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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 2/24/10

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Bob: Uh, I'll find someone on the floor.

Alison: Oh, I'm -- I'm on duty. I -- I can leave this. Um, unless you don’t want me, Dr. Hughes. Is Kim all right?

Bob: Yes.

Alison: Are you okay?

Bob: Seem to be.

Alison: How's Casey? I never in a million years meant to hurt him.

Bob: I don't think I'm the one you should be saying that to.

Alison: I understand. I just -- I really just want to make it up to all of you.

Bob: There's really no way you can do that, is there? Are you sure you're ready to come back to work?

Alison: Um, yeah. I can't sit at home. I'll just go crazy.

Bob: Is that really the reason you're here?

Alison: What do you mean?

Bob: Or is it because Dante is in the room across the hall?

Barbara: [Sighs] That sucks.

Emily: Mm. Isn't this civilized? The two of us, have lunch like a normal married couple.

Paul: Yeah, that's us, normal.

Emily: Hmm. There are three place settings. We'll have the waiter remove that.

Henry: Sorry I'm late.

Emily: Hi, Henry. Nice to see you, but if, you know, you haven't noticed, this is a romantic lunch a deux.

Henry: Well, Paul invited me, so I guess it's a trois.

Paul: If we're ever going to have this normal life that you covet so much, there's something that we need to take care of first.

Emily: What are you talking about?

Henry: I'd like to know the answer to that myself.

Paul: Okay, well, then, I'll cut to the chase. Lunch is on you.

Henry: Oh. In that case --

Paul: No, no, no, no. Its okay, little brother. Really, it's fine. You can afford it. Dad's blood money is yours.

Katie: Ew.

Reid: "Ew"?

Katie: What do you think the AMA would say about a doctor eating like that?

Reid: Bon appétit.

Katie: No, I don't think so. That's disgusting and a heart attack waiting to happen.

Reid: Nah, that's all a myth.

Katie: Oh, really? You've never had your cholesterol checked, I assume?

Reid: I've been carving up the brains of health-conscious people for years. If a couple of them had stopped and smelled the salami and cheese, they would have been much better off. My share of the rent, FYI.

Katie: This is for two months.

Reid: Yeah. I figured it was only fair, since I'm not going to be staying here much longer.

Katie: I thought that Bob Hughes was in charge of you until your hearing.

Reid: Well, seeing as how I saved him and the missus at that sorry excuse for a wedding, I figure he can pass along a word or two on my behalf.

Katie: You think Bob is going to ask the judge to let you go back to Dallas sooner?

Reid: All he has to do is call up his golfing buddy, tell him that I'm a life-saver. I'm as good as gone. I'll have my life back. You'll have your spare bedroom. Win-win. Holy co-dependency. You don't want me to leave.

Bob: Hey.

Casey: Granddad, hi.

Bob: Oh, I'm, uh, going to grab a cup of coffee. Will you join me?

Casey: Uh, rain check. I'm going to the hospital.

Bob: I thought, uh -- I thought you had another week off, at least.

Casey: Yeah, I -- I just can't stay home anymore. I -- I've been thinking too much. And, you know, me and thinking, it's not really a good mix.

Bob: I guess Alison felt the same way. She's on duty right now. Maybe you shouldn't --

Casey: I'm not going there to work or to see Alison.

Bob: Well, then, why?

Casey: Because I heard Mick Dante isn't dead yet.

Mick: Alison, don't go. It looks like I made it.

Alison: You shouldn't talk. I, uh -- I read your chart, and you've only been off a ventilator for a couple of hours, so you're still, um, really weak. And, um --

Mick: Oh!

Alison: Mick --

Mick: Stay, please.

Alison: Uh, I'm going to find you a new nurse. I -- I can't be here.

Mick: Well, you're the only one I want.

Alison: I can't do this.

Mick: I need you to get me out of here.

Alison: I'm a nurse, but you're not my patient. I can't take you anywhere without a doctor's approval.

Mick: Alison, hear me out.

Alison: Hear what out? [Alison scoffs] Are you seriously asking me to help you escape? 'Cause I'm not going to do that. And if you think you can somehow convince me otherwise, then --

Mick: The roof.

Alison: What?

Mick: I want you to take me to the roof.

Alison: What about the roof? Is there some privately owned helicopter waiting there to take you someplace safe? I mean, James Stenbeck -- he thought of everything.

Mick: No, it has nothing to do with James. He's gone, Alison.

Alison: What are you talking about?

Mick: I don't feel him anymore. He's not in here. James Stenbeck is gone for good.

Bob: Look, I know you're hurting, but revenge is not the answer.

Casey: He terrorized everyone I love.

Bob: I know.

Casey: Wouldn't it be better for all of us if he didn't wake up?

Bob: How would that fix things between you and Alison? Look, I know you, and I know you don't mean what you're saying, because if I thought you did, I'd have you locked up.

Casey: I feel like the world's biggest loser.

Bob: You've done nothing wrong.

Casey: Except plan a life with someone who -- I gave her great grandma's wedding ring, for crying out loud. It -- its one thing to find out that the person you love is lying to you and cheating on you. But to find out on your wedding day in front of everyone?

Bob: Oh, I'm sorry. But, you know, at the end of the day, what other people think means absolutely nothing.

Casey: But you could have been killed for what he did, you know, my parents, Kim --

Bob: We're fine. You're the one that's hurting. And it's the kind of hurt that I can't treat at the hospital. Now you've got to heal yourself in time.

Casey: So, you saw Alison?

Bob: Yeah. She's hurting, too. Of course, it is -- different. But it's written all over her face. You still love her, don't you?

Casey: I'm furious with her. You know, when I wake up in the morning, the, like, first five seconds, before my head clears, I'm happy. And then I remember.

Bob: Maybe you should remember more of that than the wedding day.

Casey: What -- what are you saying?

Bob: Well, just make sure how you both feel before you start closing any doors. And no more talk about wanting Dante dead.

Paul: You know the good stuff? This stuff makes the good stuff look like bad stuff.

Henry: Are you sure that that bullet didn't make a u-turn from your thigh to your brain?

Paul: And you can afford this, seriously.

Henry: What do you mean the Stenbeck inheritance is mine?

Paul: For the rest of your life. Just what I'm saying. His money is now yours.

Henry: He's on painkillers, right?

Emily: Yeah, he's on something. What -- what are you talking about?

Paul: I made a bad judgment call, okay? I should never have taken that money. It -- it exposed ourselves to -- to this whack job. And I wanted to burn it, remember?

Emily: Yeah, and I talked you out of it, remember?

Paul: Well, now we know for sure that it's cursed, so it's all yours.

Henry: Well, that's great. Now you want me to have it? Look, that -- that dirty money affected me, as well. I lost my girl. Brad is dead. And why in the hell would I take it?

Paul: I don't know. It's not my problem. It's your problem. You figure --

Henry: No, it is not my problem. I don't want it either, Paul.

Paul: Well, that's too late, you know, because call your banker, 'cause it's in your account.

Henry: It's what?

Paul: Wired in this morning. I would stay and toast with you, but I am on painkillers.

Emily: Ooh, well, you're a little wobbly.

Paul: No, I'm fine. That's the wave of relief just washing over me. Later, Henry.

[Henry sighs]

Katie: Well, I certainly won't miss cleaning up after you or your weird 3:00 A.M. Yoga chanting in my living room, so get over yourself.

Reid: Well, I'm an expert diagnostician. That was real sadness there.

Katie: You're an expert narcissist. Whatever.

Reid: And that's called deflection.

Katie: You moving here with me and Jacob was supposed to be temporary, and so it is.

Reid: This is just so weird.

Katie: What?

Reid: Most people can't wait to get rid of me. You seem to want to keep me around.

Katie: Like I said, temporary.

Henry: Katie, you have got to hear this. Don't you ever go to work?

Reid: Don't you ever have someplace else to be?

Katie: What is it?

Henry: Uh, the most insane thing has happened, okay? Paul invites me to lunch. Then he buys me this incredibly expensive bottle of champagne.

Reid: The reserve of that costs about $500 more.

Henry: [Sighs] He buys me the champagne, and then he announces that he is going to wire all of James Stenbeck’s inheritance to my account. Which means I can drink this stuff forever, because the money is all mine.

Katie: The blood money, you mean.

Henry: Yeah, but that -- listen to me. I'm not going to keep it.

Katie: Good.

Henry: Jacob is.

Katie: Jacob? My Jacob?

Henry: Yes, your Jacob. I -- I'm going to put it into a fund. He'll be a trust-fund baby.

Katie: Thanks, but no thanks.

Henry: Katie --

Katie: No, I mean it, Henry. I don't want it.

Reid: How much is it?

Henry: It's -- it's millions. It's many, many millions.

Reid: Hell, I'll take it.

Katie: No, you wouldn’t. It's blood money. It's cursed. And I wouldn't have believed that about six months ago, but I also wouldn't have believed in ghosts, so no thanks.

Henry: Listen, listen, I thought this through, okay? If we give the money to someone who deserves it, like your son, then the curse is reversed.

Katie: No!

Henry: Katie --

Reid: You people are all nuts in this town. Katie, take the money. This curse nonsense is just that. It's nonsense.

Katie: Where are you going?

Reid: I'm late for my rounds.

Henry: I can't believe I'm going to say that, but for the very first time, I actually agree with that jerk.

Katie: Well, it may be the last time, 'cause he's leaving town.

Henry: He is?

Katie: That's what he said.

Henry: Well, this day just gets better and better.

Emily: Sit down. You're exhausted.

Paul: No, I'm not exhausted. I'm elated. There's a difference. Here.

Emily: Well, you're -- [Gasps]

Paul: I look like I'm exhausted now?

Emily: No, but the doctor said you're supposed to be taking it easy.

Paul: Yeah, but I'm walking on air. I have this great weight lifted off.

Emily: Mm.

Paul: Hey, you want to make it with a guy who's walking on air?

[Emily laughs]

Barbara: Well, there you are, my two favorite lovebirds.

Alison: You're telling me that getting hit by a truck knocked James Stenbeck out of your head?

Mick: Well, it seems that way. I feel sore as hell, but I don't feel him anymore. If you don't believe me, I guess I can't blame you.

Alison: No, that's not it. But I saw your face just before you ran into the street. Mick, you killed James off by yourself.

Mick: Too late for your family.

Alison: So why did you ask me to take you up to the roof?

Mick: Just I want to see the sky without him.

Alison: You will. If this is real, you will once you get out of here.

Mick: No, you don't understand. He controlled me. I never took a breath without hearing him in my head. I never looked up at the sky without him ruining it for me. I just want to breathe in air with my own lungs without him. Look, I swear I'm not trying to pull anything. I just want to see the world with my own eyes.

Alison: You know the police are watching your room, Mick.

Mick: You'll figure something out.

Alison: Why should I trust this, or you?

Mick: Well, you shouldn’t. But I know you do.

Alison: I mean, how do I know that this isn't another trick?

Mick: Alison, please. Look at me.

Alison: After everything you've done -- why do I still feel safe with you?

Mick: I think you know the answer to that.

Alison: All right. Let's go take a look at that sky. Okay. There you go.

Mick: Look at the bright side.

Alison: What's that?

Mick: I'll probably hemorrhage and die before you get me to the roof.

Alison: Is this your sense of humor or his?

Mick: Mine.

Alison: Put a sock in it.

Mick: Mm.

Alison: Okay. There you go. You okay?

Mick: Thank you.

Alison: All right. Let me just make sure that, uh, the coast is clear before I take you out.

Mick: Well, you'll figure it out.

Alison: Okay. The police are gone now, but they'll be back soon.

Mick: Better start our engines.

Alison: Mick --

Mick: It will be okay. I just want to feel the sun on my face.

Alison: All right. Let's do this. And if anyone asks, we are on our way to an MRI.

Mick: Good thinking.

Barbara: Hello! My name is Polly. I'm looking for my new friend, Eliza. Where is she? Oh, come on. Play along, okay? It's fun.

Paul: Mom, what is all this stuff?

Barbara: I'm trying to lighten the mood.

Paul: There isn't a big enough sun in the sky.

Barbara: Come on. Honestly, really, come on. These -- this is for you. This is for you.

Emily: I -- I don't want anything from you.

Paul: Yeah, me neither.

Barbara: Look, I -- I know that you're both rather bitter. I understand all that.

Paul: That's very generous of you, Mother.

Barbara: You know, Paul holds a grudge for a very long time. But, you know, Emily, you and I are sisters in arms. We were both Mick Dante's victims.

Emily: Were we, really? Hmm, that's funny. I -- I didn't know that. So you were brainwashed? You were put in a coma to shut you up?

Barbara: Well, if you want to split hairs --

Emily: [Groans] I don't believe you.

Barbara: You know what? You know, we both believed in Mick. We both took those injections for our own reasons. You because you wanted a child, me because I wanted to regain my youthful exuberance. And he exerted mind control over us.

Emily: Oh, really? No, see, you -- you knew exactly what was going on, and you went along with it, because you knew if I was out of the picture, you and Mick and whoever the hell it was, you could go back to calling the shots for Paul.

Barbara: Paul, are you going to let your wife talk about you this way?

Paul: Actually, she's talking about you, Mother. And I agree with her. So you can take your peace offerings or whatever you want to call this stuff and give it to charity. Which, by the way, is what I hope Henry is doing with the inheritance money that I gave to him right now. That's right. I gave dear old dad's dirty money to Henry.

Barbara: Well, this is an unexpected development.

Paul: It's the reality, Mother. I call all the shots. And I don't want anything to do with anything that has ever been in James' life, which I'm afraid includes you.

Barbara: My, my, my. It's about time.

Henry: Think of all the great things we can do with Reid's room once he leaves. Ah, a playroom for Jacob.

Katie: Jacob has plenty of play room.

Henry: Okay, then, uh, you can design and build a whole new house. How about that?

Katie: Oh, really?

Henry: Yes, really. With the inheritance that I want you and Jacob to keep.

Katie: I told you, I don't want it.

Henry: You just need more time to think this through.

Katie: No, I don’t. I like living here, painful memories and all. And with Reid around, I like it even better.

Henry: Oh, gosh. You just think that.

Katie: I like living with him.

Henry: He's a lout.

Katie: He makes Jacob smile.

Henry: So do I.

Katie: On purpose. He's good company. He doesn't get in the way. And with him around, my life feels less painful and less complicated.

Henry: You don't even really know him, Katie!

Katie: Exactly! We don't share history that reminds me of what I've lost!

Henry: Like I do.

Reid: Afternoon, Dr. Hughes. Everything okay?

Bob: Anomaly about this test results from a patient that has, uh, severe epilepsy, and I -- really don't know what to make of it. Take a look, Doctor. Dr. Oliver, have you been in the pharmacy? You look happy.

Reid: That's funny. So you have a hard time swallowing your pride. I get it. I mean, look at me.

Bob: I'm talking about this patient.

Reid: I know, to avoid what you know we should be discussing.

Bob: Which is?

Reid: You feel you owe me for coming to your rescue at that sham of a wedding. No big thank you required. Not even a mea culpa. Just call up your golfing buddy judge friend and get him to drop the charges against me so I can go home. Deal?

Bob: We have a slight misunderstanding.

Reid: I can wait a day. Not two.

Bob: No, I really appreciated your help at the wedding, but your legal problems are not my concern. I wouldn't dream of interfering.

Reid: You wouldn't dream of inter -- you are the reason that I'm still here.

Bob: I'm the reason that you're doing your penance here instead of in a jail cell.

Reid: This is just as bad.

Bob: Well, you haven't seen our jail.

Reid: You ungrateful old man.

Bob: Dr. Oliver, I think you would find this case very interesting.

Reid: You know what I find interesting? That chart shoved so far up --

Bob: All right, forget it. Forget it. I'll call the -- I'll call Channing in Chicago for a referral.

Reid: Channing? That idiot? I can't believe that guy still has a license to practice medicine. Let me see that.

Alison: Not exactly a balmy Oakdale afternoon.

Mick: Oh!

Alison: Hey --

Mick: It's perfect.

Alison: Watch -- watch your breathing. You have three broken ribs on top of everything else, okay?

Mick: That's good pain for once. Thank you for this, Alison.

[Door opens]

Alison: What was that? Oh, God. Do you think that was the police 'cause they see that you're not in your bed?

Mick: Hide me. I don't want to go back down just yet. I want to stay up here for a little while.

Casey: Alison! Alison, I know you're out here!

Casey: Alison!

Alison: Casey.

Casey: Alison!

Alison: Casey, what are you doing here?

Casey: Where is he?

Alison: Where is --

Casey: You know who I'm talking about. I saw you get in the elevator with him. Where is he?

Alison: He's not here.

Casey: What? What is wrong with you? You helped him escape.

Alison: No, it's not like that. I would never put myself in the middle of something like that again.

Casey: Oh, you just help him sneak out of his room, huh? What are you doing up here? Is it to throw off anyone who would find you, like me or the cops?

Alison: Case, you have to believe me. That -- that is not what's happening.

Casey: I don't have to believe you. You -- you lied to me and everyone you care about to protect this guy.

Alison: I know, I know. I messed up a lot.

Casey: Yeah, you're right.

Alison: And but -- but I swear to you, I am not helping Mick escape.

Casey: You swear to me? Did you mean a single word with any of those apologies you gave me?

Alison: Yes! You know I did! I -- I never meant to hurt anyone, or you.

Casey: Oh, okay, so when this -- this creep opens his eyes, you get sucked right back in, and you act like nothing happened?

Alison: I know you are furious at me, but I am telling you the truth.

Casey: No, you're not. And really, I'm the one with the problem, 'cause I'm still finding it hard to believe that you would lie to me.

Alison: You want to believe me because you still care about me.

Barbara: Well, congratulations, Paul. You finally decided to grow up.

Paul: I beg your pardon.

Barbara: You know, maybe getting riddled with bullets was exactly what you needed.

Emily: How can you say -- how can she say that? You were there. You were at the church. You saw what Mick did to all of us. It was torture.

Barbara: Mick was channeling James, and what he said, what they said, whatever it was they said, it is true. As long as I am your safety net, you will never have a mind or a life of your own.

Paul: You're my safety net? I'm the one who's always fixing everything you tell me is wrong with your life. It's the other way around.

Barbara: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blame the mother.

Paul: Well, in this case, it's actually true, Mother.

Barbara: Blame me for everything. It's okay, because someday, you'll regret the way you treated me.

Emily: Don't hold your breath.

Barbara: I am through mothering you, smothering you, and bailing you out of whatever trouble you get in.

Paul: Well, thank God.

Barbara: He's all yours.

Emily: He always was.

Paul: I'm not exactly sure if I won that round or if she did.

Katie: There would have been a time where the thought of me pouring you a glass of milk to go with your perfect, crust-free peanut butter and jelly sandwich would have been an impossibility.

Henry: And yet here we are. Isn't this easier to watch than that meat-eating Neanderthal who just left here?

Katie: That Neanderthal doesn't remind me of Brad.

Henry: And I do.

Katie: You know you do.

Henry: Look how far we've come! With this money, you can open up all new possibilities for you and Jacob.

Katie: That money is the reason I lost Brad, and I don't want that. I don't want it, okay?

Henry: It's for Jacob. He deserves it.

Katie: He deserves to be with his father, but he can't be. That money won't bring Brad back. And I refuse to let my son benefit from something that took his father away from him.

Henry: Look, look, look, I know how difficult this is for you. But one thing has nothing to do with the other, not -- not if the money gives Jacob an opportunity to have a good and -- and comfortable life.

Katie: If you believe that, then we have less in common than we thought. The Henry I used to know would have gotten that. This Henry I don't understand. What, you're just going to leave?

Henry: You've made your point. No reason to stay.

Katie: You want to take your sandwich?

Henry: I lost my appetite.

Bob: Fascinating case, isn't it?

Reid: You cannot let Channing have this case file. Do you know what that meathead would do?

Bob: Tell me.

Reid: He will run her through every test known to man while she wastes away and memory loss increases because of the bleed around the lesion. I mean, she might have seizure after seizure, but that won't stop him from waiting and waiting and waiting.

Bob: That would be terrible.

Reid: That's what he would do. He is not only conservative, he's a jerk. I'm the only one who's competent enough to perform the procedure that this patient needs before she forgets how to spell her last name.

Bob: Well, it's too bad you're not able to do it.

Reid: Why not?

Bob: Well, you want me to pull some strings with the judge so you can get back to Dallas in the next day or two.

Reid: Just get me the equipment and the right team. I'll get this lady back on course within a week.

Bob: I suppose that's possible. But you really want to do this?

Reid: I'll go download the surgical protocol from my laptop right now. I'll print it out for you. You know you didn't trick me, right? I saw through the whole song and dance.

Bob: Whatever you say, Doctor.

Henry: Oh.

Barbara: I heard.

Henry: Good news travels fast.

Barbara: Paul handed over James' entire fortune to you?

Henry: Yes, and kindly used the first installment to buy this ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne.

Barbara: Uh-huh. So what are you going to do about it?

Henry: Going to suck it down with a straw. You want some, hmm?

[Barbara gasps]

Henry: It's on dear old dad.

Casey: I'd do anything not to give a damn about you, Alison.

Alison: But you do.

Casey: Of course I do. But look at us. We both agreed we rushed into marriage because we wanted to prove something.

Alison: I know, and I -- and I hurt you a lot.

Casey: You can't be hurt unless you care.

Alison: You know, we shouldn't talk about this right now.

Casey: W -- why, because you're in the middle of your lover's great escape?

Alison: No.

Casey: Where is he?

Alison: Casey, please, will you just let this go?

Casey: Let it go?

Alison: If I promise you that I am not up here trying to help Mick escape, can you just -- can you stop this?

Casey: Why, why? Because you don't want me to go to the police and get you involved?

Alison: No!

Casey: Just why can't you tell me the truth, okay? Where the hell is Dante?

Mick: Right here. Get your hands off her.

Casey: You want me to take my hands off her?

Alison: Casey, please, listen to me. The only reason that I brought him up here was for some fresh air. Nothing more.

Casey: Oh, that -- that's what he told you, and you bought that?

Alison: That's the truth.

Mick: Casey, you have every reason to hate me, but don't take your anger out on Alison. She just understood me when no one else did.

Alison: Mick, don't get involved with this, okay? It's hard enough as it is.

Mick: Well, I just want him to understand.

Casey: I understand you should have died when you got hit by that truck.

Alison: Casey --

Mick: No, it's fine. He's angry. I get it. But you need to start looking at a few things yourself.

Casey: Oh, and what is that?

Mick: Well, you want to talk about truth? Let's talk truth. You didn't ask Alison to marry you because you loved her. You asked her to save you.

Alison: Mick, don’t.

Mick: No, you wanted her to make you a better man and it didn't work out, but you didn't think about what she wanted.

Casey: Oh, and -- and you did?

Mick: No, that's part of the reason I'm in this chair. But don't you think that you're better than me. Our methods might have been different, but our motive was the same.

Casey: You're insane!

Mick: No, I'm just trying to be honest. You are so intent in looking like the good guy who's been victimized that you don't realize you're just like me.

Casey: I am nothing like you.

Mick: Then you are lying to yourself. You're lying to Alison. And frankly, I think she deserves better than both of us.

Emily: You know, I was thinking, without that money, you know, cursing us, without your mother --

Paul: Cursing us.

Emily: Cursing us, yeah, we're free.

Paul: Scot-free.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Whoever that is.

Emily: Maybe even dare I say normal.

Paul: I wouldn't go that far, but we are free, you know? Free to do whatever we choose.

[Emily laughs]

Paul: Um, I was, uh, kind of hoping that, uh --

[Emily laughs]

Paul: I'm not kidding.

Emily: Oh, God. You are so hot with that cane.

Paul: You're -- I'm an invalid. Take me to bed.

[Emily laughs]

[Cell phone ringing]

Paul: You are not going to get that.

Emily: Ooh. It's Bob Hughes.

Paul: Hello. Bob, everything okay?

Bob: I don't think so. Since you got hurt the most at that chaos, I thought I should let you know.

Paul: Uh, I think Mick was hurt the most. He's on a ventilator.

Bob: He was.

Paul: He's not?

Bob: Paul, I'm in his room, and his bed is empty.

Emily: What is it?

Paul: Trouble.

Henry: Hmm.

Barbara: Mmm, mmm, mmm. Whoever said you can't taste money is a liar. Ironic, isn't it?

Henry: What?

Barbara: A couple of months ago, you would have done anything to get your hands on James' inheritance, including sleeping with me. And here Paul gives it to you on a silver platter in a silver bucket, and you can't even enjoy a sip of it.

Henry: Irony stinks.

Barbara: Tell me about it. By mutual consent, my son and I have agreed to stay out of each other's lives.

Henry: He's just upset about the whole thing with Mick.

Barbara: What Paul doesn't get is that I was trying to protect him from Mick. But no, that doesn't count.

Henry: Please. You can't stay out of Paul's life. And from what I gather, he can't stay out of yours.

Barbara: Only when he wants something from me.

Henry: Like you never want anything from him?

Barbara: When I believed Mick, I -- I just wanted to give Paul a chance to have a decent relationship with the father he had always hated.

Henry: How can you say that to me with a straight face?

Barbara: Because it's true.

Henry: No, whatever you were doing with Mick you were doing it for you, Barbara, because you do everything for you.

Barbara: How dare you?

Henry: What? Whatever your collusion is with Mick "I am James Stenbeck" Dante, it's not about protecting your son.

Barbara: You don't have a clue as to what it is to be a parent, to have selfless love for someone else.

Henry: Well, I know selfless. I was selfless for Katie.

[Barbara laughs]

Henry: What is that? What is that? You're saying I wasn't?

Barbara: Your selflessness was greed. Your greed caused her husband's death.

Henry: That is low.

Barbara: Mocking my maternal love for my son is lower.

Henry: You have no idea what I've lost because of that stupid inheritance.

Barbara: You have no idea what I've done to prove myself to my son!

Henry: You are full of it!

Barbara: You are full of it!

Katie: This would be funny if it weren't so shocking.

Reid: I'm just -- yeah, I'm just pitching in.

Katie: Why? 'Cause you feel guilty about leaving?

Reid: No, I'm incapable of guilt. I just figure I should help out a little bit since I'm going to be sticking around another week or so.

Katie: Whatever.

Reid: Really? Just "Whatever"?

Katie: Okay, I'm -- happy. Are you happy?

Reid: Yeah, this is me happy.

Katie: I'm always picking up after you. You eat like a 15-year-old boy on a growth spurt. And you put wet towels on your bed, which I will never understand for the life of me.

Reid: But you've grown accustomed to my face.

Katie: I like having you around.

Reid: Maybe you shouldn’t.

Katie: I know. I get it. It's temporary.

Reid: No, it's not. It's not that. You don't know me. What you do know isn't much. Is this where you pull out a bright light and you shine it in my face?

Katie: You started it. You want me to know you? Tell me what I need to know.

Barbara: Good heavens.

Henry: We're so not supposed to do that. We're -- we're not good for each other.

Barbara: You don't have to tell me that.

Henry: You're bossy.

Barbara: You're needy.

Henry: You're really needy. You're really, really, really needy.

Barbara: You're unreliable.

Henry: You're my brother's mother.

Barbara: Enough.

Henry: Enough? There's no such thing, not for you when it comes for sex.

Barbara: Or you.

Henry: So we agree on that, that we're good at it, the sex?

Barbara: We're ridiculously good at it.

Henry: Yeah, and that's -- that's all we're good at.

Barbara: Amen.

Henry: Double.

Emily: You know, the last time Mick Dante escaped, you got your gun.

Paul: Yeah, well, this time, I'm going to use my gun.

Emily: I don't want you to do this.

Paul: What am I supposed to do, just wait for this lunatic to show up at our doorstep?

Emily: I don't care about Mick Dante!

Paul: I do!

Emily: Really? More than me? Answer me. I'm standing -- look at me. I'm standing in front of you. Would you look at me? Someone who loves you more than anything in the entire world. I don't want you to do this. You choose Mick, you risk your life. You choose me, you get to start a new one.

Paul: This is ironic, you lecturing me on the perils of gun violence.

Emily: That's not funny. I don't want you doing this. I don't -- I don't want you looking for trouble. Besides, you whispered some really naughty things to me earlier, and I would really, really love for you to follow through with them.

Paul: Really?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Even the thing with the -- this isn't fair. What are you doing?

Emily: Yeah, but you know what? That's -- that's why you love me, right?

[Emily sighs]

Paul: I'd carry you upstairs with a flourish, but, um, I don't know if I can.

Emily: Oh, poor baby. Let me kiss it and make it better.

Casey: You listen to me.

Alison: Casey, just let me take him back to his room. Then we can talk, okay? All he wanted to do was get some fresh air. That is all.

Casey: Oh, so you think he deserves a reward for what he's done?

Alison: He was tortured by a sick man. We can't blame him for that.

Casey: I'm sorry, but I don't see it that way.

Alison: Who are you calling?

Casey: The police.

Alison: No, I'm begging you, Casey. Just don’t.

Mick: You can't stop him. Casey does what Casey wants.

Casey: Oh, shut up!

Mick: You can't stand the fact that Alison forgives me and still has feelings for me. Makes you feel small. Makes you feel like a loser. You can't handle that, can you?

Casey: I was right. You deserve to die in the street.

Mick: You going to do something about that?

Casey: Yeah! I think I am.

Alison: Casey -- Casey, oh, my God! Stop! Casey!

On the next "As the World Turns," --

Casey: Do you love him?

Alison: What?

Casey: It's -- it's a simple question. Just answer it. Is this psychopath the guy you want to be with?

Lily: We don't need to do this.

Holden: No, no, we do. I just want to make sure that everything's covered for you, for Luke, and for the kids.

Lily: Holden, you're making it sound like you don't think you're going to see them again.

Luke: I owe you.

Reid: I'm glad you said that, 'cause I know exactly how you're going to pay me back.

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