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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 11/30/09

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Lily: [Sighs] I love this time of year, don't you?

Damian: Yes. It's lovely.

[Bell rings]

Damian: You know, Lily, why don't you, uh -- why don't you just take the car and go home? It might be a while.

Lily: How long can that take?

Damian: Longer than you might think. My room is a bit of a mess.

Lily: I don't mind waiting.

Damian: No, no, no. Well you'll just get bored.

Lily: Not today. Today, I am ecstatic. We survived Thanksgiving at the farm. You and Holden didn't try to kill each other, and Meg didn't get in my face.

Damian: Yeah, well --

Lily: Come on.

Damian: No, no, no, no, no. Okay. You're not going up there in my room with me. There. I said it.

Lily: Your former room. Why not?

Damian: [Sighs] All right. What holiday comes immediately after Thanksgiving?

Lily: Christmas, but that's -- [Gasps] Do you have my Christmas present up there?

Damian: Uh, that's all you're getting out of me.

Lily: [Laughs] I was wondering why you kept the room after you moved into our house.

Damian: Well, now you know. My beautiful, too curious bride.

Lily: Mm.

Damian: Now take the car and go home.

Lily: Hurry back.

Lily: We missed you at Thanksgiving, Mother.

Lucinda: I missed you and the children, too.

Lily: Why weren't you there?

Lucinda: I -- I just couldn't bring myself to sit across from your new husband and count my blessings, not when I think that you're making such a serious mistake.

Meg: You're late.

Damian: It wasn't easy to slip away, but now that we are here --

Meg: You, uh, said you had a surprise for me. Where is it?

Damian: Well, I think we might move up to that.

Meg: What am I, uh, really getting here, Damian? A quick tumble in your old hotel room, and then you head home to Lily? No, thank you.

Damian: My marriage is only temporary.

Meg: I know, you keep saying that, but you couldn't wait to move in with Lily. When are you gonna leave?

Damian: I can't end things just yet. I -- I need to think about my son.

Meg: Luke is a grown man. Just tell him that you realize that you're still in love with me, and he'll understand.

Damian: I -- I need to be home with him to help me care for Noah.

Meg: I'm all for caring about Noah, but who knows how long it will take him to recover.

Damian: It won't be for much longer, I promise.

Meg: And what, you -- you expect me to just go on like this indefinitely?

Damian: No, no. Just please, I -- I know you hate to be patient, but try for me. Please.

Meg: Not now. If you're not gonna tell Lily, then I'll have no choice.

Damian: All right, all right. Um -- Christmas. Just wait until Christmas, and I promise we'll be together.

Luke: Well, do you want to -- do you want to sit down or get something to drink?

Noah: No, I can take it from here.

Luke: Noah, be very careful.

[Noah groans]

Luke: Oh!

Noah: God!

Luke: Noah -- Noah, what are you doing?!

[Noah grunts]

Luke: Noah -- Noah, stop.

Noah: Stay away from me!

Luke: Stop it! There is glass everywhere, Noah! Please, please, let me help you.

Noah: I don't need your help!

Luke: Okay. All right. Just stop, okay? Please stop. I'm gonna clean up this glass, and then you can go wherever the hell you want to. Just don't move, okay?

[Henry chokes]

Brad: I broke something.

Henry: You're a ghost. You no longer have breakable parts. And, uh, as much as I love you, man, I have a turkey dinner to devour, okay?

Brad: I'm not talking about my bones. I'm talking about my mojo, my power, my -- my zapping-in ability.

Henry: You're here. I see you. You zapped in just fine.

Brad: How can you eat at a time like this?

Henry: Well, I am sorry that death has taken the edge off of your appetite, but I'm alive, and I need food. Whatever you've broken, we can fix after dessert.

Brad: Things were going great. I -- you know, Katie started to believe that I was in the room with her. And then -- and then it got better. She actually saw my reflection.

Henry: Well -- well, that's -- that's a major breakthrough. W -- why are you here, whining to me?

Brad: Because when I tried to zap my way back home to be with her and the baby, I -- I couldn't get in.

Katie: Get a grip. Get a grip. First Brad, now Simon. I am losing it. I need help.

Simon: All you have to do is ask.

Katie: Simon --

Simon: Right here, in the flesh.

Katie: You can't be here.

Simon: Why not?

Katie: I'm the reason the police had evidence against you, the things I wrote. You ran off with Carly. You don't love me anymore. I don't love you anymore.

Simon: Yeah. And yet despite all that, I came here just for you.

Katie: Just stay right there.

Simon: Come on. What, are you afraid of me?

Katie: You are a criminal.

Simon: I've been a criminal since the day we met.

Katie: I was a lot younger then.

Simon: Not to mention the many times we got married.

Katie: And a lot dumber.

Simon: In fact, I remember pulling off a few of these so-called "Crimes" together.

Katie: Just tell me why you're really here.

Simon: I heard about your husband.

Katie: How?

Simon: I have my ways.

Katie: Don't go all Bond on me. I'm just not in the mood.

Simon: All right, then, lets go for sincerity then. Katie, I'm truly sorry about your loss. Just -- tell me what I can do for you.

Katie: You can leave.

Simon: Hmm. No. I can't do that, not just yet. Got any food around? I am starving. I have really missed your cooking.

Katie: Who's after you this time -- Interpol?

Simon: Probably. I'm on many, many lists. How about your soup? I cannot tell you how often and how much I have craved your soup.

Katie: I cannot believe you actually expect me to cook for you.

Simon: I know. It's pretty rude of me. But as you pointed out, I'm a fugitive. Otherwise, I would take you out for one of Oakdale's finest steak dinners.

Katie: Dial down the charm, Simon. Whatever you're selling, I'm not buying.

Simon: Katie, seriously, I never expected a ticker-tape parade or anything. I just thought you might want a friendly face. Unless that job has already been filled.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Simon: Oh, it seems when you came in, you were expecting to see someone else in the bedroom.

Katie: No. That --

Simon: Someone with a first name "Brad." Now, what are the chances of you taking up with a lover with the same name as your late husband? Unless there's some other explanation. I tell you what. I am gonna go make myself a snack. I'll do it in the kitchen, uh, while you gather your thoughts. Then you can tell me all about him.

Henry: This is delicious. I'm giving the chef a big raise. Mmm.

Brad: Okay, now that I have let you finish your meal, now can you help me?

Henry: Hey, Karen, could I have a big piece of pumpkin pie, please?

Karen: Coming right up.

Henry: Thanks.

Brad: Cancel the dessert. Cancel the dessert.

Henry: Thanksgiving meal isn't complete without pie.

Brad: You've got someplace else to be -- with Katie right now.

Henry: What do you want me to tell her?

Brad: She saw me. Tell her to believe her own eyes, her own heart.

Henry: When did you turn into Tinkerbell?

Karen: Excuse me?

Henry: Sorry, no. I wasn't talking to you. Sorry, thanks. Let's just get that out of the way. Here. [Sighs]

Brad: Call me "Tinkerbell" again, and that pie is going in your face.

Henry: Can you excuse me? I'm having a private conversation here. Uh, Brad, you're missing the big picture here, okay? She saw you. That's what matters.

Brad: In a window!

Henry: So what? In a window, in a mirror, in dishwater, what does it matter?

Brad: Because I can't make it happen again!

Henry: You popped in here, didn't you?

Brad: Here's a piece of cake!

[Henry mumbles]

Brad: Will you stop mainlining sugar and listen to me for a minute?

Henry: I'm sorry. It just -- it helps -- it helps me think, okay? Um, all right. So, there is something in or around Katie's house that is preventing you from popping in. Now, what could it be?

Brad: It's got to be Katie's negative attitude. That's why you've got to go over there, and you have to -- you have to pos-ify her mind.

Luke: I wish I could take this all back, and I wish there was some way that you could forgive me, but that's just not gonna happen, is it?

Noah: I can't get past this. This -- I want to see you, Luke. I want to see what you're wearing, if you're smiling at me. I want to see what it's like outside. I want to see the film I made. I want to see, and I can't, and I can't get past that.

Luke: Well, what do you want now?

Noah: I don't want to be obligated to Damian, or you.

Luke: Look, Noah, I never wanted you to feel like you owe us anything. I just -- [Sighs] I need you, Noah, and I need you to get better, and I need to help you.

Noah: You are the reason that I lost my sight, and now I've got to get better the way you want me to?

Luke: No! No! You need to get better in any way that you can. And whether that means leaning on me or -- or a therapist or -- or someone else, then that's what's important. It's just important that you get better.

Noah: You really want to help me?

Luke: Yes. I'll do anything.

Noah: Then cue up the music on my laptop.

Luke: Of course. Of course. Just baby steps, Noah. We can do it together.

Noah: Hmm.

Meg: I want to be with you, Damian, but I know you also have a connection with Lily, and I'm not gonna let that get in our way.

Damian: Yes, yes. Well, Lily and I do have a connection. We share a child. But you and I share something, too, Meg. And making love to you made that very clear to me.

Meg: I hope so. But I do worry.

Damian: There's nothing to worry about. I swear to you, I will end my marriage and be with you before we unwrap presents on Christmas Eve.

Meg: [Laughs] That was the surprise you promised me, isn't it?

Damian: Can you think of a better one?

Meg: Oh, this is gonna be the best Christmas ever, for Eliza and even more for her mommy. [Laughs]

Lily: Holden is making noises about suing for custody of the children. He wants them to live with him at the farm.

Lucinda: [Sighs] For heaven's sake, what's the matter with him?

Lily: He thinks Damian is a bad influence on them.

Lucinda: Go figure.

Lily: Please don't joke about this. I need to know that you are on my side.

Lucinda: I'm always on your side -- most of the time.

Lily: What about this time?

Lucinda: Is this really what you want? Do you think that Damian can really make you happy?

Lily: He already does.

Simon: All right, come on. Spill the beans. Who is he?

Katie: I'm not seeing anyone. If I was, it's not your business anyway.

Simon: Hey, I'm the last person who's ever gonna judge you. I know what a passionate woman you are.

Katie: Oh, okay. You are not allowed to talk about my passion. Get out of here.

Simon: And it's perfectly reasonable for someone in your situation right now to turn to someone else for comfort.

Katie: There is no one else! It's just Brad.

Simon: Huh, just Brad. So when you called out "Brad" before, what were you expecting?

[Knock at door]

Katie: [Gasps] You heard that?

Simon: Heard what? Oh, the door? Yeah, no, of course I did.

Katie: Then it wasn't Brad.

Simon: How could it be Brad?

Katie: I bet it was the police.

Simon: And who called them?

Katie: I don't know. Maybe one of my neighbors who saw you climbing in my window. Or you could have tripped off my new alarm system.

Simon: Hmm. Well, it looks like I've tempted fate one too many times. So if you want to get rid of me that badly, just open the door.

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: Oh, come on, come on, come on, come on!

Simon: Oh! I knew you still cared.

Katie: Oh, shut up and just --

Simon: I'll be in here.

Katie: Just stay out of sight. [Sighs]

Henry: Thought you might be hungry.

Katie: I'm not.

Henry: Well, you will be when you see the diner special.

Katie: Really, Henry, I couldn't eat another bite. I was at Margo's and the Snyders today, so I've kind of OD'd on turkey and all the trimmings.

Henry: Did you bring home any leftovers?

Katie: No.

Henry: Well, that's just un-American. I'm gonna put this in the fridge.

Katie: I'll put it away myself. Just -- goodbye, Henry.

Henry: I'm not going anywhere, and you can call the cops if you want.

Katie: Don't tempt me.

Henry: No, listen, I -- I babysat. I sang cowboy lullabies. I did everything I could to prove to you that Brad was for real. And if that's not enough sign of my devotion -- call the SWAT team, for all I care.

Simon: Careful what you wish for, Henry.

Henry: Simon?

Simon: Hello, Mate. Long time, no see.

Lily: What's going on?

Luke: My boyfriend's at a private concert, and I wasn't invited. Where's Damian?

Lily: He had to pick up some things at the Lakeview.

Luke: Will you stay with Noah for a little bit?

Lily: Sure. Where are you going?

Luke: I can't talk about it right now. It's just something I think I have to do.

Noah: What do you want?

Lily: It's Lily. Luke left. I just wanted to see if you needed anything.

Noah: Oh, no. You know, on second thought, um, I'm feeling really cooped up. Do you think we can get out of here?

Lily: You don't want to wait for Luke?

Noah: I'd rather not.

Lily: Okay. Let me take that.

Noah: Thanks.

Lily: Let's go for a walk.

Noah: Thanks.

Lily: Here you are. Noah, I know this is incredibly difficult for you, but you have to know that Luke is suffering, too.

Noah: He should never have gotten mason fired. If we weren't arguing about that, then none of this would have happened.

Lily: Yeah, perhaps.

Noah: He was letting his jealousy take over. Did he really think that in a million years mason could come between what we had? It's like he's becoming a newer, younger version of -- his father.

Lily: Look, I know that Luke is a lot like Damian, but sometimes when you're that passionate, you don't think before you act.

Noah: That -- that excuses it?

Lily: No. But a lot of people would give anything to be loved by someone like that. You might even say that we are the lucky ones.

Luke: Damian --

Damian: Luciano --

Luke: I was just on my way up to your room.

Damian: Well, then, I'm glad you found me.

Luke: Can we go up there and talk?

Damian: Will the lounge do?

Luke: Let's go.

Damian: You seem upset.

Luke: Yeah, well, I am.

Damian: About Noah?

Luke: About what we've done to Noah. I've hurt him twice, Damian. The accident -- that was our fault. And what he's going through right now -- that's my fault, too.

Damian: Yeah, well, we made sure he got the best treatment at the hospital, finest surgeons. You -- you've lined up therapists to work with him at home.

Luke: Yeah, but Damian, none of that matters. Noah's not gonna get better until he trusts the people that surround him. And right now, he will not -- or he cannot trust me, or you. We are forcing him to depend on us, and that's just not right.

Damian: So what are you suggesting?

Luke: I think Noah needs to leave the house.

Damian: You want to send him away?

Luke: No. Damian, that's the last thing I want to do. But for his sake, I think that's what I have to do.

Henry: I can't believe you're standing here. Shouldn't there be like a posse after you or -- or an angry husband or two?

Katie: He says there isn't.

Simon: I heard about Katie, and I came to see if she's doing okay.

[Baby cries]

Simon: Is -- is that your baby? Can I -- can I see him?

Katie: No.

Henry: [Sighs] Listen, you can't -- you can't blame her. Although most people hide their daughters when you come around, not their sons.

Simon: How is she?

Henry: There's two things going on here, okay? Uh, she and Brad spent a year trying to make a baby. She miscarried. So they went down the fertility route, surrogacy, in vitro, you name it.

Simon: But they had the baby before he died?

Henry: The day he died. So she's got the baby she always wanted, and she doesn't have the man that she loves. She doesn't sleep. She's barely eating.

Simon: All right, all right, Mate. Well, what can we do?

Henry: I don't know. All she wants is Brad back.

Simon: Well, if I could steal him back for her, I would, but beyond that? You know what? I'm just gonna get in the way again, as usual. Mate, will you just tell Katie I'm thinking about her? You know, on second thoughts, don't bother. She won't believe it.

Henry: Why did you come, Simon?

Simon: You know, Mate, there is no one on this earth I care about except for Katie. I just thought maybe I could help.

Henry: Wait. Maybe you can.

Simon: This is delicious. I love an American Thanksgiving.

Henry: You know, it's not about the food. It's about friends and family. Although some of us have nightmare families and more dead friends than alive. But Katie has an entire town that loves her, and she's just locking them out.

Simon: Yeah, Mate, I don't blame her, though. All those loving, lonely people dropping by and being compassionate can be a bloody burden.

Henry: Mm-hmm. Exactly. That's where you come in.

Simon: What, you want me to scare away the do-gooders and the well-wishers?

Henry: No, no, no, no. I want you to be yourself. I don't mean hold her hand and say, "There, there," or look at her and well up with tears or something like that. I want you to -- to shake her up, knock her off-balance, make her feel alive again, Simon. If -- if you do that, may -- maybe she'll realize that life is worth living.

Simon: Mate, mate, listen, listen, listen. When it comes to shaking Katie up, you've got that market cornered. What do you need me for?

Henry: Short version -- I, uh -- I got involved with a loan shark. Katie tried to get me out from under it. Brad got into the mix, and he got shot.

Simon: [Coughs] Let me get this straight. Katie's husband is dead because you borrowed money from the wrong guy, and she's still speaking to you?

Henry: Well, there's -- she's got a restraining order on me. But I -- I am ignoring that at the moment. But I can only push that so far. Listen, I would do anything, anything to make this up to her. But I'm not the man for the job, Simon. You are.

Katie: I wish you could talk, Jacob. Babies are so sensitive. I bet you'd pick up on things we don't even know about, like your daddy. Am I going crazy, or did I see his reflection in that window today? Oh, what is wrong with you? First you break into my house, and then you sneak up on me?

Simon: That's the second time I heard you speak of seeing Brad. Want to talk about it?

Katie: I'm sorry. I don't hear from you for years, and then I'm supposed to just open up to you, share my innermost thoughts?

Simon: Oh, Katie, look at what you made. I don't envy anybody, but I envy your daddy.

Katie: He's dead.

Simon: Yeah, but look what he gave you. Something I never could.

Noah: Can you describe what you see to me? Have the birds flown south? Have the leaves fallen?

Luke: Well, the birds are sticking it out. I think they're hoping for a mild winter. And as for the leaves, uh, check it out.

Noah: You texted him to come here.

Lily: What? I --

Luke: I heard you tapping away on your cell phone. You're not as sneaky as you think.

Lily: Note to self, "New skills -- quieter texting." I'm gonna get going.

Noah: Well, I'll go with you.

Luke: No, no. I'll make sure you get home.

Noah: I cannot believe she left me out here with you.

Luke: She knew that we needed to talk.

Noah: Lily -- I thought she was different, but she's just like you and Damian. Your whole family treat me like I can't make my own decisions.

Luke: Noah, cut my mom some slack. She's trying to help.

Noah: That's what Damian said.

Luke: We need to talk.

Noah: Yeah, and I came out here to get away from Grimaldi Incorporated.

Luke: Noah, watch out!

Damian: Lily -- you're just getting home now?

Lily: I went for a walk with Noah. Mm! Did you find everything you needed? At the hotel? [Laughs]

Damian: The papers -- yes, yes, I did find them. Uh, it took me longer to track them down than I expected, but, uh -- it's getting chilly in here. You want to get coffee?

Lily: Mm, I know a better way to get warm.

Damian: Mm. Mm-hmm.

Lily: So, why was it so important to find these papers today?

Damian: Actually, it was something for, uh -- for Luke -- uh, information on our rehab center in Lake Forest.

Lily: What? Is that why Luke wanted to spend time with Noah? I didn't know Noah wanted to go to a rehab center. He didn't mention it.

Damian: It was Luke's idea.

Lily: Of course it was.

Damian: You know, I am damn proud of our son, Lily. He's willing to make the tough decisions and accept the consequences.

Lily: I know, but he loves Noah so much, and I know he wants to be there for every second of his recovery. This must be killing him.

Damian: He'll get through it.

Lily: I don't know.

Damian: Trust me, Cara. And trust our son. Sometimes, real love means letting go.

Meg: Words to live by.

Damian: Meg, what are you doing here?

Meg: I was talking to one of the researchers at the hospital, and he was telling me about this new electronic cane for the visually impaired.

Lily: But that doesn't explain what you're doing in our house.

Meg: I told them about Noah, so he let me borrow one of the prototypes they were working on. So I brought it over, and I thought maybe Noah would like to try it out. And if he likes it, you might want to invest in it.

Damian: Sounds like a good idea.

Lily: What were you doing upstairs?

Meg: Well, no one was home, so I just let myself in, brought the cane up to Noah's room. When will he be home?

Lily: In a couple of minutes, probably.

Meg: Okay. Well, I'll wait and see him.

Damian: No. That won't be necessary, Meg.

Meg: But I can explain how the cane works. And maybe if he wants --

Lily: No, Noah is gonna be leaving. He's not gonna be staying here that much longer.

Meg: Oh. Well, he can't really take care of himself. Where will he be going?

Damian: Luke thinks it's harder for Noah to recuperate here than it would be in a rehab center.

Meg: Are you looking at someplace nearby?

Lily: Lake Forest.

Meg: Oh. Well, that's an excellent facility. You know, now that you mention it, it probably is best for everyone.

Lily: Do you have the information about the rehab center?

Damian: Huh? Uh, no, I didn't print anything out. I just gave Luke the name. Why?

Lily: Well, I thought I'd head over to the office and start making the arrangements. That way, when Noah's ready, I'll have everything set to go.

Damian: I'll go with you.

Lily: No. I don't think that's a good idea.

Damian: Why?

Lily: Noah gets a little defensive where you're concerned.

Damian: I'll, uh, keep my hands off.

Lily: Thanks. Meg, coming?

Meg: Uh, yeah. I'm just gonna go up to Noah's room and get that cane. I might as well return it to the hospital.

Lily: Thank you for thinking of Noah.

Meg: Yeah, anytime.

[Door closes]

Damian: I think you should go.

Meg: Why would I want to do that?

Damian: 'Cause Lily might come back, or the boys.

Meg: It doesn't matter anymore. Don't you see?

Damian: I don't. I don't see.

Meg: Noah is moving out. That means you can tell Lily goodbye, and we don't even have to wait till Christmas.

Damian: No. See, I, uh -- I still have to be careful.

Meg: Okay. I guess I can wait one more day.

Luke: We need to talk.

Noah: I can't, and it's tearing me up. I -- I am sick to death of being mad at you. I love you.

Luke: I love you, too.

Noah: And I know you didn't want the accident to happen.

[Luke sighs]

Luke: I feel like I've waited forever to hear you say that.

Noah: But every time I'm near you, every time I hear you speak or you touch me, it just all comes back in this flood. Everything -- the fight over Mason, you going behind my back to your father, everything exploding in my face, literally. It was just so stupid and senseless!

Luke: And it's all me. And, Noah, if I could turn back time --

Noah: But you can't. No. Losing my film and my career -- that was hard. Losing my eyesight -- I still -- I can't even believe that. But the worst part was losing my life and what I shared with you. And now --

Luke: And now -- and now we can't share anything. Noah, I don't want to say this, but -- we have to split up.

Henry: Oh, God!

Brad: Did you talk to Katie?

Henry: [Exhales sharply] Do you remember when I asked you to get that bell? Why haven't you gotten it yet? Or like a whistle or something, so I know you're in the vicinity!

Brad: Did you see Katie?

Henry: [Sighs] Yeah, I went over there.

Brad: Did you tell her to trust her own eyes and just believe?

Henry: I, uh, didn't get that far. There was -- interference.

Brad: I knew it. Something is keeping me from being in that house. I mean, what is it? Are they putting up -- are they putting up new power lines in the neighborhood?

Henry: No, no.

Brad: Is Katie burning ghost-repellent incense or something?

Henry: No.

Brad: Then -- then what is it? Come on, man. We both know how much she needs me. She's all alone.

Henry: She's not alone.

Brad: She isn't?

Henry: No, she's not alone. She's got you. And -- and she's fighting it, which is why you're being blocked. As soon as she puts her doubts aside, you'll be right back in there.

Brad: Yeah. Yeah. That's what I thought. So all I have to do is I just keep knocking until she feels me.

Katie: Just support his neck.

Simon: Wow.

Katie: Pretty good there.

Simon: Look at you.

Katie: When did that happen?

Simon: Spent my whole life handling precious things -- diamonds, paintings, women. So, what's your name, little guy?

Katie: Jacob.

Simon: Jacob. Hey, Jacob, I'm Simon. I'm, uh -- what would you call me? Friend of the family?

Katie: Don't push it. I think he inherited my B.S. detector.

Simon: You were born to be a mom, weren't you? That's why I could never take you on the road.

Katie: No, you could never take me on the road because you prefer flying solo.

Simon: I did, yes, till I met you. [Sighs] This is the life you deserved. This -- this real life, a normal life. Look at him, Jacob. Now you have one.

Katie: No. Sorry. You don't get to do this. You don't get to waltz in here and coo at my baby and say sweet things.

Simon: Why not? Why can't I say that?

Katie: Because I was over you.

Simon: I never said you weren't over me.

Katie: I found someone who put me first, who loved me above all of those stupid things, like diamonds and paintings and another woman.

Simon: Oh, come on! I loved you more than all of that. You know that.

Katie: No, you didn't.

Simon: I did, I did!

Katie: No, you didn't.

Simon: I loved you more than anything or anyone.

Katie: Then you wouldn't have left. You would have stayed. But I got over you. I stopped waking up in the middle of the night, wondering "Where in the world is Simon?" And I had Brad, and I had a baby on the way, and I was happy. And now I just -- I don't know anything anymore.

Simon: Come here, come here.

Katie: Go away. Go away. Go, go, go, go! Go, go, and just keep going, or I'm gonna call the police.

Simon: What -- what do you think is happening here?

Katie: You're hitting on me!

Simon: Oh, come on. Hitting on you? I am not!

Katie: What would you call it?

Simon: I would call it being a friend -- a friend. Now, I know I don't have much practice in that arena, but that -- you're in a fragile state.

Katie: Oh, I am not!

Simon: You can't be alone right now.

Katie: I'm not bluffing. I'm gonna call Margo right now.

Simon: Okay, fine. Knock yourself out. Do it, do it. Mobilize the entire Oakdale P.D. if you have to. I don't care. Do what you got to do. I'm not walking away from you this time. I am not walking away, I promise.

Katie: I'm sorry. I can't believe what you say. I can't trust you.

Simon: You can't? Then why don't you call Margo?

Katie: Because I'm not just fragile. I'm falling apart, and I'm failing my little boy, and I'm just -- [Sobs] I need --

Simon: It's all right.

Henry: Okay. Pros for Brad -- he's the love of her life. He's father of her child. It's hard to argue with that. Then again, pros for Simon -- alive.

Luke: It looks like they have everything. They have communication class. Uh, you can learn Braille. Listening class. Make sure you take that one.

Noah: It sounds like they got it all.

Luke: Yeah. They have everything. But not everyone. If there was some way that I could come with you --

Noah: You can't.

Luke: I know, I know. And I guess I'm gonna have to remember that. It's the only thing that's gonna keep me from chasing after the car when you leave.

Noah: So, when do I go? Uh, how -- how soon?

Luke: You can leave today if you wanted.

Noah: Well, I guess we'd better head back to the house and pick up my toothbrush. Doesn't sound like I'll need anything else at this country club you found me.

Luke: Noah -- I'm gonna think about you every second of every day that you're gone, and I'm gonna be here when you get back.

Noah: I could use an arm.

Luke: Yeah. Sure.

Damian: You're lost, Meg. Noah's bedroom is down the hall.

Meg: I am exactly where I want to be -- your bedroom. And we have the place all to ourselves.

Damian: Meg, what are you doing? Meg --

Meg: Call it a test. I want to make sure you're not leading me on.

Damian: I've already passed that test. I told you we'd be together by Christmas. Why isn't that enough for you?

Meg: Why should it be? I've gone to bat for you. I kept quiet about you knowing Holden was alive. There will always be a part of me that will never stop wondering.

Damian: What?

Meg: Are you playing me for a fool, Damian?

Damian: Hey, meet me at my hotel room, and, uh, you can give me any test you like.

Meg: No. I want you here and now.

Damian: Meg --

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Emily: And you would start me on a course of treatments?

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