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Katie: You'll love Christmas, Jacob. You'll see. And we get to spend it with your daddy, just the three of us, like we always planned.

Santa: Watch yourself there, Miss!

Katie: Thank you. Oh, I think I have some change in my pocket if you can reach it.

Brad: Watch it, Claus.

Santa: Consider that save on the house.

Katie: Oh, thanks.

Santa: Merry Christmas, Katie.

Katie: What did you say?

Santa: I said merry Christmas.

Katie: Oh, thanks. Merry Christmas.

Dusty: It's Christmas Eve. You should be at home with your family.

Janet: Yeah, well, Jack's with his kids, Liberty's avoiding me like the plague, and I'm not feeling very Christmassy this year. Might as well work.

[Liberty sighs]

Parker: What, are you avoiding your mom?

Liberty: She won't leave me alone ever since I told her I'm dropping out of school.

Parker: You're -- you're what?

Liberty: Oh, Parker.

Parker: Liberty, you can't do that!

Liberty: Please. I really don't want to talk about it. Just go home and leave me alone, okay?

Carly: I should have gotten Sage's riding boots when I had the chance. Now there's not a single pair left in town. Not that she'll mind when she finds out you're spending Christmas Eve with us. She'll be so happy.

Jack: I love Christmas with the kids. You know that.

Carly: Oh, you know what? If Lisa's working, she can help me out. She knows where everything is. Will you wait here?

Jack: Yeah.

[Jack remembering]

Jack: I'm gonna kill you!

Brad: With what, your beebee gun? Oh!

[Jack sighs]

Carly: Lisa wasn't working, but Jill, my new guardian angel, pointed me -- are you all right?

Jack: I can't do this. I can't pretend that everything's okay when it's not. I'll call you later.

Simon: Listen, Mate, can I crash with you for the night? Katie kicked me out.

Henry: How long you plan on staying?

Simon: I'll be out of here soon. You know, I was only here to help Katie, but since she doesn't want me --

Henry: Yeah. She wants to spend some time with her dead husband.

Brad: Don't listen to her. We need you.

Henry: All I want for Christmas is a spook-free evening.

Simon: Is he here?

Henry: Yeah, unfortunately.

Simon: I'm out of here.

Henry: Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad -- Brad, please just go away. Please. You're not doing Katie any good. The best gift you could give to her is just to walk in to the white light.

Brad: Henry, I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna spend Christmas with my family.

Henry: Fine. You're doing it without me.

Brad: What am I gonna do now?

Santa: It's no use, buddy boy. He can't hear you anymore. Deal with it.

Brad: You can see me?

Santa: With your constant complaining, it's pretty hard to tune you out.

Brad: Okay, wait. Wait a minute. Santa Claus isn't real and he sure as hell ain't dead.

Santa: I'm as real as you are.

Brad: I'm confused.

Santa: No kidding. I'm Nicholas.

Brad: As in?

Nicholas: St. Nicholas, but I don't like to use the term. It's embarrassing.

Brad: Okay. Well, you know, in that case, I need a favor. Everybody I know is miserable, and I can't help them. So, I need you to bring me back. Reincarnate me.

Nicholas: Wrong holiday.

Brad: All right. Well, then turn back time! Like, whatever! Just make me not dead!

Nicholas: Ha! You don't ask for much, do you, Buddy?

Brad: Fine. Then get me out of here. I can't stand being in this in-between, like whatever it is. All right, just anything is better than this. I want to let go.

Nicholas: Stop your kvetching. Did you ever think everything's not all about you?

Brad: You're kind of cranky for Santa Claus, aren't you?

Nicholas: Sue me. You got half a point there. It's about letting go. Not for you, for them. And they can't do it without your help.

Brad: What am I supposed to do?

Nicholas: Watch and learn.

Brad: What are we doing here?

Nicholas: Patience. Don't be such a nudge.

Brad: Liberty.

Nicholas: She can't hear you. Yet.

Parker: What are we doing here?

Liberty: This is where I first found my dad, on TV. Then I came to Oakdale, and it was so weird walking here, because it was something that I had dreamed about so much, and then there he was, you know? Before, he was just this concept. Then he became someone who I really loved and I still love.

Parker: Of course. Of course. You'll always feel that way.

Liberty: That's why I can't go to college, Parker, because all the memories that I have of him are still in Oakdale, and I'm scared that if I leave, they'll all disappear.

Parker: That's not the way it works. Look, I don't necessarily remember all the really little things about my dad, but I know that I'm never gonna forget him.

Liberty: You know what, Parker, I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have called you. Maybe you should just go home.

Parker: I'm not gonna leave you here.

Liberty: Parker, I thought I wanted company, but it turns out I just want to be alone.

Parker: Okay. But call me if you need anything, please.

Liberty: I will. Thanks.

Katie: So, what turned out as ugly weeds can make a lovely centerpiece.

Brad: That is an amazing idea. I like my hair better now.

Liberty: Dad?

Brad: You can see me?

Liberty: Is it really you? Are you real?

Brad: I'm real. I'm here.

Liberty: Dad, I missed you so much.

Brad: Oh, I've missed you so much, Baby. Oh! Oh, I can touch you! What's going on? Am I alive?

Nicholas: No, no. I told you, immortality's not an option. Think of this as the window between two worlds opened a little wider just for tonight so you can do what you need to do. Talk to your daughter.

Brad: What do I say?

Nicholas: Be the man she needs for you to be, but don't waste time. Remember, it's not forever.

Liberty: Hey, who are you talking to?

Brad: It's hard to explain. We don't have much time. There is so much I want to tell you.

Liberty: Dad, no, stay! Please don't leave me again. Please. It's not fair.

Brad: I know.

Liberty: Why did you have to die? I didn't even know who you were and then I found you and you were gone all of a sudden. It's not right, Dad.

Brad: Oh, you know what? You know what, Sweetheart? I don't blame you for being mad. I'm mad as hell. We didn't get enough time together.

Liberty: We barely had any.

Brad: But I want you to know that I love you as if I've known you your whole life. You are beautiful and smart and sweet, kind -- all the adjectives I can come up with. You're gonna go to college, and you're gonna be whatever you want. You're gonna do whatever you want. A fashion designer, a TV producer -- whatever you put your mind to.

Liberty: Dad, why do you have so much faith in me?

Brad: Because you're amazing. I'm sorry about the baby.

Liberty: That was so hard.

Brad: I should have been here for you, I know. Are you okay?

Liberty: I'm okay now.

Brad: You are?

Liberty: Yes.

Brad: Pinky swear.

Liberty: Pinky swear.

Brad: You're gonna be an excellent mommy. You don't have to have kids. I mean, if you don't want to, you don't have to. But those are gonna be some lucky little rugrats.

Liberty: Dad, I don't want to go through it without you. How am I supposed to grow up without you here?

Brad: Are you kidding me, right? Listen to me, Liberty. You have helped me grow up, not the other way around. Okay? I want you to know this. I'm always gonna be there. I'll be watching over you always.

Liberty: How?

Brad: All right. Come with me. Okay, you see that star? The really bright one.

Liberty: Yeah.

Brad: That's gonna be me looking down on you always.

Liberty: That one?

Janet: We're not quite open yet.

Brad: Do you think you can make an exception?

Janet: Oh, my God! Bradley! Bradley! Oh! Forget what I said! I love Christmas! I love Christmas! I love Christmas! Oh! Oh! I can't believe it! It's really you! Are you -- I mean, was it all just a bad dream?

Brad: No, no. It was a nightmare. It was real. Jack shot me and I didn't make it.

Janet: So, you're --

Brad: Listen, I really just don't even know how to explain it, but I'm here to say good-bye.

Janet: No. Please don't, Bradley. You can't. Liberty and I need you. Everything's been so messed up since you've been gone. She lost the baby.

Brad: I know, I know. I'm sorry. You know, I'm sorry for all of it. I'm sorry for getting you pregnant and not being there for the two of you. I ruined your life.

Janet: Are you kidding me? You gave me my life. You gave me Liberty. Because of you, I am strong and independent and a mother.

Brad: You know, that's funny. You don't seem real strong right now. You seem kind of beaten down.

Janet: Jack left me.

Brad: What? Listen to me, my brother is an idiot. Please, Janet, do not let him drag you down. Whatever happens with Jack, this is your time. There's something that I never told you. Okay, the night of, uh -- prom, when we made Liberty --

Janet: Oh. I used to think about that night all the time.

Brad: You were so beautiful. When you came outside, it's like you took my breath away, and I could have loved you if I wasn't so young and stupid.

[Bryan Adams' "Heaven" plays]

Janet: I loved you despite that.

Brad: I don't know why you chose a dumb jock like me. I mean, you could have done so much better, and you did. You did. Look, don't worry about Jack. He'll come around.

Janet: What if he doesn't?

Brad: Then there's someone so much better out there for you.

Janet: Oh, my God. It's our song! Do you remember?

Brad: Want to dance?

Dusty: You all right?

Janet: Do me a favor and turn that Christmas music back on, will you?

[Christmas music plays]

Brad: You know, you shouldn't be drinking alone. And especially on Christmas Eve.

Jack: You're not here. I'm drunk and I'm seeing things.

Brad: No, you're not that drunk.

Jack: I wondered when you were gonna get around to haunting me. So where you been? You're driving Henry nuts and tormenting Katie and me you leave alone? Why do I get special treatment?

Brad: What's the point of tormenting you? You've got that covered all by yourself, and enough left over for Janet and Sage and J.J. and Parker, wondering where their dad is on Christmas.

Jack: What did you expect me to do? You're dead because of me, and I'm supposed to what, go home and trim a tree or to hang a stocking?

Brad: Yeah. You are. Because that's what you do on Christmas.

Jack: I'm not the same guy I was before, Brad. Not even close.

Brad: Hey, hey. Why are you so hell bent on throwing away the rest of your life? Come on. Let's go.

Jack: I am not going anywhere with you.

Brad: You shot me. You owe me this.

Jack: What the hell is this, huh, retribution? Why are we here?

Brad: Will you just shut up and tell me what you see? Tell me.

Jack: Nothing. It's dark.

Brad: That's right, just like it was that night. I wasn't supposed to be here, remember? Nobody knew I found out where Katie was being locked up.

Jack: So?

Brad: So nobody expected that. You can't see two inches in front of your face in here. Katie was unconscious. Our newborn son was in her arms. Ralph was using me as a shield. He fired at you first.

Jack: I remember.

Brad: The bullet went over my shoulder. Flash was blinding. You fired back. You didn't know that he was hiding behind me.

Jack: It was dark.

Brad: Even darker than it is now. It was an accident. You couldn't have changed a thing. Come on. Emma's Christmas wreaths. Remember how she used to pay us to go out in the woods and cut evergreens?

Jacob: Why'd you name your son after me?

Brad: Because I want him to grow up to be like you.

Jack: It's not too late to change your mind, Brad.

Brad: You're really starting to tick me off. What's up with you? You're alive. You can smell the wreaths. You can hold your kids. You can kiss your wife. How many times do I have to tell you I forgive you before you get it?

Jack: It's easy for you to forgive me. You're gone. But for the rest of my life, I got to look at your wife and son and know that I'm the one that destroyed their family.

Brad: You're not God. Come on. What happened to you? I'm not gonna let you use my death as an excuse to bail on the people who love you. So, come on, man. Buck up. Pull yourself together. Go home to your family.

Jack: Damn it, Brad, it's not that simple.

Brad: I need you to look after my son. I need you to teach him how to be a man. I'm not sure that I would have been good at it, even under the best of circumstances, so I am asking for a favor.

Jack: You never gave yourself enough credit.

Brad: Neither did you. So, now you can make it up to me. Be Jack again. Be my brother or I swear I really will haunt you.

Jack: Brad! [Sighs]

Carly: I'm sorry, J.J. I can't put your dad on the phone. He's not here right now. No. You know how he always puts off his shopping till the very last minute, right? Okay. I'll tell him the minute he gets in. I love you, too. Merry Christmas.

Parker: Why'd you lie to him, Mom?

Sage: Yeah. Dad's not coming. Why'd you tell J.J. he was?

Carly: Turn around.

Sage: Dad, you made it!

Parker: I thought you weren't coming.

Jack: Oh, it's Christmas. Where else would I be?

Carly: We're all very happy to see you, Jack.

Jack: I owe you an apology. I realize I haven't been here much, and when I have been, I haven't been myself.

Sage: We know you miss Uncle Brad.

Jack: Yeah, I do, and I'm gonna miss him every day. But you know what? That's not gonna bring him back. And if he could knock some sense into me, he'd say that I should spend all the time I can with you guys. Hey, we're a family. Nothing's more important than that. [Laughs]

Carly: The love!

Nicholas: Nice work. You know, when we first met, I took you to be somewhat of a schlemiel.

Brad: Gee, thanks.

Nicholas: I'm saying I misjudged you. You've done a great job so far. Now there's only one more thing you have to do.

Brad: Katie? No. I can't do that. I can't say good-bye to Katie. I've waited for her my whole life. I don't know who I am without her.

Nicholas: Tough.

Brad: Excuse me?

Nicholas: I know it's hard, but you have to do it.

Brad: No. What do you know? I mean, you've been with Mrs. Claus for what, like hundreds of years? I didn't even get one second with my son. I heard him crying in the dark and then, boom, my life was over. This is better than nothing. At least I get to watch him grow up. Oh, you know, so leave a lump of coal in my stocking. I don't care. My wife and my son are waiting for me.

[Katie crying]

Brad: You still believe, don't you?

Katie: Why did you leave me, Brad? Why did you leave me?

[Baby crying]

Katie: Oh!

Katie: Brad? Brad? I knew you would come back to me! Oh, I knew if I wanted it bad enough you would come back to me!

Brad: Oh, I could do this for eternity.

Katie: Don't stop.

Brad: Katie. I can't stay.

Katie: What?

Brad: I can't stay. It's just for tonight.

Katie: No. Why would you do that to me? I've been wanting you to come back and now you're here and you have to leave?

Brad: I don't have a choice.

Katie: Then why did you come back in the first place? How could you get my hopes up like this and then just break my heart again? If you can't stay, just go. Just leave me alone.

Brad: You really want me to leave?

Katie: It's too hard. I don't want to look at you because I'm afraid it'll be the last time.

Brad: Look at me. Look at me. I am here. And for this moment, I am with you.

Katie: And then you have to go.

Brad: Let's look at it like a Christmas gift. It's a huge one. And let's not just throw it away. We get to spend Christmas Eve with our little boy.

Katie: Okay.

Brad: It feels so good to hold you again. Come on. Let's make this place look like Christmas.

Katie: Have you seen your son's feet? They're like flippers. I already had to buy him new shoes.

Brad: He's not gonna be walking anywhere. Why don't you just put him in socks?

Katie: I can't keep them on him. He keeps taking them off and throwing them out of the crib.

Brad: Well, us Snyder men, we just can't wear socks to bed. It's genetic.

Katie: Yeah. I keep finding yours all over the house. One at a time, of course.

[Bell tolling]

Katie: Don't listen to those.

Brad: Time is passing. We don't have forever.

Katie: We were supposed to have forever. Don't leave me, please. Don't leave me.

Brad: No, no, hey. I'm still here. What do you want to do now?

Katie: I think you know.

[Baby crying]

Katie: Oh. I think we have an audience.

Brad: You know what, little guy? You're right. Tonight is about the three of us. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. There you go. Look at you. Oh. There is so much that I want to teach you. So much. Fishing. Beer.

Katie: Brad.

Brad: It's very important stuff. It's classified information. Shh. Like how to impress a woman with an excellent dinner. Order a wine. Always the bottle, never the glass. Tip big. Be nice to the waiter, but if it's a chick waiter, don't be too nice. How to keep score in baseball. I taught your older sister that, so she'll show you. And how to dance without looking like a girl. See, you can't show him that, because you wiggle too much.

Katie: I'll get his Uncle Jack to teach him that, I promise.

Brad: Okay. There's something that I want to -- there's something I want to tell you. When you are up to it, you are at that place and someone special comes in to your life --

Katie: Don't. I don't even want to think about that.

Brad: Listen to me. Listen to me. Let me say this. I wish I didn't have to tonight, but I might not get another chance. I want you to fall in love someday. You deserve it. Both you and Jacob deserve it. It doesn't mean you'll love me any less, and I love you, and I want you to live your life. Promise me.

Katie: I promise. Let's go finish the tree.

[Baby fusses]

Brad: Okay, okay. Oh, you are one handsome dude. Do you think I should put him back in the crib so he doesn't roll off the bed?

Katie: Yeah, that's probably a pretty good idea.

Brad: Okay, okay. We're gonna go over here and, yes -- I'll be right back.

Katie: Can you put the star on the tree?

Nicholas: It's time, Brad.

Brad: Just one more minute?

Katie: No. We haven't had enough time. It isn't fair! People all over the world every day get married to each other and they don't belong together. They don't love each other as much as we do, and they get to be married forever. We didn't have enough time.

Brad: [Clears throat] Even if -- even if -- we had -- years, it wouldn't have been enough.

Katie: But we didn't have years. We had one year.

Brad: I love you like I've known you my whole life. Nothing can change that, not even death. I love you always.

Katie: I love you, too.

Brad: Good-bye, Katie.

Katie: Good-bye, Brad. I'll see you in my dreams.

Parker: Hey. Does this mean you changed your mind?

Carly: Merry Christmas, Liberty.

Sage: Merry Christmas.

Liberty: Oh, hey!

Carly: Can I get you some hot chocolate?

Liberty: No, thank you. I just wanted to stop by and drop off a Christmas present for Sage.

Sage: Thank you.

Liberty: And I got a little something for you, too, but it's nothing too exciting. I just was feeling Christmassy.

Parker: Well, does this mean that you're not mad at me anymore?

Liberty: I kind of got over myself. And, you know, I kind of decided not to drop out of school. Just a few more months, right? No big deal.

Parker: Yeah, no. That's great. You want to stay here for a little while?

Liberty: Oh, no, thanks. I have to get home and wrap my mom's present before she gets off work. Talk to you later?

Parker: Okay.

Liberty: Okay. Good night, Uncle Jack. Merry Christmas.

Jack: Merry Christmas, Liberty.

Dusty: You were acting like the Grinch. Now you're one of the Rockettes. What did I miss?

Janet: Well, I finally caught the Christmas spirit, or the Christmas spirit caught me.

Dusty: It looks good on you.

Janet: Hey, I'm sorry about what I said about Jennifer. It was way out of line.

Dusty: Eh, it's Christmas. I'll cut you a break.

Janet: Ooh, mistletoe. Every bar needs mistletoe, eh? Can you -- can you help me put it up there, please?

Dusty: What was that for?

Janet: It's Christmas.

Carly: You're like the old Jack tonight. It's been nice.

Jack: Just got sick of feeling sorry for myself.

Carly: But why tonight? Did something happen?

Jack: I saw Brad. He came to me or whatever, told me to snap out of it and told me to man up.

Carly: Jack Snyder, are you telling me you saw Brad's ghost?

Jack: I guess.

Carly: Oh, my God! Really?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: Tell me everything!

Jack: Some other time. Thanks for being there when Brad died. I wanted to disappear and you wouldn't let me. You may have saved my life, literally.

Carly: You had me scared there for a while, Jack.

Jack: Yeah. Me too. I am fortunate that we have figured out a way to be friends.

Scrooge: Is it Bob Cratchit's home? But it's not the same. Why is it so quiet? So very quiet?

Henry: Look at that little crutch. Poor Tiny Tim. All he wants is for everyone to be happy at Christmas.

Simon: Sentimental sap. Now it turns out Scrooge pays for the operation, everyone lives happily ever after.

Henry: Only in the movies.

[Cell phone rings]

Simon: Hello?

Katie: It's Katie. Jacob loves his kangaroo. It's adorable. Thank you.

Simon: My pleasure.

Katie: Will you tell Henry merry Christmas for me?

Simon: Absolutely. Oh, I'm glad you called, Katie. Merry Christmas. Katie wishes you merry Christmas.

Henry: Really?

Simon: Yeah. You know, Oakdale's not so terrible. I might stick around a bit longer. You took your time with that pizza.

Henry: Well, I didn't see you volunteering to get it. See ya, Pal.

[Baby fusses]

Katie: Okay. All done. Now it's really Christmas. [Gasps] Did you see that, Jacob? That was Daddy saying good-bye. Can you say bye-bye to Daddy? Bye-bye. Merry Christmas.

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