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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 11/23/09

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Simon: It's not that hard a question, mate. May I dance with your gorgeous partner?

Jack: We've been looking for you.

Simon: Well, I'm impressed you found me. So, tell me, Jack, how many cops are in here? I mean, I must be losing my touch. I haven't been able to spot them.

Jack: We're not on the job. It's just us.

Simon: And why should I believe that?

Carly: It's true. We're here on our own.

Simon: Oh, so it's personal. Ah.

Jack: That's right.

Simon: Okay. I'm starting to get this. You've tracked me down to pay me back for stealing your woman.

Carly: Simon.

Simon: Don't get me wrong. You're way too independent to ever belong to anybody. That was the problem.

Jack: No. The problem is you're a thief and a con artist.

Carly: Jack.

Simon: So, what's the plan, Jack?

Carly: We'd like you to come back to Oakdale.

Simon: Oh, you'd like me to. Oh, so you're not gonna drag me back in the trunk of your car?

Jack: Don't tempt me.

Luke: It's great that they're letting us get out of here, right?

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: Well, I think you're gonna have to stay in my room for a little bit, till my parents can set up a room for you.

Noah: Yeah, well, I won't hold my breath. It might take a little while to move everything I might trip on.

Luke: Look, Noah, I just want to make you comfortable.

Noah: It's not my home. It's yours.

Luke: Well, now it's ours.

Noah: I appreciate your mom letting me stay, but I'm gonna find my own place as soon as I can.

Luke: You don't have to do that.

Noah: Could we just get out of here, please?

Luke: Sure.

Lily: Hey, Damian. It's me. We're getting ready to take Noah home from the hospital, and he's giving Luke a hard time. We could really use your help right now. Where are you?

Damian: I have to go.

Meg: Why?

Damian: Business.

Meg: Lily. When are you gonna tell her about us?

Damian: Soon.

Meg: Hey. Stay with me.

Damian: I can't. They're getting ready to bring Noah home.

Meg: Luke is there, isn't he?

Damian: But he can't do it on his own. He needs my help.

Meg: He has Lily.

Damian: Meg. I can't stay.

Meg: Okay. I understand.

Damian: Thank you.

Meg: But you have to tell Lily that everything has changed.

Molly: I keep thinking I should know everybody I see.

Holden: Still same town you grew up in.

Molly: Yeah, that's what worries me.

Holden: I think it's just what you need, something simple, friendly. You might like it.

Molly: Yeah? Let's not hope for miracles, big guy.

Man: Excuse me, miss? You look familiar.

Molly: Yeah? Well, I grew up here. What year did you graduate?

Man: No. You're that news babe who slept with that congressman. Wait till my wife hears about this. She hates you.

Molly: Simple and friendly?

Holden: I didn't say there weren't any jerks.

Molly: I told you this was a bad idea.

Carly: We're not here to start a war, remember? Or for revenge.

Simon: And why should I believe that?

Jack: We know the scam you're about to pull, Bartley Symington, and if we were lying, this whole place would be crawling with cops.

Carly: We're telling the truth.

Simon: So, what do you want?

Jack: I need you to come back to Oakdale with us.

Simon: Why?

Jack: Not till you agree.

Simon: That doesn't make any sense, Jack. Why am I gonna agree to something without an explanation?

Jack: That's the deal, Oakdale or a Pittsburgh jail. Your choice.

Luke: Noah, I'm just saying you shouldn't make any major decisions this soon after surgery. Recovery's tough.

Noah: Yeah, so is being blind.

Luke: Look, why don't you just heal for a little bit and then we can see what --

Noah: Okay, look. I just want to get out of this hospital, okay, Luke?

Luke: Okay. Here.

Noah: No! I got it! You know what? I don't even need it. I'm not cold.

Luke: All right. Well, I'll tell the nurse that we're ready to go, okay?

Noah: Right. I'll just stay here, practice being useless.

Lily: How's he doing?

Luke: He is so angry. I'm trying to help, but I don't see how this is gonna work.

Lily: All right. Let's just get him home, make him feel comfortable, let him know that we love him and we want to help him.

Luke: Well, I'm not sure that that's gonna make a difference.

Lily: Luke, you can't give up on him.

Luke: Of course not, Mom. I would do anything for Noah. You know that.

Lily: It might mean being his punching bag for a while.

Luke: Well, if that's what it takes --

Lily: He's lucky to have you.

Luke: I wish he believed that. I'm gonna find the nurse, tell her that we're ready to go. Where's Damian?

Lily: He must be with his lawyers working on the adoption papers.

Damian: Look, I can't tell Lily right now. We're bringing Noah home.

Meg: It's not your home!

Damian: Hey, we can still see each other.

Meg: That's not good enough. Look, believe me, I'm not just talking about myself, but we need to do what's fair to Lily.

Damian: Look, I'm doing this for Luciano. I promised him I'd do whatever I can for Noah, and I'm going to keep that promise.

Meg: Of course, and I think it's wonderful, I really do, but you can do all this without living in Lily's house.

Damian: Look, I'll tell Lily as soon as I can.

Meg: How can you act like nothing's changed after what's happened?

Damian: 'Cause I had no choice.

Meg: Yes, you do. You have a choice.

Damian: But don't force me to make it! Hey, hey. You know there's nothing I'd rather do than be with you.

Meg: Do you mean that?

Damian: With all my heart. But I need you to be patient. Please.

Meg: Okay.

Damian: Thank you. Thank you.

Meg: But I won't wait forever.

Damian: You won't have to. I promise.

Molly: Oh.

Holden: What?

Molly: Is there a back door?

Holden: Why? Are you afraid to see Kim?

Molly: Last time I saw Kim, she fired me and gave me a lecture on morals. I really don't want a repeat performance.

Holden: Well, I'm sure that she feels the same way.

Molly: I'll just be under the table.

Holden: Too late.

Kim: Hi, Holden.

Holden: Hi, Kim.

Kim: Good to see you. Hello, Molly.

Molly: Hello, Kim.

Kim: I heard you were back.

Molly: I've only been here an hour.

Kim: Well, news travels. Anyway, it's good to see you. You've been gone too long.

Molly: You almost sound like you mean that.

Kim: Well, I do. And New York's loss is our gain.

Molly: Oh. You heard about New York?

Kim: Well, that kind of news travels really fast, especially when you're on air for a New York affiliate. It's good to see some things never change.

Molly: You mean me. Look, if you came here to say I told you so --

Kim: Actually, I came here to offer you a job.

Simon: All right, Jack. Let me get this straight. You want me to agree to go back to Oakdale without a word of explanation.

Jack: That's right.

Simon: Otherwise you'll turn me in to the Pittsburgh cops.

Jack: You got it.

Ella: I see you've found Mr. Symington.

Carly: Yes, we have.

Ella: We told the Morgans all about you.

Simon: The -- oh, the Morgans.

Jack: That's right. I'm Richardson, and this is my wife, Carina.

Simon: Richardson and Carina, of course.

Ella: They're looking for artwork for both their new homes.

Man: Play your cards right, you might see some nice commissions.

Jack: That's right, Mr. Symington.

Simon: I would love to work with you guys. I mean, no new home is complete without new art.

Man: And it sure can't hurt your business, can it?

Jack: So, what kind of work do you deal in?

Man: Bartley's about to deliver our first Campobello.

Jack: Oh, yes. You told us. You mind if we tag along so we can see how you operate?

Simon: Of course not. Although, I doubt you'll find it very interesting.

Carly: So, where is this painting?

Simon: It is right here in the storeroom, just waiting for these guys to make it theirs.

Man: I can't believe we'll have our own Campobello.

Simon: Well, almost.

Man: If you mean "Do we have the check?" The answer is yes.

Simon: Okay. Then what the hell are we waiting for? After you.

Jack: Hey.

Simon: What the hell are you doing?

Jack: Looking for this.

Simon: That's mine. You have no right to take it.

Jack: Your clients are waiting.

Carly: You think that's the best way to get him to come back with us?

Jack: Just because Katie needs him doesn't mean I'm gonna trust him.

Carly: Why don't you let me hold the gun?

Jack: Are you afraid I'm gonna use it?

Carly: Are you?

Jack: Just to scare him.

Carly: And what about the dells? Are you gonna let Simon swindle them?

Jack: They don't seem like they're hurting for money.

Carly: That's not an answer.

Jack: Don't let them out of your sight.

Carly: Where are you going?

Jack: Take a look around.

Simon: So, where's your husband gone?

Carly: Urgent phone call, family matter. He'll be right back.

Simon: Well, while we're waiting, why don't you come with me? I have an artist you may be very much interested in. Do you guys mind giving us a minute? After you. I'm surprised Jack would trust you alone with me.

Carly: Things have changed.

Simon: Evidently. Look at me, Carly. What is this all about?

Carly: Jack will tell you when he's ready.

Simon: Since when did you let him call the shots?

Carly: I don't think I owe you any explanations.

Simon: Still can't escape Jack, can you?

Carly: He's married to somebody else.

Simon: Really? And you?

Carly: No.

Simon: So, you're alone. Well, you don't have to be. We can slip out that door right now and start a whole new chapter together, just you and me. We'll do it right this time.

Carly: Simon, I spent the last two years trying to fix all the damage I caused when I left with you. I'm not even close to being done.

Simon: Was it really that bad?

Carly: I hurt my family. I hurt myself, more than you'll ever know.

Simon: Well, you can't blame a guy for trying. Where the hell is Jack?

Carly: I told you.

Simon: Well, that's an awful long phone call, Carly.

Carly: He said it was important, Simon.

Simon: Why am I starting to feel like I'm being played?

Carly: I told you, we're not here to mess up your deal.

Simon: I want an answer, Carly. Why are you here?

Carly: You'll have to get it from Jack.

Simon: Fine. Let's go find him, then.

Man: Please. Mr. Symington, we can't stand to wait another minute.

Simon: Of course. I'm so sorry. This is just not being fair to you guys. I'm sure your husband will be able to find us.

Carly: Why don't I join you?

Simon: Why not?

Molly: So, you want to hire me?

Kim: Well, kiddo, I know you can handle a magazine format.

Molly: Even after what I did in new York?

Kim: I have to admit, you definitely know how to get our attention.

Molly: Are you sure you're the real Kim Hughes?

Kim: Unfortunately, Molly, our business has changed, and you know that, and I've had to change with it. It's all about the ratings now, and there's really nothing that keeps an audience focused like wondering what some loose cannon might do next.

Holden: Sounds like she's serious, Molly.

Molly: Do you remember what happened last time we worked together?

Kim: How could I forget? But I'm guessing that you definitely have not lost your nerve, otherwise you wouldn't have come back here.

Molly: Nobody ever accused me of not having nerve.

Kim: Exactly. So, give it some thought and call me.

Holden: What do you say, Molly? Doesn't hurt to think about it.

Molly: You'd be surprised. But I will.

Kim: Good. I'll wait for your call.

Molly: Kim, thanks. Hoo.

Holden: You see? I told you things were gonna be different for you in Oakdale.

Molly: Are you kidding? There's no way in hell I'm taking that job.

Lily: Noah, would you like to sit in the family room or do you want to go upstairs to Luke's room and get settled?

Noah: Wherever you want me.

Lily: Well, are you hungry?

Noah: No. I'm just tired.

Lily: Okay. Then why don't we take you upstairs and you can rest.

Noah: Okay. I'll just make sure to stay out of everybody's way.

Lily: You're not in anybody's way. I want you to think of this as your home from now on.

Noah: I'm sorry. You guys have done so much for me. I do appreciate it.

Lily: Okay. You can stop with the thank yous. We're happy to have you here.

Luke: Do you want me to go with you?

Noah: No. I'm okay.

Damian: Oh. I went to the hospital first. They told me I just missed you. I'm sorry.

Lily: We're okay.

Damian: Noah, how are you feeling?

Noah: I'm fine.

Luke: I got you.

Noah: Somebody just get me out of here.

Damian: He's still so angry at me.

Lily: He's angry at everybody. He just needs time.

Damian: I'm sorry I wasn't there at the hospital when you left.

Lily: Where were you? I was worried.

Damian: With the lawyer.

Lily: I called his office. They said you weren't there.

Damian: We met at the Lakeview. He gave me these.

Lily: Are these the adoption papers?

Damian: Yep. All we need is a judge to sign them and we'll be Noah's parents.

Lily: I can't tell you how happy this makes me. It's such a generous thing for you to do.

Damian: I did it for our son, and for you.

Meg: Hi. Officer Grady, please. Hi. Officer Grady, this is Meg Snyder in Oakdale. I think you need to come up here as soon as you can. I have some very disturbing information for you about Damian Grimaldi.

[Footsteps approaching]

Simon: It's just down the end of the hallway. Peter, Marcy, not much further.

Carly: Is that the Campobello?

Simon: No. This one's by Pirelli. This was one of his students. He was interesting but minor. I do have a Costikyan. I heard you're interested in the realists.

Carly: You should discuss it with Richardson. He's the real connoisseur.

Simon: Yes, Richardson. Where is he?

Carly: I'm sure he'll be off the phone momentarily. Oh.

Jack: Sorry I'm late.

Carly: They're about to unveil the Campobello.

Jack: Oh. Glad I didn't miss that.

Simon: Good timing. Okay, here we are. Well -- I think it would only be appropriate, Peter, Marcy, if you did the honors. There it is, the Campobello.

Carly: Hmm. That's lovely. You're so very lucky.

Man: All we have to do is have it authenticated.

Simon: What's that?

Jack: Peter's just being thorough. I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way.

Simon: Of course not. I like thorough. I'll call my expert. He can probably be here in about half an hour.

Man: No need for that. I've got my own fellow, and he's here at the party.

Jack: That will save loads of time. It's got to be a pleasure to do business with people who are so well prepared. That's got to make life so much easier, doesn't it, Mr. Symington?

Holden: Why won't you take Kim up on our offer? You said you wanted a chance to work again.

Molly: Yeah, but not here.

Holden: Why not?

Molly: Come on, Holden. Just being here, I'm opening myself up to all the old Oakdale gossip and lies. Now, if I go back on the air, you can tack on everything I did in New York on top of it.

Holden: You deal with it, and it's over. You'll move on, and you'll have a fresh, new line for your resume.

Molly: I can't even afford a place to stay.

Holden: Once you start getting a regular paycheck, you can get a place, and in the meantime, you can come stay with me out at the farm.

Molly: Oh, Lily will love that.

Holden: This isn't about Lily.

Molly: With you, it's always about Lily.

Holden: She has other things that she's dealing with.

Molly: She still won't like it.

Holden: I don't care if she likes it or not. There's not one thing that she can do about it.

Luke: Hi. Is it okay if my mom and Damian come up to talk to you?

Noah: I can still walk.

Luke: Noah, I know what you're going through.

Noah: No, you don't.

Luke: You saw when I couldn't walk. I felt just the way you feel now. I was angry and scared, and I sure as hell didn't want any help from anyone.

Noah: This speech have a point?

Luke: I just want you to understand, I got through it because I trusted the person I love more than anyone else. I was too proud to ask for help but he helped me anyway. He never gave up on me, and he made sure that I didn't give up on myself.

Noah: Yeah. I didn't have anything to do with what happened to you.

Luke: Look, I don't care if you blame me for the accident.

Noah: Not the accident, okay. With what happened with Mason. You didn't trust me to handle him. You kept thinking that he was going to take me away from you somehow, which is just ridiculous!

Luke: Well, he kept pushing! And it doesn't matter whether he would have succeeded. What he was doing was wrong.

Noah: It doesn't matter anymore who's wrong and who's right. Everything's different. We can never go back.

Damian: You know, Lily, maybe this isn't the best time for me to move in.

Lily: Why not?

Damian: So much is happening and Noah's so angry at me.

Lily: I thought you wanted to help take care of him.

Damian: I do. That's why I'm adopting him. But I want to make sure he gets everything he needs. I just want you to get what you need also.

Lily: I need your help, and so does Luke.

Damian: Then forget I brought it up.

Lily: Why did you?

Damian: Because you said you want to take things slow, and I wanted to respect that.

Noah: You wanted to see me?

Damian: Yes. I've got your adoption papers, and after you sign them, I can get a court date to make it official and take care of your hospital bills. Do you have any questions about this?

Noah: No. I think I know how to sign my own name. Thanks.

Luke: I think what Damian means is are you sure this is what you want, Noah?

Noah: Do I have a choice?

Luke: There are always choices.

Lily: Would you like me to read it to you?

Noah: No. No, thanks. What's the point?

Lily: Here you go.

[Cell phone ringing]

Damian: Hello?

Meg: I'm at Java. You'd better get over here right away.

Damian: I can't right now.

Meg: Officer Grady's here.

Damian: In Oakdale?

Meg: That's right. And he's asking me more questions about you, and I can't put him off this time, Damian.

Lily: What's wrong?

Damian: I'm afraid I have to head out for a little while.

Lily: You just got here.

Damian: I know. I'm sorry. Business.

Jack: This is exciting, isn't it, Mr. Symington, watching a real art expert at work.

Simon: Very exciting.

Carly: Tell me, Mr. Ardsley, how exactly do you determine whether a painting is authentic or not?

Man: Forgive me, but I'm trying to concentrate right now.

Carly: Sorry.

Jack: I guess we're all gonna just have to wait and see.

Simon: I guess so.

Carly: You look nervous, Mr. Symington. Haven't you been through these sorts of inspections a thousand times?

Simon: Well, every sale is distinctive, every piece of art unique.

Jack: Hold it down. Mr. Ardsley needs to concentrate.

Man: Well, congratulations. It's a genuine Campobello.

Man: Thank you for everything, Mr. Symington.

Simon: You're absolutely welcome.

Man: Call us about that Costikyan. Maybe we need to expand our horizons.

Simon: Enjoy.

Jack: Well, don't you look surprised.

Simon: Why should I be?

Jack: I'll show you why.

Carly: That looks familiar.

Simon: What the hell did you do?

Jack: I made sure those nice people got what they paid for.

Simon: You gave them the original?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Carly: I'm sure whoever you stole it from would like to get paid for it.

Simon: You played me.

Jack: Doesn't feel so good, does it?

Simon: I knew I couldn't trust you, or you. So, whatever you need me for in Oakdale, find someone else.

Lily: Actors from your movie sent flowers. They smell wonderful.

Noah: You can keep those downstairs.

Lily: I thought you might like them up here.

Noah: Not really.

Lily: Okay. Is there anything I can do for you?

Noah: I'm fine.

Lily: All right, then. I'm going to run a few errands. Call me if you need anything. I'm on my cell.

Luke: I will. That was really nice of the actors to send flowers.

Noah: Could you do me a favor?

Luke: Anything!

Noah: Could you get out that disk of my film? I think it's in my backpack.

Luke: Here it is.

Noah: Great. Now trash it.

Luke: What?

Noah: What use is an unfinished film when I can't even see?

Luke: Noah, you can finish it.

Noah: I can't even button this shirt!

Luke: Here, here. Let me help you. Your life isn't over, Noah. We can figure this out.

Noah: There's nothing to figure out. I just want you to trash my film.

Luke: You worked so hard on it.

Noah: I thought you would do anything I asked.

Luke: Well, this is one thing that you're gonna have to do on your own.

Molly: Oh, my gosh. I can't believe it. It's exactly the same.

Holden: You thought my mother would modernize?

Molly: Are you sure she'll be okay with me staying here?

Holden: Yes, of course.

Molly: Because Thanksgiving is coming up, and I know that's really big for your family.

Holden: There's always room at the table. That's what Thanksgiving is all about.

Molly: Yeah. I'll try to find someplace else to go.

Holden: Abigail would love to see you.

Molly: She said that?

Holden: When I told her I was bringing you home.

Molly: Yeah. She was probably hoping you wouldn't convince me.

Holden: No, she wants you here.

Molly: Like she cares.

Holden: She loves you, Molly. She would love to spend Thanksgiving with you. Or you could just stay here. Whatever you want to do. Why don't you give her a call, let her know that you're here, that you're okay. You remember where the guest room is, right?

Molly: You want to call Lily.

Holden: I got to call the kids, let them know that I'm here.

Molly: Sure.

Holden: I'll bring your luggage up in a bit, okay?

Molly: Thank you.

Lily: You're here.

Holden: I was just about to call you.

Lily: When did you get back?

Holden: Just now.

Lily: Would you mind telling me where you went?

Holden: That's kind of a long story. You look upset.

Lily: We brought Noah home from the hospital today.

Holden: How is he?

Lily: He's depressed. He's lashing out at everybody, especially Luke.

Holden: Well, that's -- that's understandable.

Lily: Yes, it is, but it doesn't make it any easier for Luke.

Holden: I'll come over in a little bit, okay?

Lily: Company?

Holden: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Someone from your mystery trip?

Holden: Yeah.

Lily: Anyone I know?

Holden: As a matter of fact --

Molly: So --

Lily: [Scoffs] I don't believe it.

Molly: Hello, Lily. It's been a long time.

Lily: You ran out in the middle of everything to get her?

Damian: Officer Grady. Good to see you again. What brings you to Oakdale?

Grady: Following up on Mr. Snyder's kidnapping.

Damian: Well, I'm afraid he's out of town.

Grady: Well, I'm not here looking for him. I'm here to see you.

Damian: Oh. About what?

Grady: This young lady here tells me you lied to me.

Damian: I'm afraid there must be some kind of misunderstanding.

Grady: You led me to believe that you were representing Mr. Snyder's wife and family.

Damian: I was.

Grady: Then why didn't you tell them that the DNA test found on the body in that truck didn't match the samples we got from Mr. Snyder?

Damian: Well, I didn't want to give them false hope. I mean, you and I both still believed that Mr. Snyder was dead.

Grady: You interfered with a police investigation. That's a serious charge, where I come from.

Damian: I don't see how I interfered.

Grady: Well, that will be up to my superiors and the local police. I know that Mr. Snyder's cousin is a detective up here.

Damian: Well, not anymore. He resigned. Look, can I talk to you for just a minute in private? We'll be right back. You know, I have a lot of respect for your sense of responsibility, but let's face it, you can't prove that you ever told me about the DNA.

Grady: You would lie about that?

Damian: I have too much to lose to worry about offending your sense of justice.

Grady: Then we'll just see who the folks end up believing, you or me.

Damian: You're a backwoods cop who was hit in the head, locked in a trunk, and spent days in a coma. I'm a wealthy, respected businessman. You really want to see who folks believe?

Grady: You're also one lousy S.O.B.

Damian: When I have to. But I don't want to see you go home empty-handed, so how much do you think your time and effort are worth? Will $10,000 do?

Grady: For a start.

Jack: Hey, where do you think you're going?

Simon: Get out of my way, Jack.

Jack: Not until you keep your end of the bargain.

Simon: What bargain? I was working those people for weeks. You just cost me a huge payday.

Jack: That's your problem. Mine is making sure you do what I need you to do.

Simon: You still haven't told me what the hell that is.

Jack: I will, once we're on our way.

Simon: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Jack: You have no idea how happy I would be to use this right now. Give me a reason, please! So, what's it gonna be, Simon, Oakdale or the hospital?

Carly: Take it easy, Jack.

Jack: Don't worry, Carly.

Ella: Is there a problem?

Jack: Everything's just fine.

Carly: They're both just very passionate about art.

Ella: Is everything all right, Mr. Symington?

Simon: Ella, it's all good. It's all fine. Thank you.

Jack: Please, Ms. Vanderberg, you can rejoin your guests.

Simon: What the hell is wrong with you, pulling a gun in here?

Jack: Let's get going.

Simon: Not until you tell me, Jack, what the hell this is all about!

Carly: You might as well, Jack.

Jack: It's Katie.

Simon: What do you mean, "Katie"?

Jack: She lost her husband.

Simon: What happened?

Jack: Doesn't matter. She just had a baby. She's alone. She's not coping. We're all afraid that she could give up.

Simon: So, that's what this is all about. You want me back in Oakdale for Katie?

Jack: That's right. Look, I have no idea how someone as special as Katie could ever love a lowlife like you, but she did for a long time, and you loved her, and now she's in trouble, and you may be the only person who can help her out of it.

Noah: [Grunts] This is ridiculous. What are you waiting for? Just trash it. Luke? Are you even here?

Man: Luke, hey. How's Noah? Did he get the flowers we sent?

Luke: Oh, yeah, yeah. They were beautiful. It meant a lot to him.

Man: Let us know if there's anything else we can do. We all really liked him.

Luke: Well, actually, there is something you can do. How would you guys like to help me finish Noah's movie?

Molly: Maybe I should go back upstairs.

Lily: Good idea.

Holden: No. You stay right here.

Lily: I can't believe that you think Damian would be a bad influence on the kids but its okay for the kids to see you shacked up with her?

Holden: We're not shacking up, are we?

Molly: No, especially not in your mama's house.

Holden: She's my friend. She's the mother of my daughter. That's all.

Lily: When was that ever all with her?

Molly: Okay, you know what? You two talk. Don't mind me.

Holden: Do you really want to get in to who's worse?

Lily: We'll let the judge decide that. In the meantime, keep her the hell away from my kids.

[Door slams]

Molly: Well, I think she was happy to see me. Don't you?

Holden: Don't pay any attention to her.

Molly: I'm not staying here, Holden.

Holden: Yes, you are.

Molly: Obviously, I'm the last thing you need in your life right now.

Holden: You know what? I'll decide that.

Molly: No, you won't. You can't. But I can.

Holden: No, I can't. You're my friend, and a friend is exactly what I need right now.

Damian: Do we have an understanding?

Grady: We do. A pleasure, Mr. Grimaldi.

Damian: Oh, no. The pleasure's all mine.

Meg: Where's Grady?

Damian: Kentucky.

Meg: You paid him off, didn't you?

Damian: We settled things to our mutual satisfaction.

Meg: What makes you think that it'll stay settled?

Damian: Meg --

Meg: I still know what you did, which means Lily can easily find out, and Holden.

Damian: You can't do that.

Meg: Well, then, just give me what I want.

Damian: What?

Meg: Money can't solve your problem this time, my love. Only I can.

Simon: So, this is all about Katie for you, too?

Carly: What else?

Jack: Are you gonna do this or not?

Simon: Of course I am. I'd do anything for Katie. You know that. All you had to do was ask.

Jack: Good.

Ella: I'm afraid to have to ask you all to leave.

Carly: Yeah, okay. We're leaving. And if we've done anything to disrupt your party, I'm very sorry.

Jack: We are going to make a donation to the food bank. We'll send you a check. We're going home. Where's Simon?

Carly: I don't know.

Jack: [Sighs] That bastard! He's gone!

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Dusty: Jack booked a room at the steel town inn.

Teri: And he's still there. What are you doing standing there? You have a plane to catch! Go!

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