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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 1/7/10

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Paul: Can you explain something to me? Why are we spending all of this time talking about James as if he were alive when he's dead?

Barbara: I -- I'm not talking literally. I'm talking about a hypothetical, a what-if situation.

Paul: Hypothetically if he were alive? Hypothetically if he suddenly knew what heart and compassion were, if he knew what -- what remorse was without having to Google it?

Barbara: Yes.

Paul: What a waste of time. He's dead. That's all the closure I need.

Barbara: Honey -- I think -- I think your father wanted to make peace with you before he died. I think that's why he came back here.

Paul: No. He came back here to rub my face in the fact that Henry was my brother, and he twisted that little knife until Audrey finally did him in.

Barbara: I don't want to talk about that woman.

Paul: Why? She did us all a favor. I've never been happier.

Barbara: Okay. I know you are, and I know that you also have unresolved feelings about your father, good and bad.

Paul: Sure I do, but why dig them up now?

Barbara: I'm just -- I'm just curious. That's all. If -- if your father had come to you and begged you for forgiveness, would you have forgiven him?

Paul: Mom, who cares? He's dead and buried. Unless you know something I don't.

Emily: Okay, this is officially creepy.

Mick: I'm not gonna apologize for putting Dr. Kantor in his place. He is a pompous jerk. And I don't care how good he is at his job. He had no right to give you a hard time like that.

Alison: Would you have stepped up to him like that for just anybody? Or -- or what, did you do it for me?

Mick: Yeah, I did it for you.

Alison: Why?

Mick: Because I felt like I owed you for the other night.

Alison: Oh. When you passed out.

Mick: Yeah, and you stayed with me until you were sure I was okay, and you talked to me. And more importantly, you listened.

Alison: That's what friends do.

Mick: We're becoming friends?

Alison: I'd like to think so.

Mick: Good. Me too. Friends look out for each other. That's what I was doing.

Alison: Mick, I appreciate the intention, but did you ever stop to think that you might have made it worse for me, not better?

Mick: I seriously doubt he's gonna bother you again.

Alison: Maybe not, but now he may not pay attention to my work. He'll just be worrying the whole time about saying the wrong thing to me.

Mick: So what? Your career doesn't live or die with a guy like Kantor.

Alison: Yeah, it kind of does. So just please -- Mick, just don't do anything like that for me again, okay?

Mick: Well, I can't make any promises. Like I told you, I'm not always in control of what I do.

Janet: Oh.

Dusty: Careful.

Janet: Sorry. I didn't --

Dusty: Didn't see anything.

Janet: I didn't see you, no.

Dusty: Just rushing around?

Janet: Yeah. Something like that.

Dusty: So was I.

Janet: Were you -- where are you going? Where are you off to?

Dusty: I wanted to get out of here before you arrived.

Janet: Oh. Avoiding me already, huh?

Dusty: I'm just giving you space. Didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable because I'm around.

Janet: Listen, Dusty. You're my boss. Uh, it's not like I'm gonna turn around and run away every time I see you. We can both be adults about this, can't we?

Carly: I feel like things are getting too comfortable here.

Jack: My being back?

Carly: We agreed it was just gonna be temporary.

Jack: Carly, I will leave as soon as you tell me to go.

Carly: I'm just saying that sooner or later, you're gonna have to decide what you're going to do next, and -- and I think that should be sooner, because I don't want the kids getting the wrong idea.

Jack: You know, I -- I will look for my own apartment and, uh, look for a part-time job this afternoon.

Carly: W -- wait. We're just talking here. Don't get mad.

Jack: I'm not mad! I'm -- I'm not. I'm -- I'm agreeing with you. I have been taking advantage of the situation, and I -- it's time I got my butt in gear.

Sage: I did it! I did it! I made the Miss Snowflake semifinals!


Carly: The what?

Jack: The Miss Snowflake what?

Sage: The Miss Snowflake semifinals. I competed at school, and I was only an alternate, but then Gail Wallace dropped out because she's Miss Snowflake Oakdale, and so I'm in it! How cool is that?!


Jack: What is this Miss Snowflake exactly?

Sage: Only the most important pageant of all time!

Jack: Since when have you been into that kind of stuff?

Sage: Since forever. And I did it. I have to be there tomorrow.

Jack: Be where, Honey?

Sage: Detroit, Michigan.

Jack: I'm waiting for a punch line. Honey, I can't go to Detroit.

Sage: Well, you have to go. Mom too. You both need to be there. It's the rules.

Carly: Sage, I -- I've never seen you practicing for this Miss Snowflake thing.

Sage: Mom, you missed a lot while you were at rehab.

Carly: Yes, right, apparently.

Jack: Well, in all fairness, I never saw you practicing for anything like this, either.

Sage: How could you? You were with Janet on the farm. And ever since what happened to Uncle Brad --

Carly: Sage --

Sage: I just meant that you were gone after that, and that's when I was practicing all the time.

Jack: Honey, um, we are not trying to steal your joy here or anything, but a pageant? Really?

Sage: This really means a lot to me.

Jack: Even so, we can't just up and go to Detroit.

Sage: Why not? Contestants need to be accompanied by both of their parents.

Jack: Oh, I -- I see. Is -- is that what this is about -- an excuse for all of us to go away as -- as a family together?

Sage: It's not a trick, if that's what you mean.

Carly: Well, let's be honest. It wouldn't be the first time you tried something like that.

Sage: I'm not making this up. I am Miss Snowflake Oakdale, and we have to go to Detroit.

Jack: Yeah -- and your mother and I have to talk about this first.

Sage: Great. That means no. I never get anything I want. Thanks a lot.

Jack: What do you think?

Carly: Well, I think you're right. I think this is all about the trip and not about any pageant. And this is the kind of thing I was afraid would happen if you stayed too long.

Jack: So, we're not gonna go?

Carly: Not unless you want to give the kid false hope.

Jack: Of course I don't.

Carly: Where are you going?

Jack: I'm taking your advice. It's time I work my way back in the world.

Barbara: You -- you think you're all right. You think that your father's death has purged you of all the feelings you ever had for him, good or bad.

Paul: Oh, they were all bad.

Barbara: Be that as it may, I -- James' death still haunts you.

Paul: So what? Nothing I can do about that.

Barbara: What if there was? Would you want to?

Paul: Okay, I'm beginning to worry that Mick's treatments might be affecting your brain.

Barbara: I have never felt more coherent or alive.

Paul: Well, then, let it go, Mom. Let James go. Let him be dead.

Barbara: Honey, I just want you whole again. You deserve that. Your daughter deserves that.

Paul: [Sighs] So does Emily.

Barbara: Yes, of course.

Paul: She's my wife. I love her. I'm supposed to trust her, and yet it's so easy for me to believe that she called the cops on Meg, even though she swore to me that she didn't do that.

Barbara: She has lived a life of deceit. It's natural for you not to trust her, even now.

Paul: But if this marriage is gonna work, then I need to trust her completely. I mean, I can't treat her the way James treated you, and every other woman he was ever with.

Barbara: Where are you going?

Paul: [Sighs] You know, Mom, crazy as it sounds, you were actually really helpful to me just now. Thank you. I know what I need to do. I need to go talk to Emily.

Barbara: Now? We have dinner plans with -- Mick is waiting for us.

Paul: Well, I'm not gonna make it.

Barbara: I think you should be there.

Paul: Why?

Barbara: Okay, it's fine. I'm sure Mick will understand.

Paul: Great. Next time's on me.

Mick: You think I'm crazy, don't you?

Alison: No, I -- I don't.

Mick: I'm not. I just -- I have to watch myself sometimes.

Alison: So you don't do something that you might regret?

Mick: Yeah.

Alison: This is that whole, um, internal battle that you were talking about the other night?

Mick: I -- I just think that when someone has so much turmoil inside, that it manifests itself in different ways.

Alison: Like headaches and nosebleeds?

Mick: Isn't that what it was like for you?

Alison: No. I mean, I mainly just acted out, you know, made bad choices.

Mick: But that's not dissimilar. It -- all boils down to a loss of control.

Alison: Yeah, if you let it. I don't anymore.

Mick: I guess you're stronger than me.

Alison: Yeah, sometimes -- it sounds to me like you don't want to control it.

Mick: Of course I do. Why would you say that?

Alison: Because it -- it gives you a shield, something to hide behind.

Mick: Well, we all need something to hide behind.

Alison: No, Mick, we -- we just think we do. I would like to help you if -- if you'll let me.

Mick: Help me with what?

Alison: Figure out why it is that you feel this way.

Parker: No, Sage, I am not taking you to Detroit.

Sage: I don't want you to take me to Detroit. I want you to help me convince Mom and Dad to take me to Detroit.

Parker: Why?

Sage: Why do you think. Duh! To get them back together.

Parker: [Chuckles] Sage, no, no. They'll see right through you. That's never gonna work.

Sage: Yes, it will.

Parker: Okay, okay. You keep telling yourself that.

Sage: So, you'll help me?

Parker: No, no. Absolutely not.

Carly: What are you doing, Cowboy?

Jack: Trying to find my way. How about you?

Carly: Following you.

Jack: Why?

Carly: I don't like cryptic exits. They make me nervous, especially yours.

Jack: Sorry.

Carly: What are you doing way out here in the middle of a field?

Jack: Good a place to start as any.

Carly: Start what?

Jack: Margo said my job is still waiting for me on the force.

Carly: Great. Well, but I think the police station is approximately six miles that way.

Jack: I can't just jump in, Carly. I got to prove to myself I'm ready.

Carly: Jack, you were born ready.

Jack: Then I took a few tumbles. I just want to make sure I'm -- I'm really back on my feet before I start carrying this around with me again with a badge attached to it.

Janet: Well, I think we're doing a pretty good job pretending this isn't awkward, don't you?

Dusty: There should be no pretending. What happened happened.

Janet: It shouldn't have.

Dusty: You're being too hard on yourself.

Janet: I am a married woman, and I slept with another man.

Dusty: Jack's been a jerk.

Janet: That's no excuse, and it certainly doesn't justify what happened.

Dusty: Then don't justify it. Live with it. I'm not gonna pretend it didn't happen. Neither should you. And I'm not gonna pretend it wasn't great, 'cause it was.

Mick: I just -- I feel like I see the world from two opposite points of view. Like there's the rational side of me, which only cares about work, you know, and has no time for anything that doesn't have to do with achieving his goals.

Alison: And your other side?

Mick: It's just -- completely different animal. It's, uh -- it's instinctive, you know? It's guided by his gut and emotions. And that's the side that went after Dr. Kantor.

Alison: So you really just couldn't stop yourself?

Mick: No, no. I -- I heard the way he spoke to you and the way that that made you feel, and, ooh, I got so angry. I -- I tried to calm myself down, but -- I couldn't.

Alison: Mick, Mick, it -- its okay. I -- I'm all right, okay?

Mick: [Sighs] I'm sorry if I made things worse.

Alison: No, I know. And I know what it's like to struggle with inner demons.

Mick: Not ones like mine.

Alison: You know, for me, the hardest part was that I never felt like I had someone that I could talk to. You know, I was so afraid that no one would understand me. So, I always kept everything inside.

Mick: I know the feeling.

Alison: But, Mick, I do understand. So, you can come and talk to me always.

Mick: You're asking me to bare my soul? Don't you think we should maybe get to know each other better first?

Alison: I'm serious. The next time that you feel that inner battle raging or that -- or that you feel that you can't control yourself, just pick up a phone and call me. Okay, uh -- I have to get back to work. Just, um, think about what I said.

Mick: I will. Alison, thank you. [Sighs]

Janet: I'm not saying it wasn't -- wonderful.

Dusty: Hey, we agree.

Janet: It just wasn't right.

Dusty: Where's the harm?

Janet: Look, Dusty, I appreciate what you're trying to do.

Dusty: Janet, you're making more of this than you need to. It's driving you nuts.

Janet: Yes. You can say that again.

Dusty: Well, we won't talk about it anymore then, okay? Let's just leave it.

Janet: Fine, fine. Good.

Dusty: You're a beautiful woman, Janet.

Janet: Even when I make mistakes?

Dusty: I wouldn't call our night together a mistake.


Jack: I guess I'm not as ready as I thought.

Carly: You're just out of practice. Try again.

Jack: Why? Who am I kidding?

Carly: Don't talk like that.

Jack: I can't. I keep seeing Brad.

Carly: You just have to stop thinking so hard. What it is you once told me about shooting? You said -- you said it's all about instinct. You said you have to give yourself over to the shot.

Jack: That was before a bad one changed my life.

Carly: You haven't changed. You are the same Jack Snyder I've always known -- compassionate man, terrific cop, the g-man. You just have to find your instincts again.

Jack: What if they're gone for good?

Carly: Jack, don't. Shooting Brad was an accident. He forgives you. You know he does. You just have to forgive yourself.


[Glass shatters]

Mick: Alison? Emily, what are you doing here?

Emily: Uh, looking for you.

Mick: How did you find me here?

Emily: Uh, I'm a reporter. Followed some clues. Am I interrupting something?

Mick: No. I just -- I like to come here sometimes.

Emily: Alone?

Mick: Is that a problem?

Emily: No. No, it's just my experience when people come to a church alone, something's usually bothering them.

Mick: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you. You came looking for me why?

Emily: Um, I, um -- I wanted to run something by you, something I -- I've been considering.

Mick: Okay.

Emily: How about you let me do a story on you and -- and your work for my newspaper?

Mick: No. Absolutely not.

Emily: Well, would you like to hear the idea before you reject it so quickly?

Mick: There's nothing to hear or to consider. My work isn't ready to be talked about.

Emily: Well, that -- that could be the angle for the story, actually. We -- we could -- we could talk about your arrival and -- and your discovery and your work in coming to Oakdale. How did you choose Oakdale?

Mick: Excuse me?

Emily: You came to Oakdale. It just seems obvious to me that you would go to New York or Chicago or something like that.

Mick: I wanted to meet Dr. Hughes. I was hoping to interest him in my work.

Emily: Bob. What happened?

Mick: He wasn't interested.

Emily: So you turned your attention to Paul?

Mick: No. I didn't even know Paul until your sister introduced us.

Emily: That's right. I -- I forgot about that.

Mick: Did you? You know, I get the feeling that you are asking all the questions except the one you really want to ask.

Emily: No. I'm just, um, collect -- collecting background.

Mick: Well, I told you, I'm not interested in being a part of your article.

Emily: Are you sure? Might be a good thing to clear the air.

Mick: Clear the air?

Emily: Mm-hmm. Nasty rumors going around about you.

Mick: Rumors about me?

Emily: Mm-hmm. I mean, it can't be that big of a surprise to you. It comes with the territory, doesn't it? Mysterious guy comes to town, secret experiments funded by Paul Ryan.

Mick: I don't pay much attention to gossip. Neither should you.

Emily: I'm just telling you what's being said.

Mick: By whom? You know, Emily, I would appreciate a little honesty. What you're talking about isn't rumors. That's an accusation. So, what exactly do you suspect?

Emily: Honestly? Honestly, I don't think you are who you claim to be.

Mick: You're right. I'm not.


[Glass shatters]

Carly: Hey. All right.

[Jack laughs]

Carly: There's the sharpshooter I know and love.


Carly: You forgot one.

Jack: I don't want to jinx it.

Carly: Okay. Do you mind if I try?

Jack: No, not at all. It's been a while, though, hasn't it?

Carly: Yeah. So what? It's like riding a bike, no?

Jack: [Chuckles] Not at all.

Carly: Pass it over.

Jack: Hold on. Hold on a second.

Carly: What?

Jack: If you -- if you pull that trigger gripping it like that, you're gonna throw your arm out of whack on the recoil.

Carly: What am I forgetting?

Jack: Just about -- just about everything. May I help you? Okay?

Carly: Fine.

Jack: Okay. Keep two hands on the grip until you get the swing of it. Close your left eye. Right eye looks straight down the barrel of the gun. You got the bottle in your sights?

Carly: Uh-huh.

Jack: All right. Just -- breathe.

Carly: This wasn't a good idea. But you should go ahead and -- and call Margo, you know? No time like the present to start living your life again.

Jack: Carly, we were just --

Carly: You're okay. This was about getting you back on track. This was a really good first step.

Jack: Okay. Then what's step two?

Carly: Well, get your job back, you pack up your stuff, and you -- you go on, jump-start your life.

Jack: Wait, wait. Hold on a second. You want me to move out today?

Carly: I -- I think it's best, yeah.

Jack: Why?

Carly: Because you have to. Look at the cartwheels that Sage has been doing, trying to get us to go on a -- a road trip together.

Jack: She thinks my being back means something more.

Carly: Exactly.

Jack: Okay. Then I'll -- I guess I can get a room at the Lakeview till I can find a place of my own.

Carly: It really is best for everybody, including myself.

Jack: Well, I wish you told me about this earlier, Carly. I didn't know my being there bothered you so much.

Carly: I've just been working really hard to try to control my addictions, you know? And I want to stay strong.

Jack: Look, if you're feeling like you want to have another drink --

Carly: Jack -- that's not the addiction I'm talking about.

Janet: Oh.

Father Farley: Hello, Janet.

Janet: Hi, Father Farley. Thanks for coming.

Father Farley: You sounded upset on the phone.

Janet: Upset, angry, confused. A few other expletives I probably shouldn't say in front of a priest. Why don't we sit down? Can I get you some tea?

Father Farley: Oh, no thank you.

Janet: Okay, well, I -- I'm gonna fix myself some tea.

Father Farley: Would you like to tell me what's happened?

Janet: I sinned, Father. I broke my vows. I went against everything I believe in, and now my -- I can't find my way back.

Father Farley: There is always a way back, Janet.

Janet: Not this time. I was unfaithful to my husband. I cheated on him. I was -- I was mad and weak and lonely. I lost control, and now I don't know what to do.

Father Farley: The first step is to forgive yourself.

Jack: I showed up on your doorstep thinking I had nowhere else to go because my marriage really seemed like it was over. But I was only thinking about myself.

Carly: Well, I could have turned you away, but I didn't.

Jack: Maybe you should have.

Carly: That will never happen. It's weird, isn't it, how easy it is for us to get into that comfortable place? But it's so hard for us to stay there.

Jack: Caught between memories of the good and realities of the bad.

Carly: Realities of the present. You're married.

Jack: Yeah. I think I might have messed that up beyond repair.

Carly: Kind of the way we messed it up beyond repair?

Jack: It's a whole other kind of mess.

Carly: Yeah. The kind you never forget.

Jack: Never.

Carly: You got to figure out your life, G-man. Good or bad, married, divorced, happy, or miserable, however it ends up.

Jack: Are those my only choices?

Carly: Whatever they are, you have to face them. That includes Janet.

Jack: I know.

Carly: Today was a good first step. Now you just have to take the rest of them.

Alison: Barbara, hi.

Barbara: Hello, Alison.

Alison: Are you all right? You're not having any problems with Mick's treatments, are you?

Barbara: No, no. I'm just here for a routine checkup from my oncologist.

Alison: Of course. I hope everything's all right.

Barbara: Thank you.

Alison: May I ask you something?

Barbara: Sure.

Alison: Does Mick seem all right to you?

Barbara: What do you mean?

Alison: Um -- [Chuckles] Does he ever seem like he's not really acting like himself?

Barbara: Well -- people have off days, you know? It's human nature.

Alison: Oh, oh, I know. Yeah. He just has these mood swings.

Barbara: Mood swings?

Alison: He just seems very conflicted, sometimes.

Barbara: I see. And you've gleaned this from a few short visits where he has given your sister a shot, checked her vitals, and has been on his merry way?

Alison: I've had a few conversations with him outside of that.

Barbara: Have you? Conversations about what?

Alison: This and that.

Barbara: I see. And from these talks, you've determined that he is a disturbed man?

Alison: I never said that he was disturbed. I just said that he's conflicted sometimes.

Barbara: Well, I think that he is an intelligent, passionate man who's very committed to his work.

Alison: Okay, I agree with that. I think you're taking what I'm saying the wrong way.

Barbara: And how should I be taking it? And what exactly is your interest in Mick Dante?

Mick: I'm impressed. You almost have the full story, but your theory is -- slightly off the mark.

Emily: Let's set the record straight. Explain this.

Mick: How did you get this?

Emily: I told you. I'm a reporter. And as you can imagine, it's piqued my curiosity. You've been following Paul his whole life. Why?

Mick: Paul is funding my research. My project rests almost entirely on his shoulders financially. I would be an idiot if I didn't research him.

Emily: Really? I don't consider that researching an investor.

Mick: Well, you are entitled to your opinions.

Emily: Are my -- are my treatments bogus? Is all this a lie?! Have you been using me? You've been using my desire to get pregnant to get to my husband?

Mick: Yes and no. The treatments are real. I'm not using or your desire to have a child. That being said, I do need you to get to Paul.

Emily: Why? What do you want?

Mick: I'm not ready to discuss that.

Emily: Why the hell not?

Mick: Because Paul isn't ready to hear what I have to say.

Emily: Son of a bitch! You tell me right now what you are up to, or I swear to God, I will pull the plug on this! I will end this right now!

Mick: Allow me.

[Emily groans]

Mick: Morning Kim.

Jack: Hi.

Janet: Hi.

Carly: I'm gonna go.

Janet: No, no, no. Don't rush off on my account. I'm late for work anyway. Don't want to interrupt anything.

Jack: There's nothing to interrupt.

Carly: I'll see you later, Jack.

Jack: I was hoping you'd be home.

Janet: Why? You know what? Never mind. It doesn't matter. One of us had to take the first step, and, uh -- [Sighs] I did it.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Janet: I had a long talk with Father Farley today.

Jack: You had a talk with your priest? About what?

Janet: About getting an annulment.

Paul: Em? Hey. I, uh -- I have a surprise. And, uh -- well, I -- it comes with an apology. I'm -- I'm so sorry. I love you and, uh, I should have trusted you, you know, when it comes to this whole thing with Meg. And, I'm just sorry. Hey. Do you forgive me? Come here. [Groans] I have to get you out of here.

Barbara: Did I just hear from Kim that you were recently engaged to Casey Hughes?

Alison: What does that have to do with anything?

Barbara: Well, I'm just wondering if your new fiancÚ would be happy to know that you've taken an obsessive interest in another man.

Alison: Now, it's an obsessive interest? Barbara, you are way out of line here.

Barbara: No, I think you're the one out of line.

Alison: And you're acting like a jealous lover. You know what? I don't have to defend my friendship to Mick to you or to anyone else.

Barbara: Clearly, I've hit a nerve.

Alison: That's because you're insinuations are insulting and ridiculous.

Barbara: And judging by your reaction, maybe not too off-base.

Alison: You know what? Forget I --

Paul: I need a doctor.

Alison: What happened?

Barbara: Paul.

Paul: Open the door. She won't wake up.

Alison: B -- bring her in here. Page Dr. Evans.

Carly: Hey, Parker.

Parker: Hey.

Carly: Where's your sister?

Parker: She's upstairs. She's really upset.

Carly: About this pageant thing?

Parker: Yeah. I mean, she's been crying all day.

Carly: It's just an act, Parker. She's just trying to force your dad and me to bring her to Detroit. She's doesn't care about some silly pageant.

Parker: She claims that she does. She told me that the reason that she didn't tell you and Dad about it is because she wanted to surprise you. But then you guys made fun of her.

Carly: We did not make fun of her.

Parker: Well, she thinks that you did.

Sage: They totally did.

Carly: We totally did not.

Sage: You don't even care about how important this is to me.

Carly: Yes I do. I just -- you've never expressed any interest in anything like this before. We were just surprised.

Sage: That was the point. You were supposed to be surprised. I just thought you'd be happy for me.

Carly: We are, if this is what you really want.

Sage: Sorry. Too late. Now, you're just pretending.

Carly: Well, that did not go very well, did it? Do you believe her?

Parker: Well, I think she had her heart set on going. I think you may have just broken it.

Jack: An annulment. Do you realize what you're saying?

Janet: Yes, I do.

Jack: You're basically erasing everything we ever shared, as if our marriage never existed.

Janet: I'm catholic, Jack. The church doesn't acknowledge divorce.

Jack: Well, I'm not suggesting that's something we should do either.

Janet: Well, then, what are you suggesting, huh? What are our options? Because I can't go on living like this.

Jack: Is this -- is this really what you want to do? You just walk away from everything we have?

Janet: What do we have?

Jack: I came here hoping that maybe we could figure that out.

Janet: You came here with Carly.

Jack: Oh, come on, Janet. That was incidental.

Janet: Incidental? Really?

Jack: Yes!

Janet: Because every time things go wrong, you go running back to her house, and you don't come back!

Jack: You told me not to.

Janet: Oh, please! Don't give me that.

Jack: No, Janet! Janet, I went back for my children.

Janet: You went back for your family, and I can't compete with that. And it makes me crazy, and it makes me do things that I regret!

Jack: What things?

Janet: Nothing. Just forget it. It doesn't matter, okay?

Jack: No, listen. I'm moving out today. That's what I talked to Carly about. I am gonna -- I am --

Janet: Are you gonna move back in here?

Jack: Well, no -- [Sighs] The plan is that I'm gonna get a place of my own while the two of us work through this.

Janet: Wow. See? I mean, you don't even consider this your home anymore, right? I'm gonna move out, okay? Then you don't have to look for a place.

Jack: I don't want you to do that. Janet, please, don't do that. You belong here.

Janet: No, I don't, not without you.

Jack: All right, listen. Do me a favor. Don't -- don't pursue the annulment, not -- not yet, okay? Just think about this. Think about us. [Voice breaking] Can we do that? Let's just -- let's just make sure that there's nothing left before we throw it all away.

Janet: Okay.

Jack: Okay?

Janet: For now.

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: [Sighs] You better get that. It's probably important.

Jack: Jack Snyder.

Carly: Hey, it's me.

Jack: What is it, Carly?

Carly: I think we might have made a big mistake. Sage has been crying all afternoon.

Jack: [Sighs] What, is she, uh -- is she gonna be all right? Is she -- is she any better?

Carly: I don't know. Could you come over?

Jack: I'll be right there.

Doctor: Sir --

Paul: Wake up.

Dr. Evans: Sir, Sir, Sir. I need you to step outside so that I can examine her.

Paul: I'm not going anywhere.

Alison: Paul, it's all right. Just give Dr. Evans some room to work on her, okay?

Barbara: Is she all right?

Paul: We're not sure.

Alison: We got her here quickly, and that's good.

Barbara: Alison's right about that.

[Paul sighs]

Alison: She is gonna get the best attention that we can give her.

Paul: Just get her to wake up.

[Mick breathing heavily]

Dusty: Hubba, hubba.

Janet: Excuse me?

Dusty: You look hot.

Janet: Well, thanks for noticing.

Dusty: Who wouldn't?

Janet: [Sighs] You'd be surprised.

Dusty: Anything you want to talk about?

Janet: No, if you don't mind. Excuse me.

Jack: Sage, can you come here for a minute? Honey, can you have a seat, please? Okay. Is this -- is this really on the level?

Sage: If it weren't, do you think I would be this upset?

Carly: It just seems so out of character.

Sage: So I can't try new things?

Jack: No, Darling, not at all. Listen, and we don't want you to think that we were making fun of you.

Sage: I just wanted you to be proud of me.

Jack: We are proud of you.

Carly: Every day.

Sage: I wanted you to see me win, but if you won't take me, I can't.

Jack: Who says that we don't want to go?

Carly: If it really means that much to you, Sweetheart, then I guess we're going to Detroit.

Sage: You guys are the best! Thank you. Thank you.

[Carly laughs]

Jack: Pack your bags, Parker.

Parker: What? No, no, no. I'm not coming to Detroit with you guys.

Carly: Oh, you most certainly are, young man. We're all gonna be there to support your little sister.

Jack: We're gonna have a little family road trip.

Sage: Yes!

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Janet: I'm doing something that I should have done a long time ago.

Dusty: What's that?

Janet: I'm moving out.

Carly: I'm here for two reasons. The first one was to make Sage happy.

Craig: And the second?

Carly: To seduce Jack. Somebody's coming.

Jack: Are you kidding me?

Carly: No.

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