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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/25/09

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Broadcaster: The turkey is in the oven by now, folks, because we've got a nasty winter storm bearing down on us from the Midwest. We're expecting a dangerous mix of snow, sleet, and hail by dinnertime, so stay off the roads and cozy up.

Carly: We're gonna have to drive right through the storm, unless you want to go up north and come back down, but that'll take like two extra hours.

Jack: So?

Carly: "So?" If we don't leave right now, we won't make it home in time for dinner.

Jack: Maybe it's for the best.

Craig: I was hoping we could get over to Margo's a little early today.

Rosanna: Yeah, sure. Okay.

Craig: It won't be terrible. I just wanted to tell Margo about our engagement in private before Tom and the rest of the Greek chorus have a chance to chime in.

Rosanna: Sure. Well, I'm sure they'll be chiming in eventually, but if you want to go and you think that that's gonna make things easier, of course.

Craig: Margo will be happy for us. As for the rest of them, I don't care.

Rosanna: I wonder what Carly's doing for Thanksgiving. I was really hoping to spend some piece of the holiday with her, you know?

Craig: I'm sorry that's not in the cards for this year.

Katie: What are you doing here?

Margo: Hiding from the 20-pound turkey in my refrigerator.

Katie: Where's Henry?

Margo: Oh, I chased him away. I wanted to spend some time with my nephew.

Katie: Oh, Jacob. I missed my 6:00 A.M. feeding. Why didn't my alarm clock go off?

Margo: I turned it off. You needed your rest. And, so, I gave him his bottle. He burped and went right back to bed.

Katie: Did Henry tell you what happened last night?

Margo: What? What? Is everything all right?

Katie: No. It was just that Brad -- I mean, he -- oh, never mind. I just had weird dreams.

Margo: Hey. Maybe no more of these, okay? Here.

Katie: Thank you. Oh, God. Did you bring this from the station?

Margo: [Laughs] Who do you think makes it? Okay, come on. Up, up, up. You and Jacob are gonna help me make dinner. Turkey can't cook itself, you know.

Noah: I know you're there.

Luke: Good morning. Happy Thanksgiving.

Noah: I don't like being stared at.

Luke: I wasn't. Your burns are healing.

Noah: Yeah? That's good to know, not that I could tell.

Luke: Have you done your exercises?

Noah: It's Thanksgiving. Everybody gets a day off, even me.

Luke: I know. I know, but the more you do them, the sooner things will get back to --

Noah: Normal?

Luke: New normal. You should do them. Anyway, I just came up here to tell you that my mom's doing dinner early, so I can take the kids over to the farm for dessert. I'd love it if you came.

Noah: What are you gonna do, Luke, are you gonna feed me at the dinner table in front of your whole family? Play airplane with my turkey?

Luke: Noah, you have to get out there and do things. Your therapist said that --

Noah: I know what she said. I just -- I don't want to be the blind guy at the dinner table that everybody's staring at but pretending not to but just can't help themselves because a train wreck is so damn fascinating.

Luke: They wouldn't feel that way, and you know it.

Noah: I would. I feel that way. Just go. Be with your family. Have fun. I'll be fine.

Damian: Hey!

Natalie: What is all that?

Damian: This is Thanksgiving dinner.

Lily: The chef at the Lakeview made it special for us.

Natalie: You're not cooking?

Lily: I'm heating up. That way I can spend more time with you guys. Why? Are you trying to get rid of me?

[Cell phone ringing]

Lily: What's wrong?

Damian: Work. Unfortunately, it's not Thanksgiving in Switzerland. I'll be right back. Grimaldi.

Meg: So, when am I gonna see you today?

Holden: Hello! Come on, you guys!

Emma: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hey, my sweetheart! Oh! Oh, I'm so grateful that you're here.

Holden: Yeah, me too.

Emma: Let me take this, Sage.

Parker: Can I do anything?

Emma: Yes, Sweetheart. You can bring in some firewood from the porch. Ooh, and I have a job for you. These apples, you can take them down to the barn to feed the horses. It's their Thanksgiving treat. Okay.

Holden: Be careful.

Sage: I will.

Emma: Where are your babes?

Holden: They'll be here later. Lily and I decided to split the day.

Emma: Oh.

Holden: Molly, she said to say happy Thanksgiving. She's out in California with Abigail. Its 80 degrees out there.

Emma: Oh, that sounds so awful!

Holden: I know. Hey.

Janet: Hey.

Holden: Any word from Jack?

Janet: No. You?

Holden: No. Well, don't worry. He'll be here. He'll be here soon.

Carly: What are you talking about? How is missing Thanksgiving with our family best for anybody?

Jack: Think about it. If I show up at the farm now, the day will be all about me -- where'd I go? Why'd I go away? Why didn't I call?

Carly: Those are valid questions, aren't they?

Jack: It's not gonna end there, though. Liberty blames me for Brad's death. Liberty and Janet will get in a fight. Parker will find himself in the middle again, and Emma, come on, she plans this meal a week beforehand. The day will be ruined. Nobody wants that.

Carly: Yeah. That is some seriously depressed crystal ball you've got working there, Jack.

Jack: You know I'm right.

Carly: Fine. You know what? I am done trying to get through to you. If you want to spend Thanksgiving in this hole, go ahead, but I'm gonna go home to our children, even if I have to shovel my way from here to Oakdale! There you are. Why aren't you answering your phone? Oh, that's right. I forgot. You'd given up on all forms of communication, right?

Jack: I thought you went back to Oakdale.

Carly: Well, I tried, but first I had to find the bar from last night. My car was there, not that you'd remember. And then by the time I found it, I realized that my keys were actually still in the room, and by the time I bribed the desk clerk to let me into the room, they were gone. So were you. So, I've been wandering around ever since. What are you doing?

Jack: All the breakfast places were closed because of the holiday. I went back to the room. While I was on my way back to the room, these guys said they could use an extra pair of hands, not that I had anything better to do.

Carly: Don't make it less than it is.

Jack: What do you mean?

Carly: You're in a tough spot and still you're able to help people.

Jack: Strangers.

Carly: Mike's not a stranger. Molly's not a stranger. Okay, Ben Franklin Jr. there, he qualifies as strange.

Jack: Don't give me too much credit. I'm only doing this because none of these people know I'm the guy who killed his brother. I'm just another volunteer helping out the greater Pittsburgh community food bank, feeding people, and for a couple of hours, it can be that simple.

Carly: But it isn't real. Your life is home with your kids, your family, your wife.

Man: Are we too early?

Jack: No, not at all. I hope you're hungry, because someone's got to take all this turkey off my hands.

Woman: Go ahead, Sweetie. Ask him.

Child: Do you still have the wishbone?

Jack: I was saving it for you. I have a little daughter who's just a bit older than you. Her name is Sage, and I save the wishbone for her every year.

Child: My daddy does that, too.

Jack: Is that right? Well, I could wrap it for you so you can take it home.

Child: I don't need to, because I already know my wish.

Jack: All right, then. Good luck.

Child: Will you do it with me?

Jack: What about your dad?

Man: Go ahead, please.

Jack: All right, champ. One, two, three.

Child: See, Mom, it's gonna be okay.

Jack: [Laughs] Happy Thanksgiving.

Woman: Thank you. Same to both of you.

Liberty: Do you want to watch the Cowboys game with me later? They're playing Oakland.

Janet: Football? You and me, sit down and watch football? Uh, okay.

Liberty: Its fine, Mom. It's just, I don't know, me and Dad got kind of into it last year, 'cause I love Tony Romo, he hates Tony Romo, so he was always rooting for the other team. It's really annoying, but now I just keep -- I don't know.

Janet: I know. I'd give anything to have him back.

Damian: We need to talk about the threats you made to me after Officer Grady left.

Meg: Not on Thanksgiving. Today is about family, and I want you here at the farm with me.

Damian: I can't be. I know it's hard, Meg, but you have to try to be patient.

Meg: I'm not a patient person.

Lily: How's Noah?

Luke: He's refusing to do his physical therapy because it's a holiday.

Lily: That's not good. The therapist said that he needed to do it every day.

Luke: I know. I tried to tell him. I was thinking that maybe you might have a little more luck with him.

Lily: I'll try. I mean, it's a lot for him to get used to, for all of us.

Luke: Look, Mom, I really don't mean to upset you or Damian, but I was thinking that maybe I could take the kids to the farm early.

Lily: Before dinner?

Luke: While all the cousins are there, and they'll get to see the squash get cut just like every year. I think these kids need a dose of normal, even if it's just for today, and by next year, things will be easier. They'll be used to splitting their time between you and Dad.

Lily: You think it's selfish of me to want to have my family around me for Thanksgiving?

Luke: No! No, but, Mom, that's not Thanksgiving. That's catering. Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you.

Lily: No. You didn't, Luke. You're right.

Luke: Mom, I know you and Damian are trying to prove to Dad that you can be good parents, but I just don't think that today's the day.

Meg: My brother is in the kitchen, and if I tell him what you knew about the accident --

Damian: You've got to stop threatening me, Meg.

Holden: Meg.

Meg: Holden, hey. I was just coming to find you.

Damian: Meg, don't do this.

Holden: Listen, we need to get a couple extra chairs for the table. You want to help out?

Meg: I expect to hear from you.

Damian: Hey. What's going on?

Lily: It's just gonna be the two of us for Thanksgiving.

Margo: Ooh. Oh!

Craig: Happy Thanksgiving!

Margo: Well, you're early!

Craig: Yes, but we brought the wine.

Rosanna: I'm here to help.

Margo: Good, good. Thanks.

Craig: Oh, Katie! I'm glad you're here. I can give you and Margo the good news at the same time.

Katie: Oh, we could use some.

Craig: Okay, here goes. Rosanna and I are engaged. We're getting married.

Margo: That is good news.

Rosanna: I thought you said she was gonna be happy for us.

Craig: You know, I know this will be a surprise to some people, but we are very much in love and we're very, very happy.

Margo: That's a lot of verys.

Craig: Oh, come on, guys. Can you at least pretend to be happy, just for today?

Margo: Yeah. Yes! Congratulations! I hope that -- I just hope --

Craig: Thanks, Sis. Katie?

Katie: Me too. I'm really happy for you guys. Excuse me. I think I left Jacob's blanket in the car.

Nancy: Are you all right, Dear? I know how hard the holidays can be when you've just lost someone. All you want to do is lock yourself away and wait until it's over.

Katie: Can I tell you something without you thinking I'm crazy?

Nancy: Craziness doesn't bother me. You know you can tell me anything, Darling. Certainly you know that by now.

Katie: I do, I do. It's just that sometimes I feel like Brad's still here.

Nancy: Here?

Katie: Not still alive, but in between, like his spirit's trying to reach out to me, and I've been getting close to connecting. I've been getting really close. I told Margo about it, and she just humored me, but Henry claims that he's talking to Brad, and he knows things -- things that only Brad would know. Am I nuts?

Nancy: If you're nuts, I'm nuts, too. I've talked to Chris all along. For 23 years I've talked to him. That's how long he's been gone.

Katie: So, you feel like he's actually here?

Nancy: Always. I've never told any of this to Bob, but sometimes I wish I might because he worries so about my being all alone.

Katie: But you're not alone.

Nancy: And you're not alone. Let's just let it be our secret.

Katie: Thank you. Thank you so much for believing me.

Margo: Here.

Rosanna: Oh, God bless you.

Margo: You know, I don't want to rain on your parade or anything, but if you're planning on delivering this news at a holiday meal, you might want to brace yourself, 'cause not everyone's gonna be as thrilled as I am.

Craig: Less thrilled than you. Is that even possible?

Margo: I'm just saying, you might not want to go public in front of the whole family.

Craig: This was a mistake. I'm sorry. I didn't want you to have to spend the holiday defending our relationship.

Rosanna: It's fine.

Craig: No, its Thanksgiving, and I'd like us to spend it together, just you and me and Johnny. Would that be all right?

Damian: Leave it, leave it. The kids can finish when they get home. We can use it next year.

Lily: We don't need place cards. It's just the two of us. We can have our dinner right here.

Damian: If that will make you happy.

Lily: We have way too much food.

Damian: I love leftovers.

Lily: Please stop trying to make it okay. I love Thanksgiving because it's about being with your family, and my kids would rather be with their father, and my mother had better options, so, no offense, but at this point, I'd really just like to skip the whole thing. I'm sorry. I just -- I'm really missing my kids right now.

Damian: Then you should be with them. Go to the farm. I'll understand.

Lily: Only if you go with me.

Holden: Were you talking to Damian before?

Meg: Yeah. I called to wish him a happy Thanksgiving. Is there a problem?

Holden: Yeah. You got to stop this, Meg.

Meg: What? Calling my friends?

Holden: He's not your friend, and he's married.

Meg: That's my business.

Holden: I don't care. I'm not gonna watch you torture yourself. He's not worth it.

Meg: Of course you would think that. He stole your wife.

Holden: Let him go. You are wasting your time.

Meg: I don't see it that way, and neither does Damian.

Craig: Okay. I didn't want you guys to have just any old Thanksgiving.

Rosanna: Oh, it's not.

Craig: A little faith, please.

Rosanna: I'm sorry. Go ahead. I'll play. What's the surprise?

Craig: Rosanna, you and I don't have an ordinary relationship.

Rosanna: Oh, I'll say.

Johnny: Because Aunt Carly was your girlfriend first and they're sisters?

Craig: You don't miss a thing, do you, hotshot? Well, you're right. The way Rosanna and I got together was kind of backwards, and the way you and I started out wasn't the usual way either. So, in honor of my extraordinary son and my beautiful fiancée, I give you the first ever Montgomery family backwards Thanksgiving.

Rosanna: Thank you.

Craig: Mm-hmm.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Is that --

Craig: That's pumpkin pie.

Rosanna: I see that.

Johnny: You mean we get dessert first?

Craig: Everything's backwards, and it's only gonna get better. Dig in.

Teri: Hey!

Janet: Hey!

Teri: Where do you want the soup?

Janet: Oh, right here. Perfect. Thank you.

Janet: I am so glad you're here.

Teri: Oh, me too. Me too.

Janet: What are you doing here? Did you lose a bet or something?

Teri: He was gonna spend Thanksgiving at Yo's.

Janet: Oh, that is wrong on so many different levels.

Dusty: Turkey smells great.

Teri: Better than the wings, right?

Dusty: Thanks for having me.

Teri: Where's Liberty?

Janet: That way.

Dusty: I'm not sure what to say.

Janet: Don't say anything.

Dusty: What you saw in Pittsburgh doesn't have to mean anything.

Janet: Jack's not here, is he?

Dusty: Well, maybe he's dealing with stuff.

Janet: Dusty, it doesn't matter, okay? It is Thanksgiving. My husband is not here, but I still have a meal to get on the table so that my daughter doesn't think that the whole world went up in smoke the day her father died. Excuse me. Are you home?

Jack: Drove through a snowstorm to get here.

Carly: Janet, wait. Your husband came home for Thanksgiving. This is where he wants to be, with you. I was just along for the ride.

Jack: I know I have a lot of explaining to do.

Janet: I missed you so much!

Jack: Yeah, I missed you, too, Honey. Oh.

Janet: I have -- listen to me. I just have one question, okay? Did you -- did you and Carly --

Jack: No! No. Janet, you're my wife, and I love you.

Carly: Hello.

Sage: Mom, you're here!

Carly: I'm here. Happy Thanksgiving.

Parker: Is it?

Carly: Yeah, it is. I brought your dad home.

Emma: Thank you.

Carly: You're welcome.

Rosanna: I think he's in a sugar stupor.

Craig: Well, I know I am.

[Rosanna laughs]

Craig: I love the way you are with him.

Rosanna: Well, I love Johnny, and his dad isn't so bad, either.

Craig: Well, he had to get it somewhere. Did you have fun?

Rosanna: Yeah, I did. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first.

Craig: Really? I didn't notice.

Rosanna: But backwards Thanksgiving was pretty darn great.

Craig: You know, there's something else that we did backwards. Got engaged before I had a chance to give you this.

Katie: You need any help, Margo?

Margo: No, no. We put the food on the table, so Tom and Casey get dish duty.

Katie: Okay. Well, listen, I think I am gonna go by the farm and be with Brad's family. I just want Jacob to feel like he's part of that, even though his dad's not here anymore.

Margo: Yeah, yeah. Listen, do you want me to drive you over there and then I can just wait and drive you home when you're done?

Katie: Oh, no thanks. But I really need to do this by myself, just me and my son.

Margo: Of course. Call me if you have any issues.

Katie: I will. Thank you for today. Dinner was wonderful. I can't believe it.

Nancy: You call me. If I don't hear from you, you'll see me at your door.

Katie: That sounds good. Thank you for what you said today.

Nancy: Okay.

Margo: You sure you're gonna be okay?

Katie: I'm trying, Margo. I'm trying.

Luke: I'm back.

Noah: I could hear you pull up.

Luke: My grandma made up a plate for you. Actually, it's enough for three people, and there's dessert downstairs for later.

Noah: I'm not hungry.

Luke: That's bull. You've barely eaten for the last couple of days. You just don't want to take it from me.

Noah: You're supposed to be my boyfriend, not my nurse.

Luke: Noah, get over it. This is the way things are right now. I'm gonna take care of you, and if you want to hate me for it, that's fine, but I'm still gonna help you, because that's what people who love each other do. Well, let me know when you want to eat.

Noah: Is that Emma's sweet potatoes I smell?

Luke: Yeah. She remembers how much you love them.

Noah: Well, now you're just not playing fair.

Holden: Lily, what are you doing here?

Lily: I miss the kids. It's not Thanksgiving without them.

Meg: So, was this yours or Lily's idea?

Damian: Does it matter?

Meg: No. I'm just glad to see you. You know, I can't stop thinking about last night.

Damian: Meg, this isn't the time.

Meg: This is the perfect time. There's chaos in there. We could go up to my room and nobody will even notice we're gone.

Holden: I understand that you miss the kids, but I thought we were gonna stick to the plan -- dinner at your place, dessert here.

Lily: It didn't feel right.

Holden: You and Damian, you weren't invited. We're not married anymore. You can't just show up here unannounced.

Lily: I know that, and I know that we're gonna work this custody thing out. I just thought that for today we could be a family.

Parker: Dad.

Jack: Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Sage: I knew Mom would find you. She always does.

Emma: Oh, Jack. Jack, Darling. Thank you. Thank you for coming back. I knew it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without you. I love you.

Carly: I'll see you guys a little later at home, okay?

Parker: Wait. You're not staying?

Carly: No.

Jack: I am so sorry I disappeared on you guys.

Sage: Well, we're just happy you're here.

Parker: Maybe next time you go on a road trip, you could take me with you.

Jack: Deal. I know we have a lot to talk about.

Janet: There will be time for that later.

Teri: I'm so glad Jack's home.

Dusty: Good. I'm glad for you.

Teri: What? You don't think it's such a good thing?

Dusty: It's none of my business.

Teri: Well, clearly you have an opinion. Why are you being so cryptic? What do you think?

Dusty: Jack and Janet are history. Now they're back on. Is this how it works?

Teri: For my sister's sake, I hope so.

Rosanna: Craig, it's beautiful.

Craig: It'll still never be enough to show you how grateful I am to have you back in my life. I don't know what I did to deserve a second chance with you, but I'm gonna spend the rest of my life making sure that I don't screw it up again.

Rosanna: I know you won't. I have faith in you. Carly, Carly! Wait!

Carly: No! You're getting married. I wish you the best of luck, but I'm through with both of you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Luke: So, your fork is on the left, and your knife is on the right, and this is Grandma's homemade cider.

Noah: Could you not hover while I eat? It makes me uncomfortable.

Luke: Okay. Okay. I'll go. But I just wanted to say, I don't know if you remember what we did last year at the farm. Before we eat, everybody says, you know, what they're thankful for.

Noah: Yeah, I remember.

Luke: And you don't have to say anything, but I just wanted to say that -- after the accident, I wasn't sure that you were gonna make it. When I saw you lying there, it wasn't like you were sleeping. It was like I couldn't tell if you were in there, and I was terrified that I lost you forever, and I know you're suffering, and I would do anything to take that pain away, but I am so thankful that you're here, Noah. I am so thankful for every day that you are in my life.

Damian: We should join the others before we're missed.

Meg: You mean Lily?

Damian: Well, as you said, today's too chaotic. I won't be able to give you the attention you deserve, Meg.

Meg: Oh, I like the sound of that.

Damian: Oh, yeah?

Meg: Yeah.

Damian: Well, good, because I want to see you later. Come to my room at the Lakeview tonight. I have a surprise for you.

Lily: Thank you for letting me stay.

Holden: Lily, you'll always have family here.

Damian: Cara. Holden. Thank you for making us feel welcome.

Holden: All right, everyone. It's time to carve that Hubbard squash. Mama, hand over that saw.

Emma: Just waiting for you.

Holden: I think the honor should go to my cousin Jack.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Emma: Maybe, yeah.

Holden: Oh, I think so. Welcome home, buddy.

Emma: You think he can do it?

Jack: Okay, all right! Squash!

Janet: Come on, Jacky boy! Let's go!

Jack: You've met your match!

Janet: Let's do it! Let's do it. Everybody, watch your fingers.

Emma: Oh!

Jack: Parker, I may need some -- no, I don't. Oh! I got it!

Janet: Hey, that was a good job!

Jack: You like that?

Katie: Hey. What are you doing out here all by yourself?

Liberty: Hey. Jack just got back, so I just needed a second to deal with it.

Katie: Oh. Well, Jack really loved your dad. You know that, right?

Liberty: I just miss him, so much. It's just sad.

Katie: I know. Sweetie, don't make me cry.

Liberty: Katie, the weirdest thing happened right before you came here. I was just sitting out here, freezing, and all of a sudden, there was this, like, warm burst of wind. It kind of felt like Dad was here. He was just out of sight or something. It sounds weird. I don't even know how to explain it.

Katie: You don't have to. I know what you mean.

Liberty: Really? You feel that, too?

Katie: Sometimes I think I do. You know what? You should go back in. I don't want you to catch a chill. Your mom's probably looking for you.

Liberty: Yeah, okay. Are you coming in?

Katie: Um, you know, I will in a minute. It's just Jacob's sleeping, and I want the noise to die down a little bit.

Liberty: Okay.

Emma: Oh! That was great!

Katie: I am not crazy. Your daddy was here. I saw him, and your sister felt him. He's trying to reach us, Jacob, but with so many people here -- maybe if we go home, he'll be there. Come on, baby. Let's go home and find your daddy.

Holden: Everybody gather round, take your chair.

Liberty: Oh, sorry, that was me.

Jack: Okay.

Holden: It's been quite a year, not just here in Oakdale, but for a lot of people. Tough times for everybody. Maybe that's why it takes the perspective of a guy who is dead and gone to recognize everything that we have to be grateful for. Family, friends, the people we love, who never stop loving us back, no matter what, and the faith that gets us through the dark times.

Noah: Luke?

Luke: Yeah? I'm right here.

Noah: Do you think you'd mind bringing me seconds?

Holden: Thank you for the hope that we cling to, the hope that next year will be better than this one, that tomorrow's going to be a good day for all of us. Thank you for the traditions that bring us together, for the memories that never leave us.

Margo: That's one of our favorites.

Holden: We make mistakes. People get hurt. So, we give thanks for forgiveness and for second chances. We're thankful for the bonds of family that never break, no matter how far we bend them.

[Door opens]

Carly: Hey. What are you doing here?

Parker: I brought you some food. I thought you might want some company.

Carly: What do you got?

Holden: We give thanks for our lost traveler, who's finally back home, where he belongs. We're also painfully aware that not everyone is so lucky. We lost someone very dear to us this year, and we're thankful that he will live on in the hearts of our children and his brother, and for that and for this tremendous bounty, we are thankful, and we say amen.

Emma: Amen!

Jack: Amen.

Emma: Happy, happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Okay! Come on, let's eat before it gets cold! Pass that stuffing over here!

Katie: Brad, is that you?

Simon: Hello, Katie. Happy Thanksgiving.

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