: No.

Lily: You must be starved. Let's get you something to eat.

Faith: I don't want to leave Dad.

Holden: No, Honey. I'm okay, really, and I'm not gonna be in here for much longer. Why don't you go grab something to eat with your mom?

Faith: Actually, I should go home. That text was from school. I need to make up that English Lit exam today by phone.

Lily: Okay. Well, we could stop at Al's on the way home and pick up some takeout.

Faith: If you don't mind, I'd rather walk. I need to clear my head. I'll just see you at home? Bye, Dad. I love you.

Holden: I love you, too.

Henry: Your honor, if you let this man go freely, it will be a perversion of justice. He is a dangerous kidnapper.

Reid: Oh, for the love of Pete.

Katie: Henry, sit down.

Henry: No. I will not be silenced. He's a menace to everyone in this courtroom. He's a menace to everyone in Oakdale.

Reid: Well, then keep your mouth shut so I can get back to Dallas.

Henry: Your honor, I demand to be heard. Thank you. This man, this person who calls himself a doctor, without reason and for nothing more than personal grievances, held me unlawfully in quarantine after falsely diagnosing me with T.B. and the things they did to me in there, it's unspeakable.

Reid: Mr. Coleman was quarantined as a precaution. He displayed signs of the infection. We couldn't risk a serious infection being spread to the other patients, and as for the unspeakable things that were done to him, it amounted to nothing more than blood being drawn.

Henry: May I point out, it was more blood than was necessary and I wasn't even sick. I showed no signs of tuberculosis, but I was held against my will for hours simply because I tried to convince this guy to move out of my friend, Katie Snyder’s, home.

Katie: Don't drag me into this.

Judge: Bob, you want to straighten this out for me?

Bob: Mr. Coleman is exaggerating, your honor, and quite a bit, I might add.

Judge: Case dismissed.

Faith: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't even see you.

Molly: Obviously. So, where are you running to? Or should I say, who are you running from?

Faith: No one. Everything's fine. I've just got to get home.

Molly: Whoa. Hold on. Something's wrong. I can tell. What is it?

Henry: What a travesty. I wouldn't be surprised if you paid the judge off.

Reid: You want to know the best thing about leaving this town, Hank? Never seeing you again. And don't bother waving good-bye. I wouldn't want you to hurt your finger. Mr. Snyder, thank you.

Luke: I kept up my end of the bargain. Now you keep up yours. Get Noah's sight back.

Henry: You should be in prison.

Reid: Don't worry. I'll be out of here just as soon as I wrap things up.

Bob: What would it take to get you to change your mind?

Reid: About what? Leaving town?

Bob: I respect you a lot more than I dislike you. We could certainly use you at the hospital.

Reid: Oh, you're being generous, calling that place a hospital.

Bob: We do the best we can. But you haven't answered my question. What would it -- what would it take to keep you here?

Reid: Let's see. How about a state-of-the-art neurosurgery unit, ridiculously outrageous salary, and a title with the word "Genius" in it. How's that grab you?

Bob: You drive a hard bargain.

Reid: That I do. Good luck, Dr. Hughes. I wish I could say it's been a pleasure.

Henry: Oh, my God. That guy is so arrogant.

Bob: Well, sometimes people are good enough that they can get away with that. You know, I wish I could offer him what he needs.

Henry: Are you kidding me? I say good riddance.

Bob: Well, it wouldn't do us any good. I don't have the kind of money at the hospital to give him the kind of surgical unit that he needs, and that's too bad.

Katie: What if I said I might know where you could get that money?

Henry: What? That's a lot of money, Bubbles. What are you ta-- no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not -- no. Do not even think about -- not me. No!

Katie: Excuse me. Henry, come back here!

Henry: No!

Katie: Henry, listen!

Molly: You looked like you were running for your life. What's going on?

Faith: Nothing. It's just seeing my dad in the station cuffed up, I just freaked out. I needed to get out of there.

Molly: I'm sorry. I should have realized that. Do you want to go get a cup of hot tea and calm down?

Faith: No, thanks. I need to get home.

Molly: Okay. I'll walk you back.

Faith: That's okay, Molly. I'm fine. In fact, I'd rather be alone right now.

Molly: Are you sure?

Faith: Yes! Why is everyone still treating me like a kid?!

Molly: I'm sorry. Okay, you're right. Just call me if you need anything, okay? And I mean anything. I know this is really rough on you right now. If you need somebody to talk to, I happen to be a very good listener.

Faith: Thanks. That's good to know. Well, see you later.

Damian: What was that all about?

Faith: Nothing. We just bumped in to each other.

Damian: Does she suspect anything?

Faith: I don't know. I don't think so.

Damian: Good, because we can't afford for anyone to know that I'm here.

Faith: How long do we have to keep this quiet?

Damian: For as long, I think, it's safe to tell your mother the truth, okay? How is she?

Faith: She's a mess. What do you think? So is my dad, but he won't show it. He shouldn't be in jail, Damian. He obviously didn't murder you. You're sitting right here.

Damian: The situation is very dangerous. Faith, I told you my cousin is trying to take my place as head of the Grimaldi family. I have to be careful.

Faith: You keep on saying that, but meanwhile, my dad is in jail for a murder he didn't commit! You have to come forward, Damian! You have to tell everybody you're not dead so he can go free!

Henry: You can follow me from here to Chicago, Katie. It won't matter. There is no way in hell that I'm funding some new neurological unit just to keep that lowlife, good for nothing, Reid Oliver here in town.

Katie: Why not? What is the difference? You don't want the money.

Henry: No, but I don't want to keep Dr. Jekyll around either.

Katie: Forget about Reid! Think about unburdening yourself of that Stenbeck money. The closure that you claim to want is just a signature away.

Henry: Stop, stop. You are not getting under my skin. Not this time. It won't work.

Katie: This is just the kind of beautiful gesture that Vienna would want.

Henry: You're playing the Vienna card? That is a low blow, Katie! That's a low blow!

Katie: Stop being so defensive and listen to me. This is your chance to do the right thing.

Henry: Where was your sense of doing the right thing when I offered to give the money to Jacob?

Katie: This is so different.

Henry: Really? How? How?

Katie: Because that was passing blood money onto a child. This is doing something good for other people.

Henry: Reid put this idea in your head, didn't he?

Katie: No! Absolutely not!

Henry: Oh, yes. Don't you see he's just using you to get what he wants? It's classic manipulation, Katie!

Katie: You're really ticking me off. I can't believe this. If you won't even consider doing this, you are not the friend I thought you were.

Henry: Now, that sounds suspiciously like blackmail. I wonder where you picked that idea up from.

Katie: This has nothing to do with Reid. Stop using your grudge against him as an excuse not to do the right thing.

Henry: Oh, wow. I cannot believe it. How low will you stoop for this? You know what, Katie? Maybe you're right. Maybe we really aren't the friends that we thought we were.

Damian: I will come forward the minute I think it's safe. Look, my silence is to protect you and your family.

Faith: My mom and dad already think you're alive.

Damian: What?

Faith: I mean, at least they suspect you are.

Damian: No, no, no. Based on what?

Faith: I don't know. They don't tell me much. I just know that they're looking for you.

Damian: I need to see Lily. I need to talk to her and warn her.

Faith: Why don't you just tell her you're alive? I'll give her a message. I'll pass it on.

Damian: No, no, no, no. It's much better if I -- if I explain things to her myself. Look, we have to work together. I still need your help, Faith.

Faith: What do you want me to do?

Damian: You need to distract the guard at your home so I can get in and see your mother without anyone seeing me.

Faith: But if the police know you're alive and your cousin's after you and maybe my mom, then they can protect you, and my dad can get out of jail.

Damian: For the last time, Faith, that is not an option!

Holden: When are you gonna realize that Damian is not the person that you think he is and that he will do anything to get his way?

Lily: Holden, please, can we not fight?

Holden: Fine. Just promise me one thing. Promise me that you'll be careful and keep an eye on her and the kids.

Lily: I will. I should probably get back home now.

Holden: Lily, we really need to stay on the same page here. Anything can happen when it comes to Damian.

Lily: I know. And we are.

[Holden sighs]

Molly: Hey.

Holden: Hey.

Molly: I was waiting for Lily to leave.

Holden: What's wrong?

Molly: I don't know. Maybe it's nothing, but I saw Faith on the street, and she seemed really rattled. She said it was just from seeing you in here, but I got the feeling it was more than that. Did something happen after I left?

Holden: No. She got a call from school saying she had to make up the English Lit exam over the phone, so she went home to call the school.

Molly: English lit? Are you sure?

Holden: Yeah. Why?

Molly: Because I could have sworn she told me she had a Chemistry test. Maybe I misunderstood.

Holden: Maybe your instincts were right, that something's going on that she's not telling us.

Faith: Okay, you are officially starting to freak me out.

Damian: All right, I'm sorry. That's the last thing I want you to do. But I'm just as frustrated by the situation as you are, Faith.

Faith: I'll bet.

Damian: You have to understand, I'm the only one who can keep your mother safe. So we have to do this my way.

Faith: Promise me that nothing is going to happen to her.

Damian: I swear I will protect her. I love your mother. I always have, more than anything. And I will not let anyone harm her. You have my promise.

Luke: So, did you tell Noah the good news?

Reid: I did.

Luke: Good.

Reid: Listen, I know, given how much you hate me, that it wasn't easy for you to come to my defense today, but your testimony got my case thrown out. I appreciate it.

Luke: Well, I did what I had to do for Noah. Couldn't have you going to jail. He needs you too much.

Reid: Can we try this again? Thank you. Promise me something. Never, ever try to bring me back to this God-forsaken town. Sooner I'm on the plane home the better.

Luke: But you're gonna operate on Noah before you leave, right?

Reid: Actually, I'm gonna leave just as soon as I can get a flight out of here, probably in a day or two.

Luke: But what about --

Reid: Don't worry. Noah's gonna see again. He's coming with me.

Kim: Hi!

Katie: Hi.

Kim: Any luck with Henry yet?

Katie: No, not yet. But I'm not giving up.

Bob: Well, on behalf of the staff of Memorial hospital, we wish you the best of luck.

Katie: Thanks. I think I'm gonna need it.

Kim: You know, I didn't think Henry had any interest in keeping the Stenbeck fortune.

Katie: Well, sometimes what Henry says and what Henry does are two completely different things.

Bob: Well, if there's anything I can do to convince him that we could really use that money, just let me know.

Katie: Thank you, but I think I might have another idea.

Kim: Oh. Keep in touch with us.

Katie: I will.

Kim: Okay. Bye.

Katie: Bye. [Groans] Voicemail. Vienna? Hi, it's Katie.

Luke: Tell me it's not true.

Noah: Luke, calm down.

Luke: Calm down? You're going to Dallas? Dr. Oliver is gonna operate on you there?

Noah: The guy might be able to give me my sight back. What difference does it make if he does it here or in Texas?

Luke: Well, the difference is that I'm here! Your life is here. This is your home.

Noah: I'm not moving there permanently. It's just until I finish with the treatments. What else was I gonna do? Was I gonna say no?

Luke: I can't believe you played me. I testified for him, and he turns around and pulls a stunt like this.

Noah: Luke, this is about me, not about you. It's about my chance of being able to see again, okay? Can you just -- can you try and remember that?

Luke: I know. I'm sorry, okay? I just -- I just want you here.

Reid: Ah, you're still here.

Luke: Yes, I am.

Reid: Listen, Noah, it's gonna take me a couple days to wrap up my affairs here, but then we're free to go.

Noah: Great. Thank you again.

Luke: You know, I'll be right back.

Noah: Luke, Luke, please.

Luke: Dr. Oliver, please, can't you reconsider?

Reid: Reconsider what?

Luke: Can't you operate on Noah here and then go back to Dallas?

Reid: You want Noah to get his sight back, right?

Luke: Yeah. That's what this is all about.

Reid: Then step back and let me handle Noah's case as I see fit.

Molly: I tried to get Faith to open up, but she seemed like she just wanted to get away from me.

Holden: Well, keep trying, okay?

Molly: I will.

Holden: Thanks.

Cop: You're still here? You're already had your interview. Let's go.

Molly: Yeah, okay. I'll talk to you later?

Holden: Let me know what you find out.

Molly: All right. Don't worry. I'm on it. If there's something going on, I'll figure out what it is.

Faith: Hi, I'm Faith.

Guard: Yeah, I know. You're the daughter.

Faith: Right. Can you help me?

Guard: What's wrong?

Faith: Well, I lost this really valuable earring in the garden. Could you help me find it?

Guard: I'm, uh -- I'm not supposed to leave my post.

Faith: It will just take five minutes. My mom will kill me if she finds out. You don't want me to get in trouble, do you?

Guard: Okay. Let's go.

Lily: No, Mother. I -- I can't come over right now. I need to talk to Faith. And she's upstairs on the phone with one of her teachers. I will call you as soon as I'm finished, okay? Bye. [Sighs]

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Molly: Whatever you tell me, I don't have to share it with your dad, either.

Holden: Is everything okay?

Lily: It will be when you get your girlfriend off my back.

Carly: I want you to make love to me, not to her.

Dusty: What about us?

Janet: There is no us.

Carly: I came to Janet with an idea.

Jack: About what?

Carly: How to get Liberty a sibling that could potentially save her life while keeping the boundaries between the two of you perfectly clear.

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