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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/26/10

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Parker: Mom? Mom!

Carly: Oh! Hey.

Parker: Hey.

Carly: Aren't you late for school?

Parker: Yeah. I'm -- I'm leaving right now, but I only have one class today 'cause I'm skipping that field trip, remember?

Carly: Okay, good. Well, have fun, then, okay?

[Door closes]

[Carly sighs and remembers]

Janet: The best way for us to find a bone-marrow match is through a sibling.

Carly: Right. I thought that Jacob wasn't a match.

Janet: He's not.

Jack: Let's not talk about this right now.

Janet: But everybody's gonna find out sooner or later, Jack. Jack and I are going to have a baby.

[Carly exhales sharply]

Jack: Hey.

Janet: Hi.

Jack: You went to the store already?

Janet: Uh, yeah, well, you know, I woke up early. I wanted to get some shopping done, so --

Jack: Oh, good.

Janet: [Sighs] How are you?

Jack: Good. You?

Janet: I'm good.

Jack: Good.

Janet: Okay, well, I should put these away because I want to go see Liberty and make sure she eats her breakfast.

Jack: Well, then you should probably get going. Here. I'll put them away.

Janet: Well, wait. Don't you have to go to work? I thought you wanted to see Holden.

Jack: No, I did. Holden doesn't want me involved in this mess with Damianís death. He knows we have enough on our plate. Besides, from everything I've heard, the newscast with Molly went really well. We should concentrate on Liberty. So, get out of here. Go. Give her a hug for me.

Janet: God, its crazy isn't it, that she can't see you because of the whole chicken pox thing? It's like everything is dangerous to her.

Jack: Hey, she's -- she's gonna get through this.

Janet: Being with you was, uh, it was nice.

Jack: It's been a long time.

Janet: I know. I know, but we'll get used to each other again. And just the fact that you were willing to do this, to make a baby with me -- that's everything.

Jack: Hey, Liberty means a lot to me -- so do you.

Janet: [Inhales sharply] Well, thanks for the -- um, are you gonna be home tonight after work, or are you gonna be staying late?

Jack: No, I'll -- I'll be here.

Janet: Okay, great, because, at this rate, I'll be pregnant before you know it.

Jack: [Chuckles] Yeah, that's -- that's the plan.

Janet: Okay. I'll see you later, then.

Jack: All right.

Janet: Okay.

[Jack sighs and clears throat]

Dusty: So, you spoke with Liberty's doctor? Well, Dr. Hearn said she might qualify for the study, but I don't want to get her hopes up if -- oh, that's great. I'll talk to her mother. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Yes, I know we have to move fast. Thanks.

Liberty: Is there something you, uh, want to tell me?

Dusty: Not without talking to your mother. Shouldn't you be in bed?

Liberty: Dude, I heard you mention my name and then something about a study.

Dusty: Mm-hmm. Let's wait for your mother.

Liberty: If you're making plans about my life, I feel like I should know about them.

Dusty: Well, there's a, uh, study that I found in Minneapolis.

Liberty: A cancer study?

Dusty: Yeah, young adults with leukemia. They're having incredible success, but let's just wait for your moth--

Liberty: I want to do it. When can I leave?

Janet: You should not be out here in the hallway. You should be in bed. Now, go.

Liberty: All right, uh, hey, Dusty, whatever she says, I really want go.

Janet: Go, Liberty.

Liberty: I'm going, okay?

[Door closes]

Janet: What are you doing here? I don't want you here.

Dusty: Well, I want you.

Janet: I can't do this now.

Dusty: Not now, not here? Let's go someplace else, then.

Janet: Later.

Dusty: In the waiting room, now. Meet me there.

Jack: [Sighs] Hey, Buddy. What are you doing here?

Parker: Is anybody else here?

Jack: No. Why?

Parker: I know it's probably nothing, but I didn't want to blow it off if something was going on.

Jack: What is it?

Parker: I'm worried about Mom.

Craig: Oh, oh! Watch it!

Carly: Craig, when are you gonna learn to call before you just show up here?

Craig: When I'm sure you're not gonna tell me not to come. Take it easy. Having a bad day?

Carly: [Sighs] Goodbye. No, Craig, please. W-when are you gonna take "Goodbye" for an answer, huh?

Craig: Something tells me I'm not the one you want to beat up.

Carly: You want to bet?

Craig: I bet you want to hear my solution to your problems with Jack.

Carly: I don't need you to solve anything for me, Craig. We're business partners -- that's it.

Craig: And yet, when you found out Jack was planning to have a child with Janet, who did you turn to?

Carly: [Sighs] I went to talk to you about business, okay, because I-I needed a distraction, and then you started to -- to put the moves on me, so I had to leave. I hope this isn't gonna be more of the same.

Craig: We're in complete agreement. Work is the antidote to the poison that is Jack Snyder, so let's get to it. Morris is blown away.

Carly: Do you think so?

Craig: I know so. He said your designs are classy, wearable, and fashion-forward, whatever that means. He can't stop talking about it.

Carly: To who?

Craig: Me, but I got to warn you, when this deal comes through, we're gonna have to move fast.

Carly: I'm ready.

Craig: It's not gonna be easy to launch this thing from here, in the middle of nowhere.

Carly: Wow. What are you getting at?

Craig: We need to do it up this time. We need to make a big splash. We need to let people know that we're serious succeeding.

Carly: Okay. But I don't know -- what are you suggesting?

Craig: Simple. We move to New York.

Parker: Mom was running around the house, listening to music, and cleaning everything in sight.

Jack: She's been known to clean the house, Parker.

Parker: Yeah, but you didn't see her. She was turbo-cleaning. It was scary.

Jack: What do you think's going on? Parker, your mother's not drinking again.

Parker: Okay, but I haven't seen her in a mood like this in a long time, and I was thinking maybe you could tell me why she's acting like this.

Jack: Well, she's probably stressed about this business thing she's got going on with Craig. Now, when do you have to be at school?

Parker: I have a few hours. I'm gonna go visit Liberty.

Jack: She's lucky to have you.

Parker: When you love someone, it's easy to be there for them.

[Jack sighs]

Janet: Now, you listen to me. You don't get to push me around. You don't get to show up here whenever you want to and demand that I talk to you!

Dusty: I'm trying to help.

Janet: How is this helping? You tell me that you want me and we belong together. I'm married to Jack. What am I supposed to do with this?

Dusty: And now you're planning on having a baby with Jack.

Janet: Who told you?

Dusty: The point is, you don't have to. There's another way.

Janet: No, there isnít. We ran out of donor matches.

Dusty: Listen to me. There's a leukemia study in Minnesota. They're having incredible results. They have a bed available for Liberty if you can get her there today. Can you?

Janet: Why are you doing this?

Dusty: I'm trying to help you.

Janet: What's in it for you?

Dusty: Nothing.

Janet: Oh, really? So, what -- you're a doctor now? You know what's best for my daughter? You know how to save her life?

Dusty: You're panicking, Janet, and I understand why. You'll do anything to save Liberty, but having -- having a baby with Jack is not the answer right now.

Janet: It is her only option, okay? There are no more bone-marrow matches for Liberty. If Jack and I have a baby together --

Dusty: No, it's gonna make everything worse.

Janet: I don't believe this.

Dusty: Believe what?

Janet: You're jealous that I'm having a baby to save Liberty's life.

Liberty: Oh, God.

Parker: Hey, Liberty.

Liberty: Hey.

Parker: Are you okay?

Liberty: Yeah, yeah.

Parker: Well, are -- are you sure? 'Cause I can get a nurse.

Liberty: No, no, no, no, no. It's fine.

Parker: I don't believe you. Look, if you're not gonna tell me what's wrong, I can get a bunch of doctors to come in here.

Liberty: No, it's no big deal. I have -- just -- no, my head's itchy. It's -- its fine. It's -- I just -- I don't want to talk about it right now.

Parker: Well, what -- what -- what are you doing? Are you trying to use mind control to get it to stop itching?

Liberty: No. It's just -- uh, just -- well, one of the nurses said it's -- it's what happens when you maybe are about to lose your hair after the chemo, so it's just your head gets itchy, and then you scratch it.

Parker: And you end up with a handful of hair?

Liberty: Yeah.

Parker: So, you -- so, you think if you don't touch your hair that it won't fall out?

Liberty: It's -- no, it was working so far. I've been washing it really gentle, and -- and I'm -- I'm just -- I'm just being really careful, and I feel like if -- I'm having the chemo right now, so if I'm, you know, careful, it might not happen.

Parker: Okay. Well, I, uh -- here. I brought you some snacks, if your stomach's feeling up for it.

Liberty: Aww, chocolate. I -- no.

Parker: I thought you liked chocolate.

Liberty: Yeah, I just -- I -- my taste buds are kind of dead. But it's weird, though -- popcorn still tastes amazing.

Parker: Okay. Um, great. Well, when we have movie night this weekend, I will bring you tons of popcorn.

Liberty: Movie night?

Parker: Yeah. Yeah, I'm going to download like five really terrible movies, and we can watch them and point at them and laugh at them all night. And I actually -- I got a pillow, so that I can sneak it in and sleep on the chair.

Liberty: That -- that sounds like so much fun. I'm just -- I don't really think I'm gonna be here this weekend.

Parker: What do you mean by that?

Liberty: It's a good thing. It's a study in Minnesota. Um, actually, I called Dr. Hearn, and he gave me some -- some info about it. It's right there.

Parker: Liberty, there's a lot of details in here about the side effects.

Liberty: Who cares? I mean, if it makes me better, that's all that matters, right? My mom hasn't said if -- if she wants me to do it or not, but I'm gonna go with her permission or without it.

Parker: Okay, well, do you want me to go with you?

Liberty: No. I-I don't -- I don't want you to go.

Carly: I'm not gonna pick up and move to New York with you, Craig.

Craig: I'm not asking you to live with me, though I'd be amenable, if you were so inclined. I'm kidding. We're gonna keep this strictly professional.

Carly: It's not gonna happen.

Craig: The best fabrics are in New York.

Carly: I'll order them.

Craig: The best seamstresses are there.

Carly: They're cheaper here.

Craig: The best marketing, merchandising, distribution -- it's all in New York, let alone all the runway shows. Carly, the best designers are in New York, not Oakdale, Illinois.

Carly: Craig, I ran a successful business here before. I can do it again.

Craig: Why make it harder on yourself?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: What about my children?

Craig: They have great schools in New York.

Carly: Their friends are here. Their family's here. My life is here.

Craig: Some life -- chasing after Jack, begging for his attention.

Carly: I'm not chasing after Jack.

Craig: The point is, you're my business partner, and I need you to be focused.

Carly: I am.

Craig: You were trying to murder a rug on the porch. Jack's driving you crazy.

Carly: You're driving me crazy.

Craig: Jack and Janet are gonna have that kid, and you're gonna be tripping over the happy family every time you turn around. You need to put your -- put some distance between yourself and them, and the sooner, the better.

Carly: I'm handling it just fine. I do not need to run away from Jack and Janet.

[Telephone ringing]

Craig: Who is it?

[Ringing continues]

Craig: Oh, it's Jack, isn't it? Well, go ahead. Answer it. Prove to me that you're dealing with it just fine. What are you two doing?

Carly: I'm not gonna answer it, not with you standing there, hanging on every word.

Jack: Carly, it's -- it's me. I was just calling to check in.

Craig: Oh, good. He's leaving a message. Let's hear what he has to say.

Carly: Oh, stop it!

Craig: Oh, I thought he didn't matter to you.

Jack: Are you there?

Craig: Shall I pick up?

Carly: You touch that phone, I'll break your pinkie.

Jack: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry I missed you. You, uh, you don't have to call me back. Bye.

Craig: I thought you just said you didn't have to avoid him, that you were strong enough, secure enough, over him enough?

Carly: Yes, and this proves it, that -- that I can -- I can ignore Jack whenever I want.

Craig: This is me you're talking to. I don't say that to be cruel. You know I don't like to see you this upset.

Carly: Then why don't you just stop annoying me, then, okay?

Craig: I'm right. Monte Carlo can be a huge success, and you need that right now. So, what are you waiting for? New York beckons. The world awaits.

Carly: And I am going to give New York and the world designs that are gonna knock their socks off, and I'm gonna do it from right here in my very own house. So, if you'll excuse me, I have floors to mop.

Craig: Just think about it.

[Door closes]

Parker: Let me show you what I set up.

Liberty: Oh. You're pulling out the bag.

Parker: Yeah, and if you wait for a second, I can actually show it to you.

Liberty: What is it?

Parker: You'll see. [Keys clicking] Hello.

Liberty: It's your face.

Parker: Yeah, yeah. I made it so that we can see each other face-to-face, even when I'm not around.

Liberty: Yeah, that's a really nice idea, but I just -- I think the phone works great.

Parker: I thought you'd like it.

Liberty: I'm just not gonna be looking so good after this.

Parker: Liberty, come on. You're beautiful, okay? And when they stick tubes up your nose and they put an I.V. in your arms, maybe a couple IVs, you might be downgraded to "Pretty."

Liberty: It might be worse than that.

Parker: Liberty, it'll still be your face. That's all that matters. Come here. You're okay.

Dusty: Okay, it's true. I don't want you to have a baby with Jack.

[Janet sighs]

Janet: I thought you of all people would understand why I'm doing this. You've been there, Dusty.

Dusty: I have been there. I do understand. But for you and Jack, that would be --

Janet: Hey, we're -- we're -- we're doing better now, okay? Things have changed. He's trying. We're both trying.

Dusty: I understand you're both trying to save Liberty, but for you guys to introduce a baby to your marriage right now --

Janet: I don't have any other choice.

Dusty: But now you do. The study might work, and you won't have to tie yourself to Jack.

Janet: I am tied to Jack. I'm his wife.

Dusty: You don't have to be.

[Janet scoffs]

Janet: I can't -- I can't -- listen to this. I-I'm gonna go be with Liberty.

Dusty: Hold on a second. Take this with you, all right? It's information for the Minnesota study. There's a bed available if she wants it.

[Dusty sighs]

Janet: What I said before, about being jealous --

Dusty: I'm jealous of Jack.

Janet: You could have anybody you want.

Dusty: I'm looking at who I want.

Parker: So, call me and let me know if the Minnesota thing's happening, okay?

Liberty: It's happening, but I will let you know when.

[Door opens]

Janet: Hi, Parker. I didn't know you were here.

Parker: Hey, I-I was actually just leaving. Liberty will kill me if I don't get back to class.

Liberty: Psshw!

Parker: See you guys.

Liberty: Bye. Later.

[Door opens]

Liberty: Hey, Mom, where's Dusty?

[Door closes]

Janet: I told him to go home.

Liberty: Why?

Janet: Because he was pressuring you about that study in Minnesota.

Liberty: Mom -- he's not pressuring me. I really want to go. I read up on it, and it sounds like it's gonna be hard and I might be really sick for a while, but, come on -- if it gets rid of the leukemia, it's worth it, right?

Janet: Yeah, that's right.

Liberty: So I'm gonna go. Do you want to come with me?

Janet: Oh! You just try and stop me.

[Liberty chuckles]

Janet: Oh.

Liberty: I love you.

Janet: Mm.

Carly: It's called "Monte Carlo," and I wanted to offer Lisa the opportunity for Fashions here to the flagship store for my designs. Do you expect her soon?

Salesgirl: I'm sure she'll be back soon.

Carly: Good. Okay, well, in the meantime, I'll just -- I'll just have a look around, scope out the competition.


Carly: Excuse me.

Salesgirl: I wish I could design clothes -- sounds exciting.

Carly: Oh, yes, it is, indeed. And Oakdale is just the -- the perfect place for me to work. I mean, it's a great town. There's no need to -- to run anyplace else.

Craig: She keeps clinging to this town and her ex, so I'm just gonna have to make her an offer that she can't refuse. So I need you to tell me -- how much can I afford to put into Monte Carlo?

[Ellis clears throat]

Craig: Ellis, spit it out. What's the bottom line?

Ellis: Craig, I'd forget about the fancy dresses. Right now, you can't afford to finance a line of socks.

Jack: So, this study's in Minnesota?

Janet: Yes, Minneapolis, and Liberty's really excited about it.

Jack: Really? How'd you find out about this? Did Dr. Hearn suggest it?

Janet: Uh, well, he helped with the details, and he got -- he got Liberty cleared to be accepted.

Jack: Well, that's great.

Janet: Mm-hmm.

Jack: How soon does she have to be there?

Janet: Well, that's the thing -- they have a bed ready for her today.

Jack: Today?

Janet: I know.

Jack: Kind of short notice.

Janet: I know, and I'm sorry to stick this upon you so quickly, but --

Jack: No, no, no. I'm just trying to figure out how I'm gonna work this out. All right, I guess I'll take a sick day. I'll drive the two of you up there and come back.

Janet: You canít. Chicken pox, remember?

Jack: Right. You gonna be okay driving by yourself?

Janet: Sure. We'll be fine. Liberty and I haven't been on a road trip in a long time. I'll be good.

Jack: How long will you be gone?

Janet: It's hard to tell, but I'll go back and forth, so we can still work on the pregnancy thing.

Jack: You know, we'll deal with that later.

Janet: Well, listen -- listen, I'm praying that this clinic thing is gonna work out, but I still don't want us to give up on the whole baby thing just in case, right?

Jack: I know. I know.

Janet: I'm gonna miss you.

Jack: I know I can't see Liberty, but I can drive up and hang out in the parking lot in case you need me.


Jack: Whatever Liberty wants.


Carly: I'll be right back. What are you two doing?

Carly: I got to go. I'm so sorry. I'll call Lisa later.

Salesgirl: What? Wait.

Jack: I'm Jack Snyder, Oakdale P.D. Is there a problem?

Salesgirl: A woman just ran out in one of our dresses.

Jack: And she didn't pay for it? Can you describe the woman?

Salesgirl: I got a name -- Carly Tenney.

[Paper rustles]

Craig: Parker.

Parker: Craig, do you have a minute?

Craig: Of course, yeah. Come on in.

Parker: Great.

Craig: Everything okay at home?

Parker: Yeah. Look, Craig, here -- here's deal. I need money from my trust fund.

Craig: [Chuckles] What is it this time -- another car, looking to buy a yacht, take a trip around the world?

Parker: No, it's nothing like that.

Craig: Well, whatever it is, the answer is no.

Parker: Craig, I really need this money.

Craig: [Sighs] That may be true, but your parents have made it very clear they don't want you to have that money yet, and I don't want to start a war with your mother or your father.

Parker: Okay, then we don't tell them about it.

Craig: Absolutely not.

Parker: This is important. Craig, this is very important.

Craig: What do you need the money for, Parker?

Parker: I want to go visit Liberty.

Craig: And where is she going that you need millions of dollars to get there?

Parker: She's going out of town to be treated for her leukemia, and -- and I don't need my entire trust fund. I just need a really small bit of it.

Craig: Are you financing these treatments?

Parker: No, no. I just want to visit her. I don't want her to go through this whole thing alone.

Craig: Well, I certainly know that feeling. But I'm sure her mother will be there.

Parker: Yeah, but she can't talk to her the way that she can talk to me. This is my money. And I'm not trying to blow it on something stupid.

Craig: You know, when you put it that way, maybe your money could be put to good use.

Parker: You really mean that?

Craig: I certainly do.

Parker: It's a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Craig: What can I say? You've inspired me. I know you care about Liberty a great deal, and you know, when you love someone, there's just nothing you won't do and no amount of money you won't spend to make them happy.

Jack: [Sighs] Wow, that's a lot of food.

Janet: Uh.

Jack: You going to Minnesota or Antarctica?

Janet: Well, Liberty's getting kind of picky about what she likes, and so I thought I'd get her a little bit of everything.

Jack: You're a good mom.

Janet: Thanks. What -- what happened in Fashions? How'd everything go?

Jack: No, nothing -- nothing to worry about. Hey, Baby, come on. Come on. Come on.

Janet: Oh, it's just gonna be so lonely, and I have to be strong for her.

Jack: Hey, you will be, and when you can't, call me, okay?

Janet: Mm. It's not the same. It's not like I'm gonna have you there to make all the scary things go away.

Jack: Well, everything is gonna be fine. I know it.

[Horn honks]

Janet: Okay. I'll call you when I check Liberty into the hospital.

Jack: Please do, or I'll worry. And give Liberty all my love, all right?

Janet: All right. Thank you.

[Jack breathes deeply]

Carly: [Sighs] What do I care if he sleeps with her or has a baby with her? I mean, she's his wife. That's what he's supposed to do. I made a fool of myself back there. [Chuckles] And now I'm a thief. Perfect. [Daydreaming]

Jack: I'm back! Is it somebody's birthday around here? Where's my gorgeous wife?

Janet: I'm right here with the birthday boy! [Janet gasps] Don't tell me you got Jack Jr. another present.

Jack: This, my darling, is for you --

Janet: Oh, Sweetheart.

Jack: -- Because you make me a very happy man.

Janet: Oh, you make me happy, Sweetie. You've made all my dreams come true. I love you so much.

Jack: And I love you.

Janet: Oh!

[Both smooching]

Liberty: Surprise!

Janet: [Gasps] Honey!

Liberty: Hi.

Janet: I thought you couldn't get away from school.

Parker: She didn't want to miss it.

Liberty: There's the beautiful guy who saved my life. Hey, Sweetie!


Janet: Hey!

Parker: Hey, I hope you made enough lasagna, 'cause Sage and J.J. are right behind us.

Janet: Always, of course.

Carly: Hi, Jack! Honey!

Jack: Carly.

Carly: Hello, Jack.

Jack: You shouldn't be here.

Carly: Oh! Bl-bl-bl-bl-bl! I'm sorry to ruin your little party here. Maybe I should put a hex on the little stinker, like any self-respecting bad fairy, huh?

Craig: Jack, I'm sorry. I don't know how she slipped away from me. Come on, Carly. Let's go home.

Carly: Oh, no, I want to stay for the party!

Jack: You canít. You don't belong here. Carly, please, don't come back.

[Door closes]

Carly: [Crying] Why can't he just be nice to me? He used to love me!

Craig: I knew you shouldn't have stayed here in Oakdale. I knew you couldn't handle it. You should have listened to me.

[Carly wailing]

Carly: Craig, call me. I'm ready to talk about New York.

Liberty: My new home.

Janet: Hey, well, at least they're efficient. They've already got your name on the door.

Liberty: Yeah, it's nice. I should start a website rating hospital rooms.

Janet: Hey, Honey, you're gonna get well here. That's the only thing that matters, okay?

Nurse: Finding everything okay, Ms. Ciccone?

Liberty: Yeah, it's -- it's great. You can call me "Liberty," though.

Nurse: Okay, well, here. Change into your gown as soon as you can, Liberty, and I'll be back to take your vitals.

Janet: Um, when do we see the doctors?

Nurse: Oh, that won't be for a few hours yet. You two should get some rest in the meantime.

Liberty: Ma, hey, um, why don't you go check into the hotel room while we still have time?

Janet: Heck, no. I'm not going anywhere.

Dusty: I can give you a ride.

Jack: Wow, that is a very nice dress.

Carly: Hello. I was just on my way out, actually.

Jack: I especially like the security tag attached to it. Is that a new style?

Carly: I really -- I really have to go.

Jack: What happened, Carly?

Carly: Well, it was an accident, obviously. I left the store with the store, and now I'm gonna go back and --

Jack: Yes, the salesgirl said that you knocked over a rack of clothes and that ran off. [Jack chuckling] Why? Why did you do that?

Carly: Are you going to arrest me?

Jack: No.

Carly: Well, then I refuse to answer on the grounds that my life is none of your business.

Jack: [Chuckles] But I'm worried about you.

Carly: Don't be.

Jack: Parker's worried about you, too.

Carly: Why?

Jack: He said you were "Turbo-cleaning."

Carly: [Chuckles] Oh, yes, well, enjoy it. You should. In fact, you could move right back in.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Carly: You and Janet and your soon-to-be little bundle of joy can all live here.

Jack: And where are you gonna be?

Carly: Gone. I'm moving to New York.

Craig: All right, I need to get Carly to New York. But to do that, I need to convince her that Monte Carloís a go. And this morning, I realized I have the mother lode sitting right in front of me.

Ellis: So, what's the big plan?

Craig: It's genius. I'll boost our business by using her son's money.

Liberty: Oh, Dusty, thank you so, so, so much for getting me in here, really.

Dusty: You're welcome. How are you feeling?

Liberty: I'm a little tired.

Dusty: I'll get out of your way, then.

Liberty: Okay. Um, hey, can you just do me one more favor?

Janet: Honey, he's done enough for us already.

Dusty: That's okay. Name it.

Liberty: [Chuckles] Since you're leaving, can you take my beautiful, loving mother with you?

[Janet exhales sharply]

Dusty: You got it.

Janet: Thanks.

[Liberty smooches]

[Janet sighs]

Dusty: I know you told me to stay away, but I had to make sure the place wasn't a dump. I care about you guys. So shoot me.

Janet: I'd rather thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jack: There's no way you're moving to New York with my kids.

Carly: They're not just your kids. And I'm trying to start a fashion-design business, Jack. I can't do that here.

Jack: Why not? You have before.

Carly: Yes, you're right. I could if I wanted to, but I don't want to.

Jack: W-where is this coming from, Carly? You're gonna uproot the kids in the middle of the school year to what -- move in with Craig?

Carly: Oh, don't make it sound like it's about some guy. This is not about Craig, and you know it.

Jack: Then what is it about? Can you tell me? The cleaning, the thing at Fashions, New York, where -- what's happening to you?

Carly: You happened. You said those things that you said to me, and you made those promises to me that you are not keeping.

Jack: Carly, I meant every single word I said to you at the lake. What would you have me do -- walk out on Janet when she just found out about --

Carly: No, no! It's just you have no idea what's --

Jack: I have no idea about what?! What are you talking about?

Carly: You have no idea how hard it's been for me. You told me that you loved me, and I know that you do. And now --

Jack: And now -- and now what?

Carly: Nothing. Go, okay? Just go before I say something that I don't want to say.

Jack: Fine, I'll go, but you're not taking my kids to New York.

Carly: [Sighs] Jack, you got to let me leave. You can't ask me to stay here and watch you being happy with her. I'm so tired of trying to do the right thing. I'm not good at it, and I don't want to be good at it.

Jack: I'm not going anywhere till you tell me what's really going on with you, Carly.

Carly: You want to stay? Stay.

Jack: What are you doing?

Carly: Well, this dress has to go back. I'm taking it off.

Jack: Here and now?

Carly: Uh-huh. So, why don't you help a girl out and unzip me?

[Liberty groans]

[Laptop ringing]

Liberty: Oh. Oh. Hey, Parker.

Parker: Uh, hey, Liberty, what -- what's wrong with this thing? Can you see me all right?

Liberty: Yeah, yeah. Perfectly fine. Uh, are you at Java?

Parker: Yeah. Can you check your camera lens and see if anything's blocking it?

Liberty: I don't think so.

Parker: Why don't you wiggle your computer from side to side? Maybe that'll help.

Liberty: I canít. Um, the battery's charging, and I-I don't want to wiggle it around, you know? So I'm just -- I'm gonna check it in the morning.

Parker: Okay. Um. I-I just wanted to see you. Are you okay?

Liberty: Sure. I'm just tired. Can we -- can we talk later?

Parker: Yeah, yeah, if you -- sure. Later today?

Liberty: I don't know. They still have to examine me.

Parker: Okay, how about tomorrow?

Liberty: I-I don't know. I got to go. Thanks for calling. Bye.

[Laptop closes]

[Liberty inhales sharply]

Ellis: You're talking about taking the kid's inheritance without his permission.

Craig: You're not looking at the big picture, Ellis. Parker's trust fund was set up so he could get what he wants in life. Now, wouldn't he want his mother to be happy? Wouldn't he want her to be fulfilled?

Ellis: [Breathes deeply] You really think you can pull it off?

Craig: I have no doubt.

Janet: Are you coming in?

Dusty: Do you want me to come in?

Janet: I don't know what I want when it comes to you. I wanted you to stay away from me and Liberty, but if you had, she wouldn't have this chance now.

Dusty: Is that why you thanked me? Is that all you want from me?

Janet: I-I want to apologize for what I said earlier.

Dusty: No, I pushed. You pushed back. I like that about you.

Janet: No, I basically accused you of being selfish, when, really, all you want is for Liberty to get well.

Dusty: I don't want you to have a baby with Jack, so I am selfish.

Janet: I-I should get back to the hospital, just in case. You know, the doctors might need to --

Dusty: You're five minutes away. They're gonna call you if they need you. You heard the nurse. You got to rest.

Janet: How long were you standing outside of Liberty's hospital room?

Dusty: It's gonna be a rough couple days. Come on. You have to sleep when Liberty sleeps.

Janet: But -- but, Dusty, I can't let you take care of me. It's not fair. It's not right.

Dusty: Listen, this time, I'm not giving you a choice.

Carly: That's good.

Jack: Oh, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Carly: What?

Jack: Wait. Wait just a minute.

Carly: What is it that I'm waiting for?

Jack: You know I can't do this! Carly, as much as I want to be with you, I can't betray -- I can't betray Janet.

Carly: [Laughs] Betray, Jack? Are you kidding me? Well, she's already beat you to it.

Jack: What are you talking about? What are you talking about?

Carly: I'm talking you wife, sweet, wholesome, "My marriage vows are so sacred" Janet. She slept with Dusty Donovan!

Next week, on "As the World Turns,"

Holden: He has something else up his sleeve.

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Damian: I'm the only one who can keep your mother safe.

Faith: Promise me that nothing is going to happen to her.

Carly: When are you gonna tell her that you know about Dusty? This changes everything.

Jack: This doesn't change anything.

Dusty: Will you marry me?

Janet: Ohh! Janet?

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