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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 1/26/10

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Paul: Emily, a few days ago, you moved your hand. You think you can do that again now? I can't help but think that this is my fault, you know, and if we hadn't been so set on having a baby --

Susan: By all means, finish what you were saying. If you hadn't pushed my daughter to get pregnant, you hadn't let that witch doctor experiment on her, then what?

Paul: I'm not gonna get into this with you. Not here, not now, not in front of Emily. It's just going to upset her.

Susan: Why don't you take a walk while I check her vitals?

Paul: When I get back, eyes open, okay?

Barbara: Honey, any change?

Paul: No.

[Door closes]

Barbara: When's the last time you had something to eat?

Paul: Um -- um, I'll get something.

Barbara: No. Why don't you come with me right now, and we'll get something to eat?

Paul: No, no. Susan's checking her vitals. I really want to be here when she comes out. Any news?

Susan: The same.

Barbara: I am so sorry. If there's anything I can do to help --

Susan: Are you still getting those injections from Mick Dante?

Barbara: Mick is not the reason that Emily --

Susan: We don't know that for sure.

Paul: You know she's right. Until we do know for sure, you shouldn't be getting any more treatments from Mick.

Barbara: I have had no adverse side effects at all.

Paul: Emily didn't have any adverse side effects except that she's in a coma.

Susan: Be careful. You could be next.

Barbara: She's distraught. You -- you trust Mick, don't you, Paul?

Paul: You know what I would really like right now, Mother, is if we could all just take a little break from Mick.

[Door closes]

Margo: [Gasps] What are you doing?

Tom: Read -- hey, I'm reading!

Margo: No! No, they're gonna be here soon, Tom. And you know the Stewart women. They see a speck of dust, it turns into a personal insult.

Tom: Yeah, you know, since we're about to have a Stewart as a daughter-in-law, do you think you should start referring to them as individuals as opposed to a large organism?

Margo: Oh, Casey's gonna get married.

Tom: For the second time he marries a Stewart woman.

Margo: Oh, God.

Tom: So should we try to talk him out of this?

Margo: No, no. You said you weren't gonna do that today. Today's gonna be a happy day.

Tom: Yeah, but Casey hasn't thought this through. What about their future?

Margo: Well, Ali's got a good job.

Tom: And Casey has yet to declare a major in college. How is he gonna support a wife?

Margo: W -- we'll help.

Tom: Wait, wait, wait. If he's old enough to get married, he's old enough to have his own place.

Margo: Well, if he can't do it here, then he's gonna move away, and then we'll have both sons gone. Please, Honey, would you just lay off being practical and logical for one day and try to be happy, just for today?

Tom: For you, happy I can do.

Margo: Thank you.

Casey: Jumpy much?

Alison: God. No, you scared me.

Casey: Didn't mean to.

Alison: So fix it.

Casey: Ooh.

Barbara: Alison Stewart's your latest fixation? Why did I ever trust you?

Mick: Damn it.

Susan: Comas just don't happen without a medical explanation. But there's no concussion. There's no tumor. There's no aneurysm. She's perfectly healthy.

Paul: Well then why won't she wake up?

Susan: The only unknown, the only variable, is whatever Mick was doing to her. So you have to find out what he gave her.

Paul: I brought you the serum.

Susan: But m -- maybe it's not the real thing. Maybe he's hiding something from you, something that could kill Emily. Why are you sitting here, watching her die? Where are you going?

Paul: To go deal with Mick Dante.

Paul: Mick, open up!

Susan: Stop it. Stop it. Obviously, he's not home.

Paul: I just wanted to make sure.

Susan: Where else can we look?

Paul: Well, letís start by looking here.

Susan: You have a key to Mick's room?

Paul: No, I have a key to every room in this hotel. And don't ask me how I got it.

Susan: What, y -- you're gonna break in?

Paul: I'm gonna save my wife's life.

Susan: Aw, you can't do that. Well, what if -- what if Mick catches you and you get arrested.

Paul: Well, then, you'll bail me out. If you stay here, you'll be an accessory, and we can't both go to jail. One of us needs to be here for Emily, so get going.

Susan: Be careful.

Mick: You've jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Barbara: I concluded years ago that you were a dangerous, maniacal man, and I was right.

Mick: You think I'm fixated on Alison Stewart as I was for so many years with you. Do you really think after all this time another girl could consume me as you have?

Barbara: I saw the way you were looking at her.

Mick: I have no desire for that girl, Barbara.

Barbara: Why were you looking at her like that?

Mick: I was observing her, making sure that she's focused on her wedding and not getting suspicious, like her sister did.

Barbara: Really? Really?

Mick: Yeah.

Barbara: That's all it was?

Mick: Why were you looking for me?

Barbara: Emily.

Mick: She's starting to wake up again?

Barbara: No, but it seems our plan has not quite the most desired results, because Paul won't leave her side. Paul won't eat. He won't sleep. He's gonna drive himself into an early grave.

Mick: His love for her has more depth than I imagined.

Barbara: And he no longer trusts you.

Mick: He told you that?

Barbara: Yes, he did. He's ready to cut you out permanently. And here you are, James, wandering around like a lovesick puppy.

Mick: You know, I'm really starting to rethink our alliance, Barbara. Lately, you've been more of a -- alarmist than an ally.

Barbara: I am trying to help you.

Mick: How? With this unwarranted jealousy? You haven't smoothed anything over for me with Paul yet.

Barbara: How am I supposed to do that?

Mick: You're second-guessing me, as always. Maybe I should just pack up, disappear.

Barbara: No. You know, if Paul had stayed angry with Emily, she'd be out of his life by now.

Mick: You're right. There needs to be a -- permanent rift between them.

Barbara: And he's never going to leave Emily's side while she's supposedly sick. So why don't you just wake her up?

Mick: And have her accuse me of being connected to James Stenbeck?

Barbara: It's better than her actually knowing that you are James Stenbeck.

Mick: Paul will eventually put all the pieces together, just like you did.

Barbara: That's a risk we have to take. We have no other option. We have to do some damage control.

Mick: Oh, Barbara, I have other options.

Casey: All of these apartments look exactly the same as the ones I saw online. What's wrong?

Alison: Oh, I'm -- I'm just tired.

Casey: Don't tell me you're staying up all night worrying about the wedding.

Alison: Um -- no. It -- it's Emily. I mean, what if she never wakes up, Casey?

Casey: No, she is gonna get through this. You'll see. You know, she'll probably dance at our wedding.

Alison: I am so glad that I'm marrying you.

Casey: Even if I can't afford a nice apartment?

Alison: For now. But you know, once you're out of school -- oh, did you tell your father what you decided?

Casey: Not yet, but he's gonna be psyched.

Alison: Definitely. Oh, my God. Okay, we're gonna be late. Help me -- help me pack this stuff up. I don't want my mom to get there before we do.

Casey: Why not?

Alison: Hello. My mother had an affair with your grandfather. Your father had an affair and an illegitimate child with my sister. And you also married my sister.

Casey: Ancient history. Everyone's over it.

Alison: Have you met my mother?

Casey: [Laughs] Come on. Let's get out of here. Alison, come on.

Tom: How's Emily doing?

Susan: The same. Have you mentioned anything to Daniel about her being sick?

Tom: No. No, of course not.

Susan: Why not? He's her son. She's -- she's in a coma. Just hearing his voice could actually make her feel better.

Margo: Yeah, well, Tom -- Tom discussed this with Paul, and --

Tom: And Paul thought that Emily would not want Daniel upset.

Margo: Coffee?

Susan: No. I want to get this over with as quickly as possible so I can get back to Emily. I don't mean to be grouchy. I'm really happy about this wedding. But, uh -- with everything that's going on, I don't know how I'm gonna be able to pull this all together in a couple of weeks.

Margo: Well, we can help. Actually, we've already put together a guest list.

Tom: There are a few more Hughes on it than anybody else, but --

Susan: What a surprise.

Margo: So, we thought since we have most of the people, we'd probably, um, pay for the bulk of the wedding.

Susan: The bride's family pays for the wedding. That's traditional.

Margo: Oh, you know, tradition. We -- we've got it covered.

Susan: Why? Because you don't think I'm up to planning a Hughes wedding.

Tom: No, of course not.

Susan: You people are always trying to run everything.

Margo: No, we're not.

Susan: I didn't complain when I found out about the engagement three weeks after the event, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna be cut out of my daughter's wedding completely.

Margo: You know what, Susan? We're just trying to make things easy for you right now. But if you're gonna take offense to --

Susan: I am not offended! I am mad as hell. How dare you try to tell me --?

Margo: Well, we've got a problem.

Tom: Lots of problems.

Susan: Hughes problem.

Casey: Eloping sound good to you?

Alison: Yeah. You bet.

Paul: "P.R."? Is that me? I didn't give this guy blood. What the hell's going on with this guy?

Mick: Emily, you look well, considering. Phew! Oh! It's unfortunate I have to do this, but sometimes things don't work out as planned. And if it's any consolation -- apparently, this is gonna hurt me a lot more than it hurts you.

Alison: They're trying to be so polite. It's like they're pod people.

Casey: God! I got a plan.

Alison: What? Run away while they're distracted?

Casey: No, just -- just say, "Oh."

Alison: "Oh"?

Casey: Yes. Yes, they haven't even warmed up. They -- they haven't even hit us up with suggestions or ideas yet.

Alison: Which we'll probably hate.

Casey: Yeah. And if we agree with my mom or your mom --

Alison: Then they're gonna start fighting again.

Casey: Yes. So let's just play it safe.

Alison: Oh. Got it.

Casey: Oh, oh.

Alison: All right.

Susan: I'm sorry we all got so carried away before.

Margo: Yeah. We just want everything to be perfect for your wedding. That's all.

Casey: We understand. It's -- its okay.

Margo: Okay, good. So, if you don't mind, um, you know, I went by this florist I know in Milltown, and she gave me a bunch of pictures of some floral arrangements. Oh, these are beautiful.

Alison: Oh. Those are nice.

Susan: Actually, uh, I've already spoken to our florist, Angie's on Fifth.

Casey: Oh. Oh, yes. And we could also look at those, too.

Margo: Yeah, of course. And, um, Tom and I have a little surprise for you.

Casey: Oh!

Tom: Yes. Um, we're very proud of both of you.

Margo: And we know how hard it is to start up a new household.

Alison: Oh, have you, uh, chosen some dishes for us?

Casey: Or towels?

Margo: No, better than that, better than that. We decided that we would like for the two of you to live here with us after you get married.

Alison: Oh.

Casey: Uh-oh.

Paul: You get the hell away from my wife.

[Mick sighs]

Casey: See, actually, Alison and I would actually like to talk about it maybe before --

Alison: Yeah. We were just thinking because, uh, we're -- we're newlyweds, we might want to live on our own.

Casey: Exactly.

Susan: Of course. Whatever decision you make is fine with us. Isn't it?

Margo: Yeah, yeah.

Alison: Thanks.

Susan: Okay. We've covered the venue, the photographer, the band. Uh, have you given any thought to your dress?

Casey: I've actually seen her in the reject one, and I thought she looked beautiful.

Susan: Oh. I didn't even know you started shopping. If you want me to go, uh, the next time, uh, I'd be happy to.

Alison: No, Mom, I mean, you've been busy taking care of Emily and with work. I can handle it. Anybody want more coffee?

Margo: No, no, we're fine. Thanks.

Susan: Alison, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to help you more with the decisions?

Alison: Mom, you've been taking care of Emily, okay? That's what's important now.

Susan: No, you're important. You're important, too. And -- and I'm very happy about this wedding. You and Casey are giving our family hope, you know? And -- and it means a lot to me that I have something to look forward to. Your sister's been so sick.

Alison: You know, will you just stop it?

Susan: What did I say?

Alison: You're just -- you're putting too much pressure on me to be --

Susan: To be what?

Alison: Something I'm not.

[Door slams]

Paul: You don't go anywhere near my wife. Do you understand me? You talk to her. You don't touch her. You stay away from her. Do you understand me?

Mick: I was only trying to help.

Paul: What else are you trying to do?

Mick: I don't know what you're talking about.

Paul: You've got a photograph of me in your room.

Mick: You broke into my room?

Paul: Yeah. Why do you have a picture of me with my family?

Mick: That's simple. When I knew I was gonna be working with you, I did some research.

Paul: You did research? You did research on my father?

Mick: Yes.

Paul: So you know how dangerous he is.

Mick: I read the stories about him, yes.

Paul: Here's something that was probably not in your research. As bad as he was, I'm worse.

Mick: I can see that.

Paul: Who are you? Who are you?

Emily: Paul? Paul. Hi.

Paul: Are you okay?

Emily: Mm-hmm. Am I in a hospital?

Paul: Yeah, yeah. You've been -- you've been here for about a week.

Emily: What? That's ridiculous. What -- what happened? Did I -- did I pass out or something? Where -- where was I?

Paul: Found you on the couch, and I thought you'd fainted, but I couldn't get you to wake up. Em, you've been in a coma.

Emily: What?

Paul: They didn't know what happened.

Emily: Well, do they know now.

Paul: They're still not sure, but you're okay? You're feeling okay?

Emily: Yeah, I feel -- I'm a little groggy, but other than that, I feel great.

Mick: She's going to make a full recovery.

Paul: How could you -- how could you know something like that?

Mick: Well, I gave her what you could call an antidote.

Paul: Without checking with me first?

Emily: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't -- don't be upset, okay? I'm -- I'm okay now. You -- you know what made me so sick?

Mick: I kept running your blood results, looking for what could have been missed. Finally, I found an anomaly that pointed to an Indonesian herb that can sometimes be taken for fertility.

Emily: Oh, my. Yes, I took it with my vitamins every morning.

Paul: I went through all of your medicine. There was nothing --

Emily: No, no, no, no, I did. I took it. I -- I finished the last one. I was getting ready to buy more.

Mick: You should have told me about any supplements you were taking.

Emily: I know. I am so sorry. It totally, totally slipped my mind. So an herb made me slip into a coma?

Mick: Yeah. But itself, it's harmless, but mixed with what I was giving you, it can cause problems, which it did. But once I found out what was happening, all I had to do was counteract it.

Paul: Without checking with anyone first?

Mick: Well, you and the rest of Emily's family -- you've been through so much. I just didn't want to raise any false hopes. I'm just -- I'm glad it worked. You stay well.

Emily: I intend to.

[Door closes]

Paul: I love you.

Emily: I love you so much.

Paul: I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to you ever again, I promise.

Casey: Are you okay?

Alison: Yeah. I don't know why that happened or why I got so upset.

Casey: What did your mom say to you?

Alison: That we give her hope.

Casey: Yes, and that's a good reason to freak out. [Snorts]

Alison: [Laughs] I know. I don't know why it made me so mad. It did.

Casey: You -- you can handle stress, but a compliment, watch out.

Alison: What can I say? I'm unique.

Casey: Yeah. And you're all mine. So, I'm gonna go in there, and I'm gonna lay the smack down on them, say, "No more compliments or else."

Alison: Will you do that for me?

Casey: I'd do anything for you.

Alison: [Sighs] What?

Casey: Look, maybe it's not what your mom said. Maybe it's what my mom said to you.

Alison: You mean about moving in? Do you want to?

Casey: Well, you know, I wanted our own home. What -- what do you think?

Alison: Well, yeah. I mean -- I don't know. Can -- can we just say "Oh" for today?

[Casey laughs]

Alison: I really don't want to upset anybody or disappoint anybody. I'm just really tired.

Casey: You got it.

Alison: Do you want me to go in with you?

Casey: No, no. Take a break. I can handle the smiling and the nodding. "Oh." What?

Alison: You know, when we're fighting, and sometimes I just want to throttle you, and I -- I wonder why, out of all the guys in the world, that I fell for you.

Casey: Why did you?

Alison: Because of days like today, when you love me in spite of the fact that I'm being me.

Casey: It goes both ways.

Emily: You have to go find my mother. Come on. If she finds out that I've been awake for more than five minutes --

Paul: She'll kill me.

Emily: Yes.

Paul: I'm gonna risk it. I'm not leaving.

Emily: No, no, no. Really, don't do that to yourself. Go get my mother, please.

Paul: I'll be right back.

Emily: Okay. Oh. [Gasps] Mick, I -- I -- what are you doing? I thought -- I thought you were gone.

Mick: We never finished our conversation. Are you listening, Emily?

Emily: Yes.

Mick: You have no idea how this happened to you. The last thing you remember is sitting on the couch, feeling dizzy. You never came to see me at the church. You have no doubts about me or my motives, do you?

Emily: No.

Mick: We don't have much time, and there's more that I need you to remember. I saved your life, and you trust me completely. You still believe that I can fulfill your dream of having a child. You don't know what you'd do without me. Do you understand?

Emily: I understand.

Mick: Good. Now, let's talk about Paul.

Casey: Yes?

Tom: Are you sure Alison's okay?

Casey: Yeah, yeah. She'll be fine.

Tom: Well, you know, weddings can create some stress.

Casey: Don't -- don't act all supportive now. You know, I know you don't think it's a good idea that I'm getting married.

Tom: It's not that I don't think you and Alison would be happy together. I do. It's just that, um, I don't want to see you put a lot of pressure on yourself. You -- you're gonna have to declare a major soon, and it's gonna require some thought.

Casey: No, I've already decided.

Tom: What? What is it?

Casey: Well, I'm -- I'm shifting my focus to pre-law.

Tom: Real -- well, what -- where did that come from?

Casey: It worked for this guy I think's really cool.

Tom: Well, thank you very much for that. I'm -- I'm honored.

Casey: And what else? You don't think I can do it, do you?

Tom: No. It's just I'm -- I'm not sure that -- that law is a -- a perfect fit for you.

[Casey groans]

[Cell phone ringing]

Alison: Hello.

[Mick groans]

Alison: Hello?

[Cell phone rings]

Mick: Alison?

Alison: Why did you call me?

Mick: My head -- I was thinking I just needed to hear your voice.

Paul: You tired? You -- you need some sleep?

Emily: No. No, I just want to sit here and look at you.

Paul: I want to ask you something. What's the last thing that you remember?

Emily: Um, I remember feeling dizzy. And then I sat on the couch. And then I woke up here.

Paul: So what Mick said about the herbs, you -- you feel like that's what caused this?

Emily: Yeah. It must have been that.

Paul: Well, then, I guess I should be grateful to him. But there's something about all this that just doesn't make any sense.

Emily: I remember something, something bad.

Susan: The hospital just paged me.

Alison: Is it Emily?

Susan: No, no. It's a patient of mine in ICU. His family has some questions.

Alison: Thank you for coming by, Mom. I'm -- I'm sorry that I went off on you.

Susan: I'm sorry, too. I, uh, didn't mean to make things more nerve-racking than they already are. I love you.

Alison: I love you back.

Susan: I'll see you later?

Alison: Okay. Bye. Mick?

Mick: It sounds like you and your mother had an argument.

Alison: I thought I made myself clear. I don't want you calling me again.

Mick: Why did you call me back?

Alison: Because I was -- you can't keep doing this.

Mick: You were worried for me?

Alison: Are you okay? Did you have another nosebleed?

Mick: It wasn't as bad this time. Calling you was a mistake. You were right. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I think it's best if we stay out of each other's lives.

Alison: Well, I'm glad you finally see that.

Mick: Well, you have your wedding coming up, and I have my own things to do. Having you around just get in the way, make things more complicated and painful.

Alison: Good. I'm glad you don't need me.

Mick: Goodbye, then.

Alison: Mick --

Mick: Yes?

Alison: Were you following me today? I -- I didn't see you.

Mick: You felt me.

Alison: I have to go.

Mick: Right. You should go visit your sister soon.

Casey: I -- I thought you'd be happy.

Tom: Hey, I am.

Casey: But you think I would make a lousy lawyer.

Tom: I think you would be great at anything that you decided to do. But I also don't believe that you need to make a final decision right now.

Casey: But you're the one who's been pushing me to figure out what I want to do with my life. And now, all of the sudden, you want me to take my time? What -- what's going on?

Alison: Tom, Margo, I am so sorry. I -- I didn't mean to go off like that.

Margo: No, that's okay. You got a lot going on.

Alison: Well, I -- I've been thinking a lot about what you said, and -- and I'd like to take you up on your offer to live here. In fact, um, if you don't mind, I -- I'd like to move in right away.

Casey: Really?

Margo: We -- we would love that.

Tom: Alison, we don't want to push you into doing anything.

Casey: No. No one's pushing anyone to decide anything, right?

Alison: No, that's -- that's not what this is, honestly. Um, I -- I think it would be good for me, for us. And you know what? It -- it will help, you know, make planning the wedding easier, and then after that, it won't be so crazy. We won't have to worry about moving and everything. So -- is this okay with you?

Casey: Yeah, sure, if it's -- if it's what you want.

Alison: Yeah.

Casey: What do you say?

Margo: I say welcome home!

Barbara: Hello again.

Susan: Oh, Barbara, I don't have time to talk. I've got to get to the hospital.

Barbara: Why? Has Emily's condition changed?

Susan: No, no, no, but, uh, you'll have to excuse me. I've got a patient.

Barbara: No, no. I -- I really want to talk to you about something.

Susan: What is it?

Barbara: You know, I hate telling tales out of school.

Susan: Oh, really? That's hard to believe.

Barbara: [Sighs] I think you should be worried about your other daughter.

Susan: Alison? I just left her. She's fine.

Barbara: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Susan: Barbara, if there's something you think I need to know, I wish you would just say it.

Barbara: Alison has been seeing Mick Dante.

Emily: It was you. It was you! You're the one. You're the one who accused me of calling the police on Meg, but I didn't do it, remember.

Paul: I wasn't even there when you got sick. I -- I know.

Emily: No, no, no. You don't know. I told you, I told you. I kept telling you, but you didn't believe me.

Paul: Yes. No, I do believe you.

Emily: You didn't trust me. I'm your wife.

Paul: I believe you.

Emily: No, you're just saying that now because I'm in a coma. I was in a coma. I was asleep for -- no.

Paul: That day I realized that I was wrong, and I was coming home to apologize.

Emily: I don't think I can believe you.

Paul: But it's true. I -- I made a big mistake. I'm sorry. Please. You have to forgive me.

Emily: Forgive you? Yes. Yes, I can forgive you. I can forgive you, if you could do something for me.

Paul: Anything.

Emily: I think I can forgive you if maybe we could still have a baby.

Paul: You've been conscious for like two seconds, and you want to talk to me about having a baby?

Emily: Yeah. I don't want this to slow us down. There's no reason it should.

Paul: Well, I think that the doctors are gonna want you to take a break from all this.

Emily: No! Who cares what the doctors say? It doesn't matter what they think. Mick says that I will bounce right back.

Paul: Mick is not a doctor.

Emily: Would you listen to me? I am perfectly fine. Nothing happened to me. This is our second chance. We can have our baby, Honey. Oh.

Mick: How's the patient?

Paul: We're kind of in the middle of something.

Emily: No, no. This is the perfect time. Please come in and help us settle this.

Mick: What's going on?

Emily: I want to start my treatments again.

Paul: No. There's no way you're putting anything in your system until we figure out what just happened to you.

Emily: Would you stop talking for five minutes? Will you explain to him that there is nothing dangerous about what you're doing to me?

Mick: What I'd prefer to do is allow you two to settle this. But I am glad to see that you're doing better.

Emily: Okay, well, I'm gonna call you as soon as I get back, okay?

[Door closes]

Paul: I know you say that you're doing fine, but there is still something about this that doesn't make any sense.

Emily: What don't you understand? I want to have a baby with you. What?

Paul: I think there is still something wrong with you.

Susan: Let me tell you something. Alison's engaged.

Barbara: To a Hughes, no less. And if she is messing around with Mick Dante, your whole house of cards is gonna fall down.

Susan: She is not messing around with anybody. For you to even suggest --

Barbara: I'm only telling you what I've observed.

Susan: What you've observed? Please. I don't have time for this.

Alison: I love these pictures of your family.

Casey: Well, we can take them down if you want when we move in. I mean, we can have less of mine and more of ours.

Alison: I guess I kind of surprised you.

Casey: Yeah, you kind of did. I -- I didn't know we were gonna make a decision today. What happened?

Alison: When I was outside, I -- I, um --

Casey: What, you had a vision that my parents would retire and move out, and this would all be ours?

Alison: If you don't -- if you don't want to live here, we don't have to.

Casey: No, I -- listen. I just want to be married to you forever, Alison. That -- that's what I want. And despite what my dad might say, I -- I'm not naive and stupid. I -- I just -- I know being broke can wreck a marriage. And if staying here ups our odds for a marriage working, I'm -- I'm all in.

Alison: It will. Being here will. It will -- help us stay focused on each other.

Casey: Mm-hmm. Remember how you said we -- we're not gonna have sex till we're married?

Alison: I remember.

Casey: That was a lot easier to agree with when we weren't sleeping in the same bed with each other.

Alison: Are you saying you can't control yourself?

Casey: No. I am saying Valentine's Day is -- is far away, and I sleep in the nude.

[Alison yawns]

Casey: What? Really, that -- it's that exciting to you?

Alison: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm exhausted. I should go home and take a nap.

Casey: No, no. Sleep here.

Alison: With you?

Casey: That's a great idea. I -- I got to study for my exam. I'll -- I'll just be in the other room.

Alison: Are you sure it's okay?

Casey: Yeah. This is gonna be your bed, too.

Alison: Okay. You know, I feel safe here, Casey, like -- nothing can get me. [Sighs]

Margo: You and Casey seemed pretty intense earlier.

Tom: Yeah. He tells me he's getting on the pre-law track at college, follow in my footsteps.

Margo: And handsome footsteps they are. What's the problem?

Tom: Well, for starters, he's a convicted felon.

Margo: Yeah, but a lot of ex-cons are lawyers. It's not impossible.

Tom: For Casey it could be. He can't even sit for the bar exam unless he gets a certificate of good moral character and general fitness to practice law.

Margo: Well, there's plenty of people in this town who can vouch for Casey. There's your dad and Kim and your mom and --

Tom: And there's gonna be plenty of people standing in his way.

Margo: [Scoffs] Like who?

Tom: The D.A., the mayor, city council, any public servant that wants to appear tough on crime -- they're never gonna give him a chance.

Margo: You explain that to Casey?

Tom: It's something he wants, Honey. It just seems to me that it's unattainable. I -- I don't know how to say that to him.

Susan: Sweetie! [Gasps]

Emily: Hi.

Susan: Look at you! Oh. You look so --

Emily: Well-rested?

Paul: So glad you got my message finally.

Susan: How are you? Are you okay?

Emily: Yeah, I'm great. I'm -- I'm great.

Susan: How did this happen?

Emily: Mick did it.

Susan: Mick?

Emily: Yeah. He figured out that I had a bad reaction to an herbal supplement I was taking every morning, and I am so sorry, mom, that I worried you.

Paul: I want you to run every test under the sun.

Emily: Would you stop it? My husband's going overboard.

Susan: No, no, no. For once, I'm not objecting.

Paul: She is not thinking clearly.

Emily: "She" is right here, and yes, I am.

Paul: You just woke up from a coma and you're talking about getting pregnant?

Susan: What? No, that's out of the question, at -- at least until we run some more tests.

Paul: See? That's just what I said.

Emily: No, no! I am perfectly fine. Mick explained what happened.

Susan: Let science be the judge of that.

Paul: Yeah, no more treatments until we figure out what happened to you to make sure that it doesn't happen to you again.

Susan: Exactly. I agree with Paul.

Emily: You both are being very silly. Mick Dante saved my life. I trust him implicitly. I believe that he can fulfill my dream of having a child, and I don't know what I would do without him.

On the next "As the World Turns," --

Alison: Oh, I saw you.

Mick: No, you're wrong.

[Alison screams]

Mick: You said that you've been dreaming of me lately.

Alison: I wasn't dreaming. You are messing with my head, and it has to stop.

Molly: I can't do this anymore.

Holden: Do what?

Molly: I have to tell you the truth.

Lily: Why are you acting like this?

Damian: Because I'm sick and tired of his name coming out of your mouth.

[Sharkey groans]

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