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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 12/30/09

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[Jack sighs]

[Craig sneezes]

Jack: Could you quit sneezing on me, please? Ever heard of an elbow?

Craig: Oh, sorry.

Carly: Guys, please stop it. It's bad enough being stuck here in the middle of a blackout. I don't need to listen to you fighting.

Craig: Oh, but at least we have you to light up the place. I do love an industrious woman.

Jack: Yeah, she'd be warm and toasty in her own house if you hadn't gotten us stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Craig: Nobody asked you to follow us up here.

Jack: If you hadn't tricked Carly into getting in to your car, then I wouldn't have followed you up here.

Carly: Please, will you stop? We're here. We're stuck. Just get used to it.

Jack: What are you doing?

Carly: Is there enough wood here to start a fire?

Jack: There's enough kindling, but someone's got to gather firewood.

[Craig sneezes]

Manager: Don't panic, folks. The emergency lights will be up soon, okay?

Janet: Hi. What are you doing here?

Dusty: Trying to get a better look at that dress. It's very nice.

Janet: No. I mean here at the competitor's bar on New Year’s Eve.

Dusty: I was on my way to Metro when the lights went out.

Janet: Are they out all over town? Even at Metro?

Dusty: Yes.

Janet: Whoa. Theresa must be pulling her hair out.

Dusty: She's probably serving raw vegetables flambé or something. You want to go over with me and find out?

Janet: I have a date.

Dusty: With whom?

Janet: My husband.

Dusty: And he's where?

Janet: He's on his way. I'm early.

Dusty: You sure he's not leaving you hanging?

Janet: No, he's not. He's not, okay? We're back on track. New Year, new us.

Dusty: Don't change too much. I like the way you are.

Janet: You just like the dress.

Dusty: Happy New Year, Janet.

Janet: Happy New Year, Dusty.

Emily: You know what? Paul, we're never gonna find them like this. Why don't we wait until the lights come back up?

Paul: You want to go home, go. Nobody's stopping you.

Emily: Will you listen to me? I did not rat Meg out to the cops!

Paul: Right.

Emily: You don't believe me? You don't believe me? Fine. Hook me up to a lie-detector test, strap me to a stack of bibles. I'm telling you the truth! I didn't do it!

Paul: That's not a bad idea.

Emily: It is not my fault that she ran off with Eliza!

Paul: The point is that Meg and Eliza are out there somewhere and I need to find them! Now you either help me or go home!

Emily: I want to help you. I want to help you. It's gonna be okay. They're gonna be okay.

Paul: They better be.

Alison: Okay. So, which story are we gonna tell our kids, the one where you proposed to me at your parents' house, or when the lights went out in a church on New Year's Eve and you got down on one knee and gave me your grandmother's ring and I said, "Yes"?

Casey: Hmm. I don't know. The second one? Yes. Definitely the second one. You're not concentrating.

Alison: I'm sorry. It's just that your great, great grandfather gave this to Nancy and then she gave it to us. I mean, that must mean she really thinks we can make it.

Casey: Yeah, she does. Don't you?

Alison: I do.

Craig: [Sneezes] I'm sorry. What did you say? My ears are clogged.

Carly: I'll go get the wood.

Jack: You'll do nothing of the kind. I'll go get it.

Carly: Your ears are clogged?

Craig: I have a cold. Besides, Jack just loves to be the hero, so I decided to let him be all he can be.

Carly: I cannot believe that you would try to play him like that.

Craig: That's funny. I was just wondering how long you were gonna let him play you.

Carly: Jack doesn't play games. He means what he says, says what he means.

Craig: Oh. And yet he sleeps on your couch while he's married to someone else.

Carly: He's just trying to figure some things out right now.

Craig: Carly, he wants you back.

Carly: He doesn't.

Craig: See, the difference between me and Jack is that I'm not afraid to say that I want you, I need you, and I love you.

Carly: You don't love me.

Craig: But doesn't have a hidden agenda. Jack moves in with you and then chases you into the woods if you even look at another man.

Carly: He's worried about me.

Craig: He's married.

Carly: I know that.

Craig: Maybe somebody needs to remind him.

Carly: You really are ridiculous, you know that?

Craig: What?

Carly: You're coming down on Jack after you slept with my sister while you were engaged to me and then tried to sleep with me while you were engaged to her.

Craig: I've been completely up front about my feelings for you. That's why I'm not married to your sister.

Carly: No. You're not married to my sister because she called off the wedding.

Craig: You see, Jack wants to have it both ways. He wants to be married to Janet and be your go-to guy. And people call me two-faced. What did you do, gnaw through the trees with your teeth?

Jack: There's a wood pile under a tarp behind the cabin.

Carly: Well, that was lucky.

Craig: Yeah, wasn't it just?

Carly: It's so nice to have a man around with survival skills.

Craig: I'll have you know I've survived a number of disasters.

Carly: All of which you created.

[Jack coughs]

Carly: Oh!

Craig: Well, I may lack some of Jack's skills. At least I know enough to open the flue.

Jack: I did. Something's blocking the chimney, a bird's nest or something.

Carly: We can't stay in here with no heat. Maybe somebody should walk up to the road, try to flag down some help.

Jack: All right. Leave your phone on in case I get a signal. I'll give you a call if I get a ride or come to a gas station, whichever comes first.

Carly: Okay.

Craig: I'll go. I got Carly into this mess. I'll see to it she gets out.

Jack: You're sure about that, with your sniffles and everything?

Craig: I'll be fine.

Carly: You know what, Craig? Maybe you shouldn't go, you know? You could get lost.

Jack: It's a straight shot to the road.

Carly: Well, I know, it it would be easy to find in the daylight, but it's dark and it's really foggy.

Craig: If I have to risk life and limb to win your heart, so be it.

Carly: Okay, be careful, then!

Jack: Save your breath. He's impossible to kill.

Carly: It is dark out there. And he is sick. And as much as I hate to admit it, I would like him to live to see the New Year. What?

Jack: Janet!

Manager: I'll bring you a bottle of champagne, courtesy of the blackout.

Janet: Oh, aren't you sweet? Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: Hey. I just got us a free bottle of champagne. I hope you're thirsty. Where are you? Hello? Hello? Jack, you're dropping out.

Jack: Is this better?

Janet: Yeah. Yeah, that's better. Where are you?

Jack: I got stuck on the road. My car died. And, Honey, with the weather and the blackout and everything, I really don't think I'm gonna make it back there tonight. Janet, can you hear me?

Janet: Yeah. You're coming through loud and clear. All right. Well, I think it is better for you to stay out there. I don't want you to have an accident on the slippery roads or anything, so you just stay where you are.

Jack: Honey, I'm really, really sorry.

Janet: Well, that's okay. We'll have our date over the phone, as long as your battery works. So, how far out of town are you?

Jack: About 40 miles or so?

Janet: What are you doing out there?

Jack: Craig handed Carly some line about there being a meeting in Chicago, and he tricked her into getting in to the car with him, and somehow they got in to an accident.

Janet: Are they okay?

Jack: Yeah, they're fine, but the three of us are stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Janet? Honey, you still there?

Janet: Uh-huh.

Jack: Honey, I am gonna do everything I can to get back to you tonight. I promise. But -- you believe me, don't you?

Janet: I'm trying.

Jack: Listen, we are gonna have that happy New Year. I promise. Janet? Hello?

Janet: Oh, thanks. I won't be needing that, after all. My husband's -- you know what? On second thought, I will have some champagne.

Carly: Is Janet mad?

Jack: Disappointed. Let's fill some pots with water in case the pipes freeze.

Carly: Do you think it's safe to drink?

Jack: It's most likely well water, so let's boil it first, okay? There's probably some blankets in that cabinet over there. Check it. Carly. Check this out. What is it with us and bathtubs?

Casey: What is wrong? Why did you come here tonight?

Alison: I -- maybe I wanted to light a candle and say a prayer for the New Year.

Casey: No. Come on, really. Why'd you come here tonight?

[Cell phone ringing]

Alison: I'm sorry. Oh, it's the hospital.

Casey: No, do not answer that. Come on. Come on. We have plans.

Alison: This is Alison.

Casey: Just say no. Just say no.

Alison: Yeah. If you really need my help, I'll be right there. Okay, bye. They're swamped because of the power outage. I'm sorry.

Casey: Okay. Let's go.

Alison: What, you're going with me?

Casey: I want to be with you tonight. Besides, you might get off early, and we could, you know, make some noise. Lead the way.

Emily: Paul, I think we should go to the police.

Paul: Why?

Emily: Why? Because I'm thinking about Eliza. She's a baby. She should be at home in bed, not being dragged around by her mother in the dark of night.

Paul: Meg has Eliza somewhere safe and warm. You know that.

Emily: The hospital. We haven't checked the hospital.

Paul: Don't you think they would have called if she was there?

Emily: No. She works there. Maybe she got one of the other nurses to help her out.

Paul: Great, fine. Why don't you go check that out?

Emily: Where are you going?

Paul: I'll call you.

Emily: Will you please believe me?

Paul: I wish I could.

Casey: Yes! Lights came back. I'm gonna go to my supervisor, and I'll see you on your break.

Alison: Okay. It's a date. Oh, and be prepared for questions about us being engaged.

Casey: Why? No one even knows yet.

Alison: Hello, I'm wearing a billboard. The minute one of my friends sees this, the whole hospital's gonna know in like a minute and a half.

Casey: I am fine with that.

Emily: Oh, Alison, can you please help me find out if someone's been admitted to the hospital?

Alison: Who are you looking for?

Emily: Meg.

Alison: I thought she was at the psychiatric hospital, Deerbrook.

Emily: No, no. She escaped, and Paul stashed her in our wine cellar.

Alison: What? Why did he do that?

Emily: Oh, who knows? You know, she's the mother of his child. He doesn't think she's crazy. He hates shrinks. It doesn't matter. I just need to find out where she is.

Alison: Okay. Well, call the police and --

Emily: No, I can't call the police. She's terrified of the police. They showed up at our house looking for her, and she took off and took Eliza with her.

Alison: The baby is with her?

Emily: Yes.

Alison: How long have they been gone?

Emily: I don't know. I don't know. And Paul thinks that I'm the one who ratted her out.

Alison: Did you?

Emily: No, no. He doesn't believe me.

Alison: Okay. Em, look, why don't you go to the reception desk and ask, and I'll ask around here, okay?

Emily: Okay, all right. Thank you.

Alison: Okay. Just try not to worry.

Emily: Yeah. Easy for you to say.

Alison: It'll be okay. Okay, go.

Emily: All right.

Meg: Yeah, Honey.

Alison: Meg, is Eliza okay? Are you hurt?

Meg: You can't tell anyone that you've seen me. No one must know that I'm here, okay?

Alison: Wait. You're freezing.

Meg: I wrapped my coat around Eliza. The police came, and I didn't have time to grab her coat, but she's warm. You are, aren't you, Honey?

Alison: Okay. Well, what about you?

Meg: I had to run. I wasn't gonna let them take my baby away from me.

Alison: Okay, well, we need to get you someplace warm.

Meg: No, no, no, no. Look, I just needed to get some diapers and some food for Eliza, and we're gonna keep going. We have to.

Alison: Okay. No, no. Look, why don't I just find a place for you guys, you know. Someplace for you to rest. Okay? I'll find an empty room, and then, while you and Eliza rest, then I'll get everything that you need.

Meg: I don't know.

Alison: Okay. Look, please. I won't let anyone see you. I promise, Meg. Okay, if you stay here, someone else is gonna come down these stairs.

Meg: Okay. You won't tell the police anything or Lily or Damian? I don't want them to take me away and take my baby away from me again.

Alison: I won't tell any of those people. I promise. Okay? Please, just come with me.

[Knock on door]

Barbara: Any word about Meg or Eliza?

Mick: Nothing yet. You wouldn't happen to have any --

Barbara: Cognac? In the bar. Just for you.

Mick: Very thoughtful.

Barbara: You seem rather restless.

Mick: I'm worried about our grandchild.

Barbara: Our grandchild.

[Knock on door]

Paul: Have you heard from Meg?

Barbara: No. I would have called you if I'd heard anything.

Paul: Ay-yi-yi.

Barbara: Maybe it's just as well if the police find her.

Paul: You know what? That's what Emily says, and I told her not to call the cops, and she did it anyway.

Barbara: Are you sure she's the one that called the police?

Paul: Yes.

Barbara: Did she admit it?

Paul: No. She keeps denying it, but who else knew where Meg was and had reason to tip them off?

Mick: I'm sorry to hear that, Paul, but I'm not surprised.

Barbara: What?

Mick: I noticed a lot of hostility between Emily and Meg the other night.

Paul: If anything happens to Eliza, I will never forgive Emily.

Emily: Thank God you found them. How are they?

Alison: She gave her coat to Eliza. I'm surprised she doesn't have frostbite.

Emily: Was Meg calm?

Alison: I mean, she's worried, but she's not bouncing off the walls or anything. I think that they just need rest. Look, I promised that I wouldn't call the cops on them.

Emily: Okay. It's all right. I'll take it from here. Thanks.

Alison: Okay.

Emily: Bye. Hey, it's me.

Paul: What do you want?

Emily: I'm with Meg and the baby.

Paul: Where?

Emily: Alison found them here at the hospital. They're safe and sound in a room. No one knows they're here.

Paul: Well, keep it that way, and I'll be there as soon as I can.

Paul: Emily found Meg and Eliza.

Barbara: Wait, wait! What are you gonna do? Where are you gonna take them? You can't just take them to the house. The police are going to be watching.

Paul: I'll figure something out.

Barbara: Honey, Honey.

Paul: What?

Barbara: You can't let her near the baby. What if she puts Eliza at risk again?

Mick: None of my business, but I agree with Barbara.

Paul: You got that right, it's none of your business.

Janet: What are you doing back here?

Dusty: I live here, and it's crazy out there.

Janet: Really? Does Theresa need my help?

Dusty: No, she's got it covered. That's a lot of champagne and only one glass being used.

Janet: Jack got held up.

Dusty: Where?

Janet: In a cabin in the woods with his ex-wife. Hey, that's mine.

Dusty: There's enough to share. I'll keep you company.

Janet: I didn't say I wanted your company.

Dusty: So, you don't care that Jack's spending New Year’s with Carly?

Janet: Well, I mean, it's not like they can do anything. Craig's with them.

Dusty: Sounds cozy.

Janet: Besides, Jack said that if there was any way he could get back here tonight, he would be here. In fact, he could be walking through that door any minute.

Dusty: Then I guess I should get out of here.

Janet: Yep.

Dusty: I never do what I should.

Carly: Craig should have made it to the highway by now. We probably won't need that water we're boiling.

Jack: Still, it would be nice to have clean water in the morning if we're stranded. Or you could always take a bath.

Carly: I liked the tub in Montana, when you washed my hair. Remember? I was just about to have Sage. I have a right to be sentimental about it.

Jack: I'm partial to that tub when you hauled off and kissed me.

Carly: I thought you were Hal.

Jack: You thought wrong. It was one hell of a kiss.

Carly: It's not gonna happen again.

Jack: I know.

Carly: Why are you here, Jack?

Jack: I told you, just, I figured that Craig was up to no good. I didn't want to leave you alone with him.

Carly: Craig annoys me, but he's not gonna hurt me, and you know that. So why don't you tell me why you're really here. Why did you leave Janet on New Year’s Eve?

Jack: Believe me, Janet's not gonna be lonely tonight. Who knows? Maybe she'll kiss Dusty Donovan again at midnight.

Carly: Ooh. What do you mean, "Again"? She kissed Dusty?

Jack: Christmas Eve. Kind of takes your breath away, doesn't it?

Carly: Well, at least she told you about it.

Jack: No. I made it worse.

Carly: How?

Jack: I ran out on Janet. When Brad died, I couldn't face myself, much less my -- my wife. And when she turned to another guy, how could I be mad at her for that? Janet didn't do this to us. I did.

Carly: So, your -- your marriage is a little shaky right now, Jack.

Jack: [Laughs] A little?

Carly: But you're not gonna fix it by running off, chasing after Craig and me. Oh, my God. You're not here to rescue me. You're here because you want to punish Janet.

Jack: No. Carly, I just told you, what happened was not Janet's fault. It's all on me.

Carly: Then what are you really doing here, Jack? What is it you want?

Jack: Carly --

Carly: Oh, Craig! What's happened to you?

Jack: Oh, man! You reek!

Craig: I got lost, okay! It was so foggy, I couldn't see my feet! Next thing I knew, I was up to my neck in this muck! I need to lie down!

Carly: No, you don't! No, you're filthy!

[Jack laughs]

Carly: The bed is clean. We need to get you warm and dried off. Jack, help me with his clothes, okay?

Jack: Not a chance!

Craig: He's not touching me!

Jack: Believe me, you got nothing to worry about.

Carly: Oh, come on! Would you grow up? Jack, the water you boiled, put it in the tub and heat up some more, okay? He's freezing!

Craig: Jack's gonna draw me a bath? Could you toss in a rubber ducky, Jack?

Jack: I could toss you back outside.

Craig: I'll hate myself forever if I don't do this.

Carly: No!

Craig: I just have to have one last kiss.

Carly: No!

Janet: I'm done with romance. I'm through with it. I'm tired of all the long sideways glances and the soft kisses.

Dusty: What's wrong with kisses?

Janet: Well, I could think of one kiss I'd like to take back.

Dusty: Well, we agreed. It never happened, right?

Janet: Yeah. And I told Jack about it because I wanted to get some sort of a reaction from him, you know, and he didn't even get mad.

Dusty: Yeah, he did. When I ran in to him, he almost ripped my head off.

Janet: Well, he's still not here with me. All right. I should go.

Dusty: Uh, the streetlights are blinking out there like a video game. You've been drinking. I can't let you drive.

Janet: Oh, please. I can take care of myself. Oh.

Dusty: Like I said.

Janet: Okay.

Barbara: It was you, wasn't it? You tipped the police off about Meg.

Mick: I did what's best for Paul.

Barbara: By having his child's mother institutionalized? By letting him think that his wife ratted her out?

Mick: You're the one that wanted Emily out of Paul's life.

Barbara: Okay. I admit the idea has a certain appeal, but it also smacks the old James Stenbeck. What about this so-called new and improved version that was supposed to be doing good?

Mick: So, you believe that I am who I say I am.

Barbara: I believe you're acting like James.

Mick: Barbara, think about it. Paul free of Emily, reunited with his daughter, whiny Meg locked up, our son poised to assume his rightful position atop the cosmic food chain. You don't like the sound of that?

Barbara: Will it work?

Mick: My plans always do.

Paul: Are they in there?

Emily: Yeah.

Paul: Alison, thank you so much for keeping them safe and bringing them here.

Alison: I wouldn't have even known to have looked if Emily hadn't been so worried about it.

Paul: Hey. Is she all right?

Meg: Please don't be angry.

Paul: I'm not angry. I'm not. You can't do anything like this ever again.

Meg: I won't. I won't. I remember how terrifying it can be not knowing where your child is. I really am sorry, Paul, but the police just suddenly showed up, and I just panicked.

Paul: I know.

Meg: You're here now. You're here so you can take us someplace where we can hide from them.

Paul: Meg, I've been thinking about that, and --

Meg: I was thinking, maybe Eliza and I could leave the country.

Paul: I think maybe it would be a good idea for you to go back to Deerbrook.

Meg: What?

Paul: You should go back to Deerbrook. I'll call them. They'll come pick you up here. That'll give you some more time here with Eliza.

Meg: You think I'm crazy?

Paul: No, I don't. I just -- look, we've both made a lot of mistakes, and Eliza could have been hurt today.

Meg: I would never let anything happen to my daughter.

Paul: I know that, Meg, but the way you're behaving right now, you're your own worst enemy.

Meg: What did you expect me to do when the police showed up, have them take me away? I don't belong there, Paul! You said it yourself!

Paul: I spoke with Damian. He called me.

Meg: Why did he call you?

Paul: Because you broke in to Lily's house. You slashed up her bed?

Meg: I didn't do that! I didn't do that. Paul, think, I had Eliza with me. I would never do anything like that with my daughter there.

Paul: All right. I believe you.

Meg: You know, he probably found out that I was staying at Fairwinds and he sent the police there. Why does he keep doing this to me?

Paul: I don't think it was Damian. When the cops showed up, they knew where you were. They went right to the wine cellar. Damian didn't know you were there.

Meg: All I want is to have my life back and be with my daughter.

Paul: You can have that if you're willing to fight for it.

Meg: I have to go back to Deerbrook, don't I?

Paul: I think it's the only way. And you'll be fine if you apologize for your actions and stay calm, no matter what. You think you can do that?

Meg: I have to, don't I?

Paul: Yeah. You can do your part, and I promise I'll do mine. I'll bring you home, no matter who's standing in my way.

Carly: You have more water? Is it hot?

Jack: It's Luke-warm.

Carly: Good enough.

Jack: Hey, why'd you take your coat off?

Carly: I just didn't want it to get wet. I can handle the cold for a couple more minutes. What is this? Are you trying to get fresh with me?

Jack: No. I'm just trying to keep my mind on anything other than Craig's naked body. This is a traumatic experience for me. I don't think I'll ever recover.

Carly: You know, once you've seen one man naked, you've sort of seen them all. More or less, it's true.

Craig: The boat's sinking! We have to get to shore!

Jack: If he starts singing "Yo, ho, blow the man down," I'm throwing him outside with his clothes.

Carly: Oh, no. Oh, Jack, he's really burning up. We've got to get him out of here and get him dry and get him into bed, okay?

Jack: Well, how sick do you think he is?

Carly: I don't know, but he's hot. Maybe you should walk to the road.

Jack: No. I tried that when I took his clothes out there. He wasn't exaggerating about this fog. Even with the candles in the window, you can't see the cabin from 20 feet away, but I can risk it, I guess.

Craig: Come on, Baby. Give us a kiss.

Jack: Or I could just kill him now.

Carly: Let's just give it a couple of hours. Maybe his fever will break, huh?

Jack: Okay, come on, Craig. Up you go. Up you go, up you go.

Carly: Okay, Craig. Here we go.

Jack: Okay, next order of business, I got to turn the heat up in here. I'm gonna see if I can unclog the chimney from the outside.

Carly: Okay, be careful.

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: It was brave of you to try and go for help. Brave and stupid.

Craig: It was for you. Need to be a hero.

Carly: Oh, shut up and sleep, okay?

Craig: No, no. Don't go.

Carly: Hey, we're stuck here, remember? I couldn't leave even if I wanted to.

Craig: Do you?

Carly: Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answers to.

Craig: I'm so sorry I tricked you into coming here.

Carly: I'm gonna ask you to say that again when you actually know what you're saying.

Craig: You think Jack's the love of your life. He might be, but he'll never accept who you really are. Not like I do.

Janet: Do you know what my mother would say if she knew I was in a hotel room with a strange man?

Dusty: Who are you calling strange?

Janet: You know, when I look at you, you're not so strange.

Dusty: What would your mother say?

Janet: Nothing. My parents haven't spoken to me since I got pregnant with Liberty and they kicked me out.

Dusty: Their loss.

Janet: Oh, I should go.

Dusty: No, no, no, no. That's okay. Relax. You're valuable personnel.

Janet: I'm valuable?

Dusty: Priceless. I'll give you some privacy.

Janet: Oh. No, wait. Do you have to go?

Dusty: Are you afraid of the dark?

Janet: Well, dark rooms, no. But the whole town is dark. It's kind of creepy, you know?

Dusty: Not for a brave woman like yourself. You run the club like a champion, by the way.

Barbara: Are Meg and the baby all right?

Emily: They're fine. I'm a little confused. Did Paul ask you to come here?

Barbara: Of course he did.

Mick: Hey. How you holding up?

Emily: Oh, I'm -- I'm -- I'm not so good. I just want to be married to Paul and have this baby we keep hoping for, and I feel like it's not gonna happen.

Mick: Well, if our work keeps going the way it has, you'll have your baby. You just have to trust me.

Emily: He's so mad at me, for something I didn't do.

Dr. Wilson: I'm Dr. Wilson from Deerbrook.

Emily: I'm sorry. What are -- what are you doing here?

Barbara: Paul called him. Didn't he mention it to you?

Paul: What's that? Who are you smiling at?

Meg: New Year’s day, 2011, one year from now, I'll be celebrating with everybody else, like this never happened.

Paul: Yeah.

Dr. Wilson: Hello, Meg. We've missed you.

Meg: Here.

Paul: You'll be fine. Okay. Just remember what I told you.

Meg: I'm sorry I caused so much trouble. I'm ready to go.

Sharon: Dr. Wilson, I have the medication you requested.

Meg: If you think I should take something, I will. I'll do whatever you think is best.

Dr. Wilson: That won't be necessary after all.

Meg: Hey. Hi, Sweetie. I love you so much.

Paul: Do you want me to go with you?

Meg: No. I got it.

Barbara: You want me to take Eliza home with me?

Paul: No, no, no. I got it. There you go.

Emily: I didn't do it.

Paul: Yeah, you said that, but if you didn't do it, then who did?

Emily: I don't know!

Paul: You know, what's really aggravating is that you did this out of jealousy, and you have no reason to be jealous.

Emily: I know that. I'm just telling you the truth! I didn't do it!

Paul: Well, nobody else had a reason to do it, Emily!

Emily: Well, maybe Damian did!

Paul: I don't want that. No, listen. It wasn't -- the only people that knew that Meg was there were Mick and my mother and you.

[Baby cries]

Barbara: Emily, I am so sorry that Paul is angry with you, but, you know, every marriage has its ups and downs.

Alison: I don't think there's even gonna be fireworks tonight, you know, with the power outage.

Casey: Well, then let's go someplace private and have our own fireworks, you know? What do you think?

Alison: Casey, you know I love making love with you.

Casey: Mm-hmm. Then let's go.

Alison: I don't think we should sleep together again before the wedding.

Casey: You're kidding, right?

Alison: Look, I know it's old-fashioned, but I just really want it to be special.

Casey: Yeah. I don't mind going old-school, as long as I don't have to wait long, you know? Let's get married tomorrow, okay?

Alison: How about Valentine’s Day?

Casey: My birthday?

Alison: Yeah. I mean, that way you'll always remember our anniversary, and it's only six weeks away. What do you think?

Casey: And then we get to have sex again? Like every day for, like, the rest of our lives.

Alison: Yes, please.

Casey: Well, happy birthday, me.

[Fireworks exploding]

Janet: How long did you let me sleep?

Dusty: Well, by the fireworks, I'd say it's midnight. Happy New Year.

Janet: Oh, gosh! I got to get out of here.

Dusty: The power's out all over town. You can stay here till morning.

Janet: No, I can't stay here! This is so messed up! This is crazy! What the hell am I doing here with you? What the hell is Jack doing with Carly?

Dusty: And Craig.

Janet: Listen, what would -- what would I say to Jack right now if he called me and asked me where I was?

Dusty: You'd tell him the truth.

Janet: That's right. I would tell him the truth, because I have never lied to him, but I would rather the truth be that I was at home in bed at the farm than -- no offense.

Dusty: No offense taken, but maybe you should be offended.

Janet: Excuse me?

Dusty: Jack's your husband. Where is he? He should be here.

Janet: Don't talk about my husband behind his back!

Dusty: Well, maybe you should take the blinders off.

Janet: You have no idea what's going on here, okay? I am married. I love my husband. I don't believe in divorce. And maybe if I hadn't kissed you, Jack wouldn't have gone after Carly.

Dusty: You're blaming yourself for that?

Janet: Oh, come on, Dusty. We both know that I'm not innocent in all this, okay? I have to go.

Dusty: Wait a minute. Would you wait a minute?

Janet: No, I have to go. Let me out.

Dusty: It's unlocked. Would you listen to me?

Janet: Talk fast.

Dusty: The cops are telling people to stay off the street. You're better off staying here.

Janet: Oh, no, I'm not. Thank you for everything that you've done. You've been really nice.

Carly: I guess you couldn't clean out the chimney, huh?

Jack: Nope. What Craig said before about how I'll always judge you and he never will, it's not true.

Carly: Are you saying you never judged me?

Jack: I did. Before we were married, while we were married, after we were divorced. Sure, I did. My days of sitting in judgment are over. They died with Brad.

Carly: Why are you really here, Jack?

Jack: I thought I could do something right. If I'd stayed with Janet --

Carly: You might have started to work things out.

Jack: The way things are headed, I doubt it. Saving you from Craig was a sure thing. Thought I could at least get that right. And now look at us.

Carly: What time is it?

Jack: Well, according to my watch, in 10 sec -- in 8 seconds, it's gonna be a new year. Five, four, three, two, one.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Jack: Is that what I have, marriage?

Carly: Yeah. And it's waiting for you to go home and put it back together.

Katie: You're staying in Oakdale?

Simon: That's not a problem, is it?

Mick: You think I'm crazy, don't you?

Meg: I'm going to kill you.

Sharon: We'll just go and take some blood and see if you're pregnant.

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