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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/11/09

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Henry: They do this on purpose. They lock up borderline-crazy people like me for hours to see if they snap. I've already snapped, because I see dead people. I can't go to jail. The entire prison population knows I'm Geneva Swift.

Cop: Someone's here to see you.

Henry: Are you here to get me out? Barbara.

Barbara: Hello, Henry.

Henry: Uh, as you can see, I -- I've been arrested.

Barbara: Yes. And I have a proposition for you.

[Henry chuckles]

Katie: "I'm not checking out till the Cubs when the series." Oh, Jacob, what if Uncle Henry was telling us the truth. What if he really can see your dad, and he's trying to talk to us to tell us something? Well, you're up, so we're gonna go find out. Oh, come here.

Henry: So, uh, did you come down here just to see little old me?

Barbara: No. I came down with my checkbook to bail you out.

Henry: Oh, praise the saints and all their children. [Laughs] Barbara, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for this. I -- there's more, isn't there?

Barbara: You think there's a catch.

Henry: Is there one?

Barbara: Well, if sharing a quiet, celebratory meal with me is a catch, then yes, there is one?

Henry: You're offering to take me out on a date in exchange for bail money?

Barbara: I'm asking you to dine with me.

Henry: Okay.

Barbara: And talk about Paul and the Stenbeck inheritance. And that doesn't sound very date-like, does it?

Henry: No, no, no, it doesn't.

Barbara: I figured once you got out of here, you'd be famished and want to talk. And we do have a lot to catch up on, don't you think?

Henry: Yeah, I guess we do.

Barbara: So shall I go sign on the dotted line?

Cop: Don't know how you do it, Coleman.

Henry: What did I do now?

Cop: Someone paid your bail. You're free to go.

Henry: Uh, wait. Wait a minute. You said you still had to write the check.

Barbara: I do.

Craig: Thank you, Ma'am, for the snacks. But really, we're not supposed to be here. This is all a big misunderstanding. Rosanna, would you please tell the nice lady that Carly is your sister and this is a big misunderstanding?

Rosanna: Carly is my sister and this is all a big misunderstanding.

Craig: [Claps] See?

Guard: Yes, I see. I see innocent people like you all the time.

Craig: Oh, well, I'm not sure I can claim complete innocence.

Rosanna: Craig --

Craig: You see, what happened is I was engaged to Carly, but she had a terrible drinking problem, and once she faced it, she went off to rehab.

Rosanna: Craig, don't.

Craig: Once she was gone, certain negative feelings that I had for her sister became something else.

Rosanna: Oh, God.

Craig: What I thought was complete hatred was the opposite. It was love. And despite all of our best efforts to ignore the feelings that were beginning to grow between us, we -- yes, we had an affair. But it became so much more than that. Do you understand?

Guard: Let me get this straight.

Craig: Shoot. Not shoot exactly, but ask me anything.

Guard: You slept with your fiancée's sister?

Craig: Yes, yes. But as I said, it was so much more.

Guard: While the lady was in rehab?!

Craig: Yes, but as I said --

[Rosanna clears throat]

Rosanna: Smooth.

Parker: Janet.

Janet: Hi.

Parker: Hi.

Janet: Parker, I was just, uh, checking to see if you've heard from your dad? What? Have you?

Parker: No. My mom -- she --

Carly: I was sure he was on his way back here when I left Philadelphia.

Janet: Philadelphia?

Carly: That's where I found him, yeah.

Janet: Are you kidding me?

Carly: About which part?

Janet: He won't answer my calls, but you saw him in Philadelphia?!

Jack: Excuse me. I'm looking for Mike Kasnoff. I heard he was in charge of this job -- Mike!

Mike: Jack. [Mike laughs] Oh, man. What the hell? This is unreal.

Jack: It is. You look good.

Mike: Well, uh, so do you. But what in the world are you doing in South Carolina?

Jack: Looking for you. Um, wanted to talk to you about Katie.

Mike: Is she okay? Last I heard, she was pregnant.

Jack: No, she's fine. She's fine. The baby's name is Jacob.

Mike: Wow. That's, uh -- that's -- that's great. Brad must be totally psyched.

Jack: Brad's dead, Mike.

Mike: What? Oh, wow. Jack, um -- I'm sorry. I -- how did?

Jack: Accident.

Mike: Oh, man. Wow, that -- that's awful. Um -- uh, poor Katie. That's got to be hard enough by itself, but first baby all on her own --

Jack: That's why I'm here.

Mike: To tell me in person?

Jack: I need your help.

Mike: I'm not following.

Jack: I'm trying to find the one person who can help Katie through this.

Mike: I don't know who that could be, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, you do. We both do.

Mike: Who?

Jack: I'm looking at him.

Mike: Look, Jack, I -- I feel awful, I mean, obviously not just for Katie, but for you, losing your brother. I mean -- I wish I could help out. I really do. I just don't see how.

Jack: Is there someplace we can go and talk?

Mike: I can't, man. I'm on the clock.

Jack: I'm confused. I thought you were the boss.

Mike: I was. Uh, I had an accident. I was on disability for a few months, and by the time I was upright, the economy tanked.

Jack: You lost your business?

Mike: Chapter 11.

Jack: Mike --

Mike: Got to roll with what you get, you know? I'm lucky the foreman on this project was hiring, 'cause no one else was. But it's short-term work. I got some -- I got some feelers out, though, so we'll see. It's okay. It happens from time to time. Look, man, things are a little tight down here right now. If I could throw Katie some money, help out her and her baby, I would.

Jack: Hey, I'm not here looking for money.

Mike: What do you mean by asking for help?

Jack: I'm not sure.

[Horn honks]

Jack: Friend of yours?

Mike: That's my wife, Anna, and my daughter, Caroline. [Chuckles]

Janet: How did you know where Jack is?

Carly: What are you getting at?

Janet: You know exactly what I'm getting at?

Parker: Is Liberty home?

Janet: She's at the farm.

Parker: Okay, I'm gonna go see how she is, all right?

Carly: Don't forget your sandwich, Honey.

Janet: Come on, now. Playing the mom card doesn't fly when you're chasing your ex-husband down in Philadelphia. Admit it.

Carly: I'm not chasing anybody! I was worried about him. I know you're worried about him.

Janet: That's right, because it's my job.

Carly: Well, you weren't doing your job very well, were you?

Janet: What are you talking about?

Carly: I know he was struggling. I went to make sure he was okay. That's it. Nothing less, nothing more. What did you do?

Janet: What did I do? I got a note left on the kitchen counter saying he needed time away to think, with a grieving daughter upstairs, a job I can't walk away from, and a million questions!

Carly: I get it.

Janet: Do you, Carly? Because you sure are quick to point the finger at me. Unlike you, I don't have other people that I can unload my responsibilities on when I -- when I go away to like, I don't know, rehab.

Carly: [Groans] I probably deserve that.

Janet: Just tell me. Tell me how he is.

Carly: I didn't see him.

Janet: What do you mean? You just told me --

Carly: I didn't see him! I just knew he was there. I -- I never got close to him. And by the time the crisis was over, he was gone. I thought he was coming home to you.

Janet: What crisis?

Carly: Some guy was looking to take a header off some building. Apparently, Jack went up there. He sat with him. He -- he talked him down. But when it was all over, Jack was gone. I -- I thought he was coming home. Maybe he went someplace else to find what he's looking for.

Janet: Which is?

Carly: I don't have a clue.

Janet: His family is here. This hasn't been much of a help.

Carly: Well, I'm terribly sorry.

Janet: I keep getting his voicemail. He hasn't answered one single message.

Carly: Hey, Janet -- maybe that's because you're leaving the wrong message.

Margo: Oh! Love in full bloom.

Craig: You are henceforth known as the best sister in the history of the planet.

Margo: Unh-unh-unh-unh-unh. Don't assume.

Craig: You came all the way to Philadelphia, Margo. You didn't do that to taunt us. I know you better than that.

Margo: Well, as much as I would like to watch the two of you marinate in here until Christmas, you're free to go.

Rosanna: Oh! Thank you so much, Margo.

Margo: Okay, your bail is paid, but you got to go sign for your papers.

Craig: Come here.

Margo: Aah! What's that? Trouble with lunch?

Craig: Long story. I won't forget this.

Margo: I won't let you. Come on.

Rosanna: Thank you.

Margo: So, are you sure you know what you're doing?

Rosanna: In what category? [Margo chuckles] Him? Uh, no.

Margo: I love my brother. You know, I love my brother. But if you'd like to hightail it down the back alley, I'd cover for you.

Rosanna: [Chuckles] I know you're not gonna believe this, but I -- I just can't let go of him, even after everything that we've been through.

Margo: Your relationship with your sister is -- it's something to risk, you know, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Yeah, I -- I know. But -- I love Craig. I -- I just don't know how not to anymore.

Margo: Hmm.

Rosanna: Oh! Um, all set?

Craig: Yeah, but they won't release their things to me. You have to sign for them.

Rosanna: Oh, okay. I'll be right back.

Margo: I've got something to say.

Craig: I can only imagine.

Margo: Well, it's not what you think. That woman really loves you.

Craig: Yeah. I love her, too.

Margo: So the whole asking Carly to marry you think -- what was that?

Craig: Margo, when this happened, it knocked me sideways. I didn't expect it. I didn't look for it. But now that I'm in the middle of it, I can't go back.

Margo: Mm-hmm. Carly's a very compelling woman.

Craig: Yeah. So is Rosanna. And based on Carly's antics, I'd say I picked the right sister.

Margo: Yeah, that's exactly what you said before you fell into bed with Rosanna. You know, I'm just warning you in a kind of friendly, sisterly cop kind of a way.

Rosanna: [Sighs] Are you ready to go?

Craig: Yes.

Rosanna: Great. Okay.

Craig: Thank you, Margo.

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Craig: Bye.

Parker: Taking a break?

Liberty: From?

Parker: What you were supposed to be working on -- your college apps. Especially the essays. Have you gotten anything done?

Liberty: What's the point, Parker?

Parker: Of -- of college? Getting in.

Liberty: Then what, hmm?

Parker: What are you talking about?

Liberty: Do you ever wonder why we bother? I'm gonna write this stupid essay, get into some lame college, and then I'm gonna graduate, get a really dorky job until I meet my husband. And we're gonna get married and have kids and go through that whole scene until I get, like, ridiculously bored with him, or he cheats on me. Then we're gonna get divorced. Yeah, divorced, grow old, and die. Unless, you know, someone just decides to shoot us or something.

Parker: This needs to stop.

Liberty: Yeah, now.

Parker: Do you think this is what your dad would have wanted?

Liberty: I think that he would not want to be dead.

Parker: But he is, Liberty. So now what? You just throw your life away?

Liberty: Ah, God, Parker! Don't be so dramatic. I didn't ask you to come here.

Parker: You know what, Liberty? You're not the only one that lost Brad, and I think he would hate to see you like this. So I'm not gonna let you get away with this.

Barbara: Katie, thank you so much for handling Henry's bail. Now Henry and I can go out and have a nice meal together.

Henry: Actually, I think Katie and I need to talk.

Barbara: Oh.

Henry: I can't tell you how much I appreciate the offer, Barbara, but, uh, since she's here --

Barbara: Of course. Another time. He's beautiful.

Katie: Thank you.

Henry: Katie, I can't tell you how much this means --

Katie: It's just bail, Henry. They're gonna press charges if you don't come clean with everything you know about Ralph Manzo.

Henry: Ralph's very vindictive. He's got a long reach, even from jail. But I -- I know. It's my problem. I'll deal with it. And trust me, I hear you loud and clear.

Katie: Good. Well, I -- I'd better go. Jacob needs to be fed soon.

Henry: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Why did you come down here when you could have handled all this over the phone with Margo? Why did you come down in person? Katie --

Katie: What if I believe you're not making it up? What if I believe that you can see Brad, and he's been talking to you? Come on. Get in here. Why did you put this in my bag?

Henry: Um -- I'm not sure. I --

Katie: Stop it, Henry. Please, tell me the truth. Why did you want me to see this?

Henry: Why?

Katie: Why did you go to the trouble to write this down and sneak it into my bag?

Henry: He told me he said that to you before he died. He said you'd remember, Katie.

Katie: Do you know how much I want to believe you?

Henry: Maybe as much as I want you to.

Katie: If he is here, if Brad is here and he can hear me and see me, if he can see our son --

Henry: He can, Katie. He can.

Katie: Then prove it. Please. I want to see Brad, okay? So do it. Do it. Is he here now?

Henry: No.

Katie: Okay. Well, call him.

Brad: What the? Henry? Katie? So this is how it's gonna go. Okay. I guess it's just you and me, huh?

Margo: [Sighs] I wish I could have one of those.

Barbara: Oh, well, be my guest. I haven't touched it.

Margo: Are you sure?

Barbara: I think it will only make my mood worse.

Margo: Well, it couldn't make mine any lousier. Thanks. Mmm. I just bailed my brother and Rosanna out of a Philadelphia jail.

Barbara: [Chuckles] I just tried to do the same thing for Henry Coleman, and somebody beat me to the punch.

Margo: Wait. You wanted to?

Barbara: Yes, I did, and I was about ten minutes too late.

Margo: So who bailed him?

Barbara: Your sister, Katie.

Margo: Oh, man! I'm out of town for half a day, and look -- wait a minute. Why do you want to help that train wreck?

Barbara: Henry? Well, because he saved me from his insane mother, so I felt that I owed him. How deep is the hot water he's in anyway? I mean, is he gonna be able to beat these charges? They sending him away?

Margo: Well, that's a question for the D.A., not me.

Barbara: I'm telling you, if anyone should bear the brunt of this, it should be his mother.

Margo: Oh, Barbara, why do you care?

Barbara: I don't. I don't, not really. I think I could use a glass of wine after all.

Margo: [Gasps] Say it ain't so.

Barbara: What?

Margo: Henry?! Henry Coleman? Are you out of your mind?

Carly: You're not actually angry with me because Jack won't answer your messages, are you?

Janet: You're not really a part of this equation anymore, Carly.

Carly: Well, then, why did you get so upset when you found out that I knew where he was and you didn't?

Janet: Because I'm worried about him.

Carly: I know. You're not willing to let your pride get in the way of finding him, are you?

Janet: He won't answer my calls.

Carly: We'll see about that.

Mike: Then with the accident, I went from normal to disabled to foreclosure in a heartbeat. But you know what? It that hadn't happened, I never would have met Anna, and we wouldn't have Caroline. So --

Jack: I can see they make you pretty happy.

Mike: You should come by the house get to know Anna. She knows all about you.

Jack: Maybe I should go then, leave her with a good impression.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Oh, give me a second, would you? What's up? Kids okay?

Carly: They're fine.

Jack: Okay, then. Carly, I'm in the middle of something. What is it?

Carly: Do you want to talk to your husband or not?

Janet: I cannot believe you.

Carly: Just talk to him!

Jack: Carly -- Carly, if the kids are okay, then what do you want?

Janet: Jack, it's me, your wife.

Janet: Jack, I'm sorry Carly did that. Jack?

Jack: I'm here.

Janet: It's so good to hear your voice. Are you okay?

Jack: Yeah, I'm fine.

Janet: I heard about what you did in Philadelphia.

Jack: Wasn't that big a deal.

Janet: Are you still there?

Jack: No, I'm in Greenville. I stopped off to see Mike.

Janet: Mike Kasnoff? South Carolina? Jack, that's not just -- that's not just stopping by. That's hundreds of miles out of your way.

Jack: I told you, I'm here to see Mike.

Janet: Okay. All right. What are you doing?

Jack: Not completely sure. Listen, I know you're worried, and I'm sorry.

Janet: Jack, I need you to be home. We need you.

Jack: I'm sure Liberty feels better with me out of the house.

Janet: That is not her call.

Jack: Janet, I don't want you to have to choose between me and your daughter.

Janet: It's not a choice. Jack, you need to come home. Otherwise, how are we supposed to work this out between -- between Liberty and you and me if you are running in the opposite direction? Jack, I'm sorry I said that. I'm sorry. Listen. Okay, if you don't want to come back here, I will come to you. Just tell me where you're staying.

Jack: No. Janet, listen to me. I love you, but please, do not come looking for me, okay? Please. Goodbye.

Mike: Okay. So, how long have we known each other?

Jack: A long time.

Mike: Right, right. So I'm not gonna probe you about who that was or why it's driving you crazy. But I am gonna insist you come back with me to my house, meet my family, get some rest. Okay?

Craig: You've had your fun. Now it's my turn.

Barbara: Henry was a pawn in his mother's dangerous reign of bloody terror. And if your sister Katie hadn't swooped in to pay his bail before I could do it, I could have then paid his bail as a token of gratitude for what he did for me in the end.

Margo: So this is sort of a -- a caretaking impulse on your part?

Barbara: I -- I suppose, yes.

Margo: An almost motherly, caretaking impulse?

Barbara: Where is that drink?

Katie: So, where is he, Henry? Is he sitting on the couch? Is he standing by the mantel? Where is Brad?

Henry: The thing is, I have no idea when he's gonna show up, okay? I turn around, he's there. I turn around, he's not there.

Katie: You're sure these aren't hallucinations?

Henry: I'm dead sure! It's a horrible choice with words. I'm just -- I swear to you, Katie, this is not in my head.

Katie: So you don't know when you're gonna see him again or if you will?

Henry: No, no, not at all.

Brad: I'm kind of at a loss as to what it is you're doing to me, Sir. I mean, the only person that can see me, hear me complain is Henry, of all people. So if you could do something and try to explain this to me -- I mean, is it -- is it because I wasn't religious, and the whole heaven and earth thing meant nothing to me? I'm kind of confused, and a little guidance would be very much appreciated. And it's killing me to watch Katie flailing around and suffering like she is. Seriously, sir, can you let me help my wife and son? Can you let them see me, too?

Katie: Was this a trick?

Henry: Katie, I am many things, but I am not a magician.

Katie: This is not funny!

Henry: No, I know it's not funny. It's not funny a bit.

Katie: There has to be an explanation for this. You were there. You were eavesdropping on me and Brad when he said before he died.

Henry: Come on. That did not happen. What I'm telling you is the truth. He told me to write this! He told me to show it to you to make you believe!

Katie: No, I can't. I can't do this anymore. Please leave.

Henry: Katie --

Katie: Leave, Henry, now.

Henry: Well, it took you long enough, didn't you? Where you been?

Katie: Henry?

Henry: Brad's here. He's standing right next to you.

Craig: You didn't achieve anything by having us arrested, Carly.

Carly: Did you achieve anything by lying to me about sleeping with my sister while I was in rehab?

Craig: Rosanna never wanted to keep that from you.

Carly: Well, she had plenty of chances to tell me.

Craig: And that's on me. I kept telling her to wait. From the very beginning, she said we had an obligation to tell you, not to sneak around. Please believe that about her.

Carly: You must care about her an awful lot.

Craig: I do.

Carly: That's beautiful. To turn your victim into somebody who not only forgives you, but loves you. I mean, Craig, that's got to be like the biggest payoff in the history of romance.

Craig: Carly --

Carly: Redemption is so cleansing, isn't it? Head held high, conscience clear. You must feel truly unburdened. But I know you so well, don't I? Better than anyone. Certainly better than Rosanna. And what I understand that she doesn't is that I can take you away from her whenever I feel like it.

Katie: Is he still there?

Henry: Yeah.

Katie: Brad, if this is true, why can't I see you?

Henry: He, um -- he says he's really happy and glad and thankful that you named the baby Jacob.

[Henry chuckles]

Katie: Does he think he's beautiful?

Henry: Jacob? Yeah, of course. Of course he does. The most beautiful baby in the world. And, um, he thinks you're an amazing mother.

[Katie gasps]

Katie: Does he remember the pact we made about the first Christmas bassinet under the tree?

Henry: Uh, yes. How could he forget something so wonderful?

Katie: Really? He -- he really remembers?

Henry: Yes. S -- sure, yeah.

Katie: That's funny, because there was no pact. Brad isn't here. You've been lying the whole time.

Henry: Katie, listen to me --

Katie: Get out.

Henry: No, no. I do talk to him, just not right now. I wanted to give you hope!

Katie: Get out, now.

Henry: On my life, on yours, I swore --

Katie: You are a worthless coward! Get out!

Henry: Here me out, please!

Katie: Get out now!

Barbara: Motherly my eye.

Anna: I've heard so many stories about you, Jack. It's great to finally put a face to a name.

Jack: It's nice to meet you, too, Anna.

Anna: Mike's crazy about you, you know? He thinks you're the best.

Jack: Well, he exaggerates.

Mike: Not about you, but for being that way, I'm gonna put you in an apron in front of the grill.


[Cell phone ringing]

Anna: Who is it?

Mike: It's a job offer. Relax, Sweetheart. Okay?

Anna: Okay.

Mike: Hello.

[Anna sighs]

Jack: Who did you think it was?

Anna: The collection agency.

Jack: Is it that bad?

Anna: Yeah, it is.

Jack: Anna, I -- I could have paid for those.

Anna: I couldn't let you do that. Besides, the harvest hope food bank is here for people like us for a reason.

Jack: Mike doesn't know this is where you're getting your groceries?

Anna: It would kill him.

Jack: There's no shame in it.

Anna: And I'm sure Mike would agree, as long as it wasn't his wife who was counting pennies at the checkout counter to put food on the table.

Jack: This is temporary for you guys.

Anna: I know. And it's not for a lack of trying, either. Mike had an accident, and then the bottom fell out of the housing market at the same time. Just a perfect storm of bad luck. That was all. Tell me something. Are you like this, too?

Jack: What do you mean?

Anna: Well, I'm trying to figure out if it's a guy thing or not. Life happens. Things go wrong that you have no control over, and you think you're the failure.

Jack: Maybe. Maybe we do that. Yeah, right.

Janet: Hey. What's going on, you two?

Parker: I'm trying to get Liberty to do her college applications.

Liberty: I am gonna do it later, Parker.

Parker: No, you aren't!

Liberty: Just stop! You're not my damn father! Just say it. I'm a huge disappointment.

Parker: That went well.

Janet: Parker, you tried. You tried. And, you know, honestly, I'm kind of relieved that it's not just me or Jack she's mad at.

Parker: The due dates for her college applications are coming up in a few days.

Janet: I know, and I'm gonna make sure she gets them in on time.

Parker: I was, um -- I was hoping you might go looking for my dad.

Janet: Uh, I was -- yeah. I was thinking about that. But, uh, well, I am not gonna leave Liberty alone like this, and your father isn't ready to come home, and I'm not gonna force him to do that, especially when that is something you shouldn't have to force anybody to do. Should you?

Craig: You overestimate your charms, Carly.

Carly: Do I?

Craig: Did you really think you could sidle up to me, whisper in my ear, and I'd just turn to oatmeal?

Carly: I have a pretty good batting average.

Craig: I'm cured.

Carly: Why did Rosanna come to your hotel room to break the news to me? She doesn't trust you alone with me?

[Craig scoffs]

Craig: That's insane.

Carly: Look at you. Practically shaking.

Craig: You've lost your mind.

Carly: Just like that, you forgot how I feel, how I taste, how I kiss? Just like that, you stop dreaming of me? So what about when you're in bed with Rosanna, when she's curled up in your arms? Don't you ever lean down to whisper in the dark and forget that you're with her and not me? Does she know how to do the things I did for you? More importantly, does she want to? Go ahead. Go home to her. When you look at her, remember that what you really need is right here.

Margo: What were you thinking?! Hasn't that snake Henry done enough damage?

Katie: I know. I should have just left him in jail, okay? In fact, the next time you're sitting at your desk, can you do whatever you need to do to get a restraining order? I don't want him anywhere near me or the baby.

Margo: Why? What has he done now?

Katie: He finally got me to believe that he was speaking to Brad. I know. It's sick.

Margo: Wow. I -- I just thought that was for my benefit.

Katie: What?

Margo: When I was questioning him, he -- he pretended there was a third person in the room that only he could see, only he could hear, only he could argue with. But I know what he was doing. He's just trying to lay the groundwork for an insanity defense. Its lame, but people --

Katie: Oh, my God.

Margo: What?

Katie: Are you 100% sure he was pretending?

Margo: What else could he be doing?

Henry: Oh, my God. Oh! This is rich. Now you decide --

Brad: Where the hell have you been?

Henry: Where the hell have you been?! I was finally making progress with Katie! I needed you there!

Brad: You talked to her again?

Henry: Yes, I talked to her again, and she was having a change of heart. She was starting to believe that I was not lying to her. But then she got upset because I couldn't just conjure you up. So I pretended that you were there, and it backfired.

Brad: This is getting out of control.

Henry: Yeah. And now she hates me all over again. And I blame you, Brad!

Brad: I don't know how this works, Henry. One minute, I'm -- I'm watching Katie suffering. The next, I'm in church.

Henry: Well, that's perfect.

Brad: So I -- I asked the boss for some help, and I guess he was closed for business today. And next thing I know, I'm here. And because I'm not real, I just had to wait, because I can't turn on the TV.

Henry: [Laughs] That's what you want, Brad? You want to watch some TV? Fine. Fine.

Brad: Henry, I beg you -- Henry --

Henry: Okay, okay, okay, okay. Oh, great.

Brad: Oh, no. This is good, this is good. Leave this. This is perfect. Throw left! Throw to the left!

Announcer: Oh, my. Have you ever seen a catch like that?

[Brad laughs]

Brad: Never. Never.

[Cheers and applause]

Brad: Thanks for trying with Katie.

Henry: You're welcome.

[Knock on door]

Janet: Lib --

Liberty: Mom, I know college essays are right around the corner, and I haven't started, okay?

Janet: Uh, I'm not here to talk about that.

Liberty: Then what?

Janet: Well, I -- I guess I feel a little lost myself right now.

Liberty: 'Cause of Jack?

Janet: Because of everything. Does holding this little guy make you feel better?

Liberty: Not really. Yeah, I guess it helps.

Janet: I don't have one of those. Never did. So maybe a hug from you would make me feel better. 'Cause God knows I sure could use one. Thank you.

Liberty: You're welcome, Mom. [Laughing]

Jack: What is this? I came out here to tell you the burgers are ready. This is hot.

Mike: Right?

Jack: You restoring this or something?

Mike: No. This one's gonna be in a race, and I am behind the wheel.

Jack: You're what?

Mike: I'm doing it for Anna and Caroline. Got to take care of my family, Jack.

Craig: Wow.

Rosanna: [Chuckles] I thought we could, uh, perhaps wash that jail right out of our hair.

Craig: That is a good plan.

Rosanna: Mm.

Craig: This was, uh -- this was really sweet of you to do.

Rosanna: Aw! Well, I wish we could have found each other again in a different way, but I don't regret falling in love with you.

Craig: You know, that's basically what I told your sister.

Rosanna: You saw Carly?

Craig: Yeah, to try and make peace.

Rosanna: Aw! I love you for that. [Chuckles] How did it go?

Craig: I think I made some progress.

Rosanna: Good. Mm.

Parker: Mom?

Carly: Hey. Did you see Liberty?

Parker: Yeah. Didn't go so well.

Carly: Did Janet come back while you were there?

Parker: Yeah.

Carly: Well, I'm guessing Liberty's not crazy about the idea of Janet going out to look for your father.

Parker: She decided not to go.

Carly: Oh, did she say that?

Parker: Yeah. She said that she has to stay close to Liberty.

Carly: She's probably right about that.

Parker: Yeah, I guess. But at this rate, I mean, I don't know when Dad's gonna come home if no one goes out there and gets him.

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