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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 1/21/10

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Dusty: Three people, 8:00. You got it.

Teri: You sound like you don't care if they show up or not.

Dusty: I don't.

Teri: Well, then I'm glad that you hired my sister to be the hostess. You're gonna scare away customers, Boss.

Dusty: Do not call me boss.

Teri: Okay. Hey, where is Jan, anyway?

Dusty: She's in no shape to work today.

Teri: Why? What's going on?

Dusty: When's the last time you spoke to her?

Teri: Couple days ago. Why?

Dusty: You should call her.

Teri: Or you could just tell me what you're talking about. What's going on?

Dusty: Liberty's sick.

Teri: What do you mean?

Dusty: She has leukemia.

Janet: I still think you should take the day off.

Liberty: Heard you the first 50 times.

Janet: You just got out of the hospital.

Liberty: So?

Janet: Honey, I don't want you to push yourself.

Liberty: Then what do you want me to do, huh, sit around and wait for the test results to come in? Just be like, "Oh, wonder if I've got medium-sized leukemia or super-sized leukemia, maybe. I don't know"?

Janet: I don't think it works like that.

Liberty: Well, whatever way it works, I have an exam. I don't want to miss it. So, if you could please write me a note so that I don't get in trouble for missing my first-period class, I'd appreciate it.

Janet: Go to class. All right, fine. I'm gonna go tell the principal everything.

Liberty: Tell the principal everything? Why?

Janet: You're sick. What if something happens?

Liberty: Mom, no. You can't do that. I don't want anyone to know.

Jack: How's the leg?

Parker: Well, it only hurts when I walk around on it a lot.

Jack: Then don't do that.

Parker: Not like that's really an option. Mom won't even let me go to school today.

Jack: And you're complaining?

Parker: Because midterms are coming up and if I tank on them I have to go to summer school.

Jack: How about I pick up your homework for you?

Parker: Do you have the time?

Jack: Nothing but.

Parker: Then yeah. Yeah, that'd be cool. Thanks.

Jack: Is your mom around?

Parker: Yeah. Yeah, she is. One second. Mom? Dad's on the phone. Mom? Well, you know what? I have no idea where she is now, but I could swear that she was here two seconds ago.

Jack: Yeah, she's probably busy doing something. Listen, I'll catch up to you later, okay, Buddy? Bye.

Margo: Did you sleep tight?

Jack: Yeah. You heard I camped out in the office upstairs?

Margo: Well, was it supposed to be a secret?

Jack: I figured you wouldn't mind.

Margo: Well, you figured right.

Jack: Thank you.

Margo: Carly kick you out?

Jack: Car -- I'm staying at Carly's temporarily, for the kids.

Margo: So, why didn't you go back to your wife?

Jack: Janet and I, we're figuring things out. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Margo, I would like to come back to work.

Margo: You think you're ready?

Jack: It was tough getting past my brother's death and everything that went along with it, but I think I'm okay now.

Margo: Define okay.

Jack: "Define okay." I visited the target range for the first time in a long time. Physically, I'm in good shape. I got my life back in order, so I think I'm ready to come back to the force and start up my job again. What do you say?

Margo: Bull.

Parker: Hey, did you not hear me calling you, 'cause Dad was on the phone?

Carly: Oh. Well, what did he want?

Parker: He's picking up my homework for me.

Carly: I could do that for you.

Parker: It's fine. He's gonna bring it over here later.

Carly: He's gonna -- he's gonna bring it here?

Parker: Yeah. That was the idea. Is that a problem? Mom, it's okay for Dad to come over here, right?

Carly: Yes. Yeah, of course. Are you gonna be okay for a little bit? There's something that I need to do.

Parker: What is it?

Carly: I'll be back. You have everything you need, right?

Parker: Yeah, I do, but I'm just wondering where you --

Carly: Okay, Sweetheart. You -- you behave yourself. I'll be back soon.

Teri: Leukemia? Oh, my God. Liberty could die. This is -- I'm sorry. I just don't -- I need to call Janet right away.

Dusty: Wait a second. Let it sink in first.

Teri: What? She's my sister.

Dusty: But she doesn't want to talk about how her kid might die.

Teri: I want to know exactly what the doctor told her.

Dusty: And she shouldn't have to comfort you right now, right?

Teri: You're right. You're right. So what exactly is happening now? Is Liberty still in the hospital?

Dusty: She's out. Doctors are running tests. Janet's just trying to keep it together. You know.

Teri: Wait a second. Why do you know so much about this? I mean, Janet's my sister. It's Liberty that we're talking about. She's my niece. No one said anything to me about this. Why do you know so many details?

Dusty: I was there when she found out.

Teri: She told Jack, right?

Dusty: I hope so.

Teri: Of course. I mean, of course she told Jack. I know they're going through their own stuff, but at least that'll finally be put aside.

Dusty: What do you mean?

Teri: Well, I mean Janet believes in marriage and commitment, and so does Jack.

Dusty: So?

Teri: So, it doesn't matter how mad you are at your husband. If you need him or he needs you, they'll be there all the way.

Dusty: A lot of marriages fall apart.

Teri: That's not gonna happen. Janet is crazy in love with Jack. This'll be the thing that puts them back together. As long as nobody gets in the way.

Dusty: Who are you talking about?

Teri: Who do you think? Carly.

Dusty: I don't think Carly's on Janet's mind right now.

Teri: Well, that's good. This needs to be just a family thing.

Liberty: It was bad enough when I was pregnant and I had the whole school whispering about me behind my back. You want me to be leukemia girl now?

Janet: I am just telling the principal, not the whole school.

Liberty: Its high school, Mom. Come on. Really? Once one person knows, everybody knows, and I don't want people treating me weird or talking about me behind my back.

Janet: What if, God forbid, you pass out? That is why I want the principal and the nurse to know what's going on.

Liberty: You're telling the nurse, too? Are you kidding?

Janet: I will ask them both to be discreet, okay? I promise. But I am doing this, Liberty, and I still think you should tell your friends.

Liberty: That's not happening.

Janet: Just your close friends.

Liberty: No.

Janet: Okay. Just Mackenzie. She's your best friend. All I'm saying is that you need to reach out to the people who love you who can support you. That's what people do in a crisis.

Liberty: Then why have you not said anything to Jack?

Margo: So, is the marriage on? Is it off? Make up with Carly again?

Jack: I don't think -- what -- what difference does that make? I thought you wanted me back on the force.

Margo: I do, Jack. You're the best detective I have.

Jack: Okay, then what the hell is the problem, Margo?

Margo: You are estranged from your wife. You're brooding for your ex. You're basically homeless. It's not the best state of mind for a cop to be in.

Jack: Well, I wouldn't come back if I didn't think I could handle it.

Margo: Why don't you let me be the judge of whether you can handle it or not? Get your life back together, Jack, so that you can concentrate on your job, because we both know what can happen if you don't. Look, I want you back. Just get your personal life together so I know you're okay.

Jack: You make it sound easy.

Margo: Just do it, Jack.

Carly: Things have been going well, surprisingly well for me and my sobriety, although I've been feeling a little bit shaky since -- since my ex-husband and I -- we kissed. We really kissed. Jack is a good guy. He's the best guy, really. Starting up with him again, it felt -- it felt like that first drink again, you know? Familiar and warm and comfortable, and in the back of your head, you know this could kill me, which I suppose is why you're not supposed to start any new relationships so early in your recovery, right? But this isn't really new. This is Jack. This is the love of my life, and it certainly doesn't help that he's married to someone else now, someone that he loves, maybe as much as he loves me, but I know he loves me. He hasn't said it -- yet, but I know he does. And if he does say it, and if we start again and if he leaves me again, I just don't know if I could handle that without a drink in my hand.

Liberty: I know Jack has tried calling you, Mom.

Janet: I haven't had time to call him back.

Liberty: It's a phone call. Come on. How much time does it take to say, "Hey, Jack, it's me. Liberty has leukemia"? That's like three seconds.

Janet: I have. It's not like I'm keeping a secret from him.

Liberty: It's not?

Janet: I've been concentrating on you.

Liberty: I know, but, Mom, you really need someone to support you right now, and who else is gonna do that, huh?

Janet: I don't know. I don't know. Okay, listen, I will think about telling Jack when I see him. I'm just not sure that having him around is gonna make things any easier on us, but I'll think about it, okay? So, just got to class and have a great day.

Liberty: I'll try.

Janet: Good luck on the test.

Liberty: Thanks.

Janet: What are you doing here?

Jack: Parker asked me to pick up his homework. How about you?

Janet: I was just dropping off Liberty.

Jack: Oh. All right. If you want to wait, I can grab his assignments from his teachers. Then we can grab a cup of coffee or something.

Janet: I can't. I have to go see the principal.

Jack: Why? Liberty in trouble?

Janet: Jack, we just found out --

Jack: What?

Janet: We just found out that Liberty is gonna have to start hitting the books a little harder between now and graduation.

Jack: It's because of what's going on between you and me.

Janet: And other things, but she just has to get back on track.

Jack: I'm sorry, Janet.

Janet: For what?

Jack: Liberty's had it rough the last couple of months. I haven't exactly been helpful. If anything, I've probably made things harder for the both of you.

Janet: We'll be okay.

Jack: You and Liberty or all of us?

Janet: Jack, I can't do this right now.

Jack: Why not?

Janet: For one thing, you're still living at Carly's.

Jack: I moved out.

Janet: Why?

Jack: Why? Because I told you I would. Because I thought that we were gonna work on this, our marriage. That's still what you -- that's still what you want, isn't it?

Janet: Well, where have you been staying?

Jack: At the station.

Janet: You could have come home.

Jack: Did you really want me there?

Janet: Jack, I have to -- there's -- wait a minute. You're hanging out at the police station?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Janet: Does that mean that --

Jack: No. Don't get too excited. I don't have my job back on the force.

Janet: Wait, wait, wait. But Margo said that you could have it back any time you wanted it.

Jack: Well, she changed her mind. She says I'm not ready. She says I've got to get my personal life in order before I start carrying a gun around and arresting people.

Janet: So, that's why you want to do this right now, because Margo told you that you have to.

Jack: No, because we're married, Janet. Because we're having problems. Because not too long ago in Michigan you said you wanted to work on this. What -- what are we doing?

Janet: I don't know what you're doing, but I -- I have to go see the principal.

Liberty: So, we're completely lost in the woods. I mean, Parker -- Parker actually breaks his leg, so he's bleeding, and I'm freaking out. You know me. I was a complete --

[Mackenzie sneezing]

Liberty: Oh, my God. Are you sick? Are you okay?

Mackenzie: Allergies. Did you study for this Bio test? I have got to ace this. If I don't get in to Princeton, I'll die.

Liberty: No, Mac, you won't. You'll be fine.

Mackenzie: Whatever. I'm just saying -- I'll see you in there.

Janet: Oh, hi. I'm glad you're here.

Dusty: Hey, I didn't expect to see you today. You don't have to work. That's for sure.

Janet: Oh, I -- I completely forgot about that. I'm sorry.

Dusty: No, no. Don't be. Teri's in the back. I know she's worried about you and, well, you might want to talk to her.

Janet: No. I can't deal with that right now. Do you want some water or anything? Can I get you something? Coffee?

Dusty: No, thanks.

Janet: So, I took Liberty to school today.

Dusty: How's she feeling?

Janet: She's hell bent on acting like this isn't happening. And then I wanted to go to the principal and tell her about Liberty's condition.

Dusty: That's a good idea.

Janet: And then I ran in to Jack.

Dusty: How'd that go?

Janet: Well, we didn't fight, and for once, he wasn't with Carly.

Dusty: Did you tell him about Liberty?

Janet: I was going to, but then we started talking about him going back to work, and we just got off track.

Dusty: You got to tell Jack what's going on.

Janet: I know. I know. I know my daughter is sick, and I know that it's serious, but there's a part of me that feels like if I don't talk about it, if I don't put it out there in the universe, it's not really happening, you know?

Dusty: But it is happening.

Janet: I know. Hey, if -- if you feel like hugging me right now, that would probably be pretty nice. I could use one. [Sighs] I know, it feels weird since we slept together, but it was just that one time, and that doesn't mean that we still can't be friends, right? We can still be there for each other.

Dusty: You should talk to your husband.

Janet: I'd rather talk to you.

Parker: Hey, I thought you were going to school today.

Liberty: I was there. It just felt kind of pointless.

Parker: Don't you have a major Bio exam today?

Liberty: It's not like it's a matter of life and death.

Parker: It counts for a third of your grade, doesn't it?

Liberty: I guess. Um, is your mom around?

Parker: No, she's out.

Liberty: Are you allowed to move around yet?

Parker: After I borrowed the car and came to visit you, no.

Liberty: 'Cause if you have got the keys, then I can drive, and it won't bother your leg.

Parker: I don't know about that.

Liberty: Come on, Parker. Please, let's just go on an adventure and just do something crazy.

Parker: Well, it's kind of hard to be crazy when it hurts every time you move.

Liberty: Well, then we'll just have to do something crazy here.

[Jack remembering]

Carly: I've missed you.

Jack: Carly.

Carly: I know that we agreed not to see each other while Iím still married, and I really did intend to play by the rules, Jack. I respect your feelings. I do.

Jack: Look, Carly, I --

Carly: But all last night and all this morning I kept thinking about all the time we've wasted, Jack. I can't stop thinking about all the time that we should have had together, that we could have had together if only we'd been honest, and now that we are, that we're finally being honest, it just feels wrong to be apart.

Jack: I know, I know. But we said --

Carly: And I couldn't let this long day go by without seeing you, without telling you I love you. Without seeing you and telling you face-to-face. I love you, Jack. I will always love you.

Jack: We've made so many mistakes.

Carly: Let's not make another one.

Jack: How'd you know I was here?

Carly: I didn't. You thought I came here looking for you?

Jack: Right. Stupid me. I just thought that after that kiss you might actually want to talk about what's happening between us.

Carly: I never asked you to kiss me, Jack. There is nothing happening between us.

Jack: But instead, you've been avoiding me.

Carly: I have not.

Jack: Then why didn't you come to the phone this morning?

Carly: I was busy.

Jack: You were hiding.

Carly: You know what I did after you called? I went to an A.A. meeting.

Jack: Why?

Carly: You're like alcohol to me, Jack. You taste so good. I can't help myself. But I don't know how to stop, so I can't start. Not again. So, no more kisses. No more hanging around together. No more meeting in the places we used to meet. No more.

Jack: Okay.

Carly: Okay, then. So, why did you come here?

Jack: Because I kissed you.

Carly: And now you're feeling guilty?

Jack: Well, yeah, I'm feeling guilty. I'm married, Carly.

Carly: If you won't tell Janet, I won't.

Jack: And what happens the next time I kiss you?

Carly: Who says I'll let you? Well, then I guess we'll just have to stay away from each other.

Jack: Can't do that. And you know what? It really ticks me off, because it's the right thing to do, and I'm supposed to be this good guy, the guy who always does what's right no matter what.

Carly: You are.

Jack: Good guys don't make promises then break them. I've broken vows left and right, to you, Janet. I didn't come here because I feel guilty for kissing you, Carly. I came here because I wanted to remember. I wanted to remember that woman that loved me and how she told me she'd always love me.

Carly: I said that, all right. But then I lie a lot.

Jack: Why did you come here?

Carly: I wanted to remember the man who worked on a boat called "True Love" and dreamed of me.

Jack: I can't believe it's gone.

Carly: The boathouse? Nothing lasts forever.

Jack: That's not what you used to think.

Carly: I was young and stupid.

Jack: You were never stupid.

Carly: But this is. This is suicide. I can't do this. It scares me too much.

Jack: I'm scared, too.

Carly: Good. Then we'll forget it. We'll both walk away and keep our distance.

Jack: Okay. You first.

Janet: I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable, Dusty.

Dusty: You're not.

Janet: It's just, for some reason, I feel like you're the only person I can talk to about Liberty.

Dusty: That's 'cause I was there when you found out. I've got to take Johnny to a doctor's appointment.

Janet: Is he okay?

Dusty: Yeah, he's fine. It's just his checkup.

Janet: Oh, thank God.

Dusty: Yeah.

Janet: Thank God it's just a checkup.

Dusty: I know. I don't want to be late.

Janet: Okay.

Dusty: Teri, come and talk to your sister.

Teri: Janet, oh, my God.

Janet: I know.

Teri: Dusty told me. I'm so sorry.

Janet: I know.

Liberty: Come on, Parker. Let's just go upstairs.

Parker: Why?

Liberty: I haven't -- we haven't been together in a while and I miss it. What?

Parker: I'm just trying to figure out what's wrong with you.

Liberty: I -- I told you.

Parker: No. No, but I don't understand. I thought that you didn't want this. I thought you wanted to be friends.

Liberty: Friends can sleep together. Do you still find me attractive?

Parker: That's not the point, Liberty.

Liberty: Sure, it is! We've done it before. It's not like we've never done it before.

Parker: Look, something's up with you, Liberty. What is it?

Liberty: You know, if you're gonna be all touchy and weird about it, you know what? Really, just forget it.

Parker: Liberty, wait! Honestly, if I have to re-break my leg chasing after you, I'll do it! What is it? Whatever it is, you can tell me. Liberty, just tell me what it is and we'll fix it together.

Liberty: We can't. I have leukemia.

Carly: You need to go home, Jack. Janet's probably waiting for you. When she sees you, she'll feed you. You two will end up in bed, and everything will go back to the way it was before you kissed me.

Jack: Janet's not waiting for me, Carly.

Carly: How do you know?

Jack: I bumped in to her when I went to the school to pick up Parker's homework. I asked her out for a cup of coffee and she turned me down.

Carly: Try again.

Jack: She doesn't want to be with me, Carly, and I'm starting to get the feeling she couldn't wait to get away from me.

Carly: Well, whatever she's mad about, I'm sure she'll get over it.

Jack: That's what I thought. She walked away from me, and I thought, "I got to go after her. That's my wife. I've got to force her to sit down with me and figure out what's wrong with our marriage and find a way to fix it," but I didn't do that. Instead, I came here, and you came here, too.

Carly: Coincidence.

Jack: You were thinking about us.

Carly: It just proves that we're both much too sentimental and we're both grasping at some romantic memory because the present is too hard to deal with. That's all it is.

Jack: Is it?

Carly: Find Janet. Go home to her.

Jack: It's too late.

Carly: You just saw her, what, an hour ago?

Jack: Even then it was -- it's too late. Even before I met her, it was too damn late.

Carly: I don't understand.

Jack: When you came to me at the boathouse --

Carly: Don't do this.

Jack: You were wearing a pink dress.

Carly: How can you remember that?

Jack: You remember what you said?

Carly: If you think I'm gonna say it again, you are out of your mind.

Jack: Then I'll say it. I love you. I'll always love you.

Teri: What did Jack say?

Janet: I haven't told him yet.

Teri: Jan, you have to call him.

Janet: I know. I will, when I get around to it.

Teri: He's your husband.

Janet: I know. I know. But, obviously, it's really hard for me to even talk about this right now.

Teri: Okay. What can I do? What can I do to help?

Janet: I don't know.

Teri: Oh, okay. Well, why don't I start by cooking you and Liberty dinner? You guys can come here and hang out or I can come to the farm. Either way.

Janet: I'll think about it, okay?

Teri: And I can also call any doctors that you need, do any research that you need.

Janet: Theresa. Theresa, stop it, okay? Please. Please. Talking about it and planning around it, it just gets to me.

Teri: I'm sorry.

Janet: I'm sorry. I should go.

Teri: Okay. Hey, I'm gonna call you later.

Janet: Okay. Okay.

Dusty: You're really brave. You didn't even cry when you got your shot this time.

Johnny: I'm a big boy now.

Dusty: Well, let's celebrate that. You want to get an ice-cream sundae over at Al's? Let's do it.

Doctor: Mr. Donovan.

Dusty: Yes, Doctor.

Doctor: Is Mrs. Snyder here with you, by any chance?

Dusty: Janet? No.

Doctor: Well, I know the two of you were anxious about Liberty's tests. I wanted to give you an update.

Dusty: You should talk to Janet about this.

Doctor: I will, of course, but I was led to believe that since you were such a good friend of the family, I could --

Dusty: I want the best treatment for Liberty, but you should really talk to her family about the illness.

Doctor: I'll do that.

Johnny: Is Liberty sick?

Dusty: Yeah, Buddy. She is.

Johnny: Is she gonna die like my mommy?

Liberty: Did you just hear what I said?

Parker: Yeah. Yeah, and it wasn't funny, okay? Not in the least bit.

Liberty: It's not a joke.

Parker: No, no, no, no. I see what's going on here. You decided that you were bored at school, so you thought you'd come here and at first you'd come on to me and then you'd make up this really, really terrible lie.

Liberty: I'm not lying. I have cancer. [Liberty sobs] It's true.

Parker: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Okay. Um, well, the first thing is, you're not gonna die, okay?

Liberty: How do you know that?

Parker: Because I won't let you. My dad died. My sister died. You just don't get to, okay? That's not happening.

Liberty: Well, there's stuff that's happening, like the chemo and the radiation.

Parker: Yeah, but you're gonna get through that.

Liberty: How do you know that?

Parker: After all the stuff that you've been through, you will. Liberty, whatever you have to do, you'll do, and I will be right there with you, okay? You're not gonna be alone. You're not.

Carly: Leave me alone, Jack.

Jack: You know you love me, too.

Carly: And what has it gotten me? Every time we've been together, we've ended up hurting each other, over and over again.

Jack: Usually because you're trying to do what's best for me, Carly, and I'm always trying to do what I think is right for you, but it's always out of love. Always. Instead of fighting this, we need to face it.

Carly: I can't. I can't do it again.

Jack: I need you!

Carly: Why?

Jack: No one else could have brought me back from the brink after Brad died. I would have wound up dead myself out there if it weren't for you or wandering around the rest of my life.

Carly: Eventually you would have come back for the kids, for Janet.

Jack: I came back because you brought me back. You wouldn't let me go.

Carly: I know you better than anyone.

Jack: Yeah. And I know you. You have infuriated me, you have shattered my heart, and you have turned my world upside-down.

Carly: And you want to go through all of that again? Why?

Jack: Because no matter now much I think things are gonna be better when I'm free of you, they never are. You feel the same way.

Carly: Don't tell me what I feel.

Jack: Oh, okay, then. You tell me. How do you feel?

Carly: I can't.

Jack: Then show me.

Carly: Jack, we have to stop this.

Jack: No.

Carly: Jack, please. It isn't fair. Not to you, not to me, not to Janet. Are you sure that it's over with her?

Jack: I've let her down so many times, Carly. Janet's not gonna be crying when I walk out the door.

Carly: Well, then you have to tell her, face-to-face.

Jack: I know.

Carly: And you have to tell her before we go any further with this. Are we -- going any further with this?

Jack: You think we can stop it?

Carly: I want you to be sure. I need you to be sure. I don't want you to move back in and then in a couple of days start feeling guilty about hurting Janet or start wondering if it's really gonna work with us, because I couldn't take it.

Jack: I'm sure. We belong together, Carly. Forever.

Carly: You can never leave me again.

Jack: You're right. I could never leave you again.

Carly: Okay. You -- you finish things with Janet, if you're sure that's what you want.

Jack: Yes. I will talk to Janet, and --

Carly: Then you come back to me.

Jack: I love you.

Carly: Don't say it again until you're really mine.

Dusty: Liberty's family's gonna make sure she gets all the right medicine, all the right doctors, so she can get better.

Johnny: Didn't Mommy have all the right doctors?

Dusty: I thought she did.

Margo: Hey, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny! Oh! How you doing?

Johnny: I'm having ice cream with my dad.

Margo: You are? Well, you better get back there and gobble it up before I do.

Dusty: Buddy, I'm gonna go talk to your Aunt Margo for a second, okay? I'll be right over here. Is this official business?

Margo: No. This is family business. So, what are you doing here with Johnny? Where's my brother?

Dusty: Craig's in Chicago for some vitamin water thing. I just had an appointment with him with his doctor, and now we're eating ice cream.

Margo: And he still calls you dad?

Dusty: He calls Craig that, too. I'm not much for sharing, but it's good for Johnny.

Margo: You know, Craig told me that Johnny's asking about his mom a lot lately.

Dusty: Yeah, I've been getting a few questions like that myself.

Margo: I think that you should tell him about her.

Dusty: You give your brother that advice, as well?

Margo: He didn't love Jennifer. You did. Although the way you go through women, it's kind of hard to believe.

Dusty: Women? What women?

Margo: "Women? What women?" Meg, Bonnie, Lucy.

Dusty: Lucy left town, did she not?

Margo: Alison.

Dusty: Engaged to your son.

Margo: Shh, shh, shh. Emily.

Dusty: I'm not into married women.

Margo: Are you sure about that?

Dusty: Why? Are you interested?

Margo: Oh! [Laughs]

Dusty: Fast and loose. That's how I like to stay. If you find someone who wants to deal with that, let me know.

Margo: Yeah. You and my brother love them and leave them.

Dusty: Unless they leave you first.

Margo: Hey, Donovan, why don't you find someone special, for that kid's sake? Bye!

Liberty: I went to see Parker today. Told him. Cried a lot. The thing is, I'm just more mad than I am sad and just -- just more scared than anything else.

Teri: My God. I mean, who wouldn't be, you know? But you just got to take it one day at a time, you know?

Liberty: I'm just scared that when I beat this, I'm gonna just always be thinking that it's hanging over me and that maybe it'll come back again or something.

Teri: I might feel like that for a little bit, but, hey, you're gonna be fine. That's a promise from your Aunt Theresa, okay?

Carly: Hi. These'll cheer you up.

Parker: Not likely.

Carly: Come on, Parker. You're gonna get that cast off in no time. What do you have to be so sad about?

Parker: What do you have to be so happy about?

Carly: Life, my boy. It is indeed good, and for the first time in a long time, I am excited for what happens next.

Parker: Well, you know what? Your cheerful mood is giving me a headache. I think I'm gonna go up to my room.

Carly: Sour puss. What do you want for lunch?

Parker: I'm not hungry.

Carly: Okey-doke. Hello. I'd like to order a pizza, please. Just one large cheese, well done. Yeah, that's the number. Thanks. Oh, wait. Would you mind delivering a six-pack of beer with that? Yes. Thank you. Bye. For Jack.

Jack: What's going on?

Janet: I, uh -- I wasn't expecting to see you.

Jack: Perhaps I should have called, but I just thought that we should talk. Are you crying?

Janet: Oh, gosh. I think its lunchtime, right?

Jack: Whoa, wait a second. Whoa. What is going on? Tell me what's wrong.

Janet: It's Liberty.

Jack: Liberty?

Janet: Oh, I'm so glad you're home, Jack. I need you so much.

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Jack: For once in your miserable life, shut the hell up!

Janet: We're gonna find a way to make our marriage work.

Carly: You didn't tell her.

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