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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 1/15/10

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Janet: What are you talking about? My daughter's not sick. I was just in there with her. She was practically climbing out the window wanting to go home.

Dusty: Janet --

Janet: I mean, what is it with you people? Do you poke and prod everybody that comes in here with a runny nose? Now sign the release paper so I can take her home and put her in her own bed.

Dusty: Doctor, tell us about the bruise.

Janet: Of course she has a bruise! She was lost in the woods for hours.

Dr. Pressman: Liberty's blood-cell count, her white-cell count, is highly elevated.

Janet: So? She's anemic or something.

Dr. Pressman: The platelet and hemoglobin counts are very low.

Janet: Okay, will you speak English, please? What is wrong with my daughter?

Dr. Pressman: Mrs. Snyder, I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm afraid your daughter has leukemia.

Jack: You don't want me to move out?

Carly: That's what I said.

Jack: I know. I know it's what -- may I? I know that's what I said. What I want to know is what you're saying.

Carly: I'm not asking for us to change or for you not to deal with Janet or your marriage.

Jack: You just want me to stick around to open peanut-butter jars and change ceiling bulbs?

Carly: Our son just got out of the hospital.

Jack: I know that.

Carly: He's hobbling around.

Jack: Right. That's why we moved his stuff down here so he wouldn't have to go back upstairs.

Carly: Right. But he may still need some help with things, you know? Say he needed help getting in and out of the shower, for example. I don't think he'd want his mother doing that.

Jack: Carly, there's always gonna be a reason for me to stick around.

Carly: So -- what does that tell you?

Molly: I do not understand this. How do you fold an egg white?

Holden: You'd better not let my mother hear you say that?

Molly: [Laughs] Hi.

Holden: Hi.

Molly: [Laughs] Mmm, mmm, mmm. That's kind of awesome.

Holden: I could do this all day. You know --

Molly: What?

Holden: You don't need to impress my mother by baking a French recipe cake, or me.

Molly: No?

Holden: No. Besides, I'm already impressed.

Damian: Look at that. Sunset dinner al fresco on the Serengeti with zebra and elephants grazing in the background.

Lily: Uh-huh.

Damian: Lily, I thought you wanted to do the safari for our honeymoon.

Lily: Damian, it's so far away. The kids just turned back in school, and -- and Faith is just getting settled in at East Lake. If she gets homesick, I can't be in the Serengeti.

Damian: Lily, I just checked the parents' website for Faith's school about an hour ago.

Lily: You did?

Damian: Yeah, I did. She's fine. She's even signed up for her first writing seminar. As far as the kids, I mean, they'll get by without us for a little while.

Lily: I don't know.

Damian: Lily, we deserve this trip.

Lily: Does it have to be right now?

Damian: I want to give my wife her honeymoon before our first anniversary. Is that so unreasonable?

Lily: It seems like you can't get out of Oakdale fast enough.

Damian: Lily, we've had an ordeal here.

Lily: I know, but we're getting better. I mean, Meg is -- is doing well at Deerbrook. She's responding to treatment. Can't we get our lives back first?

Damian: I thought it would be good for us to spend some time alone, you know? Not just -- for other reasons. You know, you thought you were pregnant, you weren't, and -- it's okay. You know what? It's fine. Don't worry about it.

Lily: No, you know what? I just heard what a brat I sounded like. You're thoughtful and romantic, and -- and I promise I will stop coming up with reasons to say no. Just let me talk to Holden first and make sure he can watch the kids before you book anything.

Damian: Okay.

Lily: You're wonderful. Thank you for thinking of everything.

Meg: Damian is really a wonderful man, and, uh, now that I have all this clarity, I can see how right he and Lily are together and how wrong I was to come between them.

Dr. Wilson: As long as you really mean that, we're getting somewhere, Meg.

Meg: I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Oh. [Laughs] My meds. Sorry. I'll get some water with that.

Dr. Wilson: Your evaluation today could be your ticket home.

Meg: And I am so grateful. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me.

Sharkey: How's our favorite patient, Doc?

Parker: Hey, are you home yet?

Liberty: Nope. Still here.

Parker: I'm nuts. I mean, I'm the one with the busted leg.

Liberty: [Sighs] I know, Parker. I am so bored. They're just doing all these weird tests.

Parker: You know what? How -- how about I come by and pick you up, and we pick up a pizza on the way home?

Liberty: You dork. You can't drive. You have crutches.

Parker: You know what? You practically carried me out of the woods. I -- I think I can drive a car with a leg brace.

[Liberty laughs]

Janet: Leukemia? Cancer? No. No. No, no, this can't be happening. No, no, she just lost her father. This can't be happening! She -- no, no! No, she can't! No! [Sobs]

Dusty: I know you're in shock, Janet. But for Liberty's sake, you got to stay positive. You've called the oncologist?

Dr. Pressman: One of the very best. Mrs. Snyder, there is every reason to remain hopeful.

Dusty: That guy's on top of it. He saw the bruise.

Janet: He saw the bruise. I'm her mother. How is it that I didn't notice that she has a fatal disease?

Dusty: Who's using the word "Fatal"? Hey, who's using the word "Fatal"? Liberty's gonna get top-notch treatment and fight this, and she'll win.

[Liberty laughs]

Janet: I can't.

Dusty: Janet --

Janet: No. I can't.

Jack: Come on, Carly. It'd be easy for me to stick around until Parker's off his crutches.

Carly: So why don't you?

Jack: Because like I told you before, then there'd be another reason for me not to go, and another reason. And by the time we got done coming up with reasons, I'm not sure what I'd have left of my marriage.

Carly: You're right. You've been talking about going home and fixing things with Janet since you got here. It's probably time you did that.

Jack: Does that bother you?

Carly: Why would it? I have to get this sandwich to Parker.

Jack: You understand why I have to go, right?

Carly: Uh-huh. Parker?

Jack: Maybe he's in the bathroom or -- oh, don't even --

[Engine revving]

Jack: Parker!

Carly: [Gasps] How the hell did he get out here?

Jack: How the hell is he driving a stick with a busted leg?

Carly: Where the hell is he going? Oh, you're kidding me.

Lily: Holden? Yikes. That doesn't look like Emma's chocolate cake.

Molly: That's because it's mine. What's up, Lily?

Lily: Not your cake.

Molly: What do you mean?

Lily: It's supposed to puff up, not turn down, FYI.

Molly: That's impossible. It says right here in the recipe, and I did it.

Lily: Seriously, Molly, what are you trying to do? It's one thing to make a play for Holden in his house. It's another to try to cook like his mother. Trust me, you can't compete.

Molly: I don't have to compete. And you know what? Holden's got a real sweet tooth, but it's kind of a specific one, and I seem to be pretty good at knowing how to satisfy it.

Lily: Are you always this crass, or is it just for my benefit?

Holden: Wow. That cake smells really -- good. Lily.

Lily: Hello.

Holden: What is it? You seem upset.

Lily: No, I'm not. I just came here to talk to you about the kids. But I can do that another time.

Holden: No, it's okay. You're here. Just tell me what it is.

Lily: I said another time. Maybe after you've finished dessert.

Molly: Whoops.

Holden: What did I miss?

Molly: Well, first she thought the cake was Emma's, so I set her straight. And then I kind of let her know we were sleeping together. Should I not have done that?

Holden: I've got nothing to hide, and we've got nothing to apologize for. But she did come all the way out here. Must have been for a reason. Maybe it was about the kids. I kind of should find out if that's the case.

Molly: You want to go ask her?

Holden: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Molly: Then go. I'll just watch my cake.

Holden: Okay. Thanks. Uh, your cake -- um, I'm sure it will be fine.

Damian: Yes, it's for me and my wife. Mm-hmm. It's a belated honeymoon trip actually, yeah. I just want to make sure that, uh, we get the best. You know what? Uh, I have another call. Would you mind holding a minute? Thank you. Hello.

Meg: Hello, Damian.

Damian: Meg, why are you calling me?

Meg: Well, I can't thank you enough for your help in making sure that I was brought to Deerbrook for treatment. I have never felt this clearheaded in a very long time.

Damian: Stop calling me.

Meg: All right. You know, after my evaluation today, I will be able to tell you in person just how much you mean to me. And then I'll be able to show you, just like we discussed.

Damian: Meg --

Meg: You know what? I got to run. It's a really big day for me here today.

Damian: Meg -- damn it. Meg!

Damian: Uh, hi. Thank you. Um, you know, I -- I don't think I'm ready to book that safari just yet. Um, I'll get back to you soon. Thank you.

Holden: Lily -- Lily, slow down. Lily -- can we just talk about this?

Lily: Talk about what? Your sweet tooth? Please.

Holden: Stop, stop.

Lily: Why are you doing this?

Holden: Why are you so angry?

Lily: Like you don't know.

Holden: She was baking a cake.

Lily: Molly? Really? Of all people, you had to choose her?

Holden: You know, you're unbelievable.

Lily: Excuse me?

Holden: I can't believe, you know, you're giving me a hard time about who I'm dating. Lily, you're married. A -- and not only that, you married Damian twice just so we all know that you're his wife. I just start dating someone, and I catch flak.

Lily: It's Molly.

Holden: Yes, it's Molly. And I'm glad it is.

Lily: [Scoffs] I just think you deserve better than Molly. That's all.

Holden: You know what, Lily? You were the one who came looking for me, and you took off once you saw Molly.

Lily: Holden, she is as transparent as a window -- the apron, the chocolate, the domestic-Goddess impersonation. Does she really think anyone's gonna buy that, coming from her?

Holden: Why do you even care? And you haven't exactly been discerning in your choices, either. For your information, your husband -- he's no saint.

Lily: Look at us. We got along so well at Christmas. How did we get back to this?

Holden: I don't know. I'm sorry.

Lily: So am I.

Holden: You came out to the farm to talk to me. You said it was something about the kids.

Lily: Damian and I were planning a trip, and I wanted to make sure that you could take the kids for two weeks.

Holden: Yeah, of course I can. But back up. You said you "Were" planning a trip?

Lily: Now is not the time to go any place.

Holden: Why not?

Lily: It was a mistake. The timing's off. I told Damian that, but he was insistent, and now I know that I'm right.

Holden: And this is not because I'm dating Molly?

Lily: No. I told you, it has nothing to do with that.

Holden: Well, then, you should just go on this trip, Lily. I'll be fine.

Lily: You and Molly both?

Holden: You know what? You know what? Can I ask you a question? You married Damian, you get pregnant, you plan this trip, which I can only assume is your honeymoon, but it just isn't enough for you, is it? The only way you're gonna be happy is if I'm pining away for you. Is that it? What? What, you're gonna tell me that I'm wrong?

Lily: You are. I'm not pregnant.

Molly: The recipe says it should be shared with someone you love. Molly says sometimes you need something stronger than chocolate.

Damian: Don't I pay you enough?

Sharkey: What?

Damian: I am lining your pockets to watch Meg Snyder 24/7, but somehow she's continuing to call my house and threaten me. So I can only conclude you're not really doing your job, Mr. Sharkey.

Sharkey: All outgoing patient calls are recorded. If you've got her on tape threatening you --

Damian: She's tricked an entire ward into thinking she's sane. Do you really think she'd say anything incriminating on the phone with me? Now, she's threatened to kill me as soon as she gets out of here, and she told me she's being evaluated today. Well, don't just shake your head. If she passes this evaluation, are they really going to let her go?

Sharkey: Not if they find meds in her bedding.

Janet: Dear Lord, please don't make Liberty pay for my sins. I know I broke my vows, and I haven't followed your commandments. Please don't make her suffer because of me. She doesn't deserve it. It's not fair. And I know I don't have a right to ask for fairness, but please, give it to me, okay? Make me suffer. I'll take it. I deserve it. But she doesn't. She's so young, and she's had so much loss, and she has a big life ahead of her. She has the opportunity to make her life so much better than I made mine. She's a good kid. I know you know that. And my love for her is pure. It's probably the only pure thing I have left. Please -- please don't take her away from me. Please, God, let her live.

Dusty: Sorry. I didn't want to leave you alone. I'll go.

Janet: No. Come. Will you pray with me?

Dusty: Of course I will.

Janet: I feel like I'm being punished, Dusty.

Dusty: You mean for sleeping with me?

Liberty: Your parents are gonna be so mad.

Parker: That may be, but I think its nuts that you're still here and yet I only have one functional leg, and I'm at home.

Liberty: I know. I have no idea what's going on.

Parker: Yeah. I'm surprised to see that your mother's not here.

Liberty: Oh, yeah, I got mad at her for smothering me, so she's kind of M.I.A. But I really just think it's weird why they haven't let me out yet. I don't know why they're not telling me.

Parker: Then let's get out of here. What's the worst that can happen?

Jack: You don't even want to know. Want to explain what you're doing here?

Liberty: You guys, please, don't be mad at Parker, because I was -- I was whining to him on the phone, and so then he just took pity.

Carly: Are you out of your mind?

Liberty: Really, it's my fault. I'm sorry. It's completely my fault. Sorry.

Parker: I'm not. She saved my life. I thought I'd repay the favor.

Jack: Parker, you ought to be home, resting that leg. And you -- you can't go anywhere until the doctor signs your release papers.

Liberty: Yeah. It's getting really ridiculous that they haven't.

Jack: Well, they're the ones in charge. I don't know what you want me to tell you.

Liberty: You love bossing me around every time you can.

Jack: I'm not -- I'm not bossing you around. I'm trying to take care of you, Liberty.

Liberty: It's not your job.

Jack: Where's your mother?

Liberty: Why do you care?

Jack: I'm asking you because I think she should --

Liberty: Oh, you're asking 'cause asking is just so much easier than actually being her husband for five minutes. [Chuckles]

Dusty: I'm sorry you think that Liberty's sickness is your fault.

Janet: What if it is?

Dusty: It's got nothing to do with you.

Janet: My baby is sick, Dusty. She's sick.

Dusty: She's not sick because we slept together.

Janet: Don't say that, okay? Just don't. Don't say anything.

Carly: Come outside with me. Now!

Jack: Okay, I deserved that last blast.

Liberty: That's big of you.

Jack: I've been an absent husband to your mother, and I've been an absent stepfather to you since your dad died, and I'm sorry about that.

Liberty: Whatever.

Jack: No, it's not "Whatever." I'm also your uncle, and I will take care of you for the rest of your life.

Liberty: Jack, don't do that on my account, really.

Jack: I'm not. I'm doing it for your father, 'cause I swore to him I would.

Liberty: Yeah, really? When, hmm?

Jack: Christmas Eve. Yeah.

Liberty: I saw him, too. So did my mom.

Jack: I guess he had a lot to say. [Sighs] I know that you'll never think the same way about me again. I've accepted that. And if you decide that you want to hate me for the rest of your life, I guess I'll have to accept that, too. But I will always, always look after you, Liberty.

Liberty: I don't hate you, Jack. I just miss him.

Jack: Yeah, I know.

Liberty: It makes missing him easier when I blame someone for it.

Jack: Believe me, I understand.

Liberty: I just -- I've been so awful dealing with this, with you. And I -- I know he's your brother and that you didn't mean to and it was an accident.

Jack: It doesn't change the fact that it actually happened.

Liberty: No. I just don't know if in my head, I'll ever be able to stop blaming you for it.

Jack: I get it, and its okay. I like a challenge.

Liberty: Yeah. So did my dad.

Parker: Everything okay in here?

Carly: Your son is more stubborn than a mule.

Jack: No, we're okay.

Dusty: The fact is, your daughter's sick, and you need to tell her.

Janet: How? I don't even know where to start.

Dusty: That's why you're here, right? For help.

Janet: I guess. But even with my faith, I -- I still feel like I'm on my own.

Dusty: You have God, and you have me. Look at me. I want you.

Lily: I feel ambivalent about having a child. If I had been pregnant, but I'm not, so --

Holden: So why try? Sorry. That came out a little nastier than I meant it to be.

Lily: I get it.

Holden: Lily, why don't you just go on this trip? You've been through so much with Meg, I think you need to do this for yourself. We'll take care of the kids.

Lily: You and Molly.

Holden: Yeah, and my mother. Listen, Molly is in my life right now, and you need to learn how to deal with that.

Lily: [Sighs] Well, I need some time to think about it, but thank you for giving me the option.

Holden: Okay. You know I'm always there for the kids, right?

Lily: Yeah, I know that, Holden. And I'm sorry that I gave you a hard time for seeing Molly.

Holden: But you're not gonna take back what you said.

Lily: Not a word of it.

[Door rattling]

Meg: Right in front of me, you bribe him?! He's the one on your payroll?!

Damian: And I'm sorry to see that you're imagining conspiracies in here, as well, Meg. I thought you were getting better.

Meg: You think my doctor won't believe me, that I can't prove this?

Damian: I hate to see you clinging to such false hope, especially when I've done everything in my power to make sure you never get out of here.

Meg: What does that mean?

Damian: Take good care of her. I once had some feelings for her.

Meg: What does it mean?! What do you mean, that you're gonna make sure that I never get out of here?! Tell me what you've done! Tell me!

Damian: I was a fool to think that I could care for someone so disturbed and twisted as you, Meg. And that you took my kindness to the level of fantasy and imagined we'd shared a bed? If you weren't so pathetic, I'd be disgusted.

Meg: If only I had burned it with you in it!

Meg: Dr. Wilson, I know how this looks, but I -- I can explain. I -- I stopped taking the pills because I could see everything clearly, and your sessions, they helped me so much. It was wrong to hide the pills there, but you have to understand, I don't need the meds anymore. You have to believe me. I -- I know what I'm doing. I'm not delusional, and I'm not pulling some kind of scam. I'm not --

Damian: Crazy? I'm sorry, but you have to understand my position, Dr. Wilson.

Meg: Shut up, Damian.

Damian: This woman has been lying to all of you for weeks. After verbally threatening me and physically attacking my wife, someone has got a hold of the situation.

Meg: Oh, like what you did, bribing Sharkey in the hallway while I was watching you?!

Dr. Wilson: Is that true?

Meg: You lying bastard! You have wads of bills in your pocket! Check his pockets!

Dr. Wilson: This is a terrible breach of trust, Meg. You fooled everyone, including yourself.

Meg: No, don't you see? This is what he does. He has enough money to bribe the whole hospital and make me look crazy, but I'm not! You can't let this happen to me, please!

Damian: Meg, calm down. You're making this so much worse for yourself.

Meg: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! He did this! He did this! He did this! You have to believe me! They're setting me up! Please, please, please!

Holden: Molly?

Parker: I'm starving.

Carly: Well, that sandwich I made for you is still in the kitchen, probably quite soggy by now.

Parker: Sweet.

Carly: Just sit down. I'll make you another one.

Parker: No, I can do it myself. Besides, I owe you. I -- I completely pulled a Jack there, and I'm sorry.

Jack: What?

Parker: Going to get Liberty. I mean, that's like something that you would have done.

Jack: Okay, why don't you go fix yourself a sandwich and be quiet, all right?

Carly: You see?

Jack: See -- see what?

Carly: He likes having you here.

Jack: Oh, that's -- that's what you took from his little stunt, is it? Carly, I -- I don't want to send any more mixed messages to Parker or Sage.

Carly: You're right. We should avoid doing that if we can. Which is why you should move out.

Jack: Okay. Uh, my stuff is kind of strewn all over the house, so it's gonna take me a while to -- to gather it all up.

Carly: Oh, that's -- that's fine. Take your time. I'm sure Emma will be thrilled to have you back at the farm, with or without all your stuff. That is where you're going, right?

Jack: Honestly, I don't know where I'm going next.

Dusty: God, will you just talk to her, be brave?

Janet: God --

Dusty: You haven't let her down. You never have.

[Janet laughs]

Dusty: Don't start now.

Janet: You're being awfully presumptuous. You're assuming a lot about me.

Dusty: I'm not assuming anything. I'll bring you up there. I'll stand outside the room if you need me. Go tell her. Trust me, you can do this.

Janet: What if you're wrong?

Dusty: I'm your boss. I'm never wrong. Let's go.

Molly: Hi, I'm Molly.

Holden: Hi, I'm Holden.

Molly: I make a terrible chocolate cake.

Holden: Yes, you do, but as far as I can tell, that's -- that's the only thing that's wrong with you.

Molly: So, how bad was it with Lily?

Holden: Been worse.

Molly: She's freaked out about us being together, I think, or whatever we are.

Holden: She's adjusting, like I had to.

Molly: Yeah, right.

Holden: Listen, I know we just met and all, but -- I would really like to kiss you. Game over?

Molly: Just pretend you're me for a second, okay? I spent half the day in your mom's kitchen trying to bake you this really bad version of an un-ruinable cake, and then your ex-wife walks in, and she learns we're involved, and she throws a hissy fit and a couple of insults, and she takes off. You took basically two breaths before you tore off after her to explain. How do you think I felt?

Holden: So, wait a minute. You think that I went after her to explain us?

Molly: Yes. Wait a minute. Are we an "Us"?

Holden: Do you bake cakes for guys that you're not an "Us" with?

Molly: Okay. So maybe I overreacted a little bit.

Holden: You -- assumed. There's a difference.

Molly: So, did you straighten things out with Lily about the kids?

Holden: Not really. She might be going away with Damian, and she was wondering if we would be able to take the kids.

Molly: We?

Holden: Yeah. I come with kids, Molly.

Molly: Yeah, I know. It's just -- you surprise me.

Holden: Well, that's a good thing, because I would hate to think that I was boring.

Molly: No, no, boring you're not. So, um, how's Lily feeling?

Holden: Oh, you mean, uh -- she's not pregnant.

Molly: Seriously?

Holden: Yeah. She told me.

Molly: Oh. Is she upset?

Holden: Wouldn't know.

Molly: Well, that explains why maybe she's a little more freaked out than normal about us.

Holden: I wouldn't know that either.

Molly: People are gonna know now.

Holden: People?

Molly: Yeah. That we are an us.

Holden: You know what? I just got a great idea. Why don't you move all your stuff out of the guest room at the farm into my room?

Molly: Are you kidding?

Holden: Not at all.

Molly: Well, then, the answer is yes.

Holden: Good. There's one condition, though -- one condition.

Molly: Of course there is. What?

Holden: You gotta leave the baking to my mother. Okay?

Molly: Deal.

Lily: She came after Damian? I can't -- no, no. I -- I appreciate that you called me. Thank God you found this out in time. Yes. I appreciate that. Thank you.

Damian: What is it, Lily?

Lily: For someone who claims to want Meg out of our lives for good, you seem to go out of your way to spend an awful lot of time with her.

Damian: Who -- who was that on the phone?

Lily: It was Meg's doctor. He wanted to be sure that I knew what happened there today. Question is, if he hadn't called me, would I have heard about this from you?

Damian: Lily, I came straight home from Deerbrook to tell you what happened with Meg. I had no idea Dr. Wilson would call you first.

Lily: He was concerned about my safety.

Damian: So am I. That's why I was there.

Lily: Explain this to me.

Damian: All right. Meg called me earlier. She said she -- she was going to be evaluated later today. She said she duped her doctors into believing that she was fine, and she was planning on being discharged and coming after me.

Lily: Is that true?

Damian: Yes. So I went there to make sure that nothing like that would happen. But when she saw me, she just lost it. She lunged for me. She -- she said she hated me.

Lily: And -- and that you paid off an orderly to keep an eye on her?

Damian: Yeah. Lily, it was very sad. I mean, you should have seen her. She -- she was so enraged, she ripped her bedding, and a whole stash of pills came tumbling out.

Lily: Pills?

Damian: Yes. She hasn't been taking her meds. She'd been hiding them.

Lily: Oh, my God.

Damian: I'm sorry. I was just trying to protect you.

Lily: I had no idea.

Damian: But I -- I think I finally have it under control.

Lily: This is unreal.

Damian: I know. It's too much, Lily. Have you thought any more about going away?

Lily: I spoke to Holden.

Damian: You saw him?

Lily: I did. He said that he would watch the kids if we still wanted to go away.

Damian: So there's nothing standing in our way?

Lily: No, nothing.

Holden: That guy over there with that woman -- I know him.

Molly: Oh, yeah. I do too. Isn't he --?

Holden: Yeah, he's -- he's the orderly at Deerbrook. I -- I think he works on my sister's floor. He just ordered another $250 bottle of champagne.

Molly: Pretty steep for a guy like that, isn't it?

[Liberty laughs]

Janet: Hi, Sweetheart.

Liberty: Hi. What's wrong?

Janet: We need to talk.

Liberty: What's wrong?

Janet: Well, they did some tests, and they found something.

Liberty: With me? What?

Janet: You have leukemia. I know how scary that sounds.

Liberty: Leukemia? Am I gonna die?

Janet: No. No, you are not gonna die, Honey. We're gonna fight this, okay?

Liberty: No. No. No.

Carly: Coward. Are you really gonna leave without saying good-bye?

Jack: Come on. I can't stand good-byes. You know that. I'm gonna be back here checking on Parker every day. It's not the big deal you're making it out to be.

Carly: You're right. It's no big deal.

Jack: Thanks, though, for the couch and the sandwiches and everything else.

Carly: You're welcome. It was fun.

Jack: Yeah. It was great being around the kids 24/7.

Carly: Well, you're welcome here anytime for a visit.

Jack: Yeah, well, I may be going back to work, so I'm not sure how much time I'm gonna have.

Carly: And what changed your mind about that, about going back to work?

Jack: Target practice with you. You're quite a shot, by the way.

Carly: Glad to know I still have some good qualities.

Jack: "Some"? More than some. Take care.

Carly: You, too.

Jack: I will.

Jack: Uh, bye.

Carly: Bye.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Reid: There better be a deal. I'm the one who's gonna be cutting open your boyfriend's head.

Alison: Explain your treatments. Tell me who the hell you are.

Dusty: You should talk to your husband.

Janet: I'd rather talk to you.

Jack: I'll always love you.

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