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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/9/10

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Jack: Morning.

Liberty: Hey. Uh, where's my mom?

Jack: She ran out to the grocery store. You hungry? I make a mean stack of pancakes. Why don't you have a seat? I got this thing down to a science.

Liberty: Oh, thanks, Jack. I really -- I don't think I can eat right now.

Jack: Sure? Uh, I can get you a cup of tea or orange juice or something. Okay. Well, if you change your mind --

Liberty: You'll be the first to know. Jack -- I know I was -- I was pretty rude when I found out you were moving back in with my mom. The things that I said to you --

Jack: No, there's no need to apologize.

Liberty: Yeah, there is. You have been so great, and she would completely lose her mind if it weren't for you. And I just -- I just want you to know that I appreciate it.

Jack: Liberty, we're -- we're family. That's part of the deal.

Liberty: No. You did not sign on for a stepdaughter with cancer.

Jack: Actually, I did. Ah, the "Sickness and in health," remember? Liberty, you're my niece. We're family. I am gonna take care of you and your mom.

Liberty: Thanks.

Jack: Sure thing.

Liberty: I'm really tired, but -- so I think I'm gonna go back to bed.

Jack: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Hello.

Carly: Hi, itís me.

Jack: Hi.

Carly: I know you've got your hands full with Liberty, but Parker's principal just called. He'd like to see us.

Jack: Did he say what about?

Carly: No, just that it can't wait. But -- but if you're too busy --

Jack: I'll be there.

[Knock on door]

Parker: Are you asleep?

Liberty: Hey, you. Why aren't you in school?

Parker: Well, I was, but I couldn't stop thinking about you.

Liberty: Your dad's gonna kill you if he finds out you skipped.

Parker: That's why I waited until he drove off. Did they just leave you here all alone?

Liberty: Oh, trust me, its way better this way. My mom is, like, overly perky so she doesn't start crying, and your dad's new goal in life is to get me to eat pancakes.

Parker: Is it bad?

Liberty: Yeah. Yeah, I'm -- I'm kind of tired and achy, and I have this disgusting taste in my mouth.

Parker: Actually, um, do you want a piece of gum?

Liberty: Oh, God, no.

Parker: Sure?

Liberty: No, thanks. No, really.

Parker: Okay. I'm sorry.

Liberty: It's okay. Actually, could I ask you a huge favor?

Parker: Yeah. Anything.

Liberty: Um, Natalie bought me those flowers, and they're making me feel like I'm gonna hurl. Do you mind putting them over there?

Parker: Sure. Actually, I'll throw them out if it will make it easier.

Liberty: Oh, no. Don't throw them out, really. It would make her upset. You can just put them over there, thanks.

Parker: All right.

Liberty: I must look horrible. I'm really embarrassed. I could have --

Parker: Liberty, you're beautiful, okay? You'll always look beautiful to me.

Jack: You look like a nervous teenager, sitting out here.

Carly: Some things you never grow out of. How's Liberty?

Jack: She's kind of green. She doesn't have much of an appetite. I -- I thought she'd be sick to her stomach, but apparently, that doesn't start right away.

Carly: Well, if you need to go back to the farm --

Jack: No. She -- she's probably glad to, uh, be alone for a while. But I left her with a couple of phones, so if she calls, I can turn on the lights and sirens and be back in five minutes.

Carly: And how's Janet?

Jack: Quiet. Terrified. Uh, she went to go grab some groceries. I'm sure she's gonna come home and start cooking to keep her mind -- [Jack sighs] Let's not do this, Carly.

Carly: Do what?

Jack: Pretend that everything's okay. It's killing me sitting here, talking about --

Carly: Your wife. She is your wife.

Jack: Yeah. It doesn't make it any easier.

Carly: So what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to act?

Jack: I don't know. Not polite -- making up small talk, pretending like we're strangers.

Carly: Well, I'm really sorry if it's painful for you, but this is the only way that I can be right now. The way we feel about each other -- talking about that would only cause trouble.

Jack: Oh, come on, Carly. We can't just ignore what's going on.

Luke: Damian Grimaldi is my father, and he didn't just disappear into thin air. So if you have any information about him, I have a right to know.

Cop: No, we donít. But given the, uh, severity of the situation, finding your father is our top priority.

Luke: Well, what about my Aunt Meg? Have you found her? Well, why not? She knows what happened to my father. All you have to do is find her.

Cop: Are you suggesting that there's foul play?

Luke: No, no. I -- I just want my father found.

Molly: So, what are we missing? Is there some other town that Meg would run to?

Holden: No. Eliza's here. Fairwinds is the only logical place for her to go. Paul's hidden her before.

Molly: But I believe him when he said he hadn't seen her.

Holden: Okay. My mother said she's not out at the stables. She's not with Paul.

Molly: And you and I both know she didn't go follow Damian. She's your sister, Holden. You know her better than anybody. Where would Meg go?

[Lily clears throat]

Lily: Meg.

Meg: Are you afraid of me? Sit down.

Lily: Happy to see you, Meg.

Meg: Yeah. You look it.

Lily: I am. We've all been worried about you. Everyone's been looking for you.

Meg: Because they want to send me back to Deerbrook, stuff me full of these pills so I don't think straight, keep me away from my little girl.

Lily: No. No, that's not why.

Meg: Everybody thinks I'm crazy, and I'm not. I am perfectly sane, and I am not going back there.

Lily: Nobody thinks you're crazy, Meg.

Meg: Liar. You think I'm a loose cannon, don't you? Unpredictable, dangerous?

Lily: Are you?

Meg: Everything I've told you about Damian is true, and I don't care if anyone believes me. Damian is evil, and he wants to shut me up so you won't find out what he's been up to! That's why he tried to kill me!

Lily: He's not here, Meg. You are safe.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: With you. Relax, Lily. I didn't come here to hurt you. I need your help.

Lily: I'm -- I'm not the right person, Meg. You need a doctor.

Meg: I told you, there is nothing wrong with me!

Lily: Well, somebody that -- that's on your side, then. What -- what about your brother? Have you called him? He loves you. He'll -- he'll find a way to help you.

Meg: He'd try, but he doesn't understand the way you do. Damian played us both for fools. He told me that he was leaving you, a -- and he probably told you that I was delusional, didn't he? Look, we were both stupid enough to believe him, 'cause we still loved him, and we refused to believe the truth even when it was staring us in the face. Look, I'm no crazier than you are. We're the same. My family doesn't get that. You do.

Lily: It's more complicated than that, Meg.

Meg: No, it's not. I understand how you feel. That's why I know I can trust you.

Lily: Are you kidding me? You broke into my house! You cut me with a piece of broken glass! You tried to poison me! Why in God's name would I ever want to help you?

Luke: Hey, guys.

Holden: Hey.

Luke: Any word on Meg?

Holden: No, not yet. Any ideas where she might be?

Luke: Just Fairwinds.

Holden: We were there. Paul hasn't seen her. You okay?

Luke: Um, not really. Look, Dad, I have to tell you something. I know you wanted me to drop it, but -- I went to the cops about Damian.

Holden: Luke, I told you, he's gone. He's not worried about you. The only thing he's worried about is saving his own skin.

Luke: Yeah, but Dad, what if that's not true? He was planning on leaving town, yes, but he took the time to tell me. And he might have been on that ship like you said, but now that they found his wallet in the river --

Molly: Maybe that was planned. Maybe he ditched it on purpose.

Luke: Or maybe Meg found him before he left.

Holden: Luke --

Luke: Come on, Dad. Look, I'm sorry, but something about Damian's disappearance doesn't make any sense, and I'm not going to stop until I find out exactly what happened to him.

Carly: Parker's been leaving for school every morning. I had no idea that he was cutting classes. Did you?

Jack: No, of course not. I thought -- I thought he was getting back on track, now that you've been back home. He knows how important his grades are this semester if he wants to go to college.

Carly: You say this has been going on for weeks?

Principal: Parker shows up for morning classes, but most days, he's gone by the afternoon.

Jack: When you mean gone, you mean he leaves campus?

Principal: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Well, I know this is not good, but, um, I can sort of understand it, you know, given the circumstances.

Principal: Is there more turmoil at home, Ms. Tenney?

Carly: Is that your polite way of asking if I'm drinking again?

Jack: Whoa, whoa! Nothing could be further from the truth.

Carly: It's okay.

Jack: No, it's not. I'm not gonna sit here and let this man who knows absolutely nothing about what's going on in our family judge you.

Parker: You're not gonna die, Liberty.

Liberty: I was just watching the -- the drip going to my arm. They call it my "Cocktail." And I was thinking, "I'm having a battery-acid martini before I'm even old enough to have a real drink." I just don't understand how pumping poison into somebody can cure anything.

Parker: Well -- I read somewhere that you're not supposed to look at it like that. You have to picture it in a positive way.

Liberty: I'll get on it.

Parker: No. No, no, no, no. Really, it's called visualization, mind over matter. There's actually scientific data that backs it up.

Liberty: You did research.

Parker: I want to help.

Liberty: What am I supposed to do?

Parker: Okay. Well, um, just imagine the drugs are this force that's going through your body that's going to obliterate the cancer. In fact, the -- the drugs are like a spaceship, okay? And there's millions of spaceships going through your veins, and they're shooting the cancer cells with their lasers. And just imagine me, the -- the captain. Um, I'm behind -- hey. Are you okay? Are you sick? Are you --?

Liberty: I've just never been so scared about anything in my whole life.

Jack: Carly's been sober for months, and she's a terrific mother. She always has been, no matter what's going on. But everybody makes mistakes, even you, or else you would have done your job and taken the time and talked to Parker, and you would have found out that he's upset because his best friend has leukemia, and she's fighting for her life.

Principal: I knew about Liberty, but I -- I didn't put it together.

Jack: Obviously. And Liberty doesn't want the whole school talking about her. So I'd appreciate it if you kept it under wraps as much as possible.

Principal: Of course.

Carly: We will talk to Parker, make sure he catches up on his schoolwork.

Jack: And next time, you do the math before you come up with the answer. We're done here.

Meg: I wasn't myself when I did those things to you. Damian set me up. Can't you see that? He told me that he loved me, that we were gonna be together as soon as he got rid of you.

Lily: So you admit it, then. You did poison our wedding cake to move things along.

Meg: I didn't do that.

Lily: He could have died, Meg!

Meg: Yeah, but he didnít. Oh, my God.

Lily: What?

Meg: Oh, my God. It was just another one of his setups. He poisoned that cake himself so he could seal the deal against me.

Lily: No. It was sent to the farm, remember? And you just said yourself that you were waiting to get rid of me. You saw your chance, and you took it.

Meg: No. No, look. After everything you've seen Damian do, is poisoning himself really that far from the realm of possibility? Come on. You know I'm right.

Lily: I don't think Damian would take a risk like that.

Meg: But it wasn't really a risk, was it, because he knew you would believe him. And there's nothing like the fear of losing someone to bind you closer together. Come on, Lily. Tell me you believe me.

Lily: Look, I'm not saying it's impossible, but --

[Siren wailing]

Meg: Lily, what did you do?

Lily: I'm sorry, Meg. I triggered the silent alarm.

Meg: But I wasn't gonna hurt you. Why would you do that?

Lily: You broke into my house! The way you grabbed my arm --

Meg: To make you listen!

Lily: How was I supposed to know that?

Meg: You know, you of all people, I thought you would understand.

Lily: I do understand, Meg. Damian took advantage of both of us. But it's over. He's gone now. He can't hurt you.

Meg: Yeah, well, if the police find me, they're gonna take me back to Deerbrook, and Damian wins. We can't let him win.

Lily: No, no, I -- I will do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen. But, Meg, you -- you need to do something for me. You need to tell me the truth.

Meg: I haven't lied to you.

Lily: I know. I'm sorry that it took me so long to believe you. But, Meg, did you do something to Damian? The truth. Did you hurt Damian?

Holden: I really wish you hadn't gone to the police. It's just gonna make it that much harder to find Meg.

Luke: Dad, I'm sorry what I did upset you, but I felt like I had to do it. Damian could be in trouble.

Molly: Uh, I have to cover a story. I'll catch up with you later.

Holden: Sure. Listen, I understand that you're worried about Damian, but I'm sure he's fine. Otherwise, we would have heard something by now.

Luke: So the fact that they found his wallet in the river doesn't bother you?

Holden: I'm worried more about Meg right now. And what you told the police -- they're not gonna ignore that. And when they find Meg, they're gonna question her about Damian's disappearance.

Luke: Good. Because I think she could be involved.

Holden: She's not, and there's no reason to upset her. Damian has hurt her enough, don't you think?

Luke: That's not the point, Dad.

Holden: Look, I think my sister has earned the right to forget about Damian. I think we all have at this point, including your mother.

Luke: Look, Dad, I know that Damian has done some terrible, inexcusable things, and I am not defending him, but if something's happened to my father --

Holden: I am your father!

Jack: Plenty of people have gone through rehab. And the audacity to assume that you've started drinking again is absolutely absurd.

Carly: It's not impossible, Jack.

Jack: I don't care. You're stronger than that.

Carly: You know, it's -- a funny thing about the program. To be strong, you first have to admit that you're powerless over alcohol.

Jack: Yes, okay, but that is the point. You're doing it. You haven't had a drink in how many days now?

Carly: Probably not as many as you think. I slipped.

Jack: When?

Carly: When you told me that Liberty was sick, that you had to stay with Janet.

Jack: I didn't know.

Carly: I'd been waiting for you at the house. I thought you were gonna come in, and then we were gonna start over. So I -- I ordered a pizza and some beer. The beer for you, of course, not for me. And then you showed up, and -- even given the scope of our on-again, off-again relationship, it was something that I absolutely did not expect. So I grabbed the six-pack. I went out to the lake. I thought that I could say goodbye to you, to us. I was feeling really low, and the beer looked really good. So I took a sip.

Jack: Then what?

Carly: I dumped the rest out, went to a meeting.

Jack: I'm proud of you.

Carly: For blowing it?

Jack: You didn't blow it. You didn't blow it. You stopped yourself. It would have been easy to put away that six -- six-pack. No one would have known.

Carly: I would. Crying, moaning about losing a married man, the place we first said "I love you" -- I didn't want to be that woman.

Jack: You're not. You've proven that.

Carly: And I'm back to day one.

Jack: It's not easy starting over.

Carly: It never is. But I know it's worth it.

Jack: So do I.

Carly: Parker's bike's outside, so you know he's here.

Jack: Probably upstairs with Liberty.

Carly: Then let's go deliver the bad news.

[Knock on door]

Carly: W -- we don't need to.

Meg: How could you call the cops on me? I thought we were family!

Lily: We are.

Meg: Not when it counts. You shouldn't have done that. I haven't seen my little girl. Do you know how long it's been since I held her in my arms? How could you take that away from me?

Lily: I'm sorry.

Meg: Go to hell.

Lily: Meg --

[Siren wailing]

Molly: Get in.

Parker: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry. I -- I know cutting class is wrong. But I just couldn't pay attention to anything that was going on.

Jack: And you know that's not an excuse, right?

Parker: I know, but come on, Dad. I was just sitting there, and all I could think about was Liberty. I'm sorry. It just seemed like a waste of time. And if you're disappointed in me --

Jack: No, we're not. Far from it. Parker, you're helping out a friend. Do you know how many men would get scared and just walk away?

Parker: I could -- I could never do that.

Carly: We know. That's part of what makes you so amazing. Just in the future, when you'd like to skip school, why don't you give us a head's up so we can let the teachers know?

Parker: Thank you.

Jack: How's Liberty?

Parker: She's tired. She's really scared. I've never seen her like this before. I told her that it's gonna be okay, but is it?

Jack: The doctors are gonna do everything they can.

Parker: Yeah, but they always say that. They said that about Jennifer, too.

Carly: Yes, but Liberty has just come from seeing the top specialists in New York city, and they all agreed that the chemo and radiation is what's best for her right now.

Parker: Yeah, but what about later.

Jack: What do you mean, what about later? Hopefully, we won't need any treatments for her later.

Carly: And we're all gonna be here to help her get through this.

Parker: What if it's not enough? What if they can't save her?

Holden: I'm sorry.

Luke: This isn't a custody battle, Dad. My relationship with Damian is --

Holden: You know what? You don't need to explain. He is your father.

Luke: But in a very, very different way than you are. I mean, you're the guy that raised me. You are and always will be my dad. But I can't deny that I have a connection with Damian, as well.

Holden: I respect that, Luke, but you can't change the fact that he caused you and this family a lot of pain. And my sister is still missing because of everything that he did.

Luke: Maybe.

Holden: Luke, he's gone. He left Oakdale. Can't you just leave it at that?

Luke: No. No, I canít. There's still too many unanswered questions.

Holden: Maybe it's better that way.

Luke: Look, Dad, I know he's not perfect. And it's taken a long time, but I finally felt like we were getting close, you know? He accepted me. He accepted Noah. A -- and that's why these actions that he's taken, they don't -- they don't make any sense. And I'm not okay with it. I'm not okay with any of this. I need to find Damian, and I need to have him explain it to me to my face. Like I don't understand how he could lie to everyone about finding your body. Because somebody who honestly loves us would never do anything that horrible.

Holden: Well, I'm glad that you realize that. Listen, I need to head over to the hospital and see if I'm a match for Liberty in case she needs a bone-marrow transplant. You want to come along.

Luke: We're not blood relatives. I won't be a match.

Holden: Family's more than DNA, Luke. You're a Snyder. You always have been.

Molly: Okay. We should be okay here. The police think you left Lily's on foot, so they'll never search this far out.

Meg: How did you know where to find me?

Molly: My friend at WOAK monitors the police frequencies. He knows you're Holden's sister, so when this call went out, he texted me, and I thought you might need some help.

Meg: Did Holden send you?

Molly: He doesn't know. If he did, he would have insisted on coming himself, and the last thing he needs is more problems right now.

Meg: What do you mean more? Did something happen?

Molly: Nah, it's just better this way. Where have you been all this time, anyway?

Meg: At the Lakeview -- in the boiler room mainly. Look, it's not as bad as it -- it's not as bad as it sounds, okay? I've been able to get by the maids while they were cleaning a couple of times and sneak in the shower.

Molly: Did you get anything to eat?

Meg: I haven't really been hungry.

Molly: Yeah, I don't blame you. For what it's worth, you didn't deserve what Damian did to you.

Meg: That's why I can't let the police find me, okay? They're gonna send me back to Deerbrook.

Molly: No, they're gonna realize that you don't belong there.

Meg: Yeah, and then they're gonna send me to jail. Lily thinks I'm homicidal, and Damian set me up so well that I can't even prove that I'm not. Do you want to help me?

Molly: That's why I'm here.

Meg: Then drive me out of state. I don't care where, just -- just somewhere where they've never heard of Damian Grimaldi.

Molly: What about Eliza? You can't leave town without seeing your daughter, right?

Meg: I tried, but the police are watching Paul's place. Look, she is safe with him for now, and it's not like I'm gonna be gone forever.

Molly: Maybe we can work something out. I could call Paul.

Meg: No, no. Then Emily is gonna find out. Emily hates me. She's trying to keep me away from my own baby. And I can't blame her. I mean, I've done so many crazy things lately -- things that I can't even imagine doing. I've lost my job, my family.

Molly: Your family still loves you. They're worried sick about you.

Meg: You know, I wish I could believe you.

Molly: Then do.

Meg: They took Damian's side over me. Do you have any idea how much that hurt? Look, Molly, all I know right now is I need to get out of Oakdale. Please, will you help me?

Molly: I can't do that to Holden. I'd never be able to live with myself.

Meg: You mean you don't want him to find out or he'll dump you. Fine. You know what? Don't help me. I'll find another way. Goodbye, Molly.

Molly: Meg, wait!

Holden: Listen, I'm sorry. I know this is hard on you. You trusted Damian again, but he turned on our family. He walked out on you.

Luke: Yeah.

Holden: I just wish he'd never come back to Oakdale.

Luke: I'm kind of glad he did. Is that selfish?

Holden: No. It's honest. I got to tell you, though, seeing Liberty sick, it kind of puts everything in perspective. You kids mean the world to me, and there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

Luke: Yeah, but even you can't make Damian a good person, and you can't fix Noahís eyes, and you can't make him stop pushing me away.

Holden: Tell you what. This is what I'm gonna do. You concentrate on Noah. I'll see if I can find Meg, then I'll try and track down Damian for you. If I find him, maybe that will give you some peace.

Luke: Maybe.

Holden: Try and see if I can figure out what happened. But I do not want you and your mother getting involved. If he finds out that you're looking for him, he may come back to Oakdale, and I don't want that. I think it's too dangerous. All right? So let me handle it, and I'll see if I can get you some answers, okay?

Luke: Okay.

Molly: Meg, wait! Stop! Honey, where are you gonna run? Let me help you.

Meg: I asked you to take me somewhere safe, and you said no.

Molly: Honey, you're not gonna feel safer in another state. You need to be home with people who love you. Eliza is growing up so fast. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. You don't want to miss out on that.

Meg: I don't have a choice. They won't let me be with her.

Molly: It's gonna be different now. Damian's gone. It's gonna be different.

Meg: No, no. The damage is done, and they all think I'm crazy.

Molly: No, we donít.

Meg: After everything -- everything I've done?

Molly: None of that matters. Meg, your family loves you. They want you home. They want to take care of you, just like they're taking care of Liberty.

Meg: Liberty? Why? What's wrong with her?

Molly: She's sick. She has leukemia.

Meg: Oh, my God. How bad is it?

Molly: I don't know. I just know that Jack contacted everybody with a drop of Snyder blood in them. Everybody's being tested just in case she needs a bone-marrow transplant.

Meg: Janet must be so scared.

Molly: She's terrified.

Meg: If Eliza ever got sick, I -- I don't know what I would do.

Molly: Yeah, you do. You would do everything in your power to save her life. What if you're the match, Meg? What if you're the one chance to save Liberty's life, and it doesn't happen because you're too afraid to come home?

Meg: I'll die if I go back to Deerbrook.

Molly: Damian and Sharkey are gone, Meg. They can't hurt you anymore.

Meg: Wait. Y -- you believe me about them?

Molly: Yes, yes! And so does Holden. We caught Sharkey red-handed. Grady, too. He admitted that Damian bribed him to cover up the DNA evidence he found at the site of Holden's accident. He told me himself.

Meg: Wait. You mean he just came out and admitted it?

Molly: Yes! Well, he didn't really know he was admitting at the time, but yeah, he did.

Meg: So everyone knows this? Mama, Lily?

Molly: Yeah.

Meg: So why did Lily call the cops on me?

Molly: Because she's Lily. [Both laughing] Yeah, right. I see you know what I'm talking about.

Meg: Yeah.

Molly: It's over, Sweetie. It's over, and your family needs you, and Eliza misses her mommy.

Meg: Yeah, I miss her, too.

Molly: I know, Honey. Give her a chance, okay? Give them all a chance.

Luke: Mom, are you all right?

Lily: I'm fine, Sweetheart.

Holden: Why is there a police car parked outside? Did something happen?

Lily: Meg was here.

Holden: Where is she now?

Lily: I'm sorry, Holden. I -- I came home from grocery shopping, and she was waiting for me. I -- I panicked. I pressed the silent alarm.

Holden: Is she in custody?

Lily: No. No, she ran when she heard the sirens. The -- the police are out looking for her. They stationed a few of the officers outside in case she comes back.

Luke: Did she say anything about Damian?

Lily: I asked her point-blank, but she acted as if I had no idea what I was even talking about.

Holden: That's because she doesnít. She didn't do anything to Damian.

Luke: But why was she here?

Lily: She wanted my help. She figured since Damian fooled both of us that I would understand.

Holden: And instead of helping her, you decided to turn her in?

Lily: She tried to kill me, Holden. I'm not sure I'm ready to forgive her yet.

[Cell phone rings]

Luke: It's my work. I have to take it.

Holden: Why didn't you call me instead of the police?

Lily: I -- I panicked. I was frightened. Don't blame me if your sister's out of control.

Holden: Yeah. We have your husband to thank for that.

[Luke sighs]

Luke: Something came up at the office. They need me there in person. Will you call me if you find Meg?

Holden: We will.

Lily: She broke into my house, Holden.

Holden: She asked for help.

Lily: I panicked. I made a mistake, okay? Maybe if I hadn't, I could have found out what she did to Damian.

Holden: She didn't do anything. Nothing happened to Damian. He ran. End of story. And the sooner you accept that, the better off we'll all be.

Carly: We have to have faith in Liberty's strength. We have to have faith in her doctors. We have to believe that she's going to be all right.

Parker: Yeah, but she might not.

Jack: That's what faith is, Parker -- believing in something when nothing is certain.

Carly: A -- and we have to show her how -- how sure we are that she's gonna get through this.

Parker: I know I can't let her see how scared I am. I just -- the thing is, I can't imagine my life without her. I know you guys think that we're kids, but after all the things that we've been through, I don't feel like one anymore. I don't think that she does, either.

Carly: That's my fault.

Parker: No.

Carly: I know that, that I'm the reason that you had to grow up too fast.

Parker: Mom, it's nobody's fault, okay? It just is. I didn't think that I could ever feel this way about anybody but Liberty. It's -- it's like she's a part of me that's gonna last forever. And I -- I don't know if that makes any sense. I really don't --

Jack: No, it makes -- it makes total sense.

Carly: I'm proud of you, and I love you so much. You know that.

Parker: I'll go upstairs, okay? I don't want her to wake up alone.

Jack: We did something right, didn't we?

Carly: Yeah. He's growing up to be just like you, you know? Solid and brave and strong.

Jack: Oh, and he's loving. He's got so much passion. That comes from you.

Carly: Jack -- we can't do this.

Jack: No, I know, I know. But seeing you here --

Carly: Please, shut up, Jack.

Jack: I love you.

Carly: Don't say that.

Jack: Carly, I do.

Carly: We can't do this. It isn't right. Not -- not here, not like this.

Jack: I know. Just --

Carly: We canít. You can't touch me like that. Never again.

Liberty: You're still here.

Parker: Is that okay? Good. 'Cause I like being here. I'll stay with you as long as you want.

Liberty: You might not want to say that. This is just the beginning. It's gonna get worse. I'm gonna get really weak and sick. And then there's the puking.

Parker: Hey, it's not like I haven't seen you throw up before. Come on. And -- and if you want, I can hold your hair back while you hurl.

[Voice breaking]

Liberty: There might not be any hair.

Parker: Okay. Then I'll hold your ears, okay?

Meg: I know I need help. I've hurt a lot of people. I was obsessed, and I went too far, and I let Damian push me. But I'm not really that person. I just -- I just took a wrong turn there for a while.

Molly: Far be it for me to judge you.

[Both laughing]

Meg: But other people will.

Molly: Because of Damian? Oh, Honey, those days are over. You're gonna be back to your old self in no time. Emma needs her right hand back.

Meg: I can't even stand to think what I put Mama through. I'm so ashamed of myself.

Molly: Cut it out, okay? Stop it. I know Emma. Emma just wants you to get well. And you will, because you're not crazy. You're just emotionally exhausted. You deserve a rest, Baby.

Meg: I am really tired.

Molly: Just said the word, and I'll drive you back to Deerbrook. And Damian's not there, so you'll be safe, okay? They all know you were telling the truth, so finally you're gonna get the help you really need to get back on your feet, back to Eliza.

Meg: Okay. I just need to make one stop first.

[Molly laughs]

Molly: Fairwinds?

Meg: Memorial. I want to get tested to see if I'm a bone-marrow match for Liberty.

Molly: Oh, Honey, welcome back. Let's go.

[Engine turns over]

Luke: Gregor? Hi, I'm Luke Snyder. My assistant said that you needed to see me. She said it was important. You're the first mate of the Grimaldi freighter that left Oakdale last week, right, the Fortuna? And you flew back right when you got to port. Is there something wrong with the cargo?

Gregor: I was on the bridge a few miles from Malta. I saw a man on the deck below, bloody, beaten. I ran down to help him, but he was gone.

Luke: Well, he couldn't have just disappeared, especially if he's injured.

Gregor: We were in rough waters, the edge of a storm. I think maybe the body went into the sea.

Luke: The body?

Lily: I am trying to give your sister the benefit of the doubt. Damian hurt her.

Holden: "Hurt her"? No, he tried to kill her.

Lily: And I don't blame her for wanting to hurt him back. I'd probably feel the same way.

Holden: You should.

Lily: But that doesn't make any of this right!

Holden: I'm not saying it does. I just -- I want you to back off so I can find my sister.

Lily: What are you gonna do if you find out she hurt him, or worse?

Holden: I already told you. She didn't do anything to Damian.

Lily: How can you be so sure? What do you know about Damian that I don't?

[Holden sighs]

On the next "As the World Turns," --

Katie: Is this a hug?

Reid: Absolutely not. You tried to make trouble for me, Hank. You shouldn't have done that.

Holden: Damian's gone. Meg's safe. It's time we get past all this.

Lily: But I still have questions.

Luke: If it wasn't Meg or a stranger who attacked Damian, it must have been Dad.

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