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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 1/11/10

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Bridget: That's good!

Hayden: More eyeliner?

Bridget: No, it's perfect!

Hayden: Is this the right color eye shadow?

Bridget: Well, maybe the lighter one.

Hayden: I don't like the lighter one.

Bridget: But it goes better with your complexion.

Jack: How long is this gonna take?

Carly: Shh! Do you want them to hear us? If we get caught in here, Sage can get kicked out of the pageant.

Jack: And that's a bad thing? This whole thing skeeves me out.

Carly: Yeah. Me too. It would devastate her.

Jack: Yeah, I know. Would you stop squirming?

Carly: I think something is -- hitting me in the ribs. I cannot breathe.

Jack: All right. I'll move, I'll move.

Carly: Thank you. Not there.

Jack: Sorry. Better?

Carly: Obviously.

Jack: This is so incredibly funny to you.

Carly: Come on, Jack. We've been in plenty of tight situations before, but you have to admit, this is ridiculous.

Jack: Those were by accident.

Carly: What does that mean?

Jack: Craig told me, Carly.

Carly: Told you what, Jack?

Jack: That you got me out here so that you could seduce me.

Simon: I'm really sorry you didn't like the salad. I would have been more than happy to bring you something else. Do you want to see the menu again at least? [Sighs] Oh. Oh, two quarters. That's nice. That's -- that's really something.

Clarissa: Hello. Don't spend it all in one place.

Simon: What are you doing here?

Clarissa: I thought I'd have some lunch.

Simon: Yeah? Well, you know what? Try the Greek salad. The customers love it.

Clarissa: I also thought I'd tell you that Mr. Lee has called, and he's ready to close.

Simon: Why would I care?

Clarissa: Because we spent two years in setting this up, and now all we have to do is collect.

Simon: I told you, I'm out.

Clarissa: Come on. You're the one who set up the shell corporations, the fake job sites. You found Mr. Lee. I can't in good conscience take your share.

Simon: So you mean he wants to meet me?

Clarissa: Yeah, he insisted.

Simon: Okay. So get yourself somebody else, Clarissa, because he's never met me. Find someone else.

Clarissa: [Laughs] Okay, believe it or not, but charming Australian grifters don't exactly grow on trees, especially not in the state of Illinois.

Simon: Then you have yourself a problem.

Clarissa: I cannot believe that you're gonna walk away from the biggest score of your life so you can, what, wait on tables for pocket change?

Katie: Oh, Kim is back from her cruise. She called me, and she said she can't wait to watch the video I made for the show idea I have, and everybody at the studio thinks she's gonna love it.

Henry: I'm sure she will. You're her biggest star. She's eager to have you back.

Katie: I'm eager to be back. I think the show's gonna be great. Besides, I can use the money.

Henry: You wouldn't be this excited about if it was just about the money.

Katie: Well, that's true. I think it's gonna be good for the moms out there. I think it will really help them.

Henry: I'm sure that Kim will want that, too. It's good to have you back.

Katie: Oh, well, I couldn't put my life on hold forever.

Henry: And if you ever want to book Geneva Swift, you know -- that was a joke. [Laughs]

Brittany: Brandon and I have been in love since prom. How long have you guys been together?

Liberty: Oh, we're -- we're not together.

Brittany: You seem like a couple.

Parker: Not since the divorce. We're just friends now.

Brittany: You guys were married? That's so cool.

Liberty: Yeah, just for a couple months.

Parker: Yeah, it was pretty great.

Liberty: It had its moments. [Laughs]

Brandon: Dude, I got some pretty awesome weed. Let's ditch these losers and get wasted.

Liberty: That sounds great, but this one over here, Parker, he just -- he doesn't like booze or drugs or sex outside of marriage or cheeseburgers, video games, rock music. It's all -- you know, he doesn't like it.

Parker: Also, anything that starts with the letter "K" I just don't. It's bad. It's really bad.

Brandon: You know what? We'll, uh -- we'll catch you later.

Liberty: Bye.

Brandon: Bye.

Liberty: The letter "K"?

Parker: Cheeseburgers, really? Cheeseburgers?

Liberty: I think -- I think ditching your group was a good idea.

Parker: Yeah, me too. I agree. Come on. I mean, while they're not looking, let's just go.

Liberty: Okay. How about them, huh?

Parker: I know. They were babies.

Liberty: Yeah. Kind of miss being like that.

Bridget: Did you go over that sequence that was giving you trouble?

Hayden: 20 times.

Jack: So, was Craig right? Did you lure me here on purpose?

Carly: Yes, because this -- this is a dream of mine. It's a dream come true, actually, being with you in a closet.

Jack: Oh, that was such a non-answer.

Carly: I didn't lure you here. Believe it or not, I was actually thinking about Sage.

Jack: Okay, then, where would he get an idea like that?

Carly: I told him.

Jack: What exactly did you say?

Carly: I -- I said that I wanted you to come on this trip so I could seduce you.

Jack: Why would you tell him that?

Carly: To get him to go away, obviously. And it worked.

Jack: So it's not true?

Carly: You sound disappointed.

Jack: I just want to be clear.

Carly: Well, if it was true -- here, like this.

Hayden: I can't find my shoes. Where are they?

Bridget: Look in the closet. Oh, here they are. They were under the bed. Ah! What would you do without me?

Hayden: Field hockey.

Bridget: Oh, you don't mean that! Oh, I'm so proud of you! Now, come on. Let's go down to that staging area and get changed and kick some sequined butt.

Carly: Ah! It's right here!

Jack: Sure it's it?

Carly: Yeah. It's got her name right on it.

Jack: Let's get the hell out of here.

Liberty: It's getting so cold.

Parker: Yeah, I know. It's dropped like 10 degrees since we left.

Liberty: Hey, we should head back, really. We're gonna miss your sister.

Parker: A -- and miss her dance, really? Wouldn't that be a good thing?

Liberty: Oh, Parker, she would want you to be there.

Parker: No, I'm pretty sure she wants to be there about as little as I do.

Liberty: Come on! Come on.

Parker: Fine. Let's go.

Liberty: Hey, does it ever bother you that we're different than kids our own age?

Parker: We are?

Liberty: [Laughs] Come on.

Parker: When I was younger, yeah, it did. But at a certain point, I realized that I can't go back and change what I've been through, you know?

Liberty: It just -- it sucks. I mean, my dad just died, and I just -- I feel so much older now.

Parker: Yeah.

Liberty: You ever get used to it?

Parker: I don't know. I mean, it -- it does stop hurting so badly. But I -- it never really stops.

Liberty: Maybe it's just not so bad to be like Brittany and Brandon, really dopey teenagers.

Parker: Literally.

Liberty: [Laughs] I mean, I just -- we're all gonna grow up eventually. Why rush it?

Parker: Yeah. It's true.

[Liberty laughs]

Parker: Really? You really want to start a leaf fight?

Liberty: Really. I haven't even started. Bring it on.

Parker: Okay, okay, you're going down. Oh.

[Liberty laughs]

Parker: You're gonna pay for that.

Liberty: I'm so scared of you. You're so -- [Laughs] Parker --

Parker: And then there you go.

Liberty: Oh, stop!

Parker: Oh, no, no.

Liberty: Stop it, Parker!

Parker: There, there, there. Some more.

Liberty: Stop! [Sobs]

Parker: Are you okay? I'm sorry. I -- I didn't mean to hurt you. I was just trying to have fun.

Liberty: It's not you, Parker. It's not you.

Parker: Well, then, what's wrong? What happened?

Liberty: I just really miss my dad.

Sage: Where were you? I'm supposed to go on right after Hayden. Did you find my CD?

Carly: Ah, yes. I have it right here.

Jack: You look beautiful, Baby.

Sage: Thanks.

Carly: So, where are Parker and Liberty?

Sage: I don't know. Somewhere.

Director: Ladies and gentlemen, our next performer is Miss Hayden Lawson.


Director: Get up there and kill!

Hayden: Good afternoon, honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen. Today, I'm going to perform a dance that will knock your socks off.


Sage: She's amazing.

Carly: Sweetheart, if she's your only competition, that crown is yours.

Sage: No, it's not.

Carly: Yes, it is. All you have to do is -- is keep smiling, make eye contact with the judges, and just be yourself. You're gonna be great, I know.

Sage: No, I'm not.

Carly: You want to say something here?

Jack: Yeah, of -- of course. Listen. Okay, listen. You're nervous, and that's good. That's good. You can use that. You want to get all fired up to go out on that stage, right? With fire in your eyes, hungry for blood. 150%, Honey. Give me 150%, and you leave nothing out on that field. Stage --

Sage: This is not a football game, Dad. It's a pageant.

Jack: Yes, I know that, Honey. Listen to me, Honey. You're going to be great, and I'm gonna love you no matter what.

[Cheers and applause]

Director: Our next performer is Miss Sage Snyder.

[Jack cheers]

[Scattered applause]

Jack: Honey, it's your turn.

Sage: I know.

Jack: Well, go ahead.

Sage: I can't.

Carly: What's wrong?

Sage: I want to go home.

Katie: Who's that?

Henry: It's Simon.

Katie: Not Simon. Who's he with.

Henry: A customer.

Katie: She looks pretty friendly for a customer.

Henry: I -- I'm sure it's nothing. Don't let it bother you.

Katie: Oh, it's not. Why would it bother me? Simon can do whatever he wants with whomever he wants. I got to take Jacob home for a nap.

Henry: He's already sleeping.

Katie: He needs to be in his crib.

Henry: You're gonna wake him up to put him to sleep?

Katie: Bye, Henry.

Clarissa: Are you really going to turn your back on Mr. Lee and his check?

Simon: I know how much it is. I know what I'm turning down.

Clarissa: Can you at least tell me why?

Simon: 'Cause if we do this deal, then I'm gonna have to disappear for a very, very long time. I'm not ready to do that. Clarissa, not now.

Carly: Sage, its okay. You'll be fine once you get started.

Sage: I can't! I can't I want to go home!

Jack: Sage, Baby, this is your dream. You've been working on this for months.

Sage: No, I haven't!

Carly: What are you doing?

Sage: I lied, okay? This isn't my dream! Are you kidding?! It's so beyond stupid!

Carly: What about all the w -- work that you put in?

Sage: I only started last Tuesday.

Jack: So why are we here?

Sage: Because I thought it would be a good way to get you guys to go away together and realize you still love each other.

Carly: Sage --

Sage: 'Cause you totally do, and you both know it, right?

Clarissa: Think what you're giving up.

Simon: Clarissa, I have. I have thought well and hard about it, and I'm not saying it isn't tempting.

Clarissa: It's beyond tempting.

Simon: I'm trying to build a life here, okay?

Clarissa: Why would you want to do that?

Simon: Because I think I could be satisfied, fulfilled.

Clarissa: Did you fall on your head?

Simon: I don't expect you to understand.

Clarissa: You're damn right I don't understand. Does this town even have a decent jewelry store that you could knock over when you get bored?

Simon: I don't need to do that anymore.

Clarissa: You know what? I don't believe that. I think what you need is just a little bit of time. I -- I'll give you some time. I'll wait.

Simon: You are gonna be waiting a very long time, trust me.

Clarissa: I don't think so. I think a couple more days cleaning out those grease traps and you'll be singing a different tune.

Simon: Not this time.

Clarissa: We'll see.

Simon: All right. What is that?

Clarissa: It's a called a tip.

Simon: Yeah, and I haven't been a waiter very long, but I know to get a tip, I have had to got you something. I didn't get you anything.

Clarissa: Oh, but you will. Go ahead. Take it. Come on. Come on, Simon, take it. You can buy yourself a new apron or something. I knew you'd change your mind.

[Doorbell ringing]

Katie: Oh, don't wake -- don't wake up.

Simon: Hey.

Katie: Jacob's sleeping.

Simon: Sorry, sorry.

Katie: Knock next time.

Simon: I will, I will.

Katie: What are you doing here?

Simon: I want to take you out.

Katie: Take me out? What the hell does that mean?

Jack: So you never cared about this pageant at all?

Sage: Of course not.

Carly: You have really crossed a line this time, dragging us all the way to Detroit like this.

Sage: I know!

Jack: Do you have any idea how much this thing cost us?

Carly: The entry fee, the hotel room.

Jack: And now you're telling us it's -- it's just another lie you told?

Carly: That is not how we do things in this family. Well, it shouldn't be.

Sage: You guys still haven't answered my question. Do you love each other or not?

Jack: That's not the issue here, Sage.

Sage: Yes, it is! You're my parents, and I want us to be a family again. It's all I ever wanted.

Carly: It's not that simple.

Sage: Why not?

Carly: Your dad and I have a -- a history together.

Sage: So?

Carly: So we'll always have feelings for each other.

Sage: So the answer is yes.

Jack: No!

Sage: Why not?

Jack: For one thing, hello, I'm still married to Janet.

Sage: Then why are you living with us?

Carly: It's only temporary. We talked about that.

Sage: That's just an excuse. You can lie to yourselves all you want, but you cannot lie to me.

Director: Excuse me, is there a problem here?

Sage: I'm waiting for my parents to tell the truth.

Parker: You know, I can't believe you're gonna be in New York next year.

Liberty: It's not final yet. I still have to get my portfolio together.

Parker: I mean, you could have done that by yourself.

Liberty: I don't think so. I don't know how to build one or what sketches I should choose.

Parker: It's pretty simple. You just choose the best ones, right?

Liberty: But I really want it to be good, Parker, 'cause I really want this.

Parker: Well, you know what? You're in luck, because my mom is great. And by the time she's done with it, you will have the best portfolio in the world.

Liberty: [Laughs] I know. I've seen her sketches. She's amazing.

Parker: No, Liberty, you're amazing. I mean, honestly, after everything you've been through this year, to -- to stay on top of your schoolwork like that, to get into F.I.T., a great school -- I mean, it's amazing.

Liberty: I couldn't have done it without your help, Parker.

Parker: You can do anything you want, Liberty.

Liberty: Thank you. Shouldn't we back by the hotel by now?

Parker: I think we're almost there. Probably just over that hill.

Liberty: Okay. Now what?

Parker: Well, all we have to do is get across it.

Liberty: Well, how do we do that?

Parker: It's pretty easy. We just jump.

Liberty: Parker, it looks pretty far to me.

Parker: We can do this.

Liberty: I just -- I don't think so.

Parker: Look, I'll go to the other side first, and that way, I can help you jump across.

Liberty: No. I think we should just find another way.

Parker: Liberty, please.

Liberty: Parker --

Parker: We just need to get a running start. Watch how easy it is. God!

Liberty: God, Parker! Are you okay? Hey, are you okay?

Parker: Yeah. No, I -- I just tripped, okay?

Liberty: Oh, you poor thing. Are you sure?

Parker: Yeah, no, you know what? You're right. Let's just -- let's just find a way to get around here, all right?

Liberty: Okay. Are you -- are you sure that you're okay?

Parker: Fine. I'm fine.

Liberty: Okay, let me help you up. Ready? Oh, poor thing. Ready?

Parker: Let's just -- let's just go that way.

Liberty: Okay.

Sage: I'm waiting for an answer.

Bridget: I knew they were amateurs.

Carly: Who asked you?

Bridget: If your kid can't hack it, she should really stick to the middle-school talent show.

Carly: Well, who said our kid can't hack it?

Sage: I did.

Carly: Sage, you can do anything you want to do.

Sage: Not this.

Carly: Yes, you can.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: No. You think I'm gonna let that little zombie win?

Jack: This isn't about you. It's not your decision to make. She wants to leave, let's leave.

Carly: I'm not gonna leave here with my tail between my legs so that hag Bridget can lord it over me!

Jack: Carly, this has nothing to do with you.

Sage: Well, this is the way we do things in my family, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Jack: Where are you going?

Sage: On stage. Hi. My name is Sage Snyder, and you don't have to worry. I have no chance of winning this thing. I didn't come here to be Little Miss Snowflake. I came for my mom and dad, so this song is for them. Just a little more time is all we're asking for 'cause just a little more time could open closing doors just a little uncertainty can bring you down and nobody wants to know you now when nobody wants to show you how so if you're lost and on your own you can never surrender And if your path won't lead you home you can never surrender and when the night is cold and dark you can see you can see light 'cause no one can take away your right to fight and to never surrender


Carly: You were amazing.

Jack: You were absolutely incredible, Honey.

Sage: I knew you guys liked that song.

Jack: Oh, well, I think from now on, it's our favorite song.

Sage: Now can we please get out of here?

Carly: Don't you want to see who wins?

Sage: Really, Mom, do you care?

Carly: Of course not.

Sage: Good. Me neither.

Jack: Oh, please. Whoever ends up Little Miss Snowflake, you're the biggest winner of all.

Carly: What happened to Parker and Liberty?

Jack: I don't know. Listen, why don't you go find them while we get packed? [Sighs]

Carly: That is one fantastic little girl.

Jack: She lied.

Carly: Yeah, she did.

Jack: But she's amazing.

Carly: Yeah, she is.

Jack: Let's get the hell out of here.

Carly: Yes. And God willing, we'll never see another fake Snowflake again.

Liberty: Great. There's no way across.

Parker: It has to end somewhere.

Liberty: Yeah, like Canada. Hey, are you sure you're okay?

Parker: I'm fine.

Liberty: Parker, you're not walking right. You're fine.

Parker: I just tripped. I'm fine. Please.

Liberty: You're such a tough guy.

Parker: Well, hey, that's why you fell for me in the first place, right?

Liberty: I don't think so, but I don't really know what I would do without you.

Parker: Probably not be lost in the wilds of Michigan.

Liberty: How do you know we're still in Michigan, Parker? Dude, you're not okay.

Parker: No, please. I -- I kicked a rock. Really, it's fine. Please, let's -- let's just keep moving, okay?

Liberty: Are you sure?

Parker: I'm positive. This is gonna end soon.

Liberty: Okay.

Simon: To go out, to go outside. Just I want to take you out, like someplace fancy. Uh, you said you want to do that sometime, so let's do it. I was thinking maybe Chicago. We can have a little dinner, see some blues. I got a big tip today.

Katie: Who was the big tipper?

Simon: You want a name?

Katie: Wouldn't happen to be a beautiful stranger who has a thing for waiters?

Simon: You saw me with Clarissa.

Katie: So you know her name.

Simon: I didn't see you at the diner. What were you doing?

Katie: I was outside.

Simon: All right. Not that it matters, we used to do business together.

Katie: You and Clarissa?

Simon: Yes. And I told her I do not do that type of work anymore.

Katie: Whatever. You can do whatever you want.

Simon: I can? Then I want to take you to Chicago. Come on.

Katie: I can't. I have a baby now. I can't just, like, go off to Chicago whenever I want to. I need to make plans.

Simon: Henry. He loves babysitting. He'll -- he'll do it.

Katie: I'm sorry. I can't just fly off to Chicago whenever the mood hits. Sorry.

Simon: Fine. I'm sorry. I understand. Next time, we'll make plans.

Katie: Okay. But I'm sure if you're just dying to go out tonight that your friend Clarissa would be all too willing.

Henry: Hello, I'm Henry. I'm the owner. How's lunch?

Clarissa: Outstanding. What happened to Al?

Henry: You know, that is an interesting story. I would love to tell it.

Clarissa: Which I really don't have the time to hear.

Henry: Okay, right. How long have you known Simon?

Clarissa: Who's Simon?

Henry: I have a keen eye and -- and good instincts for people. It comes in handy in my line of work.

Clarissa: Running a diner?

Henry: No, no, no. This is just a sideline.

Clarissa: Hmm.

Henry: I'm a gambler.

Clarissa: [Laughs] Really? I never would have guessed.

Henry: Well, ask around. I -- I'm sure you know the kind of people who would know.

Clarissa: And why would I care?

Henry: Because Simon turned you down.

Clarissa: I don't know what you're talking about.

Henry: Oh, I don't think you came here to sightsee, Darling. I think you came here to offer Simon a job, and he said no.

Clarissa: Shouldn't you be frying something up right about now?

Henry: I'm -- I don't want you to think that this -- this trip was a waste of time.

Clarissa: Oh, but how could I? I got to see Oakdale.

Henry: W -- what I'm saying is I -- I think I can make it worth your while.

Jack: I just don't understand why it's even an issue anymore. There are so many obvious reasons why a reconciliation is not in the cards for us.

Carly: Maybe we should write out a list for her so she can see it in black and white.

Jack: That's a fantastic idea. So what do you think the number-one reason should be?

Carly: You know, I don't know. [Laughs] What do you think?

Jack: I can think of any --

Carly: Just sort of off the top of your head.

Jack: I'd have to think about it.

Carly: You know, you still haven't answered that question that I asked you in the closet.

Jack: What question?

Carly: Why do you think we keep ending up here?

Jack: Here here?

Carly: Right here, right now.

Janet: Hi. I'm looking for my husband, Jack Snyder. Can you tell me what room he's in?

[Knock on door]

Jack: Janet.

Janet: Hi, Jack.

Jack: What are you doing here?

Janet: I came to talk to you. Hi, Carly.

Carly: Hello.

Janet: Can I, uh, talk to Jack for a few minutes, please, alone?

Carly: Sure.

Jack: Janet, if you're, uh -- if you're worried about Liberty --

Janet: I didn't come here to talk about Liberty. I came here to talk about our marriage. I didn't think it could wait.

Jack: I meant what I said before. I don't want us to rush into an annulment.

Janet: I know what you said.

Jack: And I meant it.

Janet: Well, you may have meant it then, but judging from the vibe I just got when I walked in here, I'm kind of wondering if I'm too late.

Parker: God!

Liberty: Parker. Oh, my God.

Parker: Take a break.

Liberty: Sit down. Sit down, sit down.

Parker: I'm really dizzy.

Liberty: Let me see. You're bleeding. Oh, my god.

Parker: I know, I know. Please, don't worry about it, all right?

Liberty: No, no, no, let me look at it.

Parker: Aah!

Liberty: Okay.

Parker: See, it's -- it's a lot better than it looks.

Liberty: No, this is really bad, okay? This is bad. It's gonna be okay.

Parker: Well, what are you -- what are you doing? What are you doing?

Liberty: I'm gonna wrap my shirt around it.

Parker: Do you want me -- do you want me to look the other way?

Liberty: Parker, oh, my God. We were married. All right. This might hurt for a second. Just take some deep breaths, okay? Ready?

Parker: What?

Liberty: Just a few deep breaths, all right? I'm gonna wrap it around. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be fine. It's really cold. Okay.

Parker: I know.

Liberty: All right. Oh, my God. Okay, okay. Got it. That should get us back to the hotel. We got to get there soon or else we're gonna be in trouble. Do you think you can walk?

Parker: I think so.

Liberty: Okay, let me help you up. Ready? 1, 2, 3. You got it, you got it. Good job, good job. All right.

Parker: No, no, no, no, no. I can walk by myself, okay?

Liberty: No, you cannot walk, Parker. I'm gonna help you. Let me just zip my Jacket up.

Parker: You're the best ex-wife I've ever had.

Liberty: As far as ex-husbands go, you're not so bad.

Parker: Yeah. You ever think, like, 10 years from now when you're a really famous fashion designer and I'm me -- we might end up just trying marriage again?

Liberty: Parker, we talk to each other 10 times a day.

Parker: Yeah, but that's now.

Liberty: That's always.

Parker: I'm gonna miss you when you're gone.

Liberty: I'm gonna miss you more. Come on. Let's go.

Henry: Maybe there is someone else who could provide the skills that would help you complete your transaction.

Clarissa: Like you?

Henry: Like, l -- like me. I would hate to think that you came to our beautiful city for nothing.

Clarissa: Hmm. Okay. I -- I don't mean to offend you, and I'm sure running a diner is incredibly challenging, but my work is highly specialized.

Henry: I -- I'm sure. That's why you needed Simon. Um, but he's trying to work on the good side of the law, and I'm assuming that this job of yours doesn't exactly qualify.

Clarissa: Well, you're assuming a lot.

Henry: Let's put our cards on the table.

Clarissa: Why don't you go first, since you're the self-proclaimed gambler?

Henry: Okay. You need Simon for a score. He said no. Believe me, he means it. He's -- he's found something here that money just can't buy.

Clarissa: Oh, I'm sure she's amazing. They always are.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. She's -- she's worth every penny he's giving up.

Clarissa: Sounds personal.

Henry: It is.

Clarissa: I mean for you.

Henry: Well, yeah. She's -- she's my best friend.

Clarissa: Hmm. That all?

Henry: Uh, not -- not always, but now, yes, yes.

Clarissa: Okay, I see. So you figure Simon gets your ex-girlfriend and you might just grab his action.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. Something like that. Something like that. No, wait a second, wait a second. I can help you. I can help you.

Clarissa: I don't think so.

Henry: No, no, no, no. Just, um -- just tell me about the scam.

Clarissa: I never said there was a scam.

Henry: Hypothetically, if there was one, how big is the score?

Clarissa: Hypothetically, huge.

Simon: I was involved with Clarissa a long time ago.

Katie: Define "Involved."

Simon: Okay. Um, it was over before it began.

Katie: You know what? You don't have to explain anything to me, really.

Simon: I -- I want to.

Katie: Well, that's your choice.

Simon: Good. Um, okay, Clarissa -- she's a very sophisticated grifted. We ran some lucrative cons together. But that is it. Over for me. That's not the man I want to be anymore.

Katie: Right. You want to be mister "Would you like fries with that?"

Simon: Are you kidding? That job will drive me spare. I want to stay here, a -- and I will do whatever it takes to do that, and that is exactly what I told Clarissa. So you don't have to worry.

Katie: Why would I be worried? What?

Simon: Nothing. Just for a minute there, it kind of felt like old times.

Katie: Well, it's not. I have a baby now. I just lost my husband, and you haven't been in my life in a long time.

Simon: I know that. I just need you to know that I'm here for you, all right? That's it. I will be whatever you want me to be.

Katie: I don't want you to be anything.

Simon: Oh, so you like me just the way I am.

Katie: Don't do that. Don't be cute.

Simon: [Gasps] You think I'm cute!

Katie: No, I think you're insane.

Simon: You know, what I am is sold.

Katie: On what?

Simon: That for the first time in a very long time, I made the right decision.

Katie: What decision are you talking about?

Simon: To stay here, to make Oakdale my home, to build a life here.

Katie: No matter what happens between you and me or what doesn't happen?

Simon: Yes, yes. I know you're not making any promises. That's -- that's cool.

Katie: I -- I just can't.

Simon: I know, and I get it. I understand. But I'm gonna make some promises to you.

Katie: Simon --

Simon: I do. I want to do this. Like, I want to promise you that I am here as your friend, your confidante, if you need it, your babysitter. If that's all you want from me, then that's fine by me. But if you want more, then I can do that, too.

Henry: Listen, you came here to find a partner, and you can wait from now until next thanksgiving, and Simon is still gonna say no.

Clarissa: How do you know that?

Henry: Like I said, I know Simon.

Clarissa: What would you do?

Henry: Well, I would, uh -- I'd get somebody else. Um, has the, uh -- has the mark actually seen Simon?

Clarissa: No, only spoken to him on the phone a couple of times.

Henry: Ah. [Australian accent] Then all you need is a charming Aussie. Isn't that right, Mate?

Jack: Whatever you thought you walked in on, you're wrong.

Janet: Really? Because you and Carly have been doing this dance for months now.

Jack: That's not what that was.

Janet: And I am tired of sitting by the sidelines, watching our marriage fall apart.

Jack: Janet, I love you.

Janet: Do you love me enough?

Jack: What do you think? Why do you think I got so upset when you said you wanted an annulment?

Janet: 'Cause, you know, I've been thinking a lot about what you said the other day about how we can't pretend like our marriage never happened, because it did.

Jack: Thank you.

Janet: And for a long time, it was -- it was pretty wonderful.

Jack: Yes, but a lot of things have happened since then.

Janet: Yeah, you can see that again.

Jack: I changed. I did something that I never thought I would, and I was running from it.

Janet: Well, from me.

Jack: And I'm sorry. I am. Because this was never about you or us. This was me. I was lost, and I was trying to find myself.

Janet: And I keep trying to figure out if I should have gone after you when you left, like Carly did, if -- if staying behind was a mistake. And -- and that's why I'm here.

Jack: I'm not following.

Janet: I am tired of letting you have your space, okay? I'm not doing it anymore. I am here because I want to fight for our marriage, if -- if you do.

Sage: Where's Dad?

Carly: He's in the room.

Sage: Alone?

Carly: No. He's with Janet.

Sage: Why? What is she doing here?

Carly: She needed to talk to your father.

Sage: About what?

Carly: Well, I don't know. She's his wife. It's none of my business.

Sage: Whatever. You were here first.

Carly: Did you find Parker and Liberty?

Sage: I looked all over the hotel.

Carly: Where did they go?

Sage: I have no idea.

Liberty: You okay? You're almost there, you're almost there. Good job, good job. Okay.

Parker: Look, it's really cold in here.

Liberty: It's colder outside, Parker. You need to rest. Just sit, okay? Just sit.

Parker: Ow!

Liberty: Oh, I know.

Parker: We -- we need to start a fire.

Liberty: You know how?

Parker: Do you have matches or maybe a lighter?

Liberty: No.

Parker: No, I don't.

Liberty: We are gonna be okay.

Parker: Sure. We should share body heat.

Liberty: Excuse me?

Parker: Look, like we need to kind of cuddle tog --

Liberty: Are you okay?

Parker: Just cuddle together. It will be warmer that way.

Liberty: Okay. You better not be trying anything funny over here.

Parker: Please. I'm just worried about our survival right now.

Liberty: You'd better be.

Parker: And -- and look. Look, if we take off our coats, we can use them as blankets.

Liberty: Okay.

Parker: Ready?

Liberty: Don't go getting any ideas, Parker. Seriously. Oh, my God, it's freezing. [Shivers]

Parker: See? Warm already.

Liberty: Yeah. [Breathing heavily]

Parker: This kind of makes me think about our first time together.

Liberty: Parker, don't go there.

Parker: I mean, it's kind of hard not to right now.

Liberty: It's nice. We haven't been close like this in a while.

Parker: Yeah. Yeah, it's been a long time.

Liberty: Yeah, it has. Parker? Parker? Parker, look at me. Parker.

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Simon: No, I wasn't. Not until you tell me what you're doing with her. I want to find my way home, and home to me is you.

Janet: What were you doing that was so important that you let those two kids get lost?

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