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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 1/28/10

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Damian: Meg, wake up. Come on. We're past these kind of games. I couldn't have choked you hard enough to -- Meg, damn it, wake up!

[Lily clears throat]

Damian: Hello, Cara.

Lily: Hey.

Damian: Where were you?

Lily: I just went for a walk to clear my head. It shouldn't take me too long to pack, and then we can head home.

Damian: We still have time. Why don't we have a drink by the bar first, huh?

Lily: I thought you were anxious to get going.

Damian: I'm suddenly in the mood for a cognac. You want to go downstairs and see if they have any? I'll meet you there.

Lily: It's tempting, but I'd rather just leave.

Damian: No. You can't come in.

Lonny: It is good to see you back behind that desk, Jack.

Jack: Oh, it's good to be here, Lonny, but I'm just getting caught up. I'm not officially back yet.

Lonny: Just easing back in?

Jack: Yeah, something -- something like that.

Lonny: Milk, two sugars.

Jack: Oh, thank you very much. Wow, you even saved my old mug. Figured Margo would have gotten rid of it.

Lonny: We knew you'd be back eventually.

Jack: Coffee's still bitter. Some things never change.

Holden: Hey, Jack, I need your help.

Jack: What's wrong?

Holden: Lily's in trouble.

Carly: [Groans] Oh, this is terrible. Who knew it would be so tough to get back into the swing of things.

Molly: Hello?

Carly: Oh, hey, cuz.

Molly: Bad time?

Carly: No. It's the perfect time, actually.

Molly: Okay.

Carly: Come on in.

Molly: What am I interrupting?

Carly: Nothing. I'm just trying to get some work done.

Molly: Oh. You're sketching again.

Carly: I'm trying to, anyway.

Molly: Are you getting back into design?

Carly: Yeah. It's a long story. How are you?

Molly: Oh, I've been better. In fact, I've been much, much better.

Carly: Day from hell, huh?

Molly: Oh, you have no idea.

Carly: Well, I'm sure I could top it.

Molly: Want to bet?

Carly: That bad, huh?

Molly: Oh, worse.

Carly: Do you really want to play this game with me?

Molly: Whose life sucks more?

[Carly laughs]

Molly: Oh, it's on.

Carly: Loser takes winner out for dinner.

Molly: Well, get your credit cards ready, Cuz, because my lousy day is gonna wipe the floor with yours.

Liberty: Perfect. Could things really get any worse?

Janet: Hi, Sweetie. Ready to go?

Liberty: Where?

Janet: We have an appointment with Dr. Hearn, remember?

Liberty: Oh, yeah. Could we -- could we not go to that? I really, really need to see Parker.

Janet: No. We have to go, and we're leaving for New York tomorrow.

Liberty: I don't want to go there either, Mom.

Janet: Hey, Dusty went to a lot of trouble to set these appointments up for us.

Liberty: Yeah. I didn't ask him to do that. I just feel like it's a waste of time going from doctor to doctor in New York when they're gonna just tell me what I already know, that I'm probably dying.

Janet: Don't say that ever.

Liberty: Is there -- is there really a better way to put it?

Janet: Yes. You can try being a little more optimistic.

Liberty: Look, things are happening really fast. Find out I have cancer, and suddenly, my life is ripped away from me. It's just not fair.

Janet: I know it's not fair. But maybe going to New York, we can figure out how to get your life back. Isn't it worth the trip just for that?

Lily: Damian, what is the matter with you? You're acting very strange.

Damian: Nothing, nothing. I just -- I just feel we've ended our trip on a sour note with our argument earlier, and I want to rectify that.

Lily: By keeping me out of the room? What, do you have another woman in here? If you want to talk, we can talk. Why don't we call the bar and have them send the drinks up here? That way, we won't be bothered by anybody. [Sighs] You think I overreacted about the trip to Malta, don't you?

Damian: No, no. I, uh -- I'm disappointed, but I understand.

Lily: Do you?

Damian: Yes. You felt pressured. I backed you into a corner.

Lily: I think I backed myself into that corner. I just have a problem with spontaneity. I -- I just want to always think things through.

Damian: Yeah, well, you can be a little cautious sometimes, but I admire that.

Lily: You, on the other hand, have no problem acting in the moment.

Damian: Well, I -- I only act so impulsively because I'm afraid of losing you.

Lily: After everything we've been through, do you really think that's possible now?

Damian: Lily, I don't know what I would do without you.

Lily: We don't need to go to Malta for you to hold on to me.

Damian: Yeah, that's true. You have to admit, the idea is enticing, romantic.

Lily: I do admit it. It's like a dream. But, I want to go, just not now. The timing doesn't feel right. You forgive me?

Damian: I already have, Cara. Shall we go?

Lily: I have to pack.

Damian: Surprise! I've done it for you. There are just a few things to, uh, finish up, but, uh, hey, I still want that cognac. So why don't I meet you downstairs by the lobby?

Lily: No, I don't trust you.

Damian: What do you mean?

Lily: You'll forget something of mine. I know it.

Damian: No, no. I haven't forgotten anything, I promise you.

Lily: What about the sweaters I left in that trunk? See? I knew it.

Damian: Wait, Lily!

Holden: Damian played Lily beautifully. He knew all the right buttons.

Jack: Does Damian know you're on to him?

Holden: He does. Grady confessed everything to Molly, which is why I think he took Lily out of town. The visit to Faith at boarding school -- that was just an excuse. Jack, you got to get them back here.

Jack: Well, unfortunately, there's not much I can do.

Holden: Why not?

Jack: Because what you're telling me, it's all speculation and hearsay. There's no hard evidence.

Holden: Well, go get it. Talk to Grady yourself.

Jack: Holden, I'm not officially back on the force yet. I can't bring the guy in for questioning.

Holden: Jack, come on. Lily is with him. If he thinks the walls are starting to close in, there's no telling what he might do.

Jack: You know what I'll do? I'll call the local sheriff's office down there, and I'll tell them what you told me.

Holden: So they can say the same thing that you did, that there's no hard evidence and its all speculation and hearsay?

Jack: Whatever you do, please don't try to handle this on your own. Let's let the local police handle this first.

Holden: Is that what you would do? That's what I thought.

Liberty: So, why is Dusty not coming with us to New York, since he kind of arranged the whole thing?

Janet: He arranged it for us to go as a family, with Jack.

Liberty: Great.

Janet: Hey, give him a break, okay? He is trying really hard to make up for things.

Liberty: Of course he is, Mom. He finds out I'm sick. It's -- its called guilt.

Janet: That's not true.

Liberty: Come on, Mom. You know the reason that he's coming back is because he knows that you need the support.

Janet: He came back because he loves us, and he wants to make this marriage work, this whole family work. And you're right. I do need his support, as do you. You just don't want to admit it.

Liberty: Whatever. I just -- I think it's really nice, all the trouble that Dusty's gone through for us. Don't you?

Janet: Yes, and I'm very appreciative.

Liberty: Makes me wonder why he went through all that trouble.

Janet: Because he cares about you.

Liberty: He hardly knows me. But I start to think that would Jack even think to do something like that.

Janet: Why are you doing this?

Liberty: I'm asking, Mom. I just think Dusty should come with us to New York. He knows all the doctors.

Janet: Dusty is my boss. Jack is my husband. So, he is the one who is gonna help see us through this. Now let's keep the lines clear, okay?

Liberty: The lines seem very clear to me.

Janet: Good. Now let's go. I don't want to be late for Dr. Hearn.

Carly: You know, there was a time we would have played this game with shots of whiskey.

Molly: [Laughs] You know, I really admire the fact that those days are over for you.

Carly: Uh, well, it's a struggle day to day, especially when things go wrong.

Molly: Have we started playing the game yet?

Carly: [Laughs] No. I'm just warming up.

Molly: Okay. I'll go first.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Molly: Well, I moved in to Holden's room at the farm last week.

Carly: Well, that's a good thing, isn't it?

Molly: That's a great thing. We even started about getting our own place together eventually.

Carly: Oh. Oh, my. That's heartbreaking. I am so gonna win this game.

Molly: Oh, don't count your cookies yet, Cuz, because I'm not finished. Holden then suggested that we take a trip together to visit Abigail.

Carly: This just keeps getting worse and worse. You know what? You're gonna start to lose some points.

Molly: No, I am just setting the stage. I'm trying to prove what a great guy Holden is so you understand why I feel so extra-lousy about this whole thing.

Carly: Well, I already know what a good guy Holden is. Just get to it. The suspense is killing me.

Molly: I don't deserve him. Holden is an angel, and I am a two-faced, self-serving witch.

Carly: Now we're talking. Two-faced and self-serving. You get your cookies back. What happened?

Molly: I found out something bad about Damian.

Carly: Is there ever anything good to find out about that guy?

Molly: Oh, this is really bad, like the worst. But I didn't tell Holden.

Carly: Another point for you.

Molly: Thank you. I was afraid if I told him everything I knew that it would split up Lily and Damian.

Carly: And pave the way for Lily and Holden to get back together. Yeah, that's pretty bad.

Molly: Oh, it gets better. You see, I felt so guilty that I finally came clean and told Holden everything.

Carly: How did that work out for you?

Molly: How do you think it worked out?

Carly: Well, I think he's probably not very happy.

Molly: No, try furious and disgusted and on his way right now to find Lily and tell her everything.

Carly: Ouch. I'm sorry.

Molly: Yeah. You still think you can beat me at whose life sucks more?

Carly: [Laughs] Yes.

Molly: Oh, really?

Carly: Yes.

Molly: All right. Well, bring it.

Carly: I think I can.

Molly: Okay.

Carly: Okay. [Clears throat] So, Jack and I find ourselves at that spot on the lake where the old boathouse used to be.

Molly: Wow. That's fairly significant.

Carly: It is. It was the place where I first told him he's the love of my life.

Molly: So you two just happen to show up there at the exact same time?

Carly: Yes. I know. Weird. It's like we were pulled there.

Molly: Destiny. It will get you every time.

Carly: And guess what? Passion was all still there. It's like we never even lost it.

Molly: Ooh. Getting goose bumps.

Carly: Okay, no, no, no. Wait for the kicker. While we were there, feeling that heat, Liberty was across town, finding out that she has cancer -- leukemia.

Molly: Yeah. I heard that. That is horrible.

Carly: It's devastating. That poor girl. Janet -- I mean, I know certainly there's no love lost between the two of us, but I can't imagine facing something like that, you know? I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Molly: No. And here you were thinking you had another shot with Jack.

Carly: And then I realize I don't. His place is with his wife and Liberty.

Molly: Wow. Oh, Honey, you win.

Carly: You know, it's rotten to feel sorry for myself when Janet and Liberty are facing something so awful.

Molly: But it still hurts.

Carly: A knife in the heart. I was so depressed, I took a sip of beer -- my first drink in months.

Molly: Just one sip?

Carly: Just the one. I poured the rest out.

Molly: Good for you.

Carly: It wasn't easy.

Molly: No, I bet not, but you did.

Carly: I did.

Molly: Yeah.

Carly: You know what I think?

Molly: No. I haven't a clue. What?

Carly: [Laughs] I think that we should split these, because it is definitely a tie.

[Both laugh]

Molly: Cheers.

Carly: Cheers.

Lily: Damian, what is going on?

Damian: Nothing, nothing. I know you're anxious to get on the road and back home. I also know you hate to pack, so let me handle this, all right, while you go down and relax with a nice drink by the fire? I promise I won't be more than 10 minutes.

Lily: Fine. You're impossible to argue with when you're like this.

Damian: Now you're listening. Lily, you know how much I love you, right?

Lily: Yes, I do, and I'm sorry if I ever gave you any reason to doubt how much I love you.

Damian: You haven't, Lily. This has been a trying time for both of us, but our love is strong enough to handle it, I think. I'll be right down.

Lily: Don't forget my sweaters.

Damian: I won't, I promise.

Damian: Lily, wait!

Lily: God, you scared me. What are you doing with that curtain?

Damian: I -- it just fell down from the bar in the tub. Could you -- could you call the front desk for me, please?

Lily: Yeah. I -- I'll just get the sweaters.

Damian: No, I'll do it, Lily! Please, just get to the phone.

Lily: What is going on? What is in this chest that you don't want me to ?


Damian: Lily, no!

Dr. Hearn: I've opted for chemotherapy as probably our best, most aggressive form of treatment. This chart lays out a treatment plan for the next few months.

Liberty: Months.

Dr. Hearn: After that, we'll re-evaluate.

Jack: Hi. Sorry I'm late.

Janet: Hi. Is everything okay?

Jack: Yeah, just stuff at the station.

Janet: Do you have to get back?

Jack: No. I passed it on. What did I miss?

Liberty: Schedule for my chemo diet. Looks like I'm gonna be bald in three months, just in time for prom. Maybe I can find a wig that matches my corsage.

Janet: Liberty --

Liberty: I was trying to be optimistic.

Jack: So we're sure that chemo is the best treatment here?

Dr. Hearn: Oh, I am sure.

Jack: Well, uh, no offense, but I -- I think we -- we should hold off on committing to that until we, uh, talk to the specialist in New York.

Janet: I agree. Yes.

Dr. Hearn: Of course. I think this trip is a good idea.

Liberty: Oh, yeah. It will be great. We'll make sure to send you a postcard from the Empire State Building and the Manhattan Cancer Center, 'cause it's just -- like, I hear it's a big go-to for tourists.

Janet: Liberty, please stop. I'm so sorry, Doctor.

Dr. Hearn: Don't be. Stay feisty, young lady. Cancer cells hate it.

Liberty: Yeah. They're gonna despise me.

Dr. Hearn: I'll see you all when you get back.

Liberty: [Laughs] This Dr. Hearn gets my sense of humor. What, did you guys forget how to laugh? I'm -- gonna go for a walk.

Janet: It's -- it's very cold outside, Liberty.

Liberty: What will happen? Catch my death. That was supposed to be a joke, Mom. Please, lighten up, okay?

Janet: I don't know what to do. I mean, should I -- should I be mad at her? Should I come down harder?

Jack: No, I think you should start laughing at her jokes, let her get it out of her system.

Janet: Jokes about cancer aren't funny.

Jack: Maybe not, but if a few laughs are gonna help her get through this, then you've got to give her that.

Janet: I'm afraid she's not taking this seriously.

Jack: Come on, Janet. You know that's not true. Frankly, I'm just as worried about you.

Janet: Oh. Honey, I'm fine. I'm surviving. I'm not the one with the life-threatening illness.

Jack: Well, even so, just surviving isn't good enough. Come on. I know just what you need.

Carly: Okay. Let's make a pact.

Molly: Oh, I love making pacts with you.

Carly: Okay, from now on, work is the new love.

Molly: Work is the new love. I like it. I like it a lot. From now on, I will officially be dating WOAK.

Carly: Nice. And from now on, I'm faithful only to Monte Carlo.

Molly: Whoa. What? Monte Carlo, as in the famous fashion-design house Monte Carlo?

Carly: Yeah. Craig and I are starting the company up again.

Molly: Why on earth would you want to do that?

Carly: Oh, because it's a good idea?

Molly: The Monte Carlo part may be, but the Craig part, definitely not.

Carly: Oh --

Molly: Why would you want anything to do with that man ever again?

Carly: I can handle Craig.

Molly: Right. Sure.

Carly: It's a business arrangement, Mol, nothing more. Monte Carlo was a really great company once. It can be even better now. And I want to do it.

Molly: If you're sure. But be careful.

Carly: I always am -- or at least I always intend to be. Okay. Here's to work with no distractions.

[Doorbell rings]

[Carly laughs]

Liberty: Can I come in?

Damian: Don't scream. Don't panic. I can explain. Will you do that? Okay. I had no choice.

Lily: You had no choice?! You killed her! What -- what were you gonna do with that shower curtain?

Damian: Lily, it was self-defense. She attacked me with this. It's got some kind of poison in it. She was waiting for me in the room when I came back from settling the bill.

Lily: I don't believe this.

Damian: Lily, we struggled. I did what I had to save my own life.

Lily: How?

Damian: What?

Lily: How did you kill her?

Damian: It doesn't matter.

Lily: You strangled her. Oh, my God!

Damian: Lily, she came at me, all right? I was trying to defend myself. I didn't mean to! I even tried to revive her.

Lily: You're so much stronger than she is! You -- you couldn't have stopped her some other way?

Damian: Lily, the whole thing was over in a matter of seconds.

Lily: If I hadn't come back when I did, would you have told me about this? No, no, you were just gonna -- oh, my God!

Damian: Lily, don't put me on trial here, okay? I told you, it was her life for mine.

Lily: What are we gonna do?

Damian: Nothing, nothing. By the time they discover the body, we'll be long gone.

Lily: Are you out of your mind? We have to call the police!

Damian: No! No. That will be a mistake.

Lily: Damian, she tried to kill you. What are you afraid of? You have the proof of her intention right there. What are you afraid of?

Damian: No. No, I can't take that risk, Lily. What if they don't believe me?

Lily: Why wouldn't they believe you?

Damian: Because -- if I can't convince my own wife, what chance do I have against a bunch of strangers?

Lily: No, Damian, you're wrong.

Damian: Lily, tell me the truth. You think I'm lying about all of this, don't you?

Lily: No, Damian, Damian, I believe you. But we can't leave Meg like this in the hotel room. You're not thinking clearly. You're in shock. We need to call the police.

Damian: I told you, that's not an option.

Lily: Damian, Meg escaped from a psychiatric ward. She deliberately came after you. She tried to attack you with a possible lethal injection. The police have no reason to doubt you.

Damian: Except for my history, maybe.

Lily: What about Meg's history? She's been tormenting and threatening us for weeks. She broke into my house. She attacked me. She -- she tried to poison you.

Damian: I don't want to talk about this anymore, Lily. The discussion's over. We're leaving now.

Lily: I'm not leaving! If you won't call the police, I will.

Liberty: Thanks.

Carly: Now, are you gonna tell us what you're doing out in this mess?

Liberty: I just came to see Parker.

Carly: He's at school.

Liberty: Really?

Carly: Yeah. He insisted on going, crutches and all.

Liberty: Wow. He sure is tougher than I am. I couldn't face everybody.

Carly: Hey, Sweetie, I know that what you're going through must be really scary. Remember, that to your friends, just -- just same old Liberty.

Liberty: No, I'm not. I'm Liberty who has cancer, so everybody tries really hard not to upset her.

Carly: You know what? Your friends aren't gonna act like that. And if they do, it's just because they're worried about you.

Liberty: I'm tired of everybody being worried about how sick I am, you know? 'Cause I don't even know how sick I am, 'cause I don't feel sick, Carly. I feel like I could, like, run a marathon tomorrow and win.

Molly: You know what? I'm gonna get out of here and let you two girls talk. But you know what, Liberty? You came to the right place, because Carly just helped me through a mini-crisis with the best advice ever.

Liberty: Yeah? What was it?

Molly: "The best way to stop obsessing over your problem is just to obsess over work." You're so smart. Thank you. I love you. I'll see you later.

Carly: Wow. You know something? That's pretty good advice for you, too.

Liberty: Work? Carly, I don't have a job.

[Liberty chuckles]

Carly: Well, you still have a future. And you don't want to go back to school right now. I understand that. Maybe we could start working on that portfolio for F.I.T., huh? What? I say the wrong thing here?

Liberty: There's just -- there's no point.

Carly: Liberty, come on. Wait. You can't let cancer stop you from living your life.

Liberty: It's not the cancer.

Carly: Then what?

Liberty: I missed the deadline to turn my portfolio in. F.I.T. is gone, just like everything else.

Carly: Oh. Honey, I -- I'm sure that if you call them, you know, they'll understand under the circumstances. A few days isn't gonna make that much of a difference.

Liberty: I asked for an extension, and a few days aren't even enough, because I -- I burned my sketches.

Carly: Why?

Liberty: I was just really mad, and I had given up. And now that I'm looking at the letter, it was so stupid, and I'm sorry that I did it, 'cause I really want to go.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Liberty: No. Don't worry. It is what it is. Besides, I'm -- I may not even make it in the fashion world anyway. Maybe in another life.

Carly: Stop it.

Liberty: Who knows? Maybe they have, like, a fashion magazine in heaven.

Carly: Stop it!

Liberty: I'm joking. I'm joking. I feel like I get sick, and no one has a sense of humor anymore. What are -- what are these?

Carly: Uh, that's -- it's nothing. I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things myself and not having much success.

Liberty: These aren't too bad.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: That's really beautiful words of praise.

Liberty: No, I'm sorry.

[Carly laughs]

Liberty: I think they're good. I just, well --

Carly: What?

Liberty: Well, I would -- for one, I would make sure to tighten the waist there. And, like, I think that the, uh, stripes should be vertical. It would make a much cleaner line, definitely on the skirt.

Carly: Oh. Show me.

Liberty: Why?

Carly: Because, it's a good idea. If you can make it a great one, maybe I'll offer you a job.

Liberty: Now who's joking?

Carly: Not me. Show me what you got.

Jack: Come on. You never could resist my pancakes.

Janet: I know. I just don't have much of an appetite, really.

Jack: Oh, one bite. You know you want it.

Janet: If you do the airplane thing with me, I'm gonna dump that maple syrup over your head.

Jack: [Laughs] Yeah, I wasn't even thinking about that.

Janet: Mmm. Those are good.

Jack: Okay. Progress. Excellent. Here you go.

Janet: You know, I used to do the airplane thing with Liberty to try and get her to eat her broccoli.

Jack: Yeah, I think that only works with things you like.

Janet: Who doesn't like broccoli?

Jack: Liberty, apparently, as well as every other kid on the face of the earth.

Janet: Maybe I should have forced her to eat her broccoli. Maybe I should have made her eat some blueberries, too. Maybe I shouldn't have let her drink water out of the tap. Maybe she just should have had a mom with better genes.

Jack: Okay, stop it, stop it, stop it. There's nothing you could have or should have done differently as a mother. Kids get sick, and the only thing we can do is everything we can to help them get better. That's the only thing you should be thinking of.

Janet: You're right. I'm so glad you're back.

Jack: I'm not going anywhere.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Let voicemail pick it up.

Janet: No, no. It could be -- it's Carly!

Jack: What?

Janet: Do you think that she has this place bugged? Therefore, she knows the exact worst time to call?

Jack: I told you, just let it go to voicemail.

Janet: No, take the call, Jack. It could be about the kids.

[Jack clears throat]

Jack: What do you want, Carly?

Carly: Liberty is here with me. I think you and Janet should get over here right away.

Damian: Lily, you have nothing to fear, not from me, I promise you. But we can't call the police.

Lily: Meg is dead!

Damian: Lily, you're in shock. You're upset.

Lily: I am.

Damian: I know. But once we get out of here, you'll calm down, and you'll begin to see that I'm right.

Lily: You expect us to go back to Oakdale as if nothing has happened?

Damian: No, not Oakdale. We can't go back there.

Lily: What are you saying?

Damian: Lily, we'll go straight to the airport. My plane is there, fueled and ready to take us straight to Malta.

Lily: Malta? Did you have this planned all along?

Damian: No! Lily, when the time is right, we'll send for the children.

Lily: No. Listen to me. That is unacceptable.

Damian: It's our only option, Lily.

Lily: Maybe for you, but not for me.

Damian: Damn it! Are you gonna let Meg destroy our lives, Lily?

Lily: I am trying to save your life! Running away is the worst thing we can do!

Damian: It's the only thing we can do, Lily.

Lily: No! Damian, let me go! Holden?

Damian: Lily, let's go. We'll miss our flight.

Holden: You're not going anywhere. I know all about Grady and the fake DNA report.

Lily: What are you talking about?

Holden: Meg was right all along. Damian was playing us, all of us, right from the very beginning.

Damian: This is nonsense, Lily. Let's go. We have no time.

Holden: I said you're not going anywhere.

Damian: Get out of the way, Holden.

Lily: What's going on?

Holden: Forensics proved that it wasn't my DNA in my truck. DNA that they found -- he paid Grady to keep that information to himself.

Damian: That's a lie, Lily. Don't listen to him. It's just some feeble attempt to get in between us.

Holden: Why does Grady want to come forward and make a formal confession, then?

Damian: Well, maybe you're the one paying him to lie.

Holden: Lily, I'm telling the truth. He paid off Grady so that you would believe I was dead. He took advantage of your grief. And when Meg found out, he made a bunch of romantic promises to her to keep her quiet.

Damian: You'll never prove any of this, Holden.

Holden: That's what you were counting on, wasn't it? That'd we'd all believe my sister was unbalanced.

Lily: Tell me it's not true. Tell me now!

Damian: Lily, everything I've done has been for us! The DNA test was inconclusive! I was certain it was Holden. I didn't want to put you through any more agony with false hope.

Lily: False hope? He was alive! You let my children think their father was dead!

Damian: There was no way to say that for sure, Lily! I was there for all of you. I was your strength. I didn't want to put you through any more pain, Lily.

Holden: Save it. You're not gonna spin your way out of this one.

Damian: I don't have to, because none of it is true.

Holden: Not even the fact that you paid off the orderly at Deerbrook to keep my sister medicated so she couldn't convince anyone of her sanity?

Damian: I've had enough of these accusations.

Holden: Fine. Don't answer me. The sheriff's office is gonna be here soon. It's over.

Damian: The hell it is.

Lily: What the hell are you doing?!

Damian: We're getting out of here, Honey. Now back off!

Holden: Let her go.

Lily: Damian, no. I'm not going anywhere with you, not now!

Damian: You said you love me.

Lily: Listen to me! This has to stop! Holden, Meg's not at Deerbrook.

Damian: Lily, don't.

Lily: She escaped. She came here.

Janet: Liberty, are you okay? What's wrong? What happened?

Liberty: Hey, hey, breathe, Mom. I'm fine.

Jack: Carly, you kind of made it sound like an emergency.

Carly: Oh, I just said that you both needed to get over here.

Liberty: It's really good news, for once. Carly's gonna be giving me a job.

Janet: What?

Jack: Where?

Carly: At Monte Carlo. I'm starting the company back up.

Jack: Really? Since when?

Carly: Since today.

Janet: What is Monte Carlo?

Jack: It's a design company that Carly and Craig ran a few years ago. It didn't work out all that well.

Carly: It will be better this time.

Liberty: Yeah, and she's hiring me as her assistant, so she's even gonna let me submit a few designs of my own.

Janet: Well, that is very, very generous. Unfortunately, we're gonna have to turn you down.

Liberty: I don't want to turn it down.

Janet: We have to be practical, Liberty. How are you supposed to have a full-time job and go to school and have --?

Liberty: Cancer? I'm not dead yet. I think I've got a few sketches left in me, Mom.

Carly: I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

Janet: Sure you did.

Jack: Janet -- why, why? Why Monte Carlo? I don't understand.

Carly: Craig suggested that we work together.

Jack: Yes. Of course he did.

Carly: I thought that Monte Carlo sounded like a great idea.

Jack: You're going back into business with Craig? Are -- are you out of your mind?

Carly: It's a business arrangement, Jack. That's all.

Jack: How many times have I heard that?

Janet: This doesn't sound like something I want my daughter to be a part of.

Liberty: It's my call!

Janet: No, it's not.

Liberty: Stop treating me like I'm dying tomorrow, Mom, because I'm not. And I know you don't want me to have a life outside of being sick, but I do.

Janet: How dare you? You are trying to come off as the hero in front of my daughter and make me look like the bad guy.

Carly: Not at all. Liberty came over here, she was looking for Parker. She was very upset about the rejection letter.

Janet: What rejection letter? What rejection letter?

Carly: From -- from F.I.T. they -- they rejected her because she missed the deadline or something. She was very upset. I offered her the job "A," to cheer her up, and "B," because she happens to be very talented.

Jack: I think all that Janet is saying is that you should have discussed it with -- with her first.

Janet: What I am saying is that I want you to stay the hell out of my daughter's life!

Damian: Move out of the way, Holden. Don't make this any worse by trying to be the hero.

Holden: Where's Meg? You said she came here.

Damian: Meg is of no consequence anymore. Now move! I don't want to have to shoot you. Come on.

Holden: And you won't, 'cause you're not that stupid.

Lily: Damian, we have to tell him. Meg is his sister.

Holden: Tell me what? Where is she?

Damian: Lily, please. If our life together means anything to you, just don't.

Holden: Lily, where is my sister?

Lily: She's inside. He said that she tried to attack him.

Holden: What do you mean, attack? What happened?

Lily: She went after him. He said he was just trying to defend himself.

Damian: Stay! Stay right where you are.

Holden: What have you done to my sister?

Lily: He tried to cover it up, but I -- I saw her body. She's in the trunk.

Holden: Lily, go. Get out of here. Call the police. Aah!

Damian: Lily, if you leave, I'll kill him, I swear it!

Lily: No.

Carly: Jack, I wasn't trying to one-up Janet, honestly.

Jack: No, I -- I know that. It's just that she's having a hard enough time dealing with what's going on with Liberty.

Carly: I didn't mean to make things worse.

Jack: I think in time she'll see that.

Carly: And just so you know, I didn't offer Liberty a job out of charity or pity. She's actually quite talented.

Jack: No, I know that. But take a step back. What if Craig had done something like this with Parker behind your back? How would it make you feel?

Carly: All right. All right. I get it. I'll talk to her.

Jack: No, no. Leave her be, please. She's got enough going on right now.

Carly: Well, so does Liberty, and she doesn't need to be treated like she's --

Jack: Carly, it's -- it's none of your business, really.

Carly: This job would be good for her.

Jack: Not if Craig's involved.

Carly: Well, Craig's just the business end. Liberty would be working with me, creatively -- only me.

Jack: And I think that's what Janet's afraid of.

Carly: Well, just let her know that I'm not the enemy, okay?

Jack: I will, yeah. I'll talk to her when we're in New York.

Carly: You're going to New York?

Jack: Yeah, tomorrow. Dusty lined up a bunch of appointments with oncologists.

Carly: Dusty? Go figure.

Jack: What is that supposed to mean?

Carly: Nothing. Just that I'm sure he's not doing the favor for you.

Jack: He's doing it for Liberty.

Carly: Right. Well, I hope it works well for her.

Jack: Thanks. And I hope that getting Monte Carlo back on its feet works out well for you, too, despite Craig being involved. If it's something you really want and something you really love, you should go for it.

Carly: I do. I love it. And what's the point of doing something without love?

Jack: No point at all.

Liberty: How do you want me to deal with this? What do you want me to do?

Janet: I want you to be smart about this, Sweetie. I want you to put your treatment first.

Liberty: So in your world, I can't do anything other than my treatment? I can't have a life? I can't have friends? I can't have a job?

Janet: Do you really want all that?

Liberty: Yes!

Janet: Even if it kills you? I'm sorry, Sweetie. I didn't mean it to come out like that. I really didn't.

Liberty: Yes, you did. It's what you think. Look, Mom, I know you're scared. I'm really scared. I'm more scared. And this is happening to me. So if there is something that I can hold onto, you know, that will make me feel better or make -- make it easier to -- to have something to hold onto other than my next chemo session, then I'm going to. And I'm going to hold onto that with everything I can. Please don't ruin it for me. Please don't.

Jack: Is she okay?

Janet: She's terrified. And I can't think of anything to say that can help her.

Jack: You will.

Janet: I'm so scared, Jack.

Holden: Lily, go. Get out of here now.

Lily: For God's sake, Damian, don't do this!

Damian: Lily, I have no choice. Now get inside.

Holden: Don't listen to him.

Damian: Inside, Lily, now! Inside!

Holden: Meg?

Damian: Save your breath. She can't hear you.

Holden: Oh, my God. You are never gonna get away with this.

Damian: Enough. Lily, he can't hurt us if we don't let him.

Lily: What?

Damian: Everything's gonna be all right, but you have to trust me.

Holden: Forget it. The cops are gonna be here any minute.

Damian: Listen. The jet is waiting. Nothing has to change. I can still give you the life you always dreamed of.

Holden: You are insane. You will never make it to the airport.

Damian: No? Who's gonna stop us? You? The police? I don't hear any sirens.

Lily: Damian, I'm not going anywhere with you.

Damian: Lily, listen to me. You're upset, you're confused, but no one is going to love you the way I do. No one can give you what I can.

Holden: You have done nothing but hurt her.

Damian: That's a lie!

Lily: Damian, this has to stop.

Holden: If you leave here with her, you're gonna have to kill me first.

Damian: I agree. Now step over onto this shower curtain. Come on.

Lily: Damian, no!

Damian: They'll find you and your sister together. A fitting end, don't you think? Over!

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Damian: I love you.

Lily: I believe you.

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Lily: Yes, I do.

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